When The Class Clown Goes Too Far

June 20, 2023 | Allison Robertson

When The Class Clown Goes Too Far

Class clowns are known for their silly, annoying, and often disruptive behaviors. Their whole MO is to make people laugh. But sometimes, they can take their jokes and pranks a little too far, leaving a path of destruction behind them...

1. What Did He Think Would Happen?

The class clown in my school went way too far when he pulled out a chair from underneath a kid, thinking it would be really funny when the kid fell. The worst happened. The kid ended up falling and cracking his head open and getting around 30 stitches. It was gruesome.

To be fair, he didn’t know the kid would get that hurt. No one did. But perhaps that’s not a prank to gamble with then.

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2. Light Em Up

We had a class clown in our high school. I’m not sure if he did stupid things for attention or it was simply because he had that kind of curious mind, but he definitely thought he was cool and he was constantly up to no good.

Although this kid was always nice to me, he was a typical, tough-acting senior. He wore a leather jacket and black combat boots to school every day. He took things too far one day when he lit a roman candle on our bus ride home. But it got much worse.

The authorities showed up, and he went right out the back door of the bus and kept running. He never came back to school.

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3. Absolute Power Move

In a high school classroom with a chill teacher, someone made a joke about another kid's "package" being small. These kids are the typical class clowns, always doing things for attention.

So, the kid who was challenged decided to get revenge. His plot was shocking. He "revealed" himself in front of the whole class to prove that he was above average in size. He stood proudly with his hands on his hips and gave everyone a good moment to check him out.

He sure was confident. But he was also suspended.

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4. No Pass, No Problem

It was senior year. The teacher wouldn’t give this particular girl a hall pass to use the bathroom, which was ridiculous. Instead of taking a more conventional stand, though—like walking out of the room—this girl sat down in her desk and peed her pants.

She was suspended. I forget for how long, but there were editorials back and forth in the school paper about it. I was on team: “teachers shouldn’t try to control our bowels but also maybe don’t pee on the floor, though I do appreciate you taking one for the team”.

This girl wasn’t exactly a class clown, but she definitely challenged authority. This was typical of her.

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5. That’s Not Cool, Man

The class clown went way too far when he loaded inappropriate content on someone's computer while they were in the bathroom. It was a school computer, so it was likely monitored.

The teacher wasn't paying attention, so the victim ended up getting suspended, even after other students came forward with what happened. There was a zero-tolerance policy, and the content was attached to their login.

It wasn’t funny at all, and we all lost respect for that "clown" after that.

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6. This One Went Way Too Far

In junior year in high school, my algebra teacher was kind of a jerk. So this one guy, let's call him Mike, would give him a hard time. This was a regular thing, and Mike would get kicked out of class for saying and doing some inappropriate stuff, but we all thought it was hilarious.

One day, our teacher didn't show up to class. Word got around that his oldest son had lost his life to addiction and he had to take some personal time off. He didn't show back up until a week later and he looked really sullen and down. During class, Mike pulled out a can of coca-cola and started sipping it nonchalantly.

The teacher had a strict no eating or drinking in class policy and Mike was aware of this. He told Mike to throw it away and step outside. Mike's response stunned the room. This absolute savage says, "Look, I know you don't like coke, but I'm sure your son did".

Nobody laughed. Just silence. Some people didn't get it. The ones who did were just too shocked to say anything, like me. Mike threw his drink away and walked out of the classroom while the teacher just sort of haphazardly continued his lesson, although we could tell Mike's comment messed him up.

I lost respect for Mike after that. Normally his jokes were harmless and stupid, but that comment was just downright cruel. He obviously had planned that joke out, too, because he went through the trouble of bringing the can of coke to class.

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7. Dumb Move, Buddy

This one kid in school thought it would be funny to snort a line of that sour powder candy. This was no small line, mind you. I actually think he was rubbing the powder straight off the candy and onto the paper.

Anyway, he does his line. It instantly went wrong. He started screaming. His nose was gushing blood, and I honestly think he popped a blood vessel in his eye. He ran out of the room and we later saw an ambulance come to the school.

The pain must have been unimaginable. Thankfully he was the only one dumb enough to try this. I think we all learned a lesson that day.

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8. Gross!

In high school, the class dummy ate part of the squid we were dissecting in science class. He loved attention and thought he would get a good laugh from doing this, especially since it would gross out all the girls. Except he ended up terribly sick and had to go to the hospital. Stomach pump for you, Chuckles!

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9. This One Is Gag Worthy

When I was in middle school, we were required to dissect a perch for science class. We were allowed to pick our own groups, but because I didn’t have any friends in the class, I got stuck with the obnoxious kids.

One of them had the genius idea of putting his mouth up to the fish’s and sucking at it like a straw. I couldn’t fathom why. He ended up throwing up, of course, while the rest of the class was left gagging.

I haven’t seen him since middle school, but I’ve told his story a million times. He’s sort of a legend now, I guess.

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10. Top Notch Inappropriate

My high school class clown took things way too far when he made a joke, in a completely silent class room, about sleeping with one of the hot teachers with another teacher in the room. As in, both teachers were present in his fantasy.

He was very descriptive, and it actually made a lot of people uncomfortable. His situation afterwards wasn't great.

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11. Collaboration Time

There was a class clown in my class and another one from the senior class at the time. They'd collaborated to throw toilet paper all over the schoolyard as a joke. It sounds like no big deal, but it escalated quickly. There was some kind of very important event going on at the school that day and we were supposed to have a lot of visitors in the afternoon.

The principal was not amused. He said if they'd done that on any other day, he'd probably just let it go after making them clean it up. But not this time. They got detention for an entire week and one of the teachers made them personally apologize to the elderly janitor who had to clean that stuff up in the dark when it was freezing cold.

The janitor found the mess when he'd gotten to school that morning around 6 am or so. He started cleaning it up himself, before anyone knew who did it. The office pulled the footage from the outdoor security cameras later that morning. Because it was such a small school, those dudes were identified in about 30 seconds.

If you ask me, they got off pretty darn lucky that day.

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12. Table Topping Gone Wrong

You know that trick where one person crouches behind another person—usually an unsuspecting victim—then a third person comes up and pushes the standing person backwards so they fall over the crouching person? It’s called “table topping”. It all happens super quickly and is supposed to be a surprise to the person being pushed.

Well, the class clowns thought this would be a funny prank to play on someone, as it’s usually no big deal. The kid would fall and everyone would laugh and then they’d move on. Except this time, it went horribly wrong. The kid they pushed hit his head on the playground and ended up in the hospital, where he sadly succumbed to a head injury.

They never told us exactly what happened, but that was the most plausible version that went around. The school quickly put a zero-tolerance policy on table topping after that.

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13. How Long Did It Take To Master This Skill?

I had this teacher I hated in my elementary school art class. I was maybe in fourth grade. So, while in that class I discovered this magical art I called "backwards tooting", where you'd basically rapidly open and close your butt to create a sort of vacuum suction.

Think one of those pipettes you used in chemistry, except the chemicals were air and the pipette was my butt. From here, you could create an infinite loop of toots. It was ingenious, if you ask me. So, there I was in class, sitting with a table of friends, coloring a picture of a lion, just toot-tootin' away with my tooshie pipette, me and my friends just laughing our faces off at the pinnacle of all comedy.

One kid just sort of off-handedly says (mid-laughter) "oh my god dude, stop". The teacher (who hated me) then grabs me by the arm, pulls me up out of my desk, and drags me out in the hallway, with the door wide open. She then asks me "do you need to use the restroom" in a very stern and annoyed tone, not knowing my secret X-man ability.

I laughed it off as I got the reaction I was going for. But the next day this kid I hated was with a bunch of girls and he told them, “Yeah, the teacher pulled him out of class and asked him if he pooped himself". I did NOT poop myself; I promise.

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14. Quick, Someone Stop Her

Our teacher made the mistake one day of telling us that her daughter’s name was Mia. The class clowns of the room jumped on this right away, and called her Mia Khalifa. They jokingly asked about Mia Khalifa every class.

So, after a few weeks of not understanding the joke, the teacher proceeded to search up who Mia Khalifa was. She did so on the smart board in front of the whole class, and she was absolutely mortified at what popped up on the screen for all to see.

Spoiler alert—Mia Khalifa is a young woman who works in the adult entertainment industry. That did not end well, and the whole morale of the classroom changed after that.

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15. Well, That Was Ballsy

The class idiot took things way too far when he tried to pants a good-looking female teacher. Someone jokingly said someone should pants Ms Bishop—a complete joke. And this guy, later that day during homeroom, walked up and started talking to her. His friends knew what was up and watched with anticipated horror as things played out.

When she turned around a bit to grab something, that’s when he grabbed onto her pants and tugged. She instantly screamed and almost slapped him. She then called security, of course. The worst part was that he was unsuccessful. So not only did he get into heaps of trouble, but his school mates all laughed AT him for failing at the prank.

He was also now embarrassed in front of the hot teacher.

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16. Anything To Get Out Of Class

The class dummy in my grade ate a ton of notebook paper. That’s right, he ripped it apart, chewed it and swallowed it. Endless pages of paper from his notebook. He did it simply to prove that he could. But there was a twist. He ended up projectile vomiting on the darn floor, and was sent home.

It went from being a stupid and funny joke to everyone around him being disgusted and annoyed. The classroom stank and the janitor had to clean up slimy puked-up paper. Some people really do take things way too far.

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17. Some People Must Be Missing Brain Cells

There’s a guy in my class who was always doing stupid things for attention. But one day he took things way too far, in everyone’s opinion. Straight up, this dumb guy just randomly peed on the floor in the middle of class and then convinced the teacher it was spilled water.

He cleaned it up, though, which is what makes it extra weird. He peed on the floor, lied about it and then cleaned it up. So what reaction was he looking for? Honestly, this was not even class clown stuff at that point. He was just being a gross jerk. He didn't get in nearly enough trouble—probably because the teacher had no idea it what it was—but everyone thought he was super gross after that.

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18. Wait, What Did He Just Say?

The moment the class idiot took things too far was when he yelled "I lost my virginity to my dog" during a quiet moment in class. Every single head whipped around to stare in horror. I mean, obviously it wasn’t true, but the fact that he even said it was enough.

He thought he would get laughs, I assume. Instead, he was met with disgust and then later was made fun of for it. I never could understand what went through this guy’s brain, and how he could find those types of things funny.

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19. That Was A Bit Much

The class clown in my school always went overboard on purpose to get a reaction. Usually in physical ways, too. For example, there was one incident where he yelled, "AHHH, A WASP"! And then proceeded to pick up and throw an entire desk at it.

The wasp just perched on the window, completely unfazed. Not only did he cause quite a stir, scaring everyone around him, but he got in trouble too, which then got him talked about all afternoon. So, I suppose he got what he wanted. But he goes too far and we all end up just thinking he is ridiculous.

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20. Was It Worth Five Bucks Though?

Someone in my grade in middle school literally drank a bottle of antibacterial hand-sanitizer to win a bet. Here's the worst part: The prize for doing it was five bucks. He did it because, in his words, "there is nothing bad in there". Strangely, he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

Needless to say, he took a trip to the hospital and got his stomach pumped. He got what he wanted though—a reaction. He was the talk of the school for the whole year. I wonder how his med school career is going.

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21. It’s Like That Extra Gym Class, For The Kids Who Aren’t Very Smart

In middle school, I was in a class with some not-so-good kids. Although I did well in this class, no one else really did. It was one of those classes. So, one day one of my classmates said something like "I have Ibuprofen" and someone dared him to get high off it. I was too disappointed to explain how impossible that was.

Plus, by the time I caught wind of the dare the kid had already taken four of them. It was years ago, so I don't remember the details very well. This kid downed a handful of ibuprofens in like three minutes because the teacher left the room, and he was pressed for time. I know it was at least five ibuprofens, but it may have been closer to seven or eight.

He managed to get a headache from it. Probably worse, but at the time he only complained of a headache. It wasn't really funny. It was just sad.

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22. That’s Not Funny

I was at an all-state music festival, and during some down time between pieces during the rehearsal, the conductor asked if anyone wanted to come up and say a joke into the mic. I absolutely could not believe what I heard. One of the percussionists raises his hand, walks up, and tells the following joke:

“What do you call a kid with no friends”?

“A Sandy Hook survivor”.

I absolutely could not believe what I heard. This was just weeks or maybe a few months after the awful event. I don’t remember if anyone laughed (I don’t think they did), and he definitely got a stern talking-to. It was absolutely the most inappropriate thing to say, and I couldn’t fathom how he would even think that it could be funny.

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23. What The Heck Man?

There was a guy in class who annoyingly always looked for a laugh. But he took things a bit too far one day when a bunch of us friends were in the library and he approached us and casually grabbed at his pants to impress my girl best friend who was sitting beside me.

"Big innit"? he said with a proud smirk, looking at my friend. She was horrified and didn’t say a word, but I watched her face turn as red as a tomato. Bruh.

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24. Surprise!

My annoying friend decided to shove his hands into my back pockets and grab me. Except I wasn't wearing a belt, so he ended up pulling my pants straight down to the floor. I was wearing spandex-type underwear at the time, and he caught those on the way down too and ended up like pulling them all the way down.

What was worse, is our track coach had just walked in looking for me and she got the full view. Not to mention the class saw everything as well. I tried to pull my pants up quickly. He didn't even get detention! I was mortified for weeks after that.

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25. Ouch!

I had my moments of class clownery myself. The only one I really regret all these years later was from middle school. My science teacher was telling us a story about dealing with mean kids. Back in his day, some punks were messing with him and his friends and he confronted them.

At some point in the exchange, he said something like, "Come at me any time, I'm not hard to find" (I'm paraphrasing). For some reason my dumb brain thought "Not hard to find, easy to spot, so large that you can see him from anywhere". Looking for a laugh, I spoke up and said, "Why, were you fat"?

There was some muffled laughter, but the real consequences were yet to come. All I really remember was the teacher stopping almost mid-sentence, staring daggers at me, face red as heck. He stopped his story, turned to his desk and told us curtly to just work on homework. He barely said anything the rest of the class.

I felt like absolute dirt. It didn't register to me that, yeah maybe he struggled with his weight as a kid and that was part of the mean kid issue. I really didn't imagine he was a fat kid or anything, it was just a play on the "easy to find" mental image. Darn.

I apologized as best I could at the end of class, but it was tense. At the end of the year, he actually awarded me a "best science student" award or something like that. You know how they'll do a bunch of student awards for attendance and other stuff. I think the fact that he did that means he forgave me. But I still feel like a massive heel every time I think about that.

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26. What In The World?

In my English class we all tried to be class clowns most of the time, however the one time my friend took it too far was when at the end of the class, the teacher would go around picking up all the textbooks from each table while we stood waiting.

When the teacher came around to collect his textbook, she lifted it up to find that my friend had unzipped his trousers. She screamed and everyone else was so shocked at the sight of him. But wait, that’s not all. Before anyone could say anything, he looks down and pretends to scream in fright as well.

The lad only got excused for a day, but he also got put in a new English class.

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27. Okay, This Could Be Bad

This guy was more than a class clown. He was taking things to the next level. He took it way too far when he put an actual hit of acid into our woodshop teacher's coffee!

Fortunately, our woodshop teacher recognized the onset of it and immediately called into the office and said that he's leaving right now as he's feeling very unwell but will remain in class until a replacement arrives. We had a teacher fill in in about fifteen minutes and our woodshop teacher left.

At lunch, we saw that his car was still parked in the parking lot. This was well before cell phones so there's no way he called someone. Come to find out, he ran to a local park and "waited out the storm". He was a teen in the 70s so, he knew. The next day, he taught class as normal and didn't mention it.

The guy who did it was SO lucky he didn’t get caught, and even luckier that the teacher didn’t have any bad reactions. That whole scenario could have gone terribly wrong.

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28. Classic Karma

The class clown took things too far when he decided he was going to rip a loud one during the middle of a test. He planned it out, holding it in for the exact right moment. Except after waiting for so long, he ended up having to push so hard for it to come out that he pooped his pants by accident.

His face went beet red as he awkwardly grabbed his behind and ran out of the room. He quickly became the joke. Karma took care of that one.

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29. He Got The Attention He Wanted

The class clown would try to jump around, parkour style, desk to desk, all class long. Sometimes he would fall comically, breaking things and falling into people, trying to get a laugh. He was being constantly redirected for trying to do running flips on the wall, telling horrible jokes, or balancing large objects on himself.

He always wanted attention; we just wanted to learn beginner's French. We all, including the teacher, took to ignoring him. One day he couldn’t handle people not paying attention to him, so he tried to see if he, for the first time ever, could do a backflip. It ended horrifically for him. He landed on his neck, and was seriously injured.

He had to be taken to a nearby hospital and was out of class for a long while. No one was surprised.

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30. Compliments Of The Culinary Class

When we were around the age of 14 or 15, the class joker made "special" brownies for culinary class that were then distributed to teachers. There were lots of blazed (and very confused) teachers that day. He got caught and had to pay a huge fine and serve like three weekends in jail.

It was priceless. I felt bad for them because no one should experience that against their will, but it was comical to see them struggle to figure out what was wrong. Luckily, he didn’t bring enough that it was a super serious charge. Plus, I heard a rumor (which I don’t know if this was true) that he had a lawyer relative who stepped in and prevented anything more serious.

Also, the school I went to was notoriously bad. We had students who hit teachers, brawls every day basically, and teachers who were apprehended for drinking and driving in the parking lot and having relations with students. This wasn’t even that big of a scandal, all things considered.

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31. Two In One

The class idiot in my grade took things a bit too far when he pierced his ears in the middle of class, and then used a pair of earrings he was given from the bottom of some random girl’s purse. This all happened while the teacher was asleep at his desk—he liked to drink a bit more than the average man. This guy’s ears were red and puffy for weeks.

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32. He Misread That One

My favorite science teacher's room had a drop ceiling. Every day, after school, I'd take a yardstick and randomly select a single ceiling tile to lift up and place askew out of its frame. The science classroom was cluttered as heck so it didn't look too obvious. After three weeks I'd moved fifteen panels out of place and the teacher hadn't noticed.

On the fourth week, she suddenly noticed, and thought her freshman homeroom class had done it all at once, that morning, as a prank while she wasn't looking. She yelled at them for fifteen minutes about disrespecting her classroom and then made them all put the ceiling tiles back in their correct positions.

I never fessed up after seeing how angry she was. I thought it was a good, harmless prank, but based on her reaction I obviously didn't read the situation correctly.

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33. That Is Definitely Way Too Far

This one is kind of gross, but funny as heck. The class clown was my friend’s older brother. He should have been in special needs classes by the way he acted sometimes. Anyway, Bob (which is actually his real name), got in to the habit of wrapping his hands in toilet paper, then pooping in his hands and flinging the poo over the stall at the wall or any unsuspecting kid who was not aware of his tricks.

Teachers normally did not use the student bathrooms, but this one teacher needed to because his pen exploded all over his hand and he went in to wash it off. This turned out to be a huge mistake. Bob was not aware of the teacher’s presence and flung the poo over the stall. It hit the teacher in the back.

The teacher flipped out, Bob started laughing at him, teacher got more mad, parents called, suspension and apology in store for Bob. He actually said to the teacher, "I am sorry, that was a poopy thing that I did". From what I heard, the principal, assistant principal, and Bob’s dad all laughed. Bob kept a straight face. The mother and teacher were livid.

Bob got suspended for two weeks, and had to do many hours of volunteer work at the school and was basically on no more strikes until he graduated. Bob was very boring after that.

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34. Not The Syrup!

My roommate was a class clown type, though we had both been out of school for years at this point. One day, I spent the entire day making syrup. It’s a long process of letting the ingredients simmer down for hours. But it’s a labor of love and I was willing to do it.

After I finished the syrup, I put it in the fridge to cool while I took a shower. For some dumb reason, my roommate decided to pour a bunch of hot sauce in my syrup, ruining the whole thing and wasting my entire day.

He didn’t understand why I didn’t find it funny and he got mad when I got mad. He was a jerk. The worst part is, he was always doing stupid stuff like this, thinking it was funny.

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35. She Had Enough

I went to a Christian school. We had an ethics class taught by a nun. The class clown began joking about religion, asking rude questions about St Peter, lewd comments about Virgin Mary, and other stuff I can't fully remember or was too young to understand.

The nun got so flustered, her whole face turned red, and you could definitely see how angry and embarrassed she was at the same time. She held out a rosary and asked the whole class to pray together for the class clowns' soul and beg Jesus to lend us power to go against the demon invading our class, all while the clown kept jumping around poking at the praying kids.

She then attempted to exorcise the kid. She went to him and whispered something into his ear. Tears began falling down his cheek and the nun accompanied him outside. I never saw him again. Officially, it was said he got transferred.

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36. Not Cool, Martin

There's this kid in class, Francis, who was struggling financially. He's a kind kid, though. We hung out sometimes and were pretty close. One day, it was raining really hard, and Francis rarely went to school when the weather is bad because he couldn't afford to commute in public transportation, and his family didn't own any vehicle.

Plus, it was January. So, when he did get to school during that rainy day, I was surprised. He walked all the way there with an umbrella. The day went by and it's almost over. The weather was still rainy, and we were about to go. We were chatting and laughing and we failed to notice the holes all over Francis's umbrella.

The class clown, let's call him Martin, laughed, pointing at Francis. Francis was a small kid in 8th grade, and Martin would always make fun of him for that, which seems funny to him but it isn't to the class, or to Francis. But this time, what Martin did to Francis made Francis cry: He broke the umbrella.

He explained to me that the umbrella he had was something his family got for free during last Christmas. The fact that Francis was barely getting by, and had a valuable item destroyed, made me furious. But I didn't want to say anything because Francis told me not to tell the teacher.

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37. Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

Our funny teacher thought it was worth it to mention that the class clown got the lowest grade on an assignment in the class. He wanted to teach us a lesson about what happens when you goof around all day long and not pay attention. But it backfired painfully. It ended up making the clown so embarrassed that he ridiculed our teacher for being morbidly obese, single at 60 years old, and bald.

No one understood why he would say such hurtful words as a clapback. No one laughed, but he was chuckling and brushed it off. Our teacher quietly got up as the room went silent, took a deep breath, flung a desk across the room, and yelled his lungs out at the clown to get the heck out of his classroom. I swear you could hear the building shake.

Once he cooled down, he apologized, but you could hear the hurt in his voice. Our class was given a worksheet and no one said a word. He was at his desk the entire rest of class trying not to break down, and at one point exited the room to talk to the teacher next door, who was concerned and heard the whole thing.

They ended up changing the kid's schedule completely around mid-school year just to switch him to another teacher. No one found him funny anymore after that.

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38. That Escalated Quickly

It was not my school, but I was friends with the teacher. He taught high school English in a large, mostly minority inner city school district. Well, this one girl decided that she thought it would be funny to sit on top of the desk all class instead of using the seat.

After a bit of arguing, the teacher warned her that if she didn't get off the desk and sit in it correctly that he would suspend her, which would cause her to miss a tournament that weekend (cheerleading I think). She instantly responded with, "You wouldn't dare do that, the team will lose without me"!

So, he called down to the office to request the security guard take her to the principal's office. She freaked out, pulled a blade from her purse and charged the teacher—who happened to be a former Marine. In the blink of an eye, she had a broken wrist and a concussion, as her head hit a chair leg as he took her down.

She tried to sue, saying she never had a blade and that it was him that charged her, but 30 witnesses said otherwise. But there was a dark side to this. It gave him PTSD worse than he had from Desert Storm. He kept reliving it in slow motion, thinking how he could have seriously harmed her. Plus, he worried that other kids would take it as a challenge and try other ways to hurt him.

It’s a bummer. He was a good guy that only wanted to teach.

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39. It’s Me, I’m The Problem

It was me. I was the class clown. And I took it too far.

It was seventh grade math. My teacher’s name was Mr Brown. I am not sure why, but at that time in my life, I just wanted some attention. I craved it. I wanted all the other kids to pay attention to me. Mr Brown was a good teacher, and I was a bad student.

I can't exactly remember why, but I caused Mr Brown to throw me out of class, yet again. We weren't supposed to take the textbooks out of class, but I still had mine in my hand when I was told to leave. I only realized it when the door closed behind me.

I opened the door and Mr Brown was sitting in a way where his back was to the door and his chair was somewhat close. I tossed the book back into the class, and it went really close to his head. I said something that I thought was smart-mouthed like "here's your book you filthy animal". Maybe not that, but it was something stupid.

After the book hit the floor, Mr Brown stood up so fast. He was more mad than I'd ever seen a teacher. Honestly, I can't remember what type of consequences I faced after that. But it's a non-issue now. Mr Brown, if for some reason you're reading this, I'm so sorry. As an adult, I look back and realize how much of a problem I was to you.

You didn't deserve it. I realize how much you had to have wanted to hit me in that moment, and I definitely deserved it. Again, I'm so sorry. You was a good man. And you really wanted to make a difference. I don’t know what it was that made me into a class clown—but I regret most of it now.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarPexels

40. Kids Babysitting Kids

When it rained at school we had indoor break, and often would be tasked to babysit younger grade kids. One of my classmates tried to convince the younger kids that she got her pinky finger stuck in the industrial pencil sharpener—except then she actually got it stuck.

One of the kids started to turn the handle and thought her screams were a joke until I saw all the color drain from her face. She tore her nail up off the nail bed and it got caught and fully ripped off when she pulled it out. Some of the kids had to go home early they were so traumatized.

I got a certificate of "Bravery" and no homework for the rest of the week for not freaking out and for telling the kids the blood was ketchup and making them play Heads Down Thumbs Up.

Pretty sure it was really to distract from the fact they left kids to babysit kids unsupervised while they smoked in the staff room for 25 minutes.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarPexels

41. That Was Deep

In sixth grade, we had a young Japanese woman who was teaching us Japanese (go figure). One day during that class the clown (who was a weird kid that sucked his thumb up until like 5th grade) shot a rubber band and it hit her in the eye.

Her initial reaction was funny to 12-year-old kids, so there was a group giggle...until she started to scream, "My eye! Who shot my eye”! and such before then yelling, "I hate you!" and running from the room.

Our regular teacher (who wasn't present at the time) returned and his reaction was exactly what everyone needed. He didn't yell. He lectured the class about how terrible it was to treat her that way while he actually had tears running down his face. He said how ashamed he was to have had that happen in his classroom.

I don't know how long he went on but eventually some girls were crying and even the boys looked like they weren't that far behind. I know I felt like a total jerk despite being respectful to her (though I did giggle when the rest did, just kind of natural).

It certainly shook us up, and we never saw her again.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarFreepik,freepik

42. A Teacher’s Perspective

This actually was the final straw for me as a teacher. After this happened and I received no support from my admin, I decided not to go back to that school. I taught high school for three years and I had a class last year that was an absolute nightmare. Individually, the students were all clowns at the worst, but together they were a horde of disrespectful monsters.

There was a group of boys who were the worst offenders and they had a friend who, to me, was more of an observer. I’ll call him Todd. He was a really solid kid with decent work ethic, and he was rather intelligent. I got him as a student halfway through the year and never had an issue with him, but he was definitely starting to get closer with this group of troublemakers.

One kid, who I’ll call Eric, was an instigator. I sat Todd next to Eric in the hopes that some of Todd’s personality would rub off on Eric. This was my first mistake. I should’ve known better. It happened that Eric’s personality started to rub off on Todd but... I never would’ve expected what actually happened.

I was at my desk and this kid and I were talking about something. I turned around to grab something behind me and a mug that said “Best Teacher” fell and smashed on the floor. The student at my desk looked surprised. I don’t know if he did it on purpose or not, but I was just genuinely sad my mug broke because a student had just given it to me.

From the back of the class I then hear Eric say, “Aw look, she’s so sad her mug broke” and started laughing. I hear Todd say something and Eric is losing it laughing. At this point I’m really just trying to ignore the behavior because it is near the end of the year and I just want to be done with this group of kids.

Then Eric says, “Say it louder so that she will hear you”.

And Todd proclaims: “I have something that will cheer you up".

He stands out of his desk (which is a big no-no in the class without permission) and I ask him to please remain in the seat but he replies, “No, really, let me show you. I can cheer you up” with his hand in his pocket. I’m like maybe it’s a picture of a puppy or something, fine, let me see. Ok, again, I should’ve known better.

The kiddo stands at the front of the class and pulls a Trojan Magnum from his pocket and smiles, holding it up in my face and says “I can cheer you up” with the entire class looking on.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarFreepik,drobotdean

43. That Was Downright Cruel

I have a pretty painful story. The teacher was one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Really upbeat and always wanted to help out. His son wound up getting made fun of a lot and ultimately took his own life. When the teacher came back to school afterward, our class clown made a really bad joke/remark about how it was the teacher's fault.

Our teacher got up, walked over to the kid's desk and stopped. The kid tried to make another jab but the guy pulled the kid out of his seat and started pummeling him and throwing him against anything he could see. Nobody in the class moved, just watched as it happened and saw this snarky kid sobbing, bleeding and just getting destroyed.

Our teacher stopped, walked out of the room, and we never saw him again. Apparently, there were a bunch of lawsuits and the kid had to go to the hospital for a bunch of wounds, but it was definitely the most intense class I've been a part of.

The class clown took it way, way too far. It’s hard for me to judge the teacher’s actions on this one.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarShutterstock

44. Is This A High-Five Moment?

I had a friend in high school who was a big jokester and always would invite me to his epic parties. He was a very popular guy on the wrestling team, and I was not. So, he was always trying to “hook me up with chicks”.

Anyway, I went to a few of the parties and each were crazier than the last. The final one he had was insane. There were hundreds of people at his house. I went upstairs to check on him because he’d had a lot to drink. As I was about to knock, he opens the door, looks me straight in the eyes and tells me he's just slept with a man.

He did so with the most pale and wild expression. We both stared blankly for a brief moment, and then I ask him if he’s okay. With the expression on his face, I wasn’t sure if he was looking for a high-five, or looking for help. A split second later he just flips back to being the charismatic jock that he is.

He struts past me to go back to his party guests. I wasn’t sure if this was another one of his pranks or jokes, so I brushed it off and walked away. My friend then came up to me a few days later and laughed it off like it was a joke and was like “what happened at the party stays at the party”. So, I’m assuming it wasn’t a prank this time.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarPexels

45. A Core Memory

In my first year of middle school we met the class clown, a funny little kid. He was the most entertaining part of school for us and he usually pushed the boundaries, but that’s why people liked him and found him a funny character, because he went overboard and it was always a blast.

But one time I remember like it was yesterday, he hatched a plan for everyone to hide in the classroom from the teacher. We followed, all hiding. The problem was, the roll call was done every 40 minutes to prevent people leaving. The teacher came and freaked out, then ran to the head masters office. It got super serious super fast. Suddenly, the whole school went into lockdown.

We didn’t know it was because of us and so stayed hidden for an hour. All of our parents were sent lengthy emails regarding our little “prank”. We agreed not to dob on the class clown but someone spilled the beans and the clown eventually got suspended. When he came back he wasn’t quite the same class clown he was. And we all missed him.

We still talk about this to this day and is often the first topic we go to when we catch up every now and then.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarFreepik,Master1305

46. Payback’s A Bugger

The class clown took things way too far when he made fun of an autistic kid.

This clown was new and would "punk people" or make toot noises when the teacher bent down etc. He had a small following of friends, and they were always bothering people.

Well, he saw this kid who was severely autistic and decided to mock him. Immediately every one of his friends told him, "dude not cool", but he didn't get the message.

He walked up to the autistic kid when he was walking, pulled his pants down and said "GOOD JOB WEETARD DURRRRRR”!

To give you a better idea, the class clown was 17, and the autistic kid was 12.

The kid cries and runs, tripping over his pants. The class clown laughs loudly "DEEE DE DEEEEE"! No one is laughing but him. Some people were furious.

I was in the special education class myself when he came in the room crying. His liaison comforted him and, the thing is, he couldn't say who made fun of him. He was afraid and didn't know how to convey what happened.

Meanwhile, the class clown just screwed himself. His girlfriend immediately broke up with him and told him that her dad knows what he did. That dad was friends with autistic kid’s family and treats the kid like a son.

His friends immediately cut ties with him.

The football team vandalized his truck, this included smashing the window in, splitting his plates, smashing out the lights, mirrors, deflating all four tires and then ruining them. They really did a number on his vehicle.

The local mechanic then told the class clown to screw off because the kid he made fun of is his cousin.

The community seriously drove him to quit school by dishing out what he deserved. And no one got in any trouble for what they did to him.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarPexels

47. Picture Perfect

This one guy in high school was definitely the class clown, always causing trouble. But he took it too far one day when the chemistry teacher decided to take some photos of the class doing their experiments.

Fast forward a few days and the teacher had put the photos on the classroom walls. In one photo a couple of students including the class clown were sitting on the top of a counter while the rest stood in front. We didn't immediately notice, but when we looked closer our blood ran cold: There he was, pants zipper down, and everything out.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarPexels

48. Classic Case Of The Boy Who Cried Wolf

When I was in third grade, we were all doing our thing, coloring, reading, etc. The class clown was being REALLY noisy and kept goofing off. We were all having fun and the class clown eventually sat down and shut up.

But of course, it wasn't long before he was laying on the floor, foaming out of his mouth, shaking violently. We all laughed, it was a joke, right? Before long the teacher came rushing over to see the new "joke" the kid came up with.

It wasn’t a joke. She immediately called emergency services and he was rushed out of the room. He had a seizure while the whole class thought he was playing a prank for attention again.

He recovered and everything was fine. But now I just feel bad for the kid. No one took him seriously because he was never serious. And, after all, this was third grade.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarShutterstock

49. Unintentionally Dangerous

There was a story here in the UK not so long ago about some kid who was messing around in class and flicking bits of food at people. He threw a bit of cheese at this kid who turned out to have severe allergies to dairy and ended up going into anaphylactic shock.

The school mishandled it quite a bit and the poor kid ended up losing his life.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarShutterstock

50. Well Played

I knew a guy. He was a high school student in the late '60s. He and his best friend were very close, but had also dated the same girl. My buddy dated this girl first, now the friend was dating her. No problems, but they both understood how this could be perceived as a potential friendship ender.

They had a joke all planned out. The best friend grabbed some ketchup packets from a fast-food restaurant. After lunch, he was sitting in class with the packets torn slightly, tucked unnoticeably in his hand. My buddy had the starter pistol from the track and field team. You see where this is going.

My buddy ran into the classroom and shouted, "YOU CAN'T TAKE MY GIRL FROM ME!!! IF I CAN'T HAVE HER, NO ONE CAN”! He fired the starter pistol (filled with blanks) in the direction of his best friend.

The friend, who had jumped up from his desk during the shouting, clutched his chest from the fake wound, sending horrifying streaks of red (ketchup) flying all over his white t-shirt. He collapsed.

The look of horror on the face of every student in the room, my buddy said, was amazing. He and his best friend both got detention.

Sometimes I think about this story, and I wonder what would happen if high school students tried this now. It's crazy how much times change in just a couple of generations.

When The Class Clown Goes Too FarPexels

Sources: Reddit,

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