Unforgettable Customer Service Clapbacks

October 11, 2023 | Derek Choi

Unforgettable Customer Service Clapbacks

Customers can be total jerks sometimes, and workers want nothing more than to put those people in their place. From employees who finally stood up for themselves to Karens who got what they deserved, these clap-back stories are sure to give you great karmic satisfaction:

1. Take A Breath

While I was employed at a bustling downtown coffee shop, a certain businessman had a reputation for mistreating our team. One particular morning, he ordered coffee and a cranberry scone. That day, we had run out of cranberry scones. Upon sharing this with him, he erupted in anger and began hurling insults.

However, I stood my ground. Meeting his gaze directly, I remarked, "You're an adult having a meltdown over a scone. Reevaluate your priorities". I then composedly attended to the next customer in line. To my surprise, he came in the following day to offer an apology, and from then on, he caused no further issues.

Man is holding a cup of coffee and talking.pressfoto

2. Just Look!

At a pawn shop, a woman handed me $20 for her purchase, and I returned the appropriate change. She immediately became agitated, insisting she'd given me a $100 note. She lashed out with a barrage of insults, adamant about the $100 bill she had placed in her wallet earlier. 

I calmly suggested multiple times that she might want to look inside her wallet to verify. She remained stubborn, asserting there was no need to check since she was certain she had handed the note to me. When she finally decided to take a look, her anger rapidly deflated. To her embarrassment, the $100 bill was right there in her wallet.

Young woman is looking in her wallet with upset face.Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

3. Picture Imperfect

I used to work at a photo lab, and we'd often deal with customers who would blame us for poor quality prints. One day, a lady had us process 800 of her vacation photos. The images were blurry, dim, and lacked clarity. When she saw them, she freaked out.

She was convinced we had botched them, emphasizing that her high-end camera couldn't have produced such results. Even though we were certain the issue wasn't on our end, we refunded her to keep the peace. Surprisingly, she rang us half an hour later, claiming that another shop across town had reprinted her pictures perfectly—clear and bright.

 I had to point out to her that the owner of our shop also owned the other shop she mentioned. Moreover, it would have taken them several hours to process 800 photos, and, coincidentally, their printer was out of service that day.

She promptly ended the call.

Woman is talking on the old telephone.Marcelo Chagas, Pexels

4. A Toilet Situation

A customer approached our customer service desk wanting to return a toilet seat. The representative informed him of our store's policy: we don't accept returns on plastic seats. He tried to argue that he had only unpacked it to inspect its shape, but she reiterated our return policy. 

With no manager on duty to make an exception, we couldn't process the return. Anticipating his reaction, the representative prepared herself for the inevitable outburst. Sure enough, he began to loudly chastise her. Given her reserved nature, she was on the verge of shutting down when another cashier remarked audibly, "It's not clean; he's not telling the truth". 

The customer's anger intensified. Stepping in, I gently nudged her aside and told her, "Take a break and head upstairs". She hesitated, but I insisted, and she left. The man inquired about her comment. I responded, "Let's not dwell on that. I'll address it later. We won't be processing your return today". 

He attempted to argue, but I interjected, "It doesn't matter to me. Either you can keep the seat and discuss this with a manager tomorrow, or just take it and leave. But either way, you're departing with the toilet seat today". He eventually left, and from then on, a managerial presence was mandatory during every shift.

Man is buying a toilet seat from store.Juice Flair , Shutterstock

5. Free For All

Years ago, I worked as a server. One day, a usually amiable lady came in. Due to a previous mistake with her salmon, the manager had provided her with a voucher for one free meal. However, a few days later, she arrived with roughly fifteen people shortly before closing time. 

They all ordered lavish dishes of seafood, steak, and drinks. Throughout the evening, they were incredibly rude to both me and another server friend of mine. Then things escalated in the worst way. One guest, unhappy with his overcooked steak, threw his plate to the ground, scattering food and shattering the dish. 

When it came time to settle the bill, which amounted to several hundred dollars, she presented the free meal voucher. The other server deducted the price of one meal and returned with the adjusted bill, only to be met with the woman's outrage.

She exclaimed, "I have a free meal card! This was one meal for all of us! Everything should be free!” The server calmly clarified that the voucher covered only one meal, emphasizing that it was unreasonable to expect fifteen free meals. The lady responded by dousing my friend with her drink. 

My friend kept her composure and went to fetch the manager, who lost his temper and asked the lady to leave immediately and never return.

That evening was truly a wild one.

Young waiter talking to guests in a restaurant.Drazen Zigic , Freepik

6. Reaching My Limit

During my high school days at Subway, there was a man in his 30s who visited almost daily with his wife. He consistently belittled the staff, seeming to find amusement in mocking young fast-food workers. One day, his behavior pushed me over the edge. 

In my frustration, I discarded the sandwich I was preparing for him into the trash and firmly asked him to leave. He retorted, saying I had no right to address a customer in such a manner, to which I responded, "I just did". He reached out to the store owner and mentioned my name, expecting repercussions for me. 

However, the owner, familiar with both the customer's behavior and my usual calm demeanor, sided with me. She indicated to him that if I had reacted so strongly, he likely provoked it. She also advised him not to visit again. To my relief, rather than facing dismissal, the owner backed me up, understanding that I wouldn't have acted out without cause.

Angry fast food worker is throwing away a hamburger at camera.Lisic , Shutterstock

7. Full Of Gas

I used to work at a gas station situated in an upscale neighborhood. One sunny day, an individual with an overly confident demeanor drove up in a high-end Lamborghini. Using a voice that oozed entitlement, he ordered the attendant to fill his car with premium fuel. 

However, when the attendant began to do so, the man abruptly took the nozzle, exclaiming, "You're clearly incapable of this task". Given that in Oregon, individuals aren't allowed to pump their own gas due to state regulations, his move was not only rude but also against the rules. 

Predictably, fuel overflowed, staining his luxury car. Enraged, he stormed inside where I was attending the cash register and also handling managerial duties. He demanded to see the owner, asserting we should cover the repaint cost of his car and waive off the gas charges.

I tried to diffuse the tension, but he was beyond consoling. In the midst of his rant, I saw a local officer approaching our store, presumably for a quick break. Spotting an opportunity, I told the furious customer, "Sir, since you pumped the gas and it's in your car, you must pay for it".

Infuriated, he challenged, "What do you think you can do if I simply drive away without paying?" Talk about perfect timing. Just as he voiced this, the officer entered. I calmly replied, "I may not be able to do much, but the West Linn Officer behind you could consider it second-degree theft".

Catching on, the officer, now wearing a mischievous grin, nodded in agreement. The man quickly settled his bill, and fortunately, we never had the displeasure of his company again.

Angry man is tanking fuel to his gas tank.Juergen Faelchle, Shutterstock

8. The Slimy Sandwich

I once worked at a sandwich joint for about a year. One day, as I was serving a hot chicken sandwich to a customer, he stared at me briefly before accusing me of spitting in his meal, lacing his accusation with profanities. Despite my repeated assurances that I hadn't done such a thing, he kept yelling for a good five minutes.

To placate him, I had another employee remake the sandwich and also refunded his money. But instead of leaving, he loitered around the store, warning other customers about me supposedly spitting in their orders and using a lot of foul language. My manager, to my dismay, didn't intervene and seemed to ignore the entire situation.

The last straw was when I was preparing an order for a family with young children, clearly disturbed by the man's antics. In a moment of frustration, after being patient for so long, I slammed down the blade I was using and shouted, "This is a family-friendly place! Stop causing trouble and leave now!"

Surprisingly, this got through to him, and although he left with a string of expletives directed at me, he did leave. I then apologized to the family, regretting both the man's behavior and my outburst. I came close to losing my job over the incident, with my boss emphasizing the "customer is always right" policy and the importance of always being polite. 

Thankfully, my manager came to my defense, acknowledging that I remained courteous until the disruptive customer impacted other patrons.

Young man wearing glasses and white shirt is screaming at camera.Karolina Grabowska , Pexels

9. Where’s The Manager?

I once managed a CVS store. During a particularly busy period, I decided to operate the Photo Lab register to help ease the queues. As soon as I announced the register was open, the nearest customer promptly headed my way. However, another customer began vocally claiming she was first in line. 

I assured her she'd be next after I attended to the current customer. When her turn came, she launched into a rant about how I was rude for not serving her first. I did my best to tune her out. Finally, I told her, "Ma'am, I opened this register to reduce waiting times. If you'd prefer, you can join a regular queue instead". 

She was taken aback by my response. In her indignation, she sought out a staff member restocking the candy section, demanding to see a manager. When the staff member radioed for the manager, I knew it was my time to shine.

I gleefully approached the candy aisle, introducing myself with a grin as the on-duty manager. Wordlessly, she left the store. Soon after my shift ended, I learned that she had sent her husband to find me. By that time, I was already home. They lodged a complaint with our corporate office. 

My only reprimand was a gentle reminder not to take work issues too personally.

Young woman is talking with man wearing blue shirt with upset face.Tyler Olson , Shutterstock

10. Extra, Extra, Extra

I once worked at a deli eatery where a woman came in and ordered her food with a bit of an attitude. I assured her that I'd ensure her order was accurate and took special note when she emphasized wanting a generous amount of honey mustard on her sandwich. 

After inputting "extra honey mustard" into the system, her sandwich arrived, and it appeared to have an ample amount. However, when I brought it to her, she expressed dissatisfaction with the honey mustard portion, instructing me to fetch her more. 

I walked to the back, retrieved a brand-new gallon-sized container of honey mustard, and set it down on her table. Her friends burst into laughter while she turned beet red with anger. When she voiced her complaints to the manager, he found the situation so amusing that he couldn't help but chuckle in front of her.

Young woman discussing with waiter.Drazen Zigic , Shitterstock

11. How Dare You!

While working at a Walgreen's photo department for my inaugural job, I befriended a kind woman who often dropped by to develop her photos. We'd converse about her pictures because I genuinely admired them. 

One particular day, as we were engrossed in our chat, another woman entered. I greeted her, asking how I could assist, but she immediately began berating me over her dissatisfaction with her photos. Tossing them onto the counter, she demanded to speak with my manager. 

As my manager approached trying to pacify the irate customer, she accused me of ruining her pictures, and then launched into spewing a bunch of threats, mentions of the better business bureau, and so on. I apologized, explaining the largely automated nature of the photo processing. 

She retorted, "So, what use are you?" Suddenly, the friendly lady I'd been speaking to earlier stepped in with a commanding voice, "How could you? Accusing him like that and belittling him? He already expressed regret. Do you grasp the weight of your words, possibly endangering his employment? You should be ashamed".

Chastised, the upset customer left without another word. Grateful, I thanked my defender, and her kindness moved me to tears.

Two woman are arguing on white background.nikitabuida, Freepik

12.Whopping Problem

In high school, I had a job at Burger King. There was a regular customer who always ordered a Whopper Jr via the drive-thru, insisting on an abundance of extra onions. No matter the amount, she’d frequently come inside, asserting it wasn't sufficient. This usually happened during quiet afternoons, so we often let it slide.

However, on one occasion, our store was flooded with US Army enlistees from four buses. These chartered bus groups were frequent, mainly due to the rapport between the bus drivers and my boss. The enlistees were always courteous, a breath of fresh air amidst daily impolite encounters.

They consistently placed large orders, opting for king-sized meals, and an array of double and triple Whoppers. My boss had a tradition of giving them a "senior discount" (15% off), which they found amusing, evident from their receipts. While their attitude was refreshing, the sheer volume of their orders pushed our capacity.

In the midst of this rush, our regular onion-loving customer arrived. To prevent an unnecessary scene during the backlog, my boss instructed me to stuff the sandwich with as many onions as I could. I complied, even though the bun barely shut.

However, with the store bustling with enlistees eagerly waiting for their much-missed fast food, she barged in, demanding more onions. Visibly annoyed, my boss handed the burger to me and gave me carte blanche. I emptied our entire onion container onto her burger, sealed it tightly, and secured it with tape. 

When the woman attempted to inspect it on the counter, the most hilarious thing happened: The sandwich exploded, creating a hilarious spectacle. One officer, previously restraining his laughter, broke into fits of giggles, triggering the entire group to erupt in laughter.

This memorable incident became a highlight of my high school years. After her public onion debacle, she took a month-long hiatus and never again griped about the onion quantity.

Young woman is laughing at camera covering her face with hands.cookie_studio , Freepik

13. I’m The Most Important

There was a single occasion when I lost my cool with a customer while working at an office supply store. The customer had the air of someone who believed he was superior due to his financial status. He arrived during a busy lunchtime, and on that particular day, we were understaffed. 

He was looking to purchase a phone. Even though I was preoccupied at the cash register, I made every effort to assist him. However, when I finally had the chance to dedicate my attention to him, he started screaming about how he considered himself the most significant individual in the shop. That's when I snapped. 

I attempted to disengage and leave the situation, but he persisted. My response was so fiery that he hastily exited the store. The assistant manager on duty was left too flabbergasted to address the situation immediately.

Two people are talking and making a hand gestures.katemangostar , Freepik

14. Swapping The Toppings

While I was working at a sandwich shop, I was tasked with mentoring a new colleague at my register. A woman, accompanied by two men, walked in and requested a croissant sandwich sans tomatoes, wanting to replace them with avocado. 

I tried to clarify that the two ingredients were not interchangeable. However, she cut me off mid-sentence, imitating my voice and asserting that this swap had been made for her in the past. Despite her claim, I firmly explained that regardless of past experiences, I couldn't make that change as it wasn't our policy. 

She became quite irate, directing some unpleasant words towards me and then advising my mentee, Cynthia, not to follow my lead, labelling me as a poor example. Subsequently, she had difficulty with her card payment, presumably due to insufficient funds, and bristled when I informed her of the decline.

As she left, the two men accompanying her approached me to apologize. Feeling emotionally drained, I merely responded, "You're the ones who have to endure her regularly, not me".

Woman is paying with credit card at store.RDNE Stock project, Pexels

15. An Explosive Day

While working my final days at a gas station, a lady drove up in her van and attempted to refuel with the engine still on. I informed her via the intercom that she needed to turn off her vehicle. She resisted, initiating a debate through the intercom. Deciding to address the line of customers inside, I shut off the intercom. 

Shortly after, she stormed in, challenging my directive. I patiently explained that these regulations exist for safety reasons, suggesting she could try a different station if she wanted to fuel with her engine running. She raised her voice, accusing me of intentionally spoiling her day. 

Losing my patience, I retorted loudly, "Do I come to your workplace and berate you for enforcing safety measures so people don't face dangerous situations?!" This elicited laughter from the other patrons. Even after this, she persisted, so I conceded, telling her to go ahead. As she made her way out, I secured the entrance.

I informed the other customers that they could exit by pressing the black handle if they wished. No one left until the upset woman drove away.

Woman is filling up the gas tank at gas station.senivpetro , Freepik

16. A Stressful Sunday

I managed to keep my cool when a customer loudly berated me before the whole diner. On a Sunday, she had placed a large breakfast order for her family and was informed of a 45-minute wait for her takeout. Yet, she returned in just 10 minutes, irate that her order wasn't prepared. 

She vented her frustration, mentioning how this delay was causing her to miss her church service. After hurling insults at me, she stormed out without her food. But the story took a surprising twist...

Later, she returned, embracing me in a hug, apologizing for her earlier behavior, and hinted at personal troubles involving her ill child. While I often push unpleasant work memories to the back of my mind, the sheer contradiction of this event occasionally resurfaces.

Young black woman is screaming with her arms up.Liza Summer ,Pexels

17. The Noise Of The City

While working at a hotel, I received a complaint from a guest around 10:30 pm. She was bothered by the noise outside, given our downtown location on a lively Saturday night. She demanded an immediate solution. I explained that the city's noise ordinance for private areas didn't take effect until midnight, which meant formal complaints couldn't be filed until then.

I suggested relocating her to a quieter part of the hotel, but she declined, saying it was too late. Insisting I provide an alternative, I reiterated that my hands were tied. I could make a call, but no action would likely occur until after midnight. When I proposed the room switch again, her frustration grew, expressing she didn’t want to change rooms, only for the noise to stop.

Reaching my limit, I responded, not with anger but firmness, "Ma'am, I've given you our available remedy, which you've declined twice. I'm unable to assist further at this moment". She reacted vehemently, vowing to contact our head office. I calmly informed her she was free to do so, provided my name, and then ended the call.

Woman is talking on the telephone and looking at side.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

18. I Have My Arms Full

I'm employed at an anime store located in the mall, and one of our features is a display of Funko Pops. One day, a man approached the counter with about 10 of them, displaying clear impatience throughout the process. Given our register is quite basic, entering each item requires a bit of time. 

Before I could even provide his receipt, he blurted out, "Where's a bag?" I informed him we were out. Seeing him awkwardly make his way out, juggling the 10 boxes, lifted my spirits.

Funko Pops toys in a boxes.Erik Mclean , Pexels

19. The Worst Last Day

It was my final day at a typical retail store. With just 20 minutes left before my shift finished, I was assisting a woman in her middle years with a product return and coupon exchange. Our coupon rules are quite strict, and this was making her frustrated—and she was taking it out on me. 

I met her gaze, took a deep breath, and said without any hint of a smile, "It's my last day here, and I'm supposed to clock out in five minutes". Almost instantly, she calmed down and became much easier to deal with.

Old woman at Grocery store counter paying at cash register.Africanstar, Shutterstock

20. One Step At A Time

I once managed the one-hour-photo counter at a store similar to CVS. When the main checkout lines got busy, we'd assist with additional transactions. One day, a lady approached with a cart full of items and an assortment of coupons. I scanned her items and applied her coupons. Her total came to something like $122, which upset her. 

She accused me of making an error, though in reality, she had miscalculated and tried to challenge me. Deciding to address her concerns, I cancelled the entire transaction and began anew. With each item, I would confirm, "This cat food scanned at .89, is that alright?" For every coupon, "As you can observe, $1 has been deducted. Does that look right to you?" 

The process stretched out over 15 minutes. Finally, I announced, "As we've verified, your total stands at $122". She was visibly irritated but had no grounds to object. It felt like a small victory. Even now, at 37, with a kid and in a world where 1-hour photos are a thing of the past, I still relish that win.

People are waiting in line at supermarket.ppl , Shutterstock

21. Tell It Like It Is

Today, while I was at the gas station, I chatted with the cashier. I remarked that she must be weary of people berating her over gas prices, given she's the face they see. She replied that daily, someone gripes as though she has control over the rates. Just then, a man stormed in and asked, "Why on earth is gas $3.76 per gallon?"

She promptly responded, "It actually dropped by 10 cents today". He paused, settled his bill, and departed.

Woman is working on cash register ,looking down.Mizuno K , Pexels

22. I Can Help With That

I used to manage a video rental shop, and over time, I began to brush off customers getting upset about late charges. One typical day, a customer came in to rent a movie. I informed him about his pending late fees. Predictably, he started arguing about returning all the rentals on time, and so on. 

He even said, "...and I'm just going to destroy my membership card once I get home!!!" I knew exactly what to do. I calmly grabbed a pair of scissors from beneath the counter, offered it to him, saying, "Of course, you're welcome to do that right here". He responded with a nasty glare and stormed out of the shop upset. I'll admit, it did feel satisfying.

Man is holding a scissors in his hand on a grey background.cottonbro studio , Pexels

23. Do You Know What You’re Doing?

Since the age of 16, I've been employed at a hardware store. At 17, I made two keys for a customer. By that time, I was quite adept at key-cutting. Later, when I was off-duty, he came back, complaining to my co-workers that the keys were faulty. He ranted about how I was an inexperienced young girl, shouldn't be handling the key machine, and so on.

A co-worker, already irritated, examined the keys. The solution was utterly satisfying. The man had simply been trying them in the incorrect locks—he was using key A for lock B and vice versa. Embarrassed, he quickly departed and hasn't shown up since. 

Being a young blonde, I often face such presumptions. However, demonstrating my competence and proving skeptics wrong is always a rewarding feeling.

Woman is holding keys in hand and smiling.freeik, Freepik

24. Well, Go Ahead!

I once held a job at CVS. On a particular day, a customer wouldn't stop grumbling about the toothpaste he intended to purchase being more affordable at Walmart. He went as far as displaying a price comparison chart from various stores on his phone. Rather than getting agitated, I responded in the most nonchalant manner possible. 

I simply remarked, "Then perhaps you should shop at Walmart".

Young man is working on a cash register at store.Erik Mclean , Pexels

25. Make Me

I recall being around 17 or 18, working shifts at Whataburger in Austin. One distinct incident comes to mind. A customer approached the window, and I courteously asked him to pull forward a bit. There was a car behind him, and I intended to hand him his beverages. 

However, he aggressively retorted, challenging me to make him move and asserting I had no authority over him. As he gestured angrily at me, I swiftly shut the window. My supervisors approached, curious about the commotion. I briefed them on the situation, urging them to deal with the man. 

To my surprise, as I went to pass him his order, I noticed the window had a crack, and he'd overheard everything. He warned me about the consequences of ever closing the window on him again. Mind you, this guy seemed to be in his 30s. Before he could finish, I shut the window once more and dashed outside. 

He sped away, discarding his meal on the road. I wasn’t dismissed but was reassigned to the kitchen.

A fast food chain worker hands over an order of food to a customer.junpinzon , Shutterstock

26. This Is Bananas

During my high school years, I worked as a cashier at a grocery store. One day, a father and his young son came to my checkout line. Their grocery total came to $302, but they only had a $300 EBT voucher. The father then told his son, "this guy says you can't have the bananas today". 

Frustrated, I stood my ground, telling the dad not to mislead his son and suggesting that maybe a different item could be left out so the boy could keep the bananas. The father's temper flared, and my manager gave me an ultimatum: apologize or face termination. Choosing dignity over the job, I left and never returned.

Small kid is buying a bananas in supermarket.Sergey Ryzhov , Shutterstock

27. Big Red Flag

During my high school years, I had a job at Sears. They indicated employees who were under 18 by marking their name tags in red. It was the Christmas season when a couple of guys, both evidently in their 30s, began flirting with me. 

I courteously declined their advances and attempted to leave their presence. But when one of them seized my arm, I raised my voice to let others around us hear, saying, "Remove your hand immediately, or I'll call for security".

In response, they threatened to complain to my manager, alleging that I was being "extremely rude". To this, I retorted, "Fine, and I'll alert security that you're acting like a creep. I'm only 16, step off!" They bolted from the store before security could arrive.

Young girl is working in supermarket.Quang Đức Hoàng, Pexels

28. You’re Kinda Slow

I oversee a grocery store and one busy day, I hopped on a cash register to speed things up. Enter: a man dressed in a Dallas Cowboys jersey. He didn't have many items, but the way he paid—using both dollar bills and loose change—was a slow process since it needed careful counting. 

Clearly suspicious, he became rude, accusing me of being foolish and claiming he could have done a better job. That was it for me, the friendly facade was gone. He had kept his loud mouth in check probably because there were others in the queue too. 

So, in a raised voice, I challenged him—asking if he was disrespectful to everyone or just the ones who couldn't retaliate. He immediately fell silent and left.

Young man is angry and yelling while holding a shopping bucket.kues1 , Freepik

29. Conversion Conundrums

I used to work at a car rental site at the Manchester, NH airport. A couple of times every week, we'd get folks who booked a car for the UK by mistake. One gentleman insisted we stick to the price quoted in British pounds instead of US dollars. I agreed to convert the cost using a pounds-to-dollars chart I pulled up. 

However, he found out it would cost him an extra $20 a day compared to our usual price for walk-in customers. Another client had a similar mix-up and remarked, "I noticed the dollar symbol looked different, but I just thought there was a glitch on the website. I've never seen a dollar sign like that".

Man and woman are looking documents at car dealership.Antoni Shkraba , Pexels

30. That Thing From High School

In high school, I was employed at a pharmacy. Once, a German duo came to my counter, and they weren't the friendliest. Speaking in German, they derisively commented on the customers queuing behind them and used quite a few swear words.

Impatient with my pace, the lady threw some insults my way in German, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I had studied German during my school years. As I wrapped up their transaction, I met her gaze and expressed my gratitude in German. Their faces registered sheer surprise and mortification. It was quite the satisfying moment.

Man with beard wearing white jacket is working in Pharmacy.World Sikh Organization of Canada , Pexels

31. Your Job, Not Mine

During my time at Dollar Tree, we often sold delicate porcelain figures which required meticulous wrapping to prevent breakage. Over time, I observed that many customers preferred to wrap these items themselves, believing it provided added assurance against potential damage.

To accommodate this, I made it a practice to courteously ask customers about their wrapping preference. This usually went smoothly until one day, a man driving a brand new Porsche took offense to my question. He reacted disproportionately, suggesting that it was beneath him to wrap items and that it was my duty, given my position. 

He expressed himself more strongly, but the exact phrasing escapes me now. Reaching the end of my patience, I wrapped his items promptly and directed him to leave. Both my manager and the other customers just carried on without comment.

Black man is talking with customer at store.Thirdman , Pexels

32. Lost And Found

I work as a trolley collector at a major supermarket in the US. I was tidying up the pathway near the store's entrance when I noticed an elderly lady bringing her car right up on the pedestrian walkway near the door, startling me and a few other pedestrians. She went on to roll down her car's window and dump a bunch of litter out of it. 

Taking it all in stride, I calmly walked over, gathered the trash up with my broom and dustpan, tipped it back into her car window, and politely said, "Pardon me, ma'am, you seem to have dropped this". You should have seen the puzzled expression on her face.

Upset young man pushing carts at supermarket.OWSV PROJECT , Pexels

33. Less Than Perfect

In my past work as a card dealer at clubs, there was a time when a coworker mistakenly made an incorrect payment to a customer during a shift switch. Understandably, the gambling crowd can be tough. An uncomfortable series of complaints ensued, despite repeated apologies from my teammate. 

Ultimately, I stepped in to manage the situation. I spoke out to the customer, saying, "Look, we're human and we sometimes make errors, we're not machines. If you prefer mechanical flawlessness, there are slot machines in the other room". That put a lid on his complaints and appeared to ease the tension among the other players.

Man with beard is playing in casinoAnna Shvets , Pexels

34. The Mess At The Pool

In my early days, I served as a lifeguard, marking my first official job. During an evening shift at the indoor water park, a young boy approached me in a hurry, inquiring about the nearest restroom. I directed him accordingly, but he urgently replied, "Is there one closer?" 

Before I could process the situation, the poor lad had an accident right there, with its evident trail down his leg. Immediately, I called it into first aid via radio, and we escorted him while announcing for his guardians. After a while, his father arrived. We casually discussed the incident, explaining that such events are more common than one might expect. 

However, the tone shifted when the dad suggested we should clean and redress his son. Both my manager and I declined. When the father's anger peaked with his demands, we plainly stated the boy wasn't our responsibility. He fell silent.

Lifeguard is yelling at kids at waterpark.StockMediaSeller , Shutterstock

35. Going On And On

I once held a position at the head office of a prominent UK furniture chain. My evening role involved reaching out to customers to inform them of their furniture's arrival and to schedule delivery. One evening, as I attempted to connect with a Mr or Mrs McSomethingOrOther, a man answered and immediately threw a fit, complaining about unsolicited calls to his elderly parents.

He kept going, without pause, for what felt like ages. It even seemed he might have taken a restroom break during his prolonged outburst. Once he paused for breath, I calmly interjected with the best clapback possible, "Have you said all you wanted to, sir? I'm only calling to set up the delivery for your parents' new 3-piece suite".

Unsurprisingly, that rendered him speechless.

Man is talking on the telephone from his office.RDNE Stock project, Pexels

36. Fix My Order!

I'm employed at McDonald’s, and one particular morning, a regular older customer, notorious for troubling the staff, came in for breakfast. He made my shift a nightmare. He requested eight additional sauces. When I informed him of the extra charge, per our store's policy, he became irate. 

Subsequently, while ordering coffee, he muddled his instructions about the quantity of condiments and had other specific requirements. His voice was barely audible, so I keyed in what I gathered from his order. When I read it back, his face contorted with anger, and he loudly chastised me for getting it wrong. 

I assured him I could correct it, but he proceeded to hurl insults, questioning my competency. He declared, “I'll deal with another cashier instead". He'd drawn attention, and I felt the weight of onlookers' stares. I was frustrated, having attempted to assist him. 

Later, after receiving his meal, he extended a hand in apology. I brushed it aside, commenting, “No thanks, man. You were difficult. Pull a stunt like that again, and I'll recommend we refuse you service".

He departed wordlessly.

Workers serve customers at McDonald's restaurant.8th.creator , Shutterstock

37. The Express Lane

A gentleman approached my express lane overflowing with groceries, even though the limit is fifteen items. When I gently reminded him of the item limit, he replied, “You can count them for me”. Known for my swift checkout speeds, I can handle up to 30 items a minute without errors. But I wasn't about to let this arrogant individual have his way.

I deliberately took my time, processing each item at a leisurely pace, watching him grow increasingly impatient. When done, I remarked, “It's a shame you've kept everyone waiting, sir. Enjoy your day". He hurled a few insults my way before angrily leaving. To those who had been waiting, I expressed my apologies and swiftly checked them out.

It was a modest triumph, yet it felt immensely satisfying. The approving smiles from the other patrons were the cherry on top.

Smiling man sits at the cash register in the supermarketRobert Kneschke, Shutterstock

38. I Know I’m Right

While working at a bank's customer support center, a customer claimed he was missing $200 from his deposit. We took such allegations seriously, so I empathized with him, thinking perhaps a teller had made an error. He presented his deposit slip, and indeed, there was a discrepancy of $200 when I compared it to our records.

We have the capability to digitally scan all transaction documents. After reviewing them, I realized he had misread the figures. Even after explaining this and ensuring we were referencing the same documents, he became agitated. He firmly believed he was shortchanged and accused us of withholding his funds. 

I patiently cross-referenced the check and deposit slip, clarifying each detail. Eventually, when presented with undeniable proof and my calm demeanor, he relented, stating, "I still believe I'm correct, and she took my money, but I don't want to cause any trouble. I'll let it go". He then disconnected the call.

Woman talking with customer on the phone.MART PRODUCTION, Pexels

39. Help-Desk Horror

Years back, I served as a technical supervisor in a call center for a leading PC manufacturer. When customers requested a supervisor, they'd often end up speaking to me. One evening, a gentleman reached out, distressed because his computer wouldn't start. 

He was reluctant to open the system to check for any dislodged components, even though it was a standard phone troubleshooting step. He asserted that his warranty entitled him to an in-house technician visit. I clarified that it indeed did, but only after we've identified the problem, which meant peering inside the PC. 

He resisted, saying he lacked a screwdriver. This debate continued until he challenged me to point out where in his warranty it mentioned needing a screwdriver. Accessing his warranty digitally, I guided him to the section outlining our troubleshooting protocols. 

"Sir, could you please turn to page 32 in your warranty booklet? Found it? Excellent. Now, check out paragraph two, line three. It mandates following all guidance provided by our phone support before dispatching a technician". He retorted, "That doesn't specify owning a screwdriver!" To which I replied, "I recommend you acquire a screwdriver, sir".

Man with headphones is talking on the phone from his desk at work.Mikhail Nilov , Pexels

40. A Data Disturbance

I'm employed at a mobile service provider, and one particular day, a man accompanied by his son stormed in, upset that their service had been discontinued. Upon checking, I discovered an outstanding bill of 20,000 dollars, a result of consistent data usage over a month on a smartphone lacking a data plan. 

Digging deeper, I learned that they had granted the 17-year-old son complete control over the account to bypass store visits for phone replacements. This teenager had a track record of damaging inexpensive prepaid phones. On one occasion, he purchased a smartphone and activated it. 

Although he was cautioned about the steep data charges—$30 for every MB used, he claimed ignorance of such warnings and denied using any data. With the father insisting that his son was trustworthy, I decided to check the phone's browser history. 

It revealed continuous browsing activity until just half an hour before their store visit. Upon presenting this to the dad, his fury turned towards his son. To wrap things up, we reduced the bill by 18,000 dollars, but they're likely still settling the remaining two-thousand-dollar balance.

Shocked man wearing glasses.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

41. My Undercover Boss

While manning the cash register at a food establishment, a customer approached to place her order. After tallying her order, she was taken aback by the total and reacted quite dramatically, expressing her displeasure. My colleague, seeing the commotion, approached to support me and began absentmindedly cleaning the counter. 

The customer, growing more agitated, demanded, "I want to speak to the manager!" I responded, "Certainly, ma'am, but I assure you the price is accurate". The twist? My co-worker was actually the manager. He calmly affirmed the price to the disgruntled customer, saying, "That's correct". 

She stuttered, caught off guard, and eventually conceded, exclaiming, "Alright, whatever!" and stormed off. My colleague and I couldn't help but share a good laugh.

Woman is taking orders from a customer.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

42. A Sudden Snap

At the age of 15, I held a secretary position at a local physician's clinic. One day, a man attempted to enter the doctor's chamber without waiting for his turn. I intervened, assuring him he'd be seen next. He chose to stand by the door, occasionally mumbling under his breath and throwing me disapproving glances. 

Staying composed, I eventually entered the room before him, briefing the doctor about the man's behavior. Upon my return to my desk, loud voices echoed from the chamber. To my surprise, the typically calm, elderly neighborhood doctor raised his voice like I'd never heard before. A

fter a tense few minutes, the door opened, and the man exited promptly. The doctor, reverting to his usual gentle tone, informed me, "I let him know that such behavior won't be tolerated and he's no longer allowed here". He then retreated to his office, and the incident was never mentioned again.

Doctor is talking with a patient.Tima Miroshnichenko , Pexels

43. Do You Even English?

A man walked in to purchase a two-liter bottle of soda. As I processed his order, he requested a bag. Responding with a light-hearted "okie dokie," I continued with the task at hand. He repeated his request, so I assumed he hadn't heard me the first time and reaffirmed my acknowledgment.

On his third request, I looked directly at him and reiterated my response. He then questioned the meaning of "okie dokie" and asked if I spoke English. Given my deep American roots and clear complexion, I was taken aback by his unfamiliarity with the term. I clarified that "okie dokie" was casual slang for agreement.

Things escalated when he began tossing coins towards me in payment. Feeling overwhelmed, I cancelled the order, removed the soda, and informed him I'd no longer be serving him. He offered some resistance but ultimately departed without escalating the situation further.

Man is waiting on cash register at store.Tim Samuel ,Pexels

44. Tension At The Theater

It was a bustling Christmas at the cinema. No matter the number of scheduled staff or if everyone turns up, there's always a feeling of being understaffed. Typically, one employee would man the register while another prepared the food, making it two per counter. 

On that day, with most senior staff cleaning the theaters for the next batch of moviegoers, I was among the more experienced there. An unexpected hiccup in the popcorn-making process demanded my attention in the back. As a colleague alerted me to the situation and I prepared to address it, a man from the queue shouted, "Stay at the counter! The service is already slow, and I'm starving!"

Reportedly, my face flushed with rage. In a burst of emotion, I confronted the man. I passionately told him about how I've skipped meals to serve patrons like him, how my two years of experience gave me insights into the workings of the theater, and that if he wished for efficient service, he should let me do my job. Alternatively, he could leave or step into my shoes.

All I vividly recall is the hushed crowd, forcefully opening a box of coconut oil for the popcorn, and a manager directing me to a half-hour break. My hand throbbed for some days, but it eventually settled.

Man is giving a customer a popcorn.Tyler Olson , Shutterstock

45. It’s All The Same?

I once held a customer service position at Future Shop, the Canadian counterpart and subsidiary of Best Buy. On one occasion, a customer was intensely upset over his Future Shop credit card bill, managed by HSBC Bank then. Because of this, I was unable to assist him directly in the store. 

Frustrated, he vowed never go to a Future Shop again, declaring he'd head to Best Buy instead. Suppressing my amusement, I informed him that the two were affiliated businesses. Skeptical, he challenged me to confirm it. Retrieving my pay stub, I showed him the "Best Buy Canada" printed envelope. 

He promptly made a hasty exit from the premises.

Two people are looking at the document.Felicity Tai ,Pexels

46. Learning The ABCs

While stationed in the media department, my main tasks were arranging CDs/DVDs and assisting customers in locating them. One day, a woman approached me, visibly frustrated, complaining about our lack of alphabetical arrangement. Puzzled, I reassured her that our items were indeed sorted alphabetically and offered to help her locate her item.

Though I had no intention to be smug, her low mutter about our incompetence prompted a reaction. I began reciting the alphabet song, pointing to the corresponding letters, until I reached and presented her desired item right where it should be. She simply replied with a subdued, "Oh..."

Woman is looking DVD movie in shop.Pavel L Photo and Video , Shutterstock

47. A Horrifying Encounter

At sixteen, I landed a job at a local haunted house—quite the cool position, made easier to secure thanks to my manager being a close pal. During one of our regular shows, I portrayed an "Escaped Experiment," resembling Igor, hunched and diminutive. My role? To leap out and frighten visitors right at the entrance, equipped with a blood pack tucked in my mouth.

One evening, a rowdy group entered, their loudness disrupting the spooky vibe. Regardless, I did my bit, leaping out with a scream. To my shock, one of them landed a kick straight to my face. Though disoriented, I stayed in character. While the guy laughed and took more swings at me, I remembered the blood pack. 

Seizing an opportunity, I caught his leg and bit down, bursting the blood pack. The illusion of genuine blood had him panicking, thinking he was severely injured, exclaiming, "Dude, what the heck?!" Without missing a beat, my manager and guide for the night remarked, "No worries, he's had all his vaccinations".

Screaming man with open mouth looking up.Alexander Krivitskiy , Pexels

48. Do You Know Who I Am?!

Growing up, my family owned a Tastee Freez in South Carolina, where I spent many of my summer days working. Given the tight-knit community, everyone was familiar with one another, and a majority attended the same church. 

On a particular Sunday evening, just five minutes past our closing time at ten, Mrs Greene from our church dialed in, attempting to order a 20-piece chicken nugget, even referring to them as McNuggets. When I explained that we had already shut down the grill and fryers for the evening, she became livid. 

She threatened to have me fired, asserting her close ties with the restaurant's owners and questioning if I realized who I was speaking to. Keeping my composure, I responded, "Of course, Mrs Greene. I recognize your voice. We live right opposite your house, and you inquired about our closing time just this morning at church".

From then on, our relationship turned quite cold.

Old woman is yelling and making gestures.stockking , Freepik

49. Trouble With Tires

During a particularly hectic day at the shop, I had managed to sell 14 tire sets, apart from some single tires. An older gentleman approached, insisting I fetch him a specific tire size. I informed him that we'd need to order it since we didn’t have 13" tires readily available. This sent him into a rage, and he hurled names at me that I hadn’t encountered since my school days.

Politely, I asked him to exit my store, but he grew aggressive and seemed like he was about to strike me. Reacting to his behavior, I escorted him off the premises and reported the incident to the authorities. To my surprise, the very next day, he returned, trying to disguise himself with glasses and a hat, requesting the tire again. 

Recognizing him, I contacted the authorities once more, and he was taken in for trespassing. 

Young Asian male garage representative in conversation with senior customerChokniti-Studio , Shutterstock

50. Do The Shoes Fit?

In high school, I had a job at a shoe store. We frequently had this "buy one, get one 50% off" promotion. The deal was simple: purchase the pricier pair and get the less expensive one at half price. This ensured we didn't operate at a loss. 

One day, a lady purchased two pairs of children's shoes. After checking the bill, she felt that $50 was too steep for her younger child's pair. She decided to return them. However, she became enraged when she realized the refund amount was adjusted because of the discount applied to the second pair. 

When I summoned the manager for assistance, her remarks made my blood run cold: "He's a foster child, he doesn't deserve a pair of shoes that costs $50. Stop scamming me and return my money". Our manager, maintaining his composure, refunded her the full amount, collected both pairs of shoes, and simply walked away.

The rest of us remained silent, giving her no further attention as she left in a huff. The silent witness to all this was her family—both kids and her spouse.

Mother with children choosing shoes in kids store.Nomad_Soul , Shutterstock

Sources: Reddit,

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