Unbelievably Bizarre Encounters

November 25, 2021 | Mae Stanley

Unbelievably Bizarre Encounters

We all know that people can be strange, but oftentimes, we save our weirdest behavior for when we’re alone in our homes. However, some people can’t seem to help themselves and display their oddest habits out in the world for all to see. These Redditors were completely gobsmacked by the crème de la crème of human behavior.

Buckle up: Here are some of the wildest and most bizarre antics imaginable.

1. Bald Is Beautiful

I used to work at this really high-end salon in a rich part of town. A lot of the customers were rich and entitled, with some nasty attitude problems. One of the customers apparently had to go to a wedding next week, so she decides to get her hair cut. I know the stylist who did the job so I know he did it exactly to her specifications. But once she saw herself in the mirror she absolutely freaked out.

Apparently, it was too short, and for the next 15 minutes she's going off on a tangent toward my manager in the dressing rooms that could be heard all over the salon. She's all like, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?! I HAVE TO GO TO A WEDDING IN A WEEK AND I’M...BALD!" (She was far from it; her hair was still near shoulder length).

I'm standing behind the wall listening to this for a good few minutes, then I wander away after having my fair share of giggles. A few minutes later, I hear more commotion in the lobby. I open the door to see what's going on as I'm simultaneously taking a swig of a water bottle. The first thing I see is this screaming lady in the middle of the lobby.

She’s flailing on her knees in the middle of a crowd of astonished customers and stylists. Her eyes are bulging and her face is red like a demon and she immediately sees me entering and makes eye contact with me. She grabs the sides of her head and pulls her hair and screams at me in an inhuman banshee scream, "DON'T LOOOK AT MEE!!!!”

I spit my water all over the floor and fell back into the stock room, shutting the door as I tumbled on the floor. Never before have I laughed harder before in my life. My laughing was so loud, I could barely hear her as she screamed louder in offense. I almost got fired that day for my "behavior.”

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2. The Beauty Of Nature

I was on my way home from work and stopped at a red light in an intersection. Directly across from me, and for a while alongside the road I was turning onto, was a very large cow pasture. This was along my daily route so I got to see lots of cows milling about, but on this day there was also a dog in the field. He looked kind of like a mix between a golden shepherd and a lab.

There's this one cow near the edge of the fence with his side facing me, and the dog runs up and starts sniffing the cow's behind. It was at this moment the cow felt a tremendous need to void its bowels, and the dog got a huge face full of cow dung and just absolutely flipped out. He was running around, rolling on the ground, yelping, and the whole time I'm just sitting in my car laughing the whole way home.

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3. Full-Service Bakery

A paraplegic man comes into the bakery I work at. He's in a covered chair that is completely reclined, a water hookup by his mouth, a small waist bag, and a few other bits and pieces. The point is, this guy was completely immobile besides having his chair, and I wasn't even sure how the chair operated (eye movement maybe, I haven't got a clue).

He orders a coconut dream bar and I put it in a bag and walk over to the register. He says, "My money is in my lap bag." And I reply, "Excuse me?" He motions his eyes towards this grimy old waist bag sitting on his lap (right over his crotch) and tells me to grab the money out of his bag. I've only just started to work at the bakery, so I wasn't completely comfortable going through a customer’s belongings.

But I wasn't going to say no because he would think I was being weird about his disability. As I'm walking around the counter to open his bag, all I can think about is how grimy the bag is. At this point, there's a HUGE line forming behind him and my co-worker is on break. I'm absolutely beyond stressed. Luckily, I find the two dollars he mentioned and ring him up for the dessert.

I brought it around to him, put the change back in his bag, and set the bakery bag on his lap. "Excuse me," he says somewhat rudely. "I'd like a bite." Absolutely mortified that five people are lined up behind him and he's demanding me to feed him a pastry right there in front of the register, I stand and stare at him.

Finally, I manage to say, "Ummm...Okay?" So I stand there and feed him a whole coconut dream bar while the rest of my customers have to stand in line and watch the exchange. After he left, some of the customers asked what had happened and who that guy thought he was demanding me to feed him.

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4. An Eye For An Eye

A few years ago, I was taking the metro out to Studio City to visit my boyfriend every few days which involved taking three trains, the second one being the sketchiest, as it ran through the Compton area. One time, on the second train, an elderly man came onto the train with a sign asking for money (this is a very common occurrence in that area).

This man's sign stated that he was blind. When he reached my seat, I gave him a gold dollar (change from my fare). He asked how much the coin was worth, but as I told him, I noticed a middle-aged woman rolling her eyes at me for giving this man money. Not everyone shared her opinion because soon after my donation, more people began giving the man money.

This visibly frustrated the woman even more. It wasn't long before she began making comments to herself. "I don’t why y'all are giving him money," she said, "he’s faking." After several comments, the elderly man turns around and starts yelling at this woman. She accuses him of faking his blindness to fool all of us out of our money. This is where things get real.

The man responds to her accusation by popping out his left eyeball. I am shocked, but can clearly see he has no eye there. The woman, however, was not phased by this. She yells, "One eye don't mean anything. I know the other one's real. You’re faking!" He pops in the first eye and pops out the second one.

As I sat there in shock, this woman still hasn't been convinced! She says his eyes are really behind the skin that had healed over this man's empty sockets! The angry blind man proceeded to argue with her until the next stop, where he exited proclaiming, "I don't need this today."

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5. For The Love Of Cheese

This happened to me the last time I went to Walmart. I took my son to the men's room and there was a guy kind of mumbling in the stall. I figured he was in there helping his son as well so we continued our "business." While we were washing our hands, his mumbling got louder and stranger. Before I could get my kid out of there, he flushed the toilet and was out of the stall immediately.

He came rushing up to me and asked where the cheese snacks were, but in such a way that the only words I really understood were "cheese snacks." I told him that I didn’t work there and he broke down crying. I just kind of slowly backed out of the bathroom with my kid.

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6. That’s Ripe

When I was younger, my neighbors had a really big fig tree in the space between our houses. Every year, our neighbors would wait and wait until the figs were just right to pick, eat, and make into jam. Well one day, right about the time to pick the figs, I was in the backyard with my brother. We heard a noise and looked over the fence to see an older woman.

We recognized her as the lady who lived up the street. What she did next made our jaws DROP: She proceeded to squat in front of the tree and push out one of the biggest steamers I've ever seen. She then picked all the figs off the tree and ran.

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7. That’s One Way To Get In Trouble

I watched a teenage girl hit five cars going in the wrong direction on a one-way street. The first car was a parked car that she hit when she was trying to dodge oncoming traffic, she flicked off the guy who was driving in the CORRECT direction. Her passenger was crying, yelling, and trying to give her directions by pointing to a parking lot. But the nightmare had only just begun.

The driver who she swerved away from got out of his car and started walking toward her, mind you, he could have passed as an NFL player. The girl FREAKS out and puts her car in reverse and smashes into two more parked cars inside of a diamond parking lot. The "NFL" looking gentleman got back into his car and moved it in front of her so she couldn't do any more damage.

She then decided to drive forward and smash his car, I have no idea why. When she finally tried to park her car, she side-swiped a truck that was parked in two spots, over the line.

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8. What A Circus

At the Hollywood Metro Stations, you always see the craziest things, but to me, this one topped anything I have ever seen. So, I’m heading home after a night of drinking with my buddies and I go to the Hollywood/Highland station at around two am. Nobody was in the station...or so I thought. I start to hear laughing from two guys and giggling and it’s getting closer.

Out from the shadows emerges these guys in their birthday suits. One is holding the other one upside down, holding onto his ankles while his buddy is gripping his. They were doing cartwheels with each other as a single unit. I sat and stared at these guys for about five minutes before the train arrived and I left the station. This happened about six years ago and I’m still having trouble understanding what exactly I saw.

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9. Lower The Volume, Sir

I was at Bed Bath & Beyond, shopping for towels. My parents were getting ready to go through the register, so I just kind of went off and looked around the shelves that are positioned near the front of the store. As I'm looking through whatever's there, I detect the pungent smell of bodily refuse wafting through the air.

I turn around, fairly confused, and I see an older gentleman, about fifty or sixty, with a wet brown stain running right from the seat of his pants to the bottom of his right pant leg. He's walking up to the cash register really nervously, and he asks the guy there, "Can I borrow your phone? I NEED TO BORROW YOUR PHONE!"

The BB&B worker lets him borrow the phone, and (I'm assuming) he calls his wife. I'm just trying to be polite and not look over at him, but then I hear, "MARTHA! I NEED YOU TO PICK ME UP!" I'm guessing she replied: "What? Why?" "I WENT TO THE BATHROOM IN MY PANTS" "What?!" "I WENT TO THE BATHROOM IN MY PANTS! PICK ME UP!" Needless to say, it was weird for everyone there. I felt so bad for the guy.

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10. Carry On, Good Sirs

I was driving to work on an early Wednesday morning. I start quite early, so it was maybe around 5:30 am when I came to a crossing. On the other side of the road, there was a barbershop and a fast-food restaurant. A 1950's Cadillac was pulled over by the barbershop and there were two large guys standing outside the vehicle.

One guy was power-washing the barbershop window with urine, swaying from side to side as he presumably tried to spell his own name. But that's not the weirdest part. The other guy was facing me, dressed in nothing but a Swedish flag as a cape and a trashcan over his head (you know the ones that have lots of tiny holes in them), and giving me an old German salute.

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11. Talk About An Overreaction

While visiting Washington D.C., I had the opportunity to ride the subway, my first time ever on a subway since I live in the middle of nowhere. On my last day there I got onto a semi-crowded subway. A few minutes into the ride, a baby starts screaming bloody murder. The screaming continues for a few more minutes and the infant’s mother just sat there not doing a darned thing.

A few more minutes later, the infant was still screaming like a banshee, and so an elderly woman sitting directly next to the unresponsive mother started to try and comfort the baby. That's when chaos ensued. The mother snapped and started yelling at the elderly woman, "What on Earth do you think you’re doing to my baby!?!?!" to which the elderly woman turned and said in a polite manner, "Trying to calm your baby since you won't."

This enraged the young mother even more. She got louder and more disrespectful, eventually calling her husband to update him on the situation, while staring evilly at the kind old lady. She kept on her rant while on the phone yelling absolutely terrible things and every other disrespectful, hateful, and inappropriate word you could imagine about the elderly woman.

The elderly woman was not phased by the mother’s rant and eventually cheered the baby up. She told the mother to "class up your act and find Jesus." To which the delightful mother responded with an intellectual retort, "Don't tell me how to run my own life, get bent and keep your stupid advice to yourself!" The subway came to a stop and the woman and her baby left in a hurry.

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12. A Natural Wingman

I was walking down High Street late one night, about 2 am or perhaps later, on my way home from campus. A scraggly-looking man approaches me and immediately I think he's going to ask for money, as is common in the area. Instead, he says, "Hey man, you see those two girls over there?" Half a block down the streets, I notice two girls wearing dresses.

Each is carrying a big bouquet of flowers. "I gave them flowers and I told them they were from YOU!" the man says, pointing at me. This guy is someone I've never met before. As I blinked uncomprehendingly, he yells loudly across the street, pointing at me with wild exaggerated gestures. "HEY!!!! HEY GIRLS!!!! THIS IS THE GUY!! THIS IS THE GUY!!!"

The girls wave the flowers at me and call out thank you. I continue walking home, confused. Strangest nighttime encounter ever.

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13. A Really Weird Magic Trick

I went to High School in an urban area of New Jersey. We would get shuttled there in a bus and dropped off across the street from the school. My friend and I rode the same bus and would go to the bakery down the block before class started to get coffee and chat with some other kids we knew. As we got off the bus one day and made our way toward the bakery, we could see our friends standing outside as usual.

But instead of acknowledging us as we approached, they were all in a line staring out into the street. By the time we reached the group, we could see and hear what the spectacle was for ourselves. In the middle of the closest (of four) lanes was a middle-aged unkempt woman who was dancing and singing at the top of her lungs. But that wasn't all.

She wasn't just singing; she was singing some type of hymn or gospel chorus. This lady was going at it...testifying, stomping her feet, praising up in the air with jazz hands all the while singing as loud as she could. Because she was in the street and because of the odd shape of that block, buses and other cars would come very close to her as she danced, but she never seemed to notice and traffic never stopped.

The group of us just stood there quietly and watched as she danced and praised, all the while more passers-by would gather to watch. Suddenly she stopped, calmly walked to the curb, and grabbed a tote bag that she had there. Then she walked back into the street and picked up a loaf of bread, then another and another and another.

She picked up between six to eight loaves that were scattered across the lanes and walked off. Almost in unison, the people watching were asking, "Where did the bread come from?" and we all looked at each other in confusion. After we all settled down, the first people to arrive said that she'd just shown up and started dancing in the street.

She was at it for about 10 minutes before we got there which meant she danced for a minimum of a half-hour. None of the bread was run over and everyone swore the bread was not there until she picked it up.

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14. You’re Only Paying For The Food

I took a trip to Germany and we were eating lunch outside at a diner when a suspicious couple shows up. I could tell they were up to no good as soon as they sat down. They ordered a whole bunch of food and while they were waiting for it to arrive, they started speaking obnoxiously loudly about a million mundane things.

They then stood up and called for everyone's attention. My grandma did some rough translating and said that they were hoping people could donate money to help fund a bicycle trip they were going on. To my surprise, a couple of people handed them some change. Once their food arrived, they scarfed it down, wiped off their plates, and put them in their backpacks!

They must have ordered four or five more courses after that, and stashed all of the dishes, it was wild! They put everything in there; the breadbasket, plates, cups, napkin rings, saucers, the vase. I'm not sure if the waiter was pretending to not notice it, or maybe it was because he didn't want to start any trouble, or perhaps thought someone else was clearing their table, but he did absolutely nothing.

Someone else finally called the waiter over and pointed out that these people were taking all the plates. The manager came and pulled a ridiculously large amount of dishes out of their backpacks. The couple started getting loud and yelling. They claimed that they had bought the gear elsewhere, which the manager obviously didn't buy.

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15. Statues Get Hungry Too

I was walking with about four or five friends in town late at night, I would have to say it was at least 1:30 in the morning. We were walking home from a bar and we were having a great time. After a while, we noticed that a random guy had been following us. We kept going and he followed us everywhere, staying 100 yards back and slowly eating something out of a white bowl.

We walked for about another half a mile and he was still there. Finally, we decided to confront the guy and see what his deal was—but when we turned around, he was gone. We heard laughing down an alley we recently passed. All of us walk up to the alley, and there is this guy, crouched down in front of some statue resembling a pig, trying to feed the pig.

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16. All’s Well That Ends Well

Every winter I go on a ski trip up north with my friend and his family. One year, on the drive up, we drove into a whiteout blizzard while on the highway. Traffic went from 70 mph to a near standstill in a few hundred feet. We were in the center lane when behind and to the left of us, a huge Suburban came hurtling down the road, the driver clearly not paying attention.

He notices the traffic stopping at the last second, and in order to avoid slamming into the car ahead of him, the guy has to swerve right, across our lane in front of us, through the far-right lane, and off the road. He drives off the road, down the ditch, and up the embankment on the other side. That’s when it got better.

He made it to the top of the embankment and then turned back down. Drove back through the ditch, back up the shoulder, and burst through a snowbank back onto the road. He cut back across all three lanes of traffic and into the spot he left from. When we passed by the car, his wife was bawling in the passenger's seat while he was laughing uncontrollably.

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17. The Late-Night Tour Guide

This was the strangest thing to happen to me in a long time...My girlfriend and I are walking around the park late one night in Savannah, Georgia and we are just passing by a rather large fountain. Then, in front of us, a very large male wearing dark clothing shifts out of the bushes and basically stands in our way.

Right away my hand is tensing because I'm with my girlfriend who doesn't really do well at self-defense, so I'm getting ready to clean this guy’s clock and make a run for it. BUT, I hesitate when he says hello...and decide not to make anything of it right away. The guy introduces himself as Sir Lucius and goes on a really long speech about the history around Savannah that involved the Haitians.

He is actually pretty well-spoken and at the end of it, he takes these strange flowers out of his hat, you know the ones made out of specially folded grass? He calls them Haitian Roses and hands one to my girlfriend and me before respectfully bowing, kissing my girlfriend’s hand, and asking for donations so he could get something to eat.

My girl and I were so floored by it, we ran back to the car and got him a 10 for his troubles. He thanked us, recommended a few good places to eat and an AMAZING hotel we might consider checking into (we did, and it was awesome). And then just as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone.

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18. Nature Calls

I was standing on the main high street holding the McDonalds sign pointing towards the restaurant. I was casually standing listening to my iPod when I notice a mother who seemed to be at least in her mid-thirties lift her probably six or seven-year-old daughter off the ground with hands under both shoulders. What happened next shocked me to the core.

She nonchalantly held her like that while she relieved herself into the gutter. In full view of the entire public walking past her. And this was on one of the busiest shopping streets in Scotland and the most expensive place to shop in the UK.

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19. Amazing First Impression

I was in a Staples waiting in line at the service desk checkout when I see a blue pickup truck with two men in it pull into the parking lot in front of the store. They spoke to each other for a moment when the driver suddenly begins to launch his fists at the passenger repeatedly, cracking his head against the window several times.

A struggle ensues and the wrestling continues before a pause, at which point the passenger gets out and calmly enters the store to ask if the store is hiring. He gets an application form from the manager on duty and we all stare as he then returns to the waiting truck, where the tussle begins again after he appears to take the keys from the ignition.

The truck rocks as he gets hit in the face and slammed against the window several more times and the driver manages to get the keys back, start the car, and drive away.

Bizarre encountersWikimedia.Commons

20. Those In Glass Stalls

Unfortunately, I was using the bathroom in a Walmart. As I exit my stall, I notice a woman in the handicap stall who is using the toilet with the door wide open. I obviously want to get out of there as quickly as possible, so I proceed to the exit without washing my hands because I know I have some hand sanitizer in my purse and I’d rather not see this.

Apparently, this was way over the line for this woman because as the door closed behind me, she started yelling, saying how gross I was. I turned around and pointed out that she was the one peeing with the door open, but somehow, I was the gross one for not wanting to witness that.

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21. Nobody Panic!

A mother had been working on a computer at the hotel where I work when she noticed her three-year-old was missing. She doesn't notify staff immediately, just walks around the building a few times trying to see if he's wandered to another room. Finally, one of my coworkers working a service desk asks if she needs any help and the mother explains she's looking for her son.

Totally calm, not worried at all. That continued for the 40 minutes it took to find her son. My co-worker just had a baby and was crying for the missing child, but this mom just wandered around looking half-heartedly, like he'd turn up under a chair and nothing was the matter.

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22. His Old Nemesis

I was volunteering at an outdoor art exhibit in Seattle, helping a friend carry some wooden displays, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a bloke walking down the street, bobbing his head to his music, and quietly rapping out loud to himself. Then out of nowhere, he took a pair of scissors out of his trouser pocket.

He angrily snipped a leaf off of a nearby tree that he was passing. And then a few more. He then threw the leaves into the road, slid the scissors back into his pocket, and carried on down the street, bobbing along to his music; as if what he'd just done was perfectly ordinary and reasonable.

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23. That’s A Lot To Unpack

I once spent a night out in NYC, partying until sunrise. As five o’clock rolled around we went to Times Square so we could be around people, seeing as most of the bars were closed and we figured it'd be a nice place to watch the sunrise. We were sitting at a table out in the middle of the sitting area and a guy dressed in a Tigger costume, pushing a stroller, came walking up the sidewalk. Little did I know, it was about to get so much weirder.

In the stroller was a slightly smaller guy also dressed in a Tigger costume. As the Tigger family is rolling up the sidewalk, a guy ran up and leapt onto the stroller and began thrashing back and forth trying to take it from Big Tigger while laughing maniacally. After struggling for about 30 seconds with him, the guy finally got off the stroller and ran off down the street.

The Tiggers regained composure and continued on their way.

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24. An Explosive Scenario

About 10 or 15 years ago, I saw a large gas main explosion on the outskirts of the city. We were just leaving my house and saw a fireball rising from the horizon. It looked like a sunrise coming up from the south, just before the real sun was setting in the west. It was an incredibly surreal moment, and it only got worse when we saw the mushroom shape forming.

I seriously thought we witnessed WWIII starting. We ended up driving to see what it was, and about ten miles away was a field off the highway with a huge stream of flame coming out of the ground.

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25. There’s Worse Thing Than Tailgating

I was the first of my friends to get a driver’s license. We were staying the night out of town and decided to take a nice drive around the county at approximately midnight. On our way back to my friend’s house, there is a car that is right on my bumper. Being a really annoying teenager, I decided to slow way down to see if I can get them to just pass me.

I get all the way down to 20 mph on a road where the limit is 50 mph and they still don't pass. I'm starting to get creeped out. I turn onto my friend’s road; the car turns as well. We're all starting to freak out now. I turn down my friend’s driveway (which is only for her house and two other houses, and we know the car isn't going to either of the other two houses). We're practically sobbing at this point.

We park the car, jump out of it, run into the house, and hide. The car sits in her driveway for a few minutes and then drives away. We never found out who it was. Never found out what they wanted. I still wonder what the heck that was.

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26. He Believed He Could Fly

I was in Australia with my family, visiting cousins for the holidays. We were coming off the highway on a hill so you couldn't exactly see the road behind you whilst at the traffic light. We were in a car line of about three when we hear this load screeching noise for at least five seconds followed by a car flying right by us.

He hit the turning curb at at least 150 mph and then, on three wheels hit the middle island. There were vegetable vendors with people sitting in chairs by the roadside. They all managed to get out of the way just in time before this car came flying sideways into the parked cars in front and destroyed a brick wall. We see him climb out five minutes later and run while getting chased by the authorities.

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27. Distracted Driving Is Dangerous

So I'm playing softball down on the mall by the Washington Monument in DC when suddenly I hear tires screeching and a loud bang coming from Independence Avenue behind me. I look over and about 100 feet away is what looks like a pretty minor rear-end collision. A small Toyota rear-ended a van, and the front end is crumpled up a bit but there's smoke coming up from the engine block.

So I run over to see if everyone's okay, go around to the drivers' side and I'm confronted by the odd sight: red, grey, brown, green liquids, goo, and matter all over the car, and a stunned woman in the drivers' seat, covered in a wide variety of substances. I said, "Oh my God lady, are you ok?" And she goes: " I'm fine...but my Tacoooo," and starts bawling.

Apparently, she had been eating a giant taco and, I'm assuming, driving with her knees when she rear-ended the van. Well, the airbag went off and spread the taco particulates all over the inside of the car and her weave.

Bizarre encountersWikimedia.Commons

28. Everyone Must Take Their Own Path

It was a cold winter night, and a fresh layer of snow covered my college's campus from the previous day's storm. My friends and I were outside making snowmen as a calming reward after a hard day's work. Behind where we were congregated, a steep slope jutted out of the ground, made accessible by a concrete flight of stairs.

As we were in the middle of our session, a few of us decided to turn around and check behind us. And what did we see? A young woman, outside at 2:30 in the morning. A solitary girl, clad in a coat, sweatpants, and closed-toed flats, too far to be in earshot of us, yet close enough for us to witness her anomalous behavior.

Without hesitation, she turned from the level road beside the hill and began to climb it only a few feet away from the stairs. She continued at a constant, casual pace until she reached the top and vanished from our sight. It took the group a few seconds to register what we just beheld, let alone to process it, trying to determine whether everyone had seen the same thing.

An incredulous "YOOOOO" and a confused "Whut?" punctuated the hanging silence, but did nothing to dispel the tangible sense of enigma in the air. Mystery girl, why did you trudge through the 6+ inches of snow, and ruin your shoes and pants, when there was a lovely, dry set of stairs right next to you? What possessed you to do it so nonchalantly?

It was as if she regularly climbs slopes instead of stairs. I've seen some shocking and terrible things happen in public, but none as inexplicable as her little late-night climb.

Bizarre encountersWikimedia.Commons

29. But What About The Deer?

Was outside wandering around at a huge university by myself at about 4 am when I see a deer running down the middle of the road. The noise of it running against the pavement was super bizarre. Next, a pickup truck comes barreling after it. The deer runs onto the campus lawns and the truck jumps the curb and follows it through the yards.

I run after, because obviously I’ve got to see what this is about, and by the time I get to where the truck had eventually stopped the deer was nowhere in sight. Four guys were standing outside the truck yelling at each other. I sort of duck behind this bush area and run into another guy who was ducking there, doing the same thing as me.

We kind of looked at each other, shrugged, and kept watching. These guys look university age, yelling about all sorts of concerning things. The guy in the bushes with me starts to make moves to get closer to the action, and the guys see him. They start to walk over, I'm terrified, and they see me. They are marching over, eerily confident.

I thought for sure this was a cult thing and I was done for. One guy, who was absolutely massive, comes right up to me and picks me up…in a hug. And sort of just sways left to right with me in his arms saying, "We were just kidding. We were just kidding." He set me back down and the dudes walk calmly back to their truck and drive away.

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30. It Takes Years Of Training To Be A Fireman

This took place sometime in the 90s, in the city when I was walking home from a bar at around 11 pm. There are open restaurants and a few people on the street. Suddenly, I notice something on fire on the corner of the next block. As I get closer, I realize it's a newspaper box, totally engulfed in flames. As I'm getting closer and closer, wondering what to do, a bunch of guys in a 1970s convertible of some type comes racing down the street.

They were blaring music over their stereo and they pull up next to the fire. A whole group of guys jump out, whip out their personal fire hoses, and put the fire out. They then jumped back in the car and sped away. It was one of the strangest moments I've ever experienced, and I sometimes wonder if I made it all up.

If I consider it logically, it was probably a prank or a fraternity thing or something, but I prefer to believe it was all a wonderful, magical coincidence.

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31. The Great Mysteries Of Life

I was on my way to work, and nearing an intersection, when the car in front of me slowed down well before the light. It was a dark green Jaguar. It stopped abruptly in the left lane and before I could merge into the right lane to pass it, the driver jumped out. It was a young woman wearing a tank top, sweatpants, and flip-flops, which seemed odd since it was a chilly, overcast day, and it had just started raining.

The look on her face was anxious, and after jumping out of the car in the middle of the street, she sprinted towards the gas station, leaving the car door open and losing one of her flip-flops in the process. About the same moment she was running inside the gas station, two black sedans also stopped on the street, one behind me and one in the right lane.

Four or five heavily armored men get out, a few of them holding what looked like armaments. They were dressed all in black, and had bulletproof vests on that said "AGENT." They honestly looked like they walked right out of a movie. All of this happened in about twenty seconds. They were heading towards the store as I drove away.

Unfortunately, I had to leave since I was already late for one of those mandatory meetings and I'd get written up if I missed it. When I drove by an hour later, all the cars, people, and the flip-flop were gone, and I couldn't find anything in the news about it. It was so bizarre, and I still wonder why she was being hunted down by some team of armed agents wearing riot gear.

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32. A Movie And A Show

One time I was at a place called Asheville Pizza & Brewing, which has a movie theater where you can order food. So I was ordering my food in the back of the theater when I notice two guys dressed in black suits, white shirts, black ties, and sunglasses. I thought it was pretty weird, but I assumed it was probably nothing.

So, I go back to my friends and we're watching previews when my one friend decides to go to the bathroom. A few minutes after she leaves, a man in green spandex shorts and a power ranger helmet with a spray-painted toy glock comes running down the aisle and proceeds to grab a girl sitting a few rows in front of us.

I then noticed the two men in black rushing towards him with their glocks drawn. The Alien takes the girl and begins moving back to the entrance of the theater at the same time my friend is coming back from the bathroom. I still remember the look of sheer, "What the heck!?" on her face when she ran into them and their little scene.

They moved past her and the agents quickly followed after him. We all went back to watching the movie, but about five minutes later, the agents came back with the alien in tow, proclaiming that there was, "Nothing to see here."

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33. Change Your Attitude

I was at a clothing store one day, and there was a woman who was furious that another shopper had taken the dressing room she had left unattended with her clothes in it for half an hour. She came in and demanded the manager unlock the door with a changing stranger currently in the dressing room. She was screaming and swearing.

She continued to make a scene, until the woman in the dressing room came out in between outfits, and threw the angry lady’s clothes at her, telling her that she should be embarrassed of herself. The kicker is that the woman who started it all had a two-year-old child with her. We had to comfort both the child and the crying dressing room attendant.

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34. Don’t Bring A Jump Rope To A Dog Fight

When I lived in Wisconsin, I saw an awesome parking lot fight between two groups of tough-looking kids. Two groups of three kids met up and started pushing each other. Then one kid ran and got his older brother. This prompted the other group to get their older brothers. One older brother started spinning a jump rope as a weapon, which led the other older brother to take off his belt and start spinning it around.

Before any real punches are thrown, one of the littlest kids ran off and got the absolute trump card of the parking lot brawl: His massive pit bull. The other group of kids promptly took off running. The best part was that the pit bull was not threatening in any way, just running along with a big goofy look on his face like this was the best game ever.

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35. It’s Raining MacBooks

I was outside of a bar in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, waiting for some friends to arrive. This bar was at the bottom of an upscale high-rise apartment complex. It is literally me, and a bum guy across the street just lazily walking. Out of nowhere, a brand-new MacBook Pro comes flying out of the sky and lands hard on the ground about five feet to my left.

It smacks onto the sidewalk and shatters a bit, but it was still in relatively good shape. The bum and I freeze and share an "oh wow, you see that?" look with each other. About three minutes later, an irate and rambling woman storms out of the entrance to the lobby, screaming about her cheating boyfriend bringing other women into their apartment.

She's addressing me and the bum at this point, and she sees that the laptop is smashed up and she wanders off. The bum crosses the street and we both stand there stupefied; he picks up the MacBook and inspects it. I give him the nod and he walks off with the remains.

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36. Just Some Friendly Sounding Banter

I'm sitting in the tram on my way to work, and some random dude comes in and sits down in the seat next to me. About a minute later, he asks me if I'm hearing "those sounds" too. I reply, "no," and he starts explaining to me what "those sounds" sound like. Stuff like white noise, mumbling in various voices and apparently various languages (as far as he could tell) and also random sounds like a cowbell.

He goes into detail about how he already had huge problems with that kind of stuff and then proceeds to tell me that he's already in therapy because of that. As he talks, he becomes really scared and distraught while I'm becoming more and more creeped out by him.

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37. This Is Why You Don’t Talk To Strangers

I was walking home from Catholic school and this random guy starts walking next to me wanting to start a conversation. I go along with it hesitantly out of politeness, not knowing if he wants to mug me or what. We get to the street corner and a black suburban rolls up. Two burly guys get out of the suburban and start yelling at the guy.

They beat him up in front of me and then someone inside the suburban opens up the backseat door and the two guys shove the poor fellow inside. The whole time I'm just hoping they don't think I'm with him. As soon as everyone got in the suburban, it takes off. I picked up the pace and got home, hoping they'd forget about me.

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38. Teaching Her Baby Independence

In Penn Station NYC, I was waiting for my train back to a Long Island town (you need to wait in a specific area to see which track will have the train you need until it arrives) and I noticed a woman over near one of the areas with machines to buy your train ticket. She had a baby with her and is using the baby's hands to select items on the ticket machine—but something didn't seem right.

That’s when I realized that it wasn't a real baby but rather a doll. She was trying to have her baby doll select stuff on the computer screen. I watched on as a NYPD officer noticed this as well and walked over to her. He began to try and talk to her for a minute or so and then kind of just walked away. Definitely an odd one for me.

Bizarre encountersWikimedia.Commons

39. This Is Why You Hire The Professionals

I was driving out in the boonies and I saw a man towing a late 80's Honda with another late 80's Honda. Now, this wasn't such an odd thing to see in the area. If you couldn't afford the tow truck, you just got a buddy, some rope, and another car. As long as you always braked carefully and slowly so the guy behind could also brake, and the bumpers would only touch a bit.

There would be some scratches, but nothing you couldn't live with. This man was doing this task solo though. Also not unheard of, but it just requires even more caution with braking. Brake slightly so the car behind you contacts the bumper, and then slowly apply the brakes even more. I'm not sure how long the man had been doing this for, but he was going about 45 mph, so he must have been pretty confident in his abilities.

However, when a deer leaped out into the road, his reflexes took over and he slammed on the brakes, leaving the second car to slam into his first car. He was fine and missed the deer, but both cars were totaled and he had to call a tow truck after all.

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40. If It Works, It Works

I was driving home from a pretty boring date (I don't even remember her name) one night a couple of years ago. The only reason this event is even worth mentioning is that as I was waiting to turn out of her neighborhood onto the main road, I heard a faint scraping sound. I was worried that something might be wrong with my car, so I idled a bit longer to see if it changed.

It grew progressively louder until I realized that it wasn't coming from my car, it was coming from down the road. Just then, a truck drove by with only three wheels. I sincerely wish I had a dashcam because the absurdity of the moment can't really be put into words correctly. The front driver's-side wheel was completely gone, and the axle was dragging along the ground.

There was a trailing shower of sparks about twenty feet long, and the sound was as if someone took the sound system from a major stadium and scratched nails on a chalkboard through it. And yet this truck was just driving down the road at speed as if nothing was wrong. And in typical sitcom fashion, nobody was with me to see it, so nobody believes me.

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41. A Not So Fun Ride

Recently I was shopping at a big box store and saw a mother and her five-year-old son checking out at the registers. The mother looks away from the little guy for a few seconds in order to pay the cashier. During this time, the boy jumps into a stray electronic cart, which is known at this store to be permanently set to the fastest speed setting.

After the mother notices what her child has done, she grabs onto the cart and starts screaming at him to get out. Naturally, the kid floored the cart and started dragging his mother behind him as you would see in some of the old cartoons. The mother drops her bags and holds onto the cart even tighter as she is dragged face-first around a pillar nearby.

After they pass the pillar, the cart finally stops. The kid had just dragged his mother a good thirty feet. Nearby employees helped her gather the items, which were strewn all across the store. I'm pretty sure that the boy was grounded as soon as they walked out of the store, though I do know the manager gave her an apology coupon.

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42. How Dare He?

I saw an older man pushing his broken-down van by himself (no one is steering the vehicle at this point) through an extremely busy intersection. Luckily, no one t-bones the guy; however, as the van picks up speed, he attempts to get back to the driver's seat. The man can only get one hand on the steering wheel while running beside it, thus yanking the vehicle to the left as he lost his footing.

I swear time slowed down as I watched him let go of the wheel and get sucked underneath the vehicle. I ran over and stopped the van, then ran to him. He got up and yelled at me for touching his vehicle…

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43. When Barrels Fly

I was in a parking lot, buying some car parts from a guy I met online and we had decided to meet up at a sports vehicle shop. The shop bordered a divided road with a 55 mph speed limit that was broken by pretty much everyone, all the time. They were doing construction on the part of the road I was on and had barrels all over the place.

After exchanging money for the car parts, the guy and I were just chatting, talking about cars and all, when all of a sudden, some guy just plows right into a barrel easily doing 70 mph, and it makes the most satisfying sound ever. The barrel is dragged under the car and the guy isn't stopping. It then flies out from underneath his car and flips into the air so high up that I had to crane my neck to see it. It lands on the side of the road, absolutely crushed.

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44. Perhaps It Was A Dream

I was staying in a pretty terrible apartment in Paris with my friend and his girlfriend before meeting up with my own. The apartment was disgusting; lightbulbs in only half the fittings, grime, and dust everywhere, and they didn't provide the two beds (one double, one single) that they advertised. I took the floor while my mate took the double and slept peacefully during the night.

I, on the other hand, woke up at 3 am to a street parade with drums, whistles, trumpets, you name it, marching up the street. The cacophony on the street shook the floor of our apartment six stories up and yet, the next morning, I was the only one who noticed it.


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45. Well, How Else Is He Supposed To Do It

15 years ago, I bought my only ever brand-new car. It was a Toyota van and I still have it. Late one night I decided to visit my dad, who was staying at an airfield about three hours drive away in the country. So I loaded my camping gear into the van and headed off. Two hours later, I was on a country freeway. It was about two in the morning and there was nothing else around.

Maybe the occasional car going the other way. Suddenly, in the emergency lane, I see an old man on a bicycle. He had hay bales attached to the front and back of the bike and he was riding the wrong way down the freeway, no doubt with my headlights making it impossible for him to see where he was going. After that short look, he was gone and I still have no idea what he was up to.

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46. A Haunting Encounter

A few years ago, I was driving downtown. As I pull up to a red light in front of the courthouse, I see a lady sitting on a bench eating a salad. Not too weird. She had a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing sitting beside her and after every bite would take a swig straight from the bottle of dressing. When the light turns green, I start to roll away. She looks over at me through the open window and we lock eyes for half a second.

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47. TSA Or CPA?

Last winter break, I went to Colorado to go snowboarding. On the way home, I'm going through security when a woman carrying a large suitcase and a rear-facing car seat runs up behind me and asks to go ahead of me. Apparently, she was running late to her flight and it was scheduled to leave in five minutes, I planned ahead so I’m not in a rush and let her go first.

At this point, the TSA agent says that she has to put the car seat through the X-ray machine. The mom picks up the car seat and shoves it onto the moving belt and it slides into the machine. All of a sudden there is a violent screaming from inside of the machine. The mom starts freaking out and crying. Now the TSA is upset as well, wondering what the heck is going on inside the machine.

I look at the screen and see the outline of what appears to be a small human. Next thing you know, the car seat comes out the other side, flipped on its side. There is a baby who appears to be just a few weeks old flailing inside of the overturned car seat. Now everyone is yelling and there is quite a scene occurring. The lady talked with the TSA and was pulled to a back room, I doubt she made her flight.

Bizarre encountersWikimedia.Commons

48. As Impressive As It Is Confusing

I used to work in a bar back in my college days. It was a pretty slow night one night, and I'm just standing behind the bar drying pint glasses and this middle-aged woman walks in and asks for a glass of water. But she was whispering and kind of looked scared. I obliged and fetched her a glass of water and handed it to her.

As she takes it, she leans in and whispers, "There's a man with an ax behind me and he's trying to get me!" I'm pretty weirded out but I manage to reply, "There's no one there, ma'am," or something to that effect. She then says under her breath, "Everything is geometry!" and proceeds to turn and run out of the bar full tilt, stripping off her shirt.

And then, in a feat I can only describe as legendary, she removes her pants without stopping. She books it diagonally across the intersection. Totally unadorned. The handful of customers and I were, needless to say, astounded.

Bizarre encountersShutterstock

49. That Seems Like A You Problem

I once went to Walmart, and while waiting in the car aisle, this lady comes up to me. She starts questioning me about some items. I don't work there obviously but decide to help her as best I can anyway. After she gets her answers, she goes and gets a couple of items, then walks down the aisle away from me and proceeds to browse.

About 30 seconds later she comes up to me and proceeds to ask me for help again. I begin to tell her that I'm not an employee, but before I can say anything she points to her crotch which was now soaked with pee. She tells me she couldn't hold it and had peed herself and she needed help finding pants. I tell her I have no idea where the pants are.

Things just escalated and there’s a puddle of liquid up ahead, starting to reek. She says that it doesn’t matter if I don’t work there, she just needs help finding a pair of pants. I tried to explain that she should probably use Walmart’s bathroom and find an employee in the clothing section. She got mad and yelled as she proceeded to walk away.

About 30 minutes later, I see her walking around in the same pants, asking another poor stranger for advice.

Bizarre encountersShutterstock

50. Nightmare Fuel

One evening, I had a tire low on air right before I was taking off out of LA. I pulled into a gas station and filled up my tire. While I was at the air station, an SUV pulled up to a gas pump and two men got out. They were laughing and joking with each other. They were speaking another language so I have no idea what they were talking about.

Well, one guy goes in to pay for gas. After paying, they each proceed to put gasoline on their hands and rub it onto their own bodies. Arms, legs, neck, etc. Then they get into the car and leave. This happened three years ago and it's bothered me ever since.

Bizarre encounterPexels


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