These Girls Are Full-Blown Creeps

October 10, 2023 | Allison Robertson

These Girls Are Full-Blown Creeps

Usually, it’s men who get a bad reputation for being creepy, and we rarely hear about when ladies have crossed that line. But women are guilty of doing and saying some weird things too. 

1. Crazy Level Confirmed

Last year, I decided to alter the privacy settings on my Facebook profile, allowing some of my posts to be publicly visible. It wasn't long before I realized that this was a regrettable decision. My ex-wife, from whom I had managed to distance myself for two decades, seized the opportunity to reconnect. You might wonder just how intense she can be.

Once, while dining at a restaurant with her family, I could sense an underlying tension, that familiar feeling that something was amiss. She later accused me of secretly plotting with the waitress after she believed she saw us holding hands. In reality, my only interaction with the waitress was to place my order.

On another occasion, she admitted to deliberately causing a car crash prior to our meeting, aiming to inflict pain on her family. There was also a time when, while showering, I detected the scent of burning. The source? The plastic handle of a blade she had concealed in the bathroom's light fixture. 

Shocked man looking at his phoneJavier Romera, Shutterstock

2. Took Her Long Enough

I was once in a relationship with a woman who pursued me relentlessly for half a decade after we parted ways.

For those five years, she consistently mailed letters to every residence I occupied. When she couldn't find my address, she'd route them through my parents. However, there was one note that stood out. In it, she mentioned her new husband, saying, "he's wonderful, but he isn't you".

Shortly after relocating to a fresh address, I returned one day to discover a cookie box she'd shipped to me via FedEx. In time, I moved to another state. Considering her previous return addresses, I was aware she was both living and working there. 

While the thought of crossing paths with her made me anxious, I believed the chances were slim. However, less than a year later, she discovered my whereabouts through a blog I maintained and left a voice message insisting we meet.

In response, I openly addressed her on my blog, asking her to cease her pursuit, and warned her I'd involve law enforcement. Until that moment, I had opted for silence, hoping she'd eventually back off. When she reached out that evening, I reiterated my warning. Since then, silence has prevailed.

All this for a relationship that lasted merely six months.

Man in jacket being stalkedJ Walters, Shutterstock

3. This Went Way Too Far

When I was 16 and still in school, a girl in my class became unnaturally fixated on me. She constantly sent me strange messages and persistently tried to partner with me in science class. She often just gazed at me. I remained courteous, but kept my distance. However, things intensified.

Her behavior took a more disturbing turn, resulting in complications for me. Her messages grew increasingly alarming, leaving me uncertain of how to handle the situation. The situation hit a breaking point one night when she sent a photo of her arm, bearing my name carved into her flesh. 

I was at a loss, though looking back, I should've sought help immediately. Planning to report the incident to a school authority the next day, I was taken aback when she started spreading rumors that I had coerced her into self-harming. That day was rough. 

I faced scrutiny at school, authorities visited my home, my phone was confiscated, and I was treated as a suspect. Other than my two closest friends, the majority seemed to believe I was at fault. The situation further deteriorated when I was summoned by the principal the next day and informed of my expulsion. 

My parents were alerted, and, deeply upset, they collected me from school without hearing my side. Fortunately, by the end of that day, the authorities returned with my phone, confirming I had no connection to her self-inflicted act. They apologized profusely for the oversight.

Police officers at someone's front door 1000 Words, Shutterstock

4. Her Timing Was Off

I once dated a girl and we hung out three or four times. Naturally, we reached a place where we became intimate. I offered to use protection, but she reassured me that she was on contraception. A couple of days later, she contacted me in tears, seeking comfort. The reason behind her tears was unexpected.

She was upset because she wasn't pregnant. In reality, she hadn't been taking any contraception. Her immediate concern after our encounter was that she might be infertile. That experience taught my younger self a crucial lesson, and since then, I decided not to continue communication with her.

Shocked teenager with one hand on his head holding a phone carballo, Shutterstock

5. This Is Just Cruel

I once connected with a girl during the era of online chat rooms. She was coming out of a tough relationship. We began conversing and I clarified from the start that I was only interested in friendship. We found common hobbies and realized our homes weren't far apart.

Occasionally, we'd hang out, mostly playing video games. Roughly two weeks into our friendship, she expressed romantic feelings towards me. I appreciated her honesty but reiterated my stance on just being friends. Despite this, she began making unwelcome advances towards me.

Her remarks became increasingly explicit, detailing intimate actions she wanted to engage in, leaving me uneasy. After enduring a month of this discomfort, I decided to end our friendship. In response, she threatened to fabricate stories to the authorities about me.

The overwhelming emotion I felt that day was fear. I took steps to cut off all communication with her, including blocking her number. Thankfully, that was my final encounter with her.

Woman yelling at a scared man CREATISTA, Shutterstock

6. I Bet He Chooses His Words More Wisely Now

Once, my dentist shared a story with me from his student days. As he was studying to become a dentist, he and his classmates used to offer free clinics in less affluent neighborhoods near their university, fulfilling hands-on training needs. 

A young girl visited a few times to get some cavities treated and by the end of the final session, my dentist happily announced, "Awesome, we're done, all your holes are filled". Seemingly out of the blue, while she was still in the dental chair, she glanced at him flirtatiously and said, "not all of them". 

His girlfriend at the time, now his wife, was working as the dental assistant. He confessed that the mix of setting, scenario, and this unexpected remark made him so uncomfortable he nearly bolted from the clinic.

Yong dentist working in gray scrub Cedric Fauntleroy, Pexels

7. It’s The Hair That Got Me On This One

Alright, here's a story for you. I once attended a summer camp designed for those with visual impairments. One day, while on a bus, a friend and I were chatting when he casually mentioned, "Hey, just so you know, there's a girl who confessed to having a crush on you. She also said she plans to sneak into your room to watch you sleep. She wanted you to be aware".

Initially, I brushed it off as a joke. However, the next morning, I made a disturbing realization. I noticed some of my hair was missing. I started to wonder, "What is actually happening here?" The mysterious hair loss continued every night. When I returned to camp the following year, the pattern persisted. 

I began ensuring my window was securely locked. One night, soft but persistent knocks echoed in my room, accompanied by a hushed voice saying, "I'm know you're there. Please open the window". That was the moment I decided it was time to leave immediately.

Scared teenager sitting on the bed crying and covering his eyesGeorgi Fadejev, Shutterstock

8. A Secret Admirer Gone Too Far

When I was around 19 or 20, I held a part-time position at a local store. After my shifts, I'd often discover anonymous notes placed under my car's windshield wiper, carrying simple messages like "You're adorable, I'd love to know you better". Initially, I didn't give them much thought and continued with my daily routine.

However, these notes soon escalated in frequency and became intense love letters, with confessions of loneliness and the writer's desire to date me but feeling too timid to approach. Feeling uneasy, I inquired with my coworkers to see if they had any insights.

They were as clueless as I was, but found the situation amusing. The situation took a disturbing turn when, one evening, instead of a note on my windshield, I found a wrapped gift with a letter inside my car. The present was an upscale bottle of wine, which I discarded immediately. The accompanying letter contained explicit and crude content. 

The identity of the sender remained a mystery. Over the next days, various other gifts appeared: a CD from a band I loved, a restaurant gift card. Growing increasingly alarmed, I approached my superiors for assistance. Their response was dismissive, leaving me to handle the matter on my own. 

One night, after ensuring my car was securely locked, I still found another bottle and a note post-shift. The very next day, feeling vulnerable and unsupported, I called my manager and resigned. I never returned to that job and never learned who the mystery admirer was.

Paper with red heart drawn on it put behind car windshieldtrendobjects, Shutterstock

9. Gotcha There

Upon starting a new position, I was placed in a compact office alongside a woman my age and a few others. She was somewhat attractive but had a peculiar demeanor, stemming perhaps from her rural upbringing. She flirted with me frequently, but I wasn't reciprocating.

Unexpectedly, she began sending daily emails, providing exhaustive accounts of her days. Despite my lack of response, they persisted. One day, she professed her affection for me in an extensive email. I outlined clear reasons why a relationship wasn't feasible and asked her to cease the daily messages. But they continued with a fury.

Despite my face-to-face and digital pleas, the stream of emails remained. Ultimately, I sought help from another colleague who was her friend, and after their conversation, the messages halted. After some time, I relocated to a distant place—quite literally on the other side of the planet. 

A few months into my stay, I received a message from an old colleague inquiring about my current city. On sharing the information, she informed me that the email-sending woman was planning to move there. The coincidences grew eerier. 

The woman was reportedly moving into my vicinity, had secured a job nearby, and was supposedly in search of an "old acquaintance". Only after a nerve-wracking week did the old colleague admit she had been pulling my leg.

Shocked man looking and reading email on laptoptommaso79, Shutterstock

10. Stranger Danger

This is from an eerie email I got seven years ago from someone who had been stalking me: "Just know, when you two have your child, I'll be the one to bring it up". This was just one of several unsettling things she used to send me.

Young bald man with beard moving to a new house using laptop scared and amazed with open mouth for surprise, disbelief, Shutterstock

11. Young Crushes

When I was roughly 17, I had a job at a diner where I was constantly pursued by two young girls, aged 11 and 13. They persistently followed me, even waiting outside my house to accompany me to work daily. One packed day at the diner, the 11-year-old girl loudly asked, "When can I spend the night at your place?" 

Immediately, every eye in the room turned toward me. To say I was uncomfortable would be a massive understatement; it was beyond awkward.

Embarrassed waiter covering his mouth with hand, Shutterstock

12. Blood, Sweat And Tears

"Did you like the meal? I poured my blood into it, you know, a piece of me is now with you".

Believe it or not, this really occurred. At first, I assumed she was just saying she worked really hard on it, you know, the saying about 'blood, sweat, and tears'. So, I asked her to clarify. The reality was far more shocking than I could have guessed. She literally pointed out the cut she'd made to blend her own blood into the meal.

Shocked man by girlfriend wordsMDV Edwards, Shutterstock

13. Run, Just Run

A girl I was dating once did something really eerie. She told me, "Just to let you know, I've etched your name on my leg with a boxcutter so you'll always be close to me". I was completely lost for words. I surely hope she didn't end up with a permanent scar since we're no longer an item.

Young handsome man with beard in shock covering face and eyes with hand, Shutterstock

14. Woof, Woof

Back in elementary school, this girl stealthily approached me during gym class and tried to smell my behind. I noticed what she was up to and it made me feel really uncomfortable.

Handsome young man wearing student backpack and holding book covering mouth with hand, shocked and, Shutterstock

15. Stand-In Boyfriend

I've got an interestingly eerie tale to share. Several international students at a nearby university told their folks and friends back in their home countries that they're dating an American guy. They schemed together to fool their loved ones back home. Their plan involved asking a regular guy to pose with them in photos and even took him out for a lovely meal. 

Turns out, I was that lucky guy.

Couple taking selfie Personal Belongings, Shutterstock

16. Friend Zone Revenge

A person I once viewed as a friend developed romantic feelings for me. When she discovered I had a girlfriend and didn't reciprocate her feelings, she reacted irrationally. She somehow identified my girlfriend and proceeded to contact her.

She falsely claimed to my girlfriend that I was unfaithful with her and insinuated I had a preference for younger girls, given she was a few years our junior. Fortunately, I was with my girlfriend when she received the message, allowing me to clarify things immediately. We then blocked her.

However, the very next day, she tried reaching out again using a different account.

Shocked concerned girl looking at smartphone screen, getting surprising bad newsfizkes, Shutterstock

17. Cruise Ship Creep

One time, I received an Instagram message from a girl I had briefly encountered on a cruise. She reminisced about our interactions and questioned if I had a preference for her over my girlfriend. In reality, our exchange had been brief and always within a group setting, so clearly, nothing intimate transpired.

Coincidentally, my girlfriend was beside me when I got the messages, making it challenging to clarify things initially. It's hard to validate the absence of an event without corroborating accounts. Reflecting on it, I'm perplexed as to why someone would deliberately try to disrupt another's life without any apparent motive.

Shocked couple at coffeeshop looking at phoneAntonio Guillem, Shutterstock

18. Oh, So It’s That Kind Of Party

In my early twenties, I found myself at a party where the host abruptly reached for my trousers. What truly added an eerie twist to the situation was that her mother was right there, egging her on.

Shocked man at party in heart shapes pattern suitRoman Samborskyi, Shutterstock

19. And This Is Why We Don’t Use Phone Books Anymore

Back in the 90s, a girl I know managed to locate my address from the phone directory. She spent several nights parked outside my secluded house, which is nestled deeply within a forest, miles away from the town. She would stay the entire night, just observing my house. 

We had only gone out once and mutually decided not to take it any further. It was only much later that I discovered her unusual behavior.


 Girl stalking someone Nicoleta Ionescu, Shutterstock

20. Anything But That

The strangest thing a woman has ever told me is, "I write Twilight fan fiction sometimes". For me, that was immediately a no-go.

Couple speaking outside in winter timePheelings media, Shutterstock

21. Not Cool

I got to know this girl through the internet and we chatted a bit. I started developing feelings for her. But then, I discovered that the photo she represented herself with was actually of her friend who tragically passed from cancer years ago. I was utterly shocked.

Asian man looking at his phone with a shocked expression Cornelius Krishna Tedjo, Shutterstock

22. Never Give Up

There's a girl out there who has created around 50 separate accounts on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram just to send me friend requests. Oddly enough, I've never actually met this woman face-to-face. Still, I receive a cluster of friend requests from her every couple of weeks.

Photo of Facebook alerts of friend requestsGil C, Shutterstock

23. Too Soon

Once, a lady told me, "I would love to have a baby. With you, I'd think I'd make gorgeous babies". I was just 18 years old then. It certainly made me feel awkward.

Shocked teenager with lifted handsKhosro, Shutterstock

24. She’s Closer Than You Thought

A couple of years ago, I was talking to this girl online. One day while we were chatting, she mentioned that I looked down when she saw me on the bus that morning. The strange thing was, we'd never met face to face before.

Shocked teenager looking at phone with eyes wide open Oleg Golovnev, Shutterstock

25. Sealed With Love

I must admit, the strangest experience for me was when a girl I barely knew somehow learned my class schedule. She started leaving me notes tucked inside sealed envelopes, which she passed onto my teachers to hand over to me.

Girl writing a letter on a table at homeAntonio Guillem, Shutterstock

26. Well, You Don’t Win If You Don’t Try

After enjoying my night out, I was about to go home and just as I hopped into my cab, a girl joined me inside. I asked what she was doing, and she responded, "I'm coming home with you". No way. The cabbie had my back and she finally exited the taxi, but not before I had to consistently reject her forward behavior.

Couple in taxi at nightBricolage, Shutterstock

27. Hopefully She Wasn’t Projecting

I'll keep this brief but it's quite interesting. Once, I was dating a girl who found it odd that a single man like me had a female dog.

Man walking his dog at the parkZen Chung, Pexels

28. Daddy Issues

A girl I was seeing asked if I'd wear some army clothes and behave in a macho way. Sure, I thought, everyone has their bedroom preferences. But what I didn't realize was the surprise she had in store for me. She had carefully calculated our rendezvous so that her father would walk in while we were getting it on.

In sheer panic, I scrambled out of there as fast as I could.

Shocked soldier in uniform with crossed, Shutterstock

29. That Escalated Quickly

The lady I was dating etched my initials on her arm. Surprisingly, my foolish self felt charmed and proposed to her. Clearly, I wasn't the brightest bulb in the box. Our marriage came to a screeching halt when I discovered her with her young cousin. I'll repeat: I was not making the smartest decisions back then.

Wedding rings in hands of a bride and groom Doğukan Benli, Pexels

30. The Trash Took Itself Out

A girl approached me once, saying, "I had this dream where you and I snuck around behind the dumpster, and I can't shake the image. Let's do it". Then, she tried to guide me by holding my waist. 

For context, I was in high school at the time. This girl was supposedly 'friends' with my girlfriend, who I've been with for quite some time. Everyone was aware of our relationship; it was exclusive, straightforward, humble, and affectionate. Still, this so-called friend had the audacity to carry out this stunt. 

Naturally, I was furious. But I hesitated to report her because I feared what false accusations she might fabricate in front of school officials. Yet, I did inform my girlfriend, who chose to cut ties with her completely.

Redhead girl in glasses talking and arguing with asian boy in libraryDean Drobot, Shutterstock

31. Hopefully He Got A Copy Of This

My ex composed a hefty 30-page final paper centering around me, meticulously describing how I was a terrible boyfriend. Our exclusive relationship lasted just two months.

Woman in black sweater writing in notepadLisa Fotios, Pexels

32. Don’t Forget The Hot Chocolate

A girl once requested me to sneak into her apartment and prepare hot chocolate in her kitchen while she pretended to hide in her bedroom out of fear. After this, I was supposed to go in and intimately engage with her. This was a peculiar role-playing scenario she had in mind. But what I found most unusual was her insistence on the hot chocolate element. 

Even more strangely, we never ended up drinking it.

Sad woman hugging her boyfriendAsier Romero, Shutterstock

33. Classic

My former girlfriend pretended to be expecting to prevent me from ending our relationship. Since then, I've always made sure my girlfriend wasn't pregnant before breaking up with her. Coping with a reckless partner who uses a potential child's life as leverage can really shake you up.

Breakup of a couple, man leaving and sad girlfriend sitting on a fence covering her face with handsAntonio Guillem, Shutterstock

34. What’s In A Name

I was seeing a girl called Alison. Funnily enough, my Grandma's name is also Alison. I told her it felt a bit strange they share the same name. Her reply freaks me out even now. One time, just as things were heating up between us, she asked, "Does this remind you of your grandma?" It didn't, not until that moment.

Photo of upset brunette man and woman, conflict break-up, man wearing orange shirt and woman blue pullover Roman Samborskyi, Shutterstock

35. He’s Still Salty About It

I attended a fancy dress party where I went as a strip of bacon. There was this girl, seemed like she'd had some drinks, who out of nowhere walked up to me. Surprisingly, she bit my chest through my costume and eerily whispered in my ear, "what a succulent piece of meat". 

I was frozen for a good minute, attempting to wrap my head around the situation, before I took my leave as quickly as possible.

Close up face of Shocked ManStockbakery, Shutterstock

36. Midnight Watch

Once, a woman I was seeing got gutsy enough to scale the next building's fire escape and sneak in through my ground-level bedroom window. But the intrigue doesn't end there. What was unnerving was that she didn't hop into bed or anything like that. 

Instead, when I woke up, she was just standing in the center of my room, observing me sleep. She even tilted her head a bit, flashed a spooky grin and greeted me with, "Hello, sleepy head". It was as spooky as it gets. After her visit that day, I fastened chains onto my windows and told her it's all to prevent my cat from escaping.

Scared man in bed covered with blankets gpointstudio, Shutterstock

37. She’s A Keeper

She laughingly declared, "I can poop bigger than you!" as she started to lower her trousers. But hey, we were just four-year-olds back then, behind my parents' shed. Even though I didn't win that challenge, I ended up marrying her years later. Now though, I've definitely upped my game.

Pretty mixed race girl and Caucasian boy pretending to be superheroRob Hainer, Shutterstock

38. Umm, What?

The weirdest thing a lady ever told me was: "I noticed your lips were chapped when you were asleep, so I moistened them for you by licking them".

Man and woman having argument at a park Vera Arsic, Pexels

39. He Needed To Come To Terms With Her Daddy Issues First

I was snug in bed with this girl when she leaned over and said, "Do you know why I've always been drawn to you?" I asked her why, and she replied, "You remind me so much of my dad". I didn't make a run for it instantly, but after that, I didn't reach out to her for quite some time.

Man and woman sitting on a bed looking at a laptop Thirdman, Pexels

40. She Put A Spell On You

There was a time when my former partner had an unusual interest in gathering my nail clippings for what seemed to be some sort of spell. She also had a habit of singing in a spooky manner, all on her own, in the pitch black at the end of the bed. That rates as the most eerie experience I've ever had.

Portrait of young Indian handsome curly haired scared man stretching his arms showing surrender gesture Dean Drobot, Shutterstock

41. Future Son-In-Law

The strangest thing a woman ever told me was: "You'd be a good match for my daughter". She mentioned this while we were laying in bed. But there's more. Her daughter was under 18, and I was in my mid-forties. It left me feeling pretty uncomfortable.

Shocked man lying in bed covered with blanketTheVisualsYouNeed, Shutterstock

42. How Do I Get A Stalker Like This?

This isn't my story, but once upon a time when my dad was a teenager at overnight camp, a girl was smitten with him. She crept into his cabin and tidied up, even folding his clothes neatly. What makes it weirder? My dad didn't even know who she was.

Folded clothesFrancesco Paggiaro, Pexels

43. He Put Her On The Porch

Just last week, my ex decided to sneak into my ground-level apartment through my bedroom window. It was half past two in the morning and she'd had a bit to drink. As she scrambled in, she lost one of her shoes. Misunderstanding, she thought it was from another girl. 

Wielding her shoe as a weapon, she began hitting me, demanding, "Whose shoe is this?" To calm her down, I had to give her a firm, non-violent hug. And then, I lifted her up, walked her out the front door and gently set her down on the porch.

Very angry redhead girl yellingmomente, Shutterstock

44. She Was Asserting Dominance

This young woman didn't say anything weird, but what she did was surely bizarre. Unexpectedly, she grabbed my hand, placed it between her own legs, and urinated on it. I was left completely taken aback and deeply repulsed, to put it mildly. She brushed it off, stating this was her idea of quirkiness.

Young man wearing glasses with disgusted expression with raised, Shutterstock

45. That’s Just Weird

The weirdest encounter I had with a woman was when I discovered a half-filled bag of toenail trimmings in her closet. When I asked her about it, she casually responded, "Oh yeah, I keep them for when I fancy a late-night nibble". As you can imagine, I was totally grossed out and quickly made my escape.

Scared grossed out man with hands in mouthKues, Shutterstock

46. Oh, Sorry I Wasn’t Listening

About half a year following our split, my ex-girlfriend reached out wanting to meet up. I thought it was odd, but I agreed. Initially, she seemed quite friendly when we caught up, but it soon took a turn for the worse. 

Out of the blue, she produced a piece of paper that listed all the men she had been with since our break up. She detailed every encounter in a comprehensive manner. Naturally, it caught me off guard. I didn't say anything, just sat there in silence, and then proceeded to order my food.

Young serious man having conversation with woman girlfriend sitting at a caffee tablefizkes, Shutterstock

47. This One Is Movie Material

While in town visiting my parents with my wife and our two-year-old, an old schoolmate (we were just friends back then) dropped by to meet my family. After a seemingly ordinary evening of chit-chat, it was time to bid farewell. What followed was the most startling moment I've ever experienced.

After bidding goodbye to my wife, this friend suddenly embraced me, gave me an unexpected kiss, and whispered, "That child should have been ours. I still have feelings for you". She then acted as if everything was completely normal, bid us goodbye, and left. 

My wife remained unaware of this encounter, and I chose not to share it with her. To her, this old friend is still seen in a positive light, and we don't anticipate crossing paths with her again.

Sad woman hugging her boyfriendAntonio Guillem, Shutterstock

48. Better Late Than Never

Here's an odd story for you. Three years after we split, my ex-girlfriend decided to tattoo my name on her foot.

Person with black gloves getting ready to do a tattoocottonbro studio, Pexels

49. New Girl Intuition

Once, while I was dating a girl, she inquired whether I had updated my locks after ending things with my previous girlfriend, even though it had been several months. I responded, "No, she wasn't the type to intrude, so it never crossed my mind". She expressed that she wouldn't feel at ease staying over unless I did so. 

Consequently, I changed the locks. But I didn't see what came next. The next day, I received a furious message from my ex which read, "You decided to change the locks? Classy move, real classy". It seemed she had been visiting without my knowledge, doing who knows what during that period.

Woman unlocking entrance doorLumineImages, Shutterstock

50. Whoa, This Is Next Level

I was on a call with a girl who began sharing a tale from her childhood. She mentioned that at age seven, she had shoved another girl into a swimming pool and observed her flailing. Tragically, the girl didn't survive. What's more, upon discovering this, her grandmother instructed her to report it to the officials as an unintentional incident. 

This revelation was a clear red flag for me.

Scared man talking on the phone Anastasiya 99, Shutterstock

Sources: Reddit,

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