These First Dates Made Me Believe In True Love

January 25, 2023 | Derek Choi

These First Dates Made Me Believe In True Love

There are so many horror stories out there on the most awful first dates with terrible partners. Rarely do people share the best dates they have ever been on...except for these 50 Redditors!

Whether their partners said just the right thing or gave that spark of love, these date stories will leave you with a heaping dose of the warm and fuzzies.

1. A Good Memory

On our third date, we watched a movie at his place. He remembered that on our first date, I ordered a Dr Pepper with my meal and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. This time, he had Dr Peppers for me in the fridge and made me homemade chocolate chip cookies.

He burned all the cookies, but I married him two years later anyways.

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2. Looking My Worst

I was meant to go on a date with a guy I’d liked for ages, but I got suddenly, dramatically sick and ended up in hospital. I messaged the night before to cancel and when I explained why, he was like “obviously I’ll just come and visit you”. Being hospitalized, I wasn’t at my best. I probably looked the worst I’d ever looked.

He turned up with a book of "100 unbelievable facts" because he figured the right thing was to give books to people stuck in the hospital, and that had been all he’d had on hand. He had no idea what he was in for.

The staff immediately started harassing him about whether or not he was my boyfriend, and then he sat through a really lengthy, over-the-top lecture about a medical condition that I have.

His only response to the whole thing was that I was beautiful and it had been good not to miss out on spending that time with me. Anyway, I married him.

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3. An Anonymous Endorsement

It was my first date with my now-wife. We had plans to go to a fancy Italian restaurant. I show up a bit early, dressed as nice as my wardrobe allows, and grab a couple drinks before she gets there. Anyways, she arrives and we enjoy dinner, drinks, appetizers, and dessert. The works.

When it’s time for the check, the waitress comes over and says something that makes our jaws drop: “A person who prefers to remain anonymous picked up y’all’s tab and told me to tell y’all to continue to enjoy the night”. We were both shocked.

I wasn’t keeping tabs but this was an expensive meal we just had. I tipped well of course, and I thought to myself the only reason anyone would do that is they saw an obvious first date unfolding and thought we were cute, happy, genuine, or something like that.

We both felt pretty special and eventually paid it forward to another young couple years later.

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4. Helping Feelings

This was about maybe two weeks into seeing each other. He saw a friend of mine for the first time that night and we had fun. However, I began crying in front of him and my friend, because someone I used to date sent me a horrible message.

In the text, he said that he doesn't need me anymore and that my setting him up with someone proves he can easily move on from me and that I'm nothing but the past and I don't mean anything.

This guy I barely knew at that time sat me down, gave me some blankets, and told me I'm not going to entertain or host anything until he knows I feel better. He then tried making me some hot cocoa but couldn't figure out the Keurig, so I laugh-cried as I showed him how to do it.

My friend told him it was the nicest thing anyone ever did for me, and he was deeply confused because, "this is the bare minimum for someone to do, what are you talking about?"

And we're engaged now eight years later.

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5. Out Of My Shell

I realized I spent most of the date talking about myself, and I've never once had that happen. I'm a very reserved and private person when I first meet someone which has honestly made dating difficult for years.

But he had such a way of asking questions, and keeping the conversation going, and encouraging me to share my thoughts, opinions, and he also shared his own to everything I said!

When our date was done, I realized I spent almost the entire date talking, which is so unlike me for first dates. I wasn’t afraid of him judging me or not liking my response to something.

All of his questions were sincere and he seemed to genuinely care about whatever was about to come out of my mouth. I didn’t have to think about what to say, it just came out of me and he met me wherever I was at. Maybe it sounds silly, but it was pretty magical. We still see each other!

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6. Kindness Rules

the moment I knew I was gonna marry this man was when we went grocery shopping. It was about 9 pm, and we had both just been paid at work. The young lady in line in front of us had a very young baby and was paying with coupons and a food stamp card. Her total came to about $22, and she was holding a $20.

She looked dejected and put back the one and only thing that was probably her splurge, a candy bar, and an energy drink. Other than that, she had baby food, diapers, chicken, rice, bananas, formula, wipes, the bare minimum. I turned around to tell my now-husband to hand me my wallet. I didn't have to.

He already had his out, took out a $50 bill, handed it to her, and told her to keep the change. He changed her week, and at the same time, he changed my life. That was the moment I knew he was it for me.

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7. Closing The Distance

I only had a few dates with someone I was dating rather long distance. I was stationed on Sardegna, and she lived in Liguria, so just to have a date required ferries and long train rides, and sometimes short flights, which were always a hassle. But we tried to make it work.

My ship would go to Toulon, France, or Naples, Italy, and we'd tried to meet up, even if only for a few hours. On our 4th or 5th date, my ship was going to Livorno, so we agreed to try to meet up in Pisa. Seemed like a plan, and doable. But right before leaving, I felt terrible.

I thought maybe it would pass, but it didn't. The train ride was insufferable, I was burning with a fever and chills, the whole nine yards. All I remember was pulling into Pisa, and there she was, on the platform, waiting for my train. I stepped off the train, and literally just passed out in her arms. I mean, out cold.

I woke up in a hotel bed, and she was sitting there, holding a cup of tea for me. Apparently, right after I passed out, she grabbed a taxi driver, and together they dragged me across the street to the nearest hotel, she got a room, and put me to bed. And then just sat there, all night watching me.

I have no memory of any of that. I just woke up in a bed with her holding a cup of tea. Because she saw that I was starting to stir, she went to get me a cup of tea. I just remember thinking: Dang, I need to marry this woman. I did. And that was the last cup of tea the woman ever made me.

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8. Meeting The Family

We met up for park beers on our first date. From the get-go, things just felt natural.

The conversation flowed, we laughed, and it felt more like meeting with an old friend than a first date. When it got dark, she brought me back to her place to meet her cat. We didn't plan to, but we met up the next day. And the next. I took her to a family BBQ two weeks in, and they loved her.

That easy, natural feeling never left. Her cat that I met, now our cat, regularly screams at me for dinner.

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9. The Same Pet Peeve

Okay, this is so "persnickety," but I hate, hate, hate the sound of people eating. It's just this weird thing. Going to a movie, and someone sitting behind me with a large tub of popcorn chomping away is almost unbearable. I know, I know, it’s picky.

I had been on lots of dates where we'd sit down, then someone sits down behind us with a mega-tub of popcorn, chomping and slurpity-slurping their mega drinks, and I would turn to my date and ask timidly if maybe we could move.

The responses would vary from "Why?" to "Sure, go ahead, I'm staying here," to the point where I just stopped asking and would suffer in silence. So, I go on a date with this one guy. We sit down. A big popcorn eater with a tub sits right behind us and starts going to town. It was bad.

So I very very tentatively look over at my date, only to see that he is also very tentatively looking over at me with the same exact look on his face and without a word, we both got up and moved.

We've been married for 44 years now. We still make each other laugh and we can still just sit and talk to each other for hours. In fact, we just got back from a trip to Paris where every day we would just stroll around, then find a cafe, then sit and chat for an hour or so, then walk some more, then lunch. It was just wonderful!

And we still hate the sound of people chomping their food.

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10. A Comforting Presence

On our first date, something just felt different about her, but I couldn't really tell what. Maybe she just felt comfortable to be with.

We had a lot of fun, went dancing, and got plastered on New Year's Eve 1980-81. The next morning, I was hungover and didn't have any food. I called her and told her, and she asked to come over and make me breakfast.

I was painting the garage door and told her and she came over to help me. She also didn't care I didn't have money. It was a small town and people knew that, so a lot of girls wouldn't go out with me because it was evident by my cheap car and apartment. She didn't care, though.

If I didn't have enough money to go out, she would pitch in so we would go on a cheap date. My parents passed soon after, which was terrible, but I became rich overnight. The girls in town who turned me down before actually were asking me out. I told them too late. This is honest truth.

I married the woman who didn't care and now I was buying her a nice house, nice new car, and a fat diamond ring. Justice done. We've been married since 1984.

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11. A Helping Of Niceness

On my first date with my past girlfriend, she saw someone struggling with a cart at the park we were at; it was a vendor closing up their food stand for the day. She got ready to leap up from the grass where we were sitting to go help the person.

No hesitation, no questions, no qualms about rudeness towards me, which it wasn't, nothing. Just this springboard of instant human recognition and kindness. The vendor got her cart over the bump she was struggling with, and my ex sat back down. But I saw it play out many times after that.

If there was a struggle or suffering, she stood up to stand in the gap. She was absolutely one of those people. No questions asked. And she had a gentle, humorous way of putting people at total ease so that they would accept her help. That first date, I knew. And I told her about it afterward.

She could not understand why I thought this was so important or why I was so impressed, but I had spent several years in an earlier time period with a selfish, self-involved, and occasionally cruel man.

I knew what the opposite of that looked like. I knew how the opposite of that could twist a person. I knew what it was like to struggle myself. And I knew she was a keeper. Because she didn't do it to impress me. She didn't look to me first. She didn't elaborately ask me for permission to excuse herself to go help. She just saw it and jumped up.

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12. A Picture-Perfect Night

The first night I went out with my now-husband was pure cinematic magic. It wasn’t even technically a date; we were 25, casual friends, he was visiting my city, and he met me out.

Early in the night, there was a moment when we went to the bar to get drinks, and it was super crowded. In my memory, it felt like we were in a tunnel of people swirling around us and we were the only two people in focus in the room.

We stayed out dancing all night, I took him to see the New York City skyline, and we walked two miles back to my apartment and got street tacos at 5 am. The whole night was just like a movie. Three months later, he moved to New York, and we’ve been together for almost eight years now.

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13. A Lovely Grocery Run

I met my current boyfriend on Tinder and I had basically little to no expectations that this would go anywhere because, well, it’s Tinder.

We ended up chatting on the app before he gave me his phone number and he ended up asking me if I wanted to hang out the next day and I said sure! We live in Finland 10 mins away from the Swedish border so we drove over to the Sweden side.

He said he needed to get some groceries and gas for the car, so we did that before driving back over to the Finnish side. He dropped me back off at my place and said he really hoped he could see me again.

Well, fast forward to later that night he called me and asked if I wanted to see him again because he really enjoyed my company and wanted to keep hanging out.

He apologized for the less-than-exciting grocery run date earlier, but I said I didn’t mind. I said I had a good time and that I wanted to see him again too.

We ended up driving to his cabin in the evening and it was so romantic! It was freezing cold and we just cuddled and talked all night. I really love him so much and I have a sneaking suspicion he’s going to propose soon!

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14. An Encouraging Sign

He took me to an amateur stand-up comedy night. He was heartily laughing at all the jokes. They were so bad. So not funny at all. I was planning to not go on another date with him because he obviously has a bad sense of humor. But here's the twist.

As we were walking to the car, he commented how bad everyone was, but he wanted to encourage them so he laughed at everyone’s jokes. We’ve been married for 12 years now.

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15. Seeing Who I Am

I suffered a spinal cord injury, resulting in paraplegia, and my then-husband couldn't deal with that. My first date with my present boyfriend, he treated me like a human, not a disabled girl. It never came up in conversation, and he behaved like it didn't exist. It was so gorgeous that he didn’t see my wheelchair.

To this day, he's just never made it a big deal. He understands the quirks it creates, but never ever seems bothered by any of it. In fact, he spent a serious chunk of his own change putting a ramp on his house for me. I don't think we'll ever get married, but he's definitely my forever person.

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16. A Balanced Relationship

We're coworkers, and we started flirting after a while of friendship. I dressed casually for a date, with a white dress shirt, blue jeans, and my date shoes. She showed up all dressed up and couldn't walk in her heels. She ended up falling over and scraping her knee.

I helped her up, got the extra pair of shoes I keep in the car and some socks for her, put them on for her, and bandaged her knee up using my first aid kit. Dinner was great. We bounced off of each other. When it was over and we split the bill, I walked her to her car and she kissed me on the cheek.

I asked for the second date right then and there. We've been together for a year and a half. Her family loves me, especially 'cause her mother loves my cooking. My family gushes over her. I really think we'll go somewhere, and if we do, I couldn't ask for a better partner.

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17. A Clear Direction

He made it clear it was a date and that he was interested without it ever feeling creepy or like he was pressuring me for anything. We talked for hours, went from restaurant to walking up and down the river to my place, then I offered for him to stay over but on a mattress on the floor.

I was in a studio with no couch, and I didn’t want him in my bed, and he wasn’t pushy about anything more happening. The first few weeks he was always sweet and respectful, but made it so clear that he was interested in a relationship, no back and forth or second guessing. And now we’re married!

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18. Peculiar Tastes

We went to a fairly fancy place, and I have the palate of a five-year-old. I can typically find something anywhere but I was going through the menu and there was basically nothing I can make remotely edible for me. But they have Mac and cheese.

We're in our early thirties, and we're at a fancy place. There's no way I can order Mac and cheese and not look like a toddler. The waiter comes around, and I am basically having a panic attack in my head. I let her order first. She orders the Mac and cheese. OMG. I order the Mac and cheese too.

Afterward, we go and see a live jazz show. We're leaving and it had snowed while we were in the show. I don't remember how it came up, but I made some joke about doing donuts in the parking lot and to my extreme surprise she said something along the lines of "yeah, I've never done donuts in a parking lot".

I put the Forester through its paces. Turned traction control off and got the side widows coated in snow. She was laughing like a schoolgirl the entire time.

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19. A Good Listener

When we sat down, he told me that he would pay and not to worry, since he asked me out. When we left the cafe and he asked me for a walk and we went for one, he listened closely to me because at the end, he asked me if I would be comfortable if he brought me home since I mentioned being followed and catcalled by other guys.

He also waited for me to reach out for a hug in the end—and even better was the way he asked for a kiss. We hugged and he was like, "Ah, always that uncertainty about a kiss on the first date". That was the moment I knew he would not mind if I said no. But I said yes. It was a gorgeous first date.

Glad to have had that experience at least once so far.

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20. Not A Single Drop

Back when my husband and I first met, we spent the day with friends, and all of us decided to go on a walk. It started raining midway through the walk, something my husband knew was going to happen so he brought his umbrella with him.

Without question as soon as that first raindrop landed, he took out his umbrella and made sure nothing landed on me. He didn’t have to do that. We were just friends, and not even that, it was the first real day we hung out. But I knew I wanted to hang out with him more.

Looking back now, I can see why I fell in love with him. He has always been kind.

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21. Across The World

A girl I was hanging with says to me after we played a gig at a church asks me, “Who was that guy hanging on the wall?” I replied, incredulously, “You mean Jesus?” She responds “I don’t know!” It took a few years of first a friendship but eventually, I married her.

This happened about 18 years ago. By the way, she’s Japanese. That’s why she’d never heard of Jesus.

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22. The Speed-Date

My then-boyfriend snuck me out of work and took me to the Italian place right next door which happened to be one of my favorite restaurants. He had a special surprise in store.

He had a plate of chicken carbonara ready to go on a table for me as I only had a fifteen-minute break. He then ordered me a glass and brought me my leftovers with a side of fresh, hot fries. I had to eat and then dart back to work so that's why he brought me my leftovers. And he knows I'd do anything for that restaurant's fries.

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23. Sharing Questions

I had gone on a lot of first dates and all of them felt forced or awkward. I finally met this one girl online and we met up at a breakfast place. I was so nervous especially since I felt like this girl was way out of my league. We met and sat down and started to talk.

She was asking so many questions and was so engaged in the conversation that I was actually taken aback because I was so used to having to be the one asking all the questions. We laughed and shared deep stories.

Once we were getting ready to leave, she mentioned that she lifts weights and we started a little conversation from that. She asked me if I wanted to go see her lifting belt so we went to her car and she showed me all of her gear and was smiling so big the entire time.

Right as I was about to ask her out on a second date, she beat me to it and asked if I wanted to go out again.

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24. Worth My Time

A guy I met at a party of a mutual friend started talking with me online the day after the party. I mentioned plans to go to a movie with a group of friends and he enthusiastically expressed interest in joining, so I invited him. He came and it was fun, and afterward, he called me.

He said something along the lines of, “I really enjoy hanging out with you and I am interested in you and in getting to know you better and would like to go on a date”. It was so refreshing to have a guy be so straightforward. No guessing about his intentions or quasi-dating for weeks.

I was in my mid-20s and frustrated that I was wasting time with guys who weren’t actually serious about relationships and online dating. Anyways, we went on that date and now we’re married and have two kids.

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25. Sharing The Weight

I asked if she wanted to go to Mcdonald's and split some fries because that was all I could afford at the time. She said sure, we talked a long time and split a carton of large fries. She was so chill about it.

She wanted to be with me, anywhere would have been ok… I knew if she was willing to go out with a broke and struggling me, she would also be willing to build a life with me from the ground up. We have now been married 35 years, through ups and downs, kids, sickness, wealth, and poverty.


26. Easing In

She was very shy to start our first date. Having learned I was her first date in years after the fact, it makes sense, but then the moment I hit a topic she really enjoyed, she wouldn’t stop talking. And then on the second date, she said she was tired at 9 pm and I thought that meant things didn’t go well.

However, when she got home to take care of her new dog, it woke her up and she texted me quite a bit the rest of the night. That changed my mind about how things went. Now I’m married to her and we just had our first kid eight weeks ago. I love her and our family so much.

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27. Alleviating Anxiety

I looked like a deer in headlights for the first half hour. He asked me if I was ok and I admitted that first dates always make me super nervous because I don’t wanna mess up. Then he asked me what we could do together that wouldn’t flare up my anxiety.

I told him that usually doing some kind of physical activity helps me talk without focusing on how I sound or look. He changed plans and took us mini-golfing, and I completely forgot that I’d been nervous at all.

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28. Letting Me Speak

My now-husband and I went for a walk for our second date. As we went along, we were approached by one of those 'let me tell you about this important cause' people and he told them we were late and didn't want to hear their spiel. He took two more steps and then he stopped.

He turned to me and said, “Sorry, I completely just spoke for you, did you want to hear what he had to say?” I melted right there and never looked back. We’ve been together eight years!

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29. The Gardeners

I guess our "first date" was sneaking off together for a walk, at the place we worked together. Shortly after, we ended up dating in secret until we announced our engagement, to our boss' displeasure.

We were walking around the grounds together and she kept running off ahead slightly to look at specific groups of flowers and remarking about which ones she liked the most, and how beautiful they all were.

Then she'd realize she had left me behind and would come back, and walk with me over to them so she could look at them some more with me. It was adorable, and she's still just as adorable today. I don't think I'd ever seen someone so excited about flowers. We've been married for four years now.

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30. Impromptu Plans

We were both foreign grad students in Italy. We went bar-hopping on a Friday night until 4am when bars were required by local law to close. I asked her where should we go and she said "the beach".

Then we went to each other's places to pick our swimming suits, towels, extra clothes, and took the first train to Cinque Terre. What was supposed to be just a night out turned into a weekend at the beach!

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31. A Simple Friendship

Not a first date, but after chilling for a couple of weeks, I told him that I wasn't interested.  He said, "Hey, can we still be friends? I like hanging out with you". Then we hung out for the rest of the day like best friends...but I kissed him that night.

We're married now. When I was a teen, it was complicated. Guys were either up front that they wanted to be with me, or they were my friends until I turned down their advances. He just liked me for me!

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32. Putting Up With All Of It

The guy had serious kidney stones that morning, but he made a huge deal about not wanting to cancel our date on the day of. I tried to tell him that it’d be fine and we could reschedule, but the date went on without a hitch. This dude must have been really into me if he was willing to put up with that kind of pain just to see me.

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33. Again And Again...

We both wanted to see Batman in 1989, but didn't really have anyone to go see it with. So we decided, "not a date," just going to see the film and getting a burger afterward. Only we ended up chatting until fairly late and agreed that we'd go hang out at the mall or stroll through a local park the next weekend. And, we did. But that wasn't the end.

It kept up like that for months. By that time, we were joking about "if we get married" and somehow one night one of us slipped and said, "When are we getting married". The other asked "When?", and was answered firmly "When". Both of us remember the night, but think it was the other who slipped.

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34. Our First Meeting

We agreed to meet for coffee first. She walked in, and my first thought was that there was no way it was her, because she was just so beautiful. Then she gave this shy little smile and wave, and I realized that it was her.

We talked and laughed and drank coffee for what felt like about 20 minutes. The next thing I knew, the place was empty and closing. I walked her to her car, and she grabbed me and gave me this huge hug, completely unprompted. It was really sweet.

I took her out on a real date the following week, and it was just magical. I waited a few days, so I didn't seem too forward and called her up. I was really nervous. After we talked for a while, I awkwardly asked her if it'd be okay if I took her out again sometime.

She said, "What? Of course you can! I'd LOVE to go out with you again!" And that's how I met the love of my life.

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35. The Way To My Heart

He wrote me the directions to get from my place to our meeting place. We were living in Japan and I was taking public transportation.

The directions included which train to take, the length of time between transfers, which train car I should stand in to get the best transfer, etcetera. It also included landmarks like "turn left at the soba stand" and what to do if I missed a transfer.

I could have gotten all the info online, but his instructions were so helpful, they warmed my heart. 15 years married and a kid later, he still gives great directions.

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36. Loveable Lamps

My lamp is an old façade sign with the old logotype for my country's state phone provider's associated stores. I fashioned some legs for it and made it into a floor lamp. I think it gives off a cozy light and is a fun conversation starter, but I'm not in denial over it being too geeky even for many geeks. But she liked it.

This meant at least one of two things: either she actually liked it, in which case she has impeccable taste, or she liked that I liked it and had the ability to enjoy it through my eyes, which is a very healthy quality in someone you plan to set up camp with.

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37. An Easy Decision

On the first date with my now husband, I immediately smelled on him that he smoked cigs, which was a deal breaker for me. I told him that. His response? “Then I quit". And that was that!

Ten years of smoking and he quit like it was nothing for a woman he only just met. Later on in our relationship, he told me that it was an easy decision because he felt on our first date that he had met his wife, so what was a small sacrifice like quitting in exchange for me?

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38. When You Just Know

She offered to have our first date at my place, and to simply talk and enjoy each other's company. Literally, at the end of the first date, she asked for a hug and honestly could've probably gone for the kiss, but I waited until our second date for that.

Right away we both knew, and we texted each other that we enjoyed the evening and set up our next date right away. That was a breath of fresh air, and happy to say we're together now.

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39. Our Little Bubbles

We met for coffee after making arrangements to meet on a dating website. He walked me to my car but kept a certain distance so I would not feel uncomfortable. We have now been married 15 years, together 17. He actually just has a massive personal space bubble, but he is very considerate and not pushy, which is huge for me.

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40. Helping My Indecision

I really struggle to make decisions, especially food-related decisions. I hate eating out, and it’s probably a combination of my autism and a lot of eating issues I had when I was younger. Ordering food is an absolute nightmare.

I told him I was sorry but I would find it hard to order food or go out for dinner. He asked if I would find it more comfortable if I looked at a menu and he ordered for me. I agreed, and we went to a dumpling place. I know it’s a small thing, but a lot of people would just laugh or brush it off.

The fact someone was so considerate of my needs was extremely attractive. I appreciated that a lot.

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41. A Chance Meeting

We met up at a small bar for a blind date and hit it off. She asked me to go to a bigger club with live music in a busier part of the city. We continued to hit it off and she invited me back to her place. We got to her place and continued to talk and drink and listen to music. She got the munchies but couldn't drive and was low on groceries.

Before I knew it, she was sitting on my lap sharing instant garlic mashed potatoes out of the pot with me, and serenading me with "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson. We have now been together 12 years and have three kids together. To this day we still have silly nights in like that.

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42. Trading More Than Cards

The guy I'm currently dating loves to play Magic the Gathering cards which is something I'm not really familiar with. On our first date, he showed me his deck and I found it so cute how excited he was to show me even if I didn't know much about magic. I joked if I can steal one card from his deck just to tease him.

He said, “Okay sure, I'll give you one that has better art tomorrow,” and the next day, he actually did! The art was even Japanese-inspired because I told him once that I like Japanese culture

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43. Fitting Together

The first time we met, it was just supposed to be a casual meetup, since we would be going to the same club that night without having arranged for it. We spent the whole night talking and it felt so comfortable. We just clicked.

He was interested in me, asked me questions, and really listened to what I had to say. And he came across as very genuine, not trying to impress me. He was just himself.

The next morning, he texted me how happy he was having met me and how great last night was. We met again a few days later at his place for a movie and pizza, and we spent most of it talking. He said he would like to be with me in a much more romantic and sweet way and we've been together for fourteen years now.

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44. A Seaside Romance

We’d known each other for about six months when he asked me out on a date. We initially only meant to drive about an hour away, have a picnic, and come home. But we ended up driving all the way to the coast, parking the car up near the water, and watching for whales, seals, and penguins.

We stayed all day, just talking and eating, and spent the night sleeping in the back of the car at the beach. It was perfect. The next morning, he asked me to marry him. And I did.

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45. One In A Million

I was heading home from taking senior pics at a nearby college campus and on a whim, I thought, what are the chances this girl is able to get together right now? I texted her at eight, "I know this is ridiculous, but what are the chances you able to meet a complete stranger in the nature realm for a now? I promise we'll go on a real date soon”. She said she could be there at 8:30.

It got dark fast. She brought drinks in her yeti mug and we wandered back to a bench somewhere and proceeded to make inappropriate jokes about how easy it would be to hide a body back anywhere in the park. She tried to one-up me at every comment. And really, she's way too pretty to not know better.

Gorgeous girl, ready in 10 minutes, brings drinks, and makes inappropriate jokes? Come on, that just doesn't happen. That was one year ago yesterday. I can't wait to see her at 5 pm today. She's going to help me dig the trench to run conduit to my garage then I'm going to cuddle the heck out of her until morning.

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46. Jumpscare!

I was supposed to meet up at a section of the park. I walked up and spotted him but he was messing with his phone and didn’t see me. I got the bright idea to sneak up from behind and jump out at him with a big “wazzaaaaa” to scare the heck out of him.

I got almost all the way up to him cartoon creeping and he casually turns around and greets me. I was so confused about how he detected me. He laughs and says, “Your necklace was really jingly”. Seven years later, he’s still tolerating my stupid antics.

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47. Jump On

We stayed at the bar much longer than planned, and we were trying to race to a restaurant for food before places closed. So, I offered her a piggyback ride to run it, due to her wearing heels. She jumped on me, threw her arm forward and yelled "Onward!"

We didn't make it to the restaurant in time, but did end up at the nearby diner for a few more hours. We’ve been married a little over three years now.

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48. Seeing Something Good

I arrived 30 minutes early to do my makeup in the car. Saw him pull in 15 minutes later, but he didn’t see me. He got out and started walking to the cafe we agreed to meet at. That's when I saw something that touched me deeply.

A homeless man walks up to him. I see him go back to his car to get change. I never told him I saw what he did, but I definitely went into the date more excited and less nervous.

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49. Finding The Right Path

I was new to the area, and we met at a restaurant in a town I wasn't familiar with. We had a great date but when I went to go home in my car, he noticed I accidentally turned on the service road instead of the highway.

He followed me and flagged me down to let me know I'd gone the wrong way. This was long before cell phones and GPS, and I didn't have a map of the area. I would have been super lost in the middle of the night. I was like, wow this is a super nice guy! That was 22 years ago and we're still together.

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50. Just A Small-Town Girl

It was my first time going into the city by myself; I'd seen a Facebook post online for an event with alternative music and thought "Ah, what the heck, I'll check it out". I knew no one there, the event went late into the night, and I'd only just moved here from living in country towns all my life. I didn't even know how I was supposed to order a drink.

I'd been wandering around for a bit looking absolutely lost, when this guy came up to me and said, "You look lonely". He brought me over to his friend group, and I ended up hanging out with them for quite a while.

Unfortunately, I was also completely unaware of my own alcohol tolerance and ended up feeling very tired. I was falling asleep on this guy, until the staff came over and told me I had to leave as they didn't want me passing out there.

He came with me, offering to make sure I got onto the train safely, and it turned out we lived within a 20-minute walk of each other, so he came with me. He walked me right up to the door, then walked home in the dark alone, messaging me the next day to make sure I was okay.

Unfortunately, I didn't see how sweet he was at the time, but eventually, we got together, and he has stayed with me through so much in life. We have been together around two and a half years now

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