The WORST Houseguests

September 1, 2022 | Violet Newbury

The WORST Houseguests

Having people over is great—except when it isn’t. Nothing is worse than a houseguest with strange and filthy habits or one who won’t leave. Unfortunately, some Redditors have had to deal with that and more! These stories tell the tales of some messed-up houseguests that people had to put up with that left them scratching their heads and showing them the door.

1. The Rug Stops Here

A buddy of mine got really trashed. We came home and put him to sleep on the couch. My wife yelled for me to come into the TV room. What I found was seriously gross. My buddy was peeing on my subwoofer and then over to the fireplace. We put him to sleep again. While I was cleaning his vinegar-smelling pee off of everything, he began projectile vomiting all over the couch, throw rug, and himself.

We rolled up the rug and put it outside. We took the cushions off the couch and had him take his jeans off to clean them. But the nightmare wasn’t over yet. While I was putting them in the washer, we heard the front door open. The dude was trying to drive his truck home wearing just his underwear. We took his keys and put him back to bed.

When I woke up in the morning, there was a frozen pizza partially cooked with bite marks taken out of it and a check for $150 with "rug" written in the memo line.

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2. Stewing Mad

I got a call from a high school friend asking if I could house a friend of his for a week. The friend had just been relocated to my city and needed transition housing. I agreed. This guy arrived and seemed nice enough. A few days in, the situation changed. The night before the "incident", I made a big batch of stew for dinner the next day.

When I got home from work, I found my apartment rearranged. He was in the middle of going through my closets when I walked in. He was rearranging items and throwing boxes out. I stopped him. I was in shock. I then went to heat up some stew, and he had eaten the whole flipping thing. He didn't even leave me a bowl. I was dumbfounded. I later found out the guy was a speed freak.

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3. The Babysitter’s Flub

When I was really young, I received a new Game Boy and a few games for my birthday. I loved it. Five days after I got it, it ended up missing. I was devastated and had no idea what had happened to it. I suspected a babysitter had taken it but had no proof. Eventually, I learned the dark truth.

That following Christmas, a kid on the bus had received a Game Boy AND the exact games I had as a present from their cousin, who was my babysitter.

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4. Clean Freak

I got blackout trashed for the first time at the house of someone I had met only a few hours earlier. I locked myself in the bathroom and vomited copiously while clutching myself and sobbing uncontrollably. I texted them the next day, apologizing and offering to clean up any mess that was remaining or pay for any professional cleaning they may have needed to do. Well, I was in for a surprise.

They responded by saying that they had no idea that even happened because one of the things I did while being in that state was scrub the bathroom down and clean up after myself. It seems the bathroom hadn't been cleaned since they moved in, and my trashed self could not handle vomiting into such a gross toilet.

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5. I Cried “Foul”!

We had a party at our house, and some plus ones showed up, so we didn't know everyone. We kept out all of our electronics, including our video game consoles, computers, etc., because we figured they would be fine. The party went on, and we sat down to play a FIFA tournament on the 360. The Xbox got lit up with one red ring, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong

I went over to take a look and saw that someone had taken the entire Xbox hard drive. I honestly wish they had taken the entire Xbox if they were going to do that. I lost all my saves from the previous five years. It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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6. Uh-Oh! Spaghetti-Os

My father-in-law was over. He took a bowl of Spaghetti-Os to the guest bedroom in the new house that we had just moved into four months prior. He then proceeded to drop the entire bowl onto our off-white carpet. In his desperate attempt to fix the problem, he made a massive mistake. He used the bath towels and a few linens to try and wipe it up. All this did was grind the sauce and pasta into the rug.

Since he didn't know where the carpet cleaner was—or the steam vac—and since he didn't want to bother my wife or me with his screw-up—he proceeded to use bleach to try and "make the stain disappear". After he left our home two days later, we found the mess and attempted to clean it up with the steam vac. It removed the majority of the red sauce, but once it dried, it became evident that the carpets had been bleached.

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7. Who Dunnit?

One of my best friends was turning 21. After dinner and drinks with the family, we hit a few bars, and he had booked a hotel room for a few close friends to keep drinking and crash out. One of his work friends also joined us. He seemed like a cool dude, and that was the first time most of us had met him. At about 5:30 AM, we were all sitting at this big dining table in the sitting area of the room.

This guy walked past us and went to the toilet. The bathroom was right near the sitting area. We heard him go inside, lock the door, and immediately start throwing up. We all looked at each other but didn’t say anything. I made eye contact with my mate and said, "That doesn't sound good". But that’s not the funniest part. The guy then washed up and walked out and immediately said, "Hey bro, I think someone threw up in there. It's a mess".

I said, "Didn't you just throw up in there"? He denied all of it and didn't even try to clean it up or anything. The birthday boy was too trashed to clean it. So, my other friend and I ended up cleaning the mess so we wouldn’t get charged by the hotel. That guy was a jerk.

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8. Long-Term Losers

My mom had let my brother's friends come over and party whenever they wanted. They basically trashed my mom's house over the course of six years. One of them punched a hole in the wall. I ended up fixing it. Another threw up in my bathroom sink and left it overnight. I ended up waking up to it at 6 AM before I had to leave for school.

One of his friends dropped a lump of hookah coal on our carpet, and it left a bad burn mark. One day when I was 15, my mom was driving me home from a friend's house. One of his friends was doing the deed with his girlfriend in our driveway. It was as if I lived in a frat house from the time I was 14 to the time I was 20. As an introvert that wanted to be left alone, it sucked.

My mom would let them over because she believed it kept them safe, which is understandable. The main problem was how disrespectful they were to the other people that actually lived there. If you're a guest at a house, even if you've been there a million times, there's no excuse to be rude.

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9. Missed The Mark

I was hanging out with my high school buddy, and we'd often hit this little mom n' pop restaurant down the block from him. These guys sold the best buffalo chicken tenders, so obviously, that's what we ordered. It was a pretty typical routine for us. We got back to his place, stuffed and exhausted from video game binging all night. We decided, "Hey, it's 3 PM, but we're down for the count", so we fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later feeling terrible. I was disgusting and sweaty, and my stomach was screaming, "assume the position". I got up, walked to the nearest bathroom, and lost my lunch into the porcelain throne. The mission was a success—or so I thought. I stumbled back to my makeshift bedding like some kind of dilapidated animal. Hours later, I woke up to my buddy's mom and her sister talking.

My buddy walked into the room—obviously feeling as bad as I did—and said, "Dude, did you throw up earlier"? I responded, "Yeah, sorry, bro, but it's cool I made it to the restroom". That’s when I found out the gruesome truth. He said, "Well, yeah, you made it to the restroom, but you threw up everywhere". I asked what he meant by everywhere. Apparently, I had stumbled up to the bathroom door, opened it, and immediately began vomiting as soon as I stepped foot into the room.

I turned 90 degrees, vomited all over his towel rack and the towels hanging from it, then all over the top, middle, and bottom of his toilet. There was vibrant orange, tabasco-tinged chicken puke all over this poor bathroom. My messed-up fever-fueled mind said, "Yep, you totally hit the mark, man, perfect execution! Back to sleep". His aunt ended up cleaning it up before I had woken up—poor lady.

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10. Hot Blooded

My mom had this thing about the thermostat. It had to be set to 77–79℉ because she felt that was the perfect temperature range—no matter the season—to save money and keep the house at a reasonable temperature. There was this one time when my mother had a friend and his wife over. This wife was kind of crazy, and she did not like the temperature that the house was set to.

So, she went to the thermostat and adjusted it to her liking. When my mom realized how cold it was, she went and readjusted the temperature. A little while later, it was cold again. My mom confronted her friend and told him that they could not control the temperature as they wanted because it was not their house. Well, a little while later, the temperature was cold again.

This time, my mother put a password on the thermostat to lock the crazy wife lady out. When the crazy wife lady realized this, she confronted my mother and demanded that she be given the password. When my mother refused to give it to her, the crazy wife lady was livid.

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11. No Spoon For You

The week my sister was getting married, there were people over at our house eating during one of the events. We had plastic trays and plastic spoons/forks for eating outside. One of the guests came inside and took some of the normal steel forks and spoons with them outside. The next morning—garbage day—we realized that we only had two spoons returned, and the rest were thrown in the trash. I am not sure how one doesn’t realize they are throwing away a steel utensil.

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12. An Official Mess

My husband and I were out of town. Our son's friend—who was sleeping on the couch after a bender—got up early and took the keys to my husband's work car. He drove it off the road, hitting a telephone pole—but that’s not the worst part. He then got out, took a bike, and rode it home. People saw the whole thing. My husband was a probation officer, and this guy totaled a state-owned vehicle.

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13. My Money Went Up In Skype

I lived in the barracks. My brand new team leader got the master key from CQ while my buddies and I went out to watch a movie. When my roommate and I got back to our room, we saw our door open and my team leader’s head glowing from the laptop screen. He had let himself into my room and proceeded to use all my Skype money to call his sister while we were overseas. Needless to say, we were mad and tossed him out.

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14. She Wanted Some Good Vibrations

I had a friend use my shower, and that was fine. But, halfway through, I remembered my vibrator was in the bathroom drawer. I was so embarrassed—but it was about to turn to shock. As soon as she opened the door, I told her I had to pee. I opened the drawer to move it to my bedroom, and it was really, really warm.

I was relatively sure she had used it. I washed it because it was expensive, but I couldn’t bear to use it again.

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15. My Best Friend Bilked Me

I had a friend and his girlfriend stay at my apartment with my girlfriend and me. We all got pretty tipsy one night and passed out. I woke up in the morning to our apartment trashed and a lot of our things gone. The most messed up part was that this said friend used to be my best friend. He never apologized to us, but he did return the stuff he took because we told him we were going to press charges.

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16. Surprise!

A friend of ours was jobless for the summer, so we offered a friendly hand and let him stay on our couch for a couple of weeks. I was allowing him to use my computer during the day for job hunting but primarily for gaming. One night after about a week of not using my desktop PC, I turned on my computer to find that he had replaced my desktop background with a rotating circulation of Hentai scenes.

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17. Clothes Encounter Of The Worst Kind

It was an average night during my freshman year of college. I had just finished a huge batch of laundry. All of my clothes were clean. I was studying for a major calculus test, and my roommate—a friend from high school—was bored. He decided that he wanted to go out to the local bars with all of our friends. He also decided to host the pregame party in our dorm room.

So while I was trying to study, there were about 15 people in my room getting their drinks on—including a guy named Jim—who graduated a couple of years before me. After about an hour of heavy drinking, the group left, leaving me with some peace and quiet. 40 minutes later, I got a desperate call. It was the group's designated driver begging for me to help him carry Jim in.

I ran outside and found the designated driver carrying Jim, who was in a stupor. The two of us cared for him for the rest of the night until he passed out on our futon. I went to bed shortly after, and the designated driver went to sleep in my roommate’s bed. My roommate and I had adopted a somewhat feral cat, and the last thing I remembered seeing was the cat curled up in a ball on Jim's chest.

At some time during the night, my roommate returned. Upon finding the DD in his bed, he laid claim to a red chair we had, displacing my clean laundry on the floor. Around 7 AM, I heard Jim awaken and leave. I woke up around 7:30 AM, unprepared for my test, and went to get dressed. I reached into the hamper to grab some clothes and noticed that they were all wet in places.

Upon smelling them, I realized they smelled like urine. At first, I blamed the poor cat, but upon sifting through the second pile of clothes and finding them peed on, it dawned on me.

Jim urinated on ALL of my clothes! Every single one of them.

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18. My Father-In-Law Was Trash

My in-laws arrived, and I had vacuumed/mopped the whole kitchen and set aside some recycling by the wall to take out later. Within the first ten minutes of heaving into my home, my behemoth father-in-law tromped through and booted one of the boxes to be recycled across the kitchen floor, which happened to have some leftover kitty litter in it. The litter was sprayed everywhere. He didn’t even pause. He just looked down at the upturned box and said, "Oh", and kept walking.

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19. Rock Dreams Busted

When I was about 12, I was trying to start a band. I had this one kid over who I kind of knew and his idiot friend. Things weren’t going anywhere, so we went to the living room to play Rock Band. My parents even went and got a whole bunch of pizza for the evening, so at the very least, I might have a fun day with some new potential friends.

That is until the idiot kid decided to get angry at his friend while the game was loading. What he did next still makes me mad. He reached his leg up and stomped on my Rock Band drum kit. The blue head on the right side of the drum kit didn't work right after that, and I never saw him again. I didn't want to tell my parents about it because I didn't want to get him in trouble.

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20. No Standing Behind This

I created an epic drinking game for my wife's 30th birthday. Everyone was drinking, screaming, winning, and losing—it was awesome. However, three people came to me by the end of round two, saying that it would be better if one of the guests were not there. This one guy was a complete jerk for much of the game. He refused to abide by rules, was obnoxious to most people, and kept touching people’s behinds—and I didn’t know it at the time, but he was about to get a lot worse.

Thirty minutes later, most people were solidly inebriated—and out of nowhere—this one guest whose behind was touched punched the obnoxious guy in the face. Drinks went flying. I rushed over, separated them, and in the chaos, the friend whose behind was touched left the house and was going to drive to a nearby friend's.

Someone jumped in his car as he was leaving to stop him from driving under the influence. Another sober friend drove him home after an hour of him moaning, only to have his brother come and pick him up. He later apologized and tried to make things right. However, the obnoxious guy who caused the problem said nothing.

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21. Beach Bum

My sister invited a stranger she met on the beach back to her apartment, where she lived with my dad. She said he seemed normal when she met him, and she wanted to continue to hang out with him. The guy started talking all sorts of nonsense and then whipped out his business and started urinating all over the floor. She told him to get out, and he laughed at her. My dad heard the arguing and woke up.

He came out, put his hand on the guy’s shoulder, and told him that he needed to leave. That should’ve ended it—but the nightmare was just beginning. The guy pulled out a pocket knife and started stabbing my dad. My sister went to call for help. He saw her reaching for the phone and went to stab her as well. My dad, who was bleeding on the floor, grabbed this guy in the balls, disarming him, and then the guy ran off down the street.

The authorities found him not too far away since he was covered in blood, and my dad was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.

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22. What A Dipstick!

About a year ago, I got a call from my sister telling me that they had spinach dip on sale at the grocery store. She asked if I wanted her to buy them for me and pay her back later. I jumped at the opportunity. After what felt like forever, my sister and her friend came home. I had my bag of tortilla chips ready to dip. My sister and her friend brought over about two bags of chip dip and some other stuff.

I grabbed my spinach dip and initiated the dipping. As I was dipping, my sister's friend also dipped into my dip. I thought, “OK, I guess we are all sharing”. So, I went into her bag and grabbed her dip, and began to peel the plastic off. She immediately stopped me and told me that she was saving that for when she got home. She then continued to dip MY tortilla chips into MY dip.

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23. Hanky Panky Houseguests

One of my little brother’s friends needed a place to crash for the night. It was fine at first, but then the guy brought his girlfriend along without telling anyone. When morning came, my mom went into the kitchen to begin her day and get some breakfast. The guy and his girlfriend were participating in some heavy hanky panky.

Startled, my mom didn't know what to say as everyone else was still asleep. It was just her and the amorous couple getting it on on the couch. So, giving them a moment, she went to the bathroom and made noise and stuff so that they would hopefully finish up, and she could pretend she didn't see anything. She was dead wrong. She finished up in the bathroom, and nothing changed.

They were still participating in their little horizontal dance, so my mom—still afraid of straight-out confrontation—passive-aggressively began banging around in the kitchen, fixing a sandwich, and turning on the TV. They still kept going along and eventually quietly finished up. It was about that time that I woke up and went upstairs to fix myself something to eat.

The first thing I saw was this girl's bare back putting on a shirt. My innocent morning mind just thought the girl had moved from our second couch to snuggle with her boyfriend and didn't want to use our bathroom to change her clothes. I would never have thought they were doing the deed in front of my mom. I went along with my normal morning cereal and yogurt breakfast routine.

They left about 30 minutes later, and I was none-the-wiser about what had happened. My brother woke up, came upstairs, and my mom, very sternly, told him, "They are not allowed here anymore". My brother and I were confused, and he asked why. So my mom told him the guy and his girlfriend had been getting busy in her house in front of her as she made breakfast for herself.

A few days later, my brother came to us and said that he "took care of it" and that the guy wouldn't be coming by anymore. I asked him a bit later how the conversation went. He said something along the lines of, "Once we punched him, he seemed to get it".

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24. Felonious Drunk

A friend showed up trashed when I invited him over. He brought a friend of his whom I didn't know—who was also trashed—and who was an admitted felon. He eventually punched a hole in the hallway wall outside the door of my apartment and tried to run over my girlfriend's sister's boyfriend with his car out of something resembling jealousy.

Three people, myself included, called the authorities. Several people witnessed the vehicular incident. One of the other residents even came forward when an officer finally arrived 20 minutes later and said that my friend's friend had previously come to her apartment and threatened her while she was pregnant. Apparently, everyone in town knew this guy but me.

There were tire tracks, a fist-shaped hole in the wall outside my apartment door, and damage to the landscaping from his car. There were also injuries incurred by the aforementioned girlfriend's sister's boyfriend when he dove out of the way, including bloodstains on the sidewalk where he landed. The officer said, "It's a case of he-said-she-said. I can't do anything unless I saw it happen myself". The most messed up thing a person ever did in my house was being completely useless as an emergency responder.

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25. Two Can Play At That Game

When I was between 8–10, one of my mom’s friends and her nephew came over. He came straight on and turned on my Playstation and started playing GTA 3. After a few minutes, I asked him if I could play. His reaction was brutal. The little jerk had the nerve to tell me, “No”. So he played through three missions and was saving after every mission.

So, I unplugged it after about an hour and corrupted the save. He started crying, and they left because of it. My mom actually thanked me for doing it because she was also getting annoyed by our guests.

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26. Cash Clown

When I was a kid, my brother and I got $5 in pocket money a week. We could get a little extra if we went above and beyond with our chores. My brother would spend his on lollies and Coke every week, and he would rub it in my face that he had all these awesome treats. I saved mine up. I saved for a couple of years until I had about $500.

As a kid, it required a lot of self-restraint to set my own savings up and not spend it all. I had all this cash hidden in an envelope in my bedroom. The only people who knew where it was, were my family. My brother had his moronic friend around one day and bragged about all this money I had. So, of course, this jerk took every last cent. I never got it back.

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27. Put A Sock On It!

When I was working at Little Caesar's pizza with no air conditioning, I offered a co-worker a ride home since he did not have a car at the moment. As soon as he stepped into the car, he proceeded to take off his shoes and “air out his feet". He placed them on the dashboard while reclining as far back as possible. The stench was unbearable. I drove so fast that I was surprised that I didn’t get pulled over.

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28. The Strife Of The Party

My parents held a huge party each year and used the front yard as a parking lot for it. There would be about 300 or so guests, and it would go on until the early hours of the morning. One of my dad's friends was caught breaking into the cars and taking whatever he could grab out of them—mostly personal effects and loose change. In a different year, someone made off with my cousin's car. We never found out who, but the vehicle was recovered not too far away, with some parts removed but otherwise in good condition.

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29. I Came Out Fighting

I would have some buddies over to watch the PPV fights. I would cook the main course, and they would bring the sides. After a few hours of drinking and watching some UFC, I noticed something was off. My girlfriend at the time was fairly uncomfortable around one of the guys my friend had brought with him. I asked her what was up, and she said he had said something to her, but she didn't want to cause a scene, so she'd tell me later.

I talked to my buddy, and he said he didn't hear anything, so I thought she was just overreacting. After the fights were over, we decided to go down to the bars for a few more drinks. As we were getting ready, the guy in question told my girlfriend that she should just go home with him right now so he could bang her the right way. I lost my mind and had to get restrained. My girlfriend smacked him, and my buddy dragged him out of the house as fast as he could.

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30. Don’t Skirt The Issue

In high school, one of the popular girls had a huge house party and invited the entire school. Everyone told their friends, who told their friends, etc. A girl who didn't go to our school needed to use the washroom, but there was someone in it. We watched her try the door of the bathroom to find it locked. Then, rather than waiting any period of time, she just pulled up her skirt, squatted down, and peed on the floor.

The host watched all this happen and flew into a rage. She ran over to the girl, grabbed her by the hair, and proceeded to rub her nose/face in the puddle before dragging her by the hair and throwing her out of the house. The sad part was that I was talking to pee girl moments before this all happened, and she was totally sober.

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31. Something Blew

My boyfriend and I had some friends over for a cocktail night. At the end of the night, it was the two of us, plus our friend Bob. Bob had a few too many cocktails and decided to use our bathroom. After some time had passed, we decided to check if he was alive. We knocked on the door, and there was no response, so we let ourselves in. I wish I could un-see what I saw that night.

We discovered him slumped over on the toilet with his pants down and his rear and the toilet covered in poo. We woke him up, and he rolled off the toilet, spewed a few more times—making sure to miss the toilet—and rolled in his own spew. Bob then passed out on the bathroom floor and refused to move. My boyfriend and I gave up at that point and went to bed.

We woke up in the morning to find him asleep on our suede couch. He hadn't taken his spewy clothes off, so the whole couch reeked. He also left a drool mark on one of the cushions. He had been drinking blue cocktails, so now our couch had a greenish blue stain on it.

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32. This Kid Was A Real Firecracker

My mom decided to let her brother and his family stay over for the Fourth of July. We bought some sodas, and the 13-year-old boy drank a whole six-pack of soda by himself. He started running around the house screaming at the top of his lungs and started pounding on my back "because it sounded like a drum". The mom didn't own up to it and let him continue.

He saw the RC car I cherished from childhood and started driving it into concrete walls scraping it back and forth. He then tried to drive it in the street after I told him multiple times that he could not do that if he were using someone else's toys. We all watched a movie together, and he whined the whole time because he didn’t get the film.

He then watched movies the entire night with the volume too loud, and when we told him to turn it down, he would then turn it up again later. The next day my mom made breakfast for the whole family and told them she was saving some for my dad and me to wake up. The kid ate both of our meals. Plus, he tried to raid our fridge on multiple occasions—got away with it—twice and squeezed my cat until he screeched.

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33. Get Out!

When I was 14, a girl overheard I was having a party and simply came in with some of the people we knew in common. I assumed they had invited her, and they assumed that I had. She would not leave. After everybody else was gone, she told my mom her dad was having car trouble and asked if she could sleep over. My mom saw no harm in it, so she agreed.

However, this girl was a bit obsessed with wanting to be me. She tried on all my clothes, and when I said I had to do chores, she cheerfully joined me in doing them “so we could be done faster”. She showed no signs of leaving. We did not know how to get rid of her politely and had never encountered that before. It took us another day and a half, and only the threat of calling the authorities if she didn't leave before she would get out.

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34. He Threw In The Towel

It was my 20th birthday, and I had about 60 people over for a party. One guy who was just barely a friend was not very good at handling booze. After a few too many drinks, he headed to the laundry to throw up in the toilet and missed. By the time we found the mess, he'd already gone out the back and passed out on the grass.

What we found was horrifying. He had barfed all over the laundry and tried to clean it up. His good intentions didn't work so well since he wiped up a bit of the vomit using a towel, then attempted to flush the towel down the toilet. That went about how one would expect and resulted in a laundry flooded with vomit water.

Horrified young woman grimaces at laundry in clothes drier.Getty Images

35. Fish Out Of Water

When I was in middle school, I had a family friend come over. We were feeding my goldfish, one of which was huge because I had it for over five years. When I came back from the bathroom, I heard splashes and saw her holding the goldfish in a net above the water. She immediately put the fish back in the tank. When I asked what she was doing, she said, "I only did it for a second to see how heavy it was". My goldfish died the next day. I never talked to her again after that.

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36. Clean Up Your Act

We didn’t have a very open house with lots of visitors. One would have to be close with us to get an invite. One of our "friends" arrived at our house, dressed in jeans and a nice top. She hadn’t been there for even ten minutes when she asked to use the bathroom. Since our powder room was occupied by her husband, we told her to use the one at the top of the stairs.

We were outside in the backyard, and all was quiet for a few minutes. So, I wandered back into the house to see if something was wrong. I heard the water running upstairs. The husband came out of the powder room and went outside like nothing was going on. Later, we figured out what was really happening. His wife was having a bath! She was gone for close to 45 minutes and then came downstairs in a tank top, pajama pants, and no bra.

She let us know that she loved how the butane curling iron my wife had in a box under the sink worked and wondered if she could use it again. Why she had a bath never came up in conversation. It just didn't get talked about. Needless to say, they didn't get invited back.

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37. This Guy Was Smashed

My two roommates and I lived in a nice condo in downtown Austin. One of my roommates was one of those meatheads who thinks he's better than everybody else. He invited one of his meathead friends over to spend the weekend with us. At dinner, he started getting a little too rowdy and tried to fight people. So, naturally, we put him in a car and sent him home.

He obliged, seeming to understand that he was too sloshed. When we got back late that night, he was passed out, so we all went to bed. The next morning we woke up to a noise complaint taped onto our door about a loud and successive banging earlier that night. Two noise complaints meant eviction, so it was bad. Shortly after that, we made a disturbing discovery. We realized that this guy had taken the top off the toilet.

He had proceeded to bash the bowl and toilet tank to smithereens. There was literally nothing left. There was just a pipe where the toilet used to be and a considerable amount of dust where there should have been a toilet. His excuse was that he was mad that we sent him home and didn't let him stay out with us.

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38. Waiting For A Friend

A friend of mine walked into my house without knocking, which wasn’t a big deal as our friends were always welcome. However, when he realized that my husband and I were upstairs getting busy, he just sat down on the couch and waited it out. I came downstairs afterward wrapped in a sheet, and he was just sitting there at the bottom of the stairs, on the couch, like, "Hey"!

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39. Musical Madness

There was a musician who we were familiar with. I offered him my bed in NYC as I stayed at my girlfriend’s place. It was one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. He clipped his gross old man toenails in my bed, flooded the toilet, and used all of the other roommates’ towels to clean it up. He threw those towels on some electronics and acted like he thought this was totally normal behavior.

He also gave us a ride from his show to our house and drove like a lunatic. My favorite was that he parked his car, "tabbed out", so he could find it again. This means that he parked half pulled into the parking spot and half double parked. He still couldn't remember which block he parked on, and it took us 20 minutes to find his car.

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40. My House Is Not A Spitoon

I had a friend come over to my house when I was about 9 or 10. When he came in, we started just playing with toys, and stuff 10-year-olds do. Then he spit on the carpet for some reason. I thought it was rather strange, but it was the first time I had hung out with this boy, and I didn't want to ruin it. I was also very shy, so I didn't say anything. He continued to hock his lugies in my house until he left that night.

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41. Party Shard

I threw a birthday party for my sister at my parent's house. She was turning 21, and I thought it would be nice to get a big bunch of people together for an old-fashioned house party. My sister was probably one of the youngest people there, as most of the guests were in their mid-twenties. The party was going great, the drinks were flowing, and there were lots of laughs.

Around 2 AM, people started to leave. At around 3 AM, I tossed the remaining people out so I could go to sleep. I woke up the next morning and went down to the basement, only to discover a massive pile of broken glass on the ground. Someone had smashed in excess of 100 bottles on the ground and then poured laundry detergent on top, creating a glassy shard-ridden slime.

I was outraged, so I went outside into the backyard for a smoke. I then noticed someone had lit the picnic table on fire using a can of gasoline. The fire had evidently traveled up the stream into the container because the gas canister was in the center of a giant black char mark in the center of the yard.

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42. Flower Girl

I had the entire family over for a BBQ when I ducked inside to use the bathroom. To get there, I had to go past my living room. What I saw made my blood boil. I noticed my cousin’s daughter was yanking every bed of flowers that I had just planted under a row of boxwoods in my front yard. She had also ripped a tulip bed out from the side of my house. I didn't realize it was my job to watch my cousin's kid.

To say that I was upset would be an understatement. But, being the host that I was, I didn't say anything about it. I sent her back to the deck and politely asked my cousin if she could keep an eye on her daughter. I didn't tell her why because I didn't want to ruin the BBQ. It took all of the strength I had not to throw both of them into my swimming pool and keep their heads under until they stopped moving.

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43. It Tore Me Apart

I had an autographed sports memorabilia poster that I prized above others. I had someone over who started playing with it acting like he was going to smash it to tease me. I told him very firmly to put it back, and he accidentally dropped it and accidentally ripped it, trying to pick it up. Safe to say, he left the apartment in record time.

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44. That’s A Wrap!

When I was about 12–13, my parents bought a house. My mom had her friends come over for a small housewarming party. There was a powder room that we never used; that way, it was always clean. The night went by, and everyone left. My dad was cleaning up and went to the powder room. That’s when he made a disturbing discovery. He found a poop wrapped up in toilet paper hidden under the toilet!

We had a small dog at the time, but we were certain that this poop was too big for our dog. One of the ladies that had come over that night had pooped outside the toilet, took the time to wrap it up, and hide it! It was such a weird thing.

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45. What A Bunch Of Couch Peetatoes

We had a couple stay over one night after one too many drinks. They slept on our pull-out couch, and we never heard a peep from them. We woke up the next morning, and everything was put away as if no one had ever been there. A few weeks later, when I went to pull out the couch, I discovered one of them had peed the bed. They then made up the sheets and closed the couch without saying anything. It smelled REPULSIVE. They were never allowed to sleep over again.

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46. Can’t Tub This

I was having a sleepover when I was 14. One of the girls said she had a stomach ache and went to the bathroom. She came out saying she was going home and her dad was there to pick her up. Someone went to the bathroom a little later, and my other friends and I heard a scream.

We ran into the bathroom to find a massive dump in the bathtub. We had no idea why she didn’t use the toilet that was just a couple of feet away.

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47. I Had No Eye-dea What They Did

Years ago, I was the first one to pass out at my own party. My friends snuck into my room and shaved off one of my eyebrows. Just one. No one told me either. I went through the whole next day like that and didn't find out until a stranger asked me why I only had one eyebrow. Incidentally, that stranger was an officer, so it was even more embarrassing.

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48. A Random Act

I had a party and made it clear that no random people were allowed over. Eventually, I was too sloshed to notice some "friends" of mine invited people I didn't know. When I woke up in the morning, my bedroom window screen was on the floor, my pillowcases were gone, and so was my DVD collection. On top of that, someone mistook my closet for a urinal.

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49. Look Who’s Coming To Dinner

My parents invited a man they knew and his wife over for dinner one night. My parents had four children, including myself, under the age of 15. The old man and his wife arrived for dinner at our house with a strange-looking man we had never met before. Later, we found out his chilling backstory. The strange man was a pedo who had just gotten released. He had moved into the apartment next to the old man and his wife.

The old man befriended him and thought it was a good idea to bring him to a house full of innocent children. It was a good thing my parents cut the dinner short.

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50. Dude, Where’s My Cat?

It was the week of Thanksgiving, and because we were going to be preparing food all week, we put our four cats in the garage with all the necessities. We had them stay there for the weekend until people cleared out. One of my aunts didn't approve of what the cats were doing to the house—so she came up with a disturbing plan.

She took our cats and dumped two of them somewhere in between my house and the airport and then gave the other one to one of my cousin's neighbors. We obviously realized they were gone, but my family was completely unaware of what she had done. I was a nervous wreck for days. We hoped they might have just run off exploring the neighborhood since two of them were notorious for disappearing for a few hours or as long as a week.

However, the other two cats were homier. It seemed unlikely that they'd be ones to run off. Another few days passed. My aunt finally sent a text to my mom saying that she knew what she did wasn't in line but thought that it was necessary. The one cat was given to my cousin’s neighbor, who we didn’t know. Then, a few more days later, one of the outside cats was sitting on our front steps in front of our door, wanting to come in.

We let him in and saw that he was covered in dirt and visibly exhausted. We gave him a bath, and he seemed uneasy for the next few days but relieved to be back home again. The biggest casualty was the one indoor cat who was dumped into what I would assume was the middle of nowhere with the other outdoor cat. We never heard from him again.

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