The Weirdest Kid In School

July 10, 2023 | Laura Bergen

The Weirdest Kid In School

Everyone remembers that one kid in school who stuck out like a sore thumb. Maybe it was the way they dressed, or maybe they had some obscure habits. These Redditors shared their stories of the weirdest kids in their school, and they do not disappoint. Do you know a kid who would belong on this list?

1. Twinning

I had an autistic friend, and he was afraid of a particular twin. He was minding his own business in the corridors, and each twin was walking towards each other at different ends of the corridor, with him in between. Frightened, he did what no one would expect: jump out the window. He was on the third floor. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt that bad. When my teacher asked him why he did that, he said, “My life was in grave danger, and I only did what was imperative to be done”. To this day, I don't know why he was afraid of them.


Small kid looking afraid on blurry background .asierromero , Freepik

2. Snot-Nosed Kid

This guy was generally very weird and erratic. One day he extracted a huge slimy booger out of his nose, turned around to me and a friend, and told us full of glee, "Guys, look"! Then he stuffed it back into his nose... One day I asked him why he was so weird and he told me with the straightest face: "The jester's cap affords one many liberties". So I don't know if he was just weird or a secret genius, maybe a bit of both.


Caucasian boy smiles and putting pinkie finger in his nose.Vivida Photo PC , Shutterstock

3. Here, Kitty Kitty

We had a cat girl! She would wear all black and had cat ears, cat gloves, a cat collar, and even a cat tail, and she would walk around the hallways meowing at people. If she didn't like you for whatever reason, because she never actually spoke to anyone, she would hiss at you and swat at you until you left, but sometimes she would chase you. 

She had two friends if I recall correctly, and she would nuzzle into them and purr. She was the ONLY person who acted like this, and she was that way my entire high school years, albeit a year younger than me. And I'm pretty sure she was in the Special Ed classes. I graduated in 2018, and I often wonder where she is now and if she's still meowing at strangers.


Girl wearing black suit and cat ears on the grey background.lookstudio , Freepik

4. 007

A guy in junior high had an unsightly amount of earwax and was obsessed with James Bond, who he claimed to be his uncle. He would loudly proclaim that “James Bond will kick your butt” to anyone who questioned his affiliation with James Bond, made fun of James Bond in any fashion, or denounced James Bond’s skills. He would literally get into fistfights to protect the honor of James Bond.


Kid seating on the school bench and looking angry.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

5. Harness The Power

So, there was a guy at our school when I was a freshman that everyone called "Wolfman". He was weird in all the bad ways. He claimed to have super powers: teleportation, DBZ like energy creation and what not. All the girls said he would just stare at them if they had class with him. He hung around us freshmen and did his best to "flirt" with the girls. 

For an example of his "flirting" he once told a girl that while astral projecting, he saw her face on Jupiter. Needless to say, girls stayed away from him. He graduated though, and his brother started at the school. Now, "Wolfman" wasn't a tall guy by any stretch of the imagination, maybe five feet at most, but his brother was a good foot shorter than him. 

He looked like he belonged in third grade (he never got any taller). It didn't help that he always wore a child's goosebumps jacket which made people start calling him “goosebumps”. He was even more "convinced" of his powers than his brother, but at least he was less creepy, but that's all he had going for him. One memorable day I was in math class, and he started shaking forcefully. This is when things started to get really weird.

People ignored him, so he started flapping his arms around. Wondering if this was an actual seizure, the girl next to him put her hand on him and asked if he's ok. He growled back, "Take your hand off me, this power is too much to contain”! She started yelling at him for faking a seizure and he went back to his normal evil stare forward, grumbling about his powers.


Kid at school looking angry.freepik ,Freepik

6. Wham Bam

This kid humped my desk for a solid minute while maintaining eye contact with me, and then said, "Thanks" and just walked away. I'm a guy. This was 15 years ago on my first day at this new school—I was just eating lunch at my desk, and this dude just walked up and went to town. No context, no introduction, nothing. He didn't even buy me dinner first. Just wham, bam, thank you desk.


Kid jumping with open hands on a blue background.freepik, Freepik

7. Cookie Monster

There was this huge guy, tall and wide, in our classes. To support his impressive body, he ate a lot. He’d bring an entire roll of cookies (like 20+) and stack them on one side of his desk. Then he would take a bite out of cookie number one, and put it to the other side of his desk. Then he would take one bite out of the next cookie and place that one on top of cookie number one. 

He’d go through the whole stack, until all cookies were partially eaten and in a neat stack on the other side of his desk. Then he would do it again, take one bite of the top cookie and place that in the original side of the desk, bite the next cookie, etcetera. After maybe 15 minutes of biting and stacking, the whole lot was gone. Now, we weren’t even supposed to eat in class, but he always got away with it somehow.


Photo of pile of cookies on the table.Lisa Fotios , Pexels

8. Tight Quarters

I remember once in high school we were on a school camp which included some low level spelunking. About 60 of us had to squeeze single file on our hands and knees through a narrow part of the cave which was about 100 meters long. There was a small section about halfway along which opened up a bit to allow two people to sit shoulder to shoulder.

Anyway, a weird kid got to this section and decided he really needed to poop. Not sure what he had been eating, but it was a runny one. He was at the front of the column so we all had the pleasure of crawling through the mess he made, because we'd come too far to turn back. Combine that with poor lighting and poor ventilation and we had a real mess on our hands.


Kids with equipment entering in cave by the stairs.frimufilms , Freepik

9. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

He put a Christmas beetle up his nose while we were at the local pool for swim lessons. We then had to all leave early on the bus so the principal could drive him to the hospital to get the beetle out. A week later he did a small speech at the Friday school assembly about his beetle nose experiences and showed off his beetle in a jar. This was around grade five or six from my memory. So 11 or 12 years old.


Christmas beetle on the kids hand.Shantoo, Wikimedia Commons

10. Name Game

At an all-school assembly during my freshman year, a motivational speaker posed an easy rhetorical question to the crowd, and the weird kid in my grade unnecessarily shouted out the answer, to every bored person's sudden delight. For some reason (trying to maintain his authority?), the speaker asked our weird kid, "What's your name, son"? 

Without pause, the weird kid STOOD UP from his chair and loudly proclaimed, "MY NAME IS BOOGER". This announcement was met with raucous applause and laughter from the entire student body. It was gloriously random and weird. From then on the weird kid was known only as “Booger” in our small town. It fit him better than "Shawn", and he owned that name until graduation.


Man talking to students in a university.Yan Krukau , Pexels

11. I Do My Own Stunts

One kid got dared to put a protractor in his mouth and he did it with the curved side first. Naturally, it got stuck and he got sent to the school office. That's not even the worst thing he's done, though—the same kid got dared to shoot a staple machine at himself, so he went ahead and stapled his arm and had to be taken to the emergency room to get stitches. There were loads of other things he did that I can't remember now, but it got to the point that if someone did something totally stupid or dangerous, kids in our year began to refer to it as "pulling a Hudson" after him.


Black kid holding a pencil under his chin.Katerina Holmes , Pexels

12. You Little Stinker

I remember sitting on the floor in middle school gym class. Everyone sat in straight lines, one in front of the other. The "weird" kid in front of me turned around, made direct eye contact with me, lifted up one butt cheek and just let one rip. It was like he was telling me with his eyes "That was just for you". It's been at least 15 years and I still think about that from time to time.


Close up photo of kids in school gym working out.freepik ,Freepik

13. Fire Breather

In elementary school, there was this guy called Eduardo, he was a funny Mexican guy and we called him “Lalo”. Lalo always had a bad breath, but a particular smell that I still can remember, it was sour and not as disgusting as you may think, but it was unpleasant. The kids in my group used to refer to him as "sour mouth" because of this. Maybe it was his diet or God knows what kind of buccal infection he had, but he was known for that. Last time I checked him on Facebook I saw that now he is a bodybuilder. Good for him, I guess. I wonder if he managed to solve his breath problem.


Man exercising at gym.Ivan Samkov , Pexels

14. Coming To A Crescendo

So this involved two weird kids. The first we'll call "Rodger" and the second we'll call "Nathan". Rodger had a tendency to wear a trench coat to school every day and a fedora. He would even wear shorts with his trench coat and never seemed to understand how that could make him look like a flasher. Nathan, on the other hand, grew his hair out very long and never washed it. 

One day in band, Rodger (trumpet) was behind Nathan (trombone) and kept loudly trumpeting next to Nathan's ear. Nathan yelled at Rodger to stop which prompted Rodger to blow as loud as he could in Nathan's ear. Nathan wheeled around and struck Rodger with his trombone. Rodger leapt (trench coat and all) over a chair and wielding his trumpet proceeded to clash with Nathan's trombone. The events that followed made everyone's eyes widen.

This swashbuckling scene of musical chaos continued for a minute or two while they screamed at each other and the band teacher yelled at them to stop. We were stunned. Eventually they calmed down after one of their mutual friends yelled at them that they might be kicked out of the after school Yu-Gi-Oh club if they didn’t stop.


Young boy playing on trumpet ,looking upset.Katrina Brown , Shutterstock

15. Strange Little Girl

This one chick did a bunch of weird stuff. We went to the same elementary, middle, and high school but I'm a year above her so we were never in the same class. Still, the things I've heard and seen her do include: Talking in a British accent to herself while in the bathroom, trying to have full on conversations with Siri, then getting bored and just saying things like "butt" to her, trying to flip a desk and having a full break down upon realizing desks are heavy and she's a little girl, and run through the halls doing the can can with herself.


Upset girl making an angry face on a blurred background.Михаил Ковалевский , Pexels

16. Emo-tions Running High

He showed up to our year 12 prom in a coffin, in the back of a hearse, dressed like Gerard Way circa 2005. The driver pulled up, opened the back doors of the hearse, pulled the coffin out on rollers, lowered it, then opened it. Up popped the weird guy, in a black suit with a red tie. He had shoulder length black hair, slightly oily. He even did his makeup for the occasion: super white face with red eye shadow. My best friend at the time got a huge lady hard-on and made out with him most of the night. You could tell because she had a huge patch of super pale foundation all around her mouth.


Man wearing white shirt with red bow tie with white face looking serious at grey background.Ollyy , Shutterstock

17. Book Hungry

A guy was minding his own business, bothering no one, reading a Harry Potter book in the band hall. I don't know why we were looking his way, but he was really getting into the book. Something must have really excited him because that energy swelled and he laughed, ripped out the page he was reading, and ate it. He wasn't putting on a show for anyone. As far as he was concerned he was in his own world, and he ate that moment.


Black man eating paper ,looking to camera on grey background.Mix and Match Studio , Shutterstock

18. Temper Tantrum

This kid just had a ridiculously awful temper. It was so easy to get him mad. Usually the first thing you say to someone who went from 0 to 100 in seconds is "calm down"...everyone says it. It's just a knee-jerk response. The teacher would say it to that kid, and he just screamed "I'M NOT CALMED UP" so loud that you could hear it from outside. Every single time. 

I don't know why he said it, especially given that he was very obviously ticked off when he'd scream it. He would also just roam the halls when he was supposed to be in class. He would go up to every single door and just peek through the little glass window until the teacher would ask him to leave. It got to the point where no teachers would ask him to leave because then he'd just sit there tapping on the glass. Asking him to leave didn't work though—and things just escalated from there.

One teacher decided to try going out there after he kept tapping the glass and this kid literally put all of his strength and his weight into keeping the door closed. The teacher couldn't open it. We ended up having to stay after the bell because the kid wouldn't leave and the teacher had to call for the principal. Luckily the principal was usually pretty good at talking him down. The days he wasn't were VERY bad days and EVERYONE could hear them screaming at each other. I’ve seen the kid around a few times after graduating. He seems normal enough.


Angry boy wearing red hoodie yelling and looking at camera on black background.mohamed abdelghaffar , Pexels

19. Bathroom Breakdown

He cried, wailed, and sobbed in the bathroom for hours. Loudly. We were in primary school so I can't remember what age exactly but nine or 10, maybe maximum 11. We had a boys toilet and girls toilet in the back of the classroom, and the doors had openings along the bottom and top so sound traveled through to the classroom. I just remember so clearly he was wailing and crying and the teacher just had to keep teaching us. It was such weird behavior and it was recurring, so that's why the behavior was ignored by the teacher...I hope that dude’s okay now (his home seemed really stable from the outside).


Photo of a boy crying on grey background.Anna Shvets , Pexels

20. Cat And Mouse Game

A kid in my French class told the teacher he was late because he had been catching a mouse on the way to school. (This was in the first year of high school in Scotland…not sure what the equivalent is elsewhere). The teacher refused to believe him and we all thought he was talking nonsense, too. He was adamant it was a true story and offered to show the teacher the mouse in his bag. The teacher peered in the bag and nearly jumped out the window when he saw a real mouse in the guy's bag. I can't remember what happened next but I'm pretty sure he was asked to go home for the day.


Kid is holding a mouse in his hand and smiling.Sergey Bezgodov , Shutterstock

21. Ice Ice Baby

This was during recess in elementary school. It was cold outside but not cold enough for us to have to stay in. There was an ice patch and this kid proceeded to pick his nose vigorously and spread the gunk on this ice patch (about two feet or half a meter in diameter). Once we saw him and kind of stared in disbelief, he proceeded to jump around the ice patch and then lick it, also vigorously. Yep I don't think I'll forget that one.


Small kid wearing black snow jacket playing in snow.Yan Krukau , Pexels

22. In Deep Doo Doo

He would poop on things that should not be pooped on. My high school was massive; like, almost 1,300 kids in my graduating class, massive. Currently it houses something like 8,000 kids. Anyway, for two and a half years, people would find poop in random places. Like, pressed between the pages of library books, underneath cabinets, in sinks, etc. At first he thought he could get away with it—but his luck eventually ran out.

After two and a half years, the librarian was walking through this sky bridge thing that had a display case of WWII Lego dioramas and caught this kid with a Ziplock baggie full of his own business, trying to like, smush it into this case. As soon as he was caught, the kid fessed to everything. Turns out, he was profoundly disturbed and thought that by smearing his poop over the entire school, he'd establish some sort of control over it. He even had a map of the campus, with all the locations he'd done this in and planned future locations.


Young kid seating on a chair and looking down upset.cottonbro studio , Pexels

23. Cafeteria Chaos

The year is 2009. It's my very first day of public school after being homeschooled for ten years. I'm starting tenth grade. I wander my way into the cafeteria and sit at a table with my twin brother who's virtually the only person I know. At this point, I assume that I am indeed "the weird kid". Suddenly, Naruto Nate (named for the way he did the arms-back sprint) and his girlfriend Kitty Gilbert (cat girl, tail…ears…hissing…the works) held hands and jumped from the second floor library balcony all the way down onto a table in the cafeteria.

They crashed straight through a folding table which caused everyone's food to be flung in toward the center. The force of the kids sent food flying far enough to hit other tables, which initiated a real-life food fight. I will never forget the feeling I had right then. I thought: "Oh. My. God. Public school is JUST like the movies! Yes”!!!


Girl's food fightneoncouch , Flickr

24. Is There A Doctor In The House

She stole scalpels from the storeroom in the anatomy class and would flash them at people she didn’t like and mutter something at them. That was bad enough, but then she took one out in class and poked her fingers so she could make finger paintings. She was suspended for a week and had to talk to a therapist. (She also worked with me at a fast food place so I heard everything, whether I wanted to or not).


Human hand holding scalpel on white background.Poravute Siriphiroon , Shutterstock

25. Every Last Drop

After “Cheesus” would finish his nachos, he would take the cheese cup for dipping and tilt it up towards his mouth like he was going to toss it back. Instead, he would aggressively lick the container clean. Since the plastic was clear, you could see his tongue whirling around to lap up every last bit. This happened everyday at lunch. That was many years ago but I hope he is still enjoying nacho cheese as much today. Long live Cheesus.


Handsome young man licking a plate of chips.Vadim Zakharishchev , Shutterstock

26. Movie Buff

We had this one kid we called "Barrel Roll" in highschool. He looked like the type to hit up the school: black boots, trenchcoat, and long Keanu Reeves hair. He would run through the halls and do barrel rolls. I remember specifically after one class we would all be standing in the hallway waiting for lunch, with all of us chanting "BARREL ROLL! BARREL ROLL”, and he would do it and we would go crazy. His antics didn't stop there, though.

He also loved to dress up, but put way too much effort in. One year for Halloween he was the Joker (about the same time as the theater incident) which caused some problems. The next year he shaved his head and came in as Agent 47. He also dressed up as Bruce Willis' John McClane. Complete with bloody rags on his hands. This was for Christmas. I was always nice to the guy "just to be safe". But even though he was odd, he was actually a really nice guy. He knew a ton about movies.


Man in black leather jacket sitting and looking at camera.Helmy Zairy , Pexels

27. The Biter

He had some issues that weren't being addressed. This was the early 90s and my school didn't handle mental problems well. He was having a meltdown and the teacher couldn't calm him down. She got the principal and the kid hated her so he started getting worse. They both were physically holding this child down in his seat. 

Well he didn't want to be touched but couldn't communicate so he started biting them. They let go to try to figure out how to deal with him, so he flipped his desk over and it hit the back of the kid in front of him. This was a good kid. He just wasn't handled well or really able to handle mainstream schooling. It was sad to see, honestly.


Boy wearing red shirt and grey jacket sitting on his desk looking depressed.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

28. Frogger

He would chase flies and eat them. He would brag about being a frog. One day he slapped his desk and hit a fly. He was so excited and yelled "Mr. Smith! Look I'm a frog”! and proceeded to lick the entire length of his desk, devouring the fly with a smile on his face while doing it. That was the last day he was at school. I'm assuming his people found him and took him home.


Kid asking the Teacher in school class seating with other students.Yan Krukau , Pexels

29. Dragon Slayer

There was a girl in Special Ed in my high school who would come up to me and tell me I’m a silver dragon from the planet Shendoria, and that I was destined to help the empress Kaylar defeat the hunters. Whenever she’d get injured while battling said hunters (which was often), she’d hug me tightly because I had “healing powers”. 

I played along with it for a while but then I had to put a stop to it when she would follow me everywhere, including my locker, my class (often during testing). She even tried to follow me home and I ended up giving her a fake address and number. Still, I have to admit, I admired the effort she put into trying to fit in and integrate with the “normal kids” unlike most of the Special Ed kids who mainly kept to themselves.


Young beautiful couple wearing casual clothes boy and girl happy in love on green background.stockking , Freepik

30. Do You Want Eyes With That

He walked up to a girl during lunch hour, removed his glass eye, and dropped it into her ketchup and fries. Apparently this has happened before because she just gave them to him with no complaints. That was funny, but nothing tops his best act yet—he would also sometimes dress like a Titanic survivor and walk around with a sign describing the tragedy like he was protesting or something. I wonder what he's up to now?


Happy black schoolboy seating with girl during lunch brake.Katerina Holmes , Pexels

31. Under The Covers

He wore a hoodie everyday no matter the weather, he would pull the hem down over his knees and pull his arms back out of the sleeves so they were in his little hoodie tent. He once was doing this in Spanish class and the teacher must've seen some movement she didn't like and yelled, "What're you doing”?! He very nervously stammered "Checking my insulin pump".


Kid wearing hoodie is standing in the classroom.Max Fischer , Pexels

32. Canine Conundrum

If you remember that one meme where the kid says, "on all levels but physical, I am a wolf" and then he barks at the ocean…that kid went to my high school. He legit thought he was a wolf and even bit someone. I worked at a movie theater in the area and he would come in with a fake tail hanging out of his jeans. I guess the school wouldn't let him wear it. He would later go on to relative fame because of the meme which came from an episode of TLC. He did an interview with Anthony Padilla from Smith and by that time he had come out as trans well. So I went to school with a trans wolf.


Kid is acting like wolf with rinsed hands.freepik ,Freepik

33. Naughty Novelist

He wrote a racy fanfiction about the school and all the girls in it. He also shared it with his friends on Facebook. Naturally, when we heard about this we decided to investigate. It was written about as well as one would expect from a teenager with raging hormones, barely passing English. Though to be fair we only read the first chapter because it was basically Harry Potter, if there was no villain and Harry was literally the best person in the world ever at everything. Oh and if he was massively rich and muscular.


Kid wearing shirt is holding a pencil and writing.freepik , Freepik

34. Show And Tell

This is kinda traumatic to me still, so bear with me. She brought a kitten to school in a strawberry container. You know those thin plastic four by four ones with holes? That. She took me to the bathroom stall and pulled out this kitten out of her backpack wrapped in a jacket and in the container. I was shocked—especially when I realized it as still meowing. She told me not to tell because her grandma would beat her.

So I'm in like third grade. I have a moral conundrum that an eight year old shouldn't. Save a kitten and get my friend beat? Or let her take the kitten and let her get beat anyway? I told her I couldn't bear to stand that kitten in there even at that age. Now, looking back with more understanding, I don't remember if it survived, I really hope it didn't suffer from dehydration or suffocation. It looked really young, definitely like four or five weeks, so no milk and that environment? Horrifying.


Cute girl in blue dress holding a small grey kitten in her hands.prostooleh , Freepik

35. Strong Man

One day in physics class they were playing with a stapler and one of them was trying to prove how strong he was by allowing the other one to put staples into his arm. He’d take them back out and flick them away like nothing. My teacher wasn’t even paying attention. Then next thing we knew the guy with the staple jumped up and pushed a staple right into the head of the other guy. 

Everyone in the class saw it. The guy with the stapler laughed because he thought it was a joke. Safe to say the other guy, clearly in pain, didn’t feel the same and he began chasing the other guy around the class and they had a big fight in the corridor. The teacher finally stepped in and the guy with the staple in his head ended up just punching the lockers in frustration which made his hands all bruised and bleeding. He was then taken to hospital to get the staple removed, and we didn’t hear much about it from then on.


Black and white teenage male students fighting indoors. Obscured teacher in background.CREATISTA , Shutterstock

36. Multiple Offender

A guy somehow ate eight laxatives and had to get his stomach pumped. He also: 1) ate a cockroach in front of the teacher to prove a point, 2) ate paper in front of the teacher to prove a point, 3) smeared actual poop on our gym teacher's very nice sports car and wasn't expelled, and 4) wrote a review of the school on Google and gave it one star with a caption along the lines of “NEEEAAAAAWWWWW”. He also pretended to regularly have seizures on the floor. Yes, he was pretending. He did not actually get seizures. Oh that's right! He also would eat gum from under the desks, 50c a pop. And he called up a private dancer from a newspaper ad in the middle of class.


Kid wearing shirt making urgent face.Littlekidmoment , Shutterstock

37. Choo Choo Kid

There was a kid in my school who refused to wear socks. I was in Texas at the time, on the east side where it's swamp-butt season all but two weeks of the year. I'll never forget the horror—the smell of his feet and rotting shoes could be smelled down the hallways. He had his own "blend"; you'd smell it and instantly knew he'd be around. It's worse...he had an obsession with trains. He'd come to a full stop in the middle of the hallway, do the chugga-chugga, make steam engine sounds, and let out a huge “WOOO WHOOOO” as he ran down the hallway. He also wore a conductor hat.


Kid with shirt and glasses looking at side in school hallway.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

38. Look Into The Future

In fourth grade, this girl had quite a large mole right in the middle of her forehead and told us that was her mark as a reincarnation of Buddha. Everyday she would do fortune telling and we were all believers. Everyday at nap time (at school) we would ask for more fortune telling lol. Come to think of it, she was only nine. Maybe she just had a fun imagination, and she kept doing it because her friends kept asking for more.


A girl sitting lonely by herself in the classroom at school.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

39. Boot Licker

One of the weird kids at my school was in my class. His name was Lee. During the first break and lunch break, all the kids would go outside and play in the playground. When we got back to the class afterwards, Lee would always take off his shoes and lick the sole. He didn’t do it any other time except for after we’d all been outside.


Kid holding a black shoe in his hand with disgusted face.kwanchai.c , Shutterstock

40. Egomaniac

He would fill up spray bottles used for cleaning and such with Axe body spray and douse himself in it to the point that his clothes would be visibly wet. His mission was to sleep with all of the 10/10 girls even though he looked like Marty Feldman cosplaying as Eminem. But the biggest thing he had going against him was his arrogance. He would walk up to a girl that never displayed any sort of interest in him and when he would get rejected he would go off and make a scene to embarrass her calling her diseased and saying how she's going to regret not hopping on him.


Man using a deo-spray  smiling and looking a side.freepik ,Freepik

41. Dino Dance

There was a kid in high school who would pretend to be a dinosaur. He’d tuck his arms in and use his fingers as claws and would growl at people rather than talk. Everyone thought he had some sort of mental impairment, but I had a friend who said, “No, he just likes acting like that”. I never did talk to that guy. A few years later I was watching the movie Step Brothers with some friends and we all freaked out. In one scene, the dad talked about how he used to want to be a dinosaur. “Hey, we know this guy”!


Man wearing hawaiian shirt talking and pointing to the side on the dark blue background.freepik ,Freepik

42. Nesting

He had a “nest” at the bottom of the school field which was a few bushes he would climb into and do who knows what in there. In the same year he did that he also started a romantic relationship with an orange that lasted around two years. The weirdest part of it for me is that I know a guy who went to primary school with that kid and said that this kid was completely normal in primary school and it was only in secondary school he started doing this.


Man holding an orange in his hand.Nataliya Vaitkevich , Pexels

43. Stretch Armstrong

He was tall and skinny. He would say the name of a girl in class a few times and then throw his eraser at the ceiling in the middle of class. He did all sorts of weird things. At winter camp, we witnessed him take a large tube down a snow hill, hit a ramp, and while flying into the air, the back of his boot (with leg still attached) hit him on the TOP of his head. Imagine that flexibility? We still discuss this over 40 years later like we witnessed Jesus walk on water.


Man flying in the air on rubber tube on mountain.MaPaSa , Shutterstock

44. Strong Winds

There were lots of weird kids at my school since it was a school for the “gifted and talented” (aka smart and nerdy). But there was this one kid who was weird even by our standards, and he once let one rip and launched himself off a stool in art class. It’s been about 30 years since the incident, and I still laugh when I think about it! He owned it like a champ, too, which is key when you have an epic flatulence.


Kid seating on his desk at school and laughing.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

45. Dynamic Duo

He thought he was Sonic…all four years of high school. He had dyed blue spiky hair, blue clothes, and was always running with his hands back. Here’s the real kick in the knackers bro: he got a girlfriend sophomore year. This previously unassuming classmate of mine started calling herself Amy, dressing in all pink, and running around at warp speed. Wholesome ending: I’m pretty sure they got married.


Black woman pointing up ,looking surprised.Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

46. The Phoenix Rises

Not only was he large (tall and in stature not fat) for his age, like towering over some teachers, he maintained an impeccable straight, shoulder length haircut that was half neon blue and half neon green that never faded. He also brought his katana to school (how that was allowed in the mid-2000s I’ll never understand) and had everyone including teachers call him PHOENIX.


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47. Eye See You

One day, we had a substitute teacher, and everyone always acts up when there’s a substitute. There was also this guy named Bob whl had a glass eye and was able to take it out. During the middle of class, everyone was throwing paper airplanes when the sub yelled out: “Stop throwing paper airplanes, you’re gonna poke someone’s eye out”. The whole class looked at each other—and the wheels started turning in their heads.  

The sub then left and everyone wanted Bob to pretend his eye got poked out. So when the teacher came back, someone threw a paper airplane at him, and he pretended his eye popped out when in fact it was just his glass eye. He then walked up to the teacher and the teacher let out a horrifying scream and ran out of the classroom. They got a talk from the principal after that one.


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48. The Sleeper

In high school, there was a guy in my senior class that always wore a stocking cap, regardless of the weather, that he would pull down over his whole face during lunch and most of study hall. Always smelled kind of bad most of the time. He never seemed to have any friends. He was kind of a loner. I found out after graduation that he was working a full time night shift job at a local foundry to support his mother and three younger siblings. Both his parents had been in a horrible car accident the year before; the father didn’t make it and the mother was paralyzed from the waist down. He would pull the cap down over his face to catch some sleep during the day. He did graduate.


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49. Locked Up

I believe it was two years ago. The kid broke into my high school during summer vacation. He then proceeded to spray paint a bunch of lockers, moved desks into the halls, broke a window, and he finished it all off in the most disturbing way: by taking a dump on the locker room floor. When the authorities showed up to take him in, he said he was “above the law and too powerful to be taken into custody”. I have no clue what happened to him after.


Young man holding spray paint in his hand.freepik, Freepik

50. And…Scene

He played a role in school theater. When the thing was over and everyone came up on stage again, this guy went directly to the front of the stage and he did the unexpected—he started dancing the Macarena for some time without anyone joining him. Then, after he finally stopped, he went back to the other students on the stage, received, as everyone else, a rose as a "thank you" present, and just started eating the flower. Since that night, he sort of was the weird kid at school. Now, a few years later, I believe that he just wanted some attention and didn't know how to get it other than being "weird". Kind of sad actually.


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