The Most Cringeworthy Crushes

June 28, 2022 | Melissa Gervais

The Most Cringeworthy Crushes

Trying to win over your crush can be such an emotional rollercoaster: One minute, that exhilarating, fluttery sensation has you feeling like you’re on cloud nine, and the next, you’ve suddenly morphed into an insecure angst-goblin. Fortunately, this is normal, and you’re not alone. From heartwarming to heartbreaking, these honest Redditors bared their souls to share their most adorable, awkward, and sometimes even downright creepy crush moments.

1. This Takes The Cake

Ugh. I grew up with a brilliant, gorgeous girl and the most wonderful person in every way. I was madly in love with her for years—but I messed up my chances in a horrifying way. I pretty much thought of myself as totally friend-zoned because we were so close. So she went off to college and then grad school, and we drifted apart. We still kept in touch but had very separate lives. Mind you; I was still very much in love with her.

After high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. So rather than waste money learning about something I might not have ended up liking, I spent the next several years traveling and living a very free and philosophical life. Then one day, I got a call that she was marrying the guy she’d been dating for about a year. Fast forward to after the wedding.

During the reception, I just sat there alone with my life education while she sat with her high-level degree and posh friends. But after a while, she came over to ask me why I wasn’t hanging with her friends. I said, “Well, they could never respect a guy like me who has nothing to show for himself”, which was technically true.

She then looked me in the eyes and told me, “You’re the smartest and sweetest guy I’ve ever known. My friends are fine, but you are twice the man they are. In fact…” Then she stopped, kinda half sighed, half laughed—and then dropped a bombshell that broke my heart in two: “It’s kinda funny, but I was completely head over heels crazy about you for years. I never stopped thinking about you when I was in school”.

It was both the best and worst thing anyone has ever said to me.

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2. No Bleeding Hearts Here

This girl who apparently had a crush on me gave me quite the scare once. She came to school and showed off how she’d carved my name and a love heart into her whole arm. She hadn’t even bothered to clean the blood off, so you could tell that it was fairly fresh. She told me she did it with a blade and wanted me to do the same for her. She got expelled very quickly after that, and I learned a valuable lesson that girls can be crazy.

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3. The Relationship Went A-Rye, So I Guess That’s A Wrap

Years ago, I once dated a girl because I worked in a deli. Let me explain: She was in a play in a theater across the street, and every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, she’d come in and get a sandwich. Of course, I’d memorized her order and always made it a priority, even when the rest of the cast were all there and I was busy.

I’d even call her order out and say it was ready before she’d get to the front of the line. She once asked me to stop because it was embarrassing, but I’d still make her sandwich and have it ready and waiting for her, regardless. She and her theater group came in like clockwork; whenever she placed her order, I’d just hand it to her without a word or charging her.

After her show finished for the day, she and the rest of the cast would go to a local bar down the street, where I also hung out after work (our schedules coincided). I’d always check to see if she was there while trying not to make it obvious. Sometimes she was, and sometimes she wasn’t. I’d never talk to her, but I’d wave at her group.

Even though we never spoke, I’d get bummed out on the nights she wasn’t there. Then one day, my dreams came true. I got invited to sit with them all. We finally got to talking, and the girl I liked laughed at something and spat her drink everywhere (in a graceful way). We eventually dated, but we broke up because of a stupid misunderstanding over nothing important.

But by God, she was the most beautiful thing in the whole history of the universe—and it all started with a sandwich.

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4. His Elevator Didn’t Go To The Top Floor

I met a girl in my chemistry class; we started talking and usually sat next to each other. One day I mentioned that I was a little hungry and would probably get lunch after class. She said she was hungry too, so we decided to get lunch together. Normally I’d be excited that a girl even talked to me, but she was way out of my league, so I didn’t think she’d even have a morsel of interest in me.

After lunch, we went back to our residence hall, as we lived in the same building. I went to get on the elevator to go up to the sixth floor, but she stopped me by placing her hand on my forearm and said, “Wait, I think I left my sweater in your room”. I simply looked at her and said, “You’ve never been in my room before”, and left. After this, I facepalmed so hard, and I regret it every day. Now she doesn’t even look at me.

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5. Ave Maria

Back in the day, I kind of liked this one girl at school, whom we’ll call Elizabeth. Once, we had a lockdown drill at school, and at the time, I was in Spanish class with one of Elizabeth’s best friends—let’s call her Maria. During the drill, Maria randomly decided she needed to talk to me. So, very carefully and deliberately, she started crawling over to me from the other side of the room.

Keep in mind: At 15 years old, Maria was already 6’2. So, when she started army crawling her way across the room toward me, literally everyone in the class, including the teacher, started staring at her. I’m sure if the teacher had a second to prepare, she would’ve told Maria not to do this. No one woke up and thought that would be something they’d see that day: a big girl army-crawling her way across the floor.

Eventually, Maria got across the room, sat up next to me, and greeted me. She began making small talk, which was normal because we were kinda friends, too; we’d hung out in groups together outside of school, and we were also both part of an after-school thing. So far, her army crawling was the only abnormal thing to have happened there.

That is, until Maria asked me, “So, is there anyone you like”? I didn’t wanna say Elizabeth’s name because we were all about 15–16, and besides being Maria’s best friend, she was also part of the same friend group and the after-school thing, too. So instead, I just said, “Yeah”. Maria asked, “Is it Elizabeth”? To which I responded with, “Uhhh…”

Firmly, Maria then told me, “You should ask her out”. I started to answer, “But what if she—” but Maria interrupted me and insisted, “She won’t”. Maria had a very serious look on her face, and with my being only like half her size, I briefly became scared for my safety because she said this with a lot of authority.

As it turned out, Elizabeth had a crush on me for weeks and constantly talked about me to her friends. They repeatedly told her to just ask me out, but she was too scared to make the first move, and after a while, her friends all grew sick and tired of hearing about me. That’s when Maria decided to take matters into her own hands.

So, yeah. That’s how I found out that Elizabeth had a crush on me. I asked her out a few days later because I was a chicken and was too scared to ask her out that same day (or any of the other days) I saw her. We dated for the next ~10 months or so. She was my first real girlfriend and is still one of my longest relationships to date.

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6. She Was Much Teenier Than Him

Once, I found a nice heartfelt letter with a lipstick kiss and phone number on my windshield. Unfortunately, my “admirer” was only 15, and I was old enough that I was already done with college. I really wasn’t sure how to react, especially given that our only interaction together was my being polite to her on the way to the mailbox.

It was a bad situation for me to be in, but I also didn’t want to crush her spirit. I remember being 15 and doing really cringey stuff too, so I didn’t want to make her feel bad. So, the next time I saw her, I told her I was sorry but that I was too old for her. She turned bright red and said she didn’t know what I was talking about. She never spoke to me again, which is probably for the best.

I still feel bad about it, even though I don’t know what I could have done differently.

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7. A Wookie Mistake

When I was in high school, I took a Spanish class with a girl who had a crush on me. I loved this class because I had it with a few friends, the teacher was cool, and I made a lot of jokes (I was unpopular until my junior year, so this was all new to me). So one day, I went to class and was joking around and Spanishing it all up like I typically did.

Then this girl I had talked to but wasn’t really friends with passed a note to me. She sat across the room, so like a dozen people were involved in passing this note to me. I opened the folded paper and read, “Are you going to see the new Star Wars movie”? I had seen the old ones but wasn’t really interested in them that much (I’ve rewatched them since then and love them now).

But at that point, I didn’t like the movies, so I said, “No”, and gave her a look like she was stupid for even asking me such a ridiculous question. Everyone looked at her and apparently knew what was going on. She kinda slumped down in her chair and said, “Nevermind”, really sheepishly. It wasn’t until after college that I realized she was trying to ask me out on a date, and I’d rejected her in front of the entire class.

I feel horrible now. I totally would have gone with her; she was pretty cool. Ladies, you have to spoon-feed us when you’re interested!

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8. Chancing An Arm

I was due to move halfway across the country for my job in a couple of weeks, so I was hanging out with a local friend to say goodbye. That night, I admitted I would have asked her out if I wasn’t moving so far away. There was a moment of tense silence, and then she responded with, “Yeah, I probably would have said yes. You’re quite the catch”.

Later that night, we were lying together on her bed watching anime. She got up to use the bathroom, so I stretched my arms out. She saw me stretched out when she came back and said, “Ooh, an arm”! Then she cuddled right up to me. We’re dating now.

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9. They Knew It Firsthand

This guy and I both had mutual friends, so we started sitting together in a few classes and occasionally texted about homework. Then while at a Halloween party one weekend, I was looking for one of our mutual friends, and he offered to help me. The party was packed, so he said, “Want to platonically hold hands, so we don’t lose each other”?

I was already interested in him, but he’d always been so shy whenever I hinted at liking him that I’d decided to wait him out. But right then, I knew he liked me back. Three drinks later, we gave up on finding our friend and instead sat outside on the lawn. Then, he turned to me and said something that took my breath away: “I have a very not little crush on you. Sooo…I just wanted to get that out of the way”.

We had a blast talking to each other a little longer, and he walked me home. The next weekend, I saw him again at yet another party lacking breathing room, so I yelled in his ear, “I’m going outside! Do you want to come with me and non-platonically hold hands, so we don’t lose each other”?! He cracked a mile-wide smile, planted one on me, and we’ve been together ever since.

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10. This Guy Had Personnel Issues

I worked as a team supervisor/manager in hospitality, and there was a temp who worked with my team who was kind of cute: She had cyan and magenta-dyed hair, and she was really into “crycore”. Of course, my first interaction with her was to tease her like she was one of the boys. She would claim many nights at work that I was flirting with her.

I would always tell her I admired her confidence but had zero interest in starting something with her since I was with my soon-to-be fiancée at the time. Plus, she was weird. Still, the other team leaders told me that on the nights she worked with a different team from mine, she would still ask if I’d be working with her and if I was even on the property so we could talk.

It turned out she had a massive crush on me. She tried to track me down via social media but couldn’t find me because, at the time, I was using a nickname at work since I have a very common name. I learned all this when I recently saw her at a music shop, and she “called me out” in front of my now wife.

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11. A Little Late To The Party

I was in high school, 14 years old, and had a huge crush on this girl who was in a few of my classes. One day, I was leaving science class, and someone behind me said my name. I turned around to see my crush and her friend. Her friend had been speaking to me, and she continued: “Hey, did I tell you it was [my crush]’s birthday today”?

I looked at her, then looked at my crush (who looked nervous), and I thought three things: 1) I’ve never spoken to you before, so of course, you didn’t tell me it was her birthday; 2) Hey, it’s my birthday in a few days, too! 3) Oh my God! My crush is right there looking at me! So, I quickly just said the worst thing possible. I croaked out, “No”, turned on my heel, and left.

I only realized a couple of weeks later that she was probably going to invite me to a party or something. Everyone I’ve told this story to has confirmed that suspicion.

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12. Get It Together, Tim

I once had a girl introduce me to her friend like this: “This is Tim. I have a huge crush on him, but he hasn’t figured it out yet”. I guess she just got tired of waiting for me to figure it out, LOL.

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13. Twisted Sister

I was pretty sure my friend’s little sister had developed a crush on me when she started following me around like a lost puppy. Then she randomly started calling me by my first and middle name. Then she learned when my birthday was from someone and started telling me about our age difference. It was all kind of cute until she decided to tell her friends that we were dating (we were NOT dating). That’s when I decided that enough was enough.

I had a nice conversation with her and let her know that while her crush was flattering, she was way too young for me. I also told her that she needed to stop telling people we were dating since it was not true and could get me in a lot of trouble. But the conversation didn’t really go as planned: In true typical teenager logic, she just argued that her parents wouldn’t have a problem with it and that I could date her if I really wanted to. Oye.

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14. A Meat And Greet

This girl worked at the McDonald’s near my house. She kept giving me free bacon every time I ordered a McDouble—but I don’t eat pork. So, after the third time this happened, I went into the store to complain. The cashier then called up the girl in the back, who basically explained that the bacon was her way of flirting with me. She was cute, so we ended up dating for a bit.

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15. The Joke’s On You

It was in the sixth grade, and this girl asked me out in front of all her friends on April Fools Day. I thought it was a cruel joke, so I made a huge mistake. I said no and then purposely avoided her for the next three years. Then, right before our grade eight graduation, a mutual friend of ours told me that she actually did have a crush on me and was apparently still upset about that day. Oops!

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16. She Took Out His Knee, So He Dropped Down To The Other

This woman I knew kept banging my leg under the table at a party, and I suspected she had a crush on me. I did too, but I didn’t react because another guy at the table kept hitting on her hard. Then later the day, she sent me some pictures of the party online, and I said, “[That guy] really has a crush on you”. She responded, “Yeah, but he’s not the guy I’m interested in”.

I replied, “I know. My knee is hurting”. Now we are married.

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17. He Just Wanted A Byte

Twenty years ago, a girl at work asked me to come over to her place and work on her computer, and in exchange, she’d cook me dinner. I went over, fixed her computer, ate homemade spaghetti off the good china, drank the red vino from a crystal glass, and then left like a professional knucklehead. Two weeks later, another co-worker (her friend) said to me, “Boy, you blew it”! So, I asked her, “Blew what”?

She just replied, “Never mind. Too late now”.

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18. She’s Now His Main Squeeze

I was leaving school one day, and my small group of friends started hugging and saying bye to each other. Suddenly, this girl that I was into (but didn’t know if she was into me) raised her arms up toward me and asked, “What about me ”? It was the best hug I’ve ever had. That was back in 2005, and we’ve been together ever since.

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19. They Just Needed A Kickstart

In the fall of 1991, I had a girl keep banging my leg under the table at a Yonge Street Swiss Chalet. I just thought our group was sitting too tightly together and that she needed more space. It turned out I’m just a clueless idiot. She was totally into me and I couldn't even see it. Luckily for me, she was persistent—we’ve been together since April 1992.

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20. When You Literally Don’t Get The Message

I opened my high school yearbook from my sophomore year and found a message from a friend that we should hang out together, and she’d included her phone number. I only found it 18 years later, and I feel horrible that I didn’t see it before because it probably made me look like a jerk and hurt her feelings.

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21. A Crushing Blow

After being here for eight months, I had a co-worker who moved back to France. The day after she left, another co-worker came to me with a confession that destroyed me, “Well, now that she is gone, I can tell you she had a massive crush on you”. I’m still devastated to this day I never picked up on it.

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22. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

A girl once offered to carry my jacket to our next class for me when I had to stop at the bathroom. I then went to the next class and found my jacket placed on the chair next to her, and her best friend said to the girl, “Your boyfriend is here”. I was young and shy, so I did nothing. I always regretted it because that girl was amazing. But I was honestly just happy being her friend.

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23. Love At First Site

My now-husband and I were long-distance acquaintances for a time. He always liked or commented on almost every social media post I had and would send me memes or links to songs he liked. He also always deliberately waited for about half an hour before dropping me a “Hi” every time I came online (he told me he did this so that he wouldn’t come off as stalkery). Also, unless he was super busy, he’d never be the first to end a chat.

This went on for eight months before, finally, he threw all caution to the wind. He said out loud that he had a crush on me. I always thought he was just being a chatty nerd like me.

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24. Now, It’s A Slumber Party

I woke up to this girl cuddling with me after a house party. We were friends of 10 years or more, and we were both inebriated. She found me asleep and didn’t want to risk driving, so she did the only thing she could think of and curled up next to me. We were together for three years after that party, and we’re still friends to this day, too.

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25. She Slipped Up

For a month back in grade 10, I started finding anonymous letters inside my locker (there was a slit where anyone could slip anything in as long as it fit). Then one afternoon, I got really bored because I was in a math class, so I went to the washroom. On my way, I found this girl standing beside my locker, red-handed. I didn’t say anything to her at the time, but she eventually found out that I knew it was her.

We’ve been together for two years now.

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26. A Work Husband

I was giving this guy a ride home from a work function. He jokingly brought up how our boss had mentioned the policy on co-workers dating because we’d attended the event together but said he thought he “didn’t have a chance in heck” with me (his words), so the policy obviously didn’t matter. Well, I also had a crush on him, too, so it actually mattered very much. We’re married now.

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27. Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss

This guy and I were really inebriated and talking about random stuff when out of nowhere, he took me by surprise. He said, “God, I had such a crush on you growing up”. Shocked, I replied, “What the heck? I had a crush on you”! Nothing else came of it, but I realized right then that I really don’t know when someone is interested in me. I always just assume they see me as a friend.

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28. This Dodo Went From Dough To “D’oh”

A girl from one of my courses asked me if I wanted to bake cookies with her. I, a professional dumb-dumb, was like, “Sure, I like cookies”. A friend then informed me that I had just agreed to a date. It was okay. The cookies were pretty good.

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29. It Was Express Mail

Years ago, I had a crush on someone. We worked together. So, I sent him an anonymous letter in the mail expressing my feelings for him. But then, he came to work and told me all about the letter; in fact, he told everyone. Several months later, I finally got up the courage to tell him I was the author of the letter, and he asked me if he could kiss me. I was so scared, but excited too!

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30. It Was All A Song And Dance

I briefly danced with a girl at a high school dance before she suddenly told me that one song was enough and went to the restroom. Naturally, I assumed her hasty retreat meant she didn’t like me. A few weeks later, a mutual friend asked me what I thought about that girl. I said she seemed nice and cute, but she was obviously not into me based on that dance.

He then told me to give it another shot, so I asked her out later that day. We ended up dating for about a year.

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31. She Scooped Him Up

I once talked to this girl working behind the counter at an ice cream shop. When I first met her, I thought she was way out of my league; she had to be the prettiest girl I’d ever seen with her red hair and blue eyes. No one else was there, and she started recommending different things to me. I got my ice cream and left. I noticed her smiling a lot at me, which I wasn’t used to because I’d never considered myself attractive, and I didn’t date growing up.

Still, I came back a few days later and randomly decided to ask her out to my friend’s party—and she actually gave me her number. We met up before the party at the park, and we ended up getting dinner and going to the movies afterward. It was a very long first date, but we didn’t seem to want it to end. Nine years later, we are married, and our baby just turned one year old.

You never know until you ask.

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32. It Ended On A Low Note

I remember being in middle school and getting a note in my locker that only read, “Would you like to go out”? I saw it and was very confused, as there was no name on the note, so I didn’t know who had left it. Then, like weeks later, this random guy from one of my classes came up to me and asked if I had an answer to his note.

Looking back, he must have been really nervous, but I barely knew him. I absolutely crushed him with my response: “No, sorry”, and kinda bowed my head a little and walked away as quickly as possible.

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33. He Tried A Verse, But She Refrained

Back when I was in grade seven, a boy who had a crush on me wrote me the sweetest poem. I have it saved somewhere still. I still remember the line, “I’ll take you to the movies, or even to the mall, even though I’m short, and even though you’re tall”. Mike, wherever you are, I hope you’re happy and have the best woman ever!

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34. Bros Before…A Bro’s Sister

One time, this girl called me and asked why I had never asked her out on a date. She knew I was interested in her because I had told some friends I was, and then they all told her. I hadn’t asked her out because her brother and I were friends before I met her. So when she called, I told her I’d be thrilled to take her out, but I wanted to make sure it was cool with her brother first.

Well, it turned out that her brother was cool with it, and we’ve been together for 18 years now. I got lucky: Dating my friend’s sister could’ve turned out bad.

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35. Target Not Acquired

My experience was weird. I asked this woman out, and she told me she was a lesbian. Even though I was “crushed”, I respected it. But then I found out later from a mutual friend that the woman was actually lying, and she liked me too. She apparently told my friend that she’d rejected me because “It wasn’t in ‘the plan’ for me to ask her out yet”.

The mutual friend essentially told me to take evasive action while I still had a chance.

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36. That Must Have Struck A Chord

A girl once made a playlist called “Songs I Want Him to Rail Me To” and shared it only with me.

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37. A Bad Break

I learned that someone had a crush on me the hard way when they broke things off with their fiancé because they had feelings for me. I was horrified.

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38. A Happy Camper

Once while I was away at camp, this girl randomly came into my cabin (I wasn’t allowed to have gals in the cabin) and jumped into bed with me. Fortunately, I also had a crush on her. We ended up dating for three years.

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39. A Win-Win

My adorable crush moment happened right when I asked this girl out. She accepted and then immediately spilled the beans. She told me she’d had a crush on me for some time. Sometimes you just have to go for it: You win some, you lose some.

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40. Not Just A Schoolgirl Crush

When I was about 10, this girl in my class had a crush on me. She made it obvious, but I wasn’t interested at the time. After elementary school, we didn’t see each other again for several years until we came across one another at 18, and she apparently still had a crush on me. We’ve been married for 18 years now.

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41. He Was Texting The Waters

I was good friends with my crush. One night while texting, he asked, “We aren’t just friends, right”? That was the first time I even realized he had a thing for me, and I wasn’t just imagining the sparks between us. He became my first boyfriend. I didn’t think I’d have a relationship as healthy as that one.

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42. Bet That Friend Was On Thin Ice Afterward

I was on a skating rink, and a couple of girls were hanging out by the benches. As I rolled by, one of them screamed to me that the other one liked me. I didn’t react to it to save the other girl from any more embarrassment as she was practically hiding.

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43. When Work Finally Pays Off

I had a female colleague who mistakenly heard I was leaving town (I wasn’t, I was only going to be away for two weeks), so she took her chance by kissing me after we bumped into each other at a nightclub. It’s now 16 years and three kids later, so I guess it worked out well for both of us!

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44. He Must’ve “Liked” That

I discovered someone had a crush on me after I added her as a friend on Facebook. Her first message to me was “FINALLY”!

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45. Oh, Snap

I realized too late this woman sent me unclothed photos of herself because she wanted me to see her in the buff—not because she wanted to discuss photography. I found this out 15 years later.

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46. She Was Just Kidding Around

I had a nine-year-old neighbor’s daughter randomly out of the blue tackle hug me from behind and absolutely refuse to let go. Her family was over, and we were all just hanging out and chatting. She was off quietly playing when I laughed at something, and out of nowhere, she ran at me. Everyone else could see her but me, and I didn’t know what was happening until I felt the sudden whomp and squeeze.

Her mom burst out laughing. The girl was giggling and squeezing as tight as she could, burying he face into my back (she was literally half as tall as me and on her tip-toes to hang onto my waist). Keep in mind: I had never met her before. Trying not to embarrass her, I had to spin around, look down to see her hands, and then pry them apart while pretending to dance-step her away from me to avoid getting grabbed onto again until her mom finally got ahold of her.

I’ve got eyes in the back of my head now!

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47. They Didn’t Need To Sleep On It

I got finally got the hint after this woman was resting her head on my shoulder, and I said, “If you’re tired, I can let you sleep in my bed, and I’ll sleep on the couch”, and she responded, “God, you’re so freaking dense”. Yep. Message received.

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48. She Must’ve Wanted To Curl Up And Dye

I used to work in a call center with those old high-walled cubicles where you could “isolate” yourself if you leaned forward enough so you couldn’t see anything around you. One day I was on a call, and I was super focused, leaning forward, staring at my screen…You get the picture. At the time, I had really long, waist-length hair, so I was pretty used to it getting caught in stuff.

As I was chatting away, I felt my hair tugging very lightly. No biggie, it happens often, and because of the walls of my cubicle, I couldn’t really see anything in my peripherals. But after a while, the sensation grew and started to get distracting. So I glanced over my shoulder, and what did I see? My good friend and co-worker (or so I thought), sniffing and kissing a lock of my hair.

I was so stunned I couldn’t even react. This jerk was in full weeb mode—it was EXACTLY like something you’d see in an anime. I don’t know how to explain this more accurately. Long story short, he confessed his love for me during our lunch break, I rejected him, and he went on a r/niceguys rampage for the next six months that I remained at the company.

I still feel icky remembering this.

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49. They Didn’t Click

I went to a guy’s house to do a project in high school. It involved the internet, and while he sat next to me, I tried to navigate to Google. Unfortunately, the address bar auto-filled, and it instead took me to his last Google two of results for my name. Every link had been clicked. We both just sat in silence.

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50. The Internet Search Left Him On Edge

A woman once sent me an email containing raunchy photos with our heads pasted on them.

She was an internet friend that I had no romantic interest in and had never flirted with before. As far as I could tell, she’d never flirted with me either. We had talked for about three years, almost daily, but it was always platonic stuff. She was quite a bit older than me, and I never told her this, but I’d always looked at her more like a fun aunt.

Then one day, I got a girlfriend, and when I told my internet friend about it, she absolutely flipped out; she cursed me up one side and down the other and told me I’d broken her heart. She went on and on and on. I was stunned. I apologized and told her I had just seen us as friends and hadn’t meant to make her think it was anything more than that.

That’s when the vulgar photos started showing up, not to mention her creepy “This could have been us” messages. I blocked her on everything (which was only like two things because this was 20 years ago). Then about a year ago, I got curious and looked up her name. She ran for and won a small government position in her hometown about three years back.

I also found some newspaper articles written about her and discovered a few things: 1) She had been married for 30 years by the time I’d looked her up, yet she’d claimed to be single when we talked; 2) I was 19 when we started talking, and she’d claimed to be 30 when she was actually 42, and 3) She had kids that were older than me.

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