October 6, 2021 | Mae Stanley

The Birth Of High School Legends

There is always that one kid people whisper about on the schoolyard. Students trade these secretive rumors amongst themselves at every opportunity. Perhaps these legends have been exaggerated, but it’s thrilling to think they could be true. These Redditors share the stories of the birth of their own high school legends and the kids that became history.

1. Hero And Legend

When I was in the eleventh grade, a guy a year older than me saved a younger girl from being abducted by her estranged father in the school parking lot. Her dad hadn't been in her life for years and had previously tried to take her from her elementary school. This being her first year in high school, I guess he tried again.

The twelfth grader heard her scream as her dad tried to force her into his car and he ran over and got involved, apparently punching the dad before the dad got back in his car and sped off.

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2. Open-Air Experience

Halfway through my last year of high school someone managed to put a ceramic toilet on top of our multi-story gymnasium. I have no idea how that feat was achieved. The school staff didn't know either, nor could they figure out how to get it OFF the roof once they found it. As a result, it remained on the gym for the remainder of my time there.

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3. He Had Us In The First Half

A friend wore a Walmart hot dog costume and for some reason, everyone thought it was funny. They even started chanting, “Hot Dog Kid! Hot Dog Kid!” And he won the best Halloween costume award of that year. The next year, he wore a penguin costume and as he stepped up on stage the crowd seemed to be pretty underwhelmed.

But then, he ripped off his costume to reveal the hotdog costume underneath. Everybody lost their minds. Sadly, we have a rule that you can't win two years in a row so while he didn't get the prize, we all knew who had the best costume that day. That is how the legend of Hot Dog Kid was born at my high school.

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4. It’s A European Thing

In ninth grade, one of our teachers got sick so we got a substitute. One of my classmates just starts talking in a strong Spanish accent, and he was pretty good at it too. He convinces the teacher he is from Spain. And he talks this way FOR THREE MONTHS. It was hilarious. And when another kid tried talking like a Spaniard too, he got really upset and accused the other kid of mocking his culture.

Then when the year ended, we had to do a presentation and our original teacher happened to be in the audience! So, the kid just nodded through the whole presentation while his group mates talked so neither teacher would find out his prank.

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5. A Long-Held Secret

My brother ran into the statue of our high school mascot with his truck at night. He knocked the bulldog off its platform then threw it in the back of the truck. It ended up in a pond out by our house. My brother, who was a massive wallflower in school, never told a soul until he mentioned it to me over some beers in our thirties. My jaw literally dropped open when he told me.

No one ever knew who it was, but it was a big deal and I remember tons of allegations, accusations, and rumors as to how our mascot disappeared. Never in my life would I have ever suspected my brother. Legendary in my eyes.

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6. That Backfired Spectacularly

In high school, we had to pick the new Head Boy (sort of like a class representative) and it's picked by vote. There were about 150 students in our year who would be voting and we all assumed that one of the obvious, popular, well-liked kids would be voted in. We had the popular guys, the football captain, and the sophisticated academic who were the obvious choices.

Me and my little posse of in-betweeners suggested this year was time to mix it up. We pick one guy from the "forgotten kids" club, let's call him Carl. This guy has pretty below-average grades, not a lick of athletic ability, and his social abilities...well he's never been called charming. Carl found himself named Head Boy to his absolute shock.

He turned out to be a pretty good dude as well and really committed himself to his new position. His grades improved, he became a better speaker, the lad glowed up considerably and by the end of year 11, we had a whole army of people carrying him down the street for the final end-of-exams celebration. We would just sing his praises despite not knowing him that well and it just caught on.

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7. Well, That’s Awkward

I had a friend in high school who was super cool but his appearance made him seem pretty awkward. Our high school had TVs in every classroom, and these were used to broadcast campaign speeches for class president candidates. So, the first person goes on the TV and talks about why he should be class president, discussing his platform very seriously.

Then the second candidate goes up and talks about why they should be president and all the good things they'd do. Then my friend goes on TV—and became a legend. He proceeds to just sing the song "Zombie" by the Cranberries, completely acapella. He put his heart and soul into it and ended up being voted in. He abdicated his position three weeks later.

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8. Some Things Should Remain A Mystery

My buddy went to a boarding school for high school. It was very strict and regimented, with little to no tolerance for misbehavior. Multiple years of this environment must have pushed someone off the deep end, because during my buddy's second year, someone started dumping in the urinals and making a huge mess of it too.

At least once a month for three years, these turds would appear. The culprit became known as the Phantom Dumper, and despite the efforts of a taskforce specifically assembled to put an end to the nefarious poops, the Phantom Dumper was never captured. This person became a legend at this boarding school because of their stealth, conviction, and utter lack of shame. But the story doesn't even end there...

My buddy kept in touch with one of his instructors over the years, and found out years later that a copycat dumper had briefly popped up, but he was discovered and expelled after only a couple attempts. He lacked the finesse of the mysterious original.

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9. Winter Can Be Cruel

Someone placed a bet that this guy couldn’t jump out the classroom window during class and walk back in through the door. His buddy promised him that if he could do it, he would get a free pizza at lunchtime. It was winter, and he claimed that all he could see beneath this second-story window was a massive pile of fluffy-looking snow.

The guy jumps out, clearly anticipating a soft and comfy landing. What came next was straight out of a horror movie. Maybe there was something wrong with his eyesight but there ended up being nothing but solid ice beneath that window. He breaks both his legs and didn’t come back to the classroom, so he didn’t win the pizza either. He then tried to sue the school, the teacher, and even the winter, but lost every case.

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10. You Never Know

There was this kid in my high school who was literally good at everything. Academics? High honor roll. Choir? Best darn voice I’ve ever heard, plus he did a bunch of solo stuff too. Athletics? Dude was a natural athlete—literally walked into a track practice one day and became our top sprinter, high jumper and long jumper.

On top of that, he was the star running back I think and was a handsome guy, very popular with the ladies. He was also very charismatic and could crack a joke like nobody’s business. Then one day he stands up during class, flips his desk, and runs out of the school screaming. He never came back and the rumor is that he now sells jeans at a flea market.

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11. A Dishonest Miscommunication

One of my friends throughout school was this uber punk guy. He always wore camo clothing, a jean vest, chains, chunky leather boots, and had the sickest spiked hair. Most people saw my friend as just this weirdo but still knew not to mess with him. He was actually a really cool dude and he got me hooked on Pink Floyd and Zeppelin early on.

One day in high school, the staff arranged a "fun fair" or whatever it was that they called it. It was basically a few amusement park attractions like the arcade/skill booths and a rock wall climbing tower. The tower had three sides each, each with its own tether, and it must have been about 35 feet tall. Most kids couldn't make it halfway up.

My friend went over and started climbing before the attendant could get him fitted with a harness. He was about ten feet up and staff were yelling at him to come back down. He yelled back, "What's that? I can’t hear you. You want me to try it only using my arms?" He managed to get himself all the way to the top of this climbing wall only using his arms.

He had no harness, and then proceeded to sit at the top taunting everyone. They called the fire department to come get him down. He got suspended and didn't really care.

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12. Staircase Protest

In my junior year, the school had over 3,000 students, and that year, they implemented one-way staircases. We all hated them and fought back and would keep using them both ways until detentions and suspensions were given out. Well, one kid said “no thank you” to that and started dumping in a brown paper bag and leaving it in the landings of random staircases.

The waste would get trampled on by hundreds of kids within minutes and it got smeared all over the halls. It went on randomly almost every other day for about three months and it randomly stopped right before winter break. Well, break came and went and we started noticing this kid Charlie was no longer around. Turns out he was caught dropping off his last bag before break and was expelled for the remainder of the year.

When he came back the next fall, he was a legend—but his legend was just beginning. Copycats popped up everywhere over the year. Charlie kept getting pulled into the principal’s office but he wasn’t the one doing it so they couldn’t expel him again.

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13. Ceiling Secrets

Let me tell you about the great raccoon uprising that happened my sophomore year. It began with two raccoons that fell out of the ceiling in the chemistry lab. We were setting up a magnesium lab that day and during the pandemonium, somebody’s backpack caught fire. I ended up with a black eye when someone elbowed me in the face. When people bolted for the exits, one girl broke her leg.

Over the next few weeks, we thought we heard scrabbling in the ceilings and there were raccoon droppings all over the place. The school launched a full-fledged raccoon removal campaign.

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14. Basket Brawl

My friend was a pretty good basketball player in high school. One night, at an away game against one of our bitter rivals, he was in a pretty intense battle under the boards with their best player. I kept seeing the rival pull my friend’s shorts down and really just getting in his face. He came over during a time out and said to me, "If that guy pulls my shorts down one more time, I am going to knock him out."

Well, true to his word, the next time he was under the opponent's basket, he was asking for the ball and suddenly his shorts got pulled down far enough to show the jockstrap. He turned and hit the other kid so hard, the first thing to hit the ground was the back of his head. The place went nuts. People were rushing the court trying to get to my friend.

The head coach from the other team finally got to him from behind and grabbed his jersey. So, my friend knocked him out too. Once we got the melee under control, they were carting the head coach and the other player off the court. My friend was standing there with his jersey top ripped in half, still in fight mode. I grabbed him and dragged him into the visitor's locker area.

He wasn’t allowed to play basketball again after that but it didn’t stop people from chanting his name at future games.

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15. A Legendary Legacy

We had a kid somehow sneak his name into the yearbook as Haywood Jablomi. I honestly don’t think anyone noticed even when the yearbook came out. Ten years later, the school was taking donations in return for naming the seats in the auditorium. He called up the alumni office and asked if they would name one after his friend from the class of 2007 that died recently.

So now there is a “In memory of Haywood Jablomi, Class of 2007, 1989-2018” chair in the auditorium.

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16. Live For The Applause

This is the legend of “The Great Applause.” We were clapping at a friend of ours who was telling a joke and we just decided to keep clapping. Then the kids playing table tennis next to us started clapping too, then the other people on benches, then the people on the grass, then the whole lunchroom. It caught on like a wildfire and blazed throughout the school.

It would have been between 240 and 300 students clapping for absolutely no reason. It lasted for a weirdly long time and teachers were trying and failing to get us to stop, because there were so many of us. It caused the whole school to be banned from clapping except in assemblies. People tried and failed to recreate the incident, and our legendary actions shall be known for generations.

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17. Today We Ride

There was this student who we'll call K and the students at school tell his story to every new student. First of his great deeds was riding a bicycle down from the highest floor. The second one was much grander. When he returned from his suspension, we were all in this really big audience hall, with a balcony opposite the stage.

During a really grand speech from the principal, K and his friends swung down from the balcony towards the principal, on a rope, wearing cowboy costumes.

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18. Teaching The Teacher A Lesson

There was one teacher that everyone hated because she refused to let anybody have fun, so one day the kid sitting next to me (we’ll call him Dave) is on his phone and the teacher says, “Get off your phone, it’s distracting you from your education.” Keep in mind Dave is a smart kid and he is done with his work for the day, as this was in our last period.

Dave looks up at her, smiles, and goes back to playing on his phone. The teacher becomes upset and tries to completely embarrass him in front of the whole class. “This is why you have two missing assignments and we needed an intervention with your parents. Judging by the fact that I could hear them scream at you as soon as you left the building, I’m guessing they weren’t happy.”

“Get off your phone,” she continues, “it’s making you lose educational time.” He responds by aggressively digging through this bag. “What are you doing?” Gorilla asks. Dave's answer made him a legend: “Looking for who the heck cares.” There was dead silence for about seven seconds before all the students in the room BURST out laughing hysterically, and the teacher just looked flabbergasted.

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19. What They Don’t Know, Won’t Hurt Them

Our school had just become two schools that shared facilities like a shop class with a forge in one school and a AAA-sized choir room in the other. After the new school came in, we had a few extra unused rooms in the old school that included a retired art classroom, which one student converted into his own workshop during the study block.

The guy used the kiln to make pieces to put in molds at the other school's metal shop. This guy made bird bath ornaments, scabbard pommels, decorative hearthstone pieces, wrought iron mantel adornments, and individualized paperweights (my favorite was a billiard ball-sized skull with quartz stone bedazzling). The thing was, no one knew he was doing it.

It was only discovered when the theater class asked a teacher if they could use some of the props from the spare room. Turns out this kid was running an entire successful business out of the school and was using the spare prop room to hold his inventory. He did this for THREE years without a single faculty member noticing.

Not his homeroom teacher, history teacher, art teacher, metal shop teacher, or the front office, which you had to walk past to go between the art room and the metal shop. He moved whole bird baths on a dolly out the front doors AND NO ONE NOTICED! 15 years later and I still hear the occasional rumor of Bird Bath Man.

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20. The Simplest Solutions Are Sometimes The Best

The school I went to had a strict no phone policy. You had to lock it in your locker as soon as you entered school. A lot of guys would hide it and keep it on them. I remember we were in English class and my friend was sitting next to me. The teacher had given us an exercise and so the whole class was dead quiet while working.

In the midst of all this I hear my friend's phone start ringing. He knew if the teacher heard it, it would get confiscated for a week and his parents would pretty unhappy. His genius idea was to start screaming at the top of his lungs and making a bunch of random noises while he dove for his phone to switch it off. The teacher obviously jumped up and didn't know how to react.

When he was interrogated by the teacher as to what happened, he said he can't remember, he just blacked out. They brought a professional and everything. They ended up putting it down to a mental break and promised to make the environment a better, safer, less stressful space for him.

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21. An Explosive Assembly

My buddy used to crack fireworks in restrooms when everyone was in the assembly. Teachers tried so hard to catch him but never succeeded. Finally, they formed a student committee with a promise of extra credits if they caught the guy. But do you want to know the best part? My buddy was the president of the committee.

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22. When Nature Calls

We had a teacher who was very stingy about when he would allow kids to use the restroom. To be fair, he reminds everyone almost weekly that he would much rather people be late to his class than interrupt his lesson to leave to the restroom. He made it clear that if you can't go use the restroom before his class starts, then you can wait until his lesson is at least finished.

One kid must not have gotten the memo and asked to use the restroom mid-lesson and immediately got shut down. The teacher then goes on about how he hates reminding everyone the rules about restrooms which he has to repeat weekly. Mid-tangent the kid just gets up and leaves. I remember the teacher yelling, "Where do you think you are going?"

This kid just yells, "Bathroom!" And kept walking. Somehow, he managed to avoid getting into trouble for that. Afterward, that teacher amended his bathroom policy and allowed students to leave as long as they did it quietly.

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23. When You’re Here, You’re Foolish

We used to have team dinners for our basketball team to bond in season or whatever. My junior year, we went to Olive Garden and convinced our star player that fifty dollars was a fair price to have him snort a full line of salt. It took less than ten seconds for his nose to start bleeding and another thirty seconds for him to run outside and start puking right outside the front door.

After that, kids would throw salt at him if they saw him in the hallways.

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24. Lack Of Conscience

Our high school was near both a grocery store and a pet supply store. So naturally, someone bought sugar, a loaf of bread, and a hundred crickets. They soaked the bread in sugar water, tossed it up into the drop ceiling, and let the crickets out into the ceiling as well. They bred like crazy and the chirping was constant and echoed throughout the entire school.

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25. For The Greater Good

When I was in school, there was this guy who got access to a teacher’s laptop and managed to copy all the answers for the final math tests for all the kids in their last year of high school. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain as another student told the teachers about this and the kid got expelled. Both students became legends that day, but one was a hero and the other was a villain.

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26. Born To Trick The System

I went to a really religious school. The school had a rule that they would expel any student who got pregnant. It backfired so spectacularly. The principal's own niece got pregnant her senior year. After that, they changed it to "pregnant students are not allowed to walk for graduation if they are showing, but they are no longer expelled." But funnily enough, not even that worked.

A girl in my class got pregnant her senior year and was not showing two weeks before graduation, which was when the school had to decide if she was allowed to walk. She did not look pregnant then, but then POPPED in those two weeks and looked super pregnant at graduation. But since they had already said she could walk she got to participate.

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27. Seize The Day

We had a carbon monoxide leak at my high school one day in which the entire school was evacuated to the football field. The leak was taking so long to fix that eventually, local news cameras started showing up. None of us had any clue about the insane scene we were about to witness. At around the 3-hour mark of waiting on the football field, one of the seniors ran naked across the entire length of the football field.

He just stripped down to his birthday suit IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE SCHOOL. He ran straight at the cameras that were pointed at the field, hopped the fence, and ran across a busy intersection...completely naked. One of the funniest things I've ever seen. Every single person, including the teachers, was laughing hysterically. Kid became a legend that day for sure.

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28. In It For The Long Haul

A kid known as a "class clown" type joined the football team. He was athletic and played soccer, so it wasn't totally out of the norm. He made it through tryouts and countless team practices to become a kicker. The team is all set for the first game, which is at our school. For some reason, the kickers were in charge of the bag of footballs. No idea why.

And back then, the rule was that the home team provides the footballs for the game. So, he's standing with the bag of balls as the coordinators meet with their teams to talk through the plans for the first quarter. Our team wins the toss and elects to kickoff. The kickoff teams head onto the field and begin to line up. That's when the kid put his master plan into action.

In a flash, this kid, the kicker, grabs the bag of balls, runs out to midfield and grabs the ball on the tee (wearing all his equipment) and sprints into the parking lot, which was like 50 yards away. The kid was fast. His car was already running (we found out later one other kid was in on it and turned it on for him about 10 minutes before kickoff).

All of the players begin cheering because who wouldn't? Security is chasing him but they have no shot. He's in his car and peels out before anyone can really understand what happened. The driveway for the school loops around the field so everyone could see him doing about 60 mph out of the driveway, the security van tailing him.

He turns out onto the main road and he's gone. Everyone was in shock. The coaches met at midfield. Someone went into the gym and found some damaged old footballs that were not even regulation size and after about a thirty-minute delay, they played the game with child-sized balls. We lost. The kid got suspended, but it elevated him to legendary status. It was the greatest "long game" prank I've ever seen.

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29. Important Business

There was this kid who would do literally anything for a buck. And I mean literally anything that you can think of. It was pretty hilarious, one of my good memories of him was when we figured out you could just pull the grate off of one of the drain pipe thingies. So, we paid him to pick up the grate and walk into class, holding it like a suitcase.

The fricking legend walked into class, holding that grate like a briefcase full of important documents, sits at his desk and starts pretending to use the thing like a laptop. He addresses the teacher by his first name and acts like he didn't have a massive metal grate just sitting on his desk. He was sitting there, typing diligently at his grate when the teacher walked up to him.

He stood there for a moment and was completely confused with why this kid was typing on a grate. The teacher is clearly thinking about how best to handle this situation. The guy just looks at the teacher and says, "Well Greg, I figured out that the grate allows me to type at exactly zero words per minute which is about one hundred words per minute faster than I was before."

He got a detention for taking the grate but even the teacher couldn’t help but break down into a fit of laughter while sending him to the principal’s office.

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30. “Baa”d Behaviour

We had a geometry teacher who was a well-known jerk. Hated his job, basically seemed to hate kids in general. But one epic day, he got what was coming to him. He owned a sheep ranch in addition to teaching (I think he actually wanted to be a rancher, and teaching was his fallback or something). Anyway, in senior year, a bunch of guys got together, covered themselves in cotton batting (I guess to look like sheep), and broke into his ranch.

They painted all two hundred sheep every color of the rainbow with spray paint. The guy that came up with the idea was the class clown. Obviously, it was vandalism and destruction of property, but they never figured out who it was until the rumor mill got rolling at the high school, and eventually, the details got leaked to the faculty.

The artistic miscreants were given a choice. They could come out to the geometry teacher’s ranch and help him and his crew shear every single sheep and destroy the wool, or they could be prosecuted for vandalism and destruction of property. So, for the next little while, they all came to school smelling heavily of sheep.

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31. Don’t Trust The DJ

A guy in the year above me, I'll call him Grant, was a part-time DJ for local venues. One snowy January morning, Grant set the music wing bathroom on fire and two different fire departments had to come. There was smoke everywhere. Everyone was evacuated and after standing coatless for half an hour in below-freezing temperatures, the teachers finally decided to send us to area churches for shelter.

We went back to school the next day. There was no lasting damage to the school and Grant was reportedly expelled. Last I heard he got his GED and was still DJing in the area. People brought him up for a long time after that, and he earned the nickname DJ Arson.

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32. That Takes Commitment

Some kids figured out where the school kept its golf carts. So, during the day, they unlocked one of the building’s windows. That night, they broke in and stole multiple carts. They then took the carts out for a joy ride and ditched them in a park about ten miles away from the school. You'd think they'd lock the carts better after that, but no. The next time was when things got really crazy.

The carts were stolen again about a week later, of course. This time, however, they were all left on school property. On top of the library. A group of kids found that the area near the cafeteria had the roof quite close to the ground as there was a raise grassy patch in that area. They managed to get the cart on the cafeteria roof.

The library was at the other end of the building and the roofs were sort of like steps. When morning came the staff had to call a crane to get it down. One of my teachers said he took his class out to watch it get taken down.

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33. Mythical And Legendary

There was this one guy I went to school with who became known as “Unicorn Boy.” It sounds whimsical—it was actually horrifying. He was in a shop lesson when his friend picked up a file and started to flail around with it, trying to be funny. The metal file flew out of his hand and straight into the front of Tom’s skull. He was rushed to hospital and apparently he was completely fine, I have no clue how.

Once he was patched up, he sent a Snapchat photo of the file sticking out of his head to his friend which quickly spread around the school. Thus, giving him the nickname “Unicorn Boy”.

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34. That’s Fowl

Senior prank at a high school in my home county: Some kids acquire four chickens from somewhere (whether bought, given, or stolen, I have no idea) and manage to break into the school early in the morning. They then set them loose in the hallways. When hundreds of teenagers show up for school, the chickens naturally go haywire.

The local authorities got called in to help round up the chickens (don't know whether it was just animal control officers or the school resource officer who was already stationed there). But here is the fun part, the kids had painted numbers on the chickens. 1, 2, 3...and 5. The authorities spent half the day looking for that elusive chicken number 4.

When one of the kids finally let them know that there was no chicken 4, the adults lost their minds and the kids basically all got suspended on the spot.


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35. You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit

I went to a boarding school and on graduation day they’d put a diploma in your mailbox. If you didn’t have a diploma in your box, it meant you weren’t graduating. This international kid had a college acceptance contingent on him graduating. He needed to pass senior year English and was one paper away from either failing or passing the class.

He begged the teacher for two weeks to tell him if he passed, to which the teacher would just say, “We’ll see if the diplomas in your mailbox!” Graduation day comes, the kid has no diploma in his mailbox so he goes to the teacher’s room and relieved himself in the top drawer of the teacher’s desk. Ended up getting kicked out on the last day.

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36. It Was Never Going To End Well

There was this one kid at school who became so notorious that it seems everyone in the area had heard at least a few tales of his antics. When I finally met him in person, I found out he was even more insane than people said. The big one involved lighting his school on fire. He was putting together set pieces with the drama club, and they had gotten to fooling around, as you do.

He had a lighter, because reasons, and they were improvising flame throwers with the cans of spray paint. Then they got to thinking how it would look on a wall. Things get carried away and he ends up lighting up a panel that was still coated in fresh paint. And it starts to spread. And he got that all too familiar feeling when a harmless bit of fun goes wildly out of control.

The fire spread so high that it was now licking the curtains. The handheld fire extinguisher does almost nothing to slow the spread. At this point, one of the drama students runs to pull the alarm, and everyone evacuates. The fire department (fortunately just a block away) comes and secures the stage. Luckily the fire hadn't spread into the rafters, and he is saved the fate of burning down the school.

The craziest part, though, came when he was to be disciplined. Usually, these kinds of things end with expulsion, but the whole staff at the school liked this kid so much that they all fought for him, and he only ended up with a brief suspension. I think like a few days or a week.

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37. Patience Of A Saint

As a senior prank, somebody climbed up to the roof of a mobile unit class of an unpopular government class teacher and drilled quarter inch holes all over the roof. It rained four months later and the class had little drips everywhere. Apparently, the roof repair people had trouble finding the little holes...until they realized the holes spelled a bad word.

Teacher said in a meeting where student body officers were present that he thinks it goes without saying that it was a very patient student. I was there and said, “I’m afraid he’s going to have to explain.” He explained that senior pranks happen in June and it doesn’t rain until November in LA. A regular kid couldn’t wait that long to see their plan work out.

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38. A Simple Request

My cousin, Nick, was a basketball player and he transferred into my school in his senior year. He never really played much at the games; he was just kind of an alternate. His mom didn’t really care and invited me to come watch him play whenever he had a game. I thought it would be funny to make a giant poster that read “PUT NICK IN.”

I remember throwing the poster up when the game got started and Nick looked so embarrassed. I came back the next game or two to do it again. I went on a brief hiatus and skipped a bunch of games. I had no idea what I'd created until I came back. I went to one of his last games of the season (with my poster of course). The game starts and I notice a whole set of bleachers with people who have posters.

A couple people were even wearing t-shirts with his face on it that all read “PUT NICK IN.” There are about 5-10 minutes left of game and the coach puts Nick in. The place erupts, everyone is screaming and I can tell how excited Nick is. For years afterwards, it became tradition to bring the posters and t-shirts to games, even when Nick was no longer on the team.

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39. They Will Find A Way

When I was in high school, the gym was across the street from the main school building so students would always jay-walk across. These brothers painted a crosswalk so kids could pass safely. The administration painted over the crosswalk and put a fence up so students would have to walk over to the light.

The boys cut the fence with bolt cutters and painted the crosswalk back on the street. What ensued was a years-long battle between the students and the staff. Eventually, city officials designated that spot an official crosswalk.

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40. Shoot Your Shot

There was this fella, we’ll call him Gregory, who would try to get this gal to go out with him every year on Valentine’s Day. Every year he was rejected but that didn’t stop him from trying again, bigger and bolder the next year. So senior year rolls around and this guy has pulled out all the stops. Valentine’s Day happened to land on a Friday that year and the week leading up to it he was tireless in his efforts.

There was an uncomfortable YouTube video going around. Some shirtless pictures plastered on her desk in one of her classes and, of course, flowers and gifts. Finally, the big moment came. On Friday, the school was buzzing with what Gregory had planned for after school, the rumors were flying and anticipation was high!

After the final bell everyone flocked to the main rotunda. Old Greg patiently waited for his girl to show up, which eventually she did. Timidly, he sang a song for her and gave a heartfelt and compassionate speech with a small speaker and mic setup he had brought. With the whole school watching, Greg got a quick peck on the cheek.

However, he never did get the date with his dream girl. But I will never forget watching the crowd gather around to witness Greg’s final shot to get the girl and the absolute electricity there was surrounding Greg’s big moment.

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41. Watch Where You’re Pointing That

The story everyone from my school tells is when two girls got in a fight over a boy but one of the girls brought in homemade pepper spray. It happened in the beginning of the day when a bunch of students were in the center of the school, where these two girls started to fight. The girl with the pepper spray had terrible aim and sprayed the whole room!

It got into the vents and kids were being affected by it all over the school. A bunch of students were divided up to go to all the science rooms to get their eyes rinsed out. The fire department showed up and told our principal to send all the students home until they got it cleared up, but the principal refused and just set up giant fans that spread the pepper spray even more!

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42. On The Side Of Justice

A football player with the last name ‘Parham’ got punished for something and was no longer allowed to walk the stage for graduation. One day, a friend of his pulled up in a truck outside of the cafeteria during lunch, slammed on the brakes, jumped out, and proceeded to sprint inside. He streaked through half the cafeteria with a spider-man mask on and “Free Parham” painted on his bare bottom.

Staff tried to grab him and stop him, and despite him literally slipping on a piece of food and falling, he escaped valiantly—as any hero should. Eventually, Parham was once again allowed to walk the stage, although I’m sure the stunt wasn’t the only reason for it.

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43. Just A Dab Will Do

One time this kid I was friends with brought this insanely spicy hot sauce to high school and let a bunch of kids try it during lunch. Some kids really started freaking out because that stuff is ridiculously hot, like you’re supposed to add one or two drops to a big batch of chili to make it spicy. Some were trying to show off and took a swig of it and ended up vomiting everywhere from the heat and pain.

Multiple kids had to go to the nurse and be sent home because they way overdid it, although I think most just really had no idea what a Scoville unit was or that they made hot sauce that was that ridiculously hot. It was chaos. I tried it as well, a dime-sized amount, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything but chugging milk.

Finally, the principal came on the intercom and said, “Whoever brought the hot sauce please... just stop…” My friend got into some pretty big trouble for that one.

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44. Soccer Balls

We received our yearbooks the week of graduation and to our surprise the full-page action shot for men's soccer showcased our player jumping up and lifting one leg to trap the ball. Unfortunately, he forgot to wear underwear to that game and the tip of his little fella was fully visible sticking out of the bottom of his shorts.

Our school had over 4,000 students and we were required to bring our yearbook into security to have the unexpected star drawn over with marker or we would not be able to walk at graduation.

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45. She Has Risen

We were all called to an emergency assembly and told a student had died. Her friends were distraught and even the people who didn't know her went quiet. I think I remember a group of students putting together a type of memorial card. The whole morning was morbid...until the "dead girl" arrived at school and didn't know what was going on.

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46. In His Absence

I was a child of divorce so I always left town to hang with my dad all summer. One year, I left town a couple days before the school year ended because of some family reunion trip. Came back at the end of summer to a bizarre rumored mythology about me. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I had spent the summer behind bars for some horrible misdeed, as far as everyone in the school was concerned.

I was 14 and weighed maybe eighty pounds soaking wet but I was the new resident cool guy at school somehow.

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47. She Gambled And Won

There was this girl “Kelly” who was very tiny, quiet, and seemingly well-mannered. Very unassuming girl, I don’t think anyone knew who she was. Then, one insane day, we learned the dark truth about her. Out of the blue, she was ESCORTED OFF CAMPUS BY THE AUTHORITIES for stealing the credit card information of 14 students and going on a shopping spree. She disappeared for a year before somehow being allowed back in for her senior year.

Instead of being a pariah, this girl somehow became a legend. “Free Kelly” posters would pop up with her mugshot on them, her name was incorporated into chants used at football games like she was a curse that could be used against the opposing team, and she was at the top of everyone’s party invite list.

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48. For The Greater Good

We had a teacher who was infamous for not letting you go to the bathroom no matter what. I mean so much so that if you accidentally started your period in class, she'd make you wait.  There was a girl, who we'll call Katie, who tended to be a bit of a troublemaker. More benign mischief than anything too outrageous. Until this teacher crossed her one time too many—and Katie made her regret it.

Katie hated that teacher because she'd begged to go to the bathroom and got shut down every time. At the end of the year, Katie asked one more time to go to the bathroom, the teacher said, “No.” Katie asked another time five minutes later. The teacher said no again. Five minutes after that, Katie asked again, but said that the teacher was not going to like what happened if she wasn’t allowed to go.

The teacher hit the roof and said that if she said one more thing, Katie would be sent to the principal. Katie shrugged and said, "This is on you then." And proceeded to relieve herself right in her seat. The teacher sent her to the principal, who called her parents, one of whom was a urologist. Her father yelled at the principal.

The teacher ended up in a whole lot of trouble. According to other kids, she never denied another kid the bathroom again. Katie was a legend.

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49. No Glove, Much Love

There was a guy in the year above who got five different girls pregnant during the summer holidays. They were all in my year. Two of them fought during geography; a full on, screaming cat fight, pulling hair, everything. They had to be separated by our teacher. At the time, nobody knew they were pregnant or that this guy was the father of both.

We hadn’t even known about the other three girls. It all came out because of that fight and he became a legend for it, especially among the boys at school.

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50. Don’t Mess With Geese

There was this one sophomore who had a goose for a pet. He lived kind of close so he could walk to school, and he'd always let his goose walk with him. We all called the guy Goose in honor of his pet, and he actually was a really nice guy to hang with. Even most of the teachers liked petting his goose. Everyone knew Goose and his goose.

One time he was at school when one of the teachers who wasn't chill with his pet came out and started yelling at him about the goose. We then found out at a small assembly at the end of the day that Goose had let his goose run around the classroom last night, and apparently the teacher was still there grading. She freaked out and got a beak to the head.

It then became a huge dramatic story about how Goose would send his goose after anyone who angered him.

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