Thanksgiving Is Ruined

December 14, 2022 | Scott Mazza

Thanksgiving Is Ruined

Thanksgiving is supposed to be full of food, friends, and merry-making. Well, not these dinners. These Redditors took to the Internet to express just how awful their recent Thanksgiving truly was, from nasty family members to upset stomachs.

1. It All Turns On A Dime

Big dinner. Turkey. Stuffing. Mash potatoes. Corn bread. The whole nine yards. It all blew up in my face. A colleague’s daughter says she has a stomach ache and doesn't feel well. A gut feeling is making me suspicious, but we sit down anyway.

She gets up and proceeds to vomit all over the floor. Thankfully she missed the table…but still, all on the floor. The poor kid had a stomach bug she didn't know about. She didn't eat much after that. We spent 10 minutes cleaning it up. Sadly, nobody wanted to have the stuffing after that, even though it was amazing.

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2. The More The Un-Merrier

We're hosting this Thanksgiving, and my wife has been cooking since yesterday. This morning my sister-in-law called and said our niece (her daughter) is sick and they won't be coming. Then later that day, she decided that her daughter is "only a little bit sick" so maybe they were going to come after all.

We told her that being "a little bit sick" is not a thing, you're either contagious or you're not. It took a big turn here. She then accused us of not wanting to spend time with her, and her and my wife got into a shouting match over the phone.

Now about a half hour ago, we found out that my father-in-law isn't coming, mostly because his girlfriend didn't come over to his place last night and he’s angry with her. So now the only people eating with us are my wife's other sister and her boyfriend, who had a Thanksgiving earlier today that apparently didn't go well and they just want to get home.

So they'll probably leave shortly after we eat. We have a whole turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, two pies, a banana cream dessert and plenty of drinks...for only four people.

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3. Forgetting Something?

So…I didn't remove the bag of organs inside the turkey. My mother-in-law took one bite, threw up, and had to stop eating. Now we are all awkwardly sitting around trying to find something entertaining to watch on Netflix.

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4. There’s One In Every Family

My mom invited her ex from way back, now her friend, to Thanksgiving. I always thought he was a pretty chill guy, especially since all he ever talked about were the carnival rides he worked on. I found out just how wrong I was. This year, dinner was punctuated with ridiculous conspiracy theories.

By the time he verbatim said “Michelle Obama is Baphomet,” I burst out laughing so hard I had to leave the room. Luckily my uncle debunked literally everything he said, and it was very funny when my uncle said, “I’m a Freemason, did you know that?” “Yeah” “Did you?” “Yeah, I did” (he later admitted he did not).

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5. Tightening The Belt Buckle

What ruined Thanksgiving for me was a family picture taken at the end before everyone left. That’s when I realized how big I’ve gotten. It’s been gradual, I knew I went up a couple of jeans sizes over the past couple years and obviously I have mirrors, but I didn’t think I looked THAT bad…but holy cow.

Now it’s time to rein in some rather fun habits, but it needs to be done.

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6. Grin And Bear It

My Thanksgiving isn’t ruined, exactly, but my pumpkin pie sure is. You’ll never believe what I did. I mistakenly used pancake mix instead of flour to make the crust. I KNOW. What is wrong with me? In my defense, the containers look exactly the same unless you actually read the lettering.

So far everyone is just being really polite about how strangely chewy the crust is.

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7. Sick Day

While we were on our way to my sister's, my son who is four complained about a headache. We get to my sister's, he plops on the couch, he cries about his head some more. I pick him up and he pukes all over me, the floor, and on the dinner table.

Luckily the food wasn't out so no-one else's Thanksgiving took a big hit, but mine definitely did. He's up running around now at home...toddlers are wild.

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8. Family Doesn’t Always Make It Better

I just got done with an introductory, probationary period at a new job. It’s a traveling job. For the last while, there’s been no travel for two weeks and it’s all work from home. My family knew I was home and were just relentless in getting to me.

My ex is so terribly negative, it was the last straw at Thanksgiving. She complained that the car I gifted my daughter, that she uses free of charge, had bad tires on it and she had to walk partly up a driveway. The tires were replaced over the summer and again—free. I pay for the car and the insurance.

I lied about having work just to get away from all this. On the “way” just driving around, I had a full-blown panic attack. It was a mixture of work and family stress. I pulled over needed about two full hours just to collect myself.

It was the worst I ever had. Thought I was going to pass out or worse. I recovered and spent a glorious day at a zoo and just doing what I wanted to. I read. I watched a great documentary on Ralph Lauren. The podcasts on the way home were amazing. It was an empty highway. I’m now loving life. But not for long.

I come home to my mother complaining to me about me not working on my yard enough. I wasn’t thinking and placed a turkey in the oven, only it had been in the fridge too long because I skipped town. It tasted horrible and very off, and I think I might be sick.

I’m hoping it’s just for 24 hours because my daughters come over tomorrow for a late Thanksgiving meal I do just for them. Takeaway: I need to manage stress better. Hit the gym harder. I don’t know. But that panic attack was a two-hour nightmare.

Never ever again. As soon as I recover from this stomach bug, I’ll research some ideas. Thanksgiving isn’t over yet though. Like they always do, my daughters will make it better.

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9. What A Turkey

My brother, who is staying with his girlfriend and her family for Thanksgiving, sent me a text saying he was going to get laid for the first time. Now, I’m a good brother and I’m “proud” of him, I guess you could say. But, well, I also wanted to ruin it for him a bit.

So I decided to send him a deluge of facts about US Presidents. Now I can’t stop laughing at the thought of him being like, “Hey babe hold up, I gotta check this thing out about Zachary Taylor”.

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10. Ruined Forever?

My uncle invited my wife and I to his place to have dinner with his long-time girlfriend's family.

I had a really great time. Multigenerational classic Thanksgiving. I brought pies I made from scratch and everything. And then the illusion shattered. I had a complete implosion and had to disappear to the deck to cry my butt off.

This will be the third year since my mom suddenly passed on Christmas Eve. This amazing and warm family welcoming us in with open arms made me remember holidays past, before mom was gone, and it just broke me.

I've been in a horrible mood ever since. I cheered up when I was able to go back in and my pies were VERY well received, but I've just been sulking since we left. I miss enjoying the Holidays.

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11. Not Kidding Around

In October, my little one and I were invited to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s. We’re new in this city and far from family, so it was nice to get invited and I was excited for kiddo and I to not spend Thanksgiving alone.

The host and I kept in contact throughout the week and even coordinated what I would bring to dinner. I woke up this morning to a text that said she’s changed her mind and decided she wants an adults-only Thanksgiving dinner.

I completely understand since my little one would’ve been the only child there, but I wish she didn’t wait until the morning of to tell me. If I had more notice, I might’ve been able to plan something different for me and the child.

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12. Bowing Out

The closest relative to my age is seven years older than me. My whole family still treats me like a five-year-old even though I’m 21 now. Nobody lets me join the conversations or attempts to talk to me. On Easter this year, I actually got forced to play with the five-year-olds the entire time.

I didn't even get to eat because they wouldn't leave my drums alone. I'm not going through that again, so I just locked myself in my room this Thanksgiving and told everyone I'm sick. I’m still in here as I write this, waiting for the last few to leave.

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13. When Moms Make Mistakes

My mom generously booked my flight home for Thanksgiving. It turned into a disaster. She booked it under my maiden name because I got married relatively recently and she isn’t used to my married name yet.

We didn’t discover the error until she sent me my flight details yesterday afternoon, and it was too late to change the name on the ticket. We had to cancel the flight, and there wasn’t another flight in the right time frame, so I had to stay home.

I feel really bad for my mom because she’s been having a tough time and I wanted to see her.

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14. These Aren’t Your Friends

My girlfriend and I broke up five days ago because her, my best friend, and the best friend’s boyfriend not only mocked my entire life, but wound up sharing incredibly vulnerable photos of me a few months back.

None of them would even apologize, so I had to cut them out of my life. We used to all spend Thanksgiving at my mom’s house, but this year I spent it alone in my room. I just sat there wondering why the people I built an entire life with would hack my accounts and then essentially tell me I deserve it enough that they won’t even apologize.

I was literally months away from proposing after six years.

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15. Take The Wins Where You Can Get Them

We just had our extended family Thanksgiving canceled because my aunt who always hosts lives in Buffalo, New York and no one is really getting in and out of the Buffalo area right now due to seven feet of snow.

No one else offered to host—our house is NOWHERE near big enough for over two dozen people. So we just didn't see anyone else at all and it was just our immediate family of four today, which meant my dad watched football all day, my son played video games, and it was basically just another day.

But at least I've got five days off from my incredibly horrible job.

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16. New Reality

It’s the first Thanksgiving since my cancer diagnosis, and everyone was kind of somber because of it. Even with a good prognosis (my oncologist hasn't given me a "X months/years to live" number even), everyone is on edge because it's so new. I was just diagnosed in August. Also, my side effects from treatments had me in the hospital last week.

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17. An Unhappy Birthday

We were celebrating my three-year-old son’s birthday yesterday, the day before Thanksgiving. It’s not his actual birthday, but the timing worked out. We told everyone about a week in advance, which was when we realized we should do it. It's a month early but this is when everyone flies in from out of state.

His great grandma gets him a gift. His grandma buys him a book and put it in a paper sack, signed it later afterwards; it was very clearly last minute. That’s not the worst part. Nobody else got him anything. Okay, not great, but I get that we were kind of last minute about it all.

A week is plenty of time to order something from Amazon or swing by a store for a toddler, but you gotta prioritize it, I get it. What ruined it is my son has a feeding tube. Nothing physically wrong, he just refuses to eat. My wife and I have spent three years of our life going to various therapists and medical studies for him.

So she got him hyped up about a birthday cake. They made it rainbow, homemade from scratch. On the day of the party, I cut it up after we sing. Then it happens. Literally zero people wanted any. There were 20 people there. I said out loud "maybe some people could eat some cake so he'll see you eating?"

20 people just stood there watching in silence as my kid also refused to take a bite of the cake. It was so awkward and uncomfortable and just made me feel really alone and unsupported by my family. I already have to go through feeding my son through a hose to keep him alive and everyone just said, "I don't want a sugar rush" or "I'm not hungry”.

I’ve now been fighting back crying for the last 48 hours. I only got four hours of sleep last night, just laying in bed feeling alone and miserable. It's been a really hard three years, having a baby a couple months before lockdown and getting no family support.

My wife and I have just been alone this whole time. This cake thing is just the straw that broke the camel's back. There’s more. Partly because of this, my marriage is rocky and my dad refuses to watch my kid or deal with the tube.

My mom is medically disabled and can't watch him. We live hours from any family. My wife's parents’ are also sick and can't watch him, and haven’t been for almost a year now. Writing this is just cathartic at this point. Life just feels so heavy and I feel so alone. I was just surrounded by people, but it didn't feel like it.

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18. Don’t Take It Out On The Kid

When my ex came to pick up the kids to take them to his family's house for the holiday, he told my oldest child, who isn’t blood-related to him, that he couldn't go visit his family since he is not "blood" and he would have to stay home with me.

My ex is the only father my son has ever known. It broke his heart. More than that, he’s just doing it to spite me: We went to court recently and my ex is not happy over the judgement.

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19. What’s For Dinner?

I ruined Thanksgiving. I misheard the turkey plans. I looked into frying the turkey, but didn’t actually end up deciding to do it. In the meantime, my husband thought I wanted to fry it and I was going to. So after a series of miscommunications, dinner isn't made and we are in separate corners trying to regroup.

I'm terrified I'm losing my mind. I asked him if he was OK and he said he was tired. I ruined the holiday and I don't know how to fix it.

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20. Sins Of The Father

My dad tried to ruin our Thanksgiving. We ALL made plans months ago, but he knew just what to do to be spiteful. He waits until like yesterday to say that his fiancée  is cooking at her place so he won't make it. Then two hours before dinner, he texts my sister, who is hosting, that oh, surprise surprise, he'll swing by.

They arrived at dessert, to a single hug from each of us, then my sister showed them the nursery while the rest of us stayed seated and enjoyed our pie and conversations. They left after 15 minutes.

Last November, I got my mom to read Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bancroft. She used to be my dad's biggest ally, and now she sees him for the manipulative monster he is. My twin and her husband see it too, and even my sister's husband knew a while ago.

Openly talking with my family about what my father put us through, and that being an active part of our healing journey is SO SATISFYING. Like my dad used to tell me, "You don't get kudos for doing what you're supposed to do”. Right back atchya, sir.

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21. Veggie Tales

I've been a vegetarian for three years, and my in-laws still don’t make food that I can eat for Thanksgiving. Making and bringing my own food wasn't possible this year because we came in from out of state.

I couldn't even go out for food because they live out in the country and everything is either too far or closed. So, I ate a scoop of potatoes and a roll and went hungry all day. But the bigger bummer is that my feelings are very hurt that after all this time, they still don't consider my needs. Here’s the kicker. They even put bacon in the green bean casserole!

I don't want to make a scene or a fuss but like...a bag of pre-made salad would have been more than enough. Also, I chose to be here with them instead of with my mom, who just lost her mom earlier this month and I guess that's why it hurts extra.

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22. A Dog Sounds More Loyal Than This Family

My dog inexplicably began chewing his tail a few weeks ago. Despite the best efforts of my girlfriend and I, he did enough damage to require amputation. Two days before Thanksgiving, he had his surgery and was brought home to begin recovery.

I asked my aunt if I would be able to bring my dog to the Thanksgiving dinner because he needs to be supervised as much as possible. I was told I could not bring him, so I said I would not be attending as I was not going to leave my girlfriend alone on Thanksgiving (her family is doing dinner on Saturday).

On Thanksgiving, I messaged my dad and only said "Happy Thanksgiving”. I received several paragraphs about how "I chose a stupid dog over my family" and how the dog would have been fine by himself.

I just ignored the message, went to the store, and picked up some nice steaks for myself and my girlfriend.

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23. Some People Will Never Be Nice

I made the hard decision to not take Thanksgiving as a cheat day for my diet. It backfired in my face. I got called fat by my grandfather anyway when I went to the second dinner and didn’t eat anything. I’ve been grinding the last three months to lose weight and build muscle and finally thought I was seeing results.

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24. Be Careful Where You’re Laughing

My husband and kids were playing UNO, and my daughter made my husband laugh so hard, he actually blacked out. He fell off his chair and slammed face-first into the stone floor. His left eyebrow to hairline has some lovely road rash and bruising. He spent the rest of the day on the couch.

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25. Mother, May I Hate You?

My mother is a piece of work. A selfish piece of work, that is. She never respects my boundaries, even ones that are beyond reasonable. Like, I asked her not to smoke around my baby—well, she does. She then did a double-whammy. She snapped at my friend who lost her baby to set her feelings aside and hold my baby.

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26. Ah, The Classic Thanksgiving Blunder

My wife and I had prepped the turkey. We had cooked it for the amount of time it said to cook. We then took it out and prepared the rest of the food. As everyone sat down to eat, we carved the turkey...

That was still raw. So we all had to wait another hour.

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27. The Good And The Bad

Nothing ruined my Thanksgiving this year, but it was almost ruined. My best friend and her husband invited my husband and me over for a delicious meal and great conversation. Many laughs and five hours later, we came home to our dogs who acted like we had been gone forever and they were so happy to have us with them again.

It was a beautiful day. It kept me from thinking of the horrible truth. It kept my mind busy enough to not think much about our son, our only child, who seems to want nothing to do with us until he needs or wants something from us. Without the fellowship of friends, it would've been a very sad day.

But I made a decision to focus on my blessings, on what I have, instead of spending my day focused on what we've lost. I'm glad I was able to do that this year.

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28. Poor Kid

My family took in my niece a little while ago, I had assumed with grace and kindness. Nope. I learned this Thanksgiving that they are actually treating her like a second-class citizen. They blatantly insulted her to her face when we did Christmas name drawings and said they'd get her "manners and pampers".

Anyone who drew her name put it back in and complained and whined about it in front of her. To be honest, I shouldn’t have been surprised. It's the exact same as I was treated—like a burden almost. Only, believe it or not, this was worse.

Where they were passive-aggressive with me and I had to assume how they felt about me (took me forever to clue in), she's being told to her face: “We had to take you in because no one else would want you”. Meanwhile, all the "adults" in the room laugh and joke when this happens. Just horrible.

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29. When It Rains It Pours

My wife started having chest pains and vomiting yesterday. I’ve been stuck in the ER for hours, worried as she can't even keep water down and is just constantly vomiting. We finally figured out the problem. Luckily it's not a heart attack, unluckily it's gallstones. She's on a clear liquid diet until her stomach gets better and we can get her medications tomorrow. We also have to schedule a surgery now.

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30. Too Little, Too Late

My girlfriend showed up two hours late to a Thanksgiving that she knew about for two weeks. When she arrived, she proceeded to have a panic attack for being late. I’m not mad per se, but I couldn’t bring myself to be overly sympathetic to her panic attack.

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31. Eat Your Words

My mother passed n 2019 and my father passed in 2022, so holidays have been rough lately. I’m the youngest of three and I took on the cooking and having my sisters and niece and nephew stay with me.

I pay for everything. I clean and set up everything, while they just make a mess of my house and offer me no help. My sisters are ridiculously picky. As in, they love bland food. They complain I used a “weird cheese” (it was Gouda) in the Mac and cheese, told me my buffalo chicken dip was gross, and so on.

I used real chicken and I feel as if that’s what threw them off considering they always make it with canned chicken. Each to their own, I just wanted to make Thanksgiving more special than their average meal.

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32. Good Riddance

This Thanksgiving, as with many family gatherings, my sister-in-law got hit with an acute outbreak of “I Am The Main Character”-itis. I’ve been out of town for the last few months for work, and I really broke my back to get everything prepared so I could be up for Turkey Day.

They then tell me they want me to host at my place, which is to be fair better for groups and feast-cooking. I asked if we could do the Saturday, since I had only just gotten into town. My idiot sister-in-law insists, “No, it has to be Thursday”.

Her reasoning basically boiled down to her not wanting to give up her weekend. Okay, I really tried. I got the food and prepped everything pretty much the night before, again busting my butt. I then asked to start a little later, so I could sleep a little and unpack.

“No...our schedules are pretty tight...the kids [my niece and nephew] wake up for naps at…” and so on. So, yeah. I spent the entire holiday catering to other people’s whims. On the actual day, I spent most of the time walking away every time my idiot sister-in-law decided to throw a tantrum about something unimportant.

Which was a lot. She got mad, for example, about us not putting marshmallows in the sweet potatoes. When I did walk away though, my family said I was being mean and demanded we all make “peace”. Good God.

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33. Three’s Company

Someone at our Thanksgiving dinner drank too much and made a pass at my wife. Then came the plot twist. She wasn’t offended and actually responded positively. I found them in bed together two hours after dinner was done. It was nice when it used to be just the wife and I alone for dinner.

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34. No Show

I made Thanksgiving for the first time ever with my parents and my immediate family. My aunt and uncle asked last night if they could come over today and spend the night. We busted our butts, made sure the guest room was ready, and went to the store early this morning to get more food to ensure we had enough.

They ended up canceling at 11 am this morning.

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35. You Can’t Choose Your Family

I'm moving. The walk-through of the place is tomorrow, and we get keys to the new place Tuesday. Since Thanksgiving was going to be side-lined, my in-laws graciously offered to bring us a ham, the fixings, and to watch my kids while we pack. This didn’t end up being a good thing.

My own (horrible) mom is now throwing a fit because we aren't dropping everything to go to their house. Don't worry, she'll get hers after my dad passes and I get to tell her she'll never see me or her grandkids again.

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36. Thanksgiving Tantrum

The Thanksgiving was lovely, until just before 5 pm. My grandma was brought over at noon, and since we don't like making the huge turkey dinner, we had a breakfast feast for brunch. In addition, we watched Top Gun: Maverick because it’s also my mom’s birthday and she loved the first one. Everyone was into it—well, almost everyone.

My older sister was immediately down on the idea of watching it, even though it’s not always about her. She said, "Well, I can't sit through the whole thing”. She’d also told us the night before that she was exhausted and probably would sleep through the day and not be up for when Grandma arrived. As you might guess, she’s the villain in this story.

So the day passes and it’s now the evening, around 5:00 pm. I’d saved her some food and when she wakes up, she joins us from downstairs. At that point, I'm making something else to eat since it’s been hours since we've all eaten.

My older sister quickly ruins the mood of the entire day by saying we should have texted her when we were ready to eat. We ate as soon as Grandma got there at noon like previously discussed.

She then browbeats mom—the birthday girl no less—into making her food and making her feel bad for not waking her up. "I was awake at noon” she says. So, why didn't you come up at all? "….I hurt so bad and it took me hours to even sit up”.

So we were all hungry and now she's telling us we would've had to wait two more hours after telling her the food was ready for her to get upstairs? She has fibromyalgia, which I get it super painful and draining, which is why we were fine letting her sleep.

But Grandma can't be out late at night. We'd be even  MORE understanding of my older sister’s pain if she wasn't the most horrible person about it and has been since she was a teenager, especially since my mother is nothing but accommodating, even enabling, of her moods.

After that, we quickly had the birthday cake so we could take Grandma home for the night and everyone could get the heck away from this downer in human form who had already been giving us the silent treatment for some other “infraction” earlier that week.

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37. Hands Off

I was at my grandparents' using an upstairs bathroom, and the faucet was dripping. Thinking I was doing everyone a favor, I went to hit the shut off, which was probably original to the house in the 70s. Big mistake. The valve started spraying water everywhere.

I had to run to the basement and shut the whole house down, then sheepishly walk into the kitchen with three women you don't want to tick off and declare, “Pretty sure I just ruined Thanksgiving”.

I did get the valve tightened back up, but still. Lesson learned: Is that yours? No? Then don't touch it.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedFlickr, Tom Raftery

38. Breakups Are To Do

I broke up with the love of my life Wednesday morning right before heading to Thanksgiving with my whole extended family. I cried the whole drive there. My eyes were swollen and red. I haven’t seen most of my family for a while and was constantly bombarded with questions about finishing college, do I have a career job yet, what am I going to do after graduation, and do I have a boyfriend.

My brother just got engaged, so everyone was telling him congrats and asking the details. I’m the next oldest, and now single when just a few weeks ago I thought I would be next in line to get engaged. I was excited to have my boyfriend meet my family on Thanksgiving; they would’ve loved him.

I am devastated and so lonely even though I’m surrounded by people. I don’t want to go home in a few days to my empty apartment and go through the grieving process all alone. I can’t stop looking at the pictures of us on my phone. I wonder if it will get better. This Thanksgiving will not be one I remember fondly.

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39. Cutting Off The Meal To Spite Their Face

I was pure excitement about the idea of coming home to food being on the table and being able to talk with my family again, even though we aren’t really that close. I was in for a rude awakening. I came to find out that there was no food, period. Why? Because my parents got into an argument the night before and thought the solution to the problem would be to not cook at all, out of pettiness.

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40. Getaway Car

My car was stolen, so my boyfriend and I had to spend most of the day talking to the authorities and insurance company. I had a severe anxiety attack that I am still reeling from. It was my first car, so it has some wear and tear, but I hope they find it. My boyfriend and I traveled halfway across the USA in that car, and we just got everything fixed in it so that I could start looking for a job.

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41. Ungrateful Brat

My older brother ruined Thanksgiving. This guy showed up hours later than he said he was coming, and didn't say anything about it until I asked where he was. After all, we were all supposed to watch the game together and have appetizers before the main course.

He also didn't greet me or my husband when he and his wife finally did arrive. He never bothers to ask how me or the baby are doing (I'm seven months pregnant with my first). Meanwhile, he has no issues talking incessantly about their upcoming TikTok stardom or what video game he's been playing.

To top it off, he took the biggest wellington, threw half of it out, and left immediately after dinner without ever saying thank you for any of it. I genuinely wonder how we were raised by the same people. Next time he can go to McDonald's.

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42. Cooking Up Trouble

For the second year in a row, my uncle invited everyone over at 3:00 pm and waited until 2:30 pm to put the still mostly frozen 22-pound turkey in the oven.

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43. Once Burned, Twice Shy

My dad is making me go out to dinner with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, he's still married to his second wife, who was horrible to me. I hate to say it, but at this point I don't trust his judgement about women. Pretty sure it’s going to be a disaster.

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44. Brothers Know Best

My Thanksgiving didn’t start out great in any way, shape, or form. My brother, who wasn’t at dinner this year, called my mom while I was in the room. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I could hear him (the idiot was on speaker) talking about me, my job, and my finances. Just complaining about everything I did in my life.

My finances and job are fine, by the way, but never good enough for him for some reason.

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45. Let The Boy Live

My aunt called my cousin "a lost boy" at Thanksgiving, in a super sneering voice, just because he has ear piercings and a tattoo. She wouldn’t let it go, either, and it almost caused a fight.

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46. The Bundle Of “Joy”

“We’re pregnant”. Those two words ruined our Thanksgiving. They were spoken by my degenerate brother-in-law, who knocked up his new girlfriend who should NOT be a mother again at this point in her life. Neither of them has custody or visitation of their other kids. The last person to pay his rent? Me, 12 months ago.

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47. Just Think About It For A Minute

It’s definitely awkward this Thanksgiving that my sister's girlfriend decided to show up to my parents’ house in…very revealing clothes. It was a dress with a lacy backless top with an extremely short hemline and fishnet stockings above her knee connected to the bottom of the dress with a few straps.

Just a "Well ok I guess that's happening" experience. This is a nearly 40-year-old woman, by the way.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

48. Everybody Together Now

This happened a few years ago and we have not had a full Thanksgiving together since this day. My sister-in-law got in a fight with her mother over the lack of stovetop stuffing or some other stupid food. Her mother told her to go to the store and make it herself.

The aunt then got involved and for some reason started demanding everyone leave. Chaos erupted. A full shouting match ensues between like seven different people. We had about 15 people at my mother-in-law’s house at the time.

Father-in-law then stands up, walks into the living room and starts watching something on the TV on full volume, just really passive aggressively it seemed. I have no idea if this was in some way related to the fighting or if he just decided to seize the moment.

Then everyone left besides my wife and my father-in-law, with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law in separate rooms crying. All of this over the lack of one kind of food.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

49. Thanks For Nothing

I brought my dog to the park on Thanksgiving. In the blink of an eye, catastrophe hit. She got attacked by a German Shepherd and her ear was bitten off. The owner witnessed it but blatantly ignored the entire incident and actually tried to leave the park after.

I confronted the jerk and had to get the authorities involved as he couldn’t take any responsibility. Happy Thanksgiving, I’m glad it’s over.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

50. That’s A Head-Scratcher

Head lice. Head lice ruined my Thanksgiving. Right in the middle of it, too. During dinner I noticed what looked like a tiny speck of dandruff on my 11-year-old daughter’s head. I went to grab it to get rid of it and nope, it’s not moving. It was a nit.

I only know this because I’m a teacher and kids are out with lice all the time. It’s the worst. So naturally my daughter wanted to go home right then and there to do a lice treatment. We waited until after dinner, then spent three hours treating her hair and getting rid of the nits.

I found six live lice on her head. I also had to wash five beds’ worth of sheets and blankets, plus the throw blankets on the couch. I’m now making an appointment to get an incredibly expensive professional treatment done. But at least I’ll guarantee it’ll be gone.

Fun times. Screw lice.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels


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