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Shocking Neighbor Stories

When people get nosy, sometimes they can’t help but peek next door at their neighbors. Is it a weird sound? Or maybe it’s a spicy, drama-filled argument! Whether their nosiness helped the neighbors a bunch, or if they were the ones being peeked at, these are crazy stories of what people saw right next door.

1. Open Up!

A couple of weeks back, I observed from my garden as officers employed an axe and a sledgehammer to demolish my neighbor's door. Afterward, I discovered the frightening reality. 

Apparently, she arrived home to discover an intruder and dialed the emergency services. Through the window, I had a clear view as they entered the premises and restrained a man. He was holding onto a beam, forcing them to resort to using pepper spray.

What struck me as odd, though, was that the man had only one leg and his evident plan of escape seemed to involve nothing more than running away.

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2. A Lifesaving Warning

My mom tends to pace around when she's on the phone. I was asleep then, but she was having a chat with her own mom in our living room and decided to shuffle a bit on the couch. Changing her position, she caught sight of something bright orange from the corner of her eye. That's when she realized something alarming. 

Looking through the front window, she saw flames dancing from our neighbor's roof. She quickly cut short her call with grandma, explaining there was a fire next door, and dialed 9-1-1. In a panic, she woke up my dad. 

He quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, sprinted across the street, vaulted over their brick wall and pretty much forced open the front door. The whole family was gathered, puzzled in their kitchen, wondering why their fire alarm was blasting.

While their English wasn't great, they got the urgency of the message—"YOUR ROOF IS ON FIRE, GET OUT!" Every so often, I find myself thinking about what could've happened if my mom had headed to bed with dad that night instead of staying up a touch later.

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3. The Eyes Are On Us

We ended up being the neighbors that got watched. I had just gotten out of surgery and wasn't exactly in a state to be alone for more than a couple of hours without adult company. After about two weeks, one neighbor caught my husband while he was coming home. It still cracks me up to remember her words. 

She reported to him that I was entertaining men at home while he was away. She suspected something fishy was happening. He thanked her nicely for letting him know, and then let her know that he already knew about my father and brother visiting me each day. We weren't upset. 

In fact, it's pretty comforting to know there's someone keeping an eye on the place, taking care of deliveries and such. It's also comforting knowing she'd risk a potential backlash to tell us something like that.

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4. Getting In Some Practice

About eight years back, my family and I were prepping for a holiday and needed to catch an early flight. So, we checked into an airport hotel the previous night. The hotel was pretty unique, all the rooms had windows that let you peek into the center of the hotel, where the bars and restaurants were. 

Each of these windows had these frosted blinds that, when closed, you couldn't see through. My mom and I decided to enjoy a drink at the bar, and that's when I spotted something hilarious. There was a chunky man in his early 50s, perched up on his bed, swinging his golf club! 

He had pulled his curtains back, probably to enjoy the view, but totally forgot to close them again. And the funniest part? He didn't stop his antics at all. Watching him get more and more excited, even throwing in a triumphant punch in the air after a strong swing, was entertainment at its best. 

My mom and I still chuckle when we recall that visual. Kudos to that man though, he was certainly having a blast.

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5. Telling Them Off

I live in a small apartment building with three floors and no elevator. My apartment is on the top floor, so I've got a nice view of most of the parking area and the garbage bins. One day, I noticed a sleek low-slung car with dark windows stop by the recycling bin. I was expecting a young driver, but instead, an elderly gentleman got out.

The man must have been in his seventies with a head full of white hair. I could see the inside of his car and it was spotlessly clean. He walked to the backseat and pulled out a bag, something that's not uncommon as many residents like to drop off their trash on their way out of the complex instead of making an extra trip. 

He tossed his recyclables into the bin, then suddenly, started wagging his finger at it in annoyance. Obviously, I wasn't able to hear what he was saying, but he was clearly venting his frustrations. He continued this routine a few steps over and then once more. 

Apparently satisfied with his reprimand on the recycling bin, he got back in his shiny car and sped off. I haven't seen him since. The bin, being an inanimate object with no emotions, bore the brunt of his rant gracefully and still seems to be functioning fine.

Shocking Things Next DoorPxhere

6. Are You Allowed To Do That?

Our neighbors have added walls to their garage, chopped down all their front yard trees using axes and chainsaws, and even removed all the bushes using their truck. They even let their kids play in my driveway! I'm almost certain they're just tenants, not homeowners. I recall seeing a "for rent" sign when they moved in. 

I wonder if the landlord is even aware that all the lovely landscaping at the front of the house has been removed.

Shocking Things Next DoorFlickr, Paul L Dineen

7. An Ironic Fire

I used to reside in an antiquated rental home located on a bustling street, with a fire station situated directly across from us. We'd pass the time on the front porch, sipping beverages, and curiously observing the firefighters. One particular day, their alarm blared and they quickly dashed off to a mission. But I never saw this next part coming.

A fleeting few minutes passed, when someone noticed, "Hey, is that smoke I see in their building?" Sure enough, they had left their meal on the stove unattended and their station begun to catch fire. When I phoned 9-1-1, they had a hard time taking me seriously, but eventually, the firefighters dashed back to tackle flames of their own station. 

The result? Total devastation. They needed to construct anew. Owing to the incident, embarrassment was evident all over the firefighters' faces. Being young and cheeky at the time, we couldn't help but indulge in laughter, which earned us disfavor from the firefighters ever since.

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8. Some Sketchy Parties

At university, we had these pesky upstairs neighbors. Their visitors would overstay, blocking our shared driveway and making a mess from their patio parties. One morning, my housemate steps out in his robe only to be met by a group of officers. They told him to get back inside, then they began to force open the door above us.

Our entire household was jolted awake by the sound of a bust, initially thinking we were the ones in trouble. But we were so wrong. It turns out, our neighbors had a shockingly large stash and other illicit items. The story even made the local news due to the sheer amount of contraband. 

For the following week or so, their usual crowd would come knocking on our door inquiring about the situation. But on a lighter note, we ended up adopting their cat—it was a really cool cat.

Shocking Things Next DoorPxhere

9. Taking It Seriously

A pair of ladies from next door were having a heated exchange. The nature of their relationship is unclear to me since a bunch of folks reside in that place. The senior lady stepped into the backyard and began to yell towards the house, "That's witchcraft! Pure witchcraft! Absolute witchcraft!" 

I caught the sound of muffled voices from within. But then, she hollered once more, "It's witchcraft, indeed!" Roughly two minutes passed, then the sound of a running shower filled the air. The other woman began belting out a tune from Frozen, surprisingly melodic. As for the witchcraft, were they maybe watching Frozen?

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10. Getting Good

When I was in college, I stayed in a relatively rough area that was populated with many families. We had a shared boundary with a family that had several boys and they all appeared to be of different ages. Once, I spotted the eldest lad having a basketball game with his younger brother. 

Suddenly he shouted, "Why are you so terrible at basketball?!" The response from the younger one was filled with enthusiasm, "I'm only 8!" This left me laughing uncontrollably.

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11. Practicing Our Moves

When I was about five years old, my cousins came over and we got a little curious. We snuck a peek through the side window of our neighbors' house. Their almost grown-up sons were in there, having a blast imitating wrestling moves, and only in their undergarments no less. One of us couldn't help but laugh out loud. 

Once they spotted us, they quickly shut their blinds.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

12. A Show For Graduation

Following my high school graduation, a group of well-off classmates rented a hotel rooftop to throw a massive party, open to almost everyone from our school. The hotel layout was L-shaped, so from our vantage point near the edge of the roof, we had a clear view into the windows of the rooms below. 

In one particular room, we certainly got an eyeful. A bride was being eagerly assisted out of her wedding gown by her new husband. A handful of students spotted the scene swiftly, and before long, our entire class was curiously observing this newly married couple on their first night together. 

I found myself standing with a pair of waiters who, between fits of laughter, contemplated whether they should alert the hotel concierge to inform the unwitting couple that a crowd of teenagers was peering at them. Apparently, they refrained from doing so, as it took a good 30 minutes for the couple to finally realize our watchful eyes. 

Upon noticing, the couple donned robes and came to the window to gaze back at us. Encountering their surprised faces, 200 high school students roared in unanimous applause to celebrate the newlyweds. It was a scene to remember.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

13. The Sounds In My Sleep

I was mending a broken heart and my sleep was terrible to begin with. What I didn't realize was that the noise from my neighbor's TV was actually seeping into my dreams. So, I'd spend my days with these vague dream shows passing through my mind, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something peculiar was stirring in my subconscious. 

After about a week, a thought took shape, but it was baffling and I couldn't figure out where it had sprouted from. I thought I was losing it! However, every morning, I'd wake up with this baffling thought. Finally, in desperation, I turned to a friend, asking, "Does 'Fooly Cooly' ring a bell?" And there it was! 

My neighbor had been binge-watching an anime series at night! I was so relieved to find this out because, as it turns out, that show is fantastic.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

14. A Sudden Turn

My neighbors split up recently and they were still sorting out the custody schedule for their 10-year-old. The mom had to move out, but she'd bring their kid home to his dad every now and then. I recall one night, after she dropped off the boy and he'd gone inside, I heard them having quite the heated argument outside their house.

My bedroom window gives me a front-row seat to their driveway, so I got an earful of their rather terrible language. Then, I heard a really loud bump and worried things might've turned physical. I decided to step outside to intervene in what I thought was a fight—I couldn't believe what I saw next. 

Rather than fighting, they were sprawled out on the bonnet of her car, kissing like there was no tomorrow. So much for a brawl.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

15. The Wake-Up Call

The room in which my neighbor's children sleep is located directly above ours. The eldest son isn't keen on mornings, so his mother would come barging into their room and jolt him awake with a jarring "What on earth are you doing?! Get up!" This was my morning alarm. 

After a while, I grew tired of it, so one day, I sat upright in bed and hollered back "I'M ALREADY AWAKE!" There was a sudden hush, followed by the noise of retreating footsteps. I admit, my behavior was a bit immature, but to my credit, it did the trick.

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16. Are The Alarms Working?

This summer, my neighbors started leaving their windows open and their house is right next to my room. I kept hearing this persistent beeping sound for a whole week, which suggested their smoke detectors' batteries had died. Despite shutting my windows, the sound still annoyed me, so I finally decided to pop over to help them sort it out.

Amazingly, when I replaced their batteries, they confessed that the alarms had been beeping for an unbelievable seven years. They had been adjusting to that grating sound for all those years! Honestly, I was stunned.

Shocking Things Next DoorWikimedia Commons


17. The River Bandit

We're lucky enough to live right by a lagoon, with a river flowing through our backyard that connects to the bay and eventually, the ocean. Many of our neighbors own boats—the guy just across the lagoon also has one. Our living room's sizable window gives us a clear view of his house. 

One day, whilst lounging on our sofa, my dad spotted something chilling—someone unlocking his usually secure backyard gate. Apparently, this intruder then scaled an outer staircase and entered the house from the rooftop. Our neighbor was either away or on vacation, so his house was empty. 

As an officer, my dad immediately sensed trouble and wrapped around the lagoon to his home. By the time he arrived, the intruder was hauling a boat motor down the stairs. Despite his post-operative leg brace, my dad revealed his badge, quickly apprehending the surprised trespasser. 

With a call for reinforcement, the support arrived and the guy was successfully taken into custody.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

18. Caught In The Act

I returned home mid-morning from an errand and spotted someone trying to break into my neighbor's house across the street. The guy was standing on their porch, looking into the small window by the front door. He glanced around, then, he stared directly at me, noticeable from my own driveway. I'm certain he noticed me. 

I quickly went inside, grabbed my landline and dialed 9-1-1 to report the incident. While I was relaying the situation to the authorities, the intruder moved to the back of their house and shattered a window to enter. At this point, I knew he was inside my neighbor's house, who weren't home as they were busy with work and school. 

I also knew they were hunters, with potentially dangerous weapons in the house. I shared these details with the operator. Luckily, nearby patrol cars were just a few blocks away at the time. Not long after, about three flashing vehicles arrived. They apprehended the guy as he attempted to escape from my neighbor's house. 

He tried to run, but the officers quickly tackled him. Turns out, he was a friend of my neighbor's teenager...and was ultimately caught and served time behind bars.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

19. Who’s The Visitor?

I was the newcomer in town, and it seems that I gave my neighbors quite a scare without even trying. I own a Corvette that I store in my single-car garage. Just a couple of months after I got settled into my new home, a vital part of the Corvette—the drive shaft sensor—failed. Absolutely busted. 

I had to call in a tow truck to pull the car out of the garage using a rope before it could be taken away for repairs. Just when all this was happening, my next-door neighbor saunters out of his house and asks me, "Did your Vette get taken back by the repo man?" I replied, "No, she's just out of order for now. Curious as to why repo was your first guess?" 

His casual answer was, "Well, there seem to be officers at your place pretty often, so I just thought something was up". What my neighbor was oblivious to was the fact that I have a good friend who's an officer. He even helped me move into this new place. I had even taken a week's break from work after moving to set everything up. 

My officer friend was aware of this, so he'd drop in during his rounds for a quick lunch date and a catch-up session. So, from my neighbor's perspective, a new guy moves in and then officers in uniform start popping in regularly. You can't really blame him for jumping to conclusions. At least now we're on good terms.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

20. I Can’t Sleep!

We've had to contact the authorities about our downstairs neighbors on several occasions. One memorable incident occurred at 2 in the morning when either the son or husband began shouting and slamming doors so hard that our apartment vibrated. This ruckus woke my frightened son from his sleep. 

Following that, the woman in the house, either the mother or wife, also escalated her yelling and began slamming their patio's sliding glass door. Over and over, she was screaming, "Stop it! You need to leave my home right now! GO, LEAVE!!!" The sounds of her slamming and breaking things filled our apartment. 

Even though it quieted down for about 10 minutes, the disturbance started up again soon after. At that point, we decided to call the authorities. The commotion lasted until 5 in the morning, but bizarrely the very next day they all seemed cheerful and acted as if nothing had occurred. I sincerely hope they find a new place to live soon.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

21. Nighttime Fights

My favorite neighbors to eavesdrop on are the ones who live to the side and above us. They're a young couple who argue pretty much every evening. It's like they switch off, each taking a turn being angry about something. It was always entertaining hearing her throw insults his direction, and him belittling her intelligence. 

Once, there was even a third guy there who witnessed it all. He would try piping up occasionally, but he was always hushed by the couple. Listening was intriguing, up until it escalated. One night, during one of their fiercest quarrels, at one moment, we heard her scream, "No, back off! Just leave! Stop! Stop!" 

Then, suddenly, we heard a SMACK, the sound of a hand striking skin at high speed, so loud I could've sworn the hit was right in my room. Immediately following that was silence, absolute quiet. It was so quiet, even the crickets held their breath. 

My girlfriend and I exchanged a glance, uncertain on how to react, and also unsure of what precisely we had heard. After a while, we heard sobbing and, to our surprise, it was the guy crying. Amid his tears, we heard her apologize. From that point on, the only sound we hear from their apartment is usual chit-chat. 

We refer to that intense night as "the slap that turned their relationship around".

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

22. Coming Out In Spring

I was the one being observed. I gave birth to my daughter in the summer. Since I'm a stay-at-home mom, I spent most of my time indoors during the winter season with my six-month-old, especially due to the harsh weather we were experiencing that year. I rarely ventured out.

When spring arrived, I decided to make a solo trip to the store. That's when my elderly next-door neighbor approached me. You won't believe what she asked me: "Did your baby pass?" I froze, shocked, and stuttered out, "What?! No!" 

She then explained, "I saw via your pantry window that the bottle sterilizer wasn't there anymore and was concerned something might have happened". What a surreal conversation.

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23. Spilling Onto The Street

I had an apartment on the second floor and my downstairs neighbors were a family, a married couple in their mid-30s with a couple of kids. One night, they had a loud argument that was so noisy, I could hear it through the floor. At first, It just seemed like they were being exceptionally loud, but soon the argument escalated into shouting and door banging.

It became apparent that they had moved their dispute outdoors, so I sneakily stepped out onto my balcony to ensure the situation had cooled off and there was no need for me to call for help. I assumed the husband was about to leave, so essentially, I wanted to ensure he exited without any trouble, also, I was just a tad curious. But their argument was far from over. 

They began yelling at each other at such a high volume that I couldn’t even understand what they were arguing about. However, when the husband lashed out and smacked his wife in the face, I knew it was time for me to intervene by placing a call to the authorities. I called and they arrived after a few minutes, but the husband didn’t stop there. 

He fought back until he had to be held down and tasered on the sidewalk. By then, it was around one in the morning and the noise had roused the entire complex. So, we all ended up as spectators to the scene of him being handcuffed and placed in a squad car, while his wife was shouting declarations of love and promises to bail him out as soon as she could.

Shocking Things Next DoorWikimedia Commons

24. Anonymous Letters

Growing up, my neighbor was a real piece of work. If he ever had an issue with anyone on our street, which happened quite often, he'd respond by penning an "anonymous" letter that was anything but. These letters would typically chastise the recipient for things like parking a corner of a car on his property and threatening to call the authorities if it happened again.

One day, he realized that his yard's fence had been built a bit askew, leaving about two feet of his land unfenced and merging with our open yard. Now, our dog loved to run and play there, marking his territory every now and then. Our neighbor noticed this and left yet another "anonymous" letter, demanding we train our dog to stay away from "his property" or face animal control.

Instead of complying, my dad had a brilliant idea. He built our own fence, careful to leave the disputed strip of land on the neighbor's side. And just as expected, without our dog's regular visits, that area turned yellow within weeks. 

After the grass was good and gone, my dad removed the fence, leaving a brown patch in our neighbor's green yard—a daily reminder of his pettiness. With no green grass to tempt him, my dog lost interest in the area and the problem was solved.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

25. Keeping An Ear Out

Late one night, around 2 am, an officer knocked on our door with an unusual request. In a hushed voice, he asked us to switch off all our outside lights and inquired if we had noticed any activity from our neighbours across the street. It wasn't an odd question, considering the neighbours were notoriously unpleasant, frequently arguing loudly and mistreating their children.

Our house, being the only two-story building on the block, provided a clear vantage point. Despite this, we hadn't noticed anything unusual that night. The officer then asked if anyone would be up and, if so, could they keep an eye or maybe an ear open for any signs of disturbance. 

He went on to explain that they had evacuated our rowdy neighbours' home after a man kidnapped his six-week-old baby there and urged us to call emergency services if we noticed anything unusual. Yielding to my responsibility as a good citizen, I agreed to help. 

About 45 minutes later, I heard the sound of shattering glass and saw a flashlight beam from within the neighbor's home. I immediately called the authorities. In barely two minutes, the scene was swarmed by multiple patrol cars, dog units, and what seemed like the Australian equivalent of a SWAT team. A cacophony of barks and shouting ensued.

After another 40 minutes or so, I received a call from a high-ranking officer in our city thanking me for my assistance. Thanks to my vigilance, they had found the baby, safe and sound.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

26. Gran’s Sleeping In

When I was a youngster and visiting my grandma's place, I'd be roused every morning at 6 am by a certain sound. So, one day I decided to inquire about it. The backstory: My granny had a routine of waking up at 6 am to unlatch the window blinds of her home, then she'd snooze again, sometimes until 9 am. The purpose? 

She didn't want the folks next door to think she was sleeping in, so she would unlatch them for "show". She maintained this habit until her 80s. That thought always gives me a chuckle.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

27. Laser-Sharp Vision

My sister, who's two years older than me, saw a laser pointer aimed into her room several times while we were in high school. We lived across from lots of houses, so she couldn't tell where it was coming from. One day, after showering, she wrapped herself in a towel and headed to her room. 

Just as she was about to close the blinds, she noticed the laser on her wall again. That's when she decided to trap the culprit. Pretending not to notice, she called me to stealthily observe from my window. She left her blinds open and started drying her hair. Within a minute, I spotted the laser originating from a house across the street. 

We dashed downstairs to inform our mom and together, we confronted the offender. I've never seen my mom so enraged. It was a 14-year-old boy armed with binoculars and a laser pointer, causing mischief in the neighborhood. The boy's mom instructed him to bake brownies and write an apology to my sister, explaining why his actions were inappropriate. 

Witnessing my mom give him a deserved scolding was satisfying, but I felt sympathy for my sister. She was seriously shaken and vowed to keep her blinds closed from then on.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

28. People Need To Sleep!

I used to live in an apartment complex that was full of little kids. One night, a woman in the complex got into some sort of disagreement and a group of rough-looking guys were outside our building, yelling and hanging out on their cars, as if they were waiting for something. 

One of the dads who lived in the complex tried to get them to quiet down, because his daughter had school the next day. When he tried to reason with them, they started mouthing off. My roommate and I were just up on our balcony watching the whole scene unfold, so we decided to go down there. 

We stuck around to chat with him, trying to understand what was happening. Plus, we wanted to make sure he didn't end up in an unfair fight against four guys by himself. Once we got down there and he filled us in on what he knew, I decided to approach the group. To our surprise, they just got in their car and left. 

The following morning, I woke up to a knock at the door. The father's wife was there, holding a thank you card and two cases of the same stout we had been drinking the night before. Later on, I helped them set up a fish tank for their daughter's room before I moved out. They really are nice folks.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

29. Not So Hot

My previous neighbor was a newlywed. His wife was a young, attractive woman in her 20s who had caught the attention of the local teenagers. They were parents to a little toddler. On several instances, I caught her berating her husband, calling him a "loser". 

Once, while my brother was hanging out with him in his yard, he had a solemn piece of advice for my brother, "Don't ever get married. Because then your life is over". Eventually, they relocated and I heard through my brother that they ended up getting a divorce.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

30. The Early Bird Gets… Secrets

I used to be up at night due to my job and typically came home at dawn, relaxing on my front porch. That's when I noticed something intriguing. A neighbor of mine would switch on his bedroom light around 4 AM, followed by a stranger's car parking in his driveway. A woman got out and he opened the door for her.

Shortly after, sounds of passion started reverberating in our quiet neighborhood. Trouble was, this wasn't his wife—she was off on a work trip. This routine carried on for the whole week, until his wife's car made a surprise appearance at 5 AM on a Sunday. Her screams of discovery are something that still give me chills.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

31. The Vampire Next Door

My partner and I have this hunch that our neighbor might, for all we know, be a nocturnal joyrider or something. It's rare to catch a glimpse of him, and his house is always dark, even during times you'd expect him to be home. However, whenever we do spot him, he's always obsessively cleaning his car—way more than what's considered typical. 

It feels like we've seen him washing his car more often than even taking out his trash. Just recently, my partner managed to sneak a peek inside his house and noticed his windows are sealed shut from the inside. This guy's a total enigma.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

32. When The Schedule Stops

My dad happens to be a pretty curious neighbor. The guy living beside my parents is known to drink quite a bit. He's often out and about on trips to buy drinks. Interestingly, my dad hadn't noticed him leave for a few days and got worried. He decided to see if everything was okay, but got no response. 

So, he looked up the contact of the neighbor's parents online to check in on him. To me, that sounded totally over the top—boy, was I wrong. As it turned out, the gentleman had fallen down in the basement and was unable to get up. 

He was in a terrible state when his family arrived and they had to rush him to the hospital in an ambulance. My dad's curiosity ended up saving his life.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

33. Going Through The Window

I was residing in a small set of flats once, and my hubby got startled awake around 3 AM to observe a person garbed in full black scaling into the window of the flat right opposite us. We dialed up the authorities, who promptly arrived, but it ended up being the individual who lived there who was locked out. 

They expressed their gratitude though, for us being on alert. All in all, it was quite a chuckle for us.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

34. It’s Really Not That

Recently, I tied the knot, and my dad moved in with my husband and I due to losing his house. One day, while out walking my dog with my dad, my neighbor abruptly approached my dad, claiming she'd seen me having an affair with a man from our street. I responded, "I'm quite certain I'm not being unfaithful to HIM".

The "man from our street" was my husband. He'd walk to and from work, which is why she'd often see him leaving early in the morning or arriving home before my dad. Knowing she was watching, I'd make a point to show affection to my husband publicly, whether we were heading out together or he was just walking me to the car.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

35. These Troublesome Kids

My neighbors were away on holiday. I got back home around 3 AM and decided to collect their mail for them, as they'd asked me to. I noticed their garage light was on with shadows darting across the window. Worried, I peered inside only to find a group of local kids, too young to be doing what they were doing, engaged in college-style games.

I knocked on the door politely and reminded them that what they were doing wasn't okay. They muttered in agreement and started to clean up. Afterwards, I went back home for a quick drink. When I came out again, I was surprised to see that the kids had just covered up the window with a tarp. I wasn't about to let this go, though. 

Annoyed by their blatant disregard for my words, I decided to contact the local authorities. The kids tried to run but got caught which, I must admit, was quite entertaining.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

36. The Crash Outside

One night, unable to sleep, I was startled by a loud crash a few blocks away from my apartment. It turned out, a car had collided with a post. I watched as two guys bolted from the wreckage, with one unfortunate guy tripping and face planting. His buddy helped him up, and they made a run for the trail near my place.

Just a little while later, the area was swarming with officers and paramedics. One guy was explaining the whole scene to them and pointing where the two had sprinted off. Next thing I know, they're calling in the K-9 unit. A pair of officers with incredibly imposing dogs set off in pursuit. 

It was getting pretty late though, and with work in the morning, I eventually gave in to sleep. All this time, watching the drama unfold from my fourth-floor apartment, I couldn't shake the feeling of being an incredibly nosy onlooker.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

37. I Just Caught The End!

We reside on a suburban street in a moderately big town, where the houses are quite packed together, frequently buzzing with various odd and entertaining scenarios. My most memorable occurrence was a couple of summers ago. 

I returned earlier than usual that day from work, perhaps around half past 3 or 4, to find my husband perched on our front porch, observing the spectacle at our neighbors' across the street.

The neighbor’s spouse arrived on the back of her beau's motorbike, much to her husband's displeasure. The trio ended up outside in a heated exchange, with the wife asserting her rights loudly, and her boyfriend challenging her husband to “bring it on, man". 

This drama unfolded for about ninety minutes, after which the boyfriend departed at the wife's bidding and she retired indoors with her husband. I sure was relieved I made it back home right as the excitement was dying down.

Shocking Things Next DoorPxhere

38. Watching Them Closely

My previous neighbors were a terribly unpleasant couple, living with the woman's mother. As a woman myself, it was a daily routine to confront the man when I'd find him lurking around my property, often leading to threats. I even had him taken in for trespassing once. Unquestionably, I kept a close eye on his activities. 

One night, I noticed him sneaking out of his home through a bedroom window and quietly approaching the house next door. The house was actually used for storage by its owner, filled with valuable antiques and a range of hunting gear. 

About half an hour later, the neighbor emerged, carrying several weapons and fishing rods, all of which he stored in his garden shed. He then returned to remove some bows, which he also hid in his shed. Seemingly pleased with his stealth, he then crept back into his house.

I immediately reached out for help, then roused the landlord from his sleep to fill him in about the incident. The landlord was furious and decided to press charges. As a result, my sneaky neighbor landed himself behind bars for theft and unlawful entry. The rest of his household was evicted and from then on, I had a peaceful, trouble-free existence.

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39. Everyone Knows…

My next-door neighbor had a pretty difficult demeanor. He'd patrol his yard, collecting stones he was convinced we children had thrown, and chuck them back over to our side. Once, the other neighborhood kids and I even staged a small march past his house just to make lots of noise. 

He was such a peculiar character—even the eight-year-olds in the area thought he was overly cautious. So, one night while I was in bed, I heard raised voices outside and checked it out. The guy was outside disputing heatedly with my father. He believed my brother and I had dumped our waste into his bins, but we truly did not. 

He was trying to dump it back into ours when my father heard the commotion and went out to investigate. The argument escalated into shouting, a bit of pushing, and then the neighbor landed a sneaky punch on my father. That's when my dad finally stood up to him for his years of irritating conduct. 

Although he fell over the bins from the punch, he got back up and retaliated with a triple punch, cornering him against a wall. He warned him not to step on our property again and walked off. As he was washing his face upstairs, I emerged from my room to tell him he was the most courageous and cool guy I'd ever seen.

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40. At The Retirement Home

I live opposite a retirement home. There's a staff room on the first floor, the same level as my flat, and it's easy to see into it. The light's always on, and there are always people moving around. 

One evening, as I watched from my window, I saw a man taking a drag from a cigarette out their window, which caught my eye because this isn't allowed in public buildings. Not long after, a woman approached him, kissed him passionately, and then shut the blinds.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

41. Get Some Curtains!

I used to have neighbors with a rather unusual arrangement for their shower. The bathtub was positioned right under a window, and they didn't even think to obscure it. Whenever I saw something, it wasn't intentional on my end, but it happened a couple times. 

I'm fairly confident they knew my bathroom was straight across the alley. With our bathroom also on that side, most times I'd glance to the left mid-way through my business and end up spotting a very foamy lady or a late-teen-looking dude who appeared to lack in body hair. It was all incredibly strange.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

42. How Many Kids Are There?

My neighbors had quite a few kids. Honestly, I could never keep track because they often changed their children's names, but there were definitely at least four. They also had numerous issues with their dogs. Every now and then, we'd find ourselves returning their escaped dogs, who might have tried to get to our place or simply run away from them.

Sadly, these dogs always met a tragic end, usually because the kids had hurt them or they got injured escaping. Eventually, a construction team who had been working on renovating their house decided to abandon the project. They had one too many instances of walking into the house's bathroom to discover the kids had covered the walls in their own poop.

Shocking Things Next DoorFlickr, Paul Schultz

43. The Orphanage’s Story

I noticed some kids entering an unused orphanage in a residential area. Despite being vacant most of the time, the owner does keep the place up. They busted the lock on the door inside the garage to get in. The orphanage had to close because the foster mom was misusing all the money she got, blowing it all at the casino. But still, some great kids used to call that place home.

Shocking Things Next DoorWikimedia Commons

44. The Sound Of Office Ambience

My neighbor's divorce has been a tough one. Their house is two doors down from mine, and my home office window faces the street in front of their place. Every time the husband comes by to pick up or drop off the kid, they wind up having a squabble by his car as soon as the kid goes in the house. 

Because of the way our street is designed, I can hear almost everything from my desk, even though they aren't shouting. This is how I've unintentionally found out so much about their personal issues. Turns out, he had an affair with their accountant and is now trying to fix things to move back home. 

However, she's standing her ground. "It happened only twice!" Surprisingly, I find myself feeling awkward saying hello at the mailbox, especially when I know so much about their private life. Although, they do manage to keep it civil when the child is present but the moment the door closes, they start bickering.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

45. The Auction Next Door

I used to live next door to folks who were a spitting image of the McPoyles from It's Always Sunny. Quite an outlandish bunch of Caucasians they were. I remember, they once had a family get-together in their yard, quite visible from my window. I was around 12 years old back then. They had this unique tradition during their reunion.

They would conduct an auction to fund their future reunions. Now, you might assume they'd auction off antiques or beverages, but that was far from what happened. From what I could see, it seemed like they were auctioning off their younger male family members to the senior women. 

The young men had to undress in front of everyone while the older ladies applauded and cheered. It was so bizarre seeing those guys look so awkward. Though it was a long while back, I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

46. The Newlyweds

I caught wind of a heated debate from the couple below my apartment. It grabbed my attention, so I crouched down, pressing my ear to the thin wooden floor. A serious argument was unfolding. First, it clicked that she felt his friends didn't like her. Subsequently, it turned out she was right. 

I then heard her confess she wasn't too fond of them either. They were also arguing about their lack of intimacy. Then, she probed about his late-night "drives". That's when the grim reality surfaced. They squabbled more, and it came to light that he'd been having an affair with a woman he'd met at his bachelor party. 

At this stage, I withdrew from eavesdropping. I returned later to hear them negotiating over who would get the car and planning to sell the condo. In the end, she decided to move back with her parents in the suburbs. I'm not quite sure how things ended because I couldn't keep overhearing any longer, as their location kept changing within their apartment. 

They did eventually work things out, though, judging by the baby they welcomed a year later.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

47. Let The Dogs Out

I saw an elderly woman who lived nearby take a child's pet dog. She barricaded herself in her home, refusing to return the pup. The child's father was furious when he found out. He got quite aggressive and started hammering on her door, demanding the return of his son's pet. 

I phoned the authorities, and they arrived quite promptly. They urged the man to relax and coaxed the elderly woman into opening her door to release the dog. As the door opened, an officer entered and detained the woman. 

I overheard another officer inform the angry father that the woman suffers from mental illness and that they were ensuring her safety by taking her with them. Once everyone had left, a more tranquil father explained to his son that the harsh words he used weren't right and the theft of the dog wasn't the elderly woman's fault due to her condition.

Shocking Things Next DoorPxhere

48. The Parking Spot Stealer

I caught my previous neighbor two-timing her long-term boyfriend. The other man gave himself away when he mistakenly parked his Mustang in my spot, twice. I spotted him taking the elevator to her flat, and when I rang her bell, she excused his presence. As he attempted to introduce himself, she quickly ushered him back inside.

This made me suspicious, so I began to keep an eye out. During an evening dog walk, I saw through their hallway and bathroom window my neighbor with another man, starting to get cozy. I beat a hasty retreat. A few weeks later, her actual boyfriend came knocking, questioning if I'd seen anything suspicious.

He didn't divulge any details, but it seemed like he'd found another man's tie and was suspecting foul play. He looked so concerned that I thought he was about to ask if the tie was mine. I gave him a rundown of what I'd witnessed, about the man and the conspicuously parked Mustang. 

Less than a week later, a U-Haul truck was parked near our building for a few short hours, and after that, I never saw my neighbor again.

Shocking ThingsWikimedia Commons

49. Banishing Spirits

Once, I happened to hear my neighbors, and it was pretty scary. They were carrying out an exorcism on their young adult son in his 20s. They were trying to cure him of idleness and desire, because he had been let go from his low paying job and they found him loafing around during work hours. 

There was religious chanting, the smell of incense, and a Catholic priest was present. His parents were in tears, and their son seemed to be playing his role. After that, my perspective of my neighbors changed forever.

Shocking Things Next DoorPexels

50. The Shifty Guy Next Door

I used to live near a pretty suspicious guy who would always blast the most grating music at all hours, or you might catch him having a not-so-subtle shouting match over the phone about getting his cash refund. Then, out of the blue, he disappeared. I haven't seen him in around eight months. But, that's not the end of this odd story. 

Just last night, I came home to see a guy in a huge black van parked outside, and another guy all dressed in black jumping in the van before zooming off. Fast forward to this morning. I peeked out of my kitchen window and, lo and behold, there was a noose eerily swinging from the neighbor's clothesline.

Shocking Things Next DoorFlickr, J. Stephen Conn


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