Ruined Thanksgivings

October 20, 2023 | Scott Mazza

Ruined Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving is supposed to be full of food, friends, and merry-making. Well, not these dinners. These folks took to the Internet to express just how awful their recent Thanksgiving truly was, from nasty family members to upset stomachs.

1. It All Turns On A Dime

We were all set for a grand feast. We got turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cornbread—you name it. Just when I thought everything was going smoothly, it all took a truly unexpected turn. 

My coworker's daughter mentions she's feeling a bit queasy. I had a feeling something was about to go wrong, but we all gathered around the table anyway. And then, wouldn't you know it, she stands up only to throw up everywhere. The only silver lining was that she didn't hit the table, but the floor got the worst of it. 

Turns out, she was in the early stages of a stomach flu, which she hadn't realized. After that little incident, she was understandably turned off her food. The immediate aftermath consisted of some intense clean-up that took a good 10 minutes. The lasting effect, though, was that our mouths-watering stuffing lost its appeal. 

Such a waste of deliciousness. Never mind, there's always next time.

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2. The More The Un-Merrier

So, we're the designated Thanksgiving hosts this year, and my partner has been cooking up a storm since yesterday. Then, this morning a call came through. 

It was my sister-in-law letting us know that our niece (her daughter) is under the weather so they can't make it. But then, she changed her tune later in the day and suggested that her daughter is "just a tiny bit unwell," so they might drop by after all.

We pointed out that you can't be "a tiny bit unwell," you're either infectious or you're not. Well, this didn't go down well. Suddenly, we were on the receiving end of an accusation for not wanting their company, which spiraled into a heated phone call between her and my wife.

Just half an hour ago, we discovered that my father-in-law won't be joining us. His girlfriend didn't drop by his place last night and now he's upset with her. So, it now seems that the only guests we'll have at our table are my wife's other sister and her boyfriend. 

Unfortunately, they had a Thanksgiving meal earlier today which has ruined their appetites, and they're keen to head home as soon as possible. So, after our meal, they'll probably dash off. And there we'll be, left with a whole turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, a pair of pies, a luscious banana cream dessert and a ton of drinks...all for just the four of us.

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3. Forgetting Something?

Well...I forgot to take out the sack of innards from the turkey. My mother-in-law had just one bite, couldn't keep it down, and couldn't eat anymore. So, we're all just sitting here uncomfortably, scrolling through Netflix to find something fun to watch.

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4. There’s One In Every Family

My mom decided to invite an old flame who's now her pal, to our Thanksgiving dinner. I've always seen him as a cool, laid-back person, especially because his favorite topic is the amusement park rides he's worked on. But boy, was I wrong. His conversation during the meal was filled with outlandish conspiracy theories.

The moment he straight-up stated "Michelle Obama is Baphomet," I couldn't help but to burst into uncontrollable laughter. It was so bad, I had to leave the room. Luckily, my uncle managed to refute everything he proclaimed, and it was quite amusing when uncle asked him, "Did you know I'm a Freemason?" "Yeah". "Really?" "Yeah, I did". (He confessed later that he didn't).

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5. Tightening The Belt Buckle

Thanksgiving got to be a bit of a downer for me when we snapped a family photo just before everyone headed their separate ways. That's when it hit me, I've really put on some weight. It's been subtle and while I was aware of my jeans size increasing over the last few years—and yes, I've glimpsed myself in the mirror—I didn't think I had changed THAT much...but wow.

Well, it seems the time has come to curb my enjoyable tendencies, no matter how tough it'll be.

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6. Grin And Bear It

My Thanksgiving isn't a disaster, per se, but my pumpkin pie certainly met a tragic fate. You see, I goofed up and used pancake mix instead of flour to whip up the crust. I know, right? What was I thinking? To be fair, the boxes are practically identical if you don't pay attention to the labels.

Luckily, everyone's just acting super cordial about the strangely rubbery texture of the pie crust.

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7. Sick Day

As we headed to my sister's place, my four-year-old son started to complain about a headache. Once we arrived, he slumped onto the couch and continued to mention his throbbing head. In an effort to comfort him, I lifted him up, only for him to vomit all over me, the floor, and even catch the edge of the dinner table.

Fortunately, the Thanksgiving meal wasn't yet served, sparing the holiday feast for others. But, it's safe to say my holiday took a bit of a nosedive. Now, he's back at home, darting around as if nothing happened... Ah, the unpredictable nature of toddlers.

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8. Family Doesn’t Always Make It Better

I just wrapped up a trial phase at my new job, which typically requires travel. However, for the past couple of weeks, I've been working from home. My family, aware of this, have been overbearing to say the least. Then, to make matters worse, my ex crossed the line during Thanksgiving. 

She grumbled about the car I gifted our daughter, which she gets to use for free, claiming its tires were substandard and she had to partially walk up a driveway. I had gotten the tires changed just last summer, and let's not forget—the car and insurance are entirely on me.

To evade all this drama, I pretended to go to work. Unfortunately, in the midst of just aimlessly driving, I had a panic attack. It was a combination of stress from work and family. I had to pull over, and it took almost two hours to regain my cool.

That was the most severe panic attack I've experienced. I was frightened I'd faint or worse. However, I managed to pull myself together and had a wonderful day at the zoo. I indulged in reading and watched an interesting documentary on Ralph Lauren. 

The podcasts during my ride home on an empty highway were a treat. Life seemed good then, but it was short-lived. On my return, my mom nagged about me neglecting the yard work. 

Absentmindedly, I put a turkey in the oven that had been sitting in the fridge for too long because I was away. It tasted terrible and I have a feeling it's going to make me ill. I hope the sickness lasts only 24 hours, since my daughters are visiting tomorrow for a belated Thanksgiving dinner that I prepare especially for them. 

My takeaway from all this is that I need to handle my stress more effectively and maybe hit the gym more frequently. It's imperative that I avoid a repeat of that two-hour panic episode. As soon as I recover from this potential stomach bug, I plan to research some coping mechanisms. But for now, Thanksgiving isn't over yet. 

As they always do, my daughters will brighten things up.

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9. What A Turkey

My brother is spending Thanksgiving with his girlfriend and her family and let me in on some big news—he's planning on sleeping with a girl for the first time. I mean, as his brother, I'm all for it and pretty excited for him. But, part of me also wanted to mess with him a little bit. So, I hatched a plan. 

I inundated him with a flood of trivia about US presidents. The thought of him pausing his big moment to say, "Hang on a sec, babe, I just gotta read this bit about Zachary Taylor" is just too hilarious for me.

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10. Ruined Forever?

So, my uncle asked my wife and me to come over to his house for dinner with his long-term girlfriend's family.

The night was an absolute blast—a traditional Thanksgiving gathering, spanning multiple generations. I even contributed some pies I'd baked myself from scratch. Unfortunately, my happiness was short-lived, and I found myself in an emotional whirlwind, causing me to retreat to the deck and have a good, long cry.

It's been three years since my mum passed suddenly on Christmas Eve. Seeing this loving, inviting family sparked memories of the holidays when my mom was still around. The nostalgia just overwhelmed me. Since then, I've been in a somewhat dark place emotionally. 

A bit of relief came when I rejoined the others inside and saw my homemade pies were a big hit. But ever since we left, I've been brooding somewhat. I genuinely miss relishing in the holiday spirit.

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11. Not Kidding Around

Last month, my kid and I received an invitation to celebrate Thanksgiving at a friend's place. We've recently moved to this city and don't have family close by. So, receiving the invitation made us feel a bit more at home, as it meant not spending the festive day by ourselves.

We kept in touch with our host over the course of the week, even coordinating what dishes we would contribute to the meal. Imagine my surprise when, upon waking up today, I received a message saying she's opted for an adults-only Thanksgiving celebration instead.

Her decision is totally reasonable, given the fact my child would've been the only little one in attendance. However, I can't help but wish she had informed me sooner than today. With a bit more notice, I may have been able to arrange some alternative celebrations for my baby and myself.

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12. Bowing Out

The nearest relative in age to me is older by seven years. Even though I've reached 21, my family continues to treat me like a child. They don't allow me to join in their discussions or even attempt to converse with me. At this year's Easter, I was literally left with no choice but to hang out with little kids the whole day.

My drum set was never left alone, which stopped me from having a meal. I don't want a repeat of that experience. That's why this Thanksgiving, I decided to shut myself in my room, fooling everyone that I'm ill. As I write this down, I'm still here, hoping the last few visitors will leave soon.

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13. When Moms Make Mistakes

My mom was kind enough to get me a flight ticket home for Thanksgiving, but things didn't quite go as planned. She made the booking using my birth surname, simply because I've just recently become married and she's not quite used to calling me by my new family name yet.

We didn't even realize there was this issue until she forwarded me the travel details yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was too late to correct the name on the ticket by then. We ended up having to call off the entire flight as there were no other available flights that fell within the right schedule. This meant I had to stay put at home.

I genuinely feel awful for my mom. She's been dealing with a lot lately and I had really wanted to catch up with her in person.

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14. These Aren’t Your Friends

Five days ago, my girlfriend and I decided to part ways. The reason behind this was a really hurtful incident involving her, my best friend, and my friend's boyfriend. They all not only ridiculed my entire life but also exposed extremely sensitive photos of mine from a few months ago.

They didn't even bother to say sorry, leaving me with no choice but to remove them from my life. We used to all gather for Thanksgiving at my mom's home, but this year was different. 

I spent the holiday alone, isolated in my room, contemplating why those I'd invested so much of my life in would invade my privacy and then essentially tell me that I deserved it, to an extent that they found no need to even apologize. I can't believe I was about to propose to this girl in just a few months. We'd been together for six years.

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15. Take The Wins Where You Can Get Them

Our big, family Thanksgiving was sadly called off this year. Why? Well, the aunt who usually welcomes us in Buffalo, New York can't do it because the area is buried under seven feet of snow. In fact, Buffalo is pretty much inaccessible right now.

No one else stepped up to the plate—the thought of hosting over twenty people in our place is out of the question. So, we ended up only with our immediate family of four. It was just another regular day; dad watched football, my son lost himself in video games.

On the bright side, I'm enjoying a five-day break from a job that normally drains the life out of me.

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16. New Reality

This is going to be my first Thanksgiving after finding out I have cancer, and the atmosphere is a bit subdued. Even though my future seems promising (my doctor hasn't actually said I only have so long to live), everyone is still kind of tense because the news is fresh—I was only diagnosed in August. 

Plus, I had to spend last week in the hospital because of some pretty tough side effects from the treatments I'm going through.

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17. An Unhappy Birthday

Yesterday, we threw a birthday bash for my three-year-old lad, just a day prior to Thanksgiving. It isn't his actual birth date, yet it suited our schedule. Realizing last week that timing was opportune, as everyone was visiting, we decided to have the party a month early.

My little one received gifts from his great grandma and grandma. Grandma's last-minute gift was a book hastily stuffed in a paper bag and only signed later. But worst of all, nobody else got him anything. 

The party was spontaneous, sure, but a week's heads up feels like enough time for an Amazon haul or a quick store run, right? I get it though, life's busy. What really stung though was the birthday cake episode. My son has a feeding tube because of his refusal to eat, despite no physical ailments. 

Three years of countless appointments with therapists and medical professionals is our life now. His mom and I crafted a rainbow cake from scratch and he was over the moon about it. Everything seemed alright during his party until the cake-cutting. After singing, I sliced the cake and then it happened. 

A crowd of 20 didn't touch the cake. I even suggested they have some to encourage my boy. Instead, they stood silently, my son also shying away from having a bite. It was incredibly awkward, and I felt isolated, unsupported by my friends and family.

The past 48 hours have been tear-filled and sleep-deprived, living the reality of feeding my son through a tube while hearing excuses about sugar rushes and full stomachs. These challenging three years were compounded by having a baby shortly before quarantine, leaving us high and dry without familial assistance. 

This cake incident was simply the icing on a burdensome cake. My marriage is shaky, my dad feels incapable of dealing with my son's condition, and our moms, due to their health, can't babysit either. The physical and emotional distance from family over the past year has been exhausting.

Writing this provides some solace. Even among people, I feel a glaring loneliness. Life feels like a crushing weight and despite the crowd, isolation seeps in.

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18. Don’t Take It Out On The Kid

When my former partner swung by to collect the kids for a holiday visit to his family's place, he informed my eldest kid, who doesn't share any biological relations with him, that he couldn't join the trip explaining, "you're not blood". That meant he'd have to stay behind with me.

My ex happens to be the sole fatherly figure my son recognizes. This devastated him. To add salt to the wound, my ex only concocted this rule out of resentment towards me: We've recently been to court and he's quite disgruntled about the verdict.

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19. What’s For Dinner?

Thanksgiving didn't go as planned. I misunderstood the turkey recipe. I considered frying the turkey, but I never made the final call. Meanwhile, my husband assumed I was set on frying it. So, after multiple miscommunications, our dinner didn't materialize and we're now trying to recover in different corners.

I'm honestly worried that I'm losing my grip. When I asked him if he was alright, he just said he was exhausted. Sadly, I feel that I spoiled our holiday, and I'm at a loss on how to set things right.

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20. Sins Of The Father

My dad almost put a damper on our Thanksgiving plans. We'd all agreed on the arrangements well in advance, yet he seemed to have a perfect plan to cause upset. He sprung on us just the day before that his fiancée was cooking at her place, so he wouldn't be able to join us. 

Then, just two hours before the meal, he texted my sister—the host—to say he could drop in after all. He and his fiancée turned up at dessert time, and we each offered them a solitary hug. My sister then gave them a tour of the nursery while the rest of us lingered at the table, lost in our pie and chit-chat. They made their exit after just 15 minutes.

I managed to persuade my mom to read Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bancroft last November. She used to be my dad's staunchest supporter, but now she sees him in his true colors—a manipulator at heart. My twin and her husband share the same views, and my sister's husband was even clued in before.

Being able to openly discuss with my family the difficulties my father caused us, and how they actively contributed to our healing, gives me great satisfaction. It brings to mind a saying my dad used to use, "You don't get praise for doing what you're supposed to do". Well, that comes right back at you, mister.

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21. Veggie Tales

For three years, I've been embracing vegetarianism, yet my in-laws never seem to remember to whip up something I can eat for Thanksgiving. This year, due to traveling from out of state, I didn't even have the option to bring my own food.

Living out in the countryside, they don't have easy access to restaurants—everything is either too remote or not open. This resulted in me munching on just a roll and some potatoes, with my stomach grumbling for the rest of the day. But what truly stings is their constant disregard for my dietary needs even after all this time. 

To add insult to injury, they included bacon in the green bean casserole. I’m not one to create drama or fuss, but honestly, a simple pre-packaged salad would have sufficed. Given that I chose to spend this time with them rather than with my mom—who recently just lost her mother—it intensifies the emotional blow.

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22. A Dog Sounds More Loyal Than This Family

A couple of weeks back, my pooch took to gnawing his tail. The consequences were heartbreaking. Despite my girlfriend and my attempts at stopping him, the harm he caused led to an unavoidable amputation. A couple of days before the Thanksgiving celebrations, he underwent surgery and we brought him home to start his healing process.

With his need for constant supervision post-surgery, I thought it best to ask my Aunt if I could bring him along for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. She wasn't for the idea, so I made the decision to stay at home to avoid leaving my girlfriend on her own during Thanksgiving (as her family had planned their dinner for Saturday).

On Thanksgiving day, I kept it simple with dad, texted him "Happy Thanksgiving". To which he replied with a lengthy rant about me opting for "an inane dog over my own family" and how the dog would've been just fine alone.

I decided not to respond, just took it in stride. Instead, I made a dash to the nearest supermarket, snatched up a couple of prime steaks for a cozy dinner with my girlfriend at home.

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23. Some People Will Never Be Nice

I took the tough choice of sticking to my diet on Thanksgiving, no cheat day for me. But boy, it didn't go as planned. My grandpa ended up calling me overweight at the second dinner, even though I didn't have a bite. I've been working my tail off for the past three months, trying to lose weight and build muscle. I thought I was finally seeing the fruits of my labor.

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24. Be Careful Where You’re Laughing

My hubby and our little ones were having a good time playing UNO. Our daughter did something so hilarious that my husband couldn't help but burst into laughter, to the point that he actually fainted. He took a fall from his chair and hit the stone floor face-first. 

He managed to scrape from his left eyebrow up to his hairline, and the area ended up with some pretty nasty scrapes and bruises. He decided to spend the remainder of the day just lounging on the sofa.

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25. Mother, May I Hate You?

My mom can be really challenging. She's quite selfish, just to put it out there. She doesn't seem to acknowledge my personal limits, the reasonable ones at least. For instance, I requested her not to smoke around my child, but she still does anyway. Then, she really crossed the line. 

She even scolded my friend, who tragically lost her own baby, to suppress her emotions.

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26. Ah, The Classic Thanksgiving Blunder

My spouse and I were in charge of the turkey, so we followed the cooking time detailed in the recipe. We then moved onto planning the rest of the meal. Once we all gathered around the table for our feast, we began to slice into the turkey...

Turns out, it was still uncooked. As a result, our meal was delayed by another hour.

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27. The Good And The Bad

Thanksgiving this year wasn't spoiled, though it came close to being so. My bestie and her partner hosted a wonderful feast for me and my husband. We spent five hours in good eats and deep chats, then returned to our overjoyed dogs who acted as if we'd been lost for ages.

The day was truly a blessing. It helped me refrain from fixating on a harsh reality. It engaged my mind sufficiently, so I could momentarily step away from the sorrowful fact that our son, our only child, seems distant and only reaches out when he needs something. Without our friends' companionable presence, the day would've been deeply sorrowful.

However, I chose to reflect on my blessings, appreciating what I have rather than what we've lost. Spending my day this way was a decision I'm glad I made this year.

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28. Poor Kid

Not long ago, my niece moved in with my family. Initially, I thought they welcomed her warmly—but I was so wrong. To my dismay, I found out during Thanksgiving they were treating her like a second-tier family member. During our Christmas name-drawing, they directly belittled her, even suggesting gifting her "manners and diapers".

If someone picked her name, they tossed it back in, fussing about it right in front of her. In retrospect, I feel I should've expected this. After all, they treated me similarly, almost as if I were an inconvenience. But somehow, this is even worse.

In my case, their hostility was veiled, and I had to infer their feelings towards me (it took me ages to catch on). But with her, they are bluntly remarking: “We had to take you in because no one else would want you”. Shamefully, the "adults" in the room find humor in this cruel joke. It's just appalling.

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29. When It Rains It Pours

My wife began to experience chest pains and was continuously throwing up yesterday. We've been in the emergency room for what feels like forever, feeling anxious because she can't even hold down water and the vomiting just doesn't stop. We were finally able to pinpoint the issue. 

Thankfully it's not a heart attack, but unfortunately, she has gallstones. The doctors have put her on a strict diet of clear liquids until her stomach recovers and we're able to pick up her medication tomorrow. Now, we also need to arrange a time for her surgery.

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30. Too Little, Too Late

My girlfriend got to Thanksgiving dinner two hours later than planned, and it wasn't like she didn't know—she'd been aware of the schedule for two weeks. When she finally got there, she started freaking out because she was late. Now, I wasn't really angry or anything, but honestly, it was pretty tough for me to feel a lot of sympathy for her freak-out.

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31. Eat Your Words

Ever since our mom passed in 2019 and our dad in 2022, the holiday season has been tough for me. Being the youngest among my siblings, I've naturally filled in the role of the host for our holiday gatherings, inviting my two sisters, along with my niece and nephew, to my home.

The responsibility of the cooking, cleaning, and not to mention the finances of it all, falls on me. There's a bit of an imbalance as all they seem to do is create a mess in my previously immaculate house without offering a helping hand.

My sisters, bless them, are particular foodies with a preference for plain tastes. They had a bone to pick with my choice of "exotic cheese" (it was just Gouda) that I used in our mac 'n' cheese. And apparently, my homemade buffalo chicken dip didn't sit too well with them.

Their usual buffalo chicken dip is made using canned chicken but I chose to use fresh chicken, thinking it might add a special touch to our Thanksgiving feast. After all, I just wanted to step up our often dull holiday meals. These differences in taste, I suppose, come down to personal preference.

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32. Good Riddance

This year's Thanksgiving was pretty similar to other family get-togethers, since my sister-in-law had her usual case of "I Am The Center Of Attention" syndrome. I'd been out of town for work for several months, and made a huge effort to wrap up everything in time to make it home for the holiday.

The family decided that my place was the best option for hosting. Pretty fair—since it's more spacious and accommodating for big meals. I suggested we host the meal on Saturday, as I'd just arrived back in town. But my incredibly stubborn sister-in-law insisted that it must be on Thursday.

Her insistence was basically because she didn't want to sacrifice her weekend. Fair enough. I tried. I managed to get the food and prepped it all the night before, working my tail off. Then, all I asked for was a later start time, so I could get some sleep and unpack.

"Nope...our schedules are really tight...the kids (my niece and nephew) wake up from naps at…" and she continued. So, long story short, my holiday was dominated by catering to the needs of others. On Thanksgiving Day, I found myself stepping away whenever my sister-in-law made a fuss about something insignificant.

And she did that often. One example was when she got overly upset about not adding marshmallows to the sweet potatoes. When I did excuse myself to avoid her tantrums, my family accused me of being rude and insisted on making "peace". Seriously, it was just too much.

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33. Three’s Company

During our Thanksgiving meal, a guest had a bit too much to drink and flirted with my wife. But here's the shocking part. Instead of feeling bothered, she surprisingly reacted well to it. Two hours after we wrapped up dinner, I discovered them sharing a bed. I miss those times when it was just the two of us enjoying dinner.

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34. No Show

For the very first time, I pulled off preparing Thanksgiving dinner with my folks and my immediate family. Just last night, my aunt and uncle reached out to ask if they could spend the day and overnight with us. Working tirelessly, we got the guest room all set, and made a trip to the store early this morning to stock up on more food to make sure there was plenty to go around.

Surprisingly however, they called off their plans to come at 11 am this morning.

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35. You Can’t Choose Your Family

I'm in the middle of a move. We're checking out the new place tomorrow and by Tuesday, we'll have our own set of keys. Since we couldn't really pull off a Thanksgiving dinner, my in-laws kindly agreed to bring over a ham, the fixings, and even agreed to watch the kids while we pack up. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as great as it sounded.

Now, my mom—who doesn't exactly win the "Mother of the Year" award—threw a tantrum because we didn't do everything to get to their house. But no need for concern. Her comeuppance will arrive once my dad's no longer with us, and then I can freely tell her she won't be seeing me or her grandchildren ever again.

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36. Thanksgiving Tantrum

Thanksgiving was nice, until around 5 pm. We brought my grandma around noon, and rather than the typical turkey feast, we opted for a brunch styled breakfast. We also watched Top Gun: Maverick for my mom’s birthday, which was a hit for everybody—well, almost everyone.

For some reason, my older sister was not thrilled by the idea of watching it, ignoring that not everything revolves around her. She said, "I can't watch the whole thing”. She'd also mentioned the previous night that she was quite tired and might sleep the entire day, missing when Grandma arrives. You probably guessed it, she's the villain of this tale.

So, 5:00 pm rolls around. I’d saved my sister some food, and when she finally came downstairs, I was already preparing something else since we hadn't eaten in a while. Almost immediately, she dampens the mood by stating we should have texted her when we were ready to eat. But we'd already agreed to eat as soon as Grandma arrived.

Next thing you know, she's guilt-tripping my mom—on her birthday, no less—into making her food and feeling bad for not waking her up. She claimed to have been up since noon, so why didn't she join us? Her answer? "I was in so much pain, it took hours to just sit up”.

So she expected us to wait for two more hours until she could join us after informing her about the food? I understand fibromyalgia is terrible, which is why we didn't mind her sleeping in. But we couldn't keep Grandma for too late. 

It would be easier to sympathize with my sister if she wasn't thoroughly unpleasant about it, a tendency she had since her teenage years. Especially when my mom is quite understanding and even indulgent of her fluctuating moods.

Quickly afterwards, we rushed through the birthday cake, dropped Grandma off, and everyone scuttled away from my sister, the debbie downer.

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37. Hands Off

I was at my grandparents' home, in one of the upstairs bathrooms, and I noticed a dripping faucet. Thinking I could help out, I decided to turn off the water, using a valve that honestly looked like it hadn't been changed since the house was built in the '70s. That was a terrible decision, unfortunately. All of a sudden, water started spraying everywhere.

My immediate reaction was to rush down to the basement and cut off the water source for the entire house. Then came the really hard part... I had to walk back upstairs and face three women who you definitely don't want to annoy and tell them, “I might have just single-handedly ruined Thanksgiving".

Yes, I managed to secure the valve eventually, but still. The entire experience taught me a valuable lesson: If it isn't yours, don't mess with it.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedFlickr, Tom Raftery

38. Breakups Are To Do

On Wednesday morning, just before setting off for Thanksgiving with my entire extended family, I ended things with the person I deeply loved. The journey was filled with tears, enough to swell my eyes red. It had been a while since I last saw the majority of my relatives, so naturally, I was bombarded with a flurry of questions. 

They wanted to know if I finished college, secured a job related to my studies, what my post-graduation plans were, and if I'm in a relationship. My younger brother recently got engaged and was the center of everyone's attention, flooded with congratulations and inquiries about his proposal. 

Coming right after him in age and freshly single, I couldn't help but wonder if just weeks earlier, I could have been next in line for similar attention. I had been looking forward to introducing my boyfriend to the family on Thanksgiving; they would have really enjoyed his company.

I feel utterly crushed and alone, even amongst this crowd of loved ones. The thought of returning to my vacant apartment and confronting my sorrow alone in the coming days is daunting. I can't help but glance at our old photos on my phone and wonder if I will heal. This Thanksgiving, I am certain, will not be a fond memory to look back on.

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39. Cutting Off The Meal To Spite Their Face

I was really looking forward to coming home to a meal and catching up with my family, although we're not particularly tight-knit. But, boy, was I in for a shock. Turns out, there was absolutely no food at all. Why, you ask? Apparently, my parents had a spat last night and, in a fit of spite, decided that not cooking would be a good way to solve their disagreement.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedFreepik, master1305

40. Getaway Car

My car got nicked, which meant my boyfriend and I spent the bulk of our day chatting with law enforcement and the insurance folks. I suffered a pretty intense bout of anxiety that I'm still trying to shake off. This car wasn't just any car—it was my very first set of wheels. 

Sure, it's seen a bit of life, but I'm holding out hope they'll track it down. My boyfriend and I journeyed across half the country in that trusty car, and we'd only just wrapped up all the repairs so I could hit the road job hunting.

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41. Ungrateful Brat

Thanksgiving was utterly spoiled by my older brother. He turned up way later than promised, only offering an explanation when I asked about his whereabouts. We were all due to share some pre-dinner snacks and catch the game, all together.

Neither a hello for me or my husband passed his lips when he and his wife eventually turned up. He showed no interest in knowing how I or my baby-to-be were faring—I'm in my seventh month expecting my first. Yet he managed to chatter non-stop about their future TikTok fame and the latest video game he's obsessed with.

To put the cherry on top, he grabbed the largest slice of wellington, wastefully discarded half, and quickly bolted post-meal, minus a word of gratitude. I truly question how we were brought up under the same roof. For all I care, McDonald's can have him next time.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

42. Cooking Up Trouble

For two years straight now, my uncle has got us all to gather at his place at 3:00 pm, yet leaves it until half-past 2 to shove the almost entirely frozen 22-pound turkey into the oven.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

43. Once Burned, Twice Shy

My father expects me to have dinner with his latest partner. Don't forget, he's yet to part ways with his second wife, who wasn't exactly my favorite person. I'm not thrilled to admit it, but I'm questioning his ability to make wise choices about his relationships at this stage. I have a nagging feeling that this could turn into a fiasco.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

44. Brothers Know Best

My Thanksgiving wasn't exactly off to a flying start. My brother, absent from dinner this year, rang up my mom while I was in the vicinity. You would not believe what I overheard. He had us on loudspeaker, prattling on about me, my occupation, and my financial situation. Basically, he was nitpicking about all aspects of my life.

Just for the record, my job and financial standing are in a pretty solid state, but they somehow never seem to meet his lofty standards for some inexplicable reason.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedFreepik, cookie_studio

45. Let The Boy Live

At Thanksgiving, my aunt gave my cousin a nasty nickname, "a lost boy". It was all because he's got some piercings and a tattoo. She came off really strong about it, wouldn't drop the issue and it nearly led to an argument.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

46. The Bundle Of “Joy”

"We're expecting". Those two words upended our Thanksgiving. They came from my careless brother-in-law, the one responsible for his new girlfriend's pregnancy. In my opinion, she should not be taking on the role of a mother again at this stage of her life. Both of them don't even have custody or visits with their other children. 

Can you believe I was the one who footed his rent bill 12 months ago?

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

47. Just Think About It For A Minute

It was a bit out of the ordinary this Thanksgiving. My sister's girlfriend chose to wear a rather bold outfit to my parents’ house. She arrived in a dress featuring a lacey, backless top, an incredibly short hemline and above-the-knee fishnet stockings attached to the dress with a few straps.

A "Hmm, so this is happening now" type of moment. Oh, and just to add, she's nearly 40 years old.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

48. Everybody Together Now

A few years ago, we had a Thanksgiving that none of us will ever forget, and we haven't all been together for this holiday since. My sister-in-law and her mother had a spat over something seemingly inconsequential, like there not being any stovetop stuffing. In response, her mother told her to go to the supermarket and whip it up herself.

Soon after, for some inexplicable reason, the aunt stepped in and insisted that everyone should go. This led to a chaotic full-blown yelling contest involving around seven people, out of the about 15 family members that were present at my mother-in-law’s place that day.

At this point, my father-in-law got up very casually, went to the living room and switched on the TV with volume at its peak. It felt like he was being passive-aggressive, but it's tough to say if his actions had anything to do with the squabble or if he just seized the opportunity to escape it all.

In the end, only my wife and father-in-law remained in the house. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law had separately retreated to different rooms, each in tears. And the cause of all this turmoil? A missing dish.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

49. Thanks For Nothing

On Thanksgiving, I took my dog to the park. Out of nowhere, disaster struck. My poor pup was lunged at by a German Shepherd, which bit off her ear. Strangely enough, the other dog's owner saw everything but chose to dismiss it all. He even attempted to exit the park right after it happened.

I had to step up to this rude guy and involve the authorities since he wasn't willing to handle his responsibilities. I'm so relieved that day is over.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

50. That’s A Head-Scratcher

What a holiday wrecker—head lice. Right smack in the middle of Thanksgiving, head lice decided to crash the party. As we're sitting for dinner, a tiny speck caught my eye on my 11-year-old daughter's head. I thought it was just dandruff, so I reached to flick it away, but it wasn't budging. It turned out to be a nit.

The reason I recognized it was that I'm a school teacher and regularly deal with lice issues. It's the absolute pits. As you can imagine, my daughter was eager to rush home then and there for a lice treatment. But, we decided to finish dinner first, and then spent a good three hours treating her hair and removing all the nits.

Surprising find—six lively lice residing on her scalp. This led to washing sheets and blankets from five different beds, plus all the throw blankets from our couch. Now, my next task is to schedule an appointment for a costly professional treatment. I suppose the plus side is, it should get rid of the problem for good.

I seriously dislike lice.

Thanksgiving Is RuinedPexels

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