Messed UP Relationships

July 4, 2024 | Sammy Tran

Messed UP Relationships

There's no such thing as a perfect relationship, but sometimes love can blind us to the hard truth. Some relationships are just seriously messed UP—and cannot be salvaged.

1. 5 AM Drives

I was in a five-year year relationship with a woman and we had a house and a kid together. She left at 3:00 AM after we had some drinks and was with some guy driving around until 5:00 AM. I panicked when I woke up and she wasn’t there. I called her, but she was rude to me, and hung up. Then, she wouldn’t answer at all. I got scared since this never happened before.

We shared location on our phones and she was out on a dirt road miles away from where we usually go off-roading. When I saw where she was, my heart broke. 

She was hanging with some guy because apparently, she needed someone to talk to and it wasn’t me. This really destroyed my trust in her, and after that, things just declined and I became more distanced. It broke my heart.

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 2. Suspicious Soup

One time, I came home from work and my girlfriend was in the kitchen happily making us dinner. I went to the bathroom and was in the middle of washing my hands when I thought of something I had to tell her. As I went around the corner, I just barely saw her drop something into my bowl. Her hand was cupped over the bowl and she slipped something in it.

It just looked sketchy. She didn’t see me see her, so I just walked back into the bathroom and finished washing my hands. I thanked her for making me dinner but told her I just wasn’t hungry. Then, I spent most of the night awake thinking what did I just see her trying to do? Around 3:00 AM, I convinced myself that I imagined it.

I decided to get some sleep, but first, I got up to use the washroom. And then my very next thought was, “Man, it really itches down there". I went up to the clinic the very next day, and got tested for STDs just to confirm what I already suspected. Positive for chlamydia. That's when it dawned on me. It was the antibiotic. That’s what she put into the soup she made for me.

I called my sister and told her I needed to stay with her for a few weeks. I went home and packed up one backpack full of the absolute essentials and a trash bag for all my clothes. I threw both in the car. Then, I went back in and said, “I know you cheated on me and there is no sense in denying it. When we started getting serious, I told you that I could compromise on just about everything".

I continued, “But, cheating was something I could never, under any circumstances, get past. I told you that if you cheated on me, there would be no discussion, no explanations, no working it out. I wouldn’t leave angry, but I’d just leave. Because the relationship is now over. So goodbye, tell your kids whatever you want to". She had two kids from a previous marriage.

I blocked all her communications on my way to my sister’s house. I told my sister what happened when I got there and we stayed up all night crying and laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. She cheated on me, infected me, then tried to cure me so I’d never know! And it probably would have worked, if I hadn’t just happened to see her do it.

It was something that never should have happened because what kind of lunatic just leaves the bathroom in the middle of washing their hands to tell someone something? I was weeks from proposing to this woman. Sometimes, people talk about moments that define their lives. Or days that they will never forget. How about seconds?

One second. That’s about how long of a window I had to watch her put the antibiotic into my food and slink backward into the bathroom without her seeing me. On either side of that one-second window, my life would possibly be very different. It’s just so crazy to think about.

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3. Life Is Like A Box Of Crayons

We were in college and dated for almost two years. We had broken up a few times (I found out much later that he kept picking arguments so he could break up with me before spring break or summer break because he was getting back together with his ex-girlfriend when she came home for the break). I was getting pretty fed up with his antics.

He came over to try and convince me to get back together and brought me a gift of a package of glitter crayons. He never bought me any gifts at all. His conciliatory gift was a package of crayons, which had no significance whatsoever. I was confused, but thanked him. Apparently, I wasn’t enthusiastic enough, so he retaliated in a deranged way.

He grabbed the box of crayons back and crushed them up. That was it. Last straw.

After that, he started parking behind the building across from my work and following me home at night. He also had the spare key to my car, but said he lost it when we broke up. He moved my car while I was in class one day. My dad called his parents and threatened to call the authorities. Luckily, he stopped after that.

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4. Paint Away

We moved into a house together and things were a little on the rocks, but I figured I could work a little harder and she would, too. I had my doubts, as she was a control freak and really only took what I said about things at face value. We had a huge fight about the stupidest thing—the living room paint color. She said it was just awful and couldn't put up with it.

She described it as a cream color, but like adding too much creamer to coffee. "Disgusted" was her word for it. We went around and around about it for a week or so, until I finally just decided I could concede on this one, but that I got to choose the bedroom color. Anyway, I was standing in the paint aisle on my day off and utterly exhausted from a week of work and remodeling.

I was tired and she was combing through the paint swatches. She found the color she wanted and we got it mixed. We ended up in an argument in the car, as she wanted to paint and I wanted to sleep. I told her it is better to do it during the day, so we can open the windows and let it air out better. It was currently raining and I didn't want water marks.

It escalated and grew until she finally just got so mad that she left. I decided to be nice and start painting the opposing window wall to at least show her I heard her thoughts. I got it all mixed up and dipped the roller. I rolled over the wall once and it all hit me at the exact same time.

I was sick of her and her controlling attitude. I was done feeling like the bad guy for things I didn't do wrong. I was tired of living her dream life. You know why it hit me? That paint she chose was the exact same color as the wall.

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5. Double Date

I dated a guy long enough to become close with his family, and one day we were having dinner at his house. His mom asked me (at the table with the family) how I liked this new restaurant in the area, as if I’d been there. When I said I hadn’t been there yet, she said, “Oh, I thought that’s where you two went last weekend"? My stomach dropped.

We had not gone out that weekend, and that’s how I found out he was dating other girls and telling his mother he was going out with me. The thing that really ended it was that he could lie so easily to his mom and that she believed him. If a guy treats his mom like that, he’s not going to respect his wife, either.

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6. No Gratitude

I dated a high-drama goth chick for five years. When her dad passed, he left her a bunch of money, so she decided to use it to throw a huge family reunion. She reserved 10 hotel rooms at the Marriott in San Diego, including two upstairs/downstairs suites, one of which was for her and I. Then, she flew out all her family.

She had a big party as a family reunion/memorial for her dad. She didn't drive and had only gotten a bank account due to her inheritance, so I pretty much had to arrange everything. I dealt with all the craziness and a dozen shopping trips for food and decorations. For months, I helped her do everything, even after she broke down.

But, we got it all set up. All we had to do was drive to San Diego and set everything up on Friday, but I had to work. She was very angry about this, but I had no choice and she knew it. I told her I'd get off early and drive immediately after work since she was heading down with her friend "R" and they were making a quick stop at Costco.

So, we had the party, everyone showed up and we had a great time. Around 1:30 AM, she called everyone together for a big toast, about 40-50 people in our hotel suite and on the patio. She proceeded to thank everyone, starting with her friend "R", then about 15 other people. I stood in front of her waiting to hear my name, but it wasn’t coming.

As she turned left and right to face the various crowd members, she closed her eyes as if in a prolonged blink as they passed towards me. Come the end of the speech, my name never came up. She thanked the whole crowd for coming and went back to mingling. I pulled her aside and asked what that was all about. She plays stupid.

She asked what I mean, so I ask straight up why she didn't thank me when I was there from the beginning, even while her dad was sick. Her answer was (verbatim): "Oh, I'm sorry babe, I just forgot. There was so much to remember". I was standing right in front of her, three feet away and she deliberately avoided looking at me.

I mentioned this and she apologized but something in me broke. I stewed in it until about 3:00 AM, then got in my truck unannounced and started the drive back home to OC. The fog was like driving through a ball of cotton candy. I could only drive about 25mph on the freeway driving home, but I didn't care. My now ex-girlfriend called my cell and asked where I was.

I told her she crossed a line by "dissing" me in front of basically every one of her close friends and family members so that was it. I told her on the phone she was to move out by Feb 1st. And I stuck to my guns. Well, her bad behavior eventually caught up to her.

Thirteen months later, she had spent all $270,000.00 her dad had left her and she was now living with "R" and unemployed. I almost wish her dad had passed a couple of years earlier and saved me two or three years I'll never get back.

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7. Acting Cool After An Outburst

There were a lot of negative things, but this was the final straw. I locked the door before going to bed one night when he was out late with friends. He had lost his house key and never bothered to mention it, which was somehow my fault. He woke me up by banging on the window and when I let him in, he began screaming and throwing things at me.

He told me to pack up my stuff and leave. He even went so far as to lock me out of our bedroom. I slept on the couch that night. The next morning, he acted completely normal, like nothing had happened. I was gone that day because I no longer felt safe.

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8. Don’t Owe An Explanation

In 1999, my third girlfriend and I had standing plans to hang out on weekends. Well, one weekend, I went over to her place to find that no one was home. I tried calling the following day and there was no answer. So, I tried later in the day, and there was no answer again. It was the same thing each day for a week. At first, I was concerned something had happened to her.

But, by a week later with no response, I was pretty sure she'd ghosted me. So, I gave up. Well, two days later, I got a call from her. It turned out that she and her family had gone on a trip to Chicago and she didn't think it might be a good idea to let me know. I asked her why she didn't let me know.

Her response was something to the effect of she didn't owe it to me to inform me. My basic response was that if she cared about me, she would have let me know, so I wouldn't worry about her just disappearing for over a week. I dumped her and refused to take her back.

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9. A Little Too Late

I was leaving the gym and told her I would be over to her apartment in about 45 minutes after I showered. I kid you not, at the 45-minute mark, she was texting me upset that I wasn't there yet. I apologized and told her I had to go to the bathroom, but that I was on my way and almost there. I showed up at about the 50-minute mark.

She would not open the door beyond leaving the security latch attached, and only to tell me to go away. So, I spent about five minutes trying to reason with her to let me in. She responded that she didn't want to hang out anymore because I took too long, as I was probably talking to "some girl at the gym". I decided to leave.

When I got back to my apartment, I figured I might as well entertain myself and play some video games. About 40 minutes later, she shows up to my place banging on the door. I happily opened the door thinking she changed her mind! She saw that I was clearly playing video games and enjoying a glass of wine, so she walked over, picked up the wine and threw it on the ground.

She was mad that I found something to do other than stare at the wall because she didn't want to hang out with me. Oh, but it got worse. She saw how in shock I was at her reaction and tried to brush up the broken wine glass with her bare hands. She was bleeding and crying and I was in shock, pleading with her to stop because she is tearing her hands up.

I suggested that she leave and that was the last time we were in the same room together. What a whirlwind of a relationship that one was!

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10. The Heart Wants What It Wants

It was a three-and-a-half-year-long relationship. The first year was really good. But, then she started showing who she actually was as a person (if she doesn’t get her way, she becomes a monster, gets really mean at times, just real bratty behavior). She cheated on me during a “break,” as she called it. But, it was a big fight, not a break.

Two months later, I got back together with her, but never fully got over it because I guess she had talked to him before. I got back with her because I was kind of alone at this point, living at home during college. A year went by and there must have been a fight every week and I was tired at this point. She always wanted to do something big during holidays or special days.

I’m fine with buying and spending money on presents, but on top of that, she always wanted to do something big like go to Boston for a night. These outings always cost for one person in the group usually 300 dollars at the least. We’d all split the hotel bill, but then we’re on our own. It wasn’t her forcing everyone to do it; her friends were all on board with it, as well.

Anyways, her birthday came around and she wanted the Boston trip and a custom necklace. I went to a store to price it out and had I not compromised (from gold to silver), it would have been around 600 dollars. It came out to 300 dollars. Of course, she hates surprises and asked me what it looks like, so I showed her a picture and she had the nerve to tell me she didn’t want it because it’s not what she wanted.

Right then and there, I called the hotel to cancel the reservation for the group, broke up with her, and returned the necklace. It was two days before her birthday and I could not be happier than I am now.

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11. No More Work

I was two weeks away from getting married and then my fiancée dropped a bombshell on me. We had talked at length about future plans, career ideas, her wanting to leave her current job and return to working as a nurse, etc. But, she suddenly announced that she had handed in her two-week notice and was done working for good.

Her exact reasoning was that, well, eventually she would have to take time off anyway if/when we had kids. So, for now, she was going to play housewife, not work at all, and just do the cooking/laundry for me that I've already gladly done for myself for years. There were a lot of one-sided mental health issues and emotional abuse in that relationship, especially from the day we got engaged.

I foolishly kept hoping that things might get better after the marriage, and that nothing permanent or unfixable had happened. But, quitting work and openly admitting to denying all our plans for the future? She did me a favor then.

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12. Secretive Girlfriend

I had a girlfriend that was long-distance, but we took turns paying for her to come to see me. It just made sense since I lived on a tropical island and she didn’t. We didn't announce the relationship on Facebook because she said she doesn’t like putting actual details in the "About" part on Facebook, which is fair enough.

We had some mutual friends, like 15 or so. One day, I updated my profile picture to a nice one of the two of us, and she just went insane. She called me, basically instantly after I updated it, which was very rare, as we did video calls all the time. And she lost it like I've never heard her lose it before. She shouted, "Take that down right now"!

I was trying to calm her down and ask what was wrong, but she wouldn't listen to a word I said until I removed it and told her it was removed. Then, she hung up and started messaging instead. She wouldn't say what the problem was beyond "I just don't want people knowing my business" and basically just gaslighted me when I asked her about it.

She had been a little secretive and sometimes she would lock her phone and basically slam it screen down on the table if I walked behind her. I never asked about that, but always thought it was a little sketchy. My phone didn’t even have a password at the time. But, there was something really big she wasn't only not telling me about but was just blatantly lying to me about.

I'd assured her if there was any danger, I'd fly her our and she can just not go back and stay with me for as long as she needs, but she said that wasn’t it. I kind of decided I don't really know the woman.

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13. Not Getting Rid Of The Cat

Our relationship was already heading towards a breakup. But, what got me was what happened one day when he invited his friend to my house (without telling me). When I came home, they started talking about my cat. They thought she should be put down because she was 'feral' and given the chance, they would do so.

They claimed she was feral because she spent the first weeks of her life outside, before she had her leg amputated and found her way to me. My now ex-boyfriend didn't like her because I'd gotten her when I was with a previous ex, and because she was mean to him. She didn't like the way he handled her and never listened to her warnings to leave her alone.

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14. Vacation Over Pets

I had just found out my dog had a tumor and he needed surgery to remove it. About two to three hours after finding out the news and telling my ex, she thought it was a great time to try and pressure me into making vacation plans. They were for her spring break a few months out, because we were running out of time to make them.

I had no clue how much the surgery was going to cost or if there would be other treatments besides surgery at that point. Since she was in grad school, the expectation was I’d pay for the majority of said vacation due to the difference in our income. There was a very big moment where I lost it and let her know I didn’t care about her spring break.

I told her that the only thing that mattered was my dog’s health and safety. She’s now gone, my dog's healthy, and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time!

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15. All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

A few years ago, in the beginning of one of the worst winters I’ve seen, my girlfriend wasn’t feeling well. So, I got some flowers and soup and walked them to her place as a surprise...But it was me who got the surprise.

Right when I got there, I saw her walking out, dressed extra nice. She said she had to get her stepdad milk and didn’t have enough time to give me a ride home (it was like three blocks away) and her stepdad was lactose intolerant.

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16. Dinosaurs Were Real, Right?

She was very religious. I'm not. We were having a discussion that got a bit heated pertaining to dinosaurs. She showed me that she didn't believe in them and I told her I cannot be with someone who denies reality. We broke up that night after a year or so of being together. Everything else about the relationship was great, but I couldn't deal with that.

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17. Man-Baby

I was in a relationship with a man-baby. He was crashing at my place every day and I was doing literally everything for him. He did not pay one penny for groceries, even though all of his meals were eaten at my place. Note that we were both students, so you can imagine my money was limited. His father was a CEO or something.

He would use my laptop to game all the time, etc. One glorious day, he asked me for food in the morning. I got quite upset, was fed up and told him a bit aggressively to make his own food because I’m not his maid. And he replied with a “cute” baby voice, “Oooh, are you on your period? You should be nicer to me ‘cause otherwise, I might leave you". I lost it.

I started laughing after a few seconds and asked, “You? Leaving me"? Thirty minutes later, we were broken up and he was packing his bags. I instantly felt free and happy again. The relationship lasted a bit under a year.

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18. Sleep On The Floor

The tipping point for me (or a moment in that timeframe that sticks out to me) was when she made me sleep on the cold floor of my own bedroom as a punishment for hanging out with my friends. It was November and she refused to give me a pillow or blanket, so I had to use piles of my own clothes to keep warm. When she realized how cold I was, she turned a fan on.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t leave right away, so the thing that ultimately split us apart (she broke up with me) was that I couldn’t afford to take her on a trip to Iceland because I’d spent all my money on other stuff she wanted to do. Am I ever pleased that chapter of my life is over.

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19. Cookie Cravings

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I grabbed an Oreo out of the package and he asked, “Do you really think you need that?”

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20. Backseat Rider

This girl would only ride in the backseat of my car when we went places together. I thought it was funny and cute the first couple times, but one morning we were gonna go to breakfast and I asked her to ride in the front. Parking is right in front of the restaurant, so I didn't want it to look weird, as though I was her Uber driver coming in to eat with her.

She refused, so I said I was gonna walk. I left and went to the restaurant and sat down. Then, I got a text asking if I was serious. I replied with a picture of my pancakes. I told her it just wasn't working out and that was that.

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21. Cleaning Lady

While we were arguing (over me not wanting to wear a long-sleeved shirt in the middle of summer), he knocked over my water cup and with a smirk said, “Now clean it".

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22. A Whole New World

I'm not sure it qualifies as a relationship, but this happened on a first date with a guy. He came to pick me up at my house and while I was getting my coat and purse, he started telling me how much he has to teach me and he can be my "guide" in life because he's so much more worldly than I am. Instead, I showed him the world, meaning my door and what was outside of it.

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23. Gold Digger

She was after my money. Every time we hung out, she'd ask for some—not a lot, but a couple of bucks here, a couple of bucks there. It added up. It was just a constant drain on my wallet. I was making decent money, so at first, I barely registered what was happening. I got so conditioned to it that I'd just ask her how much she needed whenever I saw her.

Then one time, it was like the wool snapped back from my eyes. I went to meet her as usual, and, as usual, asked her how much she needed. "About tree fiddy," she says. Well, at that point I realized that my girlfriend was about eight stories tall and a crustacean from the Paleolithic era. "Get out of here, Loch Ness Monster," I said. "You ain't getting my tree fiddy".

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24. Five Dollars Short

One time, I was at a food festival, standing in line for about 10 minutes for some French toast dish. He ordered first and got his food, but when it was my turn, I realized it was cash only. I only had my debit card, though. He turned to me and basically yelled, "Wow, what are you going to do"?

After being together for 10 months, cohabitating, and splitting everything, he wasn't willing to cover me for French toast. He also had to call attention to it loudly in front of the whole line. Then, we walked away from the vendor with him chomping down on his French toast and me empty-handed.

It seems trivial, but if I had just stood in line with someone I love or even a good friend, I would have just covered them. It gave me the impression that he would never really have my back. I could never see him the same after that, and we broke up the next month.

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25. Restaurant Rules

We went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. I moved a plate I was finished with to the right, so the busser could reach it easier. But, she grabbed me and said, “Don’t ever do that again,” as if it was below us to help the busser. I’m a server, mind you. Our relationship actually lasted a few more months, but that red flag has been permanently imprinted in my brain as to when I knew this chick wasn’t for me.

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26. Adventures Abroad

He was going to go off, study abroad and have adventures traveling while I stayed home with however many kids he wanted me to have. That was his idea of a perfect life—leaving his wife and kids for months at a time and occasionally showing up again to make another kid. No. Just no.

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27. Socks

The straw that broke the camel's back? Socks. He had a temper. I feel like it chipped away at me whenever he would yell about something I thought was stupid.

One day, I was putting away laundry and he told me to pour the socks on the bed, bunch them in the pairs, then put them away. I poured them all directly into the drawer and started putting them in their pairs to save myself one step. He started screaming that I never listen to him. 

I asked, "What is the difference if the outcome is the same"? So, while he was yelling, I was just thinking to myself that I couldn't have kids with this person. He is going to be screaming at our child for something stupid one day and I couldn't let that happen. I am an adult; I can handle this. A child is a child and couldn't. I couldn't subject a child to his anger.

I knew then the relationship couldn't go on.

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28. Door Puncher

My ex-boyfriend was angry that his mom woke him up at 10:00 in the morning via phone call. So, after the call, he punched a hole in his door, threw his phone at the window, woke me up forcefully, and yelled at me to buy a new door so that his parents wouldn’t kick him out.

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29. No Anniversary Celebration

She prioritized going to a festival (explicitly telling me not to come with her) with her friend over celebrating our second anniversary. This specific friend had carried a torch for her for 10 years and had cut ties with her when she started dating me.

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30. Bro

He left me because I was telling a story and accidentally called him "bro" once. He said I didn’t love him. I actually did it by accident. I was so focused on the story and excited to share it.

To be honest, it was a good thing that this happened, because he has a really bad addiction and that was already starting to be a problem. I couldn’t watch what he was doing to himself and he didn’t want help.

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31. Nap Time

A guy I was dating liked to take naps for five or more hours. One day, we had dinner plans at 7:00 PM and he chose to continue napping until 9:00 PM. When he woke up, he was convinced that places were still open. Obviously, nothing was open and I got very frustrated. He broke his facade when we had an argument about how he wasted my time.

Then, he asked, "Why can't you be like my friend who listens to her crummy boyfriend"?! He basically alluded he was a bad boyfriend. Big yikes after that.

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32. Poor Me, Indeed

My ex-wife started an argument with me one morning when I was headed to the funeral of a childhood friend. I asked if she could not do this right now. Her response was, “Ohhhh, poor you”. That was the beginning of the end.

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33. Ashamed To Be Seen

He never introduced me to his friends. He would actively avoid being seen with me by people he knew. I pretty quickly asked him what was his problem. His answer was that I needed to change my appearance because he didn't want people seeing him date a weird goth chick. I dumped him right then.

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34. Arguments About God

She was atheist, I'm religious. I thought it could work, but it just couldn't. Funny enough, it was mainly her that would constantly make judgemental remarks about my beliefs. The final straw was when I was going through a difficult time and rather than support me, she used it as an opportunity to 'prove' that God doesn't exist by telling me God wouldn't allow bad things to happen to people.

It wasn't the simplicity of her argument that got to me, it was just the fact that she was so insistent on enforcing her belief on me that she couldn't pick her moments.

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35. Vacation From You

He lied about going on vacation with another girl. He said he was at home in bed sick. I was at his house trying to bring him homemade soup, literally standing in his bedroom (I spent a lot of time there and had my own key). This was after lie after lie that I forgave him for. But, this one was so ridiculously stupid that I wasn’t even upset.

I just finally let go and am a thousand times better for it.

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36. Silent Treatment

The girl wouldn't talk about anything. I tried to not make everything about me, but she didn't actually do anything interesting. Whenever I tried to talk, she didn't contribute to the conversation. So, of course, it always ended up being about me and my day, which made her mad. I was tired of it, so I got right out of that relationship.

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37. Control Freak

He was very controlling and didn’t want me to work. One time, I told him I had a job interview and that I was going to it. He completely freaked out and said some very nasty, prejudiced things to me and went on a rampage throwing things around the house. That's when I realized I needed to leave.

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38. Condiment Cover Up

He put ketchup all over a dish I spent more than four hours making. He didn't even taste it first. We had a lot of problems and this moment just seemed to sum up the gist of them in one dismissive, ketchup-coated slap in the face. Forget him and forget that disgusting condiment.

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39. Luck Of The Draw

Let me start by saying something: I am a very ambitious person, and he was simply not.

He kept on saying that all of my success in life was thanks to luck, and that he simply wasn’t as lucky as me. I work very hard for my successes and for my failures, and hearing him say that it was luck made me lose it. He knew how important being ambitious was for me, and he knew how much work I put into things.

He, on the other hand, was fine with anything that happened, which is okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I am not, and saying that to me hurt. That was the last straw that broke us up. But that relationship was flawed from the start, so no surprise there.

Awful RelationshipsFlickr, Nenad Stojkovic

40. You Used To Call Me On My Cellphone

She called me 72 times in one day. On an average day, it was about 15-20 calls, and a lot of messages. She wanted me to answer immediately, even if I was at work or with my friends. When I could not answer, she asked me by text message why I was not answering, what I was doing, where I was, who I was with. And she would get really mad if I did not answer.

On top of that, she was very jealous (I could not speak to other girls, even to my long-time best friend, or co-workers), and when something was wrong, she was always playing the victim card. I tried to change this behavior, but it did not work. I tried to get used to it, it did not work either. She was a very pretty girl, but her behavior diminished all the feelings I had toward her.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

41. Chatty Cathy

She just would not stop talking. It was like she couldn't be in silence. It was a complete emotional and mental drain and I had to end it via text because I literally couldn't be in the same room as her anymore. It was a weird kind of assault on the senses. Very hard to describe. But, I couldn't do it anymore. My current girlfriend talks a lot, but I at least get a word in once in a while.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

42. Puppy Love

He kissed like a dog. And all he wanted to do was make out. If I have to wipe my face off after, something is wrong.

Awful RelationshipsPxhere

43. Took My Car

She took my car and drove it from Washington to Las Vegas. Then, she married a guy she met on X-box Live so that he could get residence.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

44. Sneaky Girlfriend

I was dating a girl for three years (we’ve since broken up). It was coming to the end of the relationship. We were arguing constantly. At one point, I eventually just started to agree with her to get her to shut up, so one morning we're awake in bed and she said, "We should have a kid". I said yes knowing if I don't, it'll just lead to another argument.

She teared up and gave me a hug, I hugged her and I said, “Well, it's gonna take some time because you gotta get off your birth control". Her response was horrifying. With the straightest face in the world, she said, "I stopped a month ago". We had been sleeping together three to four times a week. At that moment right there, I decided I was gonna end the relationship.

You absolutely do not make a life-changing decision for your partner without consulting with them first.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

45. Liar Liar

Okay, this is honestly messed up. I had just been medically discharged from the navy (honorable, and not relative to the back story other than to set the mood). I started dating a girl I met around two weeks after returning home. Six months into the relationship, she developed a tumor (cancerous) and I had to drive her to radiation therapy and doctors’ appointments two to three times a week.

We lived around an hour apart from each other, but we made it work. I’d drive to her after I got out of college classes and drop her off at her appointments, go back to another class and then come pick her up and take her home. Fast forward a year later into the relationship and her younger sister dropped the biggest truth bomb on me.

She informed me that my girlfriend had been lying to me the entire time.

She, in fact, did not have cancer but was using me to drop her off to her side piece who worked at the hospital. To make it worse, both of her parents knew about it and neither felt it was necessary to inform me. I never saw her again, never even really “ended” it. I just never went back her way and have been better for it ever since.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

46. His Heart Belongs To Another

I was married for 11 years and for the last couple of them, I had suspected he was cheating. On Valentine's Day of 2011, he called and said he had to work late, so we wouldn't be able to go to dinner as planned. I was crushed, but accepted it and stayed in with our two small sons. We spent the night watching The Lion King.

The next morning, we were getting ready for work and he asked me to go into his car to retrieve his iPod so that he could charge it a little before leaving for the day. I went into his car and didn't immediately see it anywhere. So, I searched and when I reached into the pocket on the back of the passenger seat, I found a Valentine's day card from a woman.

I walked back in and just held it up and he went totally pale. He didn't even argue, he just walked out the door. I moved out to my sister's house that day and filed for divorce the following week.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

47. Extra Key

One day, I noticed a coffee mug was where it wasn't supposed to be. Living alone and knowing that this mug should have been in the drying rack (but seeing it in the sink) made me realize that someone had been in my apartment. It didn't take long to realize other things were just slightly off. 

Turns out my girlfriend at the time had made a copy of my key without my knowledge. She was just hanging out at my place secretly. It really creeped me out.

Awful RelationshipsPexels


48. No Soap

He refused to use soap. Yes, this includes hand soap. He believed that water and scrubbing was enough to keep yourself clean and it was important not to strip your body of its natural oils. I must admit, he did have really nice hair and skin, but he always smelled bad and I could not get over the fact that he didn’t even use soap after using the bathroom.

I have no clue what he does if his hands get sticky or really dirty, I didn’t stick around long enough to find out. Thankfully, we never got physical or made it official, but we “talked” and went on dates for a month and I still get a gross feeling when I think about him.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

49. No Empathy

I was in a car accident with a friend. I called my significant other to tell him that we had been in an accident, the car was totaled, and that I had just been released from the emergency room. He laughed because my friend’s car wasn’t even paid off yet and said, “It sucks to be him".

Nah. Just nah.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

Sources: Reddit

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