My Gut Feeling Was RIGHT

October 5, 2023 | Violet Newbury

My Gut Feeling Was RIGHT

We all have that little voice inside of us that tells us what to do and warns us of impending doom. These lucky folks listened to their spidey senses and got themselves out of some sticky situations.

1. Through The Looking Grass

One day, I was about to zoom through a stretch of tall grass on my dirt bike, just for kicks. But something made me slam the brakes and turn back. Couldn't explain it. When I revisited that spot later, I was shocked.

Hidden right behind that grass was a massive 75-foot drop into a river. From a distance, the landscape gave no hints. To this day, I wonder what made me change course at that crucial moment.

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2. Nerves Of Steel

I was in the sales department of an engineering firm. One day, I needed to note down the serial numbers from a bunch of hefty steel plates in the workshop. This required someone skilled with a crane to lift each plate so I could see the one below it. The crane operator lifted one about six feet straight up. I was just about to duck under when a gut feeling halted me: "Bad idea, buddy".

"Have him shift the plate to the side," I thought. Right as that thought crossed my mind, the clamp gave way, and the massive plate crashed down where I'd almost been. That thing was easily a ton. Had I been under it, there's no way I would've survived.

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3. The Eyes Said It All

My girlfriend caught up with a colleague at a pub. She was there with a man who, in my opinion, had sinister intentions. He seemed pleasant on the surface, but there was something truly creepy about his gaze; my girlfriend didn't notice it. I, however, found it hard to ignore the red flags. 

I expressed my displeasure to her and insisted that we should leave. We had an argument, and after I left, she quickly followed suit. The following morning, we discovered the horror he had caused, which sent shivers down my spine. 

Apparently, the man resorted to violent actions and gruesomely hurt someone later that night. In an 'I-knew-it' moment, I told her, "Didn't I predicit his odd behavior??”

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4. Caught By A Cough

A while back, my then-boyfriend and I were looking after his uncle's house. One evening, while my boyfriend was at work, I was getting our toddler ready for bed. While we were in the bathroom, I heard a soft cough outside the slightly cracked window. The house was in a suburban setting so it could have just been a neighbor—but something didn't feel right. 

I suddenly got this uneasy, frightened feeling. An inner voice urged me to go check if the back door was locked. I left my little one in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him and dashed to the back door. As I secured the door, I found myself staring at someone on the other side of the glass, his hand reaching for the door handle on the outside. 

He began banging on the door and trying to turn the lock, claiming he was searching for another person. I simply responded, “Sorry, they're not here”. He persisted with rattling the door handle. Panicking, I raced back to my son and grabbed my cell phone to call for assistance. 

Since we were house-sitting, I didn't know the house's address or the location of the landline. I dialed 9-1-1 from the bathroom on my mobile, the continuous thudding on the back door echoing in my ear. The operator recommended finding a landline, a piece of mail or anything bearing the house address. 

Thankfully, I found the landline and made the call. Suddenly, the authorities were there—I have no clue how they arrived so swiftly. Just as I heard the shattering of the back door glass, the dispatcher calmly instructed me to protect my son's head with a blanket and rush out the front door to safety in a waiting patrol car. 

I sprinted out, sighting half a dozen patrol cars, and promptly got into an awaiting cruiser. Once they apprehended the individual, they inquired if the machete they found on the back porch belonged to the homeowners. 

Had I dismissed that odd sounding cough outside the bathroom window and not checked the back door, that man could have easily entered an unlocked house with a vulnerable young woman and her child. He had been on a robbery spree in the area.

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5. Move It Or Lose It

I once had a temporary job at a storage facility. One day, my supervisor, who wasn't trained to use the forklift, asked me to go up a ladder and shift something. My instincts yelled, "Ask her to switch off the forklift first!" So, I voiced my concern. She dismissed it, thinking I was overreacting, and asked another guy to do the task instead of me.

Unfortunately, my worries were spot on. When she raised the fork, the guy's fingers got crushed between it and the ceiling. All his fingers, except his thumb, were broken.

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6. Man’s Best Friend

One early morning, I took my ten-month-old black lab to a park for a trail walk. After a lengthy walk, we took a break and I sat on a bench. Suddenly, my dog tensed up, his fur raised, and he began growling. Following his gaze, I noticed a man approaching, and something in his eyes gave away that he was on something.

My dog's reaction made the man pause. Trying to gauge the situation, he smirked and asked if my dog was the biting type. Firmly, I warned him that my dog wouldn't hesitate to attack if he took another step. After a brief standoff, the man decided to leave. I'm convinced he had bad intentions. My dog's instincts likely saved me from a dangerous situation.

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7. The Man In The Van

When I was a young, I was on my way to a buddy's place. A van pulled up in front of me with a man behind the wheel and a woman sitting next to him. Through the partially opened window, she asked for the route to a local park. 

I remembered my school's warnings and also my parent's advice—adults shouldn't seek direction from kids. If anyone does, you have to keep a safe distance to avoid being grabbed. With this in mind, I stepped back, denying any knowledge of the park's whereabouts.

She implored, apparently unable to hear me, and asked me to draw closer. Suddenly, my instincts kicked in, igniting a feeling of danger. In a split second, I considered succumbing to her appeal, just before the van’s side door started revealing itself. With that wave of fear, I scampered off quicker than ever before, making a beeline for my friend’s home. 

Once safe, I relayed the incident to my friend's parents, who dialed my parents and 9-1-1. The authorities arrived swiftly, circling around me in the living room to hear me out. Turns out this van had prowled elsewhere in our vicinity, as two other kids from our block shared matching stories. 

The strange thing was, I felt dread creeping in, even before the van crawled to a halt next to me. As it trundled down the street, I had a foreboding sense of impending danger. It took me a few months to muster the courage to make that walk to my buddy’s house again.

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8. A Mother’s Intuition

Growing up, I was the dependable type, and my mom was familiar with all my pals. In my senior year, I wanted to take a short drive with a friend to visit a college and also attend a party she mentioned. My mom initially gave the green light. But then, right before the weekend, she abruptly said, “I've changed my mind; I don't think you should go".

She didn't clarify why, leaving me puzzled and pretty upset, especially as my friend departed. I imagined all the fun she'd have meeting college students and exploring the grounds. However, not even an hour into her journey, her car got hit hard by a truck, crushing the side where I'd have been sitting.

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9. Mama’s Man Was A Monster

In my teenage years, my mom dated a guy who she thought was pretty impressive. To her, he seemed perfect: fit, amiable, and full of charm. But for some reason, I just couldn't warm up to him. Every time he was around, something inside me just felt off. I'd often clash with my mom over him, and I'd always keep my younger siblings out of his reach.

I even acted out, being particularly difficult whenever he was present, hoping he'd leave. Eventually, he did, and my mom held me responsible. But a while later, I saw his face in the news. The news was shocking. He was taken in for child exploitation. I recall confronting my mom, emphasizing that I had a strong feeling about him. Thankfully, my instincts had kept my siblings safe.

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10. He Couldn’t Stomach The Pain

When my husband and I were dating, we had just settled into our new house. One night, I woke up around 3 AM and noticed he was missing from the bed. I found him on the couch, clutching his stomach, and soon after, he rushed to the bathroom, sick. I got a sudden, intense feeling that something was very wrong.

I asked him where his pain was located, and he indicated it was on his right side. That made me anxious. I insisted we drive to the ER immediately. Halfway through our drive, he was in so much pain that he made me stop the car, praying for relief. When we reached the hospital, they ran tests and did an ultrasound. 

They identified a stone and said he'd recover in a few hours, with surgery planned for later. But my intuition told me something was seriously amiss. Six days later, we met with the surgeon who confirmed my suspicions. She said the stone was lodged and too large to pass on its own, and there were signs of minor infection in his gallbladder. 

Even though my husband felt okay and showed no alarming symptoms, I was convinced something was wrong. When a slot for surgery became available the next day, I pleaded with him to take it, even though it wasn't convenient for his work schedule.

What was supposed to be a routine 45-minute surgery turned into a complex four-hour procedure. His gallbladder was on the verge of bursting, riddled with infection both inside and out, and even had pockets of salmonella. The surgeon was shocked, saying she'd never seen a case this severe in someone who seemed so well. 

Even experts from infectious diseases were stunned, commenting that they hadn't expected the patient to be alive. If his gallbladder had burst, he would've faced a lethal sepsis. He spent the next few days in the hospital, underwent multiple procedures, and had a drainage tube for months. 

However, he made it through, and I believe it's because I trusted my gut from the very beginning.

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11. Almost Up A Tree

A few years back, we had a massive snowstorm followed by a late arriving spring. Once the snow began to melt, it disappeared fast, so fast in fact, that it created mini streams in some places. During a walk with my dad, we paused to check out a culvert that had been ripped apart by one of these spontaneous rivers. 

A big tree had already toppled over onto the trail since the soil at its base had entirely washed away. Looking at another tree close to the riverbank, I guessed it might follow suit within a day or two. "I'm pretty sure that tree's gonna go next," I told my dad, eyeing it as it swayed gently. 

Suddenly, it stopped moving and I found myself entranced by it for a few heartbeats. Out of nowhere, an overwhelming urge to flee struck me. I yelled, "Run!" and we took off at once, not daring to glance back as several trees began to topple in a domino effect. The tree that I had been captivated by fell exactly where we'd been standing moments before.

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12. Close To Being Cooked

While studying Spanish in Spain, my best friend and I shared an apartment. One night, after dinner, we felt unusually tired and thought we might be coming down with something. We could barely get through half of our movie and considered heading to bed early.

Just as we were turning in, an idea struck me to check the gas. We had a stove that required manually turning the gas on and off, separate from the actual burners. To our horror, we realized the gas had been left on and was filling our apartment. If we hadn't noticed and had gone to sleep, it might've been our last night.

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13. My Train Of Thought Saved Me

One night, while driving my Mustang back from a friend's place, I took a familiar back road. Suddenly, a loud voice in my head urged, "SLOW DOWN NOW," overpowering my blasting music. I immediately reduced my speed significantly. As I approached the next bend, I was met with a train crossing the unmarked tracks.

While there were signs indicating the presence of the tracks, and I'd driven that route many times, there were no flashing lights or barriers. Given that dense woods flanked the road, spotting an oncoming train in the dark was nearly impossible.

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14. The Odds Were Looking Bad

In my late teens or early 20s, I was at a club with a girlfriend. We met some guys who invited us to a party they were hosting. Being the driver, I thought it might be fun to drop by. However, when we arrived, it was just a hotel room with the two of us and four of them. Feeling uneasy, I opted to drink some of their beverages with the idea of leaving soon.

I recall my friend, drink in hand, commenting on how tipsy she felt when the guys began to close in on her, their intentions becoming clear. I quickly intervened, suggesting to my friend that we talk outside. Taking her by the arm, I headed for the exit. She resisted, but I was insistent, practically dragging her to the car. 

As we made our getaway, the guys reached their room's doorway, hurling objects at my vehicle. I'm certain I prevented my friend from a potentially harmful situation.

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15. Down The Dark Alley

I wrapped up work pretty late. Normally, I stroll down this really dark alley after I get off the bus. But that particular night, something inside me nudged, "Go the long way around," so I did just that. The shocking news came the next morning: three bodies were discovered in that very alley. 

They met their end just three minutes after I chose the alternate path. That alley had a notorious reputation for all sorts of illicit dealings. Sadly, the culprits were gang members who mistook these innocent folk for someone else—they were merely tourists.

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16. Baby Tomorrow Would Be Too Late

In the 39th week of my pregnancy, I noticed my baby had been less active over the last day and a half. Wanting to ensure everything was okay, I headed to the ER. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, and it was discovered that the baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was surrounded by meconium. 

They administered magnesium sulfate to lower my blood pressure and performed an urgent C-section. After several days of recovery, both my son and I are now in good health. Had I chosen to wait longer, the outcome might have been different.

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17. Hat’s Off To Mom

While working at an oilfield company, I was assigned to some maintenance on a hydraulic pump jack. I had to be hoisted about twenty feet up by a crane to undo some nuts to remove a component. With the heat, I took off my hard hat, thinking, "I'm the highest thing up here, so what's going to hit me?"

After removing the first nut, I thought about my mom's potential reaction if something went wrong and decided to put my hard hat back on. But as I undid the final nut, the unthinkable happened. The pump jack unexpectedly shot upwards because it wasn't depressurized as it should have been. 

A huge nut rocketed into the air and, in moments, slammed directly onto my hard hat. The impact was so strong it brought me to my knees. The crane operator saw me buckle and hurriedly lowered me down. Luckily, I only ended up with a stiff neck and a dented hard hat. I shudder to think what might have occurred if I hadn't worn it again.

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18. DVT Almost Ended Me

A few weeks after suffering a hip fracture, I observed my calf and foot turning red upon standing. Shortly after, I felt a slight cramp in my calf and noticed my foot was unusually cool to the touch. Even though my mom thought I was overreacting, I felt something wasn't right and headed to the ER. They diagnosed me with a DVT, and just five days later, I had a pulmonary embolism.

If I hadn't sought medical attention promptly, the clot might have grown larger, posing a greater risk. Fortunately, it was a small clot, and the overall damage was relatively minor.

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19. Blame It On The Rain

While strolling home, a droplet hit my forehead. I wondered, "Could it be rain?" But something inside urged, "Dash!" Without hesitation, I heeded that instinct and sprinted forward. Moments later, an entire air conditioner plummeted right where I had just been standing.

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20. Seconds Away From Sepsis

I'd been battling severe congestion and a persistent cough for about a week, so much so that my ribs ached. My doctor assumed it was merely a sinus infection affecting my ears and chest. However, as the pain intensified, I suspected it might be more than just muscle pain from coughing. A nagging feeling told me to dial emergency services.

Within minutes, paramedics arrived, and their concerned expressions said it all. As it turned out, I had a lung abscess that had burst. The buildup of pus and fluid had caused my lung to collapse, and I was beginning to show signs of sepsis.

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21. Escape From Disaster

I was at an off-campus party with an acquaintance of my then-girlfriend, waiting for her and another friend to join us. The vibe from the guys hosting was unsettling, so I intended to have a drink and leave shortly. As I conversed with a classmate, I turned to see that my girlfriend's friend, previously fine, was now staggering as a guy tried to lead her to the basement.

I intervened, demanding he let her go. Instantly, I was cornered by three of his friends insisting they were all just headed downstairs to hang out. Fortunately, the classmate I'd been chatting with stepped in with his group, allowing me to guide her out. I rang my girlfriend, warning her to avoid the place. 

We regrouped at a nearby Waffle House, helped her friend sober up, and ensured she got home safely. Later, I learned the disturbing truth: another young woman was trapped in that basement for three days. Tragically, the perpetrators never faced justice, as the victim left town and didn't return.

The event haunted me, and I've always wondered if there was more I could've done.

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22. A Mistaken Midwife

I had arranged to deliver my second child at a birthing center assisted by a midwife. Labor began at home, and when advanced, we arrived at the center. After four intense hours of labor, with no progress, they decided to examine my cervix, realizing it wasn't fully dilated. I firmly expressed my wish to head to a hospital for a C-section.

Despite their reassurances that my cervix would eventually dilate, I stood my ground, prompting them to arrange my transfer. At the hospital, I reiterated my request for a C-section. They maintained that all was well and that my baby would arrive shortly, dismissing my C-section request. Their confidence was misplaced.

Within a short span, they struggled to detect the baby's heartbeat, and when found, it was plummeting, while my own heart rate surged alarmingly. Everything after is a haze. I was swiftly moved to the OR. The last fragment I recall is my husband being guided out, with me urging him to trust that I'd be alright.

When I regained consciousness, my husband was cradling our lovely daughter. Had I heeded the midwife's advice over my instincts, the outcome for both my daughter and me could've been tragically different that evening.

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23. Left In A Panic

When I was eight, we had a unique quiz at school. It carried minor weight for our grade, but to earn the points, we had to take it home, get a parent's signature, and bring it back the following day. My school was a 40-minute drive away, and halfway through the journey, an inexplicable anxiety gripped me.

We found ourselves sandwiched between two large trucks—one carrying fuel and the other cement. My mom pulled over to discuss my unease, which is when I remembered the quiz. Since we were ahead of time, we dashed home to get the quiz and then resumed our trip to school. 

Roughly two miles beyond where we had paused earlier, we encountered a horrifying scene. The cement truck had collided into the back of the fuel tanker, causing a massive explosion. The scorched remains of both vehicles, a swarm of emergency responders, and a large area of destroyed road and scorched grass painted a grim picture. 

Had we continued, our modest 1984 car would've been caught right in the middle of that catastrophe. My mom looked at me and remarked, “You should always heed your gut feelings".

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24. Deep Sea Adventure

While on vacation, my ex and I went snorkeling. We had been enjoying snorkeling on the beach without any issues, but something on this day felt off. We were exploring near a rocky region close to a drop-off, and I suddenly had this overwhelming sensation that we weren't alone.

I signaled to my ex to come up, and I expressed my unease, urging that we return to shore. He was reluctant since he was enjoying himself, but I was insistent. Once we reached the shore, we noticed a crowd of people pointing towards the water. To our shock, a large bull shark was swimming near the shoreline. 

Shortly after, we saw a helicopter monitoring its movement along the coast. After that experience, my ex never doubted my gut feelings again.

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25. The Long Walk Home

My sister and I visited the city for our birthdays, booking a hotel right downtown. We figured since we were nearby, why not walk to the local bar? We enjoyed ourselves there, but as it got late and the last call neared, I got one more round of drinks. While at the bar, I struck up a conversation with a man who said he was by himself. 

Thinking it was harmless, I invited him to join us. That was a choice I'd soon second-guess. Rejoining my sister, I noticed another man chatting with her. The two men claimed they didn't know each other and were from different states, yet their interaction seemed too familiar. Alarmingly, they were quite keen on guiding us to our hotel. Something felt off.

Pulling my sister aside in the restroom, I shared my concerns. She believed I was just being paranoid. I insisted that we should take an Uber or Lyft instead of walking. Yet, when trying to book a ride, both apps failed on me. The bar staff, noticing our discomfort, asked the men to leave and allowed us a bit more time. 

However, as we exited, the two were waiting outside. The staff ushered us out of the back door. Exiting, we faced a dimly lit bridge on the route to our hotel. Debating whether to sprint, I spotted a city worker on his night shift. We hurried over, explaining our predicament.

While discussing options with him, the two men appeared, confronting us aggressively. The man I'd spoken with at the bar demanded to know why we'd evaded them. Prepared, I held my pepper spray at the ready and firmly ordered them to leave. The intensity in my voice and my posture seemed to work, and they left, albeit with threatening glances.

We stayed put with the city worker, struggling to hail a ride without success. Soon, a squad of officers ambled our way down the sidewalk. I requested them to guide us, and they accompanied us all the way to the hotel. I was truly grateful for their help and glad I hadn't forgotten my pepper spray. Who knows what might have happened otherwise.

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26. Mishap At The Mall

On a rare day off, I thought I'd tackle some Christmas shopping. It was late November, and the local mall was promoting some enticing deals. However, as I neared the mall, I was overcome with an unexplained feeling of anxiety. This unease grew stronger, prompting me to divert my journey to Dunkin Donuts for a quick bite and drink.

Despite trying, the unease persisted. While in the parking lot, I browsed the news on my phone. To my shock, the top headline reported a shooting at the very mall I was about to enter. I immediately headed home and opted for online shopping for that holiday season.

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27. Going The Bear Minimum

I served in the Army, and one late night in November, I was heading back well after 9 PM. The route I usually took was a quiet, unlit back road, surrounded by thick woods. It was easy enough to navigate in daylight, but with only my headlights at night, I decided to go slower than usual in case a deer decided to jump out.

Just as that thought crossed my mind, a young bear sprinted across the path. Had I been driving at the regular speed, I might have collided with it. Hitting the cub could have harmed it, and where there's a cub, its protective mother is never far behind.

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28. Better Dread Ted

When I was around 15–16 years old in 1975, my friend and I were at a rural county fair in WA State. A sharply dressed man, probably in his 30s, approached us, asking for help to pull his VW from a ditch a mile away. It struck us as odd that he'd ask two young girls for help when there were many adult men, including officers, nearby.

We firmly declined and promptly informed an officer about the man's odd request. Years later, when I was 21 and working for the county's Sheriff’s Department, I saw that very man's photograph everywhere. It was Ted Bundy.

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29. Saved By A Second Opinion

After my gallbladder surgery, something didn't feel right. The hospital staff said I was just sensitive to the usual post-surgery pain, but I was skeptical and sought a second opinion, despite my surgeon's advice against it. It turned out I had an additional bile duct that hadn't been sealed, causing bile to leak into my abdomen. 

I had to be hospitalized for a period to correct this, and also manage subsequent pancreatic complications from the damage.

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30. Rocketing Away From Doom

In high school, we foolishly experimented with model rocket engine powder to create small explosives. On one occasion, we packed a used CO2 cartridge with the powder, attached a short mortar fuse, and encased it in a crab trap buoy—an epitome of bad choices. I initially held the contraption with the intent to throw it, but the fuse went out prematurely.

My friend suggested, "Should we try lighting it again?" I dismissed the idea, hurling it as far away as I could. After a bounce, there was a massive explosion. The buoy was obliterated, leaving nothing larger than tiny fragments, and the explosion's impact was extensive. 

Had I kept holding it, at the very least, I would've lost my right hand. Considering its closeness to my face, the consequences could've been far more dire.

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31. A Keen Eye For Danger

I had two cats aged one-and-a-half years and another at six months. I was allowing my trio of felines some supervised outdoor fun. The sunny midday was a refreshing change from our usual foggy weather. They were happily chasing butterflies, mimicking birds, nibbling on cat grass, and enjoying the catnip I cultivated for them.

While engrossed in a book on my patio chair, an eerie feeling hinted that something wasn't right. Glancing up, I caught a fleeting sight of red and dark brown hues reflecting off my sunroom window. A gut feeling told me to act swiftly. I promptly ushered the older cats inside, which they obediently followed.

My gaze then shifted to the youngest one, who was basking blissfully on a sunlit patch of cement. Positioning myself protectively over the kitten, I was just in time to spot a red-tailed hawk swooping around the house's corner, bearing down on its target. 

Recognizing my presence as an obstacle, the hawk swiftly retreated, abandoning its prey ambitions. If not for my intuitive alertness, our day might have ended in heartbreak.

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32. Field Trip Fail

In third grade, my class ventured on a late spring field trip to a renowned museum on the East Coast. After touring the exhibits, we stepped outside to retrieve our lunches from the bus and sat on the museum's concrete steps to eat. I wasn’t particularly hungry and finished ahead of the others. Given the high student-to-teacher ratio, supervision was sparse.

With my peers still eating, I felt adventurous and wandered off to the side of the museum, which led to a desolate alleyway. After barely a moment's glance, I chose to backtrack. But as I pivoted, I locked eyes with a man in his 30s approaching me. Sensing his intentions, I broke into a run towards my classmates, calling out for my teacher, who was nowhere in sight.

The man, realizing his cover was blown, swiftly blended back into the pedestrian traffic on the adjacent path. My gut tells me that if I had ventured further into that alley, I might have faced an abduction attempt. The man's startled reaction hinted he didn’t expect my quick detection of potential danger. 

I'm certain that choosing not to walk deeper into that alley saved me from a grim fate.

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33. Flipping Out

Returning from a lengthy journey, our travel group consisted of friends in one car, my dad in a second, and my mom, sisters, and myself in the third. At 17, I was still learning to drive, and it was my turn behind the wheel to gain some experience. However, at the last moment, my mom chose to drive. 

I felt frustrated, but she mentioned an uneasy feeling. As we drove in our mini convoy, nearing the highway, our friends’ car suddenly swerved onto the shoulder. Our initial thought was a blown tire. Then, to our shock, my dad's car veered the same way. That's when we spotted it: A semi-truck was in the midst of flipping, headed directly for us. 

With quick reflexes, my mom shifted the car into reverse and sped backward. The truck turned over once more, sliding on its side in our direction. With the danger of incoming vehicles, my mom braked abruptly. The truck skidded to a halt just 15 feet from us. Thankfully, our friends and my dad were unharmed. 

They hurried over to assist the truck's driver and his spouse. Apparently, the trucker had rounded the bend too quickly, causing his cargo to shift and lose control. The driver's wife had a minor head injury, but, fortunately, there were no major injuries.

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34. That Nothing Was Something

I began to experience severe health symptoms—fainting, seizures, and the like. Consulting a neurologist, I underwent an MRI which revealed a mass in my brain, but it was dismissed as "insignificant". My instincts urged me to seek a further evaluation, so I consulted my primary physician for another perspective. 

This led me to a neurosurgeon who conducted a series of tests and procedures on me. The results were alarming. Not only was it a brain tumor, but it was also evolving into a more menacing condition. The tumor bore mutation cells typically seen only in cancer, specifically the aggressive type with a low survival prognosis. 

Trusting my intuition might have saved my life.

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35. A Double Scoop Of Danger

I was hanging out at my buddy's place when suddenly a car drove up. It was his dad, who wasn't allowed to be around either of his children and wasn't a regular presence in their lives. He asked, "How about some ice cream?" Feeling uneasy, I declined, mentioning I'd need to check with my dad first. I immediately headed home. 

The following days, my friend was nowhere to be seen. Soon, the word spread. The father had taken both his children to Brazil. Retrieving them took several months due to Brazil's non-extradition stance. When the father eventually returned to the US, he tragically ended his own life. 

I only met the elder son years later during a driver’s ed class. While I can't be sure what would have transpired had I stayed, I'm relieved I listened to my instincts and left when I did.

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36. Running The Red

As a teenager learning to drive, I was at a notorious intersection known for frequent accidents. One day, even when the signal turned green, I oddly paused for a few extra seconds before moving forward. Just then, a car zoomed past, blatantly running the red light at high speed.

I'm quite certain that if I had proceeded normally, their trajectory would've led them straight into a severe T-bone collision with my driver's side door, especially given the compact size of my car.

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37. Ditching The Dog

After spending the day fishing with my dog, I returned home and realized I needed some ingredients for dinner. I initially prepared to take the dog with me, but then thought, "Better let you stay, so you can greet Mom when she's back," and I left him inside. Barely five minutes on the highway, a man abruptly drove in front of me while I was at 60 mph.

The impact wrecked my truck. My forehead pierced the windshield, my chest forced the steering column into the dashboard, and my knee slammed against the lower part of the dash. My dog would likely have been thrown out; I'm so relieved he wasn't with me.

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38. A Feeling From My Ex

A while back, I was transitioning between homes. My new place wouldn't be ready for a while, so in the meantime, I decided to stay at my little sister's place. Although my ex and I had split six months earlier, we maintained a friendly relationship. One evening, my ex phoned me, upset and scared. 

She felt something bad was about to occur and wanted me to stay over. So, without hesitation, I drove to her house in the middle of a weeknight to comfort her. After spending the night, I returned to my sister's home the next morning only to find patrol cars scattered along her street. 

As it turned out, some reckless individual had been shooting randomly at houses. Fortunately, my sister's room was at the rear of the house and she was unharmed. But the couch I used to sleep on was close to the front door. Astonishingly, there were three bullet holes in it. Considering my typical sleeping position, I believe that all three bullets could have hit me.

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39. Dealing With Captain Sketch

Some time ago, I had a supplier who constantly inquired about my address. I always had an uneasy feeling about him, so I'd dodge the question with vague answers. One day, my roommate accompanied me, and all was going well until it was time to leave. 

To my dismay, when the supplier asked my roommate for our address, he naively disclosed our building and apartment details. That very night, as we were engrossed in an episode of The X-Files, our door handle began to shake. 

Soon after, we found ourselves having to confront and caution the supplier and his friend, making sure they got the message about the consequences of any further uninvited visits.

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40. The Ride Of His Life

My cousin was on the verge of departing from a gathering with two other guys. As he was about to get into the car, he unexpectedly felt uneasy and chose to return to the house. After a brief pause, the two guys proceeded without him. Tragically, the driver lost control on the way back, slamming directly into a tree. 

One of them passed instantly, while the other succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. The aftermath showed the car shattered into three large parts.

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41. Buckle Up!

I wasn't fond of using seat belts, especially when sitting in the front passenger seat. One day, while running errands with my buddy, he suggested going for a short drive. Initially hesitant, he assured me it'd be a brief outing, and I agreed. Maybe it was my intuition, but I decided to buckle up. Best decision I ever made.

Not long after, my friend got sidetracked and nearly hit a pedestrian, causing him to swerve abruptly. We crashed into a wall. Had I not put on the seatbelt, I believe I would have been thrown through the windshield.

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42. Merging Maniac

While on the highway, I grew uneasy about the car beside me. Something told me they might attempt to merge into my lane without warning, even though they hadn't shown any signs of doing so. Sure enough, a few moments later, they shifted lanes without signaling. Thanks to my heightened caution, I was quick to hit the brakes and evaded a collision.

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43. Bed And Brake Fast

While on the freeway, an SUV towing a trailer with a large mattress abruptly cut in front of me to bypass a slower vehicle. Immediately, a scene from Final Destination played in my mind, prompting me to drop back. Another car, annoyed by my reduced speed, began tailgating me aggressively. 

The strong wind caused the mattress to wobble, so I turned on my hazard lights to alert the car behind. Instead of heeding the warning, they sped past me, making a rude gesture. As they did this, the mattress was lifted high into the air and subsequently plummeted right onto the roadway. 

My compact car and I might have been in serious danger had I not distanced myself earlier. Remarkably, my caution might have also spared the rude driver. We both managed to avoid the obstacle by veering onto the roadside, having had enough room to react.

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44. I Was Almost Bus-ted

While residing in Toronto, I was on the verge of crossing Dufferin. I had only glanced to my right, neglecting the left. As I set foot on the road, an instinctual urge made me retreat to the sidewalk instantly. I barely moved back when a city bus zoomed perilously close, seemingly at a breakneck speed.

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45. Remembering September 11th

On September 11, 2001, I narrowly missed being on Flight 93. I was scheduled to fly from Boston to Los Angeles on September 10, but that flight was full. The airline attempted to reschedule me for Flight 93 the next day. This would mean an extra night at my dad's, and it was the subsequent direct flight. 

I had frequently taken this route between Boston and LAX, but for some reason, I opted for a southern route that would connect me to LA. However, we missed our connecting flight and were advised to wait overnight. I vehemently argued with the airline staff, feeling an urgent need to leave that night. 

They eventually booked me on a flight to Vegas, leaving me to find my way to LAX. Once in Vegas, I secured the last available flight to LA. The next morning, I awoke to a drastically changed world and multiple voicemails from concerned friends and family, fearing I had been on the ill-fated flight.

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46. Punt The Produce And Split

My mom asked me to pick up some groceries from a shop a few blocks away. As I was getting close, about 15 feet away, I spotted my best friend's dad's car. He's an officer and I knew from past experiences that sometimes trouble follows when these cars pop up. My gut told me to get out of there fast. 

I decided against getting the groceries and started heading back home. Soon, I heard bangs in the distance. Turns out, the shop I was supposed to go to was being held up. The authorities got involved, aimed at five bad guys, hitting four. Sadly, some stray pieces hit and injured three bystanders.

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47. I Was A Shoo-In For Doom

I grew up in a moderate-sized town in the Midwest and was incredibly introverted. My first boyfriend was someone I was deeply smitten with. He had an affinity for red stilettos, so wanting to please him, I purchased a pair. He adored them, and I wore them frequently. 

One weekend, we had plans for a picnic, a common activity for us. But that day, I felt an overwhelming sense of unease. He was older and usually had a strong influence over me, but on this particular Friday, something felt wrong. The more he pressed me to go on our picnic, the more I resisted. 

My anxiety grew to the point where I got physically sick on our porch during our disagreement. He eventually left in frustration. The subsequent week brought horrifying news: a red stiletto was found in the river, followed by the discovery of a body. I later learned the devastating truth. 

My boyfriend had been seeing another girl and, tragically, had taken her life that weekend. Their outings mirrored ours. I couldn't help but think that it could have been me in her place.

Trust Your Gut!Shutterstock

48. Avoiding A College Catastrophe

During a college visit, my younger brother came to stay with me. Our place was known for lively gatherings, and that night was no different as we indulged in drinking games. By the end of the night, everyone was scattered around the house, asleep on couches, the floor, or in spare bedrooms. I eventually drifted off in my room around 1 AM, only to abruptly awaken at 3 AM.

Usually, I'd shrug off disturbances in my sleep, but this time was different. There was an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. I got up, cautiously peered out into the living room, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. However, my instincts told me to investigate further.

As I ventured into the living room, I noticed my brother sleeping on the couch, his head tilted awkwardly against its armrest. Everything seemed peaceful for a moment until he began making alarming choking noises, followed by the unmistakable sound of vomiting.

Without a second thought, I rushed to him, turning him to his side, ensuring he wasn't choking. After making sure he was okay and cleaning up the mess, I stayed by his side for the remainder of the night, watching over him. That incident reinforced the importance of trusting my instincts, and I'm forever grateful I didn't ignore them that night.

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49. A Lesson In Intuition

In 2010, I was scheduled to have a swimming lesson as it was the inaugural session at the facility that day. Concurrently, my mom planned to head to her regular job. However, an unexplainable sense of unease took over me, prompting me to stay at home. Coincidentally, my mom wasn't feeling her best and decided to call in sick that day too. This was on March 29th, and we resided in Russia.

A few hours into the day, an anxious call from my aunt informed us about bombings in the Moscow metro. Two extremist individuals had detonated explosives in the Park Kultury and Lubyanka stations, causing significant casualties. Notably, the swimming facility I was set to attend was near Park Kultury, and my intended arrival would've coincided with the tragic event.

Trust Your Gut!Shutterstock

50. Cause For Celebration

After a lengthy evening exploring bars, my girlfriend and I headed back to our hotel room, looking forward to NYE festivities the following night. She had had a bit too much to drink and wanted to freshen up with a shower. I, exhausted, reclined on the bed and swiftly dozed off. 

Typically, once I'm out cold, especially after drinking, it's almost impossible to rouse me for several hours. But that night was an exception. A sudden, intense feeling yanked me from my slumber. Something was amiss. My instincts drove me to the bathroom, where I was met with the sight of the tub overflowing and my girlfriend's face barely hovering above the waterline. 

The drain was obstructed by her leg, causing the water to rise. Without hesitation, I lifted her out. She was groggy, but thankfully conscious. I dried her off and ensured she was safe in bed. Had I not acted in that moment, I fear she might have faced a tragic end.

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