Messed-Up Classroom Memories

October 19, 2022 | Violet Newbury

Messed-Up Classroom Memories

It’s no shocker that kids can be mean. Whether it’s a lack of maturity, peer pressure, or just plain boredom, some of the high jinks they pull in school are beyond comprehension. Here Redditors share memories from their days in the classroom that are seriously messed up! These stories will make anyone thankful that school is out—forever!

1. Oh God, What Did We Do?

One day, our religion teacher went into the cupboard for supplies. She was quite strict and wasn’t well-liked.  Even so, now that I’m an adult, I realize it doesn’t excuse what happened next. The class clown snuck up and locked her in the cupboard.

We all thought it was hilarious at the time, and we all left the class. She was in there for the rest of the class until another teacher found her an hour later crying. She took two weeks off after that.

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2. Go Jump In The Lake!

A group of three kids who used to be my friends invited me to come to hang out with them at the lake. I had been cast out from the group because I wasn’t “cool enough," so I was eager to get together with them. But when I got there, a deranged surprise awaited me.

They had taken all of the school books out of my locker and then threw them all in the lake right in front of me. They laughed nonstop and just left without saying a word. The next day, when I went to confront them about it at school, one of them had collected a Ziploc bag full of all three of their clipped fingernails and toenails and threw them in my face.

Some got in my mouth, some in my eyes, and some in my ear. I broke down crying and gagging. Nobody faced any consequences other than me because I pushed the kid away, and he fell into a teacher who was carrying coffee.

I was suspended for two days and had to pay for all the books that they destroyed because I had no proof that they were the ones who did it. I wasn’t doing well in school and had anger problems, so the teachers assumed that I was the one who was the culprit and tried to blame the other kids.

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3. We Didn’t Know The Scope Of The Problem

I had this teacher whose breath was HORRIBLE. One day, this one kid left a big bottle of mouthwash on her desk when she wasn't looking. The whole class was laughing. Then she turned around and saw it—and her reaction broke my heart.

You could see her eyes filling up with embarrassment. She went on to tearfully explain to the class that she suffered from an intestinal issue and realized her breath was bad.

Then, she excused herself from the class for the remainder of the period. As a kid, I thought that was hilarious until she started to cry. How she was able to continue teaching us monsters after that incident is not something I will ever understand. If she had been MY wife or mother, I would have encouraged her to quit.

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4. We Did A Number On This Teacher

In the 6th grade, I had a friend who was a troublemaker and a class clown. I’ve always hated going to my math class because my teacher was a cranky old lady who’d yell at kids for the smallest things. I, being an 11-year-old, had the worst anxiety just knowing I could be the next person she yelled at in front of the class.

The one thing that helped me get through the year was one special friend because I knew he’d always make jokes and have me almost in tears because he was that funny. One day, when my teacher walked out to use the bathroom, that friend went over to her desk, picked up the mug she was drinking out of—and did the most diabolical thing I'd ever seen.

He hocked out the biggest loogie into it. We all saw it and just waited for her to come back. Ten mins later, as she was just normally teaching, when she picked up her mug and chugged it down.

Everybody just started laughing and giggling—including me—but nobody said anything when she questioned it. It was horrible, but I wasn’t about to be the kid who snitched.

Later on, during the school year, we had a day where it didn’t start at the usual hour but instead at 10:30 am. I didn’t know, so I showed up really early. A bunch of kids didn’t get the memo either, so we were all placed in the cafeteria until school actually started. Around 9 am, my math teacher noticed I was sitting out in the cold and invited me to her class, where it was warm.

When I got there, she let me work on my missed homework and even let me eat breakfast in her class. She asked me about home life, school life, if I had any friends, etc. She made me feel welcome, then she told me about her life, about her only son, and about her husband, who passed from cancer 20 years back; she was very sweet.

I wish I could go back and stop my “friend” from doing what he did.

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5. The Best Of The Worst

We had a math teacher who, in hindsight, was the sweetest woman ever. She had a thick accent, and being middle school jerks in a backwoods area, we mocked her incessantly. Once, she was out for a week, and we had a substitute teacher who was young and full of optimism. One day—totally uncoordinated—a student started crying during class.

The sub asked why he was crying, and the student shook his head and didn’t answer. The sub asked again, and another classmate started crying and shook his head as well. The sub was becoming alarmed and asked the class what was going on. A friend of mine answered, “We can’t tell you, or we’ll get in trouble”. The sub came over to him, knelt down, and said with total sincerity, “It’s okay, you can tell me”.

The kid told the sub that our teacher would stand on the desk, remove her clothes, and would make the class tell her she was beautiful.  The sub’s eyes got huge, and she ran to grab the principal. The whole class started a mix of crying—to keep it going—and laughing. It was hard to differentiate which was which. The principal came in screaming at us.

The authorities were called and questioned a few of us. Then our teacher came back into class the following week, looking mortified. It is painful to remember because she was a really kind teacher who taught me a lot. When I graduated high school, I went back and apologized. She laughed, saying we were one of the BEST classes she ever taught behavior-wise!

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6. Free Ride

When I was in elementary school, my dad bought a brand-new bike.  I rode it to the park, and these older kids came up to me and asked if one of them could take it for a test drive. I said OK, and about 10 seconds in—right in front of me—I saw the guy who was riding my bike being pushed off and my bike being taken.

The older kids "helped" me look for my missing bike, but later I made an upsetting realization. I figured out that they plotted the whole thing. I had basically given my brand-new bike away.

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7. The Peacemaker

We used to have a girl in my class, Jordan, who was severely overweight and autistic. Kids being as ruthless as they are, always picked on her for being different. Instead of "yo mama's so fat" jokes, they'd say, "Jordan's so fat," among other cruel things. Whenever she'd get frustrated with them, she would hide her face in her shirt and cry.

The reason she was overweight was that weight gain was a side effect of the medication she had to take for her autism. Most kids were too naive to care or understand. I was one of the few people who felt sorry for her and understood her because my brother has autism.

Jordan and I sat next to each other in 4th grade. I would help her out with her school work if she was confused and would reassure her things would be OK in times of trouble. After that year, I never saw her again. Turns out, fate dealt her a tragic hand.

That summer—between 4th and 5th grades—she came down with a rare disease, was hospitalized, and passed. Only about 20 kids from our entire class went to the funeral. It angered me, but I assumed most of them who didn't come did not feel welcome because they were ashamed of the way they treated her.

When I got there and saw a few of my peers—the select few of us who accepted her for who she was—standing in front of her coffin, I joined them. We all stood in silence. The whole thing was just so sad.

A few weeks later, her mom had a garage sale to sell most of her stuff, partly because it pained her to see her things around the house and partly because her mom needed the money after the hospital bills and funeral. When I got to talking with her mom, and she realized who I was, she started bawling.

She told me that Jordan talked about me all the time at home. I was her closest friend in our classroom that past year. She thanked me for being her friend and hugged me for what felt like an eternity, but I didn’t mind. She took me inside and let me look at Jordan's drawings in a sketchbook.

I stumbled upon a drawing she made of me and her sitting at our desks with big smiley faces. I couldn't fight back the tears. We sat for a few hours, and her mom told me countless stories about her late daughter. When I left, her mom let me keep the drawing she made of us, and I still have it to this day.

The whole thing was quite a challenging experience for everyone in my grade. However, in the long run, it brought us together as a class. It opened our eyes to the blatant fact that we were so mean to a kid, and now she was gone. After that realization, we all had an unspoken understanding that it was wrong and that we'd never do it again.

All the way up to graduation, we never had a single fight within my class. Everyone was just so nice to each other. Even though we had our cliques, any one of us could sit down at anybody's table during lunch, and we'd let them jump into the conversation. Her untimely passing inadvertently brought peace and understanding to our entire class.

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8. Playing With Fire

A few messed-up kids in my primary school lit a teacher’s car on fire just because she gave one of them a failing grade on the midterm. She wasn't one of the mean teachers either; she was mostly nice to students. The authorities got involved, but I don't think the perpetrators got punished accordingly.

We were around 13–14 years old, and one of them was in and out of juvie already. Later on, those kids got tangled up in dealing and looting, and probably all got put behind bars at some point.

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9. Snap Out Of It

We had a teacher in middle school who had served in combat, and it had affected him deeply. Some of our more moronic classmates thought it was hilarious to bring snaps to school—the ones you get on the 4th of July that you throw down on the ground to make a snapping sound. Every time that poor man turned around, they would start throwing those snaps.

Sometimes—not always—he would go into nearly full-out flashback mode and hide, almost crying under his desk from "enemy fire". Some of our classmates, including the ones who did it, thought it was hilarious.  No one would stand up to them because those kids were terrors who would seriously hurt you if you crossed them.

The principal didn't do anything about it other than urging the teacher to retire. It was painful to watch.

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10. Food For Thought

One weekend when I was about 14 or 15 years old, I was at a friend's house. Some of my friends decided that it was a good and funny idea to order a ton of take-out food to be delivered to one of our teacher's houses that we didn’t like. The joke was mean.

That particular teacher was very tight with money, so he would have to pay for all that food. Along with that, they also called a bunch of other teachers and left harassing messages on their phones. I was present but didn't actually do anything.

Even so, I still got a Saturday detention, which was the worst detention we had at school, while two or three of my friends got suspended. They only knew it was us because—for some reason—my stupid friend left all our names on the message.

It was pretty funny at the time, but now I think it's just one of many extremely stupid things that some of my friends did back then. One of the same friends also threw a street sign through a car windscreen once while we were trashed. Thinking about that now makes me feel so bad for whoever's car that was.

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11. Slow In The Know

A classmate would come in every so often with a bruise or small cut on her face or arm. She was part of the punk scene, so I chalked it up to her hopping into mosh pits, although I had never heard her mention going to shows.

At one point during our junior year of high school, she spoke to a few people sitting close by—myself included—about going through the emancipation process of separating from her parents and living with a friend. It was also around that time that I noticed the bruises weren’t occurring anymore. It took me a full five years to figure that one out.

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12. Nothing Sweet About It

My high school "friends" gave me some little chocolate bars. I thought it tasted like poor-quality chocolate. I figured they just didn't like it and were being nice to me. I was so wrong.

After I was done consuming a full bar of the stuff, they told me it was a chocolate laxative. I had never even heard of such a thing before that. I was upset, but they told me, "Oh, it's expired". I had to work my department store job that night.

Thank goodness I was in the same department as a friend. Even though the laxative was expired, it still functioned as intended, and I spent most of my shift in the bathroom feeling like my soul was leaving through my rear. For some reason, I maintained a friendship with those morons throughout the remainder of school and even married one of the guys involved—it didn’t last.

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13. We Took It To The Text Level

Our friend Jessica had this older man in her neighborhood who was a family friend of her mom and stepdad. She had expressed to us in the past that this man was pretty creepy toward her and made her very uncomfortable. For example, she once found him in her room, picking through her dirty clothes with the excuse that he was going to help her with her laundry.

As is often the case with high schoolers, she didn't feel like she had any actual proof and that her parents wouldn't believe her, so she kept quiet about it until she told us in confidence as friends. In my junior year, on April Fools Day, my friend Trish and I wanted to pull a prank on Jessica because she had recently done something to annoy us.

We decided it would be hilarious to borrow someone else's phone—someone who she didn't have in her contacts—and text her pretending to be the creepy guy. During homeroom, we sent her some pretty messed up texts, like, "see you through your window tonight". Our friend, understandably, flipped out and had a panic attack when she received the texts.

She went to the nurse, then to the principal, and told them everything. Her parents were called into the school, and it was only then that they identified that the number wasn't the creepy guy’s. At that point, another mutual friend who knew about what Trish and I did, spilled the beans.

The most shameful part about this was that Trish and I still thought it was funny even after getting caught. So did a lot of our mutual friends. After recovering, Jessica laughed along with us. However,  in retrospect, she was clearly angry about the whole thing, which was confirmed in the ensuing months as she slowly broke off her friendship with us.

It wasn't until I went to college and started to seriously examine the kind of person I was in high school that I began to feel ashamed about it. Both Trish and I offered Jessica a heartfelt apology, but at that point, it was two years too late.

Neither of us has spoken with her since. If there is any silver lining, her parents did listen to her about the creepy guy. He was no longer invited to their house and was ostracized from the neighborhood in general.

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14.  ¡Ay, Caramba! We Were Bad

I had a Spanish teacher, who was kind-hearted and soft, but the students would torment her. They would lock her out of her classroom and unplug her computer—but that wasn't the worst part.

They also spread an awful rumor that she was getting busy with another female teacher in front of a classroom. One day, a student came back from the restroom and told her that her car had been hit in the parking lot. She ran out, and then a kid locked her out of the classroom. A few kids unlocked the door for her, but it was really sad.

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15. He Left His Mark

One day, a kid took another kid’s towel after a gym class shower. He used the other kid’s towel to dry his behind. As a result, he put a brown stain on the towel that was three feet long. There was lots of nervous laughter because we were all glad that it wasn’t one of our towels he had used.

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16. The Worst Kept Secret

In high school, one of the students was having an affair with a vice principal. The rumor was that on the day she turned 18, he served his wife with divorce papers, and they got married after she graduated. Everyone knew; it was the worst kept secret in the school. Nothing ever happened to him.

They both moved across the country and later got divorced. It seems she got too old for him. All of us dumb high schoolers thought it was funny. The administration knew and didn't care. Her parents knew and didn't care, but it definitely was not okay.

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17. Man Or Mouse?

I remember having what was called the "Man or Mouse" test—and it was pretty messed up.

Basically, guys would take one of those big pink erasers and start going to work on their arms, and the one who lasted the longest was the real man. There were plenty of bloody and scabbed-up arms around the school. I am not ashamed to say I was a mouse because I never participated.

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18. Hold Your Horses, Something’s Off

When I was in high school, a girl I rode horses with—who was in middle school—told me that she and her mom watched explicit movies together so they could make fun of the actors. She said this as if it was perfectly normal; she wasn’t kidding.

I thought it was weird and funny at the time, but now as an adult, I am horrified. Unfortunately, the girl ended up getting pregnant as a sophomore in high school. Her mother was proud of her and happy that she was going to be a hot, young grandmother.

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19. Lookin' Good

When we were in high school, we had a very attractive male student teacher. The degree to which some of the girls were flirting with him got out of control.

This guy was tall and had model good looks. What started with a bunch of girls openly gawking at him and agreeing he was hot escalated. I remember feeling genuinely bad for this guy.

He just wanted to teach and seemed to really want to do a good job. However, he ended up getting harassed like crazy. In the end, he got transferred within the district to a middle school, and I remember the principal ranting and screaming about how inappropriate some of the girls had been.

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20. All That Glitters Is Not Gold

I had a well-loved teacher in high school who had some sort of intense aversion to glitter. So, of course, a bunch of the idiot seniors decided to "prank" him by dumping bags of glitter all around his classroom.

The poor man actually dropped to the ground and started sobbing. A lot of the kids thought he was doing it to be dramatic or funny, but it was very evident—especially in retrospect—that he was having a full-out panic attack.

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21. My School Was The Pits!

We had a "goz pit" in our school, which was a pit in the ground with steps leading down, that had no clear function. The culture in the school was to grasp someone’s backpack and throw it down the pit. Once the victim would go to get the bag, someone would shout, "Goz pit"—and chaos would ensue.

Everyone would run over and spit on the kid continuously until he managed to get up the stairs. I remember even teachers laughing at this. Almost all the "harmless fun" I can remember from my school was actually horrific.

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22. Kissing Cousins

When I was in 7th grade, a classmate of mine used to tell everyone that he had gotten busy with his younger cousin. Nobody used believed him and thought that it was funny, but he used to say that he really did it.

After we graduated high school, I met him and tried to tease him about it in front of some other classmates. I thought everyone was going to laugh, but they all turned serious because, apparently, he was telling the truth.

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23. Revenge Was Key

There was a guy in my high school who was kind of a jerk named Rodney. One day, Rodney angered the wrong dude. So, the guy went into the locker room and peed in Rodney’s locker. Oh, but he wasn't done yet.

Then took a poo and stuffed Rodney’s car keys into it. I laughed at the time, but looking back, it was a bit much.

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24. The Rumor Mill Sucked

One girl at my elementary school spread a rumor that the reason my mom had passed was that I had taken her life. I was barely six when my mom passed, and the rumor didn’t start until I was in Grade 5. Being orphaned is hard, but I'm lucky it didn’t get turned into a whole big thing. Even so, to this day, I’m still angry about what that kid did.

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25. Deranged Diabetic

I had a diabetic classmate who would go around using his stabby-blood glucose monitor on everyone’s leg, with the same jabber for everyone. As an adult, I realized the danger of the same needle being used on dozens of students, one who could have a dangerous and transmittable disease or virus.  I finally understood why the teachers and school staff hit the roof.

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26. Wedgie Wars

The guys in my year went through a phase of brutally wedgie-ing each other with the aim to rip one’s underwear off entirely. One time, it went too far.

A guy’s ripped boxers got pinned onto the notice board, complete with skid marks and blood stains. It seemed hilarious at the time, but I cringe a little inside at the memory of it all.

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27. The Young And The Restless

One of my friends was really boy crazy in a way we all thought was laughable. In particular, she tended to crush on younger boys, like freshmen and sophomores, when we were seniors. She got assigned as an office aide and would use downtime in the school’s front office to look up her crushes' schedules in the system.

She would then make copies, learn where their classes and lockers were, and "coincidentally" be near there when they were. We teased her a lot about being a stalker who was into kids, but it was all just joking around. In retrospect, it was a lot creepier and more serious than we tended to see back then, especially since she never did outgrow her taste in young boys.

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28. Bathroom Break

When I was in the 5th grade, this kid would poop in the sinks and urinals of a couple of the boy’s bathrooms. It got so bad that the staff and teachers had to take kids in groups to use the washrooms at pre-designated times while they waited outside. The culprit was in my class and got caught.

He laughed nonstop and thought we would all think it was funny—which we did, but also annoying since we had to go to the bathroom in groups. He got suspended for a bit, and the incidents never happened again.

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29. Enough Was Enough

I had a teacher who was lovely, but she was tired of several of our classmates acting like little twits. One day, during our tutoring class with her, several kids kept messing about, picking on her, and full-on blanking her when she spoke to them, acting as if she wasn't there. They found it hilarious.

My friends and I were quite close with her, so we stayed after that class and asked if she was OK. Her response shook us to the core.

She looked at us and just started crying, saying how she was so tired of the student's behavior and how they made her not enjoy teaching anymore—she had been teaching for over 20 years. The next day we told the class about it, and their faces dropped. I think, for once, they realized how far they had pushed her. I felt so bad for her.

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30. Have A Can Of Dr. Puker

We had a friend who was always asking for a bite of your food or a drink of your drink. So, I bought syrup of ipecac which causes projectile vomiting and is generally used for poison control. I poured it into a can of soda, and when he asked for a sip, I told him he could finish it. He ended up puking on the subway for an hour, trying to get home.

In hindsight, it was not funny at all and was one of my life’s regrets.

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31. Data Prank

When we were in high school, teachers had to get the attendance done through a computer before the lesson started. They were doing this by clicking a shortcut on their desktop. So "a friend of mine" changed the URL to nobraindk, which, back in the day, was a famous prank site. He also turned the speaker on to maximum volume.

Then, he turned on the projector which projected the PC screen onto a massive board. The teacher came and clicked the shortcut. The music started to play, "Du, du, du, dudu, du, du, dududuu, du, du, du, dudu," and the whole class began watching two old, completely bare men going at it, doing nasty things on the big screen. But that wasn't the worst part.

The thing with that site was that you couldn’t press “X” to quit the video or browser. It would not ever let you quit. It must have hurt the teacher’s feelings because she became furious while we all laughed. She finally had to shut the computer after multiple failed attempts to close the video. After that incident, our class lost the computer for a whole year.

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32. Her Fate Was Sealed With A Fish

When I was in the 7th grade, some kid I knew hid tuna behind a bookcase in my English teacher’s class that smelled for half the school year. Another kid threw out of a bunch of school iPad keyboards and cases out her class window, and kids generally just treated her like garbage for no reason.

I remember she would get sweat marks on her armpits; kids would just snicker and make fun of her behind her back. I saw her crying a few times, and she quit that year. It was really irritating because I actually liked her; she was a good person and a good teacher who was treated terribly by a bunch of stupid 7th graders.

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33.  Cruelty Never Quits

I was in the eighth grade when a Grade 7 kid peed in an autistic student’s shoes from our grade. At first, I remember chuckling at the thought of two shoes having urine in them, which I laughed at in their own exclusive right. But, as I viewed the obviously slightly bigger picture that didn’t take a rocket scientist to see, it just made me sick.

The kid didn’t have the sense to stop before putting on his shoes. He just did it and then freaked out after they were on. Whether or not it was intentionally directed at him was technically unknown, but it seemed too coincidental. However, if the culprit was just cherry-picking victims, he stepped on a land mine.

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34. Chalk It Up To Immaturity

When I was in primary school, we had an asthmatic teacher. Our class had a green board with chalk sticks. We found out that if we filled the class up with chalk dust by beating the erasers together, she wouldn’t have class, so that’s what we did. She would have a crisis every day, and because of it, she had to move. We were sad; everybody actually liked her.

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35. Hired Muscle

When I was in junior high, there was a kid who was mean.  He wasn’t too bright, was overweight, on the poor side, and basically a real-life Nelson from The Simpsons. One day at lunch, a group of kids was venting about him, and another kid who was pretty tough just happened to be there. One kid jokingly asked the tough kid, “How much money would it take for you to punch the bully?"

He gave an answer, probably not really thinking it was going anywhere, but one thing led to another, and the kid started what amounted to a grassroots verbal Go Fund Me campaign—long before Go Fund Me or even the internet was a thing—pitching in spare change. The goal was reached, but by that time, the mean kid got wind of what was happening.

He was the first one out of the lunch room, with the tough kid and about 40 other kids chasing behind him because they wanted to see it go down. The tough kid finally caught up to the mean kid just as a teacher stepped into the hall and realized something was going on. She tried to get between the two. The tough kid reached over her and punched the mean kid just once.

Then, he stopped and let the teacher take him to the office without objection. It was like one of those TV shows where someone ends up taking down the perp out of revenge right in front of the authorities and turns around and holds out their hands to be cuffed. Looking back, the mean kid really wasn’t even all that bad.

It was more the threat of being beaten up than him actually acting on it, and it probably was somewhat of a survival mechanism given his personal situation. But when you’re in junior high, you don’t exactly have that wisdom and maturity, so the idea of finding a hired hand to take care of him seemed like karma at the time.

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36. Kiss Of Death

There are always a few kids who are ultra weird, never have friends, but also act in a way that prevents them from having friends. We had one of those kids in our school, and one of the class clowns got his phone number. He started texting him, pretending he was one of the hot girls at our high school. He texted him for days, then told him to come to kiss him in between periods.

So, this poor kid walked up to a completely oblivious girl and tried to kiss her in between classes. Everybody was laughing. Now that I think back at it, I'm surprised he didn’t destroy everyone.

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37. There Was A Hole In His Theory

I was demonstrating that one could staple the thick muscle area of their leg or forearm and pull out the staple without issue aside from two little needle pricks. Then, this other kid came up to me. He jokingly and obviously sarcastically said, “Okay, do me next!" Without any hesitation, I stapled his arm.

He looked at it for a second, then screamed and pulled out the staple saying, “I didn’t think you’d do it!" Whoops.

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38. Our Behavior Was Subpar

We had a substitute who had liver disease. He was taking medications, and these medicines made him tired. One day, He passed out in health class while we were watching a movie. One of the troublemakers in our class ran up to him with a Sharpie and drew on the guy's face. The following year, the same group of kids made our science substitute cry.

They were extremely mean and insulting. The science sub had to get up to leave the room for some reason, and a couple of the boys ran up to the desk, opened his briefcase, and threw his papers all over the place. When he came back into the room, they called him names, and the guy broke down in tears. We never had him again.

We had a rep for being a bad group, and teachers tended to be extra strict with us. After a while, one of the teachers revealed that it was nearly impossible to get a substitute teacher to take an assignment with our grade.

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39. The High Price Of Friendship

I had some classmates who were taking money from another kid in order to hang out with him. Then, they bragged about it to the rest of the school. The kid paying was one of those really invisible kids you barely noticed and only knew if they were taking the same subjects as you. This went on for at least two years.

The kid would give them about $20–$30 per person, per activity, on top of paying for whatever cost the activity had attached to it.

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40. Up To Their Old Tricks

My 11th-grade math teacher was an elderly woman tasked with teaching a lower-middle math group. She couldn’t control the class, and it became a game for them to wind her up because she’d almost always get another teacher to tell the class off. At the time, the school shared stories about the things they did to make her lose her cool.

However, thinking about it, I realized that students tormenting her was not cool. At one point, I stepped in. Some of the students tried to throw things into her coffee while she wasn’t looking—erasers, paper clips, that kind of thing. I tipped her off before she was able to drink it. She grew to like me because I was one of the only people in the class who wasn’t a jerk to her.

She was a nice enough woman, just not a very commanding teacher.

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41. Take A Stand

In high school, we had a geography teacher whose students used to torment him because he’d had a nervous breakdown in the past. This particular teacher used to deal with disruption by asking students to leave his class and stand out in the hallway. So one particular day, we decided to play a game of “how many people can we get standing in the hall by the time the class ended?"

We got up to 14 out of 25 students, and then the vice principal saw us all out there. They got angry at the teacher for making us wait outside instead of just dealing with our nonsense. I believe said teacher eventually retired after yet another nervous breakdown.

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42. I Didn’t Want To Get Thrown Under The Bus

Every day, everyone on the bus would chant, "Rosie is fat," and other horrid things about the bus driver. She got angry and yelled at us to sit down and shut up. We all perceived her to be this huge annoying woman.

But one day, I was thrift shopping, and she was there buying clothes for her son, who was mentally disabled. She saw me and said hello with a smile. It dawned on me then that this woman had a life beyond being tormented by high schoolers, but I never empathized with her in the heat of peer pressure.

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43. Thou Art Psycho

When I was about 17 or 18, this kid my age lived with his mom, who would be gone for weeks at a time. He was never right in the head—kind of a psycho problem child—though he was an outstanding artist. We all hung out at his place because, obviously, we would. One day we went over, and he was all excited to show us his latest “work”.

He proudly brought out a large planter. In it were about a dozen deceased baby mice that he had tied onto lashed toothpicks to make them all look like they had been crucified. He thought it was hilarious. Rumor had it that his mom had done a lot of acid while pregnant with him, and given the shenanigans this guy pulled over the years, I believe it.

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44. Hands-On Learning

The class clown put his hand down his sweatpants and started going at it while the teacher’s back was turned. He was seated right in the center of the classroom, so everyone knew what was going on because he wanted to be noticed. Most of the class thought it was funny, and the rest didn’t even care.

People were giggling and shying away from the spectacle. He finished on a piece of paper and threw it in the teacher’s trash can at her desk—she never knew.

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45. We Drove Him Crazy

One of my high school buddies plugged a tiny USB wireless mouse into our driver’s ed class computer. Whenever the teacher would open up any software to share on the smart board, my buddy would close the application. The teacher was so confused for a solid month. He was older, probably in his late 50s, and just kept becoming infuriated and trying to call IT.

However, the IT department wasn’t there past 4 pm, and our class was at 6 pm. Finally, one day, one of the honor roll kids in our grade said, “Can you please stop messing with him? I actually want to learn”. Everyone laughed as we basically were learning not to have road rage, how to obey traffic signs, and how to drive safely.

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46. Of Mice And Men

I had a friend who went to the pet store and bought feeder mice like the ones used to feed snakes. He would pull up beside a car that had a sunroof open or a convertible and throw the mouse inside of the vehicle. One day, he threw a live mouse inside somebody’s car while they were stopped at a red light.

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47. A Hot-Button Issue

I had a kid in my year who had surgery that left a nerve bundle in his neck exposed. If pressed, it would paralyze him. It was for spina bifida, and for some ridiculous reason, he told everyone. BIG MISTAKE.

Certain boys took great pleasure in going down the stairs behind him and pressing it, which completely paralyzed him for a few seconds.  He would then fall like a brick, usually onto whoever was in front of him. It was so dangerous.

A few teeth were knocked out because of this—his and other people's. It happened so much that in his third year, the school installed an elevator, and you had to have a special key to use it. He got the only permanent issue key at that time.

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48. The Name Game

In our school, there was a teacher who had a mole. So, of course, the kids gave her the most obvious and mean nickname possible. 

They called her "Mole". She must have felt really hurt because she eventually had the mole removed, leaving a little dent where it used to be. However, everyone didn’t stop calling her names after that. They started calling her "Hole" instead.

Messed-Up Classroom MemoriesPexels

49. Case In Point

We had a guy in our class who went by the nickname of “Fuzzy”. He was always very nervous, a bit out there, and probably had a lot of undiagnosed problems. The guy who sat behind him kept hitting him on the head while the teacher was at the blackboard. One day, Fuzzy asked the teacher to use the bathroom, and while he was on his way to the toilet, he got his revenge.

He swiped the kid’s pencil case. When the end of the class came, the guy found his pencil case. He opened it up, and Fuzzy had taken a big poo in it. The kid barfed on sight. Fuzzy went to the principal’s office and was expelled. I just felt really bad for him. He was tormented physically and mentally all the time and had had enough. He just went for it.

Messed-Up Classroom MemoriesPexels

50. The Dumbest Of The Dumb

I went to a technical high school, where one week was academics, and the next was trade school learning, and so on. I had plumbing, which was taught by an old Vietnam veteran who deserved major props once we found his record and what he had done. His heroism was unbelievable.

He had carried his wounded friend to a helicopter while under enemy fire and sustained a shrapnel wound. As a result, he needed to take very strong medication. When I was in 11th and 12th grades, he was gone for the majority of the school year, so we broke into his desk and found his morphine patch.

Being dumb, we thought this would be a fine time to let someone wear it. We finally realized the enormity of our screw-up when someone asked the kid how he felt.

He told us he felt his heartbeat was slowing down. It was a collective “Oh no” moment as everyone rushed forward to remove the patch. He lived, and our substitute, who was an English teacher—not a plumbing teacher—had no clue it ever happened. We were not a smart group.

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