Heartwarming Acts Of Kindness

October 26, 2023 | Allison Robertson

Heartwarming Acts Of Kindness

The nicest gestures come from the desire to do something good without the expectation of praise or reward. If you’ve ever been the recipient of someone else’s “Pay It Forward” moment, then you know how a small act of kindness could change your entire day. 

1. Don’t Trash Where We Splash

Each time I head out for a fishing trip, which happens quite regularly—a handful of times in a week—I make sure to carry a trash bag alongside me. At the end of each fishing session, I wander around the lake, picking up junk until my bag is brim-full. 

I'm aware it's not a grand gesture, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment and helps keep our lakes clean. This is a ritual I've maintained for every lake I visit. Whilst I'm out there in my boat, I make a slow, deliberate course, skimming the perimeter of the water, and collecting any floating rubbish I come across. 

It does take time, but I find a strange joy in this process. While I wish it wasn't necessary, the reality is that many folks fish with a beer in hand, often carelessly discarding their trash on the lakeshore. I've gradually incorporated this small act of cleanliness into my hiking and walking routines as well, always keeping a trash bag handy. 

I've discovered that opportunities to clean up our environment are everywhere.

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2. Freebie Memberships

My buddy's family constantly grapples with financial difficulties. Her mom has MS, and they're always struggling with making rent payments, dealing with medical bills, and other expenses. Even though they might not have much, they appreciate every bit of it. Here is where I step in with a little secret act of kindness. 

I work at a convention and she and her mom are quite fond of it. They enjoy attending it every year, but they would never be able to afford memberships. Hence, a while back, I let her in on a supposed perk of my job; that I receive a handful of free memberships from the convention, which isn't accurate. 

In reality, I offer her my memberships. I don't have any free ones, but I am more than happy to spend over $200 every year so that they can get pleasure from an occasion they would otherwise be missing out on due to financial constraints. I have no intention of ever letting her know the truth.

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3. Orphaned at 18

I quietly slipped an anonymous gift to a buddy of mine who was grappling with the sudden loss of his mother. Barely 18, he'd already been hit with the loss of his dad before and was barely scraping by without any financial backing.

Life was tough for him on multiple fronts. Fortunately for me, I had some spare cash to spare. So, I discreetly gave him just over a grand, carefully tucked into an envelope. The money was intended to alleviate some of his funeral costs or even to help look after his younger sibling.

I chose not to reveal my identity, with no plans to ever disclose this act to him.

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4. Dr Bestie

A while back, I dedicated approximately a year of my life, not to mention around $400, aiding my best friend in overcoming his addiction. Despite my best efforts, he remained adamant about not enrolling in rehab. I took it upon myself to acquire books about addiction, and committed countless hours to understanding how to support him during his withdrawal phase.

Watching his physical decline was agonizing, but there was an unspoken understanding between us that this was a necessary hardship. Although we rarely discuss it now, there's another side to this story. Throughout that challenging time, we kept his struggle a secret from everyone else. 

My friend has been clean for roughly two and a half years now, and we've continued to maintain our silence.

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5. Flat Tire To Flat Line

One rainy evening, I was on my way home when I noticed an elderly lady by the road with a flat tire on her car. It was obvious she was distressed and in need of assistance. I thought it would be best to stop and ask if I could lend a hand, to which she gratefully agreed.

As I started replacing the punctured tire, she became increasingly upset. It appeared her husband owned the vehicle and hadn’t been maintaining it properly, a fact which she endlessly ranted about while I fixed the tire. Then, things took a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, her state of agitation led her to suffer a heart attack.

At that time, I had my CPR certification, although now I'm an EMT. Immediately while giving her CPR, I dialed emergency services. They arrived promptly, used an AED to administer a shock, and successfully managed to restore her pulse.

Leaving my car behind, I chose to accompany her in the ambulance. Thankfully, she pulled through. That night, I had the chance to meet her husband at the hospital, and they were kind enough to invite me over for a meal. This incident isn't something I often share with others, but it holds significant meaning for me.

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6. Dine and Dime

On a business visit to the West Coast, I enjoyed a meal with a number of friends and colleagues at an esteemed restaurant by the ocean. At one point during our dinner, I picked up on a conversation from an older couple at a separate table, who were celebrating their anniversary having spent many decades together.

I discreetly found our waiter in another part of the restaurant and arranged to cover the couple's dinner bill, irrespective of their order. I took great joy in observing their surprised expressions when they requested the bill, only to learn that an anonymous diner had fully paid for their meal as a gift to mark their special occasion. 

I decided to keep this act of goodwill a secret from the rest of my group.

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7. No Regrets

There was a young fella who moved to our town during the last year of high school. This wasn’t his first time moving, it was his 31st, partially due to his mom's struggles, which often led her to ill-tempered companions.

I couldn't help but think that moving so frequently, then experiencing your final year in a school where everyone already knew each other, would be pretty harsh on a kid. One day, exiting the school premises to grab a bite with my buddies, I noticed him perched on the library stairs, all by himself.

Without a second thought, I invited him to join us for lunch by hopping into my car. He readily accepted and my friends became instantly warm towards him. He didn't have a car, let alone a bike, and lived on minimal money. So, I schemed up a discreet way to lend a hand.

Every day, I'd either share my lunch or bring an extra one just for him, allowing him to approach the lunch table with food of his own, without feeling a pinch of embarrassment or hunger. I motivated him to find a job, pledging to be his chauffeur when his mom couldn’t play the part.

Before I knew it, he became one of my closest pals. We even experienced prom together. As the academic year concluded, he handed me a heartfelt letter, expressing earnest gratitude for my support. He confirmed that without my friendship, he wouldn't have the life he’s now enjoying. Looking back, I’d do it all over again. 

That boy deserved all the goodness in the world.

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8. Midnight Snow Fairies

When I was merely 14 years old, my buddy and I embarked on an adventurous endeavor in the heart of a snowstorm. Bundled up against the elements, we felt like knights setting off on a journey. 

Our mission was simple: we were determined to shovel 12 driveways randomly, without any expectations in return, wanting to surprise everyone with a clear pathway in the morning.

Despite the chill that turned our fingers numb, and the wet snow that dampened our clothes, we reveled in the thrill of our secret task. For nearly three hours we braved the cold, our spirits undeterred. Our efforts seemed worth every moment when we pictured the surprise on our neighbors' faces come morning time.

Subsequently, we sneaked back into our warm, cozy homes, our families blissfully ignorant of our late-night escapade. In the following days, a buzz of puzzled excitement hung in the air of our sleepy neighborhood. 

As whispers of our nocturnal feat echoed in hushed conversations, we wore smug smiles, reveling in our accomplishment but never letting on that it was us all along.

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9. Next Generation Humanity

When I was around 13, a friend and I were out playing after sundown. It was early December, so it was not just dark outside, but also cold. We explored the outskirts of our tiny town, goofing off around in a cluster of trees, twirling sticks, and just being kids.

About 20 minutes in, I heard an eerie moan periodically. I mentioned it to my friend, suggesting that we should check out the source, but he either didn't hear it or chose to ignore it. Regardless, it was a spooky sound.

I decided to look into it myself, my friend trailing behind, keeping a safe distance. Through another bunch of trees, about 100 yards away, we stumbled upon a shocking scene. I found a woman lying on the ground, half-dressed, using her own coat as a makeshift bed with her shoes taken off and one leg awkwardly propped up.

She didn't respond to my attempts to communicate. I sprinted to the nearest payphone, about a half-mile away, dialed the emergency services, and then ran back to her side to assure her help was on the way. Once paramedics arrived, I stepped back, melting into the shadows. Later, I was hit with the jarring reality. 

The woman had been reported missing a few days earlier after a party. Evidently, she was walking back when she tripped, breaking her ankle, and thought it wise to lie down. She remained there for days, unassisted. She was diagnosed with hypothermia, shock, and frostbite. 

If it hadn't been for my adolescent bravery, she might not have made it. Now, 12 years on, I sometimes find myself wondering what she made of the entire situation. Maybe she thought a random kid showing up in the night, calling 911, providing temporary comfort, and then disappearing was just a figment of her imagination.

At the very least, I take comfort knowing that I was able to help someone, expecting absolutely nothing in return.

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10. The Chosen Ones

While I was on duty at a thrift store, a manager brought me a store voucher someone had left behind. It was either $10 off a $30+ spend or $30 off a $50+ spend.

Rather than just handing it to the next shopper who met the requirements, the manager wanted me to hang onto it and give it to someone who really needed it. About one hour later, a family with three little kids arrived, their shopping cart piled high with clothes.

Their bill added up to roughly $100, and even though they didn't voice any concerns, the parents looked quite worried as they observed the increasing total. Their stunned reaction when I announced I could knock off $30 from their bill confirmed my decision to hang on to the discount for a bit longer.

It might have been a minor act, but it felt rewarding to bring a little sunshine into their day.

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11. Anonymous Angel

Stumbling upon a blog written by a close friend, I was deeply moved by all the hardships she faced in her younger years. Some of her stories were truly heartbreaking and had me in tears. Although we'd known each other our whole lives, I had no clue about the magnitude of her struggles.

Realizing that I wasn't there to support her made me feel awful. Not wasting any time, I conducted a mini investigation, found something she had always wished for, and anonymously had it sent to her place. I included a heartfelt message outlining my admiration and respect for her.

Later, she expressed her profound gratitude about the mystery gift in a blog post and invited the sender to reveal themselves. However, I chose to keep my identity a secret. Just knowing that I had the power to brighten up her day filled me with happiness. 

My intention was simple: whenever she glanced at my gift, I wanted her to feel cherished.

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12. An Undercover Sacrifice

During my college years, I helped a genuinely sweet girl escape from a terrible scenario.

Her friends irresponsibly left her unconscious at a bash where she was at a significant risk of being exploited. Knowing her commitment to remain pure, I decided to step in when I saw a guy attempting to take her back to his room. I intervened, informing him she would be going with me instead.

This action was viewed as interference by this guy, and the crowd mistakenly assumed I was taking her back to my place for my own fulfillment. This misconception led to me being attacked as I tried to get her outside. But this was an interesting twist for me. 

That's when my assailants discovered that having a muscular physique doesn't necessarily make one tough. After all the commotion, I escorted her back to her dormitory, ensuring she was tucked in safely. She didn't remember any of these events, and we had no mutual connections with anyone at the party. 

This incident has always stayed with me.

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13. Paying It Forward

When I was about a ten-year-old, my father got seriously sick with cancer. During the festive time of Christmas, my family had a tough time as we hardly had any cash to spare for gifts. This was largely due to the sky-high costs of chemotherapy and frequent hospital bills since my dad stayed in the hospital all the time.

This tough situation wasn't lost on my mom's colleagues at her workplace. They saw what we were going through and wanted to assist. They gathered funds for us, raised more than $200, solely intended for Christmas gifts for my brother and myself. That was one of the most selfless acts anyone had ever taken upon for us.

Now, it has been a tradition for my mom and me. Every Christmas, we save up $200 to donate to a family that finds itself in need. It's comforting to believe that my father would be looking down at us with pride.

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14. Secret Santa Gig

When I was 17, my neighbors visited us for Christmas along with their kids, Bob and Julie, who were around 11 and eight respectively. This was a normal tradition for us since they had migrated to America without any other relatives. I was buzzing with excitement, proudly displaying my splendid new gifts and thoroughly enjoying the festivities.

As the evening came to a close, young Julie approached my aunt. The question she asked was truly sad. She questioned, "Do you think sometimes Santa accidentally skips a house?" This revealed that she hadn't received any presents that Christmas.

Moved by this, my siblings and I decided to return most of our gifts that night. We also pooled all our Christmas money to purchase an abundance of wonderful gifts for Bob and Julie. We packaged these in a bag and discreetly left it outside their door with a letter from Santa, saying he was overwhelmed and had mistakenly overlooked their house.

Since that year, my whole family has been setting money aside every year and rounding up as many contributions as we possibly could during the holiday season. This fund is then used to buy all their Christmas presents which we leave outside their door on Christmas Eve.

We do this, even if it often implies scaling back on our own gifts. This tradition has been kept up for five years, and they still haven't figured out it's us behind it. They've even relocated to another part of the city, yet we still trek out in the dead of the night every year to deliver the presents.

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15. Gas For Granny

I assisted an elderly lady, who seemed to be struggling financially, by purchasing gasoline for her. As she pulled into the petrol station, she appeared unexpectedly distressed. Upon conversing with her, I discovered that she was wishing to attend her grandson’s baseball tournament but realized she didn’t have the means to buy sufficient gasoline to make the trip.

Initially, I intended to give her only five dollars, but I soon realized that parting with an additional twenty dollars wouldn't cause a dent in my finances. The joy reflected in her smile made it all worthwhile.

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16. Baby Bonus

My cousin's baby was born much earlier than expected, and he was such a tiny thing, barely over a pound. As you can imagine, the medical expenses were astronomical, not to mention the costs in petrol just getting to and from the hospital every day.

I'm far from wealthy, but I wanted to chip in. So I chose to halt my usual monthly savings contributions and instead pass that onto her, just until the little one could leave the hospital.

After about six months and roughly $3,000 later, the little champion was finally ready to come home. He's a joyous, robust 10-year-old now. My cousin and I kept the act just to ourselves.

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17. A Generous Donation

I once gifted my beloved Game Boy to a kid whose family had tragically lost all their possessions in a flood. Along with it, I also donated the protective case, the Light Boy add-on, and every single game cartridge that I had. I quietly slipped it into the donation box at my school when no one was looking.

I'm not entirely sure whether the little boy actually received my gift, but I like to imagine he did, and that it brought happiness and fun into his life for many years. The Game Boy was one of my most treasured items, yet, I found it easy to let go. I did this after picturing the unbearable thought of watching all my personal belongings disappear in an instant. 

The decision came to me naturally, to the point where I didn’t even feel the need to discuss it with my parents.

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18. The Sixth Sense

Roughly a year back, I found myself having a meal at a pizza place all alone, something I really enjoy doing now and then. Sitting across from me was an older lady eating solo as well. She ordered a coke to go along with her meal. Something about her struck a melancholic chord in me, she appeared lonely, almost painfully so.

As I approached the counter to settle my bill, I decided to add her meal to my own. That's all there was to it, nothing more. I didn't strike up a conversation, I just paid the bill and walked out. It's not something monumental but it's an act I've always taken a quiet pride in accomplishing.

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19. An Unplanned Act Of Kindness

Back in my grade school days, our teacher would earmark time during festive seasons for us to craft cards for our loved ones. I remember during one Mother's Day, I ended up creating two cards instead of one, just because.

Walking back home that day, I spotted one of our neighbors relaxing on the lawn with her husband. On an impulse, I offered her my surplus card. I can't recall what took place next, only the rush of embarrassment and slight guilt that made me flee back home—she wasn't my mom after all.

As it turns out, my unexpected gift had touched her deep in her heart. My mom nudged me back out, encouraging a warm hug from our neighbor. Being young and naïve, and seeing they were elderly, I had naturally assumed they had a plump family tree bursting with children and grandkids.

Later on, came the surprising revelation: This woman was incapable of bearing children. My mother shared with me that the simple act of offering her my Mother's Day card had moved her to tears. The last time I visited, I noticed my card taking center stage in their collection of adorable, vintage knick-knacks.

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20. A Sister’s Savior

When I was just eight years old and my sister five, we found ourselves in the basement, lost in a game of Mousetrap. Things went sideways when my little sister accidentally swallowed one of the game's marbles. The situation turned from a simple playtime to a scary situation in no time. 

Seeing her struggle for breath, I quickly tried executing the Heimlich maneuver the best way a young boy could. Thankfully, the marble came flying out and danger was averted. However, when I rushed to tell our parents, they didn't believe me. Why? Because back then, I had a reputation as a bit of a fibber. 

To complicate things further, my sister couldn't support my version of events due to her developmental challenges. Reflecting back, I didn't feel the need to share the incident with anyone else. It seemed like the right thing to do, assisting anyone in a similar predicament. 

So, I guess, unbeknownst to everyone else, I indeed became my sister's secret rescuer.

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21. Extended Parking

Strolling through the town with some pals, I spotted a handful of parking meters whose time had run out. I noticed the traffic wardens wandering on the other side, notepads in hand, seemingly jotting down violations.

Feeling quite chipper that day, I fed a few quarters into the meters that were nearly empty, then continued with my day. From that moment, I've held onto my loose change just for occasions like this.

I'm passionate about performing spontaneous gestures of goodwill. It's amazing to think about the ripple effect your actions can have on others' days.

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22. Kids Deserve Experiences Too

I'm employed at a cinema, and there was one particular day that a mother and her two children, who appeared absolutely ecstatic to be there, came in. My work station was the snack bar, and they were next up.

The mother, with a slightly disheartened expression, was staring at our food offerings. She eventually opted for a small-sized Icee and popcorn, which totaled to about ten bucks. She proceeded to rummage through her bag, withdrawing an intermittent dollar here and there.

In an incredibly distressed state, she asked me to cancel the Icee order. The disappointment reflected in the two young boy's faces was heartbreaking, yet they remained silent, lodged no complaints. Acting on impulse, I decided to upgrade them—without any extra charge. 

I handed them a large popcorn bag and three large-sized Icees, complete with the option to get refills. The surprise and gratitude mirrored in the mother's eyes when I extended their order was palpable. 

She offered profuse thanks, shared with me her story about having been apart from her kids for an extended period, and how she had wished to treat them to a movie after their long separation.

The woman professed that she'll remember me in her prayers and proceeded towards their chosen film with her children. That was the last time I caught sight of them. The reason for my act of kindness was mainly due to my own past experiences.

My parents were far from affluent. Dinner, on most nights, would be an assortment of potatoes and minced meat. And so, I could empathize with those children, knowing the delight of having their very own large Icee, understanding the economic struggles their mom faced to afford them a night-out. 

They have every right to a delightful experience too.

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23. Paid Parking Only

One day, as I was resting on the front steps of my house after a grueling bike ride, a German fellow and his young son walked up to me. It was their inaugural visit to Boston. 

Speaking in a thick accent, he told me he thought that by parking outside Boston and taking the train into the city, he would save on parking charges but he soon realized he needed a parking permit here too. Instantly, I knew how to resolve the predicament. 

Without losing any time, I dashed back to my car and handed him my visitor permit that I use for where I live. This allowed him to park without any cost and he could then commute into the city as he had originally intended. His face lit up with a big grin and his son, catching on to his happiness, mirrored the radiant smile. 

I can't recall ever sharing this story. 

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24.  A Self-less Ex

Last year, my boyfriend of three years and I had quite a turbulent split. We'd been out of touch for half a year when I stumbled upon an ad on the radio. It said that the Tragically Hip band would be performing in a nearby town in the forthcoming month.

I remembered my ex expressing that it was his deep-seated wish to watch them live. He shared that bond with his deceased father who was a staunch fan of the band. There were certain songs by them that never failed to bring tears to his eyes as they harbored a profound emotional connection for him.

On hearing the radio ad, I instantly recognized I needed to get him to that concert. Given our prolonged estrangement, I took the initiative to purchase a pair of concert tickets. They cost me $120 apiece—a substantial amount for a teenager like me with a part-time job.

Things worked out in an unexpected manner, and a few of my closest buddies happened to be his colleagues. Thanks to them, I was able to find out when he would be in at work next. Then, I secretly slipped the tickets into an anonymous envelope and left it in his work mailbox.

Our mutual friends gossiped about the incident for a long while. They shared his emotional reaction—he was utterly surprised and deeply moved. The tickets brought tears to his eyes once again. He enquired with everyone he could think of to find out who'd done this splendid gesture. 

Right up until the present moment, I've never revealed my identity and he remains clueless about who sent him those tickets.

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25. Food Truck Fluster

I once treated a homeless man to dinner. It occurred after I had sorted out my own life and was no longer living on the streets myself. As it happened, I was just getting out of the bank when I noticed the church food truck driving away. One man was visibly upset about missing it.

So I approached him and said, "Hey bud, I haven't had my meal yet. I was planning to grab a sub sandwich. Would you like to join me?" He gave me a puzzled look, as if I was pulling his leg, but I assured him I was serious.

We went over to Jimmy Johns, and I purchased the biggest sandwich they offered along with two drinks. He ate half of it and saved the rest of his meal and the two beverages for later.

A few days later, I ran into him outside the library while he was hanging out with his buddies. He approached me and expressed his gratitude for my act of kindness. He introduced me to his friends, calling me the coolest person he'd ever known. 

He shared with me that the meal had fed him for several days and revealed that on the day I'd treated him to lunch, he hadn't eaten anything else.

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26. A Fresh, Cold Perspective

On a particularly heavy snowfall evening, my mother insisted that I go out and clear the driveway. I'm not thrilled about the task, but I bundle up and head out to tackle it anyway.

It's in the midst of my own shoveling that I see my neighbor emerge from his apartment, snow shovel in hand. He's an older guy, around 55, and his wife is disabled. More often than not, he's clearing the walkway so they can head off to their usual doctor appointments.

So, he starts shoveling, and it isn't long before the daunting amount of snow and the freezing temperatures take their toll on him. He's finished perhaps a fifth of the job before he retreats indoors for a break. What happens next is a bit out of character for me. 

Even though I haven't finished clearing my own, considerably larger, driveway, I suddenly find myself dashing over to finish his instead and shovel away like there's no tomorrow. A quick five or ten minutes later, I return, breathless, to my own driveway just as my neighbor re-emerges from his apartment bundled up in even more clothes. 

He freezes, staring at his snow-free driveway in confusion. The look on his face suggests that he can't quite trust his own memory, like he's playing mental games with himself. I carry on shoveling as though nothing extraordinary has happened. 

Breaking from his bewildered inspection of his clean driveway, he just smiles, informs his wife that they won't be running late, and rolls her wheelchair out to their car.

I have a tendency to moan and groan when my mother assigns me chores, but seeing someone who literally couldn't physically manage it yet willingly would've... it puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

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27. Currency Confusion

An older lady, likely visiting Montreal for the first time, found herself ahead of me in the grocery store line. With a few items in her cart, she rummaged through her purse only to find Euros, a currency the store wouldn't accept.

Seeing her immediate discomfort and confusion over the next step, I stepped in to cover her bill. Though our languages didn't align making communication a challenge, her gleaming smile, firm handshake, and the sheer relief in her body language conveyed a clear "thank you" to me.

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28. Coffee Chaos

While driving on a bustling road not too far from my house, I spotted a heavily disabled man making his way across the pavement on an electronic wheelchair. Recognizing him from previous sightings close to my home, I patiently allowed him to cross the road as I was heading to my job.

The man had two cups of Tim Horton's coffee perched on a homemade plastic table attached to his wheelchair. His physical condition made it clear he lacked the proper use of his limbs from birth.

He attempted to navigate the slight bump where the road meets the sidewalk, resulting in the cups of coffee toppling over and rolling around on his tray. As he reached to steady them, they slipped off onto the pavement – amazingly without spilling the contents.

Witnessing the fallen cups, I could only imagine the sense of helplessness he must have felt. Despite my tardiness for work and a line of waiting cars behind me, I shifted my car to neutral, left the engine running, and dashed across the bustling road to assist him.

Ensuring the coffee cups were stable on his tray, I gave the man a gentle look. His condition might have affected his speech, as he couldn't verbalize his thanks, but his face showcased a mix of surprise and a broad, grateful smile. Returning his smile, I sprinted back to my car and continued my drive to work.

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29. A Forgotten Mother

During the time when I lived solo, my neighbor seemed to appreciate the small chores I'd help her with around her residence. Her usual demeanor was cheery. However, on Mother's Day when I impulsively asked her whether she was a mom, her affirmative answer left her looking a bit sad.

Her spirits further dipped when I asked whether her plans for the day included her kids. She said it didn't. A surge of empathy inspired me to grab a card right away. With her faith in Christianity in mind, I penned down a fitting religious verse that hopefully could uplift her.

The moment I rapped on her door to present her with the card, she tightly embraced me. Unexpectedly, I ended up perched on the opposite side of her couch while she confessed to me about her divorce and how her kids blamed her for it. Before I left her place that day, I wrapped my arms around her in comfort and solidarity.

Fast forward to the time I moved away from our shared neighborhood, her daughters had resumed their visits to her again.

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30. Dinner For The Down And Out

My boyfriend and I usually opt to buy food for the homeless instead of giving them cash. One hot day, while we were at the grocery store, we spotted a man sitting under the scorching sun. He didn't seem to be asking for any money, but his sign indicated that he was homeless.

We approached him to ask what he needed, and his response was that he was extremely thirsty. So, we purchased three large bottles of water for him, as well as a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. We also bought him some bread, fruit, and deli meats, along with a few condiments.

The appreciation the man showed when he received the food was something I'd never seen before. We didn't spend a lot, but seeing how much our small act meant to him warmed our hearts. It reminded us why we continue to do what we try to do for people in need.

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31. I Got Your Back, Bro

One day, I was at my buddy's place and I asked him if I could use his computer to peek at my emails. Just as I did, his girlfriend chimed in, requesting to use the computer after I was done.

Once I launched the browser and started to key in my email's web address, some recently visited, ahem, "mature" websites appeared as suggestions. In a quick response, I erased his internet history. I did this to prevent an awkward moment if those suggested sites popped up when his girlfriend was next to use the computer.

I definitely believe that my action saved him from a tricky situation. Of course, I chose not to mention it to him.

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32. Next Level Predator Prevention

One night, while walking back to my apartment slightly tipsy, I noticed a girl struggling in the thickets. This happened in my college town. I observed that she was hardly moving, leading me to move closer. As I got nearer, I could see she was possibly in some sort of distress. 

She was nearly unresponsive, having attempted to urinate and instead, collapsed right there. I wasn't certain how to react, but I felt I couldn't just desert her. I found her phone and attempted to call someone she knew, but it was out of charge. I made a tough decision. I checked the surroundings, and then hoisted up her trousers for her. 

With a gentle shake, I woke her up and repeatedly asked her to show me the direction where she lived. Miraculously, she was able to indicate her home's direction. Thankfully, it was nearby, just down the street. I transported her there, checking her belongings for a key to the apartment and was fortunate to find her room number on the key.

Upon reaching her apartment, it dawned on me: the severity of my actions. I was clueless about who else might reside in the apartment or who may have witnessed me helping this nearly unconscious woman. It hit me then, how I might look like the same potential threat I was saving her from. 

However, it was too late to turn back, so I unlocked her apartment. Thankfully, it was empty. I placed her safely onto one of the beds, laying her on her side, just in case she threw up. Before leaving, I thought she might awake, utterly puzzled about the previous night's events. I wasn't clear on the details and didn't know what she might recall.

So, I left a note with my name and contact number on a piece of scrap in the kitchen. It read, "Call me if you have any questions about what happened last night". She never did call, though I didn't really expect her to. I just hoped she was okay.

Reflecting on that episode years later, I'm fairly certain that had I left her there, there was a high possibility she would have been abducted and harmed. Only I know about what I did, which is okay. I could have easily landed myself in hot water. The risk was significant.

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33. Confessions Of A Lunch Lady

I used to work as a school cafeteria worker. I had this little secret routine of sneaking a bit of cash into some young students' accounts for them to afford the nearly-expired snacks we'd occasionally offer. I did this because some children never seemed to have enough funds in their accounts.

Here's how it works—a student picks an item, places it on their tray and types in their pin. If their balance is zero or negative, I'm forced to remove the snack from their tray, apologizing that they can't have it—a genuinely heartbreaking moment for me.

This habit began when a couple of our students lost both of their parents within a span of one year. The family was already emotionally overwhelmed and financially drained because of the funerals, keeping up with school payments became a struggle.

I thought these kids deserved a kind gesture once in a while, a small change in their routine. However, this isn't an issue anymore as most payments are now being made online and any manual payments are thoroughly checked.

I nostalgically remember the joy of being able to improve a child's day by simply enabling them to enjoy the privilege of affording a snack—even if it was for just a moment. I remember vividly what it felt like being a young six-year-old kid who already knew not to ask for things because money was tight.

"We can't afford that right now, sweetheart. I'm sorry. Maybe next paycheck," my mother would say.

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34. A Life-Changing Meal

Every Thursday night, a friend of mine embarks on a mission that is unknown to almost anyone outside of our church. His routine involves feeding the homeless folks in our vicinity, offering them not just soup, tea, and coffee, but also jacket potatoes, pastries, and some warmth.

With a heart full of compassion and hands serving for a quarter of a century, he's gotten to know most of these people on a first-name basis. His evening doesn't just stop at handing out food; he also spends time talking to them and even praying together, if they're open to it.

On the few occasions when I had the privilege to accompany him, the misery of their situation and my gratitude for my own comforts hit me hard. It would often result in tears as soon as I'd return to the coziness of my own home.

Even as a seemingly small cog in the grand mechanism of life, I've realized how I can also impact lives positively. Soon after moving to a different city, my younger brother stepped in to lend a helping hand in this initiative.

Every time my brother plays a part in this noble deed, it fills me with enormous pride. Equally commendable is the resolve of my friend, who doesn't let anything—be it bad weather or holidays, including Christmas—deter him from serving the needy each week. 

Besides this, he's also a committed father to his three young kids. His exemplary life as a Christian and an extraordinary individual never ceases to amaze me. This whole episode has been a meaningful chapter in my life, a story I haven't shared with many around me.

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35. An Appreciation For The Uniform

Last year, while I was waiting for a flight at an airport, I realized I had a good two-hour stretch to kill. I decided to check out one of the many airport restaurants and bars and found myself sitting next to a group of six men in uniform.

These men turned out to be US Army reservists on their way to serve in Afghanistan. Naturally, I decided to pay their entire bill. They tried to give me cash and thanked me a lot, but I only said that it was me who should be thanking them for their service.

I've always held a personal rule to cover the meal and drink expenses for anyone I see in a military uniform. It's the least I can offer in return for their sacrifices.

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36. Apples And Empathy

About a month into my stint of unemployment, with funds depleting rapidly, I decided to visit the local grocery store for some essentials. During this visit, I was approached by a man who appeared to be homeless. He shared his story with me and pleaded for help to buy food.

Without hesitation, I agreed to assist him. We headed into the store together, and I allowed him to pick out what he needed while I did my own shopping. We met up again at the checkout. After purchasing his selected sandwich, he expressed deep gratitude towards me.

As we were leaving, I paused and handed him an extra bag of apples that I had procured as a surprise. His response; overcome with emotion, was nearly in tears as we said our goodbyes.

This act of kindness is a story I've largely kept to myself until now. Even though I was sharing my financial predicament with this gentleman, my growing understanding of just how quickly life can take a downward turn made it feel right to lend a hand, regardless of what my bank balance indicated.

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37. It’s On The House

Back when I was a university student, I used to work at a pizza parlor. I had this buddy whose newborn baby was unfortunately battling some extreme health conditions. The kind that would max out his medical coverage every year, for the rest of his life, due to the endless care his little one needed.

One day, he inquired about whether I get any decent discounts on pizza because of my job. I casually replied, "Well, I typically get free pizza quite regularly". A light-hearted misunderstanding transpired. I was actually referring to the uneaten pizzas from unintended orders or those left from customers who didn't show up for pickup. 

However, he interpreted it as me having the privilege to enjoy any pizza, whenever I wished. Taking that misunderstanding as a cue, he gently proposed if I could perhaps bring a pizza to his house, from time to time. For about a year, I dutifully delivered a pizza to his family every week. 

They received it as a freebie, always assuming it was a job perk. Little did they know, I was quietly footing the bill for their orders, albeit at a slightly reduced price owing to my employee discount.

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38. Roadside Rescue

A couple of years back, I was living in Wisconsin when a snowstorm completely immobilized the city of Madison. I was employed at a hotel during that time and couldn't afford to skip a day, hence, walking to work was my only recourse.

While on my way, I spotted an elderly woman fallen where the pavement met the street. The ground was slippery from the ice and she wasn't able to stand. She looked chilled, and her clothes were becoming damp from the snow.

I lent a hand, helping her up and accompanying her to her intended destination: her church. This meant I had to take a completely the opposite direction from my path, leading to my late arrival at work.

When my boss asked why I was tardy, I blamed the weather conditions, just like everybody else did. At the time, it felt like a small gesture, but retrospectively I realized that I may have saved her life.

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39. A Daily Dose of Decency

My workplace is housed in a large multistory structure equipped with just a handful of elevators. Every morning, the hustle and bustle of many busy workers fills the air. With everyone seemingly in a mad dash, I've developed a little daily practice. 

After arriving on my designated floor, I intentionally hang back, ensuring I am the last one to step out of the elevator. I quickly press the button that prompts the lift to return to the ground floor, ready for anyone who might be a tad behind schedule.

While it might not rank as an extraordinary act of humanity, this small daily gesture is my way of contributing to the flow of the day. I keep this simple routine in the hope that it may, in some small way, brighten someone's day or ease their morning stress.

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40. No One Goes Alone

Over the previous summer, I lent a hand in the emergency sector of our local hospital. We had a female patient come in, who was really unwell. It was she who had phoned the ambulance, fully aware that her time was nearing.

Upon her admission, she promptly signed a DNR form, short for "do not resuscitate". Her wish was simply to find a place to pass, saving her family the distress of discovering her lifeless body at home. After her arrival, we spent time together in conversation. 

With her terminal cancer spreading from the liver to the heart, brain, and lungs, she shared stories about her life with me. I could do nothing but sit beside her, hold her hand and watch her eyes gleam as she recalled her memories.

She stayed with us for approximately two hours before things began to worsen. With her nearest family member three hours away and living in a different state, the ER staff asked her if she would reconsider her DNR status as her condition deteriorated.

But she remained firm on her decision, and they respected it, leaving her alone. I chose to stay at her side, watching her labored breaths and the slowing beat of her heart. This went on for nearly 20 minutes until a doctor arrived. His presence was simply for the purpose of recording the time of her passing. 

The doctor informed me that he was not permitted to intervene. I could see the life fading from the woman—struggling for breath, the glow leaving her eyes, and her life slipping away. I continued to grip her hand, ensuring her that she wasn't by herself to the very end.

I stayed back until her relatives arrived, informing them that she hadn't been alone at her passing and communicated her final wish to bid them farewell. Once it was done, I exited the ER and found myself in the parking lot, shedding tears for half an hour before heading back home.

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41. Scratch Ticket Winner

Several years ago, my husband and I found ourselves in a rough spot, financially. We were barely making ends meet, to the point we required food stamps. Unfortunately, we only received $21 per month, which was barely enough to feed two adults. 

Despite having a job, my earnings could only cover our rent, so I was constantly on the hunt for a better opportunity. Those were challenging times for us. One evening, while we were at the grocery store buying basic items like bread, peanut butter, and jelly, I noticed a kiosk selling scratch tickets near the store's entrance.

Now I had a habit of checking discarded tickets but never purchased any for myself. That evening, one ticket was left unattended on the counter. I noticed that it didn't bear the usual letters "B," "P," or "D," which generally signify a losing card. To my surprise, the ticket was a winner yielding a $100 prize!

As I was planning to redeem it at the cash register, a scene at the adjacent checkout caught my eye. There was a woman, presumably a single mother, accompanied by two young children. They all looked tired and worn out, a situation reminiscent of our neighborhood's harsh realities.

The woman had only a handful of groceries in her cart. When asked for payment, she produced a handful of crumpled dollar bills and a myriad of coins, which was heartbreaking to witness.

At that very moment, one of her daughters approached me and inquired about the scratch ticket in my hand. Instinctively, I gave it to her and said, "Take this to your mommy". The little girl agreed and waltzed back to her mother, excitedly saying, "Mommy, mommy! Look what I found!"

Initially, the lady looked worn out and a bit annoyed, but she decided to humor her daughter and checked the ticket at the customer service desk. Realizing she had won $100, she was overjoyed and quickly turned her cart around to get more groceries.

Interestingly, the lady never noticed her daughter speaking with me. On seeing what I had done, my husband remarked, "I guess they needed it more than us. Maybe we will be luckier next time". Although $100 isn't much, it made a difference. Now, my contribution involves leaving high-value coupons next to items I do not intend to buy at the grocery store.

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42. Where’s All The Winter Wear?

During a freezing winter day in Michigan, I came across a homeless man at a crossroad. He lacked a hat and gloves to keep warm. Glancing around my car, I searched for something I could part with. In the end, I decided to give him what I had available.

I rolled down the window and handed him my pristine tweed hat and the new gloves I'd recently purchased from Macy's. He appeared slightly taken aback, but managed to express his gratitude. Then I continued my journey. I've replicated this act a few more times. 

Consequently, my wife can't quite comprehend my penchant for misplacing my winter attire.

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43. The Gift of Childhood

A neighborhood family's young boy had his bicycle taken away at school. Knowing that the family wasn't home on a particular afternoon, my spouse and I decided to set our plan in action. We enclosed a $100 bill in an envelope with a note explaining that it was meant for a new bike and a sturdy lock to ensure its security.

We quietly slipped it, unsigned, into their mailbox. Later, we observed the grateful post they shared on Facebook and noticed how thrilled their son was. The feeling of satisfaction was elevated by the fact that our generosity was anonymous.

There was absolutely no obligation for them to express gratitude towards us, no applause from others, just a delighted boy and his relieved parents. It's not right for any child to be left without their bike, particularly when it's unjustly taken away from them.

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44. Nightly Butt Blitz

In the past, when I still lit up, I used to witness little cigarette ends spread all around a nearby playground tailored for kids. Despite me being a smoker myself, this sight would deeply unsettle me. 

Therefore, I made a habit of taking a trash bag with me a few times every week, visiting the playground during late hours, and devoting a couple of hours to clean up the litter.

Whenever I was out there on my sole mission, enquiries about what was keeping me for so long would frequently come up. However, I chose to keep this self-assigned task as my little secret.

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45. The Gift Of Groceries

Living in a bustling student town, I found myself at the neighborhood supermarket, waiting in line after a grueling 12-hour work shift. I was fatigued and all I wanted was to get back home, but the supermarket was surprisingly packed at the time.

I was standing in line behind a girl who seemed to be about the same age as a college student. She had just gone through the checkout with a shopping cart full of $60 worth of groceries, but there was a hiccup—there was a problem with her card. To add to the complication, the cashier was hearing impaired so she couldn’t verbally explain what the problem was.

The cashier tried to get the message across through written notes and hand gestures, but the stressed-out girl just wasn’t comprehending. Meanwhile, the queue behind me was becoming longer and the girl was beginning to freak out. Seeing this, I decided to step in and help. I swiped my credit card and covered her grocery bill.

Instantly, a wave of relief washed over her face and she looked at me with stunned gratitude, quietly thanking me before she left. I simply smiled and told her to pass on the act of kindness and I really do hope she did it someday.

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46. Sharing Is Caring

Usually, I don't assist homeless folks with their cardboard signs by the side of the road. My own funds are stretched thin, so despite feeling sympathy for them, I typically just drive past. However, everything changed one day when I stopped by Chick-Fil-A and got some fries with my order.

Fries really aren't my thing and I was about to toss them when I remembered a man with a "hungry" sign I spotted on the road earlier.

Thus, I decided to take the fries to him and handed them over as I passed him again. His joy was unmistakable as he gratefully accepted the food, and as I moved on, I checked my rearview mirror only to see him devouring them as if he hadn't eaten for what must've felt like forever. It was a good feeling.

Since then, I've put more effort into offering assistance where I can. I had kept this little act of kindness under wraps until now. It was scorchingly hot—we're talking middle-of-July hot—so the following day I returned with a bottle of water for him. Unfortunately, he was nowhere in sight. 

I was disappointed, of course, but I found solace in knowing I was able to help him, even if just for a moment.

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47. A Doozy Of Donations

My buddy has a wife who's been diagnosed with MS. He doesn't have too many friends, but he was keen on joining an MS walk to raise some cash. So, he put up a call for donations on Facebook.

I was quick to chip in. A few days went by and I had this heart-dropping realization—I was still the only one who'd contributed. So, from that point, I began to make anonymous donations once or twice daily, each time varying the amounts.

I reckon I was the lone donor when it all wound up. But outwardly, it seemed like 40 or so people had pitched in and helped raise a few hundred dollars. That left him feeling quite overjoyed, and his wife too. Nobody ever discovered my little secret act.

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48. The Ultimate Tip

About a year back, my wife and I decided to have sushi at a local restaurant. Our eyes caught a young and charming waitress being mistreated by an older couple sitting right next to us. They didn't look too out of place; seemed to be from the middle class.

I couldn't help but think the wife was jealous of the waitress's attractiveness. Maybe the husband had been caught stealing a glance at her. That's the impression I got. Consequently, they were being downright disrespectful.

They kept criticizing the service, constantly beckoning back and forth the young waitress. It was quite late, and they were selfishly monopolizing her time, leaving her with little to no time to attend to us, hence our drinks remained not refilled and so on.

As we were wrapping up, the waitress brought our bill. Simultaneously, the unpleasant couple got up to leave, abandoning their signed bill on the table. My wife, who had a clear view of their table, saw the waitress collect the bill and tipped me off, "They left her zero tip, she's actually crying".

The disheartened waitress tried to keep her tears in check as she passed by our table, then disappeared behind a curtain. I noticed the other waitstaff trying to console her, it was evident she'd had a trying evening, whether it was as a result of this obnoxious couple, or any personal issues she might be dealing with.

Feeling it to be grossly unjust, I said to my wife, "This isn't fair". I promptly doubled the amount of our bill as a tip and left her an encouraging note: "Thank you for your outstanding service. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening". We signed with our first names and left the ticket on the table as we exited. We didn't look back.

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49. Kidnapping Intercepted

While I was out shopping one day, I noticed a young girl by herself in the store. Suddenly, a man who gave off an unsettling vibe approached her and started a conversation. Things turned suspicious as he grabbed her hand and began to lead her toward the restroom.

Reacting swiftly, I stormed up to him and declared, "Let go of my daughter!" He released her hand and dashed off, escaping from the store just like that. The store's security cameras caught the entire incident, but as far as I know, he was never apprehended.

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50. Justice League Level

In my former job, I used to work in an office responsible for contacting individuals about their outstanding hospital bills. Our main task was to fill out necessary paperwork based on the patient's insurance details, ensuring that hospital payments were processed properly.

Each day involved initiating or receiving phone calls related to patient visits, maintaining accurate insurance data. One incident that stands out is a call I made to a woman who was brought to tears as soon as I explained my reason for calling.

Intrigued about her emotional response, I pieced together her story using the information in her file and her medical documents. What I discovered was heart-wrenching. She had just celebrated her son's college graduation when he tragically lost his life while traveling home.

His amassed medical bills were in the hundreds of thousands, a sight all too common. However, the uncommon aspect was that her insurance agency had been denying every payment request, which I deemed unacceptable. She was almost at the cut-off for claim submissions. If that were to happen, our office would have to tirelessly pursue the insurance payout.

So, contrary to HIPAA rules and against my better judgement, I sought the help of a friend from a different department to gather her and her deceased son’s information. Then, I called her insurance company pretending to be a doctor submitting an authorized claim and managed to sort things out.

A few hours later, once the claim was processed, I phoned her to share the great news. Her response was tear-filled gratitude. Fast forward a month, I re-examined the file and was relieved to see that all of her son's medical bills were paid.

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51. Can’t Put a Price on Education

On September 14, 1986, my dad left me at boarding school with just five dollars in my pocket. That was the last time I heard from him. He didn't pay the tuition fee, so from my early teens, I worked every job I could find to pay my way. 

Even though I only earned $4 per hour, I managed to keep my place in the school due to my commitment both inside and outside of the classroom. On graduation day, I anticipated opening my diploma holder to find a hefty bill. 

However, to my surprise, there was a heartfelt note instead: "A group of us who believe in you and care for you have paid off your bill. We are thrilled to grant you your diploma. Congratulations on your graduation!" 

Later, I discovered it was my friend's father, a successful dentist, who had rallied his golf pals to fundraise on my behalf. He didn't want me to start my adult life buried under a mountain of debt.

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52. A Little Something Extra

For years, my father worked as an art teacher in a middle and high school before he retired. Each morning, for more than ten years, he would make two lunches. One was for himself and the other he placed in a spot in his classroom where a student from a less fortunate family could grab it, no questions asked. 

When that student left school, a younger sibling took their place in my dad's class and knew about the extra lunch. This spared the kid from potentially uncomfortable conversations with my father, or embarrassment in front of the class. As a child, I used to wonder why my dad made two lunches every day. 

His response was always, "I sometimes get really hungry". My mom filled me in on the real reason later. My dad's actions portray him as a humble, discreet, and very generous man.

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