Funniest Things Strangers Have Said

November 2, 2023 | Nia Williams

Funniest Things Strangers Have Said

People can say the most hysterical things sometimes. It’s even more amusing when it’s totally unexpected and coming from a complete stranger.

1. No Time For That

I used to be an employee at Best Buy, where I assisted an older gentleman in choosing a computer to purchase.

He queried about the disparity between two computers since one was priced $100 higher than the other. Assuming he would use the device solely for light usage, I advised him that both models would suffice. However, I did mention that the higher-end model might have a longer lifespan. His response was perfect.

To my surprise, he replied, "Longer lifespan? I'm 92 years old. I seldom purchase green bananas".

Angry Old Man Wearing A SuitAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

2. Train To Nowhere

Many moons ago, during a routine commute on the New York subway, the strangest incident went down. An oddball hopped aboard, hollering, "You're all destined for Hades!" and then abruptly exited, leaving a stunned silence in his wake as the doors closed behind him.

An intense awkward quiet followed—but then, without missing a beat, a fellow passenger sitting opposite me quipped, "Shoot, I was under the impression this train was bound for Harlem". That comment successfully broke the ice, leaving the subway car full of typically cynical New Yorkers in peals of laughter.

Two people are having a conversation while riding in train.Katerina Holmes, Pexels

3. Unexpected Call

While functioning as a customer service representative for an online services company, I was assisting over a phone call. It was with an older lady dealing with an interruption to her internet service.

Following the standard operating procedures, I verified the working status of her modem and looked for issues that might be affecting her local area specifically. Once I had ensured there were no evident external causes, I arranged a house call from one of our service technicians.

Just then, without any warning, she suddenly exclaimed, "Ah, I've figured it out! It was the cat who was messing with the router yesterday". Puzzled, I replied, "So, are you suggesting that the cat might have dislodged a cable or similar?" Her answer was unexpected: "No, I imagine he whisked the Wi-Fi away".

Somewhat baffled, I further inquired, "Are you insinuating that he relocated the router?” She clarified, "No, not at all. I'm suggesting that he must have snatched the Wi-Fi signals. Cats have the ability to perceive things that we humans can't, right? He probably spotted the Wi-Fi signal, seized it and carried it away!"

Suppressing a giggle and maintaining my professionalism was a real challenge at this point, but I managed to wrap up the call without further ado.

Upset woman wearing B&W shirt is talking on the phone and holding her head.Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

4. Trying To Hold It All In

Just after our film finished, my father and I got swept up in the frantic dash to the restrooms. The urinals were crammed full of people, everyone taking care of their needs, when an enormous fart echoed. Everyone found it quite funny, yet we all kept our composure and acted as if it was business as usual.

Out of the blue, a guy declared, "I am the one who did THAT!" then bolted out the door. His announcement set the entire bathroom off in a fit of laughter.

Cringey MemoriesFreepik, cookie_studio

5. Not Worthy Of An Encore

There was a time when I played a minor role in a school play. Despite having no experience with theatre, I felt self-assured when the curtain rose. Alas, even after putting more than 20 hours into rehearsals and dance routines, I still managed to bungle the entire performance. However, I just brushed it off and moved on.

As I was making my way to my car afterwards, I stumbled upon a conversation between a group of parents and their child who had also been part of the play. They were inquiring about the character I had portrayed. The child admitted that he didn't know me very well. Then, the parents started critiquing my performance in an awful way. 

According to them, I resembled "a bewildered penguin trying to take flight," implying that I was out of place on stage. Suddenly, I burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, to the point where I nearly started choking. I'm guessing they must have heard me, as they all turned to look my way. 

The child pointed me out, explaining that I was the "bewildered penguin". They tried to backpedal, saying they hadn't meant to call me name, then made a hasty retreat. Whilst I attempted to reassure them it was fine, I found that I was still unable to catch my breath. That was my first and last foray into the dramatic arts.

young man in blue sweatshirt  feeling guilty and embarrassedpathdoc, Shutterstock

6. On Par To Getting New Attire

I believe I was around the age of 10 or 11. I found myself a seat on a bench beside an elderly man and requested his assistance with my shoe issue. After I removed my shoe, he glanced at me and inquired, "Are those golfing socks?"

His question left me stumped, I stared back at him without any idea of what his question meant. While I was still perplexed, he casually dropped the punchline: "There's a hole in one".

Older man with curly hair laughingPixabay, Pexels

7. Blunt Remark

A couple of years back, I allowed my buddy to do a haircut for me—man, that was a disaster.

At that time, I was residing in Philadelphia, and one day, I was taking a stroll through South Philly. I happened upon a pair of folks engrossed in a chat. When I was walking by them, one guy said to his companion, "Hang on, I need to chat with this dude". He then hollered at me, "Hey, your hair is a total MESS. Get over here".

I was tickled, partly because of his outright frankness and partly because...honestly, he had a point. Intrigued, I made my way over to him. 

He mentioned, "Listen, a friend of mine has a barber shop just a couple of blocks from here. Here's his card, I'll put my name on the back. If you tell him I sent you, he'll give you a great price. Seriously though, you gotta sort out that mess on your head!"

Although I never really wound up visiting his friend's salon, I often tell this story as a classic illustration of the Philly vibe—brash, straightforward, and confrontational but always with a hint of sincere concern. Plus, it never fails to get a good laugh.

Person Combing Person's HairDmitry Zvolskiy, Pexels

8. Only Fools Follow The Fooled

Several months ago, I was amongst a throng of pedestrians waiting at a bustling crosswalk, anxiously looking forward to the walk signal. That's when a dangerous scenario played out. 

There was a young girl on the opposing side of the street who managed to mimic the 'beep beep' sound employed to signal visually impaired persons that it was safe to traverse the street.

To my amazement, the entire crowd unwittingly stepped onto the street. Having seen the prank from the outset, I remained safe, chuckling uncontrollably. My girlfriend was perplexed. It was an experience to behold. An unsuspecting crowd of around fifty grown-ups fell victim to a child's trick. 

People Walking on Pedestrian Lane during DaytimeKaique Rocha, Pexels

9. Charming Giant

During my recent trip to the local grocery store, I spotted what seemed like a single mother with her two little daughters, perhaps around 5 and 8 years respectively. It was clear she was under quite a bit of stress due to her kids' actions.

Her girls, meanwhile, were having a blast on their grocery shopping adventure. They were mingling with everyone, employees and customers alike, while enthusiastically exploring each and every item on the shelves. Their innocent revelry kept adding to their mom's stress, forcing her to constantly tell them to cool it down a bit. 

Moreover, she kept apologizing to people every few minutes, which only seemed to heighten her sense of stress. As I strolled by the girl duo in the aisles, the older one was pretending to be a witch in her own little world of imagination. She found a flashlight on a shelf, which she decided was her magical wand, and started 'casting spells' on anyone caught in her vicinity. 

Apparently, she decided to turn me into a giant with her 'spell'. Now, to be fair, I stand at an impressive height of 6'8" and weigh about 330 lbs. Excitedly she screamed, "Mom, look! My magic worked! He's a giant now!" I couldn't help but start chuckling at that. Even more entertaining was the mother's reaction. 

Overwhelmed by everything that was happening, she kept her apology game strong. However, the moment she caught sight of my towering form, she just couldn't help herself. Trying to keep a straight face, she was unable to conceal the laughter that sparkled in her eyes.

Massively Mortifying ChildrenGustavo Fring, Pexels

10. Four-Legged Legend

One evening, I decided to grab ice cream with a buddy of mine. We live in a city dominated by a university, so as you'd expect, our local ice cream parlor is conveniently tucked away behind a string of lively bars. Naturally, some tipsy spectators were sprinkled around the area.

As we entered the bustling establishment, I had my dog in tow. Quickly enough, I was graciously informed by the ice cream shop crew that my four-legged friend couldn't be inside. So, I held the fort outdoors with my dog while my friend ventured in to purchase our sweet treats.

After savoring our ice cream, and even sharing a small lick with my dog, a swarm of around seven to eight beefy college lads practically came barreling out of the shop. They were as noisy and spirited as you'd expect from a group of wild undergrads.

They descended the steps and spotted my dog. After eyeing me for a moment, one of them managed to half-yell, half-slur in my direction, “BEHOLD! THE DOG THAT STARTED IT ALL. YOUR DOG IS A LEGEND!” Promptly, they all joined in, erupting into cheers for my dog. 

They muttered something about seeing her inside the shop, but most of their words were lost in translation. After what felt like a minute, they lurched away into the night. To this day, I still chuckle about my dog's legendary status.

American Eskimo dogIne Potargent, Pexels

11. Splish, Splash, That’s Hilarious!

During our post-wedding getaway, my spouse and I decided to visit a water-themed amusement park. Unexpectedly, a little girl around seven or eight years old ended up sharing our "raft".

Every time our raft was hit by a spray of water or a big splash, she'd have the most hilarious reaction: She would exclaim in her pronounced southern accent, "SWEEEEEEEEEEET BABY JEEEEEEEEESUS!"

Fast forward twelve years, and any unexpected water spray prompts the same reaction from my spouse and myself. In fact, it's become somewhat of a family tradition—even our four kids have picked up on the phrase.

On a side note, they all say it with their plain California accents, which is a bit of a letdown.

Smiling baby girl wearing swimming glassesepicureyka, Shutterstock

12. Hot Diggity Bottoms

When I was in my first year of college, I crafted a pair of bell-bottom pants with a rainbow pattern that I wore quite often.

On one occasion, I was strolling back to my student housing after a night on the town. Out of nowhere, an elderly man with an unruly mane of gray hair came up next to me on his bicycle. He was attired in a windsuit with radiant shades of red and yellow. 

He smoothly aligns himself alongside me, paused to stare, then shouted, "Miss, your trousers are sizzling—HWAAAAT" before he cycled away, virtually disappearing into the dusk. The incident was so out-the-blue and comical.

Whenever I slipped into those trousers afterward, my buddies would recreate that scene by sneaking up on me from behind and bellowing, "Your trousers are HWAT!"

Ashamed smiling girl covering her face with a handGolubovy, Shutterstock

13. Music Sure Makes Dinner More Entertaining

I was having my meal at an upscale hotel where a pianist was serenading us with beautiful music. Oddly enough, there was an AA road map lying atop his music sheets.

There was a brief pause in the music for roughly half a minute, and during this interlude, an unfamiliar person leaned towards me and joked, "He must be driving through a tunnel".

This clever quip still tickles my funny bone whenever I reminisce.

Young black kid is playing on black electric piano in his room.Yan Krukau , Pexels

14. One Order I’ll Never Forget

Once, I visited a Sonic. My order was their delicious crispy chicken tenders. The woman assisting me noted my order but somehow forgot to switch off her microphone. I was in for a surprise. The next sound that flooded our ears was her announcing my order in a loud scream: "One order of cris-PEEEEEEEEEEE!"

In my car, my friends couldn't hold their laughter at this unexpected scene, while the staff lady kept giving her apologies.

A man waits for KFC chicken at the drive thru window.WKanadpon , Shutterstock

15. Fair Play

So, my significant other is pursuing a graduate degree in horticulture, focusing primarily on squash and melons. During the previous year, we had the chance to experience the local state fair, and we specifically targeted the vegetable-growing competition.

We were particularly eager to behold the largest, most impressive pumpkins grown that season. As we were walking towards the pumpkin crowned with the blue ribbon, he questioned me, "Are you aware of the state that's renowned for producing the most sizable pumpkins?"

"Sure," I responded, "That would be Alaska. Remember, you filled me in on that just last week". At that moment, a total stranger strode past and, passing my crestfallen partner, he patted him on the shoulder and shared his wisdom, saying, "Mate, it's a no-go. I gave up years ago trying to wow women with my expertise on pumpkins".

Somehow that brief exchange turned into the most memorable moment of an otherwise forgettable state fair trip.

Couple at the pumpkin patchVictoriia, Adobe Stock

16. Test Of True Love

My fiancé and I decided to go canoeing for the first time. Initially, we faced some issues coordinating our strokes and as a result, ended up bumping the banks of the waterway repeatedly.

While all this was happening, there was this couple strolling along the pathway adjoining the canal. I overheard the husband referring to us and jokingly telling his wife, "Ah, see, canoeing—that's the real measure of love".

On hearing this, my fiancé and I couldn't help but erupt into fits of giggles that lasted for a whole 20 minutes. It was only after this that we were finally able to get ourselves in sync and continue our canoeing adventure.

Yellow Canoe on Body of WaterJosh Hild, Pexels

17. Age Is A Matter Of The Mind

I found myself at a celebration for a couple's golden wedding anniversary. Unsurprisingly, the crowd was predominantly older folks. A man, of nearly the same age as the rest, suddenly exclaimed from beside me, "Feels like we're at a cemetery, doesn't it?"

I sprayed out the drink I was sipping on, thankful we were outside. The irony was, this man was practically the same age as everyone else in attendance.

Old man making a toastlookstudio, Freepik

18. Sing Like It’s Nobody’s Business

It was a typical day, and I found myself queued in the drive-thru at Wendy's. Suddenly, an employee shuffled out of the establishment, blasting "Who Let The Dogs Out" through his headphones, unabashedly belting out the lyrics.

Spotting me, he cut off his impromptu concert and approached my car, leaned into my window, and cheekily confirmed, "Yes, that's my jam," before sauntering off. I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Wendy's Signwolterke, Adobe Stock

19. A Comment To Dye For

My trip to Hawaii was a truly memorable adventure, one in which my goatee sported a gleaming blue hue, specially dyed for the holiday excitement. As we embarked on a trek exploring Diamond Head, an intriguing encounter took place. An elderly local woman, engaged in her vigorous hill walking exercise, passed us by. 

Without slowing down in her stride or even skipping a heartbeat, she looked at me and casually tossed out a question, "Is your hair the same color down there as it is on your face?" After posing this unexpected encounter, she simply continued her uphill power walk.

couple hiking up a trail in plaid shirts and backpacksKampus Production, Pexels

20. A Growling Good Time

I remember a funny moment at my cousin's wedding. My cousin and his new wife are very devout in their beliefs. Before they officially opened the buffet for dinner, they wanted everyone to participate in singing a prayer. I happened to be seated next to my grandmother, who was 90 years old at that time. She's always been a bit skeptical when it comes to faith.

So, as the prayer song began, it ended up running a bit longer than what some guests had expected. After around three minutes, my grandmother broke into a fit of giggles, and announced, "Goodness gracious! Will this ever end? Let's skip the singing and get to the food. God knows best so let's not waste any more time on this nonsense!"

At this hilarious outburst, I just burst into laughter. Given the seriousness of the occasion, it was all the more difficult to control my mirth. The entire wedding party turned to look at our table with somewhat embarrassed expressions. Meanwhile, my grandmother just continued to enjoy her fit of giggles.

Elderly parents with a young wedding coupleVadym_Hunko, Shutterstock

21. That’s The Worst

So, I was cleaning my hands in the office bathroom at work, when a professor came in. She started scrubbing her lanyard at the sink. Up until now, I had never had a conversation with her. To be honest, I'm not usually the type to chit chat, but I thought I would give it a shot. 

"Good morning," I said, to which she responded with a grunt, "Ugh...I spilled coffee on my lanyard and now it's all sticky".

I countered with, "Ugh—that's so annoying". But then she turned off the sink, looked right at me with an expression that suggested she might want to feed me to sharks, and returned, "I think genocide is worse". Taken aback, I stumbled over my words,"Uh...yeah...okay...see ya...have a good day". Then, I high-tailed it out of there.

Funny thing is, this incident became an ongoing joke at my office. 

Boss yelling at her employeeKaspars Grinvalds, Shutterstock

22. A Pair Worth Saving

Once, as I was crossing the road, my sunglasses slipped off my shirt and fell smack on the ground. I was oblivious until I reached the other side and my mom pointed it out.

The nearest vehicle, albeit distant, made me quite anxious. I darted back to the middle of the road, trying to retrieve my glasses. My nerves almost got the better of me as I fumbled and dropped them twice, before eventually getting a grip, snatching them up, and bolting back to the sidewalk.

As the car finally approached, the driver hit the brake, wound down the window, and quipped, "Now that's what I call a survival instinct," before zooming off. Bursting into laughter, all I could do was agree.

Young bold man wearing glasses is screaming at camera.Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

23. Love Has Many Faces

When I first visited the parents of my ex-girlfriend, her mom began rattling off the dinner menu. Amongst various dishes she mentioned, baked macaroni and cheese caught my attention. My interest was piqued when I heard that, so I responded, "Oh, that's fantastic! I'm a big fan of macaroni and cheese!"

At this, her father quizzically asked me, "You love macaroni and cheese?" His question left me somewhat bewildered. He went on, "I love my wife. I love my kids. But I don’t love macaroni and cheese".

To which I responded, "Well—in my case, I really do love macaroni and cheese".

Disaster Dinners FactsVancouver Bites!, Wikimedia Commons

24. I Need To Get Me Some Of Those

One evening, as I was commuting home on the subway, I was cradling a buffalo chicken sandwich from Spike's Junkyard Sandwich Shop.

There was a noticeably tipsy man with his girlfriend who caught sight of me and curiously asked, "Are you planning to dive right into that sandwich?" Without hesitation, I responded, "Indeed". He then pivoted towards his girlfriend and suggested, "Honey, how about we grab some buffalo chicken too!"

Asian man eating fried chickenJustinboat.29, Shutterstock

25. Better Safe Than Sorry

I was strolling through the corridors of our high school on my way to the waiting bus, when I caught bits and pieces of a chat between two girls. It seemed like one girl was anxiously awaiting an encounter with a boy at his place that evening. 

In a tone of concern, her fellow companion chimed in, “I earnestly hope you are packing some protective gear”. Taken aback, the girl responded, “What? No, we aren't getting intimate at all tonight!” The friend clarified her worries saying, “No, I was talking about something like pepper spray”.

I found humor in their conversation and chuckled about it for quite a while.

Shocked woman is looking at side with open mouth.Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

26. That’s Odd

Many moons ago, while we were waiting in line to buy tickets for a movie with my family, the staff member on duty asked us the ages of our four children to determine if they all qualified for tickets with the children's discount. I promptly disclosed their ages: 7, 9, 11, and 13. Without any hesitation, the unknown person behind us exclaimed, "Such an unusual bunch you got there!"

Woman Inside the Movie Theater Holding a Popcorn Bucketcottonbro studio, Pexels

27. You Never Know What You’ll Find At The Market

My friend (another woman like myself) and I enjoyed visiting the Saturday market for our fruit and vegetable shopping. She has a somewhat reserved manner around others. On one such day, I just purchased two sizeable watermelons, carrying one under each arm.

As a guy strolled by us, he yelled out, "YOUR MELONS ARE NICE AND BIG!" He didn't say anything else and continued on his way. My friend, who is typically quiet around others, was taken aback. Meanwhile, I was doubled over with laughter to the point of nearly wetting myself.

Woman with watermelon on her headaldarinho , Shutterstock

28. What A Strange Order

After a night of heavy drinking, I found myself at a drive-through the following morning, hoping to grab a quick bite before heading off to work. The cashier at the window seemed to be sharing a similar, hungover condition as mine. He leaned out of the window to ask me, "Do you fancy some extra meat on your sandwich? I can pile it on for free".

Naturally, I couldn't refuse such an offer, so I readily agreed. With a quiet thrill in his voice, he murmured to himself, "Oh goody, I'm about to load this sandwich with an enormous amount of meat". The scene was so amusing that I found myself struggling to contain my laughter. 

When it came time for me to pay, I handed him my card. That's when the unthinkable happened. In return, he handed back not only my card but also the exact amount of money that my order had cost—in cash.

A drive-thru customer is paying to a McDonald’s employee.KB.SIL, Shutterstock

29. Music To My Ears

Approximately three decades ago, I happened to be at a school musical performance.

The musical educator in charge made an announcement. The song that the student was about to perform next was entitled "As If We Never Met".

Suddenly, I heard a quiet comment from the gentleman seated beside me. He responded, "As if we care" in a similar rhythmic tone to the teacher's voice.

Male And Female Students Singing In  ChoirMonkey Business Images, Shutterstock

30. Stranger Encounter

At the supermarket checkout, I spotted a lady with tough exterior near the exit. She was staring right at me.

As I walked by, she blurted out the strangest thing, "Do you know me?"

"No," came my response.

"That's perfect. Let's maintain that status quo," she said. Then, she walked away confidently.

blonde girl with blue eyes looking confusedAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

31. Painfully Hilarious

I had been zipping down a hill on my rollerblades and had a nasty fall; my backside bore the brunt of it. It hurt, but it wasn't agonizing. Just then, an elderly man strolled by and cheerfully asked, "Is your backside alright, young miss?"

I burst out laughing. My backside was indeed fine.

Woman Sitting on a Concrete RailingRDNE Stock project, Pexels

32. What A Jokester

I'm employed at a health food shop where we sell all-natural items suited for those following vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-sensitive diets. It's not unusual to have our customers grumble about not finding an extremely unique item, such as noodles that are devoid of gluten and soy, yet organic and rich in protein.

Once, as I was replenishing our cookie section, a customer who was browsing the aisle clearly noticed our wide range of gluten-free cookies. He remarked, quite bitingly, "Don't you have cookies laden with DOUBLE the amount of gluten?" 

At first, I didn't catch his mockery. But then he broke out into a grin and burst into laughter, making it crystal clear he was jesting. It might as well be the first time I've genuinely found a customer's joke amusing enough to laugh out loud.

woman in beige dress  with her son in a grocery storeNejron Photo, Shutterstock

33. Just Another Day At The BallPark

Back when I was about 10 years old, my father took my brother and myself to a Sox game at Fenway. After arriving at the park, I was in the process of smearing mustard on my hotdog. A guy standing next to me blurted out an unexpected comment, "Yeah Buddy, slather that on there!"

To my 10-year-old self, this comment was simply hilarious. Even now as an adult, I can't help but laugh when I recall that funny moment.

A Boy in Yellow Shirt Eating a Hotdog irwan zahuri, Pexels

34. After You, Sir

So, there was this one time I was at the grocery store when I saw an elderly couple, they must have been in their 80s. They didn't have many things in their cart when I compared it to the heap I had. I decided to let them get in line before me. The gentleman turned to me with a smile across his face and said, "Despite whatever my wife thinks of you, I believe you're a great person".

Old woman at Grocery store counter paying at cash register.Africanstar, Shutterstock

35. Going Bananas

On one Halloween, during my previous retail job, I opted to sport a banana costume. A little one ambled up to me and inquired, "Are you a physician?" I decided to play along and responded, "No, I couldn't make it through medical school, so now I'm working here".

Gazing at me with sympathetic eyes, he replied, "I'm genuinely sorry, Doctor Banana".

Sad Little Girl Thgusstavo Santana, Pexels

36. A Child’s Wit

While I was having a chat with a young girl, I explained that my assistance dog supports me when I'm unwell. Promptly, she responded, "Ah, so he's your pup-ician!" Doing my best to contain my amusement, I agreed, "Exactly, you've got it right".

Legal Drama FactsFlickr, Matt Deavenport

37. Trying To Keep It Together

I work as a paramedic. One day, my partner and I, around 7 o'clock in the morning, got a medical alarm alert from an apartment building. This is pretty standard for us, and mostly these alarms turn out to be false, triggered by mistake.

Upon reaching, a friendly old lady, the building manager, welcomed us. She was a cute elderly woman, perhaps in her early 70s, still in her nightdress and slippers given the early hours. She needed to accompany us to the apartment on account of having the keys to unlock the door.

While riding the elevator, it halted a floor beneath our stop. An elderly man who seemed a bit rugged joined us inside. He greeted us with, "Oh, who are you guys here for? What's the matter? You doing fine, dear? Okay gorgeous, see you later. Take care. May God bless you all". 

Just as soon as the elevator door shut, the small old lady turned to us and snorted—and said something completely out of the blue: "He's an addict," in a tone full of disdain. My partner and I burst into laughter.

A paramedic is smiling while is sitting inside an ambulance van.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

38. Barking Mad

My pet is a small Chihuahua, weighing just around five and a half pounds. He's as threatening as a cute little bunny.

One day, as we were strolling along the side of the road, a pair of pedestrians approached. Suddenly, my tiny dog began barking at them, causing me to scoop him up. The man from the couple expressed his gratitude, stating, "Thank you for lifting him. He had us quite frightened".

Unbelievable NeighborsAnnette Shaff, Shutterstock

39. Man’s Best Friend

While pumping gas into my truck at the station, I couldn't help but overhear a hilarious interaction between a man, his dog, and his wife.

"Move to the middle so Mommy can sit, buddy," the man instructed his dog parked inside the car. Interestingly, it sounded like the pooch was debating with him, howling back in staccato barks. Growing a bit weary, the man said, "Stop debating! You need to listen when I give you orders. You can't always have your way". But the dog's barking persisted.

Facing this resistance, the man decided to use a bribe, sternly saying, "This is your last chance, or you won't get your beloved jerky". With that, he began to teasingly wave a stick of beef jerky in front of the dog. In response, the dog finally agreed with some reluctance, moving to the middle of the seat while continuing to bark.

"Promise you won't back-chat me anymore, and be obedient?" the man requested, perhaps hopefully. Of course, the dog barked again. Accepting this as an agreement, the man proposed, "Seal your promise with a kiss then". And, astonishingly, the dog leaned in to give him a sweet kiss!

jack russell dog sitting on a welcome home brown matJavier Brosch, Shutterstock

40. It’s All Falling On Deaf Ears

As I was hanging around the train station, a young and arrogant guy began shouting at the woman in the ticket booth because he had missed his train.

First, he goes on a rant about the timetable being incorrect. Then he threatens the booth attendant with "just wait till my dad hears about this!" He carries on with his loud complaints about his dissatisfaction with the station, and then about "you folks" and so forth. The booth lady has the best comeback. 

She calmly pulls out a book and starts reading. This sends the guy into a fit of rage, and he demands her attention. Unfazed, she retorts loudly, "Once this rant of yours circles back to something relevant to our situation, I'll start paying attention". He huffs and storms away. 

I just stood there, feeling this overwhelming respect for that woman.

Young man is waiting a train at train station.Mathias Reding ,Pexels

41. Wait For The Delivery

I used to be an employee at a small-town gym. One day, a big guy who clearly worked out quite a bit paid for a day pass. He made a beeline for the incline leg press machine, loaded it with about 150 lb, and started his set.

While he was at it, he made these loud grunts and groans as if he was lifting an enormous weight. It was odd because for a guy of his size, 150 lb should have been a breeze. This noisy display went on for a couple of minutes and was obviously getting on the nerves of the other members.

Once he finished, he was huffing and puffing in such an exaggerated way. He strutted around as if he'd just smashed a world record. Suddenly, from among the other members, one voice called out playfully, "It's a boy!!!" The rest of the members joined in with cheers and applause, pretending that this man had just given birth. 

The scene was so hilarious that I had to rush to the back room to have a good laugh without embarrassing the man any further. I’ve never seen anyone blush as red from embarrassment as he did, or leave the premises so hastily. It's one of my favorite moments from my time at that gym.

Barbell on the Floor of a GymLeon Ardho, Pexels

42. Protection Goes A Long Way

I was in a supermarket when I noticed a fairly young pair struggling with a little child, who looked to be about a year old. The child was crying and shrieking. The guy turned to me, gave a little shake of his head, and suggested, "Always use protection".

I found this so funny, I couldn't help but chuckle as I continued shopping.

Creepy Hiking FactsSonsedska Yuliia, Shutterstock

43. Priceless Banter

I found myself in a training session at a call center, sharing the experience with a young man, probably in his twenties, sporting a thick red beard. Hailing from Northern Ireland, his accent was undoubtedly heavy and thick, drawing all eyes and ears his way, especially given our location in the South Central US.

An older man in our training group took particular interest in him, firing off questions non-stop. The young Irishman played along for a while, but his increasing irritation was hard to miss. Then, the older man shot out an oddball question. "So what language do you speak?" There was a moment of disbelief. 

"What language do I speak?" The reaction on the young man's face was one for the books. He retorted, "Dang it. Have I not been speaking English this whole time?" His witty comeback had me biting my lip, struggling to maintain a straight face for the following ten minutes. 

What ensued was an enlightening description of Gaelic, how English had seeped into Ireland's language history, and the sheer eloquence of the term "Bollocks". To me, the Irishman was nothing short of a legend.

Woman with serious face seating next to a smiling man.cookie_studio , Freepik

44. Pictures Say A Thousand Words

One time, I unexpectedly popped into a photo being taken of people I didn't know—you could say I photobombed them. The person clicking the photo saw me, so I placed a finger over my lips, signalling to him to stay quiet about it. He understood, silently pretending to zip his lips shut. He didn't utter a word, but the whole thing was a cool experience.

Group of friends having lunch and making a toast at table.Kampus Production, Pexels

45. Genius Marketing Strategy

Once, a Girl Scout appeared at my doorstep. As I opened the door, she blurted out, "Apologies, I don't have any drinks, but I've got cookies". The unexpectedness of this statement, especially from a cute little girl, left me flabbergasted. A few seconds later, I found myself giving her money, while deciding on the cookie flavors I wanted.

Every now and then, I reminisce about this incident and it gives me a good laugh.

Girl Scout Student sitting on a Wooden Chair Ron Lach, Pexels

46. The Last Dance

As I was strolling along an aisle in a supermarket, I noticed an elderly man coming my way. As he neared, we both attempted to steer clear from each other and decided to change our paths. Regrettably, we both selected the same direction and continued to be in each other's way.

At last, the elderly man cheerfully commented, "I've only got time for one dance, and it's not with you".

Old Man Giving Two thumbs UpAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels47. You’re One Of A Kind, Grandma

My grandma used to work at a little department store. In her late 60s, she had to work on the 'senior discount day' that was held every Friday. She was never happy about it. She found the pace of work too slow and people asking a lot of questions very annoying.

That always tickled me.

Woman wearing white sweater is laughing and pointing.nakaridore, Freepik

48. An Animated Conversation

Once, I eavesdropped on a rather heated conversation between a man on his phone, speaking to his friend. His face had turned red with annoyance, and he seemed really intense. His phone was on speaker mode, broadcasting their exchange to anyone close enough to listen. It was so hilarious—I'll never forget it.

They were talking about the identity of a "green character who resides in a swamp and has a donkey as his companion". His comrade at the other end insisted the character's name was Shrek, but he was adamant it was a Smurf. Their voices escalated into a full-blown shouting match. 

Bystanders nearby chose to disregard their squabble, but I found the whole spectacle funnily absurd.

Confused young black man with coffee talking on phone and frowningKetut Subiyanto, Pexels

49. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I remember a funny incident at the hair salon with my grandma. The place was practically covered in mirrors all over. Suddenly, she did a double-take—and makes this dramatic gasping sound. Looking utterly bewildered she exclaimed, "Oh my, that's me..."

Turned out, she had caught sight of her own reflection from the back in one of the mirrors. For an instant, she thought there was an elderly lady standing behind her.

Old lady touching temples in studioSHVETS production, Pexels

50. What Did She Say?

Some time ago, I was seeking guidance while I was in southern Georgia. The conversation somewhat went as follows:

"Head down that way and make a left".

"Got it".

"Proceed past the fuel station".


"Then yawn yawn".

"Excuse me, yawn yawn?"

"Yes. Then yawn yawn".

It felt like an eternity to grasp what she meant. She was actually saying, "Then you're on your own".

Two angry friends  in casual summer clothes having a serious conversationAntonio Guillem, Shutterstock

Sources: Reddit,

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