The Craziest Reasons Why Couples Broke Up

October 18, 2023 | Nia Williams

The Craziest Reasons Why Couples Broke Up

Breakups are often tough and messy; however, sometimes they can also be seriously bizarre and hilarious. These ex-lovers share their weirdest and most cringeworthy reasons for breaking up with their significant others. Prepare to learn, laugh, and gasp as you read on:

1. Shut The French Doors

At home, she'd chat to her reflection in French—but that wasn't the worst part. This wasn't a solitary habit, as she brought it to dinners at restaurants too. I suppose she thought it sounded sultry. As for me, I'm clueless, especially considering her French was non-existent.

Not a single French word was embedded in her mind and she certainly had no interest in changing it. All she did was mimic the French lingo, sounding vaguely like she knew it. Now, this lady was no teen. We're talking about an adult woman in her late 20s, a degree holder who is employed. 

These antics commenced during our second month together and they made me cringe so hard. I had a basic knowledge of French and even proposed teaching her a few phrases. My repertoire was primarily amusing idioms taught to me by some international students, including the proclamation, "I love a lobster". 

However, she declined the offer—her goal was merely to feign fluency in French.

Disappointed  Man Feeling Embarrassment Listening To Excited Woman TalkingProstock-studio, Shutterstock

2. This Is So Illogical

She ended our relationship and for four days, she attempted to debate with me about it. I had to keep reminding her that she was the one who chose to break up. Her response, time and again, was, "Sure, but don't you still have feelings for me?" Well, NO, not if the feelings aren't mutual. So why are we still rehashing this?

Black couple arguing in living room.Diva Plavalaguna , Pexels

3. What A Sucker

This guy was really into feet, and he just couldn't stop touching me, doesn't matter the place or time. He'd drive me crazy, asking to touch my toes in front of all our friends and family, and then flip out at me whenever I said no, even when I explained that it was making me uncomfortable.

Honestly, it's no surprise that the relationship ended after just two weeks.

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4. I Can’t Unsee It Now

He was amazing in every way, but there was a single issue—I just couldn't ignore his overly furry, blonde arms. Whenever we were together, they were all I could focus on. He was genuinely a good guy. I truly gave it a shot. However, somehow, those arms were all I could think about.

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5. Nothing To Laugh About

I ended my relationship with her because of her laughter. It was as if I was stuck in a ludicrous scenario straight out of Seinfeld. She was a fantastic woman—intelligent, humorous, sporty, incredibly attractive... Yet, her tone of laughter was so dreadful, it would cause me embarrassment when we were out. 

The sound was extremely loud and deep—almost like a hyena cackling after inhaling helium. I fully admit this issue was entirely mine. It might sound petty and rude, and it wasn't a solid reason to stop dating someone, but sometimes intuition just leads the way.

I've been joyfully married for seven years now and I'm extremely content with my spouse. She's absolutely the best companion I've ever had. As for my former girlfriend? Someday, a hearing-impaired gentleman is going to find immense happiness with her.

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6. Late Lesson Learned

When I was just a naive 18-year-old, her parents asked me to spend some time with her family. They were an openly loving couple—nothing dirty, just always exchanging warm, casual embraces and tender, fun kisses. The kind of everyday romance that most of us wish we could freely share with our beloved.

But, I was young and foolish and, as a result, I ended our relationship the following day. In retrospect, I now see how wonderful and wholesome their connection with their daughter was. They set an example for her that it's right and good to wholeheartedly celebrate your partner and to shower them with love and affection.

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7. Not A Keeper

We decided to catch one of the Avengers films, something I'd been really looking forward to—but it went so wrong. He was chatting with me throughout the film, nothing I minded too much. Then, he got closer and confessed that he felt really at ease with me. However, his next question really flabbergasted me.

He wanted to see if I was okay with him wearing a diaper. For me, that was a definite no-go. On top of that, discussing this in a cinema was far from ideal. So, I played it cool and attempted to redirect our conversation toward enjoying the movie. When the movie finished, I hurried towards my car. 

I made an excuse, saying I needed to rush home to help a friend. He reached for my hand, drew me into a hug and whispered, "I feel like I'm falling in love with you". All I could do was mutter, "Thanks," before I jumped into my car and sped off. 

Later that night, I sent him a text clearly stating that we just weren't compatible and promptly blocked him.

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8. Defensive And Single

We had been seeing each other for nine months before I was introduced to her kid. It was important to establish a solid foundation with her before involving her child. However, to my dismay, she one day used an offensive term regarding someone else.

When I attempted to talk to her about it, suggesting she should refrain from using such language, she got defensive. She even became upset with me for "scolding" her. Deciding it best to diffuse the situation, I told her we'd discuss it the following day.

But the next day, instead of understanding my concerns, she continued to defend herself. Yup, that's a NOPE from me. 

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9. Funny But This Isn’t Going To Work Out

Only a month into our dating, I treated her to a unique showing of Blazing Saddles, which consisted of a question and answer session with Mel Brooks at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre.

The theatre buzzed with attendees, drowned in bouts of laughter from start to finish. Midway through, she confessed in a low whisper that she didn't find the film amusing at all, hinting she wanted to exit. I responded softly, "If you can't find humor in this movie, we're never going to mesh well together".

She walked out and we lost touch from then on.

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10. Sharing Is Caring—Nope, Not This Time!

Once upon a time, I decided to go hiking with my boyfriend at the time. We weren't alone; it was a double-date sort of situation. I'm one to always come prepared, so I checked the weather forecast and packed a couple of water bottles as I tend to get thirsty quickly.

I made it a point to drink my first bottle slowly, wanting it to last. Out of nowhere, my boyfriend dug into my backpack and pulled out my second water bottle. I couldn't believe what he did next. He just guzzled it down on the spot! I kept quiet but inside, I thought I could manage with my one remaining bottle.

As the hike went on, he kept complaining, "Man, I wish I had water". And the other guy on our double date suggested, "Why don't you share some of your water with him?" I silently fumed, he had already consumed a full bottle that was meant for me.

I refused, stating that was the only water I had left. Despite this, he continued with his wishful thinking about water. In my mind, I chided him for not being well-prepared on his part, for not bringing his own bottle of water. Given that I had already been incredibly lenient to not mention his thoughtlessly guzzling my water, this was frustrating.

Consequently, I ended things with him that day. It made me realize two things: he lacked planning, and secondly, he was just an entitled, inconsiderate jerk.

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11. That Really Stinks

Back in sixth grade, I got involved with a girl for the first time. She had a bit of an odd habit—she never washed. At the time, I didn't know it was strange and neither did she. Things came to a head and I wrote her a breakup letter, filled with reasons like, "You need to keep your hair clean".

To be frank, she did need to. She was a goth girl who was a big fan of Manson, but her hair was always greasy. She had large clumps of grime in her hair, mixed in with dry skin, beeswax and more. It smelled too. I decided to give her the note through her best friend, begging her not to take a peek at it. She ignored my request completely. 

As soon as I turned my back, she read it. The note caused quite a stir among our friends before finally landing in the hands of the girl it was intended for. I felt awful. She stood outside our classroom, brokenhearted and sobbing. Her black eyeliner, lipstick and white face paint smudged and streaked down her face with her tears.

Fast forward to now—I'm 34. We're still in each other's lives. We're both still a bit quirky. That hasn't changed.

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12. If You Say “No”, Then Mean It

You might find it peculiar, but the reason I ended things with him is due to his constant eating of my food. Picture this, we're out for a meal, ordering separate pizzas. After wolfing down his pizza, he'd reach over and snag a slice of mine without so much as a please or thank you. Things could've unfolded differently had he simply requested a slice.

Fast forward. We found ourselves at the cinema. Curious if he'd like some popcorn, I asked, but his response was a flat "No". Hence, I only got some for myself. However, hardly 10 minutes into the flick, he nonchalantly began munching on my popcorn. Instinctively, I swatted his hand away. 

I mean, if you express that you're not in the mood for popcorn, stick with it and don't snag mine.

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13. You Need Your Eyes Checked

On my drive, I crossed paths with the girl I was dating, who immediately accused me of being unfaithful. This was because she saw a lady in my truck. But here's the twist. That "girl" was actually my towering, bearded brother who also happens to have a buzz cut.

It dawned on me then, she surely fell on the lesser end of the Vickie Mendoza Diagonal.

Shocked man with hands on his head after he heard something stupid in white sweater standing over white backgroundJJY Media, Pexels

14. The Final Straw

She seemed excited about all the things I was passionate about. At the moment, it seemed magical that we shared so many interests. However, it all fell apart pretty quickly after that.

I'm a big fan of the outdoors. Hiking, climbing, and skiing are my jam. You could say I'm quite the thrill-seeker. We went on a camping trip once. We didn't even go too deep into the wilderness. The first warning signal went off when we crossed a massive lake on a ferry with our truck. The view was breathtakingly beautiful. 

However, her fear was so intense that she couldn't even take a peek. The breaking point came when I had to set up the entire camp alone. She didn't help at all, but I was used to doing it by myself. We sat around a warm fire, fully aware that a storm was brewing. 

At the first flash of lightning, she was so terrified that she wet her pants, and it wasn't a minor incident. Needless to say, I decided to end that exhausting relationship.

Man and woman sitting on chairs camping  outsidePavel Danilyuk, Pexels

15. Out With A Gulp

Usually, after playtime, we'd take our sweet time to be the last two at the drinking fountain. It was our little ritual—a quick, secret kiss before we returned to class. It was sweet, but it didn't take long for the romance to lose its spark.

On one particular day, right after we both took our turns at the fountain, our usual peck was interrupted. She accidentally burped way too close to my face. Well, that definitely took the charm out of it.

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16. It Was Just Too Much

I ended things with a guy because he overused punctuation marks.

"I've arrived at work!!!!!!"

"Do you want to eat fajitas or tacos for tonight's dinner??????"

"I accompanied my mom to get groceries!!!!!"

"I will hit the gym after work today!!!!!!"

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17. Just Lip It Already

This dude could seriously never remember a song lyric to save his life, but that never put a damper on his spirits—he'd belt out songs in public with his headphones on. All people could hear was his nonsensical singing, never able to decipher the exact tune he was attempting to sing. 

Whether he was on the subway, strolling the streets, or even in my own car...Hearing the actual song was an impossible task. The secondhand embarrassment was always too much to handle.

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18. Enough Is Enough

I make my living as a musician. Every day, I dedicate time to honing my skills, prepping for performances, and composing music. Plus, my working schedule is pretty unusual. She was aware of this, but it didn't seem to prevent her from calling me every time I told her I was preoccupied. 

This wasn't just once or twice; it happened consistently. And it was never for any pressing matters. Seemingly, she just loved to hear the sound of my voice. At first, I found it endearing, but over time, her constant interruptions during my work became overwhelming. 

I tried adjusting my timetable in hopes of finding a compromise, but it didn't change anything. She adopted this annoying habit of dialing my number with absolutely no reason, whenever I was engrossed in work.

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19. The Flannel King

Back in my high school days, I started dating this incredibly cool guy. However, my so-called buddies didn't quite warm up to him. They suggested I should end things. Regrettably, in my youthful naivety, I gave in to their influence even though I genuinely liked him.

He was a trumpet artist in our school band and a comrade on my academic team. All that was fine—except his AOL username was a bit on the nose (yes, it was THAT era). He went by "The Flannel King". Fast forward to today—25 years later, and he still crosses my mind.

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20. I Need My Quiet Time

I'm usually a pretty reserved person, appreciating simple chat and some peace and quiet. On the other hand, she was quite the chatterbox. I'm talking non-stop, jittery babble just to ensure that every moment was filled with her sound.

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21. Losing My Appetite

We began our friendship when a common buddy introduced us, eventually, we decided to hang out at the mall and take a leisurely stroll, all in the name of bonding. Our stomachs began to demand attention so we decided to grab some waffle fries from Chick-fil-A.

She excitedly asked for a good amount of mayo packets. As we settled down to feast, she did something that instant put me off. She ripped open a mayo packet and doused one fry completely. Not quite satisfied, she popped another packet, drizzling half its contents onto the same fry prior to consuming it. 

Honestly, the sight of this was a bit off-putting and all at once, my hunger vanished.

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22. Catch You Later

He slathered his food in ketchup. Honestly, that sight makes me feel sick. I don't hate ketchup or anything. I just find it really off-putting. The reason? I'm not sure. I've never had a horrifying experience with it or anything. I just really can't tolerate its smell, appearance, or taste.

Eventually, there came a day when I couldn't stand it anymore. He had splotches of ketchup on his clothes and the scent of it was in the air. Needless to say, that was the deal-breaker for me.

person putting ketchup on friesArtem Podrez, Pexels

23. Strange Tradition

I stopped chatting with this girl because she used to drool on her feet to cool off. It got weirder when she mentioned that her mom and grandma used to do the same for her when she was little. I tried to be understanding. 

I stuck around for a day after she shared about her grandmother's foot-drooling tradition. I didn't want to make her feel bad about a family practice. But the idea just kept gnawing at me. 

This set off a wild cascade of thoughts in my mind: Would she want to drool on my feet? I'm not fond of soggy feet. Would she want me to drool on her feet? Does she have an obsession with feet? Is there a big glob of spit involved, or is it just regular saliva? Could this turn into a welcome ritual in her family, like her grandma drooling on my feet as a hello?

The queries just piled up.

Scared grossed out man with hands in mouthKues, Shutterstock

24. What A Waste

About three decades back, I was going steady with a girl I was extremely fond of. She was attractive, humorous, and genuine. However, one particular day, as we were rambling along the street, she did something so shocking—I'll never forget it.

She dumped garbage out of the window. And by trash, I don't mean organic waste like a banana skin or an apple stub, but genuine rubbish. I acted normal and continued the day without revealing anything was amiss, and after that day, I never had a conversation with her again.

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25. Smells Like A Rotten Attitude

There was a guy I used to date who insisted on wearing a pair of sneakers full of holes. His feet were perpetually drenched and the smell was anything but pleasant. The shoes were downright disgusting and long overdue for retirement.

One day, luck smiled at me and I won a hefty bonus from work. So, I decided to treat him to a brand new pair of shoes. Not being sure of his size, I took his battered shoes to the store to get them measured. Settling on a sleek new pair, I made the purchase and headed out.

The store clerk, noticing the state of the old shoes, kindly offered to dispose of them for me. It seemed like a no-brainer, so I agreed. When my boyfriend returned from work, I eagerly awaited his reaction to the surprise I had in store—a fresh pair of stylish shoes. But his response was the polar opposite of what I'd expected.

He became furious. Apparently, me replacing his shoes without consulting him first was the worst mistake I could have possibly made. I was taken aback and asked him if there was sentimental value attached to the old shoes. There wasn't. He was just angry that I'd made the decision without asking him. 

After being subjected to an hour-long lecture, I picked up the shoes and left. I returned the shoes to the store—a decision that was easier to make than returning his calls. So that's the story of how a thoughtful act resulted in a breakup. But hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one to experience such a scenario, right?

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26. Dude, That’s Not Cool

I once had a girlfriend who had this absolutely platonic male friend. This guy, he'd shamelessly flirt with her and call her "babe" all the time. She assured me there was no romantic spark between them, saying she just wasn't his type.

I took her word for it, believing there was nothing romantic happening. However, his brazen actions in front of me made me uncomfortable. I tolerated it, but the situation kept escalating. My concerns didn't fade when I expressed my discontent to him. Yet, she seemed to find it perfectly normal for her friend to get flirty every time they were together.

Ultimately, I ended my relationship with her. I just couldn't stand dealing with him any longer.

Couple arguing sitting on a sofa at homeAntoni Shkraba, Pexels

27. That Cuts Deep

I was in a relationship with girl who had gorgeous, shoulder-length hair, something I really loved about her. Then one day, she suddenly went and got a pixie cut without giving anyone in her life a heads up. Truthfully, I wasn't a fan of her new style. I used other "explanations" as a way out of the relationship, though.

Looking back, I acknowledge my decision was somewhat superficial. I do carry a bit of regret because we had a good run during our early romantic "honeymoon" days.

woman sitting in chair in hair salonRoman Kosolapov, Shutterstock

28. Unwelcome Visitor

I decided to end things with him because the five times I visited his house, I was left feeling uncomfortable. Yes, he had a stunning home all to himself, but there was this uneasy feeling that made my skin crawl and kept me on tenterhooks as if I was waiting for a sudden surprise.

I did try to balance things by inviting him over to my place, but the more our relationship progressed, the more he insisted that I should come over and stay longer. This put me in a position where I had to keep making up reasons to avoid visiting his house for more than a few hours.

Eventually, maintaining this facade became tiring and I decided to tell him outright, "I'm sorry, but your house just doesn't seem very welcoming to me". So, I ended up breaking up with him.

Couple arguing at homePolina Zimmerman, Pexels

29. That’s A Weird Thought To Have

I caught sight of my girlfriend chatting with her closest guy friend at a social gathering, and it struck me how good they looked as a pair. Strangely, after a little while, I realized it was quite odd to be thinking this way about my own girlfriend. It was a wake-up call that perhaps my affections weren't as deep as they should be in a relationship.

Some time after we ended things, she started seeing her best friend. As it turns out, they did make a great couple. In fact, they've been happily married for over a decade now and even have children.

Couple at a Christmas party at homePolina Kovaleva, Pexels

30. Jokes Have Ended Along With The Relationship

So, I was going out with this girl who had the same surname as mine: Webster. It wasn't an issue initially, until my friends couldn't stop cracking jokes about how we were siblings. That was pretty much the main reason I decided to end our relationship.

Honestly, it didn't feel good at all, especially because she was actually an awesome person.

Shocked man in blue jacket standing in front of white background.Dima Valkov , Pexels

31. Disgustingly Lazy

He had a peculiar habit of never storing his food in the fridge—he'd just leave his leftovers on his bedroom floor overnight instead. Come morning, he'd pick up the leftovers from the floor and have them for breakfast. On one occasion, he cooked pasta for both of us for dinner. 

He served it in a big mixing bowl and suggested we could share from it. I didn't see anything odd about it. So, we enjoyed our meal together, watching a movie snuggled up in bed. There was about half the bowl of pasta left over. Rather than getting up to store it in the fridge, he just placed it on the floor and covered it with a pillow. 

Interestingly enough, he'd always use the same dirty pillow to "guard" his food.

Woman Disgusted by the Bad Smell of the Cooking PotNicoleta Ionescu, Shutterstock

32. This Is What You Call Overprotective

Her relatives were tailing me around the town, claiming it was for my "protection". I mentioned to her that this felt very unsettling. Her response was that she was simply trying to watch over her future children's dad in the only manner she knew.

Shocked man in blue shirt and glassesMaster1305, Shutterstock

33. You’re No Companion Of Mine

When I brought my 10-year-old dog to the vet, they said she required medication. However, my boyfriend's response was chilling: He advised me to euthanize her.

Despite needing meds, my dog wasn't on her last leg. However, my boyfriend said it wasn't worth the expense. That's when I realized that he wasn't the man I thought he was, so I decided to ignore him.

Woman is playing with her white dog in a park.Elizaveta Mitenkova, Pexels

34. Boogie Out Of Here

The fella I was seeing put on quite the performance at the dance club by pretending to pass out when he spotted me dancing with another guy. He strolled over and abruptly hit the deck in what could only be described as a bizarre slow motion drop.

The real kicker? He chose to do his embarrassing act in full view of all my pals. Everyone's eyes were glued to him as I shook my tail feathers and dashed to the opposite end of the dance floor as quickly as my feet would carry me.

Group of party people  men and women dancingKzenon, Shutterstock

35. Girl Of Many Faces

While we were in a relationship, she acted as if she were a friend we both knew. She owned two phones: one for her regular use, and another one she utilized as a decoy. Through this second phone, she forged the identity of our shared friend. 

She would send disrespectful messages to herself, take screenshots of these messages, and forward them to me. For half a year, I was under the impression it was our shared friend who was upset over my relationship with her. 

When I questioned this mutual friend, she revealed indirectly having no contact with my then-girlfriend for several months. Upon further investigation, I discovered that she had been masquerading as various individuals.

Angry Asian young couple looking at a smartphone arguingpolkadot_photo, Shutterstock

36. I Can Detect Your Fakeness

My girlfriend kept putting on a fake British accent. She didn't drop the act for as long as we dated. Both her parents originated from Texas, where she was also born. The interesting part is she never traveled out of the country. In fact, she's never even left Texas.

Shocked couple sitting on a couch at home watching tvOWL_VISION_STUDIO, Shutterstock

37. More Than Just Car Problems

The person I was seeing decided to end things after a mishap with my car on Storrow Drive in Boston. We were out during a heavy rain. When the car broke down, he exited and peeked under the hood, unsure of what to do next. Frustrated, I took matters into my hands—I guess that struck a sour note with him. 

I exited the vehicle, got hold of a screwdriver, and connected it to the solenoid which unexpectedly started the car right up. The following day, he ended our relationship. Maybe my actions bruised his ego a bit.

Couple angry in a carGround Picture, Shutterstock

38. All The Wrong Moves

Once upon a time in my high school years, my boyfriend arranged a date with me since he was eager to share something. Later that week, he arrived at my door. He cranked up "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado on my computer speakers, then launched into a dance routine he'd been rehearsing just for me, right there in the middle of my bedroom.

After the initial 30 seconds, I could feel my puppy love fade, and yet, I still had to sit through the entire performance...

shocked woman standing over blue, Shutterstock

39. Mama's Boy

I ended things with my boyfriend due to his overbearing mom. She was simply too much. She'd coax him into treating her to "dates" which he'd have to foot the bill for, incessantly ring and send text messages, monitor his finances, prepare his lunches for work, and even handle his laundry. Bear in mind, he was only 19.

My own relationship with my parents isn't that tight, so initially, I dismissed it. However, it slowly started to become a bit unsettling for me.

Overprotective mother to her adult son sitting at a table at homeMotortion Films, Shutterstock

40. Just Ride On Outta Here, Cowboy

Once upon a time, I was in a relationship with a man who had a deep fixation on cleanliness. This fella would go to extraordinary lengths just to steer clear of a patch of dirt. Now, that's not necessarily a problem in itself, but the real problem was his utter fascination with cowboys.

He'd amble around in cowboy boots and flannel shirts, never missing an opportunity to talk about his cowboy aspirations. As a person raised around equines, my grandpa's words always resonated with me—"True cowboys can be identified by the state of their boots".

It irked me to no end that this man could endlessly rant about longing to be a cowboy yet couldn't stand a speck of dirt tainting his precious cowboy boots. The guy hadn't even set foot in a barn during his whole existence. It reached the point where I just couldn't put up with it anymore.

Handsome man in hat  and plaid shirt looking at the cameraJust dance, Shutterstock

41. Stop Your Slobbering

When we were 16, his kisses were terribly sloppy and left my face all wet. Just one smooch, and I'd be reaching for a paper towel. I had never experienced a kiss like that, it felt like a St Bernard had licked my entire face. After the first time, I found it a bit odd. But the second time, I was silently pleading, "Buddy, don't do that again!"

The third time, I was heading to a job interview and he messed up my makeup. I'm not a big fan of wearing a lot of makeup, but he managed to smear my eyeliner and mascara. I broke up with him on the spot, I was so frustrated. I didn't even have my makeup bag with me to fix the disaster. I ended up looking like Marilyn Manson.

Shocked girl covering her mouth with hands outsideGround Picture, Shutterstock

42. That’s Too Ironic

The lady I was seeing had a young girl. Even before we became a couple, her daughter and I hit it off pretty well. She told me that my bond with her daughter was one of the reasons she wanted me to stick around. She believed she'd found a guy who could show her daughter what decent men look like.

When we eventually called it quits, she was unclear about the precise reason, despite my repeated requests for clarity. She acknowledged that my contributions to their lives were all positive. Yet, out of nowhere, she determined it was over. 

I was determined to understand my mistake, and I wasn't ready to buy the typical, "It's not you, it's me" line. With some prodding, she finally spilled the beans. Turns out, she was envious of the strong bond I had with her daughter. I found this ironic because I always felt that our connection was the glue holding us together.

Shocked man with open mouth in blue sweater  standing over yellow, Shutterstock

43. No Second Chances

Once, a girl dumped me because she assumed I was too cash-strapped for her taste. I'm not dripping with wealth, but I don't flaunt whatever I have either. I have a straightforward car, which I mostly fix myself. I don't live in a sprawling mansion and often cook my own meals—it's cost-effective and healthier that way.

She ended things with me, questioning my ability to support a family. Interestingly, it was the first time the topic of "us" starting a family even came up. When I learned the real reason behind our breakup, I could only shake my head in disbelief.

Apparently, she had discovered I actually own some property and there's more to me than meets the eye. To my surprise, she was upset because she had prematurely ended things without knowing I was actually a pretty good catch. She felt I owed her another shot because I didn't divulge this information.

I couldn't fathom her logic, but I was more than ready to put an end to the nonsense.

Man in gray sweater on a bad date at café  sitting at a table looking boredyurakrasil, Shutterstock

44. Tell Me The Truth

There was this one time when a girl I was dating decided to ditch me for a fictional dwarf character she created for her fanfiction story. I'm absolutely convinced she wasn't telling me the truth. The real reason for our breakup was never made clear to me. But this is the explanation she gave me.

Young bored girl sitting and drinking coffee on a bad dateShift Drive, Shutterstock

45. Not To Your Liking, I See

So, here's the story. I'm a 34-year-old who relocated to Texas in February last year. By March, I began dating this guy who was 28 at the time. A couple of weeks into our relationship, I decided to invite him over to my place and cook him a meal.

Just because I'm Caucasian doesn't mean I can't whip up a scrumptious Korean or Japanese dish. I've spent a few years of my life in Japan, managing a sushi and ramen restaurant among other things. Gradually, I started to love and appreciate their cuisine. 

My refrigerator is chock-full of Asian culinary essentials like miso, black bean garlic sauce, homemade kimchi, sambal, and the like. I should probably mention that the part of Texas I moved to is utter lacking in good Asian food, barring maybe one worthwhile joint. So, I felt it would be a neat idea to introduce my guy to something different and delightful.

Taking up the culinary challenge, I prepared bulgogi bibimbap and homemade kimchi among other dishes. I must admit that although it seems simple, I take immense pride in my cooking. But, as fate had it, when I presented him with the dish, he made quite a face. 

It got worse when he took a small bite and then spat it out on the floor, accusing me of lacing it with something. And then, he hastily grabbed his belongings and made a beeline for the door. Guess he wasn’t a big fan of kimchi...

Young handsome man disgusted from  eating sushi sitting on a, Shutterstock

46. Call My Bluff

I ended things with him due to my own restlessness and was curious about his response. But it turned out not as I expected. Truth is, I had strong feelings for him. It's always the way, isn't it? Fool around, and you get silliness as a reward.

Young couple arguing at homeAfrica Studio, Shutterstock

47. Not Worth The Stench

This woman was in great shape and earned an impressive $140,000 annually. She extended an invitation to me, offering to become my financial provider if I were to live with her. However, she failed to mention an important part of her living situation.

Her living room doubled as a pen for her five rescued dogs. Sadly, it was not kept clean and was often littered with their poop and soaked in urine. The cleanup strategy she employed was to set aside some money for replacing the subfloor and carpet every spring.

Adding to that, her personal level of cleanliness also left much to be desired. Ultimately, I decided to end things with her and proceeded to cut off all forms of contact on different platforms.

Young man grossed out with hands in front of him looking at the camera in front of yellow, Shutterstock

48. Karma Can Be Cruel

Back in middle school, I ended things with a girl just because she had excessively sweaty armpits. Yeah, I was really dumb. She was this amazing person—smart, gorgeous, and really sweet. She definitely didn't deserve what I did. Well, as it goes, karma had a lesson for me. It transformed me into a sweaty, hefty guy.

Teenagers arguing in park, break up because of misunderstandingMotortion Films, Shutterstock

49. You Can Celebrate Alone

He was celebrating his birthday, and his one wish was to enjoy some KFC in bed. I didn't question it, after all, it was his special day and this was his choice. Everything seemed fine until I noticed he left half-chewed, oily chicken bones lying on his bed sheets. Next, he cleaned his hands using his pillowcase. 

At that precise moment, all of my feelings for him completely vanished.

Asian man eating fried chickenJustinboat.29, Shutterstock

50. Leave The Teaching To Someone Else

One evening, after we had dinner, I observed my girlfriend washing the dishes. That's when I noticed something odd. She didn't bother rinsing the soap off the plates. Yes, she was less mature than I was then. However, I found it better for her to pick up on those things from another person.

woman in apron and gloves washing dishesnimito, Shutterstock

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