Bizarre Hospital Experiences

October 27, 2023 | Mae Stanley

Bizarre Hospital Experiences

Hospitals aren’t usually the most fun places to be. However, every once in a while, something happens that makes it impossible not to laugh. These folks share the moments where they couldn’t help themselves but find a bit of humor in an otherwise serious situation. Either way, we can still be thankful it happened to them and not us.

1. A Normal Nightly Stroll

I'm an ER nurse who used to work the night shift. One night, within the first 20 minutes, a nurse from the day shift casually mentioned, "Hey, there's an undressed guy outside. Need your assistance". I chuckled, thinking she was just pulling my leg. She wasn't. 

Standing outside the ambulance entrance was a guy, drenched and without any clothes except an open button-up shirt. Things got stranger from there. He was inexplicably wet and walking unsteadily around, rambling about a plane crash. Seeing this, I sprinted back inside for reinforcements and gloves, definitely gloves. 

It took a team of six to manage getting him in a wheelchair and into the ER. I administered some medicine and used a blanket to warm him up; within ten minutes, he was out cold. The man was tall and rather built, he wasn't the typical late-night wanderer we're used to. 

His head CT scan and toxicology results were clear, but we admitted him for observation nonetheless. We eventually unraveled the night's mysteries. He'd taken cough syrup for a cold, followed by his regular couple of drinks, then went out to walk his dog before experiencing a blackout.

It turns out he tumbled into a canal which clarified why he was soaked. We still had no clue about the plane crash talk though, or where his dog ended up in all this.

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2. Hope Your Brain’s Okay

Once, I accidentally pulled out my IV and a pic line that was inserted in my neck. Just when I was about to remove the drainage tube attached to my head—which was there due to a recent brain surgery—the medical team managed to intervene. 

Blood was spurting around from the hole left by the removed pic line, and in my confusion, I was resisting them and hurling insults. Eventually, for my own safety, they had to tie me down to the bed. Later, we discovered that my unusual behavior was due to a negative reaction to the anesthesia they had used.

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3. It’s All Fun And Games

My best friend found herself spending an unexpected week in the hospital when, a month and a half early, her water broke and her contractions began. 

Her husband, quite inexplicably, decided to pass the time by bringing in his entire gaming set. That includes everything from a fancy keyboard to a headset, and even other extra knick-knacks. But that wasn't really the worst part.

Not even the polite inquiries from the nurses or the doctor could get him to pause his game. He would yell and chatter away to his virtual teammates, oblivious to all of us in the room, including his wife and visiting family members. 

Even more concerning is the possibility that his selfish actions could've played a role in causing the premature birth due to the stress on my friend. This guy doesn't have a job and seems clearly unconcerned about getting one. To this day, I'm still stupefied by what I saw and I can't fathom how she stays with him. 

I totally get that sitting in a hospital day after day might not be a dream come true, but come on.

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4. Try To Find A Work/Life Balance

As a social worker, I spend my time performing psychiatric evaluations in an emergency room setting. Last week, I encountered a patient who was tackling substantial challenges. 

The emergency room is equipped with TV remote controls that have string attachments—it's like how telephones were connected back in the day—to prevent patients from taking them. Upon walking into this particular individual's room, I found them talking into the remote control as if it was a telephone. 

He then said, "There's someone else in here who wants to see me. I'll ring you back later". After that, he mimed hanging up and apologized, saying, "Excuse me, I was on a business call".

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5. He Could Be An Internet Celebrity

I had just come out of surgery, feeling angry but too sedated to move. For the next two hours, I found myself stuck in the recovery room, seething. Everything and everyone got on my nerves. There was a little girl in the next bed, shedding tears post-surgery, and oddly enough, she irritated me. 

Spitefully, I mustered all my strength to show her a rude hand gesture. A nurse tried to soothe my agitation by chit-chatting and holding my hand. I was unable to respond but his presence spurred my anger further. As soon as he released my hand, I waved an inappropriate hand gesture in his direction too. 

Unfazed, he gently took my hand and sat with me until I finally dozed off. The next time I woke up, one of the nurses jokingly compared my mood to that of grumpy cat. According to her, throughout my time in recovery, I was glaring and growling at anyone who came too close (I don't remember the growling part though). 

Also, she mentioned that I had been rather uncivil to many people (though I only recall doing that with the little girl and the nurse).

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6. It’s a Hospital, Not A Gym

When I was just seven, I fell ill with aspiration pneumonia. This happened after a day at the ball pit, where I got sick because of the foul smell of another child. Several physicians initially misdiagnosed my condition as just a cold. It became scary when my condition worsened, but luckily, a diligent doctor identified the real issue. 

I then had to spend several weeks recovering in a children's hospital, where the most exciting part of my days was watching movies in bed. After a while, I was eager to be out of bed and back on my feet. When my doctor finally said it was safe for me to move around a bit, I was allowed to visit the kids' media center at the hospital. 

It was a paradise for a child, brimming with board games, assorted paints, and the irresistible Super Nintendo. Even though I was having fun with these activities, I yearned for something more—something that would really get me moving. And then, I spotted it. A rope that looked perfect for a thrilling jump! 

It was raised just enough above the ground and was long enough for me to be confident that I could make it. Without waiting for anyone to prevent me, I dashed forward and made a big leap, landing safely on the other side, just as multiple hands reached out to stop me. 

To my surprise, I'd jumped over an IV line connected to another patient, causing quite a stir. A toast to my mischievous, seven-year-old self.

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7. Life Is About Having Fun

I once cared for an elderly gentleman who suffered from severe dementia. One chilly winter day, he inexplicably vanished. We searched everywhere, but he was nowhere to be found. We grew increasingly worried about the possibility of him succumbing to the cold. 

After what felt like an eternity, but was realistically only two hours, he suddenly reappeared in the ward. He was drenched, muddied, and boasted a massive smile on his face. When we inquired where he had been, his answer was unforgettable. Without missing a beat, he simply said, "I went sleigh riding".

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8. Save The Stories For Your Journal

For a while now, I've been dealing with ongoing pain issues. They chose to test out ketamine as a potential solution. This was a single-day treatment. I was to arrive in the morning, receive the injection, be observed, and then head home. However, the injection didn't quite go as anticipated. 

I ended up with a ruptured vein and one tendon accidentally punctured. Eventually, they correctly placed the IV. The first few hours went smoothly until they increased the ketamine dosage. Throughout this, I was engaging with my friends via text. 

They weren't too thrilled by my accounts of altered perception, such as my vision bending with time, and being in parallel worlds, yet somehow still being able to communicate with them. The nurses didn’t seem too pleased either…

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9. A Full Moon

When I was around 7 years old, I found myself in the hospital having a tough time breathing. Severe asthma, a host of allergies, and a particularly bad egg allergy were the culprits. My mom was checking in on me to see how I was recovering. 

The night before, I had been on oxygen with a selection of medications, but by the next day, I started breathing more easily. This wasn't a new experience, it was already my third visit to the hospital. While the doctor was chatting with my mom about my condition, I seized the moment to have some fun. 

Hitching a ride on my IV stand, I used it almost like a skateboard, skimming the hallway of the hospital. One foot was on the stand, while the other was busy pushing me off from the floor. My hospital gown, flaring up like a sail, fluttered behind me as I zipped down the corridor.

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10. Saved His Soul And His Life

When my father was 17, he had a serious motorcycle crash that led to his lung collapsing. Even after an operation, his lung wouldn't properly recover. Things became so dire that they brought a priest in, thinking he may not pull through. My dad's response was quite shocking. 

He confused the priest for the devil and started to freak out, shouting and thrashing around. In the process, he accidentally dislodged a blocked drain in his injured lung, which caused bleeding. However, they discovered that there were clots in his lung that were stopping it from healing.

They explained everything to him later, but the only thing he recalls from the event is seeing a tall figure in a hood, making him think he was headed somewhere awful.

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11. Hopefully She Got Quicker Service

Back in 2011, my grandma underwent a double-knee replacement surgery. She was in the recovery room when nature called. Rather than buzzing in a nurse for help, she attempted to get up by herself. Unfortunately, she didn't succeed and ended up pulling down the in-room phone from the bedside table. 

She dialed for an ambulance, explaining to them that she was already in the hospital, had taken a fall, and was unable to stand up. This all took place just a few hours after I left from my visit where she was sharing with me the amusing spectacle of imaginary monkeys putting on a circus show on her ceiling.

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12. If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say

Once upon a time, I was under an intense adrenal crisis due to stress. I was sweating profusely and began shaking uncontrollably. The situation was painful, and I was extremely grumpy. Then came the nurse's shift change. 

Before, I had a pretty chilled-out and independent nurse. But the next one was a genuinely nice soft-hearted one who liked looking after people too much. This transition caught me off guard and sent me spiraling down. And trust me, it was harsh.

I ended up shouting, "SHE'S VERY NICE, BUT I CAN'T HANDLE HER RIGHT NOW!" In my frenzy, I even flung my shoes across the room. My memory of the whole event is rather blurry. Everything took place in the emergency room before anyone could identify what was happening.

Later, once I had received treatment, the kindhearted nurse came in again. I apologized for my previous behavior. To my surprise, she found it amusing that my outburst involved complimenting her.

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13. Fifth Time’s A Charm

A young teen walked in, the groove from his upper lip to his nose brutally cut open. His pained face told us he was hurting. He had been racing around on a four-wheeler without a helmet and unfortunately, crashed into a tree. But then we spotted something rather unusual. 

He was wearing a hospital gown, but not one from our hospital. It turns out he had been at another healthcare facility, was frustrated by a long wait, so his dad drove him to us. That's not even the strangest part. We saw a few small holes, around 4 or 5, on the gown he was wearing. 

We didn't need to ask, as we realized they were burns. The boy's dad revealed how this happened. As they were driving to our hospital, the teenager had placed a cigarette in his mouth, which you can usually do quite easily. But because of the deep cut in his lip, it fell and caused those burns on the gown. 

This unexpected event gave us all a good laugh.

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14. A Medical Marvel

About a year ago, I found myself in the hospital suffering from severe skin damage due to atopic eczema, considered one of the worst cases nationwide. My whole body was ravaged by a serious infection and the unbearable pain from my damaged skin even led to hallucinations. 

According to the doctors, I was lucky to be alive, given that 3 in 5 individuals facing similar circumstances often resort to self-pain relief methods or unfortunately, lose their battle to infection.

Based on the doctors' predictions, my treatment was expected to last a month, with the possibility of requiring additional specialty treatment under constant supervision. However, defying the odds, I managed to recover in just six days at the age of 22, even after spending time bedridden and on medication.

The doctors were astounded, labeling my recovery as an impossible feat.

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15. It Started Out Fine

I had decided to donate some blood, so I headed over to the local donation center, feeling absolutely fine. A nurse—brand new to the job and just 18 years old—manages to hit my vein on her first attempt and the blood starts flowing. 

All the while, I'm just sitting there in a regular chair, but before long, I start to feel a bit faint, right as the nurse is taking off. Then, boom, I pass out. Luckily, another nurse catches sight of me in time as I collapse. I briefly regain consciousness, only to faint once more, and this cycle happens a couple more times. 

Finally, they decide to move me to a bed. But wait, it gets worse...Throughout this whole fiasco, I end up wetting my pants, and I didn't bring any spare clothes with me. I try to call my wife for help, but she doesn't answer. So, I had to make the embarrassing journey home with soaked pants. 

When I finally make it through the front door, there she is, my wife, chilling with her coffee and a biscuit.

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16. A Little Privacy Please

Once, while I was spending time in the hospital for about ten days, my ex began to contact me. At first, she would only check in on my health by text. Later on, she began to flirt and started sending somewhat suggestive images to me. The funny part was that the hospital's heart monitor would beep loudly whenever my heartbeat increased significantly. 

So, every time this happened, I needed to relax quickly to stop the alarm before a nurse arrived to investigate. Eventually, she escalated from flirting to sending videos. Naturally, the last thing I wanted was for a nurse to walk in while I was having a personal moment, so I decided to remove the red pulsometer clip that was attached to my finger. 

I honestly thought this would stop the monitor from sounding an alert. However, I didn't know that removing the device would also signal a nurse to come to my room. Yep, it was pretty embarrassing. 

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17. Ready To Go

Just a few hours post-delivery, my spouse and I were basking in the joys of our newborn, all set to take our bundle of joy home. Suddenly, we heard a heated discussion coming from outside my hospital room. A woman was arguing with a nurse—she was adamant about wanting to check out with her newborn, but the nurse insisted it was too soon. 

The woman was resolute in her decision to leave. What she declared next sent chills down my spine. She audaciously stated that if she couldn't depart with her own baby, she'd take someone else's. I fixed my husband with a stern stare and assured him that if she dared to approach our baby, she’d end up hospitalized for a different reason entirely. 

The protective mother in me kicked in, and I swear, I was ready to tackle a grizzly bear if one dared to cross our path. I maneuvered the crib as far from the entryway as possible, placing myself in a defensive position between the baby and the door. All of a sudden, I heard the door creaking open and my muscles tightened in anticipation. 

To my surprise, it was the doctor who had entered, a confused expression painted on his face.

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18. That’s Not How That Works

During my time as a medical student, I once requested a patient to gather all her urine over a 24-hour period for a particular test. The following day, she appears, surprisingly with four liters of urine stored in the sample bottles provided by the hospital. Puzzled, my professor questioned her about how she managed to fill up so much in such limited time. 

The woman casually responded, "Well, since the bottles were barely half full, I asked my sister to help me complete the task!"

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19. But Did They Pass Their Test?

Back in high school, I was knocking myself out studying for a significant exam. I already had a throbbing headache, then suddenly my vision got hazy, and I blacked out. When I came to, I found myself in a hospital. Noticing my dad had a cut on his finger, I asked, "How'd you get that?" 

He stared at me somberly and said, “You did this". What followed was the shocking revelation. When I had collapsed, I'd taken a tumble off my chair and started having what looked like a seizure. My parents came running and found me in the throes of an epileptic fit—we were completely unaware of my epilepsy till then. 

My dad had to insert his finger into my mouth to prevent me from choking on my own tongue. It was a serious event at the time, yet now, every time he glimpses the scar, he teases, “Remember when you bit me?”

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20. It’s Called Fashion

When I was younger, I battled with tumors and essentially grew up inside hospital walls. On the tail end of multiple surgeries, I began perceiving everything in pink. Select things like the sheets, walls, people's garments, even my mother's hair appeared to be hued in this color. 

The first thing I found myself telling my Mum was that I couldn't stand her hair in that shade. Being familiar with my surgery-induced chit-chats, she would just smile gently, instruct me to rest and assure me that she would sort things out.

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21. Small But Scary

My mother recently had her hip fractured, subsequently leading to a replacement surgery. One early morning, I received an urgent request to rush down to the hospital, as the staff was having difficulty managing my mother. 

To my disbelief, upon arriving, I found my petite, ninety-pound mother perched in a wheelchair at the nurse's station, berating the nurse with an array of unsavory words. While my mother, in her 80s, exhibits eccentricity in her core, she does an impeccable job of masking it, often appearing as an adorable, gentle grandmother to those unfamiliar with her. 

To everyone's shock, she managed to escape from her bed, despite her recent surgery, and vent her wrath upon the hospital staff. Attempts to return her back to the confines of her bed were met with a firm refusal. Upon seeing me, she raised her voice, accusing the nurses of conspiring against her and declaring defiantly, she wouldn't return to her assigned room. 

So, I managed to get her into a private room—an expense she vehemently denied being obligated to pay, as she believed 'they' were forcing it on her. It took her about three days to regain her usual demeanor.

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22. They Call It Self Care

While undergoing my ankle operation, the anesthesiologist faced a bit of trouble getting me to sleep. Surprisingly, once I was asleep, I abruptly got up and made an attempt to get off the surgical table. After being moved to recovery, the nurse stepped away to grab some ice chips. 

Returning to remove my breathing tube, she found me propped up in bed, attempting to remove the tube by myself.

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23. Wrong Idea, Right Result

Recently, I worked a shift at a place where the TV remotes also functioned as call buttons, meaning there were quite a bit of buttons to handle. I got a call from a sweet, somewhat confused older woman. 

Arriving just in the nick of time, I opened the door to find her holding the TV remote to her ear, jovially asking, "Hello, could you assist me to the restroom, please..."

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24. Choices Were Made

On quite a memorable occasion, two patients were wheeled into the emergency room, both firmly secured to their beds. Curiously, one of them was granted permission to be released from his restraints, yet with the stipulation that security must remain by his bedside—in this scenario, at the nearby nurse's station. 

The patient began to show clear signs of unrest and loudly voiced negative remarks about the hospital. The security officer attempted to comfort him, ensuring him that he was safe. Yet, as the guard wrapped up his sentence, the patient had already bolted down the corridor, yelling at the top of his lungs. 

The security personnel, with quick reflexes, chased after him and apprehended him in the hallway, keeping him securely in place until backup arrived.

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25. A Wild Ride

During my gallbladder removal and hernia repair surgery, I shockingly woke up mid-procedure. It felt so unreal. My vision was blurred by bright lights, making everything seem like an overexposed photo and the medical staff appear as mere shadows. In my confusion, I fought off two nurses, pulled out my breathing tube, and attempted to stand up.

That's when I figured out I couldn't move my legs and fear took over. The only sound I could make out was the anesthesiologist reassuring me, "Hold on, I have something that will help, start counting to..." My next memory was finding myself in the bathroom urinating. I turned around, and to my surprise, my wife was right there.

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26. A Dog Day Afternoon

When I was a kid, I had a medical episode known as an atrial flutter and had to be rushed to the emergency room. The doctors attempted to manage it with various medicines, but none of them worked. They had to resort to using a deregulator on me—not the first time I had faced this procedure, mind you. 

However, the timing of this emergency late in the evening presented a challenge—there were no anesthesiologists around to administer the typical sedative. Instead, they gave me an alternative anesthesia to render me unconscious. 

Although it lasted only for a brief period, it had an unusual side effect: it left me strangely energized for the rest of the night. I found myself engaging with my dog—tossing a ball for him, petting him, playing joyfully in an imaginary field. The twist in the tale? I was still at the hospital, under the nighttime lights. 

Turns out, I was mimicking the actions of throwing the ball and petting my non-existent dog in the hospital.

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27. Hospitals Are Full Of Ghosts

As a child with a country upbringing, I was fascinated with elevators, these mysterious, magical boxes that moved people up and down. During my first year at school, I fell ill and needed hospital care. Being a petite first grader who was thin and pale, I stood out. 

After almost a month in the hospital, I grew to appreciate the open, airy feeling of hospital gowns, and found them more comfortable than my usual clothes. While my mom was handling the paperwork for my discharge, I took the chance to explore the elevator that had intrigued me so much. 

There I was, just standing in there, pressing buttons, traveling up and down, enjoying the ride. It puzzled me why, even though there were often people outside each time the doors opened, nobody ever joined me inside. It wasn't until later that a thought dawned on me.

Back then, the sight of a small, frail, and pale child riding alone in a hospital elevator might have been rather startling to others.

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28. I Would Be Dizzy Too

Following a graceful stumble that left me with a fractured ankle in three spots, I landed myself in a hospital where I had surgery two weeks later. The evening after my operation, they equipped me with a pain medication dispenser that would only kick into action if I pressed a button—but there was a catch, I could only push it every five minutes.

In the morning, when the nurses made their early rounds, they could tell how many times I tried to press the button, whether it actually worked or not. Shockingly, I managed to smack that button over 300 times throughout the night. All I recall is writhing in pain and desperately clicking on the button right before falling asleep. 

But, needless to say, I woke up feeling more than a touch woozy the next morning.

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29. At Least Someone Found It Funny

I'm in the dentist's chair, getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Loads of numbing injections have been dabbed on me and an IV is pumping away. On top of that, I've just been given laughing gas to chill out. A newbie nurse stays with me while we give the meds time to do their thing. Soon, I notice my IV starts to backflow, so I signal to the nurse, giggling as I do.

The nurse goes into a tizzy, trying her best to correct it. As she works to reset it, I can't help but giggle even more. Things escalate as she pricks my arm over and over again, hoping to fix the IV line. My laughter reaches a point where I'm practically shaking, probably not making her job any easier. Suddenly, everything spins out of control. 

She jabs my wrist in a way that strikes a critical nerve. My arm goes stiff and I let out a horrifying scream. The shock makes the nurse faint and she collapses, landing on my legs before crashing onto the floor. The commotion draws everyone else in as I carry on with my screams. 

Another nurse quickly yanks out the needle and I black out. The next thing I remember is feeling woozy in the car on my way home, asking if I could have some pudding and milkshakes.

Weird patientPexels

30. A Weird Reaction

I was recovering from a deviated septum surgery, and every time I needed to go to the bathroom, which was quite common, I had to have a nurse there with me. 

I'm using the restroom with a nurse in the room (though I bet she wasn't too bothered), and then, because any movement gave me a sick feeling, I'd end up throwing up right after. So there I was, just going about my business, using the toilet and getting sick—all out in the open for everyone to see.

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31. Stick To The Plan

Back in 2019, my dad developed a vesicular infection. Initially, he visited a hospital that chose to clean the area rather than perform surgery. Yet, within a few weeks, he was hit with a fever, fatigue, and discomfort. He instantly realized the vesicle was the source of his pain, leading him to seek help at a different medical facility. This time, they opted for removal.

This is where I join the storyline. On the day of his procedure, my dad overlooked packing spare socks and underwear. Thus, my stepmom requested I accompany her on a late-night run to deliver these items. Unfortunately, visiting hours were over.

Undeterred, we entered through the Emergency Room, where a guard immediately engaged with us. Quick-thinking and bold, my stepmom announced she was suffering from "chest pain". Her urgent claim got us past the guard, and I knew we were in uncharted territory. 

The ER was buzzing with activity, but no one was calling her in for evaluation. So, she spotted a nurse's-only access and pulled me along with her. Fear gripped me as doctors and nurses took note of our unusual presence. Suddenly, the sight of prowling security guards further amplified my anxiety. 

Nonetheless, we discovered the stairs leading to my dad's ward. Yet, a descending nurse stopped and questioned us. In response, my stepmom mimicked chest pain, prompting me to make a run for it. The cascade of events led to security trailing us into the staircase. 

Amidst the chaos of assessing my stepmom's condition and the guards' attempt to dismiss us, our mission was unsuccessful. In a nutshell, my dad never received his extra items as we were barred from the hospital.

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32. That’s Not How This Works

When this woman walked in our door, she expressed concern about her ongoing issue with constipation. I took a look into her medical history and saw that she had received suppositories in the past, but she confided in the nurse that they weren't helping much. The woman was keen on finding a different type of solution. 

The doctor then interacted with her, ensuring there were no other health issues to address and started to ask about her experiences with the medication she took. Her response was one for the books. She exclaimed, "Oh yeah, those tablets I got before were massive! I had to split them into two just to gulp them down!" 

It was at this point that we had to clarify that suppositories are not supposed to be consumed orally. That explained why she was not getting the relief she had expected. She made the assumption that "Suppository" was a brand name as Tylenol is for acetaminophen.

Weird patientPexels

33. Dr. Google Is Cheaper

There was once when I woke up with a numb arm because I slept on it awkwardly. You know how sometimes you wake up and your arm is flopping around uselessly until it gets all pins-and-needles as feeling returns? Well in my situation, the feeling skipped the comeback. 

Some online sleuthing on my phone suggested it could be "Saturday Night" syndrome—a common thing that happens when you sleep oddly and squish a nerve, also known as radial palsy. One nearby hospital was keen to admit me and conduct several expensive tests to rule out a stroke. 

I found that kind of a no-brainer because—let's be honest—I knew for sure I hadn't had a stroke, and it just seemed unnecessary. But naturally, they didn't seem to catch my drift. So anyway, I decided enough was enough, gathered my stuff, and strolled right out, despite the medical folks hollering at me to stay put. 

Instead, I hit up my local pharmacist, got a brace for my increasingly back-to-normal arm and a few weeks later found myself right as rain. Unnecessary extravagant tests to reach a conclusion I was sure of? No thank you.

Weird patientPexels

34. The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

My nephew spent over a month in a coma as a result of medical treatment. As the doctors gradually reduced his medication, he was a little dazed and confused. He attempted to hop out of bed several times, which led them to put restraints on him. However, even these didn't hold him—he managed to slip out of them. 

So, they resorted to using escape-proof netting. Yet, somehow, his brain figured out a way to get past even this obstacle. Soon, he was found sprinting around the hospital, wearing nothing but his birthday suit. It took around 15 minutes for security to catch up with him and guide him back to his room. 

Thankfully, all this occurred at around three in the morning, so he didn't disturb any visiting guests.

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35. The Feral Child

When I was a child, I needed to get stitches on my lip and nose. Upon arriving at the hospital, the medical staff decided to use a needle for a local anesthetic. However, the sight of the needle made me defiant. I resisted the nurses and even the doctor himself, going to the extent of trying to bite him. 

Being a small child, they managed to control me easily, swaddling me in a cozy blanket and keeping me still. Despite that, I was relentless in my determination, vigorously shaking my head and making another attempt to bite the doctor. He responded by spraying the anesthesia directly on my face. 

After that, my memory gets a little hazy. I do recall struggling to breathe and the startled expressions on the nurses' faces. Regardless, I did end up with my stitches in the end.

Weird patientShutterstock

36. Who Needs A Radio?

A guy showed up at the hospital after a car accident, with a CT scan revealing a significant head injury. Believe it or not, he'd been drinking, so he seemed to be having the time of his life. As we began to undress him and clean him up, he started singing out of nowhere. And, he wouldn't stop singing that same song for an entire half-hour, which was actually quite amusing.

However, the real fun began when a female nurse stepped in to lend a hand. This singing gentleman suddenly stopped in his tracks and admitted, "Wait a minute...I forgot the second verse". He took a small break, hitting pause on his impromptu concert. But it wasn't long before he started up again, singing the same line he'd been repeating. 

Honestly, it was one of the moments where I struggled the hardest to keep a straight face.

Weird patinetShutterstock

37. Maybe Next Time

I spent the entire duration of my blood clot removal surgery wide awake, although I wasn't necessarily sure that was how it was meant to be. I endured a fair share of discomfort; it was punctuated with sudden sharp pains that made me grimace. 

The entire time I overheard the anesthesiologist and a nurse chatting about their recent weekend—still puzzled whether I actually should be conscious. Once the operation wrapped up, I mentioned to the anesthesiologist that I hoped to be fully unconscious for the subsequent procedure since this experience was less than pleasant. 

She reassured me that I was definitely put under in the last session, assuming I was just mixed up. But I recalled things distinctly. I clarified by telling her all about her own weekend activities, which left her in utter disbelief. I added how, like my dad, I seem to possess an unusually high tolerance to anesthesia.

She apologized repeatedly and guaranteed to put me entirely under next time. In hindsight, I should have spoken up during the operation.

Weird patientPexels

38. At Least He Doesn’t Forget

Several years ago, I experienced a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident and was quickly flown to the hospital. I don't have any recollection of the helicopter ride, but I was reportedly acting aggressively towards everyone around me, yelling out inappropriate things. 

Also, I'm informed that for a day or two following the incident, I had a tendency to constantly repeat the last things I recall hearing. To give you an idea, if someone advised me to stay put, I'd keep apologizing to all my friends who came to see me, telling them that I was sorry but I had to stay seated. 

If a friend mentioned that another friend was planning to stop by, I'd incessantly share this news with everyone, even long after the said friend had already paid a visit.

Weird patientShutterstock

39. Just Trying To Help

I went in to get my wisdom teeth extracted and everything was good until mid-surgery. Surprisingly, chit-chat about the latest Star Wars movie from the nurses woke me up. They were in a muddle about where the movie fit into the series timeline, and I attempted to clarify it in my semi-conscious state.

They casually dismissed me, thinking I'd drifted back to sleep, but I did not. Soon, I became aware that the anesthesia had completely worn off. Strange as it may seem, I didn't communicate this to them. So, I braced myself as they proceeded to extract the remaining two teeth with bare hands, experiencing the most excruciating pain in my life.

After the surgery, my parents had been anticipating some goofy after-effects. However, they were caught off-guard when the first words I uttered were, "I'm completely awake, put that camera down".

Weird patientPexels

40. There Are Problems And There Are Solutions

On my final training day, I tackled a life alert dispatch. The incident could have been anything—firefighters were on the scene first, yet we received no updates. To be prepared, we took all necessary equipment off our truck. Upon entering the apartment, we found firefighters bustling around the cornered-off kitchen.

Upon seeing the woman we were there for, she seemed well—sitting in her wheelchair and chatting with the firefighters. Inquiring about the situation, a firefighter informed us that the woman wasn't allowed in the kitchen due to a previous near-fire incident, hence the protective baby gate. Her son, her usual caretaker, was away at work.

Striving for a slice of cake but unable to access the kitchen, she'd cleverly hit her life-alert button, inadvertently getting the firefighters to fetch it for her. Watching the unusual scene unfold as the firefighters served her cake—offering her ice cream on the side, I asked my supervisor about the report filing. His response? 

"Simply report that we were called off by the fire department".

Weird patientPexels

41. Maybe It’s Karma

Oh boy, this story is tough to forget. When I was a teen, I had my wisdom teeth taken out at a minor surgery hospital. After checking in, I had to change into hospital scrubs that they provided. I can't recall the immediate aftermath of the surgery, but I was informed that I had a bit of a scuffle with the medical staff as the anesthesia wore off.

I was mouthing off and trying to break free, which was quite unlike me. To calm me down, they pulled my pants down enough to inject a sedative into my thigh. Some time later, I woke up, feeling peaceful this time, in a big recovery room with about fifteen other people.

A nurse handed me water and informed me I couldn't be discharged until I used the restroom to flush out some of the sedatives. She assisted me out of bed and started leading me to the restroom when the most embarrassing thing happened. My pants suddenly dropped to my ankles in front of everyone. 

They hadn't secured the waist tie after administering the second shot. This little blooper caused an eruption of laughter from the other patients. Imagine me, a 14-year-old kid going through puberty, having my first ever public exposure in a room full of people, who were all roaring with laughter at my inconvenience.

Weird patientShutterstock

42. Never Steal Someone Else’s Seat

When I was just six years old, I found myself being treated in a children's hospital ward for pneumonia. Deep in the spirit of young adventure, I sneaked out of my room and dashed toward the ward's waiting room. Compared to the confinement of my room, the waiting room seemed like a playground—complete with toys and an awesome widescreen TV.

Upon arriving, I unfortunately lost my temper with a young fellow occupier. He was innocently seated in my coveted chair beside the TV. In my frustration, I reacted with aggression. Soon enough, my disappearance was noticed. My Dad, along with a nurse, had to shepherd me back to my room. 

I recall escaping a few more times, but I only got aggressive on that one occasion. I can't help but suspect that the hospital medication impacted my behavior somewhat. To the little boy I treated harshly, wherever you are, I sincerely apologize.

Weird patinetShutterstock

43. That’s Pretty Fast

When I came to after being put under general anesthesia, I apparently found it crucial to make everyone in the post-op room believe that a dog could zip along at 1,000 mph. Initially, I mentioned this in a casual way, but soon my remarks escalated to full-blown yelling. I even reduced one of the nursing assistants to tears. 

Eventually, they were forced to put me back under. They usually aim to avoid sedating patients again so soon after they wake from anesthesia, but my case required it to prevent me from harming myself. After another half an hour had passed, I woke up once more, with no memory of my earlier outburst. 

Sadly, this all happened in a time before everyone carried a handy little video camera in their pocket.

Weird patientShutterstock

44. Patience Is A Virtue

Once upon a time, I unintentionally doused my doctor in pee. Here's what happened—during childbirth, I got an epidural, which numbs everything down there. Meanwhile, the doctor, in a bit of rush, skipped the nurse who was preparing to insert my urinary catheter.

The doctor then asked me to give a push, and I did exactly as instructed. Well, the combo of an epidural (numbing agent) and the lack of a catheter (pee control tool) resulted in a spectacular pee geyser that soaked the doctor from shoulder to toe.

Miraculously, the pee barely missed her face. I could tell she wasn't too thrilled about being there, and her rush probably didn't help. I found it a bit funny and couldn't help chuckling—after all, she had full knowledge of my epidural and nevertheless, couldn't wait for the nurse to insert the catheter.

Weird patientPexels

45. A Hospital Is Not The Place For That

During my hospital shift, a gentleman came in claiming that he had accidentally inserted some beads, or a similar object, inside his body through the back, if you get what I mean. As per usual, we decided to perform some x-rays to track its movement upward through his digestive system. We carried out the procedure, but we didn’t find anything.

We were astounded by the patient's explanation when questioned. He said that this had occurred previously, and the object wasn’t visible because it was made of a plastic and silicone mixture—a blend that's hard to detect on an x-ray. So, the logical next move was to put on gloves and physically try to locate it. The patient lowered his trousers and the process began.

However, after several fruitless minutes, the doctor made a chilling discovery. Looking at the patient, he noticed the man was perspiring and grinning. The doctor realized—there was absolutely nothing inside.

Weird patientPexels

46. It Cost How Much?!

When I was a teenager, there was a day where I was in severe discomfort, feeling like the pain was radiating from my belly. My parents, concerned about my wellbeing, rushed me to the emergency room. There, they conducted various tests and tried to ascertain what was wrong. 

Seeing my tensed state, they provided me with some muscle relaxers. Then, an unexpected event occurred. I let out a significant amount of gas; surprisingly, it made me feel absolutely fine. This caused quite a few chuckles in the room. The incident, now humorously dubbed the "$500 toot" by my parents, is something we still laugh about.

Weird patientPexels

47. Always Look On The Bright Side

My little boy, who's four, had to spend the night in the hospital for reasons I can't quite recall. Somehow his ADHD diagnosis and his Ritalin prescription didn't make it onto his medical chart. I left, and they didn't give him his medicine. He was up and around, extra energetic, and with no one watching him. 

When I got back, the news they shared instantly set me into a state of panic. They had MISPLACED him. He was a mini adventurer, a few floors up. He managed to somehow send his pajama top down the toilet... for whatever reason. Then, he found a very confused elderly gentleman, climbed into bed with him and made himself at home. 

When they finally located him, he was enjoying the man's television show and having a feast on his ice cream. They rang me to come and pick him up early. The staff looked absolutely exhausted. But my son? He had enjoyed the most exciting night. We still haven't cracked the mystery of the flushed pajamas though.

Weird patientShutterstock

48. Maybe They Hated The Playing

When I was 14, I found myself in the hospital, all the way up on the ninth floor, being treated for streptococcal pneumonia. After enduring two weeks there, I asked my mom to bring my Casio keyboard from home. So, one sunny day, I opened the window, as much as it would open, and nestled myself into the window ledge to play. 

I let one of my legs hang out of the window to bask in the warmth of the sun and feel the cool wind, experiences I had missed over the past weeks. After playing on my keyboard for some time, I saw a group of people making hasty gestures with their arms, appearing to yell something. 

I stopped my music and leaned out to hear better. Suddenly, their commotion increased. After a moment, I realized they were shouting, "Don't jump!" Before I knew it, my room was filled with nurses, reassuring me that things would get better and I shouldn't consider making such a drastic step. 

I quickly yanked my leg and head in from the open window, clarifying that I had no such intentions. I was only up there to play my music and experience the outdoors a little. They then requested I move away from the window ledge. I agreed and moved away, only to have leather straps put on my hands and feet until my mother could rush in from work. 

I guess my actions must've made an impression, as since then, the hospital windows only open a tiny bit. So, if you're ever stuck in that hospital missing the great outdoors, forgive me, I just wanted to feel a bit of freedom again.

Weird patientShutterstock

49. Diverse New Friends

I found myself in the hospital, thinking I was experiencing a heart attack or something related to the triple bypass surgery I'd undergone the previous month. I visited the nearest hospital and politely requested to be moved back to the place where I had my heart procedure. They agreed and I was soon transferred. 

They assigned me a room, and I was ready to get some rest. Out of nowhere, this young man in scrubs walked into my room and started asking about my favorite music. At first, I assumed he was just another nurse doing his rounds. But we quickly discovered that we shared the same music taste. 

He even had a tattoo on his wrist, a symbol from our favorite band's 4th album, which I found very cool. We had a friendly chat for about half an hour, then he said he had to leave. He jotted down the name of my favorite band on the whiteboard near my bed and then bid his farewell. 

As he was leaving, he reassured me, "Everything is looking good, you'll be just fine after this". His words brought me some much-needed comfort. I was feeling quite anxious, considering it was only a month after my major heart surgery. The next day, they let me go home. I asked my day nurse what that gentleman's name was. 

I wanted to find his social media and thank him for his kind and relieving words. Her reply chilled me to the core. She said that the only people who visited me were the doctor, my night nurse and herself. She didn't know who could've written down my favorite band's name on the whiteboard, as no other visitor had been in my room.

Weird patientPexels

50. What A Well-Mannered Fellow

I remember this one time I regained consciousness during an operation. Basically, I have an unusually high resistance to most types of anesthesia, and despite the large amount they administered during my emergency room stint, it wasn't enough. 

The trouble was that amidst all the chaos during my ER visit, I failed to inform the surgical team about my peculiar tolerance. Not only did I come around, but I even sat upright on the operating table, engaging in full-blown chat with the startled surgeons. I'll never forget the sight of six grown-ups leaping in sheer surprise. 

They were taken aback by how alert I was. Calm as ever, I voiced my apologies for not giving them the heads up, expressed my gratitude for the now absent pain, and queried if I was good to head home. The issue was they hadn't completed the procedure. Thankfully, they were close to finishing and managed to wrap up using local anesthesia.

Weird patientPexels

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