Ultra-Creepy Supernatural Encounters

October 15, 2022 | Sammy Tran

Ultra-Creepy Supernatural Encounters

Horror stories can be fun to listen to...until they happen to you. These Redditors are here to share their real-life experiences with the supernatural—and they are not for the faint of heart.

1. Better Bee-ware

When I was very young, we lived in a townhouse in Surrey, Vancouver. My dad was away at work, and my mom was home looking after me. She told me that there were a few reasons we moved from that house. My mom and dad had this coffee table that belonged to her grandmother. It was left to my mom upon the grandmother’s passing.

My mom would place the table, which was more of a side table, next to my dad’s sitting chair in the living room. Then we started noticing something bizarre. Every other night or so, this table would move by itself from one corner of the room to the other, often near the window on the other side of the room. My parents do NOT sleepwalk, and I was too young to do anything but drool in my crib.

My parents would often be woken up by voices in our living room and basement. Because of this, my mom would send my dad down to the basement to check it out. The basement was completely bare, with just linoleum flooring. It had no leaks, no animals, and only boxes. But my dad always found something chilling: He always said he saw watery and muddy footprints on the floor leading up the stairs.

By the time he returned to clean them up, they would be gone. Then, one day, my mother put me down on the kitchen floor to play while she did laundry in the other room. She left me alone in the kitchen for not even two minutes and came back to find a giant crack in the wall with bees swarming out of it. I was covered in them from head to toe, and she immediately called for help. By the time the first responders arrived, the bees were flying out the kitchen door and off of me. I wasn't stung once.

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2. A Gastly Ghost

When I lived on my parents’ farm, one day, my sister was looking out the kitchen window which overlooked the barn and the rest of the yard. Suddenly, I heard her gasp. She told me to come to see something freaky. I looked out, and there was a shadow moving back and forth slowly between the fuel tank and the little shed. I told her since it was windy that night, it was probably a shadow that the yard light had cast.

She said, “Okay”, and went to bed. There were other normal, calm nights when we would see that shadow. We noticed it liked to hang out near the fuel tank, so we joked and named it “the fuel tank ghost”. We'd even play around and “talk” to it while gassing up machinery. We had never mentioned this to our parents or friends because we didn't think it was actually a ghost— just a shadow that was cast from the yard light.

Then on one random summer night, my best friend came to pick me up at around 11 PM. She was waiting outside for about 10 minutes before I got in the car. She looked at me and asked, “Why is your dad still outside? I thought your parents went to bed at 8 PM or something”, which was true. I asked her what she was talking about and where he was.

She pointed to the fuel tank. She said she saw a man walking by the fuel tank, who had just disappeared into the dark. No one fuels up after dark anymore.

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3. This Old House

For as long as I've known my wife, she's mentioned growing up in a haunted house. I always assumed she was joking because she always brought it up in quite a lighthearted way and never went into much detail. It was a big old house and I figured she was talking about weird old house noises. I soon found out how wrong I was.

The house belonged to her great-aunt, who raised my wife for most of her childhood. Her great-aunt recently passed, and her great-aunt's daughter (who my wife calls her aunt) now owns the house. After my wife's great aunt passed, we went to stay in the house for four nights to attend the funeral and spend time with my wife's family, as we live in another state.

When we got there, my wife and her aunt were chatting and mentioned that they thought my wife's great-aunt might join the ghosts already haunting the house. I still didn't consider that they might be serious. I quickly learned my lesson.

The first night we spent there, I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed someone standing in the corner of the room beside the door. Thinking it was my wife, I asked what she was doing. This woke up my wife, who was actually sleeping beside me. I said I thought I saw someone in the room with us but it must just be my eyes playing tricks on me.

She said, "The person in the corner next to the door? Yeah, don't worry about it”. I almost peed myself. I thought there was some creep in the room and my wife was too sleepy to process it. I grabbed my phone to call the authorities, but when my phone lit up the room I saw there was no one there.

There wasn't even a weird shape that I might have mistaken for a person. The door was closed, so it wasn't like there could have been someone there who left the room in the moments I was looking away to grab my phone. My wife told me it was common to see shadowy people in the night, but I shouldn't worry because they don't do anything.

She fell back asleep right after that, but I just lay there awake the whole night, wondering what the heck had just happened. The next morning I asked my wife about it, and she said she wasn't kidding about the house being haunted. People who spend the night in the house regularly see and hear ghosts, but they've never hurt anyone or caused any problems.

I remained skeptical even after the next night, which had been after the funeral, and my wife and aunt both reported they'd been visited in their dreams by my wife's great aunt. So far, in my mind, everything was weird but explainable. The figure in the room could have been a strange trick of the light, my wife and her aunt had just attended the funeral of their loved one and it made sense for them to both dream about her that night. Then came the third terrifying night.

The third night, I was kept awake for hours by the constant sound of footsteps pacing around the house. My wife also heard them, but said it was normal and I shouldn't worry, and she fell asleep easily. A few times during the night I got up to look around for the source of the noise. I even did a couple of laps of the outside of the house in case there was someone outside. I never saw anyone walking around.

At one point I was in the lounge room and heard footsteps from the kitchen and called out to ask if there was anyone there. My wife's aunt opened her bedroom door and said she could hear the footsteps too, and just like my wife she told me it was normal and there was no cause for concern. Then there was the sound of a drawer opening in the kitchen, which we both reacted to, and I went to check and found the cutlery drawer open.

My wife's aunt, who'd come to the kitchen too, simply closed the drawer, commented with mild annoyance that the ghosts are always leaving things open, and went back to bed, leaving me to my existential crisis. I could not come up with a way to explain that away. We'd both heard the footsteps, both heard the drawer open at the same time, and there was no one there and no way out of the kitchen except for past us.

I tried staying on the couch to try and catch the mystery walker, and there were multiple times I heard the footsteps pass through the lounge room, but I never saw anything. Eventually, I gave up and went back to bed. Nothing really happened the final night, though we woke up to several cabinets open and no one remembered leaving them open, though that could be explainable by someone just forgetting, or even sleepwalking.

Even so, the footsteps still bothered me. That, combined with the shadowy person from the first night and the cabinets on the last night, kept me nervous in light of everything that happened on the third night. Up until now I've always scoffed at the idea of the paranormal, but I just can't reconcile my experiences in that house with my skepticism.

Talking to my wife's family revealed that everyone who's stayed in the house believes it's haunted, because they've had at least one completely unexplainable experience there. They all report that the ghosts leave people alone for the most part, though some who lived there for a long time as children, including my wife and her aunt, have described meeting people they thought were probably ghosts and having positive, but strange, interactions with them.

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4. Was It Real Or A Snow Job?

When I was 17 or 18, I remember seeing a girl about my age who got hit by a car. I was home alone and sneaking drinks from my parents’ stash. It was late and snowing out, and I'm pretty sure the driver had been drinking and didn't see her. She must have assumed the guy would notice her and let her cross, but he clearly didn't. That terrible sight still haunts me.

She was hit by the car and must have flown a good 20 feet into the trunk of a big oak tree. I didn't actually see her get hit. I had just looked outside because I liked the way the snow looked and saw her contorted body laying against the tree with blood soaking her light blonde hair. I grabbed my phone and ran outside to see if she was still alive.

The body was gone, but there were footprints in the snow where she had been walking, a mark in the snow where she was laying, a dent in the tree, and a smattering of blood trickling into the snow. I was confused, but I saw footprints leading away from the body. I must have been too far from my house for the cordless phone to work, so I had to go back inside to call the authorities. But this nightmare was only beginning.

I turned to my house and noticed that it was completely dark. I was a little freaked out already, but I forgot to put on a jacket, so I forced myself to go inside. I tried the lights, and the power was out. All of the other houses and street lights had power, but it was about 1 AM, and I didn't want to bother my neighbors. I tried the cordless phone again, but it didn’t work.

I went to the hardwired phone, and that line was out as well. I grabbed my jacket and a flashlight and immediately got out of my creepy house. I looked around for the girl and noticed that the tracks were leading both toward and away from where the girl was lying. Further investigation showed that there were two sets of tracks leading to the road—one set of large bootprints and one much smaller set.

Someone must have come looking for her and brought her inside. But a feeling deep down told me something was wrong. I was tired, cold, and pretty shaken, so I decided to brave my house again. I remembered a spare cell phone my parents had for emergencies, so I slowly made my way to the stairs, stopping at the bottom and turning my flashlight off.

The light was casting a host of moving shadows, each one competing for my startled attention. I let my eyes adjust and climbed the creaking stairs to my parents' room. I opened their drawer and heard a whoosh behind me. It was the wind belting the side of the house. I grabbed the cell phone and tried to turn it on, but it didn’t have any power. I took it downstairs with the charger and sat on the couch waiting for it to charge.

The next thing I remember was sudden uproarious laughter, and a flurry of lights and colors as my eyes flew open. I had fallen asleep on the couch, and the lights came back on, along with a late-night episode of The Nanny. I grabbed the cell phone and practically ran outside with my shoes half on, only to see that the marks in the snow were completely covered. I examined the tree, and the blood was gone. I was thoroughly convinced that the event was real, but nothing remained of it.

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5. Holding On To A Grudge

When I'm stressed, I get chronic sleep paralysis where one is still dreaming but believes they are awake, and their body hasn’t woken up yet, so they’re unable to move. One can also hallucinate a tormentor is responsible for this temporary paralysis; mine was the woman from The Grudge or Samara from The Ring. "Literal nightmare" doesn't even cover it.

Once, when I had an important exam, the ghost woman from The Grudge came up from under my bed, making that grating noise and intense eye contact. I was frozen with fear and couldn’t move an inch. She continued to make her way toward me slowly, and when she was about an inch from my face, I snapped out of it.

I thought I had gotten out of bed to shake myself out of it because I felt like I was awake. As I moved for the door, I started to get lower and lower to the ground until I was lying on it. I was again unable to move. Then, the ghost woman emerged from under the bed again towards me; except that time, I felt I was awake. It was horrifying.

I woke up just before she got me and turned on every light. I went straight to the balcony to get cold and make sure I was up. I didn’t sleep for about two days after that.

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6. On High Alert

I am a bow hunter, and I like to still hunt, which is when you dress in full camo and walk through the woods rather than sit in a tree stand. Last October I was coming down a hill into a marshy area. It was kind of late, enough so that the side of the mountain was covered in shadows. I live in Pennsylvania where our mountains are completely covered in trees and it gets dark fast.

When I get to the bottom of the hill, I noticed that it was completely silent, no sounds at all, and I felt the hairs stand on my arms. But I've been creeped out before in the woods, so it wasn't too big of a deal, I kept on. I've been hunting in this general area before but I've never gone down this hill.

I continued creeping through the woods—mind you I am walking very slow, so you can barely hear my footsteps because deer are hard to sneak up on. And then I hear a voice call out for me from behind a thicket of small trees, "Help, come over here, I'm in trouble! Help!" That wasn’t even the creepiest part. I swear to God it was my brother’s voice, and it called me by name.

But my brother lives in Nevada, so it couldn't be my brother. It only took me a second to realize something wasn't right, and when I did I ran faster than I ever have in my life. Only my dad knew where I was hunting that day, and the area is so huge no one would have found me there. Plus he is too old to have played any tricks on me.

But something out there knew my name and it sounded just like my brother. I don't know the heck that was but I don't think I'll ever be going back to the woods again. Maybe I'll move to the desert with my brother, where at least I can see everything around me.

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7. A Big Heart

A few years ago, I started having some still undiagnosed heart-related issues, and so I had to stay in the hospital for a little over a month. I would jerk awake at night to the sound of giggling children, but when I opened my eyes there was nothing there. Just the darkness of night.

One night I went to bed, and I dreamed that I had awoken and there was a child in front of me. He kept pulling on my hand, as if he wanted to show me something. Where he brought me still gives me chills. I got out of bed, and he pulled me out of my room, down the hall, and into the doorway of a boy who had just passed.

We sat there and watched quietly as his mother cried, held by his father. As he was wheeled out of the room, the little boy gripped my hand even tighter, and he began to cry. I bent over and picked him up, hugging him for a little while, and then spoke, "You need to be brave, for them,” pointing to his parents.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and I walked into the room, until we were in front of them. I adjusted how I was holding him to help him look at his parents, and said, "Would you like to say goodbye?" As he waved goodbye and said, "Love you mama," and his mother looked up and began smiling. She was looking straight into my eyes, and she stopped crying only for a moment, as if she trusted in me to take care of him.

When I looked back at him he had vanished, and his mother no longer looked at me. She looked past me. I went back to my hospital bed and laid back down and went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning and never heard the laughter for the rest of my time in that hospital. I remember hearing nurses and doctors talk of the little boy who passed peacefully the night before, and how his mother swore there was an angel holding her child.

Don't know if I believe that I helped a little kid pass through when nobody else could, but if I did then I'm glad. They never did find out what was wrong with my heart, perhaps I'll get another opportunity to help a poor kid pass over.

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8. Game Over

After a long night of gaming on the computer, I saw a flash of white from the corner of my eye. I was in a dark, empty room, with only the monitor light. I thought nothing of it and went back to gaming. I saw it again, only that time, I caught a longer glimpse enough to make out a slender weasely form. I thought at first my roommates' ferrets had escaped.

I became annoyed, checked the ferrets and made sure they were in their room, and returned to the computer. The white flash sprung from one dark corner to the middle of the room, about five feet from where I was sitting. That's when I finally got a good look at the "thing". In that flash, I saw red eyes and a furry form. I shrieked and toppled backward in the chair. All I could think is this was the end. I never saw it again, but the vivid memory of it still scares me to no end.

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9. Pick Up The Phone

My mom had COPD and was a lung cancer survivor. She got sick last January, and at the beginning of February, she was sent home on hospice. My sister and I took care of her around the clock for about three weeks, and she passed with both of us there on February 21st, 2020. We had her cremated, per her wishes.

This Sunday was her birthday. On Monday, my sister was at work and she got a voicemail, but there was no missed call. She listened to it, and her body flooded with fear and elation. It was my mother. She said, “Hi, it's mom. I've taken a turn for the worse and they're sending me back to my hometown. Call me when you can. Love you”.

Obviously, my sister was...shaken. She didn't tell me about it until yesterday. She didn't recognize the voicemail as something that had been left while my mom was alive, and our carrier deletes voicemails after a time unless you actively save them. My sister did say it was her sick voice, not her healthy voice.

I can't stop thinking about it, but I can't figure it out either. My mom's line is on my plan, but I haven't turned her phone on since she passed. It doesn't cost me any more per month, so I never disconnected it.

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10. Right There With You

I lived in a townhouse with my parents and older brother. My parents slept in the living room, and my brother and I each had our own room upstairs. On this particular night, I was dealing with intense pain from a gallstone lodged in my bile duct. I had told my parents over and over that something was wrong, and they chalked it up to just being constipation.

They would get angry if I woke them up in the middle of the night, so I quietly sobbed, sitting on my bed alone, with my door slightly cracked hoping they'd hear me and actually care this time.

I cried for what seemed like a long time. I had my hands over my eyes and I just sat there bent over my knees just sobbing, begging any God to take the pain away. Then the strangest sensation hit me.

Suddenly I felt something sit on the bed next to me. I know I heard it. I could hear the blankets pulling and stretching, the way they do when you sit down on a soft mattress. I felt the bed sink next to me. In that exact moment, the pain literally melted away. I felt a level of peace that I had never felt before, kind of like when you lay on your bed, finally, after a long day of hard physical labor, but multiplied by a thousand.

I have never felt or experienced anything like that before or since, but it's something I will never forget. I believe someone, or something, sensed I had no one, and that I needed comfort. I'm not religious, but I imagine this is what it'd feel like if God sent an angel down to comfort me during one of the hardest times of my life.

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11. The Ghost Of Christmas Eve

I used to work at a cheap movie theater that got all the movies after they were done at the bigger nicer cinemas. We always joked about a ghost that haunted the place because we always heard whistling. You could whistle part of a song, and you would hear someone whistle the rest. We kind of laughed about it and went on with our lives.

One day I was up in the projection area, and I heard someone say my name. I yelled back, "WHAT"? But, there was no answer. I walked downstairs and asked my coworkers what they wanted. They were slammed busy at the front desk, so no one had come upstairs. I thought I was just hearing things. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas so I would always volunteer to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

On Christmas Eve, I was working the night shift alone. I was waiting for a couple of people to finish watching Lord of the Rings so I could go home. After the movie was out, I ran upstairs, stopped the projector, and ran back downstairs to clean the theater. No one else was in the building at that point. Halfway through cleaning the theater, I suddenly got this terrible feeling in my gut. One of those "I shouldn't be here right now" feelings.

I looked up and saw a man-shaped shadow in the projection booth. I ran out of the theater, turned off all the lights, and ran out the door. I turned around and saw that there was a neon sign behind the snack bar that was still on. I worked up some courage and ran back inside to turn it off. I jumped over the counter, turned the light off, and jumped back out the door.

By the time I was out the door, I turned back around and saw the light flickering back on. I ran back in and turned it off again. I turned to my right and saw a flash of light coming from the middle of the dark lobby. I turned, ran, and never looked back.

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12. We Were Taken On A Strange Journey

I was part of a Rocky Horror cast based at an old movie palace-type theater in my hometown. Before it was a theater, it was a hotel. Several travelers took their own lives there over the years. A few years ago, one of my good friends actually passed there. One of the theater managers who had worked there for years refused to be there alone.

I knew dozens of people who claimed to have seen weird things occur. These were people who I trusted and were level-headed. We had professional paranormal investigators come in and look around. I don't believe in anything supernatural; however, there was one chilling thing that I just couldn't explain. I was there with some friends late one night around 3 AM.

For some reason, the lobby was lit with blood-red lights, and my friends and I were hanging out there. On a whim, I went into the actual theater part of the theater. None of the houselights were on, but the theater had murals lit by blacklights on either side of the screen. I was standing in this cavernous theater, with the red lights fading to black behind me and a ghostly blue light ahead.

The screen was pitch black. Looking into that darkness was like staring into an abyss. I was driven to keep going forward and kept stumbling toward the darkness even though I could feel unbridled animal terror in my gut. It was as though I was hypnotized. It was terrifying.

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13. O Christmas Ghost

My family and I have been dealing with what seems to be poltergeist activity in the home we're renting. Occasionally we will see figures, hear voices, etc. What intrigues me the most is sometimes strange things that occur, such as me walking into my kitchen to find every cabinet is wide open as well as everything plugged into an outlet is unplugged.

December 1st comes around and I pull the Christmas tree out of storage and begin assembling it, but I haven't added the ornaments yet. At that time, I was very tired due to lack of sleep so I took a nap. After waking up, I walk out into the living room and I realize that there is one ornament hung in the center of my tree.

I got chills because my parents are on a work trip and I am home alone. Maybe the ghost likes the holidays. I think it's pretty wholesome, but creepy nonetheless.

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14. Look To The Shadows

As a kid, I suffered terrible mistreatment, to the point I was non-verbal for a year when at home. My mom raised us militant Christian; basically, you are God’s soldier fighting evil on Earth type stuff. I prayed every night for it to stop but I felt (and still feel) God didn't care, so I remember begging for anything to help me.

Then it did stop. My horrible stepdad took off and my other mistreater refused to come even within eyesight of me. It coincided with a very eerie experience. I started to see a shadow person around that time, and unlike all the stories I have heard he had “eyes,” they just look like voids of molten silver like there is no end to them.

I was never afraid, I always felt better, safer, when I saw it. I saw him every day multiple times. My little brother did too, but he was never afraid either. When I was in a safe scenario again I didn't see him as often, just occasionally when I was upset. The weird thing was, if someone ever hurt me physically or emotionally, they would soon start to avoid me as well. As if they were scared to be around me.

Years later when I was in my 20s, my best friend and I had a huge falling out. We made up months later when we both had time to collect ourselves, and she confessed a dark secret to me. She told me she saw him. He would be in corners of her room, but most commonly in mirrors always standing behind her.

She said that she felt it was somehow connected to me, and that was affirmed because after we made up she didn't see him again. My life is much calmer now so I don't see him often, but if I get scared or start to go off the deep end in my mania or depression I feel him, and it soothes me.

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15. He Got Under My Skin

I was with my girlfriend and her family at a going away party for some members of her family who were moving away. It was 3 PM on a Saturday, and the weather was pretty sweet. We were watching Tangled, and it had just ended. When it finished, my girlfriend’s nephew took the remote and hit a button causing it to change inputs and go to static.

My girlfriend’s niece who was three stared at the static blankly for a few seconds and whispered, "Skin taker, skin taker". I promptly freaked out, snatched the remote from the nephew, and turned the television off as fast as humanly possible. To this day, that kid creeps me out.

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16. Southern Charms

Before I was born, we used to live in a large house near Fairfax, Virginia, on the old Civil War battlegrounds. This house was built next to a building that was used as a field hospital back during that time. Our house itself was built over an officer's residence. On many nights, my parents swear they saw figures walking around outside and would occasionally hear sounds in the house.

Doors opened, sinks turned on, etc., but there was nothing violent or disturbing. The figures were scary but never did any harm and would not hang around long. At that time, my sister was still a baby, so my parents had a baby monitor. One night, my sister started to cry in her crib. While my parents were arguing about who would go comfort her, they heard a sound that stopped them in their tracks.

There was a “Thump, thump, thump, crreeeeeaaaaakkkk”. Over the monitor, you could hear the door to my sister's room open. My dad, freaking out, grabbed it and quietly moved to her room. Then, he heard the monitor utter, "Shhhh". Her crib mobile started to turn on its own, and a kindly, southern voice soothed her. After she was done crying, the voice was gone, and all was silent.

The rest of the time living there, small benevolent acts were done by this gentleman ghost. My family thinks it was an old officer from back in the day who was being kind to the people who now lived there.

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17. A Long-Lost Friend

I've been thinking about this for a few days since I told my friend this story and she noted how weird it was. Back in 2011, I was having a really bad time health-wise. For the year before, that year, and the one after, my lungs filled up with fluid as soon as the cold weather hit and I was in the hospital for at least 10 days at a time.

2011 was the worst. For reasons yet unknown to me, the specialist in charge of my care incorrectly diagnosed me with tuberculosis and gave me medicine that would either kill or cure me. It nearly ended me. It reacted poorly with my diabetes and the lung specialist was a jerk who didn't care that I was throwing up for three days straight.

I barely survived ketoacidosis, and I was in the ICU for three days, and in the hospital for 13. While I was in the ICU, passing in and out of consciousness and completely unaware of the passage of time, I hallucinated a cat. I would be on the edge of sleep, and something would jump up on the bed with me, chirp, and curl up so I could feel warmth and purring.

Sometimes he would knead my leg through the sheets, waking me up. I saw him come in the room only once. He was a big black longhaired tomcat, with an aggressively cheerful disposition and huge yellow eyes. I nicknamed him Lambert in my head. I even asked the nurses about him, half out of my skin as I was, and that was when I realized the truth.

He wasn't a real animal. I made him a promise in my head all the same—he had kept me going by letting me think there was one creature there with me 24/7, keeping me tethered to life, so if we met again I would return the favor and look after him however I could. Fast forward eight years, to 2019.

My childhood cat Lupin had finally succumbed to old age (she was born in 2000) and to try and deal with the grief, I was on Facebook scrolling through local cat sanctuaries and rescues and who should I see but a five-month-old kitten who was the exact match to the hallucination/spirit/dream/whatever that had kept me wanting to stay alive back then.

I was sure the moment I saw him, and I was even more sure when we went to meet him at the shelter. I saw the same white freckles on his shoulders I had had less than inches from my face as I drifted and he purred in that hospital bed.

My mom vetoed the name Lambert, so we called him Jet. He had chronic anxiety issues and no food security from being on the street for his first three months. He kept me on my goddarn toes while I was getting over the passing of my best friend. But he's got the softest fur ever and is a chronic cuddler, and I owe him a lot.

He still chirps when he jumps up on my bed. I'm not exactly a gold-star Believer—my philosophy is weird stuff happens—but I'm inclined to look for logical explanations first. I know I was super sick and my brain was throwing up all kinds of nonsense. I know that eight years is a long time for memory to change, especially from such a blurry and confused period.

But emotionally I can't shake that feeling that I met my cat nearly a decade before he was even born.

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18. Human Behavior

I am a moderately typical teenage guy from Japan. But there is one extremely weird thing about me. Ever since I can remember, I have had recurring encounters with some strange people, be it in terms of looks or behavior. These encounters can happen anywhere from a week’s space to several months, and it always seems like it was their intention to meet me.

My most recent one was on my way home from school. During my walk, I was looking down at my phone for a short moment, about to text one of my friends I planned to have over at my house later. As I looked up, a young man looking like he was in his 20s was approaching me a few meters ahead.

This confused me for a minute, as it was a straight and fairly long path ahead. I thought to myself that while I may have been looking at my phone, I would surely have noticed him coming from the corner of the path a good length away. Or at least, I expected him to be closer to that corner.

But there he was, approaching from the middle as if he had appeared from thin air. His hair was dark brown, a bit unkempt but still good-looking, and he had green eyes. His clothes were fairly ordinary too, keeping a sort of laid-back summer style to it. There was a remarkable thing, though.

He had a tattoo, or mark per se. A black line running from his left chin, and down underneath his shirt. As he got close enough for conversation, he stopped me and asked for my name. When I told him, he said that he'd heard about me before. This confused me, as I'm not exactly a celebrity, but I thought nothing more of it.

We then had some boring small talk, but he genuinely seemed pretty cheerful. Just as he was about to take off, he told me that I should probably wait for my friend. He didn't give me much of a chance to respond to this before walking off in the direction he came from. I thought about what he said, and turned around to walk back to school.

I glanced behind my back not long after, only to find that he was nowhere to be seen. As I made it back to my school, sure enough, I find my friend waiting by the gate. She apparently thought we were going to walk to my place together and had been waiting for me for quite a long time.

I apologized and we began walking. I didn't tell her about the encounter, but I thought about it when she left. I didn't tell him, or hint about my friend at all. So how would he have known?

These types of encounters have kept on happening throughout my whole life, sometimes very frequently. And I don't know why.

These people I meet just seem too…unreal? And they usually know something I never told them about, which leads me to believe these people aren't human at all.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesWikimedia Commons

19. Bright Lights, Big Scare

In 7th grade, I was walking with some friends. We looked above a cornfield and saw a bright light floating around. Then, it started moving towards us, so we booked it into the nearest neighborhood and screamed the whole way. The rest of the night was uneventful, but the next night was my terror. I had just gotten up to go to the bathroom, and 15 minutes after I laid back down, my entire vision blanked white.

Panicking, I ran out of my room and into my living room where my mom was reading. I stayed with her until she went to sleep, then reluctantly went back to my own room. I didn’t sleep for days because of the fear of the white light.

Childhood Memory FactsFlickr,DragonRal

20. Yeti Or Not, We Were Done

When I was 18, my buddy and I were spending a weekend at my grandparents’ house to go deer hunting. On the first morning, at around 3:00 AM, we left the house and headed out to the woods. We were both kind of groggy, and when we walked out the door, there was what appeared to be a medium/large white dog up on the hill behind the house.

As we were walking down the driveway, the dog stood up, morphed into a humanoid-shaped figure, and took off running into the woods. At that point, I stopped and started wondering if I was still asleep. My buddy looked up at me and asked if the dog just stood up on two legs and ran away. I don't remember what I said, but we turned around and went back inside.

Remus Lupin factsHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Warner Bros.

21. A Friend In Need

In 2017, I nearly lost my fight with tuberculosis. I was wrongly diagnosed with pneumonia for weeks which resulted in a lack of treatment for the real problem. I remember feeling my strength going away and my body giving up. I truly felt I was dying and to my surprise, I was at peace with it.

I was laying in my bed thinking about my life and if I had any regrets because I simply knew I wouldn’t see the end of that week.

When my mom got home from work and saw how weak I was, she rushed me to the third hospital to see the fifth doctor in less than three weeks, hoping this time they would find out what was really wrong with me. I can’t even imagine how it was for her to see her daughter dying in front of her, it must have been devastating.

It turned out this new doctor finally looked at the right place and made the right diagnosis and put me on isolation and heavy medication immediately. He later told a truly hair-raising detail. He said this saved my life, and if my mom had waited until the next day to bring me to that hospital I wouldn’t make it.

He said the night he committed me he wasn’t even sure I would make it through the night. And that’s where my old man makes his appearance. I had just been installed in my room and was in that confused state where you keep losing and regaining conscience when you’re really sick and feverish.

But I remember being (almost) completely awake in the middle of the night, when my mom was at home taking a shower and picking up some things that we would need while in the hospital. So I know for a fact I was alone at this time since my mom was the only one allowed to be in the same room as me because, you know, tuberculosis.

I remember looking through the window at my right side and being thankful for the breeze that was coming in when I felt a warm hand squeezing my left one. When I looked to my left side I couldn’t really see who was there since the room was in complete darkness except for the weak moonlight coming through the window. Nonetheless, I could see the silhouette of a man sitting in the chair by my side.

I know it was an old man because I could feel the texture of his skin. In my feverish delusional state, I thought that was my grandfather, even though it couldn’t be because my grandfather lives in another city and is really skinny, and this hand was old, but big and strong. So he just sat there, holding my hand and comforting me, assuring me I would be alright and he would take care of me and not let me die.

I felt this warm feeling in my chest. I felt so much love for that man and his own love embracing me. It was one of the most heartwarming moments of my life. I can barely put this into words. He kept holding my hand and talking to me until I fell asleep and when I woke up again my mom was just arriving to be there with me.

I never knew who that man was, but I love him like I would love a father or a grandfather. He felt so familiar and made me feel so loved, it brings me to tears just writing this. I know for a fact that no one got into my room because I was in isolation due to the contagious bacteria I was fighting, and my room door was right in front of the nurse’s desk, so there’s no way anyone could pass through them.

It was such a beautiful experience to live. I feel so grateful he was there for me, holding my hand while I was so alone and afraid. Even though I don’t have any idea who he was

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPexels

22. The Woman In The Dream

My partner and I have recently moved into a new house, which I love and am happy to be in, but some curious things have happened that I can’t really find an explanation for. Last night, however, is the most bizarre. The original house was built in 1942, and we highly suspect half of it was added on later because it doesn’t fit the rest of the house.

My partner, a sincere skeptic, noticed this from the architecture, but I can sort of feel it in the energy of the house. The newer front area (a combined living room/kitchen and bathroom) feels very calm and welcoming. While the older back of the house (master bedroom, bathroom, office, and sunroom) is darker and sometimes uncomfortable for me to be in from time to time.

The air feels heavier to me and seems to put off a lot of static that I can feel under my feet. Though, to be fair, I do spend less time in that part of the house so this sense of unrest could be due to that I suppose. The bathroom in the master bedroom is the oddest place for me, there’s a small door in the ceiling that leads to the attic and for whatever reason, it particularly draws my attention.

Also, the door to the bathroom has a tendency to swing open when it’s ajar, but I’m aware it could be a draft. We also tend to hear a lot of noises at night, but again, this could easily be dismissed by a draft and the fact that it is a fairly old house. But there are some things I really can’t explain.

The first strange thing to happen: I was laying in bed, half asleep, and suddenly a glass water bottle fell over and rolled across the floor. My partner and I were both startled, and he immediately yelled out “Who is it? Who’s there?” in his sleep, then laid back down. He has no recollection of this.

It was about four feet from the bed, so there is no way I could have knocked it over. And, like I said, I was not completely asleep yet when this happened, and remember laying completely still on my stomach with my knees facing the direction away from the bottle and there were several things between me and it that would’ve been knocked down as well had it been me.

Then last night, I was having an excruciating time falling asleep, with just a general sense of unrest despite how exhausted I was. Finally, when I did fall asleep, I had a nightmare that there was a woman walking through our house. She was inhumanly old, with a severe hunched back and shuffling walk. It gets creepier.

The most unsettling part was that she had her arm outstretched in front of her, and in the center of her palm, she was holding her own eye. She stopped directly in front of the door to our bedroom and peered sideways at me, both with her head and the eye in her hand. I woke with a violent start and knocked the remote off the bed, which was pretty loud.

This is then the conversation I had with my sleep-talking partner: Him: “Is she here?” Me: “Is who here?” Him: “The woman”. Me: “What woman?? What are you talking about?” Him: “The woman from your dream”. Me: “How did you know I was dreaming about a woman? Hush it’s okay, go back to sleep”. Him: “Is the woman here?”

At which point, I began to rub his back and just tried to get him to stop talking. He said several other things in his sleep and was very restless, tossing and turning and moaning all night. As soon as I woke up this morning, I asked him about it and, again, he has no recollection of talking in his sleep or anything happening.

However, he says he doesn’t feel rested at all and can tell he must have slept badly. I downloaded a sleep talk recording app and plan to use it tonight, because we both talk in our sleep and I’d like to see if anything else unusual is said.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPexels

23. Shadow Man

As a kid, I used to hear random voices in my house when I was completely alone. I didn't tell anyone for a while because I didn't want to seem crazy. However, once I mentioned it to other family members, they told stories of the rocking chair I had as a baby rocking by itself at night.

It would only stop when someone came up the staircase to see why I was awake and would find an empty chair. Other times, I would lose an object for months at a time.

One day, I lost my ski mask. After coming back from dinner the mask was inexplicably sitting at the doorway to my room. Everyone in my family swore they didn't put it there and had no clue where it was. However, that still wasn't the weirdest thing that happened.

That was when my dog would get up, look at the front door, and just growl for no reason. One day, we took a picture of our staircase and looking back at it, you could clearly see the shadow of a man walking up the stairs even though no one was there.

Law Enforcement Creepy Calls FactsPixabay

24. The Moment He Took Flight

When my dad passed, my brothers, my mom, and I were all there. As he was in the process of his last agonal respirations, we knew time was short. He took his last one at 12:00, and what I saw rise up from his chest at that moment, I cannot explain. Something white and translucent floated/rose/drifted from his body. It was like watching a helium balloon take flight in a wind that had no specific direction. No one else saw it. After that, he would visit me in my dreams, telling me things are fine.

Power tripsUnsplash

25. Some Fatherly Advice

My dad passed a few years ago after a battle with cancer. He owned a gun and only he knew where it was. He kept the magazine separate. After he passed, we needed to find it to get rid of it because none of us in the house had a permit. The magazine was found but the piece itself couldn’t be found by anybody.

I was in college at the time and didn’t live at home. My mom told me that they had given up looking for it. I had a dream around that same time where I was standing in my parents’ bedroom and my dad was standing there with me. He didn’t say anything, he was just looking at me.

He walked into his closet and I followed him. He went to his shoe rack and bent down to the bottom pair of shoes, and that’s when I woke up. My college is only about 15 minutes from my house so I would go home fairly often. The next time I was home I went to look in my parents’ closet.

My mom was cooking dinner so she didn’t follow me. I went into the closet, bent down to the bottom of the shoe rack, and sure enough, found my dad’s gun. I began to sob because before I didn’t believe in an afterlife, but this had to mean there was something. I brought it downstairs while still crying and told my mom about the dream and she began to cry as well.

That was a few years ago and I still have no reasonable explanation for this, but I’m glad I was able to see my dad again.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPexels

26. A Malevolent Force

For some background, I live in the California foothills. My parents and I moved into this house from the city in late 2017, after it had been sitting empty for over a year. The day we moved in, my mother and I arrived first to clean while my father and brother drove the moving truck. Right off the bat, things felt off.

I was uneasy, but tried to write it off. The property felt...heavy is the only way I can describe it. Some people describe the feeling of being watched inside their homes, but I had that feeling any time I stepped outside. We were going to sweep and mop the floors, then dust the baseboards and window sills, when I started noticing this white granular powder all along the baseboards.

And the window sills. And the doorways. I immediately told my mother, who told me not to worry about it and sweep it up. By the time I had swept up every room and cleaned off the window sills, I was certain it was salt. And a lot of it. But fine, whatever. The people that lived here before were superstitious. Okay I can live with that.

We unpacked the truck over the next week. I was setting up my room when the next bizarre events started happening. Knocking on the windows. Always quick raps that sounded like someone knocking with their knuckles. It would happen so often, on all the windows in the house, but when you would turn, no one would be there. You'd go outside, no one would be around the house. This only escalated.

My brother and I would walk the dogs around the property. They were older, small dogs who were always good-natured and calm, except for when they were outside at this new house. They would growl, puff out, and get extremely agitated. They hated being outside. Then it escalated more.

We started finding the animal carcasses. They were always small creatures; rats, toads, bats, the biggest we ever found was a raccoon. The animals had been gutted. A single deliberate line down their torso, starting at their chest and ending near their rear. No internal organs left. They looked practically mummified, like something had sucked the fluid and blood and organs right out of them. It was one of the most bizarre and brutal things I had ever seen.

My brother would stay up late in his room on his computer every night. He liked to game with his friends until the early morning hours. He does not spook easily, but on more than one occasion I would wake up to him shaking me awake, terrified and saying something massive on two legs was walking around outside his bedroom window, which he would have open at night.

He said it would walk right up to his bedroom window and stop, and when he would look toward the sound he could hear it scrambling away. I never saw it with my own eyes and neither did he, but the motion lights outside would be activated every single time, leading to the woods near the back of our property.

I know what you're probably thinking, all of this up to this point can be explained away rationally, a crazy person living in the woods, some neighbor messing with us for whatever reason. Well that was what I told myself too so I could sleep a little easier at night. Then it took another turn. 

The banging started. It was so loud, and it would sound like it was coming from everywhere at once. The walls would literally vibrate, picture frames rattling right off the walls. It was like something massive, stronger than any crazy person, was pounding on the exterior walls of the house, always late at night, and always in more places than just one.

I could never pinpoint the source directly. My brother and I would stumble out of our bedrooms petrified, and my mom would lead us to her room where we would stay after that. My dad would walk the perimeter of our property with his gun, but never found anything. No footprints, no people, nothing.

This happened for probably six months. And every time a major event would happen, my dad would walk the perimeters. And come back with nothing. We felt like we were going insane. Then suddenly, it just stopped. The animals stopped appearing. I stopped feeling like I was being watched any time I would go outside.

My dogs stopped being so on edge any time I took them out, and the property itself seemed to get "lighter" like it finally took a deep breath after holding it for so long. I genuinely have no explanation, or even a clue as to what that creature, being, entity even was. I'm just glad it seems to have moved on.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesUnsplash, MontyLov

27. Forest Of Illuminations

My boss and I were metal detecting on a set of trails. We had started about 30 minutes before dusk, made our way to the back of the trails, and started returning as the last bit of waning light was disappearing into the darkness. Because it had become hard to see at that point, we were both walking with our heads down, looking at the trail directly in front of us.

Curious as to how much further we had to walk, I looked directly forward, and something caught my eye. I started to yell, "What…" as my boss called my name and said, "What is...what the”? About 75 feet in front of us was a glowing form levitating five feet off the ground in front of a tree. It looked like a floating ghost decoration you would see in somebody's yard for Halloween, except it was illuminated from within.

As soon as we started making noise, it floated down the trail away from us, then whooshed to the left into the forest at a rapid rate. I said, "Was that a fl...", and he cut me off and said, "Floating illuminated blanket that just shot into the forest at 30 miles per hour"? Shocked, I replied, "Yeah". The hairs on my body were standing up on end.

We hightailed it out of there, gripping our spades and shovels like we never wanted to let go until we were inside the truck and out of the parking lot. We've been back a couple of times, trying to provoke it to happen again, but have been unsuccessful. I'm still not sure what it was, but it was definitely the creepiest, most inexplicable thing that I had ever seen.

Into The Unknown: These Remote Job Experiences Were Absolutely Terrifying Shutterstock

28. Hands Off The Ouija Board

When my mom was in high school, she lived in a big old farmhouse in a rural area. It was allegedly haunted by a farmhand who lost his life in an accident 50 years prior. My mom, her sister, and three of their friends decided to contact the spirit using an Ouija board and talk to it. They put an entirely blank sheet of paper in the far corner of the room with a pencil, and all had both hands on the board centerpiece.

After attempting to contact the spirit with little success, my aunt suddenly started screaming. Despite the fact all of their hands were on the board, my aunt had a large, red handprint on her arm as if someone with large hands had hit her, and that's what she said she felt. The piece of paper that was across the room was now a few feet from where it was originally and had a large "L" on it.

The next day, my mom and her sister went to the library to look up who the late farmhand was His name was Lawrence. After that, Ouija boards were banned at my parents’ house, and my brothers and I were forbidden from "attempting to contact the deceased or rousing any ghosts".

Paranormal ExperiencesShutterstock

29. A Ghost Of The Future

In 1991, my family had been living in a split-level ranch house on Long Island, in New York. At the time, my father was 46 years old and a fairly husky guy. He had jet-black hair. My brother (who was about 15 at the time) and I were up late watching Saturday Night Live in our living room.

It was just after the show ended at about 1:00 am, and we had been laughing about the show somewhat loudly. We heard our parents' bedroom door open up, and we both said to each other "Shoot, we just woke Dad up”. We both looked over at the bedroom door, and it was now wide open, but we could hear our father snoring in bed. I almost shrieked at what I saw. 

Standing right there in the open doorway was an old man. He was slightly hunched over, wearing a white dress shirt with a collar, and blue pants. He had completely gray hair and looked straight at us. He was also relatively thin. He looked completely solid, not transparent or anything like that.

After 2-3 seconds, he totally vanished. My brother and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, "Did you just see an old man?" We then described to each other EXACTLY what we had just seen, and it was identical. When we went over to the room to investigate, our father was still in bed, snoring. He had never gotten up. Our mother was next to him, sound asleep as well.

My brother and I have talked about this experience many times over the years since then, and tried to figure out if we saw a ghost that night. The really weird thing is this: Now, 30 years later, our father looks IDENTICAL to the apparition that we saw in 1991. He looks gaunt and thin, has totally gray hair, and has the same posture (slightly hunched over) that he didn't have then, but which the apparition had. It was most certainly him that we saw that night.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPexels

30. The Lost Boy

Back in March, my six-year-old daughter began talking about “the third grown child” in our apartment. She insisted that apart from her, her younger brother, and her baby sister, there was a child older than her who was with us. I chalked it up to a whimsical imagination and just sort of smile and listen. This goes on for a couple of months.

Around this time, she was also talking a lot about my late grandmother who she'd never met, but was very dear to me. She claimed grandma was an angel and would talk to her, hang out with her, tell her all kinds of things. Well, one day we're saying our goodnight prayer and afterward, she goes off on a tangent about a cake grandma used to bake that wasn't chocolate and had berries on it and said this cake was very special.

Indeed my grandma made a cranberry cheesecake every year during the holidays that I loved. I got such an overwhelming feeling during this conversation that after we said goodnight I closed the door and cried in my bedroom. So I kept wondering if it was possible that some of the things she was saying were true.

One evening I finally broke down and asked my father about four specific things my daughter had said she'd been told. Sure enough, he confirms that all of it was true and provided back story to each thing.

This confirmation made me wonder...if THAT stuff was true, is there any truth to the OTHER things she's saying? Specifically about this “third grown child”. She had provided a name, how he had passed, the location of where he was found, and a few other minor details. One of the things she kept saying was that he would be coming with us to our new house.

I finally decide to google some of this information and see if anything adds up. I’m still terrified by what I found. Not only do I find a kid by that exact name with all the correct details, but I notice something very bizarre: In the initial photos of our new home that we signed on, there were people still living there. And in the room that was going to be my daughter’s, there was a set of four red Cardinal paintings from a paint night or something.

One of the pictures I found of this boy was of him and his dad and his brothers all wearing red Cardinal shirts...the four of them. And now we live in our new house and experience activity to varying degrees almost every single day. IF it's all true and IF there really is this kid's spirit hanging out with us...what now? I need a drink.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPexels

31. Fire And Brimstone

My cousin, a friend, and I were driving down a road we had covered many times before. All of a sudden, I was in some type of inferno, or at least what my imagination must have thought it looked like. It was all red, with fire, and a giant devil-looking thing way off in the distance. When I came back to myself, we were on the side of the road, and my cousin asked if anyone else felt that.

We both nodded and then got back on the road. We never discussed what we experienced or ever spoke of it again. I wasn't religious before that happened and still wasn't after, but it was still very odd and seriously creepy.

Memorable Last Words factsPixabay

32. Dream Weaver

Years ago, my classmate was telling me about her dream from the night before. I stopped her and told her that she had already told me it, and she said she hadn’t. Then, I finished telling her what her dream was about and she was speechless. I’ve had some serious déjà vu feelings in my life, but that one stood out the most.

Phone Calls Gone Horribly WrongShutterstock

33. The Return Of The Good Boy

My dog had been with us for 10 years before he passed last year. He always slept in my room with me and his bed had always been just beside mine on the right side. It's still there. Last night when I was scrolling through my phone, I heard scratching noises coming from the same direction as his bed.

I ignored the noise as I wasn’t really paying attention, and that’s when it happened. I felt his wet nose rubbing against my hand. This happened a lot of times when he was sleeping right beside me as his bed was very close.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPexels

34. Into The Woods

Yesterday I was walking back home after hanging out with some friends. I was completely sober and in my right mind. I’ve never been afraid to walk alone in the dark, as I’m quite tall and intimidating-looking from a distance. Plus I always bring a pocket knife when I know I’ll be walking in the dark.

Anyways, I was walking past some woods on the way back to my house and I heard my mother’s voice call “Gabriel! Help!” from inside the woods. I immediately recognized her voice and turned to look into the woods. She kept calling my name, over and over. I couldn’t see anything, it was far too dark to see through the trees.

“Mom!” I called back, heading towards the woods. She sounded like she was in trouble and scared. I assumed that she had gone for a run like she did every night and somehow got lost in the woods. Then I realized it couldn’t be her. She had texted me only 10 minutes before, asking me to come home soon to watch my little sister so she could go on a run.

I stopped in my tracks and called my mom. The voice in the woods was still calling my name, and getting more frantic by the second. She picked up and I immediately asked her if she was in the woods. She said no, she was back home with my little sister. I swear to God, as soon as she said she was back home, her voice stopped calling my name from inside the woods.

I was overcome with a wave of dread and fear that I had never felt before. Something in the woods was trying to lure me in using my mother’s voice, and it knew my full name, not just my nickname. Which made things even scarier because the only person who calls me “Gabriel” is my mom.

I immediately turned and ran back home faster than I have ever run before. When I got back home, my legs felt like Jell-O and my lungs burned. I opened the door, and there was my mom, sitting on the couch with my sister.

I would think this was some sort of prank, but my mom isn’t one for pranks, and even if she was, there is no way she could have gotten home before me without me seeing her.

My only question is, what was in the woods?

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPexels

35. This Didn’t Sit Well

When I was little, I used to have a stool in my room. It was a heavy thing made of solid wood that had originally been a chair until the back had been sawed off. One evening as I was lying in bed asleep, it dragged itself across the floor. Not far, just a foot or two. Unfortunately, I didn't see it occur since it was behind my bed, but I heard it on the hardwood. When I called for my mom, I asked her, "Didn't that used to be over there"? She had heard it as well and agreed that it had in fact been further into the corner.

Bizarre ExperiencesFlickr, Capture Queen

36. Scaredy Cat

I was sleeping in my room when I heard scratching at the door. This was normal because I sleep with my door closed and my cat loved sleeping on my bed. I got up to let her in, and for a second, I thought I saw a person out of the corner of my eye. I stood there for a minute but didn't see it again. I got back into bed, and my cat started meowing. That alone was strange because she almost never made any noise.

She jumped up on my bed and tried to crawl under the covers. I knew right then something was seriously wrong. That cat absolutely HATED being under anything. She managed to crawl under the blankets with me and started growling. I looked under the blankets and tried to calm her down. When I looked back up, I saw a human-shaped form standing about three feet away from my bed.

I couldn't look away, and I couldn't move. It slowly backed away, and my cat kept growling, then I passed out. I woke up with the cat in my bed and the door to my room open.

Haunted HouseUnsplash

37. A Vision From The Past

I grew up in a historical town in the UK where there is a cathedral that’s over 700 years. For hundreds of years, people across England and beyond would pilgrimage to it. My family bought a house in this town and decided to renovate it From the start I had edgy feelings about the place, but being a generally nervous teen at the time I put it down to me being silly.

My dad is a total no-nonsense kind of guy. Calls a spade a spade, has no time for paranormal, spiritual, or religious chat. He thinks in terms of logic and realism and trusts what he can see and touch. My mom and he have had some heated debates about the fact she has seen or felt unexplained things and he scoffs at that.

Basically, if anything spooky ever happened to him, I’d believe it purely because he doesn’t. I found this story out years later. One night dad was woken up by the sound of hooves galloping. We all slept on the ground floor but nowhere near cattle or horses, so the unusual noise woke him up.

He got up and left the bedroom to look for the source of the noise. He took one step to the lounge door in front of him and opened it. The lounge door had windows that opened onto the main road. Through the window, all he could see were rows and rows of heads walking past the house.

The heads had gold helmets with red plumage on them and they all moved toward the center of town: toward the cathedral. They didn’t pay attention to him but just moved silently through, just their heads facing toward town. We knew the road we lived on was built on a Roman road and he believed these were Roman soldiers on horseback making their way to the city.

Over the years the land would have been built on and up and accumulated height, so in this day and age all you could see of them were their necks and heads.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPexels

38. Seeing Double

This happened back in the summer of 2015 when I was serving in the United States Army Reserves. I was stationed in southern Alabama in a transportation company. Sometimes, my girlfriend would come with me on drill weekends and we would crash at a friend of hers' apartment, which is where this incident took place.

This particular weekend we were in a large convoy in the middle of nowhere, on some backroad out in the sticks well over 100 miles from the city. That was when I got the most confusing, bizarre, and downright creepy phone call of my young life. My girlfriend was in utter hysterics. She was crying and screaming, wondering why I would frighten her so badly.

She asked what the heck my problem was and was asking me how I even pulled it off. After I was finally able to calm her down, this is the story she relayed to me. Sometime that afternoon her friend was at work and she was at the apartment by herself. Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door. Not a knock, but several loud and violent bangs. After looking through the peephole, she saw me.

But there was something off. She says I was wearing my army uniform and it looked like me, but that I had this very angry, aggravated look on my face. She opened the door wondering why I was home so early. Apparently, without saying a word I angrily blew past her, shoulder-checking her into the wall, and quickly walked down the hall, taking a left into the bedroom and slamming the door behind me so hard the whole place shook.

She was very alarmed and confused about why I was home so early and in such an agitated state. That is so out of character for me. I’m not a violent guy at all. On top of that, if something did happen to set me off, she would have been the first to hear about it. So she's walking behind me, trying to get some information out of me and she opens the bedroom door behind me and sees the closet door slam shut.

She proceeds to run over to see what I was doing in her friend’s closet. She claims that when she opened the door, it was completely empty. That was when she had a panic attack and called me. Imagine my shock and confusion hearing that story and knowing that I was well over 100 miles away at the time.

She finally believed me after I sent her a photo with my current GPS location, which only served to freak her out more. I thought that there must be some kind of rational explanation for what she saw. She was totally sober at the time. She had no mental illness.

Over the years since that happened, I came to learn about doppelgangers. I don't know what they mean, what they represent, or why they come around. All I know is that they are creepy as heck, and a girl I dated for several years came face-to-face with mine and it put the fear of God into the poor girl.

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39. Too Many Kooks In The Kitchen

One night, I came home late from a club. I was sober as I had work the next day. I pulled up outside my house at around 3 AM and found my mom waiting at the door. She didn’t look right, but I figured it may have been because it was so late. She turned right and went into her bedroom, but while she was closing the door, she also went straight down the corridor into the kitchen.

I thought I was seeing things, as I had just clearly witnessed her walking into the bedroom and she was still closing the door. So, I walked down the corridor into the kitchen, and there was my mom with her back turned and looking out of the window. She was swaying ever so slightly from side to side. I had this sudden burst of goose pimples, and I said, "Mum”?

She turned around with this really creepy toothy smile, and when our eyes met, I swear I heard thunder and collapsed. Everything sounded like I was underwater and I couldn't move. I must have been screaming because my sister ran into the kitchen. She looked messed up and creepy too. My dad came running in, he put his hand on my forehead and said stuff I couldn't understand.

Then everything was gone. I lay there sobbing and shaking as I had no idea what had just happened. After that, I was prone to freakish nightmares, and to this day, if my mom is in the kitchen when I visit her, I won't walk in.

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40. A Dark And Lonely Road

I was driving in my hometown of Lake Luzerne in the Adirondacks of New York. I was in the thick of it, driving down lonely forgotten roads. Within the next twenty miles—in both directions— there were no buildings or cars pulled over or cars that I had even passed. While I was going around a bend, I saw what looked like headlights. As I drew closer, I realized something didn't make sense: They were coming from inside the woods.

There were two large columns of light. They were decently far in but very bright. The shadows cast on the forest were unlike anything I had ever seen. I had such a strange mix of emotions; I just wanted to get away. When I passed the point most perpendicular to the road, I did not look at them and did not look in my rearview mirror either. I've never felt that way before or again in my life.

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41. A Purrfect Pet

My mom and I have a ton of cats; we’re huge animal people. Three years ago we had a small, skinny, but fluffy cat named Gizzy. We named her Gizzy because of her super unique and loud purr. It was like no other purr I’ve heard before. We thought it sounded kind of like Gizmo from the movie Gremlins, so that’s where the name comes from.

Early in 2017, she was diagnosed with feline lymphoma and given a few months to live. We were heartbroken, especially because she was only around three years old. She surpassed the timeline the vet gave her, so we were optimistic, but she eventually did get worse, and on Halloween of that year we had to make the decision to put her to sleep.

It was extremely hard because her health had actually seemed to improve over a few months, but turned downhill again extremely fast. Now let me introduce one of our other cats, Smoke, also skinny and slightly fluffy, super energetic, colored grey with white on his tail and paws.

Contrary to Gizzy, he had absolutely no purr sound. I don’t know what makes cats purr in their body, but whatever it is, it has never worked in our boy Smoke. He’s very content, but he just never figured out how to make the noise, I guess. This is extremely significant given what happened the next day.

The day after Gizzy passed, I woke up to get ready for school and saw Smoke in the room. Still laying in bed, he jumped on the bed and came up to me for pets. I obliged, and was shocked when I heard clearly that he started purring. It was somewhat quiet, but extremely clear.

I called my mom in to see if I was crazy, and she got emotional when she realized she was hearing the same thing. He had never purred before that moment, and to this day has never purred since. Only the day after sweet Gizzy passed on.

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42. Lights Off

At the moment I'm in the hospital. I was sleeping when I heard a child's voice say "mommy?” clear as a bell. I was disoriented from sleep so I got up to go get my two-year-old and then realized where I was. My room is near the children's ward, so I turned my flashlight on my phone just to make sure it wasn't a misplaced child. Nothing.

I decided I imagined it and sat back, phone in hand. Then the blankets moved. It literally felt like the back of a child's head resting on your feet. On goes flashlight again. Nothing. As soon as the light goes on, everything stops. Turn light back off. This happens three more times.

Then the light is off again and I feel the thing on my feet, then hear a child say "again!" Now I’m seeing an almost-there outline of a tiny head walk around the bed, but each time I turn the lights on I get nothing. I decided it was just full-on overhead lights and being awake time now.

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43. Room And Doom

My family and I had moved into a new house. We sold our old house and rented a house right across the road from it. My family was to move to another country, and I was to stay in the city for college. I picked the room on the top floor, and it seemed perfect for me. I had my own bathroom and bedroom that was right across from this old attic where we stored some of our stuff.

Everything was fine in the house. It was a bit old and creepy, but nothing out of the ordinary. Or so I thought... Two or three months later, things changed. I thought I must have been paranoid or nervous about college or something, so I never took it seriously. Then, one night I was in bed watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? on my laptop.

I was trying to fall asleep, but being a teen, I woke up at 2–3 PM in the afternoon that day and couldn't shut my eyes. I closed my laptop and went to bed. Suddenly, a rush of anger went through me. It wasn’t anything I had felt before. I stood up and touched my lamp. The light was on the weakest level, but I saw a shadow of a man leaning toward me.

It lasted about a second, but long enough to know what I saw. I thought I was just tired, so I tried to go back to bed. About five minutes later, my lamp went from level one to two, and then ultimately three. My TV and laptop went on and off. This happened at least two or three times. I ran and slept in my sister's bed that night and never slept in that haunted bedroom again.

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44. Who Was That Masked Man?

I was on a volunteering trip in Sudan and was staying in a medium-sized village with a few hundred people. On the first night, we had a nice meeting period and got to know the village. Everything was going well, then on the evening of the third day, things changed. I woke up in the middle of the night and could hear the fire cracking and saw the moon shining through my hut.

I heard some mumbling and became curious. I crawled out, poked my eyes through, and saw a few men seated towards the fire with their arms loosely hung on the ground while a man in a tribal helmet danced holding a staff and throwing objects into the fire, creating random colorings. After about 15 seconds, the masked man suddenly looked directly at me and stared. I felt panic race through me.

He made a loud hiss and howl and stopped. I booked it back into my bed and attempted to go back to sleep. The next day, one of the English-speaking elders came up to me privately and softly said, "It is best to sleep at night". I said, “Okay”, didn't think much of it, and went about my day. However, I could feel a nervous tension towards me around the village.

At dinner that evening, the elders were separated from the majority and seemed fearful and angry toward a few of the others. Things started to get heated, but cooler heads prevailed. Strangely, that night I awoke again, which was very unlike me. My eyes were wide open, and I felt like I never went to sleep. Then, I heard a deep, dark voice bellowing out from the window.

Next, I heard what could only be described as the sound of skin being wiped on glass. It was extremely loud. I was truly petrified. Nervously, I crept out of bed, having no idea what I was looking for or why. By the time my eyes met the fire, I felt a deep mulch in my stomach—a sharp pain of fear and confusion. I was staring at two levitating men facing the fire, hovering, arms raised, legs dangling.

The masked man had his staff rooted to the ground, was throwing objects into the fire, and was mumbling and growling, almost tongue-twisted. I was speechless. I just felt darkness, pain, and anger surrounding me. Eagle-eyed, I just gazed in a trance, fixed on what was occurring. There was a sudden loud crack similar to one of a tree snapping that you would hear during a storm.

The levitating men immediately dropped like rag dolls. Instantaneously, the masked man snapped a look right behind and directly at me. Naturally, I rushed myself back to bed and prayed hoping nothing would happen to me. The next morning I was politely and without any excuse, asked to leave. There were no goodbyes—nothing. I left, and that was that.

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45. Uncle JoJo

I have a twin brother, and we both remember a guy we called Uncle JoJo. He was an old guy, I can picture him so clearly in my mind. When my brother and I describe him to each other he looks exactly the same. One thing we both remember is that he was missing his right index finger and half of his middle finger.

We both have really vivid memories of him taking us out to the lake and buying us various food. He taught us how to make a tire swing, which is still by the lake. We both remember putting it up with him. There’s just one huge issue. We've noticed that no one has any idea who he is. Not our parents, not our older siblings.

They remember absolutely nothing. They told us we used to escape a lot—all the doors would be locked and we'd both somehow have escaped and they could never find us until we came wandering back hours later. They called the authorities several times, and we'd knock on the door just as they got through, even if they'd just been looking down the street and we weren't there.

My brother and I have no idea what could have happened. All of this happened between the ages of four and eight, and then we never saw Uncle JoJo again. When we look back at pictures, days out where we were sure he was there, he's not in any of them.

It feels like he's supposed to be there. Sometimes there's a weird gap, right around where my brother and I are standing.

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46. The Drowned Family

We have three children, and our middle child is the only one to experience and share these memories with us. Our youngest isn't yet two so he's not yet old enough to share with us, but our eldest is eight and has never shared anything like this. Our four-year-old daughter has been telling us about her "old family" since she was two and a half, and her details never change.

She talks about her old mommy, Rosie, and her old daddy, though she's never spoken his name, and her two brothers and two sisters, also unnamed. She also talks about how they didn't live on this planet, which is a weird thing for a child to say at two, since she hadn't learned about planets yet.

In the beginning, we acknowledged that it could be her imagination, and we listened and showed interest but didn't respond except to say, "It's okay to miss your old family, but you're here with us now and we love you very much. We're your family now". Other than that, we did our best not to say anything that would sway her one way or the other.

We don't ask for details, but we listen when she speaks openly. One day, it got extremely unsettling. She told us how they all died in a lot of water. She says, "There was so much water it went over everybody's heads and it was even taller than our house”. This was odd because she hasn't experienced a loss of any kind and has been repeating this since before she was really aware of what death is.

She also hasn't had any kind of near drowning experience, and had only been in a pool once before at one and a half, in my arms, never submerged. Last night she started asking about death in general, which is a common age to begin developing awareness and curiosity of that kind of thing, but she was so nonchalant and unafraid.

Our eldest began asking at this age, but in a fearful way. Then she began talking about her old family again. She talked about how they all perished and she went somewhere else but she didn't know where. She said something about sitting under a tree. I responded with, "Oh, yeah kiddo?" And she says back, "Yeah, then it got really dark and I went into your belly”.

I genuinely believe her, and I know there are many documented cases of children recalling past lives.

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47. That Was Some Vacation!

When we were about 13, my cousin and I—being of scientific minds—really wanted to have a supernatural experience. So, when we were in Mexico staying at our grandma's house, we decided we would sleep in the room where supposedly all the creepy stuff went down. The first few days nothing happened. There was just your odd noise here and there, but we thought, "It's an old house, of course, it’s gonna go bump in the night".

We stayed there for about a month with no ghostly interference. Obviously, we were disappointed. On our last week, it was about 2 AM, and we were up talking when we heard something—or someone—coming down the stairs leading to our room. It sounded like a kid jumping from step to step all the way to the bottom. We looked at each other.

We were both terrified, but we didn't want to make any noise. Because I was scared, I said we should both sleep in the same bed. He agreed, and when I got up to walk over to his bed, the bed shook violently. It looked like we were having a major earthquake, but it was only affecting the bed. The force knocked him off the bed, and we ran upstairs. Needless to say, we didn't sleep in that room for the rest of the vacation.

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48. Strolling Through The Garden’s Pearly Gates

Several years ago, my parents’ house was being remodeled, and the wiring was being redone. The house was on an orchard, and we were in and out of the house often because it was harvest time. One afternoon after returning, the electrician mentioned to my mother that my father’s father had dropped by and enquired about my father.

My mother asked how he knew it was my grandfather and he told her that this little old gentleman with a bald head had walked into the kitchen, told him his name—Raphael—and asked if my dad was there. The electrician told him he wasn’t sure where he was and that his best bet was to look in the orchard. At that point, the old man said, “Thank you,” and left by walking around the corner.

My mother calmly asked a few more questions regarding his appearance to confirm who it might have been and said nothing more to the electrician. A similar event had occurred in the garden the summer before with a friend of my mother’s who hadn’t met my grandfather. My mother walked back with drinks for her, and her friend remarked on the lovely conversation that she had had with Raphael. At the time both incidents occurred, my grandfather, Raphael hadn’t been alive for almost 12 years.

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49. Ring Around The Rosie

When I was 16, my parents and I were out spending the day together when we stumbled upon this antique store. I’ve always loved rings, so as I was looking at the selection I found one that absolutely took my breath away. My parents saw how much I loved it and purchased it for me. I was so touched and every time I looked at my ring, I remembered my parents.

Fast forward 10 years later, I had plans to go out with a friend to dinner. I remember removing my ring to wash my hands but couldn’t remember picking it up from the sink. When I returned home, I noticed my ring was missing. I searched everywhere—jacket, pockets, car, dresser, my entire apartment. I even called the restaurant and no luck. The ring was gone and I was beyond devastated.

Now 2016 was a very rough year for my family, as both of my grandparents passed within months of each other. Family means everything to us and this also hit in a very rough time. A week passed by since I lost my ring when I had the dream. It was my grandmother visiting me and we were having a conversation when she mentioned the ring.

I was overwhelmed and started crying when I felt this strong magnetic pull from her. She held me and told me she found it. She said, “Don’t cry anymore” and placed it on top of my dresser. I can’t explain the sense of relief and comfort I felt when I woke up. But I knew my ring was there and lo and behold when I walked up to it, it was there.

Nothing obscuring its view. I haven’t dreamt of her again and I haven’t heard of anyone else having a similar experience in a dream.

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50. The Boys Are Back

Growing up as a teenager my family had two dogs, a black Lab and a Springer spaniel. We adored the dogs like family, however unfortunately our Springer passed when she was a few years old under horrid circumstances, and the Lab passed much later around October 2014. I was devastated losing these dogs as, to me, animals are family.

A few months after we lost the Lab, I hopped on the bus after work to visit my significant other who lived in another city at the time, about an hour’s drive away. Halfway there we drove into a dangerous blizzard on the motorway, and to cut a long story short it took me about three hours of trudging through snow to eventually get to my significant other’s house.

Exhausted after the night’s events, I finally got to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, it got very scary. I immediately woke up and opened my eyes—which was bizarre as I didn't recall falling asleep in the first place. I look toward my feet and see the door to the room open inwards, and in pours a brilliant white light.

A small white dog unlike any other dog I have ever seen walks into the room and turns to face me. This dog was some kind of bizarre Westie mix, absolutely the strangest-looking dog I've ever seen, with unmistakable bulky features. The strange Westie looked at me for a few moments, and then, from the brilliant white light, my two dogs burst into the room.

They immediately jump onto the bed to either side of me for hugs and kisses. I couldn't believe my eyes. My dogs were back and I could feel the warmth of their fur again. After a couple of minutes of blissful cuddles, it was as if "time was up" and in unison, my two dogs stood up, jumped off the bed, and returned to the white light.

The Westie hesitated for a second, then went in after them, the door closing behind. Immediately I woke up and just started crying from pure joy. The two of them had been reunited, and I got to see my dogs one last time. I woke with an understanding that the dogs had protected me during the blizzard, although I have no proof of this.

Then I started to wonder—where did the strange-looking Westie come from? After consulting with my mom she informed me that my great-grandfather had a Westie and showed me a photo of the two of them together. I knew immediately this was not the same dog, and asked if there were any others, to which she said no.

My dad also could not recall any other Westies or small white dogs in the family. For a few days after I thought of this strange dog, and eventually chalked it up to my imagination. But I finally got the answer. Years later in February of 2020, I was staying with my parents for a couple of weeks.

Over the past few years, my dad has been collating family photos and videos, and has been formatting them into a slideshow. He called me over to review some of the footage he had found recently. The video was of the family Christmas lunch in 1988, before my siblings and I were born. Everyone is eating, drinking, and laughing at all the rubbish cracker jokes.

I can hear a dog barking in the background of this video, and finally, after a few barks, the camera turns to face the dog. The video shows a strange-looking white Westie mix, larger than the average Westie with strange bulky features. This was the dog. Unmistakably the same dog that I dreamed of almost exactly five years prior.

Before I could say anything my dad says: "Oh! I forgot about this dog!" My mom also chips in about how she mysteriously forgot that this dog existed. Turns out it was my great Aunt's dog, and she had brought it along to Christmas lunch that day. The dog passed a few years after its appearance in that video.

How could I have known what this dog looked like when my parents didn't even remember it EXISTED in the first place? The footage was only just re-found this year after decades of being lost, so it's not like I could have seen the video before as a kid. For me it almost seems like the Westie dog was a "qualifier" to let me know that the dream I had of cuddling my two dogs was real.

Ultimately, I take comfort in the thought that my dogs are together again, hopefully getting plenty of cuddles and treats from whoever is taking care of them.

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51. A Fairy Tale

A few friends and I were hanging out in the woods at this cool rock that had a two-inch "X" carved into it. We noticed what we thought was an odd fluorescent blue insect flying very slow at about shoulder level. Upon closer examination, the only word I can think of to classify this thing as is a fairy. It was humanoid in shape and appeared to be dressed in a flowing robe and had some sort of headgear or antennae.

I cupped my hands around it to get a closer look, and as soon as I unclasped them, it flew straight up into the trees through my hands. I scoured the internet to see if there were any insects close to that or even the same color, but there weren’t. The town had a history of paranormal anomalies, including unexplained stone chambers thought to be constructed by pre-Columbian Celtic Druids. I'm skeptical by nature but to this day, my two friends and I are baffled by what we saw.

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52. The Scream

I was pulling an all-nighter. It was 3:45 AM and my dogs were barking, so I got up to settle them down. I did and after a few minutes, there was this horrifying noise like no animal I've ever heard. The best way I could describe it was as if someone was screaming in horror mixed with a moaning cat or dog. I stood there listening and couldn’t tell if it was coming from the outside or the inside.

After a few minutes, I went back into my room and I heard it again, closer. This time, it sounded like it was outside the door. I knew better than to go investigate, so I just sat on my bed and listened for about another five minutes, when it stopped.

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53. The Ghost Roommate

Last December, I fled a horrible relationship and crashed with my friend Amy. She lives in an upper-level duplex that is quite small. I stayed there for a while with my cat and dog, which was a lot as she has a dog also.

Next door to the duplex is a cute, old four-bedroom house that is owned by Mark, a friend of Amy’s who lives abroad. The couple who was renting out Mark’s place bought a house and moved out. They suggested to me that it would be a great place for me to stay while I continued my apartment search.

I was absolutely elated and agreed immediately. Mine and Amy’s dog could play every day and we could still see each other all the time. I was excited at the opportunity, and paid Mark some rent. Mostly though he just wanted to help me out with my situation and someone to housesit until he came home in May.

I live in a very cold, snowy climate so looking for a place in May is exponentially easier. Amy informed me the house had “quirks” and a creepy basement. She told me if I ever felt creeped out in there all alone I could come back whenever. She lived in that house for a couple years, so I took her word for it.

When one of the tenants showed me the place for the first time, I definitely felt something very off. I chalked it up to the weird layout, the draft, and the lack of sunlight in the rear of the house. Upstairs was two bedrooms and a bathroom in the middle. The front bedroom was warm and sunny and the rest of the upstairs was very cold. Noticeably colder than the rest of the house.

Upon entering the back upstairs bedroom, it felt like a downward shift. Like, the energy in that room felt so strange and I felt like I wasn’t wanted in there, so I barely looked around and just closed the door behind me.

The first couple weeks, nothing much happened. But I never felt at ease, and I felt like I was being watched. I wrote it off as being easily spooked in a large house and it was my first time living alone. I started having trouble sleeping despite my room (the upstairs front bedroom) being the only place in the house I felt at ease.

One night I decided to watch a movie in the living room kind of late at night. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to what I swore was someone running up the stairs and then slamming the back bedroom door. My dog looked startled too and ran upstairs and started growling at the closed door.

No one was in there. Some nights after that, I heard footsteps pacing in the back room. The next thing that started happening was while I was in the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom. My dog would lay in the doorway and just stare at the back room. Sometimes he would growl or bark at it. I would also come home to find the door open when I definitely shut it, or I would hear my cat meowing to be let in the room.

On a couple of occasions, I found my cat shut in the room. Also around this time, my bath towel went missing and I looked absolutely everywhere for it. It began to take a toll on me. I started having nightmares every night, and I would wake up almost every night to my dog whining between 3-4 in the morning. I always felt like I was being watched and the house felt so heavy.

I told Amy about all this and she confessed to me that she had some weird experiences in the house when she lived there as well. Her bedroom was the back room and a couple of times she woke up in a semi-dream state to a man at the end of her bed and began talking to him. She then woke up for real and saw texts from her roommate asking who she was talking to.

She also would see things moving out of the corner of her eye, hear footsteps, and felt like she was being watched. She told me of an instance of seeing footsteps in the snow going from the back door to the middle of the lawn and then disappearing. One day I was in the living room, hearing footsteps, and just felt so overwhelmed by the presence I was crying and decided to have a go talking to it.

I said, “Hey I know this is your house too, I’m leaving in a month, I’ve been through so much pain these past few months please just leave me alone. Please let me know you’ve heard me”. Then the door upstairs slammed and that was the last I heard for a while. My nightmares stopped. I started sleeping through the night and felt less of the presence.

One night I was hanging out with Amy in her backyard with our dogs and her downstairs neighbor, Sam, to celebrate me finding an apartment. I went back into my house for some more drinks and to grab a sweater. I went to run up the stairs—and my heart nearly stopped. Standing there at the top was an opaque, black silhouette.

I couldn’t make out any features but it was as real as a person standing there. I screamed and ran back down and turned on the stairway light, only to find no one there and the back room open. Finally, my move-out date had arrived and I felt so relieved to feel absolutely nothing in my new apartment.

I went back to the house one last time to check to see if I forgot anything and there, right in the middle of the floor of the back room was my bath towel, still slightly damp as if I had just used it. Funny prank, ghost. I have not been back since.

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54. Learning His Lesson

I was a dumb idiot as a kid, and I did a lot of ridiculous stuff. But this encounter…just let me tell you, I learned my lesson about breaking into places that really should be left alone. It was in the middle of the summer, and me and my friends sat on a wooden fence thinking about what the heck to do with ourselves.

One of my friends suggested an abandoned hospital up the road from my house. We were unsure at first as we’d heard a lot of stories from people who had previously gone years ago before it was boarded up again. After much discussion we went. It was boarded up with wood nailed to the windows.

The doors were sealed shut so there was no way we could have gotten in that way. We were going to walk away and just go home, but luckily I remembered I had something at home that I could get the boards off with. As we climbed through the window we finally got in—and everything changed in an instant.

It was like going through a time warp. The place wasn’t heavily damaged, and the interior looked like it was from the 70s/60s, There were still stale bloody towels there too, it was eerie as heck. We fooled around and freaked each other out for a few hours until we had to go.

Before we left we messed around with a fire extinguisher that had been left there, and while everyone was in the center of the hospital I stepped out for a breather in the hallway through the window we entered through. I was at the bottom of the hallway and I saw a pale, slender figure in a blue hospital gown climb out the window while looking at me.

He looked tired and sick. I froze and screamed. I left as soon as it appeared, and I will never forget how freaky it was.

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55. Some Things Are Cellar Left Alone

I worked at an antiques shop in a Victorian house that was haunted. I never felt anything, but customers would feel it. People would go upstairs and come back down, hesitate, then ask, "Is this house haunted"? One day, a guy came in and told me that every time he drove past, he wanted to come in but was afraid. The shop had been there a long time and he had come in with his mother when he was about ten.

There was a sun porch in the back and he said he wanted to walk back there because when he'd been a kid he had passed out in that room. He said he walked into the room and "smelled wet burlap", like it was over his face, and then passed out. This was a big guy. He started down the hall but couldn't make himself go in that room.

There was a cement cellar under that room, with cement stairs. It had like a storm cellar door on the outside that you would pull up on to open. The door was rotted and was no longer attached; it just lay over the steps. I had the idea to take a flashlight and go take a look. Once I stood on the top step, there was no way I was going down. All I could think of was that someone may have done something down in that cellar.

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56. Something Was Astir In The Kitchen

I was on vacation, staying at my uncle's house. At that time, I was used to stay up late at night on my phone. Midnight came and I heard the front door closing, though it was very faint. I didn't think anything of it since we had three dogs, and they would have started barking if something was off. After 30 minutes, I heard someone—or something—body slamming the door.

We were all sleeping at the same room. I almost started hyperventilating because it was so scary. However, none of my uncle's family woke up. After that, I heard the screen door from the other room opening. Minutes passed and nothing was going on. There was just complete silence, and I was contemplating whether to wake my uncle up.

Then I heard pots and metal stuff in the kitchen being dropped and still, no one was waking up. After that, I fell asleep. I told my cousin what happened that night, and the next night he said that he heard a knife scraping on the wall.

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57. Training Day

In my whole 24 years of life, I have NEVER been on a train. Roller coasters? Most definitely, but an actual train? No way. So from the time I was little, my grandma and mom would take me to Six Flags in the summers. I was beyond exhausted by the time I got there simply from the sleepless night I spent the night before being so excited about the trip.

But I always did what every kid between the ages of 7-12 does—I had a blast at the park, then was asleep as soon as I hopped in the back seat of the truck when we left, not to wake up until we pulled in our driveway. Anyways, I was never scared of roller coasters, not even the ones with a loop.

I was always the one leading whoever was with us down the long path of line you'd have to go through to get up to the ride. One by one and coaster after coaster, I nonetheless always knew that usually about halfway through our visit...I’d get terrified. Terrified of the goddarn train that takes you around the park.

That’s right. The freaking "choo-choo train". Why? I cannot tell you for the life of me a single reason or even possibility as to why the heck I’m so terrified of trains. Now fast forward around a decade to the time I’m 20 years old. I live in a small town in southeast Missouri and my mom lives in the house right next door.

Every so often I’d go next door and watch TV with her and my baby sister if I got bored. So I’m laying on the couch, my sister is at her princess table in the corner playing with something, and mom just came in from the kitchen with the plates of taco salad she'd just whipped up for us.

She sits down and I randomly had it on a show. About 15 minutes into it after she sits down, she said, "This reminds me of what you told me when you were about three years old". Thinking she was talking to my sister, I turned my head from the TV and was surprised she was looking at me.

I said, "Huh?" She then went on to tell me that when I was three years old, I randomly started talking about my “other family”. Apparently from what she told me, my two sisters, my mom, aunt, myself, and our cat were all headed somewhere when our train crashed. None of us made it. At first I was like HAHAHAHA that’s hilarious thinking she was messing with me.

But then she swore to it. In that moment, something made sense that I’ve never in my life been able to find reasoning for” my fear of trains.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesPublic Domain Pictures

58. Yum Yum

Something seriously disturbing has started to happen after a joke me and my significant other started. A while back, about a week or two ago she was in the kitchen making dinner for us and I jokingly but in a very unusual way said “yum yum” as I looked at what she was making. Then about a day or two later it happened.

My significant other was in the room changing and comes out of the bedroom, laughing and saying “Stop it babe! It’s so creepy and not funny anymore”. I’m a little confused, as I had just gotten out of the shower for the morning and was focused on brushing my teeth.

I didn’t respond and she smiles and laughs and says, “the yum yum thing! It’s not funny babe it's gross and weird!” I explain that I didn’t do anything and she says I’m full of it. Well, today it happened again...But this time I heard it too.

It’s not right, it’s scary and we are freaking out. It was in our bedroom—"yum yum" and it SOUNDS JUST LIKE ME. Now there’s some deep...history to our house, but this is new and it’s beyond explaining how unsettling this is.

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59. It Was Written In The Clouds

My grandfather was a horrible man. He was emotionally void and always hid behind the Bible. One day, I was doing dishes at my kitchen sink, and out of nowher a crow flew down and landed on the branch outside the window I was looking out of. Then, a second crow landed beside the first, then a third. All three stared at me. I got really creeped out.

Then, they all flew away, and I watch them go. Up in the sky was the scariest cloud. It looked like the head of a sick old man with his eyes bulging out of his head. Coming out of his mouth, was a perfect cross. The site of this cloud was so unsettling I grabbed my phone to snap a picture of it. As I held up my phone to snap the picture, it rang in my hand. It was my sister calling me to tell me our grandfather had just passed.

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60. The Clairvoyant

About a year before I was born, my father was very sick. Doctors tried all kinds of tests, but they couldn't diagnose him. They thought he had HIV or something along those lines. So, my Cuban mother decided to take him to a psychic in downtown Miami. My father thought this all was a load of nonsense at the moment. The psychic said that he was going to be fine, but then the crazy part happened.

The psychic began to describe my father's grandfather in extreme detail as if she knew him. She said he was 5'4, Irish, had a cane, etc. This freaked out my parents. A month later, the doctor told my family that my father was fine, but it was still a mystery as to what caused him to be so sick. Sometime later, my Cuban grandfather was placed in hospice care after his kidneys failed.

A few days before he passed, he called my grandmother into his room. He began shouting, "Julie! Julie! Come quick! My father is here"! My grandfather was 81 at the time. His father would have been well over 100 and long gone by then. My grandmother played along, pretending that she saw his father too. He ended up talking to him for hours before he disappeared.

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61. Miss You, Love You

My mom passed from cancer complications 10 years ago, when I was 14. A few years after her passing, I had an extremely vivid dream that I was at tennis practice and she showed up to the courts in a green coat she always wore. I remember I was so shocked she was there and ran up to hug her.

My dad arrived too (he’s alive in real life) and she was like “I’ve missed you both so much, it’s so good to be able to see you”. She said she hopes she could see us again soon, and that she had to leave. Then I woke up

The day after the dream, I was cleaning out my closet and found a random unmarked DVD in a plastic CD case. I thought it might have been an old CD I had burned or something, so I put it in my laptop and a video opened up. It was my mom and dad. They were very young, it was probably them when I was three to five years old. They sitting on a couch talking to the camera.

Basically, they said this is a video for me with old home video footage so I can keep memories of my childhood and our family back then. The most striking part I remember is my mom in the video saying “I love you so, so much”.

I had never seen this video/DVD before in my life. I took it to show my dad and he got extremely emotional and said yes, we recorded this and had your uncle put the old home video footage together on this DVD to give to you eventually but had forgotten it. He had no idea how it was in my closet.

After that, I told him about my dream and he agreed with me that that was definitely my mom visiting me in my dream and that somehow she helped me find that DVD with her in it.

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62. Tales From The Trenches

I've worked as a correctional officer for a long time. I've worked at facilities in Texas and in Michigan. The oldest prison I've ever worked at just recently started to close in Michigan and it got me thinking about all the paranormal experiences I've had there and in the other facilities I’ve worked at. I'd like to share with all of you some of the more notable paranormal experiences that I've had.

First off, I'd like to say that I never really believed in ghosts before I started working as a correctional officer. I started off working in Texas at an intake facility. I worked night shifts 12 hours from 6 pm to 6a m. The first experience that I ever had was working on a lower security housing unit.

When finishing a round I was chatting with my partner and I heard a loud banging sound. It was at like 3 am at this point. No inmates should be out of their bunks. I asked my partner if they knew what the banging was. They, being an older officer, told me bluntly that the unit we were working was haunted.

They told me the sound was coming from a door of one of the small quiet cells in a hallway not directly visible from the officer station and about how an inmate had croaked in one. The inmate allegedly perished because the officers working there at the time had given them a sack of food when it was lunch time and he had choked on the food.

I really didn't believe that the unit was haunted so I decided to go look at this door. I quickly regretted my actions. The sound volume increased as I got closer to the door. The door itself was visibly shaking, as if someone was pounding on it. There was nothing that could have been causing the door to shake like it was. I was at a loss for words.

Later that night, I checked the door again and there was a steamed-up hand print visible on the glass of the window.

Another experience I had was at the same facility but at a different housing unit. It was around 1-2 am and I was sitting inside the officer station watching the cameras and talking to my partner. I look at one of the cameras and clearly see a prisoner sitting at a table in the day room. I turn my head to look at the day room and no one is sitting at the table I just saw on camera.

I ask my partner to go check it out because no one is supposed to be out of bed yet. I roll back the time on the camera to see if I could see where the inmate might have gone. I watched a miracle happen right in front of me. The inmate on the camera literally slowly fades away and vanishes completely.

My partner comes back into the officer station and we both watch this video over and over. Later on that same night during one of my rounds I notice a wet floor sign that got left out, and I return it to the porter closet. I get back to the officer station and look back to where the porter closet is and see the same wet floor sign left out.

I ask my partner if they are playing a joke on me or something because I just put the sign away, but my partner denies doing anything with it. I go back out and make sure I put the sign back in the closet and lock the door. Get back to the officer station, wet floor sign right there in the open again.

My partner and I are both watching this wet floor sign now. It starts to tip over on one end very slowly, two of its legs off the ground. The sign then slams itself to the ground. It then proceeded to slide quickly up the hallway and then back to in front of the closet door before ceasing all movement. My partner and I refused to come out of the officer station for the rest of the night because we were that scared.

One more notable one from Texas. I was working in a really high-security unit for inmates that get in fights and cause a lot of problems repeatedly. We had an inmate who was sitting in one of our close observation cells. These cells are usually used for people who threaten to harm themselves.

In the summertime, inmates will sometimes cause trouble so they will be put in one of these cells because they are a lot cooler than the other ones. The inmate who was there at the time told me that this was what they were doing and that they didn't want to cause any problems. Later on that night, one of my partners and I were watching cameras when all of a sudden we see a shadow moving across the floor.

Eventually it comes to the close observation cell and disappears under the door. This is where it gets a little crazy. I do a round and check on the close observation cell. The inmate is pacing in the cell. I ask them if they are okay and they tell me that something doesn't feel right and that they are hearing voices that aren't there.

I try to calm them down and eventually they do and lay on the bed. Later on, my partner calls for assistance because the inmate had bitten into the skin of their own wrists, causing them to bleed. They then held them above their head and allegedly started speaking in tongues.

When I started working as an officer in Michigan I worked at a facility that's now closing, it was built back in 1877 and is one of the oldest still operating in all of the United States. There were so many small experiences that I had here. Doors would slam, you'd hear voices, cold chills. The first really notable experience I had was around Christmas time on third shift.

I was working the oldest unit in the facility. I didn't have a partner due to how short-staffed we were, so one of the other officers set up a TV for me to keep me entertained because I'd be really far away from all the other units and get bored with no one to talk to.

I do rounds for most of the night watching TV in between them. I suddenly hear a banging noise from a door that leads to a hallway that takes you all the way to an even older unused condemned part of the facility. I open the door and take a look down the hallway.

A cold breeze hits me and suddenly my arm hairs stand on end. I close the door, thoroughly creeped out. I go and sit down and start watching TV again. But I can’t escape it now. The TV starts flipping through channels rapidly and then stops on static. I have to get moved to a different unit because I'm so scared.

One day on the third shift, my work friend and I were working positions that allowed us to have a lot of free time and no inmates to watch. We decided to explore. We explored the tunnels that went underneath, the old barns, the old unstaffed towers. We eventually decided to go look at the old condemned part of the facility from my earlier experience.

There was a big metal gate that was about halfway down the hallway that had to be opened by a big skeleton key. The energy back there I won't ever forget. Just being there filled me with a feeling of dread. I ask my friend to head back and we start to head back down to where the hallway to the gate was. My friend’s flashlight suddenly goes out.

We make it to the hallway barely able to see anything in the almost pitch blackness. We hear something running after us, so we start running up the hallway too. My friend fumbles with the key as we hear it getting closer. We get the gate open and sprint out of there. Later on, I noticed that my friend had red claw marks all over his arms.

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63. Stranger In The Night

My mom’s friend was visiting. She told us that one day, she opened her eyes in the middle of the night, groggy, and couldn't really see. She felt someone watching her. She regained focus and saw a man "crouching in the corner of the room in a frog-like position", grinning at her. He stood up and was about 8 feet tall. His legs were really long and his body was short compared to them.

He proceeded to walk past the foot of her bed grinning at her the whole time. He walked right out of the room and about four seconds later, she heard her 9-year-old daughter scream bloody murder. She rushed out of the room to her daughter who was inconsolable and said between sobs, "She saw a scary man walk past her door".

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64. Footsteps In The Field

In the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school, I was at camp for a week. It was located in the secluded farmlands/woods of Pennsylvania. There weren’t any towns within 30 miles of the place. One afternoon, I was lying in the field at the camp, relaxing and enjoying the nice summer day. It was a pretty big field that was used for sports and other things.

As I was lying there, I shut my eyes for a few minutes but didn't fall asleep. As my eyes closed, I could distinctly hear the sound of footsteps running away from me into the cornfield about 100 yards away. As soon as I heard the noise, I opened my eyes and sat up to see who was beside me and more importantly who had snuck up on me so quietly.

I sat up and found I was completely alone. No one was within 100 feet of me, let alone within earshot. I sat up and I heard the footsteps running into the field, but with no body attached. It was much too loud to be any sort of small animal, and I would have been able to see anything larger.

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65. Show Me The Way

It started with my three-year-old son having a seizure. Something told me to get up in the middle of the night to check on him, and he was having a full-blown grand mal seizure. Up to this point, he was in perfect health. Needless to say, I freaked out. After a visit to a Naval Hospital (husband was a Marine, stationed in Japan) in Jacksonville Florida, I was told he needed to be seen at an MRI clinic in Gainesville.

We had just moved to Florida a few months prior and I didn't know a soul. I was terrified about the upcoming appointment as it was scheduled for 7:30 and I had absolutely no idea how to get there. I told the base doctor about my fear and his advice was to buy a map—the were no cell phones or GPS back then.

So I pack up my two sons and head out at 3:30 am. I planned to stop at a gas station and either buy a map or ask someone if they knew the way to the Naval Hospital Gainesville MRI Clinic. It’s about 4:15 am at this point and I'm white-knuckling it on the dark road to Gainesville. I'm in the right lane when suddenly a car is to the left of me.

The passenger window is down and an elderly male is motioning me to roll down my window. The interior of the car is lit and I notice he's looking at something like a metal notepad? It was weird. He then states, " You're going to the MRI Clinic, follow me please”. At this point, I'm thinking he's a bad man who's going to lead me down a deserted road and do Lord knows what to me.

We had stopped at two red lights. I wanted to ask him how he knew where I was going. He didn’t ask, he KNEW. But I was too frightened to get out of the car. So I follow him. About 30 minutes later, he came to a stop and pointed to the building. He led me right to it! I looked at the building and then back toward the car.

I wanted to get out and thank this kind stranger. Only there was no one there. No car, no taillights from a distant car, nothing. I can remember this like it was yesterday. I'm not religious, but the only thing that makes sense about this was that it was a guardian angel.

My son was diagnosed with a type of Epilepsy that he outgrew in his teens. I did ask the doctor in Jacksonville if he sent someone to help me…he laughed.

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66. A Direct Encounter With Evil

I grew up in an eight-bedroom farmhouse with my dad until I grew up and moved out. We always had extra rooms not being used, and because of the age of the house plus all this extra space, there was ALWAYS an eeriness, like someone looming in the shadows. If I had to get a drink in the middle of the night, I looked at the ground the whole time because I was scared of what may be looking back at me from the dark corners, rooms, and hallways.

Even the windows and mirrors were avoided because I wasn't sure what I'd see looking back at me. When I was around 12 years old, I questioned why the room that used to be my nursery was locked from the outside. I didn't think it was weird before then—my dad needed a room for storage, and I figured he just wanted to keep me out.

I brought it up to him one day, asking what's so important in there that he needs to keep me out even though I'm not a child anymore (typical 12-year-old mentality). Turns out I was not entirely correct about the lock. My dad, with a very serious demeanor, sat me down and answered my inquiry. His story has haunted me to this day. 

When I was a baby (one-two years old), I slept in this nursery room on the second floor, next to my dad's room. This room was painted by my sister especially for me with Winnie the Pooh characters and fluffy clouds, the type of thing I think back on and appreciate. The effort and creativity was so admirable.

Anyway, I was in this nursery in my crib, again right next to my dad's room, the perfect age to be on my own. Every night though, my dad was woken up by me scream-crying. He had raised four children before me, so he was not making first-time parent mistakes that would otherwise be in question.

He thought it was probably the switch to being in my own room rather than being in his room that caused my nightly discomfort. He considered bringing my crib back into his room, but of course, the nursery was all ready to go. For a while when I cried in terror, he would come in and check on me, only to find that nothing was "wrong" in the sense of present stressors like temperature, diaper change, hungry or thirsty, etc.

He would stay with me until I fell asleep or keep the light on to make me feel safer, and then return to his room to get some actual rest. One night, after finally having enough of my distress, he decided to camp out on the floor of my nursery to see if he could figure out what was the matter, but mostly to try and sleep through the night. He got way more than he bargained for. 

This was the last time anyone slept in there. I was able to doze off now that I wasn't alone. He, on the other hand, was tossing and turning on the hardwood floor, not comfortable enough to sleep...As he lay there on the floor, mulling over the situation, BOOM BOOM BOOM he was jolted to his feet by a few massive blows to the floorboards beneath him centered directly on his back, as if someone on the first floor had a battering ram aimed at the ceiling.

His first instinct was to rush downstairs and check for intruders. He is a man of logic, brave and ready to defend his family. However, when he got down there, the lights were off, there was no one downstairs, front door was locked, windows locked, no sign of forced entry, no one else lived with us.

Our closest neighbor was down the road a quarter mile, and why would they break in just to bang on the ceiling, let alone have it mapped out where my dad would be sleeping in my nursery? And the force of the blows—this wasn't "normal".

After this event, my dad brought my crib back into his bedroom, and I was able to sleep without screaming or crying beyond needing a diaper change or something normal. He brought the Bible in to the nursery for extra measure and cast out any evil that may have invited itself there. He locked up that nursery and only used it for storage after that, and only went in during the daytime.

To this day that old lock is still on the door, as if a lock will keep spirits locked in. Short of pretending that experience never happened, he couldn't rationalize it enough to do anything else. We think that the entity was evil and malicious, and when my dad tried protecting me, this only made it angry.

As I grew up in that house I had a hard time sleeping in any room on my own. Many nights I ended up rushing to the couch in the living room, turning the TV on and watching Disney until I fell asleep, but even then I was not "comfortable". There were always eyes on me. There were many more unexplained events from the farmhouse, but this was the most direct encounter with evil my dad has ever had.

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67. He Was Left Unplugged

One night, my TV switched on all by itself at 2 AM. I always switched it off, and I was sleeping in my bedroom with the door closed. I woke up annoyed and totally scared. There was a poker game on and someone kept saying, “Come on Paul, it's your turn”. It happened again after two weeks. Since then, I unplug my TV before I go to sleep.

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68. Roadside Revelation

My sister and I were driving down the road after school one day. When we got to one particular spot, she said she had a really bad feeling about the area and pointed to the side of the road. I asked her what she meant by that and she said, "I don't know. I just have a bad feeling". Later that night, we saw on the news that a body was found wrapped up on the side of that very same road in that same location.

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69. Step Into The Light

My grandpa was terminally ill with myelodysplasia, a rare cancer of the blood. During his last few days alive, my grandma decided she wanted to try to make him as comfortable as possible, and had set up a home hospice care for him. The last few hours of his life, he was in a coma-like state.

However, on the last day of his life, his eyes opened suddenly, and he shot straight up out of his bed. He was calmly assisted in sitting back down by the hospice nurse. However, he kept trying to get up and said, “I need to get ready! They are here!” He then began talking very excitedly about how his brother Steve was in the room.

He said, “I have to go, Steve is here for me! He wants me to follow him now”. He continued talking, saying that his family was all in the room, naming all of them individually (they had all passed). He said they all looked so beautiful, and that they were all waiting for him. He was grinning from ear to ear.

He then started speaking differently, as if he regressed to when he was younger in age, and at this point he did not recognize my mother, or my aunt. He then called my grandma lovingly by his pet name for her, Rosie (they were married for 68 years). He grabbed her hand and said he was ready to go with them now, and that he loved her.

He then closed his eyes, and went back into the coma-like state. He passed an hour or so after that. I believe it was his soul detaching from his body, that he was in between both planes, and his passed-over family members were there to guide him to the light.

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70. Come Play With Me

I remember looking through a photo album with my mom a while back and we came across some pictures of my aunt's house which happened to be a farm. I actually have a memory of that place even though I was only four at the time, particularly of this little girl I used to play with there.

It was so strange because it was my first memory of meeting my aunt and uncle as well as my cousin. They were all in each other’s arms, except for this little girl who had long curly blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, wearing this blue overall dress with a white shirt underneath. She was just standing there off to the side of them, ignored by everyone else, and yet she was looking at me with a charming smile.

I remember being really confused about this and wondering if she did something really bad to be ignored like that. Sometime later on we were having dinner and at some point I remember seeing her again at the stairwell, beckoning me to come play with her. So I asked mom if I could go play and she said yes.

Everyone was so engrossed in each other’s company that they didn't even notice me heading up the stairs with her and into my aunt's bedroom. The girl led me to a closet away from all the chaos. The closet door was left just a crack open, allowing some of the light from the hallway in, illuminating her face.

She hands me some cards and of course I had no idea what to do with them, so she attempted to teach me. This went on for some time until my mom started calling out my name, searching for me. Just as my mom enters the room, the little girl starts to evaporate into the shadows, escaping my vision and I was suddenly left alone in the closet with a hand full of cards.

So when I saw those pictures in the photo album, I asked my mom what had ever happened to that house. My mom tells me that auntie sold it, and when I asked why she said that it was actually because I freaked them out. Intrigued by this I pressed on a little more, asking what exactly had happened.

She said that when they noticed I wasn't around they went looking for me, eventually finding me in my aunt's room in her closet playing with some cards. No one knew where I got those cards from, and they were especially weirded out when I wouldn't stop asking where the girl (whose name I can't recall) was.

I did end up telling my mom about that experience and she took interest in it, but you could tell she was also becoming unnerved by it and we eventually ended up changing the subject. It's so weird though having that memory. I honestly thought I had another cousin when I was little and I thought my aunt and uncle were hiding her from me.

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71. He High-Rolled It Out Of There

My friend worked at a Harrah's Casino in Maricopa, Arizona. That particular casino is out in the middle of nowhere on the Native American reservation. My friend is a normal, emotionally stable guy. He was working late around 3 AM on the casino floor, but was wide awake since that was his normal shift. The casino was empty and he was walking into the vacant men's bathroom on the opposite side of the floor.

He walked in, did his business, and turned around to go wash his hands when he noticed someone standing at the sink staring into the mirror. He thought to himself, "that's strange, I didn't even hear anybody walk in". He got closer to a sink about five rows down and began washing his hands. He glanced over again to realize it was not a man that was standing at the sink but a woman in a red dress.

Right when he was about to say something about her using the wrong restroom, this "woman" turned her head slowly toward him. He just stared at her in disbelief thinking this chick must be inebriated or blind to not realizing she was in the men's bathroom. As her head slowly turned, her eyes were a dark glowing red. He described it as the red eye you would get when taking a photo of someone.

He freaked out, didn’t know what was happening, and looked down to notice she didn’t have any legs. Instead, she had what he described as the bottom half of a deer for legs and she was walking on hooves. As this thing turned towards him, it starts to move aggressively, and my friend ran out of the bathroom obviously scared to bits. He had his buddy review the surveillance tape of that area around the bathroom, but all that was seen was him going in, then him running out.

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72. Keep On Truckin’

I'm not one to believe in ghosts, but some strange things have gone on while on the highway. I was driving home one night from a friend's place. It was about midnight, and ahead of me was a slow-moving white pickup doing about 50 mph. I closed in fast and passed him. A moment later, I glanced back in the rearview mirror and his headlights disappeared. There was no way he could have turned off that quick, because there were no roads intersecting the highway there.

I slowed way down to see if he had trouble, but nothing. I didn't pay much mind to it until about a month later—on a different highway—and there was a slow-moving white truck ahead of me again. I went around to pass, and the same thing happened. The truck's headlights disappeared when there was no way he could have turned them off. To this day I'm sure that those trucks were the same and disappeared into thin air.

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73. An Otherworldly Connection

My six-year-old daughter has always shared things with us. Sometimes creepy, mostly like “How did she know this?!” Here are a few examples of my daughter being herself. Age two: I just found out I was pregnant again and had only told my husband. We didn’t want to tell my daughter because I had miscarried before and didn’t want her to get excited.

One evening, we were eating dinner and my daughter turns to me and says, “There’s a baby in your belly”. My eyes go big and turn to my husband and I asked if he told her. He swears he didn’t. I asked her if it was a boy or girl and she responded, “It’s a boy, but I wanted a girl”…sure enough, her baby brother arrived safe and sound nine months later.

The thing that gets me is that she told everyone at daycare! I was a bit nervous in case I miscarry again. But that wasn’t the end of it. One day at daycare, she turned to her teacher and said “There’s a baby in your belly, too!” She laughed and said nope, that’s your mom not me!

However, a week later her teacher comes to me and said she was pregnant and asked my daughter if it was a boy or girl. Daughter said girl and welp, she had a girl. Age five: my mom has a history of heart attacks. One day she went to the ER thinking she may be having one but turns out it was an A-Fib.

I was a nervous wreck in the morning but was fine in the afternoon once I heard she’d be okay. I went to pick up my daughter from school. She was balancing on a table and fell backward but was fine. I picked her up and said, “It was scarier than anything, right?” My daughter responded with “Yeah, but you know what’s scarier? Oma dying”.

I was like, why did you say that? I didn’t tell her my mom went to the hospital and we don’t see her often. She was like “I dunno” and went on her merry way. Age six: Last night my husband was putting her to bed. He came down and told me right before she fell asleep she turned to him and went “Have you ever been on a haunted train?”

My husband was like no. I asked why that freaked him out. He showed me a text from 30 minutes earlier from his sister sharing a link to a ghost train Groupon. I told him we should be used to it by now, but sometimes she still gets us.

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74. Missed Connections

This just happened about 5-10 minutes ago and I'm freaked out about it. So I left my phone lying around and was trying to find it. I pick up my house phone and dial my cell. I'm walking around with the home phone held away from my ear, looking for my cell. Suddenly, I hear the sound of a male voice, slightly high, answer and say "Hello?"

I was stunned and after five seconds or so of silence I hung up. I wait a few minutes in disbelief, then I call my phone again. I still don't find it, but I don't hear the voice answer again. I found my phone charging where I had left it. I open my cellphone and look in the missed calls log and only find the second call in the history.

However, when I looked in the house phone's history, it shows that I dialed my cell twice. This was honestly the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in my 25 years of life, I just had to share.

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75. The Lilith Myth

When my son was born, he would sleep in his crib in our room. One night, my wife and I both woke up suddenly, at the same time. Our room had a large mirror over the dresser. Coming out of the mirror was a black-scaled, bare woman. My wife shouted, “Go Away”! This apparition, or whatever it was, looked straight at me, then sunk back into the mirror. We immediately turned on all lights, grabbed our son, and drove to her parents’ house.

We both saw it and were completely freaked out. Being the geek that I am, I started researching what it could have been. I even spoke with several professors with backgrounds in folklore. One of them pointed out a book by Joshua Trachtenberg about Jewish folklore, more specifically, the chapter on the “Lilith” myth. Lilith was a first wife of Adam who will try to take away the soul of uncircumcised baby boys.

She appears as a dark woman who enters homes through “vanity” in mirrors. My son was uncircumcised and that completely freaked me out. To protect against Lilith, you ask the three angels Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangolef to retrieve her for Adam and protect your son by using an image depicting the angels. I guess being scared can make you believe in some things you wouldn't ordinarily believe in.

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76. A Sixth Sense

My mom got up one morning and felt weird. She told my dad she felt something bad had happened, so she needed to hurry up and get dressed. While in the shower, my aunt called and said her mother-in-law had passed. My grandmother and I also have weird premonitions that come true. My weirdest one was when I called my mom to see if she wanted to go see my grandmother—her mom—who lived 30 minutes away.

I told her I had just woken up and felt I really needed to see her. My mom told me she was at the beach with her sister. A few minutes later we got a call, and my grandmother was being rushed to the hospital because she had a heart attack.

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77. The Man In The Mirror

When I was six, I got appendicitis. I had this for a while, but each time my mother took me to the doctor he just said that it was a really bad stomachache. Turns out I did have appendicitis, however, my appendix was not in the correct place, which is why this hadn’t been diagnosed earlier.

On a fine Tuesday afternoon, I was at my babysitter’s house while my parents were at work. My appendix burst and I can remember screaming from the pain, throwing up over the side of the couch, and fainting into the pool of vomit. I am told that an ambulance was called and I was rushed to the hospital.

I remember bits and pieces here and there, and every time I “came to” I would see an older guy I’d never seen before. I seemed to be the only one seeing him. I can remember vividly what he looked like. He had a big, unruly beard that was very salt and pepper, slicked-back dark hair, and dark eyes.

He wore a blank black Henley t-shirt with a faded leather jacket, tight jeans, and beat-up converse high tops. I remember that the look in his eyes was one of melancholy and understanding, but at the time I could only call it “sad,” the way adults are when kids are hurt or upset.

I only ever saw him a few times. I saw him in the ambulance, I saw him in the hospital in what I can only assume was when I was in the ICU, and I saw him a few times in my room when I came out of surgery. He didn’t say anything most times I saw him, and I thoroughly remember him shaking his head a few times, chuckling to himself.

The last time I saw him, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that he was by my bed staring at my mom, who was asleep in the chair by my bed. As I looked at him, he turned and said the only thing he ever said to me: “This sucks, I know. Sorry kid”.

Shortly after that, I discovered the movie and book The Outsiders and I became obsessed with greasers (the guy I saw resembled this style, I think rather obviously). I wrote short stories, essays, and so on about the era, but as I grew older I began to lose interest. Still, I never forgot the guy.

One Halloween a couple of years ago, I decided to dress up in random things I had that could be a greaser. This would have been 20+ years later. I had a bet going on growing out my beard, so I didn’t shave either. I did my best to create the look of a greaser and asked my wife (we were dating then) if I looked like one. She told me that I looked like a combination biker and greaser, because of the beard, but the leather jacket and greased-back hair were perfect.

I went to the full-length mirror in my father-in-law’s bedroom to check everything out. My breath caught in my throat. There I was, a slightly younger version of the man I saw when I was six. The biggest difference? My beard wasn’t salt and pepper. I was in complete shock. My wife came over and asked me what was wrong, and she said I looked like I’d seen a ghost.

Go figure. As the years have passed since that Halloween, I’ve gotten rid of my leather jacket and I don’t wear converse all that often. I pluck the white hairs out of my beard because if I don’t, I look more and more like that man. I have no idea what the heck that was or why this has been happening.

My wife tells me not to worry, she says everyone grays. I haven’t told her about the man because it sounds absolutely nuts.

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78. In The Dark Of The Night

My cousin was getting married in Augusta, Georgia last June. My boyfriend and I live in Baton Rouge and were going to be staying at his grandparents’ lodge that was empty so we didn’t overcrowd my family’s houses. The lodge sits on about 15 acres in the middle of Augusta. It’s busy all around but because of where the house sits, it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

You don’t hear anything from the surrounding areas except for animals. Now keep in mind we had stayed here plenty of times before. When we got there, we had to manually turn on the water and the electricity. The water is out by the road, but the electricity is in the basement.

This basement looks like it came straight out of The Conjuring. Old, dusty, and full of junk that hasn’t been touched in years. The walls are gross and the paint on the stairs has chipped away over the years. The only light in the basement is these tiny long windows at the top of the wall and they have a frosted-over look, so not much light gets through.

Anyway, we get everything turned on and get unpacked. We always stayed in the front bedroom because we were uncomfortable staying in the back. According to my boyfriend’s family, a family friend has been staying there and took his own life in the back bedroom. A door in the kitchen separates the front of the house from the back hallway with the basement, laundry, master bed, and bathroom so I never really got freaked out because it felt like a whole different house.

The next few days came and went with everything feeling cozy and normal. The night of the wedding, my brother and his girlfriend came by to get ready. Since there were so many of us we used the back room because the bathroom is HUGE. Before we left for the wedding, we packed everything up and moved into the front because we would be going to stay with some of my other family.

We didn’t turn off the water or power yet because we had food in the fridge and didn’t want to melt in the heat of a Georgia night packing up the car. It was well past dark when we got back. We started packing everything up and once we got everything out, we had to go to the creepy basement to turn the power off.

I had a weird feeling when we walked to the back of the house through the door and to the basement, so I didn’t go further than halfway down the stairs. The only light we had was the flashlights on our phones. Out of nowhere, this feeling of complete dread washed over me. Every hair on my body was standing straight up.

I was sick to my stomach and started sweating. Imagine the most terrified you have ever been and it is probably close to this feeling. All I could think was I have to get out of here now. I yelled to my boyfriend that we had to go NOW. He didn’t say a thing but hurried back up for us to leave. Going back up the stairs I swear it felt like something brushed my ankle.

As I backed out my Jeep, I just knew something was staring at me. I knew at any moment something or someone would pop up in the reverse lights. Thankfully nothing did. After we were a few miles away, my boyfriend asked me what was wrong. As I told him he stopped me and said “Thank God you felt that too”.

He goes on to tell me that almost every night we were there he would get woken up by a loud scream. It would sound farther off and then get so close that he said it sounded like someone was in his ear. He and his family are “sensitive” to spirits so it didn’t scare him too much.

But he said he had never felt the evil he did right before we left. I don’t know what or who that feeling was but I just hope I never feel it again.

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79. Check Please!

I ran a restaurant out of a location where the previous owner had passed in the building. Others had claimed to have experienced ghostly events, but I had not. One night after closing, two other employees and I were walking out when one of the check presentation trays lifted itself off the counter and tumbled to the floor. All three of us witnessed it and none of us denied it.

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80. A Date With Dr. Doom?

I was in the hospital. I woke up in the middle of the night and to the left foot of my bed, there was a shadowy figure standing there. I was half asleep so I was looking at it like "what is this”? Then, about two seconds after I was staring at it, an arm came out of it and pointed straight to the door. It wanted me to get out of the room. I said, “NOPE" and went back to sleep.

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81. A Shared Experience

I had just woken up and was getting ready for the day in our bathroom, which is attached to our bedroom. If you look through the door you have a full view of our bed and my sleeping five-year-old son. I saw something adult-sized move past the door in the dark bedroom at regular walking speed, so I opened the door a bit and looked out.

There was no one there and my kid was snoring. My husband should have been at work for two hours at that point. I checked our security cameras and saw nothing but my husband leaving for work earlier, so I chalked it up to anxiety and sleep deprivation as I am heavily pregnant and can't sleep right now at all.

A few minutes later I heard what sounded like an adult man humming but it only lasted a few seconds, can't name the tune. I couldn't tell where it was coming from as we sleep with a box fan on full blast right outside the door and I had the exhaust fan on at the time. I looked out of the bathroom door again, nothing. Am I going crazy?

I took a deep breath and continued washing my face. The door was open about two to three inches and the mirror in our tiny bathroom is one that covers most of the wall, from the counter to almost the ceiling. It's big and you can see everything behind and around you. The door is to my left right behind me, like you could reach in and tap my shoulder.

Out of the corner of my eye, through the mirror, I suddenly saw something that wasn't there before. There was a hand reaching through the opening of the door gripping the door frame right behind me. It looked like a grown man's hand and it was at eye level. I froze, then turned around half expecting my husband to be playing a prank, because who else would be in here with me??

The hand was gone, I even checked through the mirror. Instantly my child screamed "MAMAAAAAA" and I jerked the door open. There was nothing there but a scared kid, eyes wide open. He wasn't looking at me. "Who was that?" "Who baby?" I was trying not to sound scared.

He stared off into space for a few seconds then seemingly forgot about whatever happened. "Mama why did you say my name?" "I didn't baby, did you hear your name?" "You said my name real loud and then you weren't beside me" "I was in the bathroom and I don't think I did buddy?" "It sounded like you???"

I checked the cameras, I checked the windows and doors, every room and closet shaking the whole time...Nothing. I feel safer living in this apartment than I ever have anywhere else. Even alone, and I have bad anxiety. Like I said, if it was only one of us I would have shrugged it off as sleep deprivation or night terrors, which my kid has never had, or something rational. What did we see and hear??

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82. Some Sage Advice

I used to work in a casino. One night I was approached by an elderly woman asking about paging someone over the intercom. I tried explaining where to go, but she insisted I personally walk her to the desk where they can do that.

As I walk her through the casino she started talking to me. She mentioned she was a medium and how her family has always strictly advised her against sharing that information with people. When you work in a casino, you encounter a lot of swindlers and odd people. I was polite but tried not to engage with her much on the topic. As we kept walking, though, she ended up stopping me in my tracks.

She said something to me about my sister. I stopped and asked how she knew my sister. She didn’t. But she started talking to me at great lengths about my family. At this particular time, my sister was going through a very difficult time in life that was impacting our family as a whole. I was skeptical, but curious.

As she went on, I was careful to neither confirm nor deny anything but just listen to what she had to say. She went into great detail about how my father, mother, and even I played into the current situation. She even began to become visibly emotional, as if she could feel what my mother was feeling.

I was utterly astonished as she told me that I, being the oldest and most diplomatic in my family dynamic, needed to be more outspoken with everyone involved. Everything she had told me was undeniably accurate and insightful. But then she shifted her focus to something more unsettling. She told me about someone I worked with, and went into great detail about what this person looked like and how they felt about me.

She talked about the dynamic between us, and advised me to take caution. At this point, she had lost me. I couldn’t think of a single person or relationship in my working life that fit that description. I began becoming more skeptical again and reminded her I needed to get back to work and to keep walking toward our destination.

She kept talking to me as we walked and I began to once again find myself astonished as to not just what she was telling me but also how she would go about it. Her body language, expressions, and emotional energy. As we got closer, she abruptly stopped walking. When I noticed I did as well and turned back to her.

Before I could say anything, she placed her palm at the base of my sternum, above my belly button, like just below where my rib cage started. I immediately noticed a physical sensation. I became paralyzed and almost felt like she was stealing the breath from my body. I started becoming hyper-aware of my surroundings, the lights and dings from the electronic games, the mass amounts of people walking by, but everything seemed to be in slow motion or almost as if I was leaving my body.

It could have been only a few seconds—it could have been 20 minutes—I don’t know. But I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and weakness in my knees. I started to feel like I was on the verge of passing out. Casino security saw this encounter and approached us. When security interrupted us to ask what was going on, it must have startled her because I felt this shockwave through my entire body.

She jerked her hand back and started apologizing profusely to me. As soon as she pulled her hand back I was able to breathe again and gained control back of my body. I was completely freaked out. It must have been visible because security kept asking me if I was ok. I assured them everything was fine and they walked off.

I turned back to the woman, who was still apologizing, and then she said, “If you don’t do something about that ulcer it’s going to kill you”. I was so freaked out I told her thanks but I have to go back to work now and quickly headed back to my office. Not only was I in a bizarre headspace but I noticeably was completely devoid of physical energy.

The entire experience was the most profound encounter of my life and I will never forget those words and that physical sensation. Because here’s the thing. I was having a lot of stomach issues at the time but I was far too scared to get medical verification of an ulcer.

I had already previously suspected it, and it was a potential side effect of the medication I was on at that time. But if that wasn’t bizarre enough on its own, it gets even weirder. The encounter happened nearly 10 years ago. And it has sat with me ever since, but recently I was reflecting back on it. I realized that the second part about the co-worker that initially made no sense all of a sudden did.

That entire situation played out in my life a few years ago. The description of the person, and the very specific details were 100% spot on from what was described to me 10 years ago. I even realized that the entire situation was initiated nearly seven years (to the day) from the moment this woman described it to me.

Not only were the two incidents separated by seven years, but the person she described I hadn’t even met yet and was in an entirely different state and company. I don’t know what to make of this.

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83. Cross-Country Connection

I went to California from NY to work for the summer. When I got there, the job turned out to be really sketchy and I had no place to live. I was miserable, I was still living out of my car, and sleeping on the floor of a friend's hotel room when my car was broken into. My computer, digital camera, iPod, etc., were taken. I absolutely lost it and was on the verge of tears.

Shortly after it happened, my sister called me asking what was wrong. We very rarely called each other, but she said she had a sudden, sinking feeling that something had happened to me, and she needed to call me. To this day I still have no explanation for it.

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84. Ms. Flynn Blew In

I am the eldest of two adopted sons. The house I grew up in was originally a boarding house during the early 1900s. It had been lifted a level and had an addition put on the back, so that the section where my adopted grandmother lived was almost like a separate house on top of my parents’ place. That section was haunted.

I was having my first Christmas party with my girlfriend's family. Everyone except her mother was very Catholic/conservative. The rule was not to talk about religion, politics, other countries or races, and no drinking. The conversation somehow turned to supernatural stuff and I started talking about the ghost we had in the house.

I explained how we would see her and her cat every once and a while, and how windows would open. My girlfriend’s grandmother cut me off and blurted out, "The curtains would fly shut"?! It turned out she grew up down the street from the house I grew up in and she knew "Ms. Flynn" for years before she passed in the bed that was still attached to the upstairs bedroom floor. By the end of our conversation, the whole room was silent.

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85. An Open And Shut Case

I woke up to my husband's voice this morning saying "There's something wrong with the front door". It was really loud. I was confused and thought "What could be wrong with the front door?" I looked at my phone and the time showed that he should already be at work. It also sounded more like it was in my head rather than at the front door, as the door is pretty far from our bedroom.

It was super loud and was clearly my husband's voice. I just thought it must have been a dream or something and went back to sleep. Later after waking up, I noticed the front door was unlocked. I called my husband to tell him what happened and that he had left the front door unlocked.

He said he actually did not go out the front door this morning; he went through the garage and that he was already at work when I heard his voice. I then realized that I had forgotten to check the door last night. It's always my routine to check if the doors are locked before going to bed but I was so tired last night that I forgot to check.

I don't know what it was, but I feel like whatever it was it's being helpful and protective. Or it could have been my subconscious since I forgot to check last night. Either way, pretty cool!

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86. Walking Back From The Edge

My sister has been diagnosed with a mental illness and was struggling for a while, though she had medical help. However, one night she tried to take her own life. The days leading up to this incident had been tense. It was this unexplainable feeling of sadness and negativity. I sleep in the same room as her but somehow did not notice her pop all the pills.

What I found out was much later, when my dad was talking to me. The same night she tried to do it, my dad had woken up because our very sweet and predictable dog was howling continuously, which startled him awake. He thought he felt someone’s presence and started shouting “who is it there?”

No answer obviously. A while later my sister walked into their room and they found out that she was overdosing. They rushed her to the doctor, and they told us that it was a miracle she was alive because of the number of pills she took. My sister has no recollection of going up to my parents or even leaving the room.

I don’t know who or what was in our house that day that made my dog go crazy, but I like to think that the entity wanted to warn us of what was happening.

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87. Graveyard Giggles

I don't believe in ghosts, spirits, demons, the devil, etc. I come from a Catholic-Christian home so they all believe in that stuff. One day, I was telling my cousin that I am not scared of any of that and he thought I was just trying to sound tough in front of his girl and other relatives. I said, “No, really. I'm not scared of any of that”. So he said, "Let's go leave you alone in a graveyard for a few minutes then".

I said, “Sure”, which he was not expecting. Around 1 AM, we all got in his car and we drove 30 minutes to the nearest graveyard. They dropped me off and told me they would be back in around 10 minutes. They left and I started following a path. About three minutes later, I heard footsteps and some little girls laughing in the distance. I didn't think twice about what that was at the time. A few more minutes passed and nothing interesting happened.

They came to pick me up I said it was boring. We all went home and went to sleep. The next day, I found out that my aunt was in a car crash coming home after picking up her daughter from a sleepover that she didn’t want to be part of anymore. This all happened around 3 AM. My aunt survived, but her daughter, unfortunately, did not. I never did figure what made those little girl laughing noises and it got me thinking.

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88. Coq Au Verte

I lived in Paris, and across from my apartment was an office building that was only three stories high. One day, on the top of that roof, was a chicken. Chickens were never seen in Paris and especially never seen on rooftops. Even stranger was that this chicken was entirely green. A few hours later, the chicken was gone and never seen again.

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89. Scared Of His Shadow

Our McDonald's was a 24-hour store. As my wife worked until 3 am and I was on her sleep schedule so she wouldn't be lonely, at about 4 am we were hungry and decided to grab some food. We ordered and were waiting at the window when we saw this guy walk up. The moment I saw him, I felt sick. I'm getting the nastiest feeling coming over me.

Dread, despair, terror. I wanted to bolt from our car and run for my life. The guy just casually walked to the restaurant and when he passed under the streetlight, I saw this thing floating behind him. It was freaky. About six feet tall, all black except for a large white face. The face had dark sunken eyes and multiple sharp teeth poking out between its lips.

It had long arms with clawed hands on the man's shoulders, and below the hips, it just dissipated, so no legs. My wife hadn't said anything at the time and usually isn't sensitive to the paranormal so I didn't expect anything. But as the man walked out of the light the thing vanished from sight, and I heard our car doors lock.

I looked at my wife who was pale, with wide eyes. She just goes, "Tell me you saw that”. I confirmed and we just watched the guy continue his walk into the restaurant. Seeing it was scary. The fact that my wife could see him too was absolutely terrifying.

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90. Do Fear The Reaper

My grandfather was a horrible man, mistreated his daughters and went behind bars, but got out early because he was dying of cancer. My sweet grandma, despite all that he put her through, still took him in. The rest of the family was very supportive of him during his final days, because he was family and they are very kind-hearted people.

My grandfather passed shortly after in hospice care and spoke his last words to me. Because I was six, I had not yet learned of my grandfather’s sins. I really looked up to him at this time, and all my cousins still tell me I was his favorite. After he passed all the families went home to their houses. Mind you, none of us lived in the same cities. I will never forget that night.

We had all just gotten home and we were very sad. I went into my room and shut the door. As I was getting ready for bed, I heard a faint knock on my window. I peeked through the blinds and saw the grim reaper holding my grandfather’s spirit by the back of the collar. I couldn’t actually see my grandfather in physical form, but I just knew that’s how he was being held.

The reaper looked exactly how you would imagine. His dark hood covered his face, leaving nothing but the glare of his dark reflective eyes peering out into my room. I also saw his reaper hook, which looped over my grandfather’s spirit. I only looked out my window for maybe three seconds before screaming.

The moment I screamed all lights in my house flickered. I left my room and my sister and parents met me in the hall. But it got so much creepier. My mom’s phone immediately started blowing up with her siblings asking if the lights in our house had just flickered too. Apparently all six of my aunts and uncles had the lights flicker in their houses the moment I screamed.

None of them had a physical experience like mine, though. I told my dad that grandpa and a bad man were outside my window. He frantically searched outside but saw no trace of anyone standing outside my window. I think about this experience a lot, especially after having a similar encounter after trying to communicate with my grandpa via Ouija board.

I believe I was visited for a few different reasons: I’ve always been in tune with otherworldly beings; my grandpa’s last words were to me; and I was his favorite. I believe the reaper visited me to teach my grandfather a lesson. To show him one last reason why he’s going where he needs to go.

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91. Man Or The Moon?

I entered the bathroom in the middle of the night. There was a bright, white, crescent-shaped light shining through the window in the eastern sky. I was about to dismiss it as the moon, when it blinked. It would blink for one second every two seconds. I stood with my face into the window, watching, and it stayed in the sky for about 10 seconds, then disappeared with no other sign. I still stood there, waiting for another stray light or something that would give me evidence to say it was a man-made occurrence, but there was nothing.

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92. Drowning In Sorrow

I had a cousin who drowned when I was much younger. At the time, he was off at college, so nobody knew about it until the next day. His parents were taking care of his two-year-old niece. The night he drowned, she woke up screaming in the night and would not go to sleep. She just kept pointing to a picture of him that was on the nightstand. His parents gave it to her, and she hugged it and wouldn't let go of it all night.

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93. A Part Of The Furniture

Back in 2010, I started refurbishing antique furniture. I made a mountain of money off it and I loved a great find. Fast forward to 2015, I had my ex-husband drive about 1.5 hours to pick up two very old vanities I found on Facebook. I bought them both for $100, steal! Right!? Yes...until no.....

I typically get right on my projects and finish them within 24-72 hours depending on how much TLC my pieces need. Well for some odd reason, I just flat out didn't feel like working on my two new glorious, gorgeous finds. I just wanted them to sit there. They were already beautifully, perfectly flawed...

As days turned into weeks, I started getting really irritable. Angry, short-tempered, all of the above. Depressed. I stopped playing with my daughter, I began getting late to work, I just was a complete mess. My ex never said a word to me about my behavior. Then my daughter (being almost three at the time) started talking about the "white lady" who would stand in the corner of her room and stare at her, sometimes would sit on her bed.

I did notice her room felt "heavy" in there, but I just brushed it off, her imagination leaking into mine. Then one night my ex and I heard my daughter run across the house to get to our room. But as our daughter got to our door, she couldn't open it. My ex decided to get up to open the door for her—but as he opened the door, we then heard her door slam at the same time.

We decided to go check on her. This is where things get chilling. She was sound asleep in her bed. And what gave it away that she never got up is she was still tucked in. She always sleeps with a pillow on top of her, under the blankets for extra comfort. It was all still in perfect placement.

No way a two-year-old placed a body pillow back on top of her and tucked her blanket around herself so neatly. Then more strange things start happening. Cabinets "left open," doors open, water dripping, etc. Classic paranormal movie-type stuff. My moods just got worse and worse as now months have gone by.

Then one night I was home alone. My parents had my daughter, my ex-husband was with his study group (college at the time). I had to get up and go pee. OK, I walk to my bathroom, I try to turn on the light. It wouldn't come on...ok...breaker blown? Sure. The breaker is in my daughter's closet.

I walk out of the bathroom and head to my master door that leads to the living room. Then a major force hits me. I can’t make this up, I literally blacked out. I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up, my throat was sore and bruised. Every light, fan, appliance, TV (static), water faucets were on, all my cabinets were opened, everything...and I was so scared, I started crying.

The next day we decided to get rid of those vanities I bought. After that, nothing happened again and my daughter stopped talking about "the white lady”. She still remembers her to this day though. And there's much more that happened in those months, but nothing that compared to that night. I don't ever want to experience anything like that again. So no more antique furniture for me. I lived a real-life haunting and it took a huge toll on my mental health.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesFlickr, Anthony Catalano

94. See You Soon

I had a patient pass on me the other morning. I held his hand as he went and cried most of my way home about it. When I went to bed, I felt him grip my hand, give it a squeeze, and then he was gone. I think it might have been him saying goodbye. He was a sweetheart and I'm going to miss seeing his smile whenever I went into his room.

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95. My Theory Went Out The Window

My girlfriend suffers from pretty intense night terrors and sleep paralysis, and has since she was a kid. Usually, they are about a shadow man at the foot of her bed, or snakes in her room/bed. It gets to the point where she scares herself so badly, she bruises herself while dreaming. She has had some small terrors before, and I am usually able to calm her down quickly, convince her that nothing is there, and she just goes back to sleep.

We recently celebrated Valentine's Day by getting a hotel room, some pizza, candy, and drinks, and relaxed the night away. The night went great, and when we finally went to sleep, I was out like a light. Fifteen minutes after I passed out, she whispered, "There's someone in the room with us. I can see him, he's right there".

This hotel wasn't exactly the nicest, and it wasn't in the best area, but I felt safe. I assumed it was just another one of her night terrors. She then started screaming that he was coming closer. I bolted awake, and it was much darker in the room than it was when I went to bed. I flicked on the light, and no one was there. My girlfriend was sobbing, curled up on the bed.

With my heart racing but still unconcerned, I checked the room to calm her down. I looked everywhere, including under the bed. When I went into the bathroom, my blood went cold. The window was open about three inches when I specifically remember closing it before I went to bed; neither one of us had gotten up during the night. I didn't tell her about the window, cuddled her close, and didn’t sleep at all for the rest of the night.

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96. Body Of Evidence?

When I was 10, I was dragged to school by my mother for student-teacher meetings. We weren't allowed in the classes with them, so all the sorry kids that were brought there had to wait in the office. In the office, there was no one keeping an eye on us, so we just started running around the school—to all the parts that we weren't allowed to go to.

A week before, a girl had taken her life in the woods by the school. After they found her body, it disappeared. No one knew where it was. They saw her hanging, brought her down, and did all the official stuff, but then the body was gone. While we were running around, we were in an area where all the lights were off. Suddenly, two girls ran away from the cafeteria area screaming their heads off.

So, this other guy and I went to see what they were looking at. My ten-year-old mind swore there was a body in the dessert refrigerator—her body. Everything was dark, but that fridge was lit up. I didn't sleep for a week and refused to tell my parents what I saw. Out of all of us there that night, six of us swore that we saw it. I don't know if any of them ever told anyone, but they found the girl’s body the next morning; however, no one ever said where. It was spooky.

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97. The Haunting Of Emily

When I was 18 and had recently graduated high school, I was waiting for a date to go to basic training. I spent a bunch of time with a friend I had known for five years, named Gus. Gus was a really funny, smart guy but had a lot of issues at home with his parents. We used to go play trivia together at a local restaurant and hang out.

After one of these outings, I noticed something had changed. He was visibly shaken and not acting like himself. He wouldn't tell me what was wrong but insisted we meet the following week and quickly left, leaving me confused. The following week when we met, he told me the past few years he'd been having dreams where a little girl named Emily would appear and hurt him or just scare the daylights out of him.

What freaked him out so bad the week prior was that he started seeing her while he was awake. She'd follow him around and whisper things into his ear. I asked him if he had been taking anything, which he denied—except for doing some weed—but nothing else. He clearly had a big issue with telling anyone this but didn't know what to do about it.

I encouraged him to speak with a doctor and maybe go see a psychiatrist. He assured me he would. I didn't have much contact with him for a couple of weeks since I was getting busy before leaving. We found some time and I spent the weekend at his apartment. I asked him if things were any better about his issue. He told me they weren’t, and he hadn't had any help from the psychiatrist he went to see.

We spent most of the afternoon playing video games. Everything was pretty normal. Eventually, our friend Tanya showed up and the subject of Emily came up again. Gus told us one of her favorite things to do was take his childhood stuffed animal—a Beanie Baby cat he received from one of his parents—and hide it. He couldn't find it anywhere and asked us to help.

After searching for a good 30 minutes, we found it under a pile of clothes downstairs. I rolled my eyes at him, thinking he was just playing a joke, but he insisted he never takes it downstairs. We decided we were hungry and made plans to go eat. I looked at the cat, shrugged, and set it on top of his computer monitor, then went out the door.

I was the last one to leave and locked the door behind me. We come back from dinner, and Gus opened the door. I was enjoying a good chat with Tanya when Gus interrupted and asked me where I put his cat. I stepped through the door, preparing to point to his monitor and say, "There", when I noticed he was staring up at the ceiling fan that hung roughly 14 feet off the ground. I looked up, but I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

The cat was sitting on the edge of one of the blades, positioned so it was staring straight down at the door. We all stood in awkward silence for a few moments. Gus thought this was proof enough that Emily was moving things again. It was late, so we threw some clothes at the cat to knock it down and decided to call it a night. That night, I had the worst sleep I've ever had in my life.

I dreamt that all three of us were at a cafe, drinking coffee when my phone rang. I looked to see who it was and it simply said “Emily”. I didn't want to answer it but the dream kept going. I looked at Gus, told him who it was, and he and Tanya both agreed that I should answer it, so I did. The line was quiet for about two seconds and then a mind-piercing scream emanated from the phone, causing everyone to cover their ears to block out the sound.

It didn't help. I shut my eyes and when I opened them Emily was standing over me, screaming over the bodies of my two friends. I screamed and woke up, covered in sweat. Tanya and Gus were already awake and came rushing downstairs, asking me what happened. Tanya looked at me and told me I was extremely pale. At that point, I was trying to catch my breath and make sense of what had just happened in my dream.

I started saying "I had the scariest dream I ever had last night," only to be cut off mid-sentence by Gus asking if I had dreamt about Emily. When I said, “Yes”, he asked if I had accepted a call on my phone from her. Starting to realize things were getting weirder, I again said, “Yes”. They each described their own dreams exactly how I had mine, except from their point of view.

Everyone stood around pale. A few years later, I saw Gus again. He started fresh, trying to get away from the past. Apparently, it had gotten very bad and Emily wouldn't leave him alone. He couldn't sleep and after days of insomnia, he attempted to take his life. Gus said the last time he saw her was in the hospital afterward, where she giggled and said, "That was fun! Maybe I'll be back to play sometime". He didn’t see her again after that.

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98. This Is Real Life

My boyfriend and I have been together for nine years now. I've always suffered from night terrors. However, that's not something you bring up on the first date. This was back when my boyfriend and I had been dating for a few months and had recently started sleeping together.

We were sleeping at his place. I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed we were holding hands. I thought it was cute, but I noticed that his hand was so pale and thin. When my eyes got used to the darkness, I saw his hands were crossed on his stomach…while I was holding a third, pale hand.

As I became aware of this, something that looked like a woman with long, black hair hanging over her face sat up from behind my boyfriend’s form, looked at me, and laid back down. I stroked the hand with my thumb as you do when holding hands with someone. I don't know why I did that, I just wrote it off as dream logic.

This was in the beginning of our relationship, so I didn't tell him about it because I didn't want him to think I was crazy. Years passed and we're now living together. He's very aware of my paranormal beliefs and night terrors. Out of nowhere, I came to think of that dream. "Did I ever tell you about that night terror I had at your house when we just recently got together?" I asked him with a little laugh.

"I saw someone in your bed when we slept! I almost got jealous!" I joked but he didn't laugh. He got very pale and said the words that make me want to scream now. "Did she try to hold your hand?" I got taken aback by his reaction. I told him I did hold her hand and even remembered stroking it with my thumb.

My boyfriend then revealed to me that as a child he'd have a reoccurring nightmare that a woman with long black hair and white hands tried to hold his hands, but he'd wake up in a panic before she ever got to him. He'd never told me this because he just wrote it off as childhood nightmares.

Now neither of us think they're nightmares anymore.

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99. Hear No Evil

I grew up in a house that constantly had strange occurrences. There was this one time my sister Rachel and I experienced something I still think about on a regular basis. I have no idea what things came in the middle of the night, but this was experienced by two people and also the aftermath by our mother.

First, my sister was about 16-17 and I was about 13-14 years old. My mother had a fiancé, Jim, who worked graveyard and would come over after work, sometimes early morning 2-4 am. Also, Jim had an incredibly DEEP voice.

Our house was three levels, my sister and I had rooms on the top floor and our rooms were directly across from each other with the stairs' landing in between. Our mother's room was in the finished basement. Underneath my bedroom was the living room.

The incident: I woke to the sound of Jim's DEEP voice in the middle of the night/early morning. The voice and conversation were coming from the living room beneath me. I thought to myself, "Oh, that's just Jim”. My sister and I always slept with our doors open so I could run to my sister's room to sleep on her floor when the weird stuff happened.

I started to drift back off to sleep, when suddenly I got the strangest feeling. Something in my brain fully woke up and thought that it sounded different than Jim. I started listening and while I couldn't make out what was saying, I KNEW it wasn't him and my mother talking. I was stuck to my bed, complete fear, fear causing me to not be able to breathe, I couldn't move, I couldn't make sense of what was happening.

The only thing I knew was I had to get up and get to my sister. I climbed out of bed and tip-toed as fast as I could to her. Rachel was sleeping, but I shook her shoulder gently and she opened her eyes and I put my hand to my mouth for the signal to be quiet. I got down to her ear and all I said was, "listen”.

We were in silence while these things were having a conversation, so close, just down a set of stairs from us. Both of us never heard the second voice but we knew it was there. Rachel just looked at me and in a normal voice said, "It's just Jim”. I remember shaking my head and pleading with her to just be quiet and listen. Then it happened to her too.

Her eyes got WIDE, body motionless and I knew she had the same realization I did. IT WASN'T JIM! Rachel and I got up and got as close to the stairs as we could without being seen by whatever was at the bottom of the stairs in the living room. We were holding hands, gripping each other. We stood there for a few moments with complete dread and fear and adrenaline, my body so heavy felt like I couldn't breathe, and I was too scared to do anything.

My sister whispered to me something. At the exact time she finished, the scariest moment of my life occurred. We both hear, "Theyyyy hear usssss”. This sound was so deep it felt like it reverberated in my soul and so frightening it felt like the air was being sucked from everything, trying to suck us in.

And then what sounded like a flock of 100 seagulls, all taking off at the same time, blasted throughout the living room. This lasted just a second or two and then they were gone. ALL WAS SILENT.

Rachel and I looked at each other and knew what we were going to do, RUN FOR OUR MOTHER in the basement. We ran down those stairs. I could feel those things on my back, never in my life did my feet fly down two flights of stairs so fast but we got to our mother.

Our mother was asleep. NO JIM. We told her what just happened. She said we were silly and to get into bed with her. We asked her later in life about it and she said something like, "Yeah, I remember the two of you scaring the heck out of me, I thought you two were playing a joke on me”. Rachel and I have spoken two times in adulthood about this.

The first time was just to confirm that it really happened the way we remembered it. The second time was when I told my husband and he didn't believe me. We called her and I told her to tell the "Theyyyy hear ussss" story. I draw out the "theyyy" and "ussss" because the sounds were so distinctly drawn out.

The voice was so deep and menacing and the "conversation" those things were having was so casual sounding. The sound of the voice and the loud almost deafening sound of the flock of birds taking off has been in my thoughts for almost 25 years now.

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100. Welcome To Nowhere

My name is Rick Martinez and I am a retired truck driver. This happened when I was like 30 years old. I am now 62. On the road I’ve seen many strange things. I’ve told this story over and over. A lot of people don’t believe me. But it starts off in Stockton, California, where I picked up a load of pipe.

My destination was Salt Lake City, Utah. I was supposed to refuel in Barstow, California at a truck stop. But lo and behold they were out of fuel. I told my supervisor, “Hey I got like half a tank of fuel”. He told me to continue and hit the first truck stop I saw.

So 100 miles into Nevada, I see nothing but a sparsely lit desert with a couple of towns, then I noticed my gauge set was reading empty. At this point, I’m thinking that’s not right. I took the first exit I saw and pulled over. I told my supervisor, who was right behind me an hour away, that I was afraid to continue on and run the tank dry.

He told me to sit still and he would be by in an hour and we could siphon some of the fuel from his tanks into mine. I sat there and I notice that it was a small town with sparse lighting. As I sat there, I couldn’t run the engine so I couldn’t listen to the radio. I just sat there in silence.

As I’m sitting there, I notice a lot of undone construction, a trailer park to my right completely dark, and a church off to my left about a block away with its lights on. It’s about 2 am. I then see this jack rabbit hopping around my truck. It hops around and just stares at me and keeps hopping around.

I’m getting hungry and I notice what looks to be a convenience store another block away from the church. I get off the truck and decide to walk to the store. While I’m walking, I keep hearing this dog howling like it's in pain. As I’m passing the church, the two doors are wide open and I hear clapping like they’re having services.

As I pass the church I look inside—I immediately get freaked out. There’s no one there except for this skinny white old man reading from the Bible and talking about the Fire. I don’t linger too long, then I heard clapping again. About then the dog starts howling again.

I notice there’s a bunch of empty houses on this street that goes uphill. I still am making my way towards what I think is a little mini-mart. All the time the dog keeps howling. All the lights are on. As I go inside, this little old lady with glasses is reading a book. There’s hardly anything in this store.

Maybe a few cans of food, a couple of bags of chips, and only water in the refrigerators. The whole time the lady didn’t even pick her head up from the book. I grab a water and grab chips. I asked the old lady is this all you have and where is everybody at?? She told me everybody moved out and new construction was supposed to begin like six months ago.

She didn’t say anything after that so I paid her and walked out and started walking back toward the truck. The whole time the dog is still howling. As I got closer to the church again I looked up the street towards where I heard the howling from. I decided to go see for myself why the dog was howling.

The houses on both sides of the street are boarded up and dark. I saw a house with the lights on with about a five-foot fence. When I looked over the fence, I was in shock. What I saw was a man in his underwear with a chain attached to his neck on all fours. Howling. The hairs on my arms and neck stood up as I saw this other man burst through the back door and kick the man on all fours and he was yelling at him to shut up.

He ran into a doghouse. Again, I was in shock and turned and ran back down the hill to my truck. As I pass the church, both doors are still wide open but there were no lights on anymore. I still can hear the clapping.

Finally, I made it to my truck, called my supervisor, and told him what I saw. I told him to hurry and get here so I can leave. Believe it or not, I swear this is what happened.

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101. Red Eyes

When the wife and I moved up to New Hampshire, right on the Vermont border, we were looking for a place to rent for a year or two before we bought a house. My wife is a native New Englander, I'm not. She's used to New England and the vast emptiness this small area has.

There are places even she won't let me travel to after a certain hour, because "That route you have to take? People don't come back from”. Of course, I'm not a native, so I don't know this. So when I would come home late after dark from work and tell her I took X route, she would kind of look in shock and awe at my stupidity.

We found a home right on the above-mentioned border, on the Vermont side. We loved it. It was a fantastic place to live. Except the basement. I could not shake the feeling of being watched and stalked, like prey. So, like any reasonable adult...I just said screw it and didn't go down there except during the day.

So, one night, after gaming for hours in my loft/office/man cave, I got hungry. Went downstairs, kissed the missus, and walked past my basement door towards my kitchen. I don't know if anyone reading has gone hunting, but there is a moment you sometimes experience, especially hunting predators.

Sometimes, they know you have them in your sight. Sometimes, they look towards you, not quite at you, but it feels like they are boring into your soul, saying "You got me, make it quick”. It's an eerie feeling, and sometimes you take the shot, sometimes you don't.

On that night, as I was walking past that door downstairs, I witnessed a bone-chilling moment. I saw red eyes and a humanoid figure. And I froze. I stopped in my tracks. I gave that same look of "You got me, make it quick”. After that momentary lapse of sanity, I just scooted real quick away from the door, grabbed a weapon, and called my wife, saying someone was downstairs, call the authorities.

There is no other entrance to the basement, and I had the door covered with my weapon from a safe position, where I could easily run from the house. Officers show up, I disarm, they clear the house. They find no one—but they did uncover something. A set of muddy footprints that start facing towards the stairs up, that then proceed to walk into a wall in the back corner of the basement by the water heater.

It was a solid wall, with a small crawl space, and about maybe four inches of clearance on the other side of it. Officers call detectives, detectives check it, can't see anyone in it, and they can't enter it. Photographs are taken, shoe sizes compared. We get a good contact number for the detective, and the wife and I stay at a hotel for a couple of nights.

For months afterward, the same thing happened. Eventually, I stopped calling the authorities, and almost got normal. The wife was less enthused by my antics, cheerfully just going about and when I would spot Red Eyes, I would always give him a cheery "Hello, how ya doing?" We would still have muddy footprints, and I would just clean them up.

So, we have an opportunity to move to a better house, one where we would be able to work at home better. The main reason the home was better was we had a mold issue in this old house. It was in between the panes of glass in the windows. Every day we were cleaning it up from window sills and doorframes. We even had to replace pieces of furniture multiple times, and we are VERY clean people.

We notified the landlord over multiple months and eventually a year, and after their actions not helping at all, we decided to move. The landlord decided to get a housing inspector out there immediately after we left. The inspector comes and verifies there is a mold issue. I don’t know if they met Red Eyes. However, they did find a metric ton of readings of high spore counts on the wall bordering the space below my old bedroom, which was the wall where the footprints always ended.

So the inspector scoops a little bit of the earth on the other side of the wall, through that crawl space. What he finds is truly disgusting. It wasn't earth as in dirt; it was approximately seven feet of mold. The landlord then immediately contacted specialists to remove all of it and notified me to offer some kind of damages for it in the form of refunded partial rent payments.

All in all, made my 2020 pretty good. Until about three months later. The landlord calls me again and now offers to send me a full refund of all rent from the time I was living there, minus what she already gave. Why? That's when I learned the disturbing truth. There was a body.

The Medical Examiner said it was the man who owned the property before my landlord. He was a lineman, who, after talking to surviving family members, wore a size 8 shoe. The same size as the footprints. Well heck, Red Eyes. I don't know how you got there, but jeez bud, I hope you now found peace.

Sorry for not checking it out sooner. I did, after reading about his obituary and contacting his family, swing by his final resting place to drop off flowers, place a stone, and share a "Good Morning," like I used to. Until better times Red Eyes.

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102. Doom From Above

When I was seven years old, my mom gave birth to my little sister. My dad and I went to visit her in the hospital to check out the new family member. As seven-year-olds often do, I got bored, so my parents sent me to the kiosk right outside the main building to get an ice cream. As I was walking towards the kiosk, I cut over the lawn as it was a shorter walk.

Suddenly I feel and hear a really heavy thud right behind me. I turn around to see an image that will haunt me for the rest of my life. It was the warped, mangled body of a man in a hospital gown maybe 40-50 cm from where I was standing. The man had jumped off the hospital roof after receiving the news he had terminal cancer.

My mom and a lot of the others in the birth ward even saw the guy flying past the windows. The guy basically just fell short of taking me with him. A group of doctors and psychiatrists asked me to get emergency therapy, but I insisted on getting my ice cream and going home. To this day, I can still recall the thud of the body hitting the ground and his body lying next to me, clear as crystal.

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103. The Doppelganger

It happened in early 2000, when I was working at a juvenile detention center in a small town in Oklahoma as a corrections officer. I was working nights at the time and went to work at 9 PM. This one night when I arrived for work my supervisor looked confused and asked me what I was doing there. I said, "I work tonight". And he said, "But they said you called in a few hours ago saying that you were sick".

I was a bit confused and said, "It must have been someone else and they got the message wrong". After everyone else showed up for work that night it was a bit weirder, but we carried on as usual and assigned everyone their places for the night; I went to work in the control room where I usually work. The control room is the center of the place, and it has direct control over the cameras, doors, phones, pretty much everything.

After I relieved the guard on duty and settled in for the night, I looked at the message that said I called in. It said that I had called at 6:50 and said that I had gotten sick while out cleaning up after the storm. There had been a storm the night before and it was a bit bad, but not anything that I had to go out to clean up. It was truly weird—and it was about to get weirder.

The supervisor came into the control about that time. He was also a friend of mine outside work and we started talking about it, and how odd it was. I decided to call my wife at home and tell her about it while he was still sitting there. I picked up the phone and dialed. After two rings a man picked up the phone and with a raspy voice said, "Hello?"

I didn't know what to say for a few seconds. I looked at the phone to make sure I dialed the right number, and I had. After a few seconds, the person said, "Hello?" again in the same raspy voice. I said, "Hello. Who is this?" They replied, "This is Taylor, who is this?" My head started spinning. My name is Taylor. In almost a scream I said: "Where’s Ann?"

He said, "Ann's in bed. Who is this?" I dropped the phone and told my supervisor to ring me out, I had to get home, and I took off towards the door. I could hear Dave pick up the phone behind me and say, "Hello?" followed soon after by "What the heck!" rather loudly. I ran to my car and drove home faster than I should have, my mind racing the entire time.

I busted through the door and my wife was sitting watching TV and was shocked at me being home. I asked her who was there and she said no one has been over. After a rather long talk with my wife, I went to call the center to tell them what was going on, but the phone was dead. I went back to work and when I came in, Dave was acting weird and asked me, "How are you doing this?"

He told me that when I left, he picked up the phone and the person on the other end sounded like me. He kind of freaked out and hung up the phone. A minute later, as he could see my car leaving the parking lot, the phone rang. What he heard made his blood run cold. He said that I had called back from home and asked what the heck was going on.

He said that I was a bit irate and said I was sick and did not feel like playing these games and was telling him to stop prank calling me and hung up. After convincing him I had no idea what was going on, we went back to work. Later, I find out that the phone line for my area had been knocked down the night before by the storm.

This is absolutely the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.

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104. Wave From The Grave?

When I was a child visiting my grandma's house (my mother’s mom), I'd wave next door to her neighbor Ken, who always sat in the bay window looking out at the sea. My grandma and Ken both lived right on the coast of the North Sea in Hartlepool (UK). We'd never really talk, but we always shared a little wave each day before I went to get into the car.

One time I'm leaving my gran’s house, I'm in front of my mom who's stopped at the door to talk to my gran. So I head down the steps and towards the gate. I turn back and see Ken in the window. He had a big smile, as usual, waving at me. I give him a wave back. He stands up, gives me the thumbs-up, and wanders towards the back of the room.

My mom comes walking down the steps and asks, "Who are you waving at?" I replied, "Ken". To this day, I can remember my mom's face. She just went white but didn't say anything to me. A few weeks later, she plucked up the courage to tell me that Ken had passed a few days before we visited my gran’s. I don't believe in ghosts, but I know I saw him.

I can still picture his striped grey sweater with light stripes across it. Him waving and getting up out of his chair. There was no one else in the house. He lived by himself. Brains are weird.

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105. The Others

My mom and older sister describe how I used to randomly start crying and asking where my mom was, even when she was right in front of me. When my mother would try to comfort me by saying she was right there, I would shout for my other mom. I would then describe this person, who apparently always held a bloody hammer. They said it scared them out of their wits, but one day when I was two years old, they tried to ask me about it and I couldn't remember anything.

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106. Frighteningly Accurate

My dad watched his mother die of a ruptured gallbladder when he was 12 and still remembers it vividly. My sister, one day, randomly gets up almost an hour after she's gone to bed and goes up to him. The conversation went like this:

Sister: Daddy, your mommy died in a red sweater, jeans, sneakers and with her hair in a ponytail, right? And her hair was blonde? Dad: Drops book he's reading and stares, wide-eyed, and then says Yes...Sister: What color were her eyes?
Dad: Blue... why?

Sister: Oh, she doesn't have them anymore, just empty sockets. I was curious. And she goes right back to bed.

Creepy Kids factsDentist in Rockland County

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