Awkward Sleepovers

August 22, 2023 | Nur Karageldi

Awkward Sleepovers

Sleepovers are notorious for a reason: there are inappropriate intimacies, the first times, and awkward interactions with family members. Most often, these experiences result in troublesome yet unforgettable ways. Whether you have a sleepover with a stranger or a close friend, all the dynamics change after the lights are out and the pajamas are on.

1. Magic Of Gas

About 11 years ago, we have a sleepover with girls and boys. All lights are out for about 10 minutes. We have all settled down and gotten silent for sleeping.

Then we hear a grown male voice clearly enunciate the word “What". Now, let me be clear—this was not a child's voice. This was like hearing James Earl Jones say "What". 

There was about a 10-second silence and then one of the girls says, "Who said that?" Silence. Then one of the boys starts laughing uncontrollably.

We turn the lights on, and he is laughing so hard that he's crying. Here we are all freaking out about some strange man in our room while we sleep and he's laughing uncontrollably. He finally calms down enough to tell us that it wasn't a person who asked "What".

He released a gas that sound like the word. His gas sounded exactly like the word "What". We all cracked up. To this day everyone from that party still answers phone calls from each other with "What?"

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2. Wet Bed Nightmare

Back when I used to pee on the bed in third grade, I fell asleep in my friend's bed during a sleepover at his house. I wet the bed. It... It was awkward, and I never stayed the night at his house again.

But what was most awkward was that when I woke up, he was sitting in a chair staring at me, waiting for me to wake up…

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3. We’re Having A Party, Lady!

When I was 12, my friend Peter had a disco-themed birthday party. No, I don't know why. The party was on a Friday, and we all stayed the night. Being preteen boys with limitless cola, we ended up staying up all night and decided to watch the sunrise on his back deck.

As we're looking at the majestic, slowly lightening sky, our peaceful moment is shattered by a shrill, screaming voice. Looking to the source of the sound we see his fat, undressed, 50-year-old neighbor lady yelling through her kitchen window that we're degenerates.

She was under the impression we were all staring at her. Once the yelling started, we couldn't really help it, and that horrible image will be forever burned into my mind. I'm 29 now.

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4. Sleep-Stomper

This was both awkward and kind of scary. I was eight or nine years old.

My friend was having a birthday party and a bunch of us were sleeping over in the basement. The basement itself was pretty scary and we had spent much of the night telling scary stories until we eventually went to sleep.

At around 2 am, we were awakened by a startling occurrence—one of the girls stomping up and down the stairs. She was yelling and crying, I can't remember what she was yelling specifically, but it was basically nonsense. It basically looked and sounded like she was possessed.

A few of the girls started asking her to go back to sleep and she basically just angrily screamed "No" and continued going up and down the stairs. Finally, she eventually stopped, without a word, and walked back to bed.

Found out in the morning that she had been sleepwalking, and on top of it had wet the bed. She was really embarrassed, and we all felt really awkward at breakfast that morning.

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5. Aye Aye Captain!

When I was about seven or eight, I and a few friends were sleeping in a tent in my best friend's/neighbor’s front yard. His dad loved to have a drink every day, quite similar to Randy Marsh actually.

Anyway, his dad comes home from the bar, bursts into the tent, and wakes us all up, saying we should all go up to the elementary school across the street. We go with him, the whole time acting like spies, avoiding all the lights, all under his directions.

We get to the playground, and he decides he wants to challenge all of us to a footrace. So, we all line up, he yells "G!" and we all take off. Surprisingly, he kept up with us almost all the way to the finish line, before he fell flat on his face, on the concrete.

He also landed awkwardly on his arm, breaking his wrist. It was awkward at the time, but looking back on it 20 years later, it's quite hilarious.

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6. It’s A Very Inappropriate Birthday Surprise

One time, I was over at a friend's house for his 11th birthday. It was me, the birthday boy, and three other guys. We all slept in our sleeping bags in the basement. At around 5 am, we all awake to find Jake yelling at the birthday boy Derek.

The reason? Derek thought it was funny to pee on Jake's face while he was sleeping, and Jake freaked out. Jake walked out right after that, while the rest of us stayed up and called our parents around 7 am. I went home around 8 am, and at that time, Derek was still trying to play it off as funny. Derek lost four friends that night.

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7. Chinese Food Diaries

I was 13 or 14 years old. We had an all-night RPG session, pen, and paper, with my buddies in my friend's basement. His awesome and very traditionally Chinese mom brings us course after course of food throughout the evening as I vainly try to GM an adventure where my friends are more interested in creating in-game simulations than in actually playing the game.

The night wears on and we finally pass out with dawn quickly approaching.

Shortly afterward, I woke up with a start—my stomach didn't like the awesome Chinese food as much as the rest of me did. I jump up off the basement floor and bolt for the bathroom, only I'm really tall and have a problem with passing out when I get up too quickly. I have a blackout in the doorway and fall hard.

I wake up a moment later with my friends standing over me. That's when it hits me—that looming feeling of dread when you realize that you had just did number two in your pants in front of a room full of your peers. Is this real or am I dreaming? These scary thoughts are interrupted by a renewed gurgling in my stomach. Apparently, it is all too real.

I claw my way into the bathroom and slam the door shut on my startled friends. I pull my pants down and unleash a foul kind of craziness in the toilet even as the stuff continues to soak into my ill-fitting jeans, this happened in the 90s.

But wait, there's more! Suddenly I need to vomit because this delicious food apparently cannot leave my body fast enough. I do the only rational thing that can be done and start puking into the garbage can as I continue to add to the mountain of stuff underneath me.

Apparently, I had offended some vengeful deity that day because, obviously, the basket is wicker. So, there I am, releasing everything that can be released as I vomit into a garbage can that is, at best, straining it. The floor is covered in vomit, my pants are full, and that's the day that my social anxiety started.

Welcome to the next decade of your life, kid.

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8. Seriously Bro?

I had my high school girlfriend sleep over. She slept in the other room because we were "too young" to sleep in the same. We were both about 17.

Anyway, early the next morning, I woke up to quite a shock—I walked in on her with my 15-year-old younger brother. Apparently, they had been seeing each other in secret for months. Most awkward, depressing moment of my entire life. We still never talk about it.

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9. Freakshow

This happened when I was probably about 14. This girl decided to have a big slumber party for her birthday. Well, she was stereotypically uncool, wore T-shirts with wolves on them, bragged about how far she could stick the arm of her glasses up her nose, and kind of always smelled like dogs. I was about one social rung above her.

My friend and I were the only people that showed up at her big party. Her mom made us hot dogs, and dinner was silent. Her dad arrived at started screaming about how her two gigantic German Shepherds hadn't gotten enough affection today. He ended up throwing a hot dog at the girl's mother.

Later on, I made a joke of the word, "Gracias" as, "Grassy" because I was 13. Her dad pulled me into the kitchen and screamed at me.

I was shaken up and scared so we all went to bed. In the middle of the night, my friend and I woke up with the girl sitting upright between us and shaking us awake. We tried to figure out what was going on and she just said, "You know, we could kiss".

Having no interest in such things at that age, I was thoroughly disturbed. My friend called her mom and claimed we were sick and had to be picked up immediately. It was just too much discomfort for one night.

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10. Boys Night In Turned Awkward

I think we were all around 15, about six male friends came over for your typical high school sleepover; pizza, soda, and video games until 3 am in the morning, and everyone just passes out where they lie.

Except, something must've been in the air that night because almost everyone was getting ... sensual. It started with jokes about 'swordfights' in the bathroom, then a couple of them actually went into the bathroom to pee together. Or so they say, I didn't verify.

Then at one point, five of them, sixth was passed out, basically started comparing their sizes, and I backed out. I had my reasons: I was closeted and in denial, and the last thing I wanted was to be ostracized in a class that was only 20 students.

So yeah, kind of odd that the inadvertently male-to-male experience of my life happened in my bedroom, and I backed out.

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11. That’s Just Bad Timing

I got my period at a hangover for all of the girls in my class. I didn't want to tell my mother about it, so I ended up just stuffing my panties with toilet paper and then went on my merry way until I was pulled aside. I had bled through my night dress.

I was 11, and I hosted the sleepover. I just lay under my bed and cried all the time.

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12. Wrong Signal

When I was about ten, my friend invited me to go camping with his family and some of their family friends. I had never been camping before, but my parents told me that I should go for the experience. 

It was the first night I had ever spent away from home without my family and being in the dark woods in the middle of the night didn't really help.

So, after sitting around the campfire, all of the kids went to sleep in one tent and the parents in a couple of others. In the middle of the night, I startled awake to the sound of growling. I didn't think much of it at first, so I tried going back to sleep. Then I heard it again, louder this time.

Thinking it was a bear trying to get into our tent, I flipped and screamed "Bear!" like a little girl. Everyone woke up and it was a disaster in the tent. All of the parents came running out and it took a good five minutes to get everyone out. 

Turns out, the "growling" was actually my friend's dad snoring. My friend never invited me to anything ever again.

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13. Morning Stretch But With A Twist

I've always done weird things in my sleep. I still do, but thankfully not as often. I scream, I get up and take a shower, I go in the kitchen and make a sandwich... but when I was younger. I used to take my clothes off while I was sleeping. 

I would wake up and my Scooby Doo nightgown would be underneath my pillow. It was weird. So, one night, I and 10 other girls were spending the night at my friend's house because it was her birthday. 

We were having fun, eating cake, watching movies blah blah blah. We all fell asleep while watching a movie. In the morning when we all wake up, I'm still half asleep and I get out of my sleeping bag and stand up and stretch in front of everyone.

Wearing nothing.

Some 10-15 years later and my friends have still not let that one go.

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14. It Got Bad, Then It Got Worse

I was crashing at my friends when I was 13-14, and his parents were strict when they said lights out, they meant it! So, me and him are laying there talking about where we are going to ride our dirt bikes the next day. 

Well, I guess his dad could hear us, he calls him to his room to lecture him. I lay there listening to his dad yell when all of a sudden, I heard a thump and his dad started yelling my name! So, I jump up and run to his room and there lays my friend having a seizure!

His dad starts screaming what were you guys doing, referring to certain substances, but the thing was he nor I had even tried anything at that point in life. Well, here's the fun part, I could play sports as a child because my body dumps adrenaline when I panic!

So down I go! Now I'm blacking out, so off he goes to the hospital, and I get the third degree from his dad.

They never found out why he had the seizure and I never stayed over at his house again!

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15. An Ill-Timed Confession

I came out of the closet during a sleepover.

I was sharing a waterbed with two other dudes and three more were sleeping on the floor. I just came right out with it and they all just kind of reacted with "huh" and talked about something else. I thought they just accepted it right there and it wasn't a problem.

It was a huge relief for me that they brushed it off without any issues, too. Ended up finding out last year, I was 13 when this happened. I am 20 now. It was super awkward for everyone else and that's why they changed the subject so fast. 

It wasn't at all awkward for me, but for them it was. Sorry, guys. Although the guy in the middle of me and another friend whispered in my ear that he was bi and we stealth cuddled for a bit, so, doesn't-matter-had-cuddles, I guess.

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16. Time For Some UFOs

I had a third-grade birthday party sleepover for my best friend. There were about four or five of us. The present from his father? Alien on VHS. Awkwardness ensued that night...

I cried at the chest-burster scene and cried, "I want to go home! I want to go home!" while continuing to cry. Apathetic friend's father replies, "Alright, alright. What's your parent's phone number? I'll call your mom..." I reply, "I don't remember! I can't remember! Waaaaah!"

And he started laughing at me. I never went home that night. I never went home.

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17. I Never Trust Anyone Around My Computer

Not so much awkward, but infuriating. I was about 11 or so, and I had a friend sleep over. I wake up and he's playing my copy of Super Mario World. The first thing he said to me is: "I erased all your games, so we could start over."

Only a crazy person would think of doing something like that. I even had an unused saved file. I developed this weird paranoia, well into my 20s, after that. Any time someone would ask to play a game I always said: " Yeah, but don't delete any of my games."

Then one day I realized how crazy I sounded because nobody does that...except Ryan...

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18. Spaghetti Day

This was not a sleepover, but when I was around eight my neighbor, around 11, invited me to her house for lunch. At the time I was in the fussy eating stage, and unfortunately that day they were having spaghetti, which at the time I hated, stupid, stupid child.

Anyway, I had to get out of there real fast, so I said, "I have to go see if my brother is okay, be right back" ran back home, and got Dad to make me a sandwich. I then hid behind the couch when she came to the door, wondering why I legged it out of there and never came back.

For some reason 8-year-old me couldn't just say "I don't like spaghetti".

We moved a few weeks later and I never saw her again. Hope you're doing okay, spaghetti girl.

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19. Oops

On my friend's 15th birthday, she had about eight of us over for a sleepover. Of course, we're playing truth or dare. Someone dared to sign my chest, as I was the most... developed, even though I was skinny enough to earn the nickname chicken legs.

Anyway, the girl is signing my chest, and the birthday girl's mom walks in singing with a birthday cake.

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20. Hearing Something You’re Not Supposed To

While staying at my friend's house in high school, their mother had her boyfriend over. It was about six in the morning, and we were all about to go to sleep after staying up all night.

I had to go to the bathroom though. The bathroom is right next to where her room was... I heard the loudest you-know-what I have ever heard in my life coming from in there... I never told them, even to this day…

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21. PG-13 Poker Feud

I was about Grade Five-ish, and I was at the birthday slumber party for a kind of friend that lived two houses up from me. We had stayed up late playing on his PlayStation, and we played poker, betting toys, and stuff.

It's getting on late, so most of us just go to sleep... I have no idea what time it is when I woke up later, but the birthday boy and another one of the kids at the party were still playing poker still. 

I just kind of sat up and watched, and eventually, the birthday boy got angry, because he had lost this really cool toy to the kid.

So, he went and snapped it in half... I just kind of watched and wanted to cry... because it was my toy... I had let him borrow it for his birthday because he had said how cool it was. He never said sorry and claimed it was the whole time...

He then turned out to be a rude person and was not a true friend at all. Karma is real though... He's pretty fat now.

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22. You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

When I was younger, before the age of ten, my parents were friends with another couple who had a daughter my age or maybe a year older. One time during a sleepover she decided to show me her "foofoo". 

Every time we hung out after that, or so it seems in memory, we played with each other's bits and pieces.

For some reason our parents allowed us to sleep in the same tent when we went camping a couple of times. Then one day she told me that it had just been a phase and we should stop. 

Now that I think about it, so many of my relationships with women have followed that basic pattern.

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23. Vomit O’Clock

I have a pretty good one back from when having a birthday meant having all your friends over for a night full of video games and junk food. Throughout the party, I had managed to eat gratuitous amounts of what came to be known later as the three dangerous "P" foods: pizza, popcorn, and pork rinds.

At around midnight, we all decide to go to sleep. There was a bunk bed in the room we all were going to sleep in, and while everyone decided to sleep on the floor, I took the top bunk. After talking about which girls, we thought were cute from school we all eventually fall asleep.

Then it happened. Before I can run to the bathroom, I proceed to projectile vomit over all my friends, causing them to wake up in a screaming frenzy. And this wasn't any small trickle of vomit, this was a solid three seconds of full blasting barf, during which I managed to hit every single one of my friends.

The host runs to get his mom who spends the rest of the night cleaning up my mess. My mom eventually gets phoned, and she comes over to drive me home. The kicker is, by the time my mom arrived I felt completely better. Those were the days.

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24. Give It Time Baby

My boyfriend's story, not my own, never fails to make me laugh. Essentially, a cabin was rented for an off-the-hook party, I forget the occasion. Anyway, my man has a headache and turns in early. There are two bedrooms in the place, so throughout the evening they fill up with folks going to bed.

Eventually, a friend comes in with a lady. They have obvious intentions, but she's hesitant. He convinces her that everyone is asleep, they will just zip up in a sleeping bag and do their thing. At this point my boyfriend is the only one lying in bed awake, thinking 'please don't' as hard as possible.

That was when the exchange takes place: "Mm yeah, baby, you like em thick like that?" pause..."Well...yeah, but...I like em long too". The whole room is awake at this point, laughing. It slows down and he can be heard saying "Give it time, baby...give it time".

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25. Don’t Leave Your Own Birthday Party

There were about a dozen girls at my friend's 14th birthday party. After a pleasant evening, the birthday girl got into an argument with her mother over something that seemed pretty minor, and her mother went to bed. 

We continued to hang out in the basement until some guys who were in their late teens or early 20s showed up with drinks.

We hung out with them for a while, but then the birthday girl decided that she was angry with her mom and got into the car with the older guys and left, even after we all told her it was a horrible idea.

At about 4 am, her mom came downstairs, and we all pretended to be asleep. But it was clear that the birthday girl was not there. Her mom called the officers, who came downstairs to interview us all to try to find out where the birthday girl went.

She finally came home a while later. Her mother made us all leave and the birthday girl was grounded for a year. Her sentence ended a few months later though when her mother suddenly passed away because of cancer.

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26. Hair Freak

I slept at a chick friend's place who was a relatively new friend. We slept in her bed and at night I felt this need to take a leak and I woke up. 

It was super cold, so I was taking my time to get out of bed. I feel a hand put a lock of my hair behind my ear and I am thinking that's alright, 'cause my hair is kind of long.

I am facing away from her, and I can feel this vigorous shaking inside the comforter, on her side. I open my eyes and I know that she’s doing something inappropriate.

I didn't want to make her awkward, so I pretended to be half asleep and without looking back I go "Hey do you feel the bed shake?" Naturally, she stops.

She's super awkward and says "No". And I was like "Sorry, must be some weird dream". I did not sleep for the rest of the night. I also did not have another sleepover with her. Ever.

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27. We Don’t Need Any Clothes

I was five years old and so was she. We were sleeping on the pullout couch in the living room of my parent's little place, it was only two beds one bath, and the dining room was the living room, so we could practically reach the stove from the bed, and my bedroom door too.

I was a cuddler. She knew that we'd been friends since we were three. This wouldn't be unusual for us. I reached over to hug her around her tummy while I was falling asleep. As a frequent flyer of Nightmare Express, hugging people or things made me feel better as I fell asleep.

I hug her as expected, about a half hour after "lights out", and that's when I had a surprising realization—her pajama pants were missing. And her underwear. And this kind of wakes me up because what.

I asked her, "Where is your underwear?"

She said, "I took them off because it feels good like that. It’s okay to keep hugging me. Feel it, the skin is soft there".

I was too curious to ignore it, and she wanted it, so I did, even though I thought it was very weird.

We never slept over after that again. I just said it was because sleeping in the living room gave me nightmares bad.

So, I guess that was the first of many experiences with the same gender I've had.

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28. Witch Hunt

When I was six years old, I moved to a completely new town and I had a really hard time making new friends, mostly because everyone thought I was a witch. 

This one girl felt sorry for me and one day she invited me over to her house for the night. She has two older brothers who had somehow heard that I was a witch and decided that they had to do something about it.

The evening was fun, and I was so happy I had finally made a friend and I went to bed super happy and feeling awesome. Then, at like 3 am, I woke up to something small hitting my face over and over again. 

I sat up to see her brothers wearing blankets as capes, standing over me and pouring Cheerios on my face.

They had lit candles all over the room and surrounded the floor my sleeping bag with flour and for some reason orange juice. 

I started crying really loudly and her parents came running to the living room and the brothers calmly explained that they were performing a "routine" and that they weren't "actually" going to do anything else to me.

The kitchen utensils they had laid out on the coffee table told me otherwise. Her parents called my parents, and my mom thought it was hilarious.

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29. Something Smells Bad In The Pantry

My pantry door is right next to my bathroom door.

When I was about 10 years old, I had a sleepover party for my birthday. I thought I was dreaming when my best friend stepped over me and walked into the kitchen. 

I saw the pantry door open and assumed he was getting a snack, but then I also heard rain. Indoors. I go back to sleep not thinking much of it.

The next day my mom goes to get some pasta to cook dinner looks at the floor, and goes, "Eww, something must have spilled and got all over the bottom level of the pantry!" She dropped down to sniff it real close and then it dawned on me.

My best friend had, while sleepwalking, peed all over our food closet. We never told him, his mom, or anyone outside my family because we didn’t want to embarrass him.

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30. Interview With My Eyes Closed

One time my sister is having a sleepover, she was two years older, and I wanted to hang out with her and her friends so badly. Her friends normally won't hang out with me but as bedtime approaches suddenly they say I should sleep with them, and I'm stoked. 

Eventually, we go to sleep. I slowly wake up, becoming more aware of the sounds around me, as I hear lots of giggling and talking. Someone says, "She's stopped talking!" and I realize that I have been talking in my sleep and they've been listening. 

Turns out the whole reason they wanted me around is because I say hilarious things while asleep and you can even ask me questions that I will respond to.

I was caught somewhere between mortified, because they knew some of my secrets now, and stoked that I could use this to hang out with them. 

I pretended to still be asleep and said silly things. Every time my sister had a sleepover, I'd have to stay awake but pretend to be asleep because they'd all try to get me to sleep and talk.

Small girl is laying on the bed, with upset face.freepik, Freepik

31. We Lost The Kid!

When I was a kid, I was sleeping over at this kid in the neighborhood's place. They didn't have anywhere else for me to sleep except to share a twin bed with the kid. At about 2 am I decided this situation wasn't working out for me—and I made a peculiar decision. I concluded that my bed at home would be more comfortable and made my way back home.

The next morning the kid and his parents woke up. They were afraid to call my parents for a bit because they were scared they lost me. Eventually, they did and my parents found me comfortably asleep in my bed. I was not invited to another sleepover.

Small kid wearing green and white pajamas is sleeping in bed.Kampus Production, Pexels

32. Cinnamon Bun

I was about 10 years old, and it was my best friend Josh's birthday party. We were all asleep in his room, in sleeping bags. My other friend Jordan was also there. There were several other kids there that Jordan and I didn't know because they were from one of Josh's other social circles.

There was this annoying kid there. He was fat, loud, and very obnoxious. He ended up eating too much birthday cake and falling asleep before everyone else. Well, earlier in the day Jordan had showed me this cool cinnamon breath drop stuff he had gotten.

This was back in the days when that stuff was all the rage in the mid-90s, and I had the brilliant idea to put some drops in the annoying fat kids behind.

It took a while, but we were able to open his sleeping bag, shimmy his pants down enough, and surgically apply no less than 10 drops of cinnamon breath drops all down the length of this kid's behind. Giggling ensued.

The next morning when he woke up, he kept complaining about how sticky his behind was. I found the whole thing quite brilliant, and still do.

Fat boy is sleeping on blue pillow.kwanchai.c, Freepik

33. BOOM

I was sleeping over at a friend’s house. I was maybe seven to eight years tops. In the middle of the night, I woke up, we were both sleeping on the floor of his living room, and heard my friend messing with the fireplace they had.

To this day I'm not sure how it all happened, but he lit a match and “Boom!”, a loud sound and my buddy flew about six to eight feet across the living room floor. I think he might have turned on the gas somehow and then lit the match trying to get the fireplace to start.

The Fire Department showed up along with the officers. After a few hours, we wound up going back to sleep like nothing ever happened.

Small kid is holding his head with shocked face.antoniodiaz, Shutterstock

34. This Is Not How It Looks Like

Camp story! So, when I was about 12, I went to a summer camp for a week. There are 10 of us in a cabin including the counselor and we all sleep in bunk beds. That year I happened to be on the bunk above the counselor.

So, at night all of the counselors meet up to hang out and drink and whatnot, so we have the cabin to ourselves. Some and some of the other braver ones begin a game of poker while the others take turns being the lookout. 

So, there I am at 12 in just a training bra and undies when the lookout says, "Dave is coming!" Now Dave was the camp director. 

We all scramble to get back in our bunks, but I didn't have time to get dressed and climb up to my bunk, so I threw my clothes on my bed and dove into the bed undermine which was vacant because it was the counselor’s bed.

Well, the door opens, and it wasn't Dave. It was our counselor. And I'm wearing nothing in her bed.

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35. What Happened?

When I was 10, I slept over at a friend’s house one night. I woke up the next day and walked downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. His mom screamed when she saw us.

What happened? I had gotten a bloody nose in the middle of the night and between my rolling around and his shifting in the bed, we both were covered in blood and looked like extras from Dawn of the Dead.

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36. As Gross As It Gets

This was an adult sleepover for me, and maybe it isn’t appropriate here. However, after a night of drinking,, a woman, my friend, another woman, and her friend, a man, all fell asleep in the same bed.

He wakes up at some point during the night and thinks "I am sleeping in a bed with two women. Maybe I will get lucky" and starts trying to fool around with me.

I am very much asleep and, in a relationship, tell and I tell him so very quietly as to not wake up my friend. Then, suddenly she wakes up and pukes all over the bed. Pretty awkward on several different levels. We spent the next few hours cleaning and showering. Gross.

Young woman with long hair is showering.Yaroslav Shuraev, Pexels

37. You Guys Have Fun

I had a friend who loved Nerf toys, but his mom hated them. We all got him a huge set of Nerf toys. Then, he started to shoot all over the house eventually hitting his mom.

He had to spend the rest of the night in his room alone, leaving us, the party guests, to throw a party for someone who wasn't there.

Young kids are seating in the room and playing with nerf gun.cottonbro studio, Pexels

38. The Wrong Way To Wear A Bracelet

I wasn't there for it, but it involved me...

It was back in sixth grade this boy had a big crush on me. He had a bracelet that he made with my name. He always denied it—but the disturbing truth eventually revealed itself.

A friend of ours woke up to him in the middle of the night during a sleepover, touching himself, with said bracelet wrapped around his little boy thing.

Bracelet with different colors and name EMMA is standing on the table.Africa Studio, Shutterstock

39. The Mom Next Door

I spent the night at a friend's house when I was around ten. We had the bright idea of setting his alarm to go off at 6 am so we could get up to play video games and have a good while before my dad came to pick me up. 

At some point during the night, my friend got up to go sleep in his parent's room for whatever reason and left me there.

When the alarm went off at 6 am, I couldn't find him and for the life of me couldn't turn that darn thing off, so I went looking for him around the house. 

When I got to his parent's room, the way the house is set up their closet is directly in front of the door, and I saw his mom walk in.

I started walking in so I could ask her to turn off the alarm but before anything could be said, she started getting undressed and I got a full view of her. 

Normally a moment 10-year-old boys live for, but I was not about to be known as that kid in school who spied on his best friend's mom getting changed so I got out of there.

I went to the kitchen to compose myself and headed back when I thought she'd be done. I ran into her just as she was leaving the room for her morning jog and pretended like nothing happen.

Looking back, I was probably stuttering like an idiot and was avoiding any eye contact with both her and my friend for the rest of the day.

That day, I accidentally saw my best friend's mom undressed while wanting to ask her something, went away, and nonchalantly ran into her again like nothing happened.

Young kid wearing white and red shirt is looking surprised with open mouth.drobotdean, Freepik

40. I’ve Got Secrets To Keep

I was at this sleepover party when I was probably about 11. It was my friend’s birthday. At about midnight, his father left to go to work. He worked as a security guard on the graveyard shift somewhere.

It was no less than 20 minutes after he left when another guy showed up at the door. Right then, the mother of my friend told us to not say anything.

Now I was 11, but I wasn't stupid. We all knew what was going on. No one said a whole lot after that happened.

Blonde woman is smiling and opening front door.goodluz, Shutterstock

41. Dare Night

One summer, five friends and I were at a friend’s house for a birthday party. So, there were six girls all 14 or 15 years old, and we were playing truth or dare.

The questions were getting pretty bizarre, and it got to the point where we were all undressed. Someone then took a dare to have to run around the block without any clothes on.

She decided she didn't want to do it by herself, so all six of us snuck out her window and ran a lap around the block. This was at about 3 am so we didn't think we'd see anyone and weren't too worried.

We do the lap, didn't see anyone, it was all good. We go to sneak back into her room, and her older brother was letting the dog out the door to the backyard, which is right by her window.

So, her brother, about 18 at the time, saw his sister and five friends completely undressed, running down the street towards their house, just stands there and didn't know what to do. It was awkward. 

He just stood and stared, and we were all so scared he was going to tell us we just stood there as well. He eventually just went in, and we took the door in, and promptly put as many clothes as we had on.

Needless to say, now that we're older, we all joke about it with him, but at the time it was a scared awkward stare-down.

Young man is holding a small dog in his hands.sagar sintan, Pexels

42. The Narrator

It was the summer between fifth and sixth grade at a friend's all-girl birthday slumber party, there were about 10-15 of us. A game of truth or dare somehow devolved into all of us getting completely undressed and playing "Playboy". Yeah, that's exactly what it sounds like.

It may have not even been too uncomfortable of an experience if I hadn't been the only one of us who had not even begun to hit puberty, I had the body of a child and they all had bigger chests and hair, you know, the works.

Nevertheless, I got undressed, but instead of posing all hot like all the other girls, I sat by the door to "keep a watch" in case the parents decided to come up and check on us. 

And here's the worst part...from my post at the door, I provided awkward commentary on the whole scenario and what the other girls were doing, as if I was narrating some kind of creepy video. Cringe.

Young woman is looking at camera from behind white door.Adrienn, Pexels

43. Blood Everywhere

I used to sleep over at my friend's house fairly frequently, like two or three nights a month.

One day, back when we were ten, we were coming back from a public pool when he sees a cat that looks roughed up being someone who always helped animals, he said he had to check on it and help it. 

So, he goes over and tries to lure it to him, once it's close enough he grabs the cat and it loses it, the cat freaks out and claws my friend like crazy.

My friend is now bleeding quite a bit, so we rush to his house, and he cleans his wounds and bandages them, but he's kind of bleeding through them.

My friend is now laying on his bed groaning in pain and bleeding. I tell him I am going to go find his parents, so I run down the street and start checking all the restaurants and stores. Eventually, I find them in a restaurant, and they're both trashed. 

I try to explain the whole situation to them, explaining again and again, but they're not getting it. I was running back to my friend's house to check on him, and he was groaning and rolling around on his bed, still bleeding. I

 help bandage him more, get him some water, and ask if he wants me to call someone, but he insists that I do not call anyone.

So, I go back down the street to his parents, explaining again the situation and that he needs help. Finally, they cave and slowly get up and stumble back to their house. But once they get in the house they just go to their bedroom and fall asleep.

I then try to comfort my friend more, and ask about calling for help again but he begs me not to. I try calling my Dad to see if he'll help, but no answer at my house. 

My friend asks if I'll play games so he can watch, so I play a PS1 game for a while until he falls asleep, it's now like 4 am. I check on his parents but they're out cold, won't even wake when I try to wake them up.

I write a note about the whole situation and leave it outside their bedroom door on the floor. Then I leave the house and walk across town back to my house where I finally go to sleep.

My friend was okay, his parents eventually brought him to the hospital, he had to get a bunch of stitches and a cast type thing over it, he also needed to get a shot for rabies, and missed a month of school.

Cat is looking at camera with scared face.wirestock, Freepik

44. Who Made The Phone Call?

I was staying over at this girl Elizabeth's house. I think we were in fifth grade. I was jealous of her because her family had money and my family was lower-middle class, so I was so excited to see her fancy house.

We let the teachers know I was going home with her, it was a Friday, and my mom would pick me up early on Fridays and had a blast at her house dancing and playing games. 

Elizabeth decided to prank call one of the guys in our class, Ian, and said she was another classmate, Lynne, and that he was invited to her house.

She left a voicemail and soon after she, me, and her parents went out to dinner. When we got back to her house, there was a message from Ian's mom accusing me of leaving a voicemail, although I didn't hear the message.

Elizabeth's dad told me to go into the family room and said he needed to talk to me. He accused me of making the phone call. I kept telling him I didn't do it and was crying. 

Elizabeth eventually came into the room and confessed. I didn't sleep well that night and I never slept over her house again.

A girl is laying on the bed and talking on the orange telephone.RDNE Stock project, Pexels

45. I’m Never Going to Be Invited Again

I was in second or third grade, I had made friends with the "popular girls”, and they had a birthday/sleepover I got invited to. I was ecstatic, to say the least.

Then comes the nighttime, and we are all laying down for bed I was quite a shy kid at the time and had to use the restroom. 

I laid there until I was nearly going to pee myself, gathered the courage to ask my friend where her bathroom was when another girl shot up saying she had to go as well and would show me.

Well, we get into the bathroom, and I insisted on going first but she ran for the toilet and then... It happened. I had my legs crossed and clenched tight as possible, she got off the toilet and I tried to hobble over but unfortunately lost control.

I told the girl what happened she ran out laughing to all the other girls and I was utterly embarrassed. I lay back down and the girl whose house it was asked if I had wet myself and I couldn't even talk. 

I had to use hand gestures to say yes. I was crying my darn eyes out. Never been more embarrassed to this day.

A girl with long hair is crying in bathroom, looking at side.Darina Belonogova, Pexels

46. Little Girls With Their Cliques

I went on an overnight in a cabin with girl scouts. I was kind of an odd man out because I went to a different school than a lot of the other girls. 

There were a couple of other girls that were also not part of the clique, one because she was a nice girl that was the troop leader's daughter and she wasn't a cheerleader like the others, and the other because she was a black girl who was a year younger.

Even though girl scouts are supposed to foster friendships and stuff, the cheer clique were not nice girls. They waited until we fell asleep to mess with us—they smeared food and toothpaste on our faces.

That wouldn't have been so terrible if they hadn't put marshmallows in the black girl's hair. That would be bad in anyone's hair, but in natural hair like hers, it would be a nightmare. 

They were just so cruel to her. The only thing that saved me is my propensity for talking and interacting with people in my sleep.

I felt them messing with my face, rubbed the toothpaste off, looked at it, looked at them, and asked, "Makeup? Who did it?" This was apparently enough to get them to stop for the rest of the night. I still feel really bad for what they did to that other girl though.

Small girl is having a cream on her face.Arina Krasnikova, Pexels

47. You’re Never Coming Here Again

In the fifth grade, I spent the night at my now life-long friend's house for the first time. They had just had their carpets replaced earlier that day or week. On the way into the house, his mom said "Boys, take your shoes off when you get inside".

I was like “No way, we got a video game to play” and ran upstairs. We were hanging out playing Turok 2 for like an hour when we got thirsty. I went downstairs with my buddy to get some Gatorade.

On our way to the kitchen, we saw this amorphous lump sitting in the living room. Upon further inspection, it was a huge pile of dog poop. Upon further inspection, it had been tracked in on my shoe, and went all the way from the kitchen through the living room, up the stairs, and into the bonus room.

So, we grab some red Gatorade and keep playing Turok. Meanwhile, his mom, who is as southern and mild-mannered as they come, is on her hands and knees on the stairs cleaning dog stuff off her new carpet. In retrospect, I don't know why I wasn't cleaning.

About 20 minutes later, I got excited during our video game adventure and spilled half of my red Gatorade onto the seemingly only area of the carpet not tainted with dog stuff.

After we finished playing Turok, I decided I would only drink water for the rest of the night. I was slightly mortified at all the destruction I had caused. We started messing around on the treadmill in his bonus room. 

Despite my poor beverage-handling abilities, I decided to drink some water while messing around on the treadmill. I fell off and spilled my water all over their answering machine and fried it.

After that, I clogged the toilet which overflowed at 3 am. My friend had to go wake up his mom and tell her.

The next morning, these patient souls had somehow not ended me or kicked me out of their home. So, I ended up breaking a few more items.

My buddy and I started horsing around on his old antique bed. I jumped off a chair and onto the bed and cracked the bed frame. Darn it! My buddy then showed me the sand dollar his grandfather brought back from Florida for him. I crushed it in my hand.

Two small kids are jumping on the bed in bedroom.Ben Muk, Pexels

48. First Kiss

Okay, so I'm a sophomore in high school at this point. I had just moved to this new city a few months ago and I was just starting to make some friends.

I used to go to this uptight private school and was a bit sheltered from a lot of stuff. I wasn't even allowed to go to sleepovers with over girls there because my parents were afraid, I'd get into trouble with the "public school riff raff", so this was my first sleepover.

Let's call the girl Jane. When I arrived at Jane's house, I was having a lot of fun. I had known these girls for about three months, and I was already pretty close to them. 

Around 3 a.m., Jane sneaks into her mom's liquor cabinet and steals a bottle, and brings it back into the room. Now, I'd never had a drink in my life. It was such a scary thing to think about.

One thing led to another, and I'd somehow taken about three shots of them. I'm a lightweight myself, so that hit me like a freight train. I was dizzy and pretty giggly, so I decided to go lay down in Jane's bed.

Everyone started to settle down and get comfortable on the couch or the floor after a while. Jane climbs into bed with me and I start to freak out. I'd never been in a bed with another girl, and it was terrifying.

Next thing I know, Jane is uncomfortably close to me and has her arms wrapped around my waist. I'm super freaking out now and I try to push her off. However, being somewhat intoxicated, I only give a weak attempt.

She pulls me towards her and kisses my neck. I’m so confused as to what's happening and I have no idea what to do. I try to pull away and she grabs my face and just puts her tongue in my mouth. What scares me is that I'm starting to get into it. 

So, I say "Yeah, whatever" and start sloppily making out with her. Having no kissing experience, I'm sure it was awful. Fast forward to today and I'm still friends with her. It's pretty awesome.

Two girls are hiding under a white sheet on the bed.KoolShooters, Pexels

49. Your Subconscious Is An Enigma

I'm a little late, but one day I had an impromptu sleepover at a guy's house. I also have a tendency to sleepwalk when I haven't had a lot of sleep and I had just finished finals. 

Apparently, I had walked into his kitchen at some point during the night and taken three-day-old bacon grease, and just started eating teaspoonfuls of it. But that's not all.

When he came into the kitchen and asked me what I was doing. He says I just stared at him, said "You know, Chuck Close the Photographer" and then went back to eating the grease. I thought he was kidding until my digestive system started acting wacky.

The funny thing is that I really don't know anything about Chuck Close, I took one art history class in high school and vaguely remember a self-portrait he did.

Young woman is looking something at fridge at night.freepik, Freepik

50. Rise And Shine!

One of my close friends in middle school wanted to sleep over but my mom had already made plans for a sleepover with one of her friends’ daughters for the same weekend. This girl in particular creeped me out but I was too afraid to say anything, and I just went with it.

The night was fun, movies, snacks, a tent in the living room, and staying up all night. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be with two friends who were strangers, so I was happy. Until the morning time came around.

Now, I have always been a heavy sleeper and I liked to sleep in late. But this morning I happened to wake up to a creepy girl straddling me and kissing my face. 

Right as my eyes shot open and my "What is going on" face came about she looked down on me with the most endearing grin and said, "Good morning sleeping beauty".

I shoved her off of me as my close friend stared at me, very scared, from the couch. She said she was too afraid to say or do anything and she couldn't see what was happening, but the creeper girl looked determined.

I still feel bad when I think about it. And yes, she is into girls now.


Small girl is seating in bed with upset face holding her head.pvproductions, Freepik

Sources: Reddit,

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