Students Recall The Times They Made The Class Burst Into Laughter

Henry Gomes

For the most part, school is mundane, repetitive, and flat out boring. That’s why those small but significant moments when someone says something really funny or makes a total fool of themselves can really bring the entire classroom to their knees in laughter and remember it years after the fact. We’ve rounded up some of the funniest moments that made the entire class crack up. This list will sure to conjure up amusing memories and tales of hijinks of your own school days.

1. This Kid May Need to Visit His Pediatrician

This was in third grade. Everyone was sitting on the floor for story time. I had real bad gas and couldn’t keep it in, and farted super loud. Got a warning from the teacher. Couldn’t help it and farted again, more laughter this time. Another warning. Again, I couldn’t hold it in, and farted a third time, still very loud. I finally got sent to my desk.


2. The Day the Class Clown Cursed

So back in sixth grade, I was a bit of a class clown. I eventually grew out of it, but I enjoyed making people laugh. Since I was a good student too, most of my teachers didn’t really care because they thought it was funny too. However, there was one exception. She was my English teacher and she was not a fan of my antics.

About halfway through the year she got tired of my BS and banished me to a table all by myself. This was her first mistake. This table was way bigger so I had way more room for my stuff and came with a roller chair so I wouldn’t stand for the entire class, I’d just roll wherever I needed to be and I got some good jokes out of it.

At the end of the year, she asked for some people to hand out papers. So there I am rolling around handing back people’s assignments from the last two months of the year and everyone is eager to get their stuff and get out so they’re all calling my name asking for their papers. A kid can only roll so fast. So after 15 minutes of “Hey over here” and “Hey where’s my paper,” I was getting on edge. I’m frantically rolling from place to place when I hear my name come from behind me once more and I guess I just snapped cause I shouted: “WHAT THE [expletive] DO YOU WANT?!”

You guessed it, it was my teacher who had been out of the room and had no idea that people had been yelling my name the whole time. I turned and realized what I had done and the entire class fell silent for a solid five seconds before erupting into laughter while she burned a hole into my soul. Rolled my way outta that situation real quick!


3. Always X-Y-Z, Examine Your Zipper!

During my freshman year of college we had this economics professor who was the oldest professor on campus with over 50 years teaching. One fateful day, he came to class with his fly open. Now this guy, he was stern as heck so no one dared say anything, but at a point, he placed his foot on an empty chair, making the fly gap ever larger and at face level of a girl next to him, who looked uncomfortable as heck, so I did the civic thing and raised my hand, asked him to please come over.

The class began chuckling. He refused a few times and began to get irritated, telling me “If your question is not pertinent to the subject of the class, I’ll report you.” I replied that while this wasn’t pertinent to our class it was of his utmost interest. To which he goes, “Then by all means share your question with the class.”

So I told him his fly was open, which made the 50+ students laugh their butts off. He turned bright red and took a long breath, telling us, “In over 50 years as a professor, this is the second time this has happened to me.” He proceeded to zip up and continue his class. I switched to tourism the following year.


4. The Expected Result of a Q and A With Bored Students

The whole school was in the cafeteria for one of the most boring presentations of my life when a lady asked if we have any questions. I get the bright idea, to raise my hand and ask ,“Is mayonnaise an instrument?” a la Patrick from SpongeBob, and every student in the whole school laughed, and a few of the teachers did too.

I got yelled at by some teachers, but didn’t get detention, so I see it as an absolute win!


5. Dictionaries: Useful Everywhere

In sex ed class, I was asked to spell penis. I, clearly not a great speller, spelled it P-E-A-N-U-S. Definitely, not my brightest hour.


6. A Dark, But Amusing Answer

I was one of the losers that went to school on senior skip day. It was in English class and we were playing this “get-to-know” question game, where the teacher would ask the class a question. How it went was each student takes a turn answering the same question. When it came to me answer the teacher’s question: “What is your dream car?” I replied, “A chariot pulled by elementary school kids.”

The whole class, including the teacher, was dying of laughter.


7. Making the Best of a Not-Great Situation

We had this contest every year at the middle school where you’d get two days off class to take a special lesson about writing speeches, get given a topic, then write a speech. I think it was a state-wide competition. My little brother did it to get out of class for a couple days. The topic was Cyber Communication: Progress or Problem?

He managed to accidentally make it through the first round, meaning he had to go on a weekend to the school with five other students to present their speeches in front of a panel of judges from our community. He was not happy. So, he rewrote his entire speech to be satirical and based it on another girl’s who didn’t make it through the first round. Her essay was on how cyber communication is a problem because it leads to a spike in cases of carpal tunnel.

His speech was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. He shared an account of how he took a shortcut home through an alley. Little did he know that carpal tunnel took the same shortcut, snuck up behind him, hit him in the head with a frying pan, and dragged him back to its lair to have at him for hours. It was full of gems like “According to a statistic I just made up, ….” But he presented it all like a serious speech.

My mom was busy, so I had the pleasure of driving him to give the speech. You could tell whose parents each of the others were, because they’d be the only ones paying attention at all. For my brother, the entire place was laughing their butts off. One of my friend’s dads was a judge, and despite my brother being disqualified, the dad took a copy of his speech home and made his whole family read it and laughed about it for a couple hours.


8. When the Classroom Becomes Comedy Club

In my Japanese class in high school, my teacher would often use various images from Japanese textbooks on the board as subjects to construct sentences about. One of them was a small child running down the road with a woman behind them (presumably their mother) and another couple walking the other way in front of the child.

I jokingly turned to my pal next to me and in a child’s voice said, “I’m tired of not having a dad,” as if it were the child saying that because it looked like the child was running away from their mother to the couple coming their way. The teacher heard my pal cracking up, so he had me repeat it in front of the whole class, and everyone, including him, was laughing hysterically.


9. Who Doesn’t Love a Good Wiener-Dog Joke?

During freshman year, our biology class would do what the teacher called “good things.” People would voluntarily say good things that are happening in their life during the first few minutes of class. This gave the teacher time to pass out papers and whatever. I got a new dachshund puppy and told the class. My teacher wasn’t paying attention so I asked, “Does anyone want to see a picture of my wiener?”

The whole class laughs, but the teacher looks up and yells, “GET OUT!”


10. Michael Scott’s Most Famous Line

My high school chemistry teacher was a devout Evangelical but had a big sense of humor and encouraged jokes in class. At the time, The Office was at its peak. One day a girl knocked a water bottle off her desk, and when it hit the floor the class went dead silent, eyes fixed on it. After about five seconds, the teacher exclaimed, “You’re staring at it like it’s gonna explode!”

I couldn’t help myself and exclaimed, “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” Lord knows he could have killed me, but he just grinned and shook his head amid the thunderous laughter.


11. Take That, Mr. Smith!

In seventh grade English class, the desks on the right side of the room were set up against these metal shelves. Laura, one of the students, used to hit her elbow on them at least once a day, prompting our teacher, Mr. Smith, to remark, “There’s a shelf there Laura.” One day, Mr. Smith was checking homework. We would put out papers on our desks and he’d jump up onto his desk so he could see the entire room.

This day, he jumped up on the desk and then onto those metal shelves, but didn’t watch his head while he was stalking about and whacked it on an overhead vent. As he jumped down holding his head, Laura pipes up, “There’s a vent there, Mr. Smith.”


12. Pulling a Prank on the Teacher

In Spanish class, our teacher had a strict habit of telling you to look up a word you don’t know in the translation dictionary if you asked. Understandable. During one assignment I pulled one of the oldest tricks in the book. I asked her how to say “gullible,” knowing she’d tell me to look it up. So I grabbed one of the dictionaries and flipped through it a bit.

Came back to her and told her it wasn’t in there and asked if I could look it up on her computer. She took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Her face was priceless, going from “investigate mode,” to “hah I told you so!” to “oh god, I can’t believe I fell for that.” Simple and silly, but it’s one of the times I laughed the hardest in my life.


13. Regardless of Language, Potty Humor Is Always Silly

In my ASL (American sign language) class, we were learning vocabulary and one of the verbs was “to do,” which you’d sign by just signing “do” twice. When she was explaining signing “do do,” my immature self starts laughing because she keeps saying, “do do.” Once I get laughing it’s almost impossible for me to stop, so at the point I was almost in tears, the teacher asked, “What’s so funny?”

And I, being the dumb person I am, reply with “Haha, you said do do.” And the whole class just bursts into laughter.


14. The Simple Beauty of the One-Fingered Salute

Once in high school, we had a substitute teacher in our government class who got upset about our volume while we worked in groups. He held his hand up while pinching his fingers and said: “quiet coyote”—a shushing technique employed by elementary school teachers in my area. The idea being that if a grade school kid sees the pinched fingers they’re supposed to stop taking and mimic the gesture.

The sub had already gotten on my nerves a little that day and I didn’t like him patronizing us. I asked him if he thought that quiet coyote wasn’t a little condescending and he replied with “Okay, how about the shut up turtle?” Then he made a fist, to represent the turtle I guess. I quickly retorted with “How about the be-quiet bird?” and gave him the finger.

The class exploded, I got sent to the office. Next day the regular teacher wanted an explanation. When I finished the story the teacher laughed and said that he and I were cool.


15. Laugh-Inducing Lisp

In sixth grade English, the teacher had us reading stories. One kid starts reading and because of his accent he pronounces “turquoise” as “toy-qouise.” The teacher throws a tantrum over it that lasted for 10 minutes and everyone was in hysterical tears.


Whole Class Laughed FactsShutterstock

16. Sneeze Louise!

I have sneezing fits sometimes, where I sneeze like a bunch of times in a row. I can also imitate a sneeze quite well. As it was the last lesson on a Friday, everyone was a little unfocused. I volunteered to read something out, then mid-sentence I actually had to sneeze, so I said “wait a sec” and sneezed. I sneezed like 7 times, but then I just continued for a solid minute, most of the students were laughing.

The teacher asks “You need a minute?” I said nope and just continued reading like nothing even happened.


17. “Walking the Line” of Idiomatic English Expressions

A kid in my German class tried to say, “That wasn’t very cash money of you.” He slipped up, and ended up saying, “That wasn’t very Johnny Cash of you.”


18. I Need to Hear This Laugh

During a huge high school pep rally for the graduating seniors, with the entire student body, I was nominated for Best Laugh in the senior superlatives. When I heard my name, I started laughing, and the entire school roared with laughter.


19. A Punning Masterpiece

I ran into a friend in the hallway who was wearing a Hawaiian lei, because she was just a silly hippie girl. She gave me the lei and said bring it back to me after class is over. I walked back into my class, my teacher looks at me and asks “Where were you…” knowing full well what my answer was going to be. I just smiled as a dumb teenager and said, “I was out in the hall getting laid!”

The class and teacher lost it and for a moment I was a hero.


20. This Seems Really Cruel and Unnecessary

I got voted off the island in the seventh grade. We had a substitute and she was just asking us some general questions to get to know us. She asked, “If you could vote one of your classmates off the island, who would you choose?” Everyone turned, pointed at me, and said my name. That was enough to have everyone doubled over their desks.

I didn’t find it funny. Still don’t. I don’t know why a teacher would think it was a good idea to have a bunch of 12-year-olds single out a classmate like that. Whoever they choose was going to have their feelings hurt.


21. An Honest Mistake

Back in high school, I was asked to calculate a calculus equation on my handy Casio calculator and read out my answer. I said to the class, “I got syntax error.” The whole class laughed. I didn’t get it, I thought that was the actual answer. I suck at math.


22. Calling out the Football Team

I asked the gym coach why we didn’t have a men’s volleyball team. Other schools in the area have one, so why don’t we? He said it was because other schools were so good that we wouldn’t stand a chance and just lose every game. So I asked why do we have a football team then? After all, we hadn’t won a football game in three years at that point!


23. Great Joke, Greater Comeback

Every day, my professor would make us write any questions we had for him on the board, whether personal or related to the topic. I learned over the semester that he was not the nicest guy. He picked on me especially, being the only one to disagree with a lot of his ideologies. So one day, I asked on the board, “Who hurt you?” He promptly answered “My many wives.”


24. Kids Can Be So Mean

I didn’t wear glasses until sixth grade. I got taken out of school in the morning to pick up the new glasses. They were these sturdy black plastic frames. It was a short appointment. I was dropped off back to school just after lunch. I walked back into the classroom and it was pandemonium for five minutes. They lost their darn minds over my glasses.


25. A Useful Phrase to Learn Beforehand

In my French class, someone spent like a minute butchering the French phrase for “Can I go to the bathroom?” so then I said, “At this point, you could probably keep more of your dignity by peeing yourself.”


26. Silly Juvenile Humor Is Still Really Funny

We had to turn in an assignment and there was this kid who asked for a sec so he could finish his answer. The teacher responded pretty loudly “You have no secs!” We all lost it.


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27. Dark, Yet Funny

In my seventh grade home economics class, the teacher asked us what we were good at cooking. I didn’t think anyone was listening, and I said, “I’m pretty good at cooking little kids.”


28. The Unexpected Joke Response

Teacher asked the class, what organisms live inside of you and help you? And he picks me, being a student who answers questions seriously. My response? TAPEWORMS!


29. Bill Nye Burn!

Our uninspiring milquetoast science teacher loved to make us watch Bill Nye and was defending this choice. “You guys are crazy! No one can get sick of Bill Nye!” To which we responded, “The television networks sure did.”


30. Stealing a Classmate’s Thunder

Whenever my friend steals my joke and says it louder, that’s when the whole class laughs. Feels bad man.


31. Foiled By The YouTube Ad: The Modern Classroom Annoyance

My class was in the computer lab and we were studying for something, I can’t quite remember what. The teacher put on relaxing music on YouTube when an ad suddenly comes on where a girl seated in the backseat of a car asks her parents, “Where do babies come from?” The whole class lost it and I swear even my teacher chuckled a little bit.


32. Physical Comedy Is Always Appreciated

I was just sitting on my chair and suddenly just fell off of it. The class thought it was funny but my butt didn’t think so!


33. Finding Humor in a Classic Play

The class was reading Death of a Salesman out loud, and I read for one of the sons, I forget which one. That son apparently did a silly voice in a lisp in one moment, so I read it in a lisp. According to my class, apparently being the less-talkative student putting on a lisp while reading a genuinely depressing play is comedy gold.


34. Let the Kids Eat!

My teacher didn’t allow eating in his class. I sneak a bite of my sandwich and he catches me. He calls me out in front of the class, “What’s more important, physics or the sandwich?” I didn’t say anything and took another bite and the whole class laughed.


35. An Amusing Mispronunciation

In elementary school, a kid from one of the lower grades came into our classroom to give a note to our teacher, Mr. Freedman. She asked him, “Are you Mr. Freakman?” We died.


36. You Might Be a Class Clown, If…

We were working on group projects in my civics class in high school, and my friend and I were imitating thick redneck accents to each other because we were done. All of a sudden the class got really quiet just as I said, “This ain’t West Virginia” in the most yeehaw accent ever. Everyone in the class doubled over in laughter.


37. A Legendary One-Liner

It was senior year of high school, towards the end of the year. I was running on two hours of sleep, my first class was anatomy, and my lab partner was my jerk ex-boyfriend, so I really wasn’t feeling it that day. Anatomy teacher decides he was going to show us what the fetal pigs we would be dissecting looked like, so we all went into the lab to break upon the buckets o’ piggies.

He opens up one, begins the base overview, and goes to move on to show us a female, but then pauses. He then says, actually looking a bit sad, “This bucket seems to be all males. I really hope the other isn’t that way.” Without missing a beat, my half-asleep self deadpanly goes, “Yeah, then it would be a real sausage fest.”

Teacher stops halfway through prying open the second bucket. He looks at me and my poker face, takes off the gloves he was using to fish around in there, and proceeds to put his face in his hands. The class is busting a gut the whole time. According to my brother, it’s been eight years and he still tells the story when they get around to the pigs. This is my legacy.


38. Using the Teacher as a Comedic Prop

We had just the nicest teacher for English in my junior year of high school. One day she dropped something and bent to pick it up. I don’t know what possessed my adolescent brain, but I made a fart sound that synced perfectly with her movement. Mrs. Creel, if you’re out there, please know this sometimes keeps me up almost 15 years later. I am so sorry!


39. Unexpected Trouble With Red Tape

I’m not an English native speaker. It was during English class, the lecturer asked if anyone knew what red tape meant, so I confidently raise my hand and say, “Yeah, it’s like a sex tape, isn’t it like porn?” She looked shocked and said, “No, absolutely not.” Everyone started laughing. Turns out it just means bureaucracy.


40. The Endearing Innocence of Childhood

I was reading a boring section of text from our study book out loud in seventh-grade natural science class. I was supposed to say organism, but instead said “orgasm.” The class, teacher included, burst out laughing. I didn’t realise what I said and made them laugh harder when they saw I was perplexed as to why they were laughing. I didn’t even realize I pronounced the word wrong.

I laughed with them to pass off the mistake, but being the semi-sheltered kid that I was, I had to later look up what I said to understand it did not mean what I should have said.


41. When The Joker Becomes the Butt of the Joke

So during sophomore year, I had this math teacher, let’s call him Mr. Z, who was well-liked and known for roasting his students. His roasting was all in good fun, but he could be pretty merciless. Anyways, this one time he was just chatting with the class about food and says, “I like dark meat, but my female live-in companion will only eat white meat.”

By “female live-in companion,” he was referring to his girlfriend. I think he chose to word it that way to avoid being teased about it by his students, but boy, was that a mistake. The entire class immediately goes “Oooooh,” and this dumb kid in the back pipes up: “YOU MEAN YOUR MOM MR. Z?!?!” The class erupts in laughter, while Mr. Z sits there in shocked silence.

There was nothing he could have done or said to lessen the burn. I remember the whole thing in vivid detail and it still cracks me up two years later. It was incredibly satisfying to see the chief roaster get wrecked by one of his usual victims.


42. Having Fun With an Assignment

We had to write college essays as an assignment, but I’d already written mine in order to do an early application. So I wrote the absolute worst essay possible, in which I accidentally kill several people at a funeral and learn nothing from the experience. The essays were then read out loud by the teacher. So in the middle of twenty or so essays about finding your purpose by volunteering or whatever, the teacher then read my essay to the class.


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