Emergency Workers Share Their Most Chilling Paranormal Calls

January 21, 2022 | Violet Newbury

Emergency Workers Share Their Most Chilling Paranormal Calls

Who you gonna call when things go bump in the night? Many would say Ghostbusters, but in reality, such calls are often handled by law enforcement, fire departments, and security patrols. Sometimes, they themselves experience odd occurrences while on regular duty and are left to try and explain the inexplicable. Keep reading to hear about some strange experiences people have had while on duty.

1. My New Place Was Alarming

I got called to persistent fire alarms being set off in a block that used to be a poor house in the 1800s. The alarms would go off three to four times a night at certain times of the year. When we arrived, the residents were all outside—what they told me sent shivers down my spine. All of them said they could hear a woman crying. No one wanted to go in, as they assumed that she was setting off the alarms and she might be crazy.

We went up, and sure enough, we could hear a woman crying. As we walked up, the crying got louder. We turned onto the landing and realized the sound was then below us. It was coming from the top step of the previous flight of stairs. I got spooked. What made it worse was that I had just bought a flat on the ground floor and was moving in the following week.

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2. Fed Up

I was working as a security guard at the federal building in Portland. One night I saw what looked like someone in a dark hoodie standing by an office door at the far end of a long hallway. I was standing at the end of the hall with a non-openable window behind me. When I called out, the person turned to face me, but I couldn't see a face in the hood. Then, the figure zoomed at me, covering the full length of the corridor in about a second, and disappeared.

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3. Pool Party Poltergeist

I worked security for a residential building. The site had a rooftop pool and management was strict about when it was supposed to be closed. On a chilly night, I was posted up in the rooftop stairwell when I heard a crescendo-ing fit of laughter that got to the point of gasping and choking. I thought it was kind of weird, but not a big deal—then the next noise I heard made my blood run cold.

Suddenly, the laughter turned to shrieking, and the source of the noise was moving around. I ran out and realized it was coming from the rooftop itself. The area was locked up and only accessible to outsiders by scaling a concrete wall. The noise stopped. Then I saw some footprints on the roof that were not there before. They were barefoot prints with no heel print and dirtier than the surface of the roof itself. I went straight back inside and waited to clock out.

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4. Bedside Manner

There was a patient complaining and scared that something was under their bed. He was older and confused so we didn’t think much of it. I checked on him, responded to the multiple calls, and just tried to make him feel better. But then things got even stranger. The next day, a new patient went into that room. It was another older person, but not confused.

They too called to complain about something under their bed. We brushed it off again after checking in on him. The next night, a new patient in his 20s, and completely coherent, called crying that something kept running under his bed. They checked and found nothing but the patient was in such distress and shaking, we moved him. It happened quite a few other times as well, but we never found anything.

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5. Not My Type

I was at a job at a small bank. One day, I was so engrossed working, I didn't notice people had left for the day and I was alone. I could hear slow, irregular typing, like somebody who didn't know how to type was using one finger. I was in a groove and kept working, but eventually had to stop and figure out what was going on.

After walking around and finding nobody there I realized the sound was coming from behind a door I had never seen opened. As I opened the door, the typing sound stopped. I found a small closet with some boxes of forms and stuff stacked up. On top of the boxes was an old manual typewriter from the 1920s with no paper in it. At that point, I just closed the door and called it a night.

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6. Who’s Home?

I was an emergency dispatcher for about five years.  One night I got a call from a lady who was freaking out. She was breathing heavily and speaking in a scared, shaky voice. I had taken many calls like this and from the sound of her voice, this was not going to be a routine call. I sat up straight and said, "Yes, ma'am, what is your emergency?"

She replied, "There's someone in my house."  I confirmed her address and told her I was dispatching cars out to her. I asked if she knew who the person was. She replied, "Well, no I don't, I think it's...I know this sounds so crazy, I think that there's a ghost in my house."  She then began to sob and sounded terrified.

When the sergeant asked me the reason for the call and why I sent him and two other cars without explanation, I told him, "Sir, the caller is claiming there is someone in the house and she believes it to be a ghost." There was silence in the air for about a minute. By the time they got there, the ghost was gone and the poor lady was a mess. The officers later told me that when they searched the house even they were scared.

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7. Night Visions

I was on guard duty late one night at around 2 AM. I was sitting on the radio and right before our shift was up, I heard it go off. I picked up the transceiver and listened in. Another guard truck saw movement and was requesting someone to confirm it. The second gunner had an M249 with a thermal scope. I pulled the scope off and looked through it, trying to find exactly what they were looking at.

I didn’t see anything. I shrugged it off and radioed up that it was all clear. Another five minutes of radio silence passed and the same guy radioed, saying he swears something was moving. At that point we were all tired, so I thought his mind was playing tricks on him. Regardless, I stepped outside and looked directly at where he was talking about. For a while, it looked all clear. Then...I saw it.

Once I pulled the scope back down again, I saw movement in the clearing. It was a massive black figure. I told my gunner to look where I was looking and he saw it too, even though just moments before, I saw nothing on the thermal scope. I radioed in about possible movement and before they reached the area, the figure completely disappeared from view.

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8. Story Time

I worked as an officer in a small town in rural Nebraska. Years back, I was patrolling through town in the winter. We had several abandoned houses in town, but one seemed to have the attraction of copper thieves, so we were told to keep an eye on it. I drove by it around 7:00 PM. Since it sat on a corner lot, I had a clear view of all four sides.

As I drove around the corner, nothing looked out of the ordinary. About two hours later, I drove by again and the back door was wide open. I knew that door wasn’t open when I drove by it earlier. Looking at the snow on the ground around the house, there were no footprints. So I called dispatch, told them I was investigating an open door at that address, and asked for a county sheriff to head my way. I wasn't prepared for what I was about to find.

I walked to the open door, pulled out my flashlight. The house had been gutted. The plaster walls were torn down, and there were debris piles everywhere. Since there were no footprints in the snow around the door other than mine, and with all the dust on the floor not showing any footprints, I chalked it up to the wind or maybe the door just opened on its own.

I was about to secure the door when I heard a loud thump come from upstairs and what sounded like kids laughing. So I entered the house and yelled out. I told dispatch that it sounded like there were kids in the house and started making my way through the kitchen into the living room where the stairs were. I was cautiously checking the main floor.

I heard something upstairs again, but since I had no response, I started thinking maybe it was an animal. I headed upstairs and it all got quiet. As I got to the top of the stairs, I heard a thump in the bedroom. I peeked around the door and it was an empty room with a small pile of debris in the middle. But I haven't even mentioned the most terrifying part. Sitting on top of the pile was a page torn out of a child's book with a picture of an officer on it. The hair stood up on the back of my neck, I got out of that room quickly and never went back.

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9. Screaming Specters

I got called to a residence out in the boonies one night for suspicious activity. When we got there, we were told by the family living there that there were VERY strange screams coming from a creek area. Sure enough, as I waited outside on the porch with them, I heard it. The sound was hard to describe. It sounded like a woman in very severe distress, but higher pitched.

Each scream lasted for about 10-15 seconds and sounded like a cry of sheer terror. It kept repeating. We went to investigate. We heard about two more screams and they were getting louder as we approached the area. There were two possibilities: someone was getting maimed, or it was a wild animal. As we approached the creek bed, we didn’t hear any screams for about five minutes.

We searched around and found nothing. Then, we heard the exact same scream behind us, exactly from where we came from. We got about halfway back to the house, and the screams came so loudly, it was as if they were right next to us. We frantically shined our flashlights EVERYWHERE and found nothing—no eye glints of animals, no rustling of bushes, just silence.

We traced our steps back, and the screams came from around the creek again. This time, they lasted about 30 seconds and were much louder than before. By this time we were scared and verified with the family to call us again if they heard it. They never called again, and we got out of there.

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10. Midnight Walkers

I was working night shifts as a security guard at a two-story office building. I was the only person there during the night. I was stationed at the front door where the switchboard desk was and I would patrol the entire building every two to three hours. I always heard weird thuds and people walking, especially around 3:15 AM.

I would check to see if anything was there, and there never was, so. I ended up getting used to it. Once, while I was on my third patrol, I was walking on the second story and noticed that some of the ceiling tiles were gone and two of the roof hatches were completely opened. When I told the morning staff, they had no idea why.

Later, I talked to the other guard, an older gentleman, who used to work there for years. He had also noticed many weird things but he didn't want to talk about them. Other things happened such as computer screens coming on, coffee machines and radios turning on randomly, and a couple of times things seemed to have moved. It was an easy gig but I'm sure the place was haunted by something.

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11. Cow Was That Possible?

An officer and some others were called out by a farmer whose cows had disappeared. When they showed up, they found the gate was locked and there were indeed no cows. They all decided to drive around looking for the animals. The paranormal officer drove past the field on a loop all night. None of the officers found anything and no one had called in to say the cows had been found.

When they all convened back at the field at the end of shift, the cows were back. The farmer was unaware the animals had returned. Not only that but it was raining that night and there was wet mud building at the edge of the field where the gate was. However, there were no footprints or hoof prints, and the cows were dry.

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12. Chill Out

I was a security guard at a supermarket when I suddenly got a call that there was a kid locked in one of the walk-in coolers that required a magnetic key to unlock. Customers and staff had heard this kid yell for help. I got my magnetic master key and opened the door. The cooler was empty. There was no kid, no produce, nothing. Staff insisted they heard it. After that, I continued my shift slightly unnerved.

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13. Time To Move Out

I was a medic in the army and I was ordered to babysit a couple of men in their barracks because of poltergeist activity they were experiencing. The two men apparently hadn't slept in a while and complained of objects being thrown at them. The command had no clue how to handle the issue and figured they could have a rotating guard until they figured something out. A few days later they just moved the guys to a different room.

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14. Something’s Afoot

I was working just before 6 AM along with two staff nurses, one auxiliary, and a student. There were four bays, but one was closed and had the usual ward junk stored in it. Two nurses were in the bays setting up the morning IVs, I was in the other bay, and the auxiliary went off to get an OBS machine from the closed bay. He returned with the weirdest look on his face. He asked me to come and take a look at something and led me into the empty bay.

There were wet footprints on the floor, starting halfway across the room. The footprints went under a table and stopped at the window. There were no return footprints or anything. They just went straight up to the window. Not only that, but they were small.  Almost all of the patients on that ward had limited mobility and about half wouldn't have had the capacity to do such a complicated chain of events.

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15. Creepy Construction Site

I worked as private security for a hotel under construction. My shift was from 6 PM to 6 AM. I was a level one guard, so I couldn't carry anything besides a flashlight. The construction workers left the site by 4 PM, so I was on my own. Sometimes the drywall guy would stay late, but he usually left by 8 PM. I would usually spend my shifts in either my SUV or in one of the half-furnished hotel rooms and did a full site sweep every hour.

My first day went fine, a little boring but there was nothing to report. The second day I swore that I heard whispering. The site was in a bad part of town, so I was worried more about getting shanked than meeting up with a ghost. I checked each floor, every nook, and cranny, every hour, on the hour until I left at 6 AM. The whispering continued on the third day, and it sounded ethereal.

On my fourth day, I met the drywall guy and we talked about the site. I asked him if he had ever heard or seen any suspicious activity while he stayed late. He told me about homeless people and thieves they had to chase out, hence the reason I was hired. I asked if he's had any creepiness happen to him. He told me he had heard laughter and talking sometimes. On the sixth day, the drywall guy wasn't there when I arrived, so I was on my own. I didn't hear the whispering at all until about 1 AM.

I was on the third floor walking from room to room when I heard a light sniffle. I froze in place and just listened. The sniffles continued for about two minutes. Then, it built up to a light weep. I slowly made my way to the staircase to follow the sound. As I was about to enter the stairwell, I heard a huge and sudden bang from where the weeping was coming from.

It sounded like scaffolding toppled, or a printer fell over. I froze and listened to see if I could hear running, or shuffling, or anything. There was NOTHING. I slowly made my way to the first floor and checked for any sign of damage. Again, there was nothing. I did my rounds as usual but was totally on edge. A few days later, I was sitting in my SUV facing the lobby of the building, when I thought I saw movement in my peripheral vision.

I put my phone down and looked in the direction it came from. I was about 60 feet away when suddenly, I saw a tall man wearing a dark trench coat, a bandana face cover, and a huge backpack. This guy was decked out so I did not want to interact with him. I blasted him with my flashlight and turned on my SUV and flashed the lights. He was gone, I called the authorities and we cleared the hotel, room to room. There was no one found.

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16. He Was Seen, Not Heard

I was a caregiver in a retirement home. We had one patient, Robert, who was mute.  So when he called us because he needed something, we would just hang up and go to his room. I had been on vacation for a week and wasn’t quite caught up on what had occurred when I was away. So, the first shift after my vacation, I was taking care of the mute patient’s unit.

A few minutes after I arrived, I got a call from the room. So, I hung up, finished with the patient I was working with, and calmly walked to Robert’s room. When I got there, the door was locked, which was unusual, since he would usually leave the door open. I knocked, unlocked the door, and opened it. To my surprise, the room was pitch black except for the television that was turned on.

It took me a few minutes to realize that the patient wasn’t in their room. So, I called my coworker and asked if they had seen Robert. When I heard their response, my face went pale: “Oh, he passed two days ago.” It was weird, but it wasn’t the first time that the system glitched like that and we got a phone call from an empty room. I left the door open and continued with my shift as if nothing happened.

When I was helping another patient walk to the kitchen, we passed Robert’s room, and my patient said, “Hi Robert, I thought you were at the hospital. Welcome back." I was now convinced that the room was haunted. We would get a call from that room a few times a week until Robert was buried. After that, nothing else happened in that room.

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17. Not In The Mood For This

There was an old fire station that kind of looked like the one in Ghostbusters, that was still in use. It was pitch black and there were two of us sleeping in the bunks—there was no one else in the station. Suddenly, the mini-fridge in the room cracked, someone screamed, “BISHOP! I’M NOT IN THE MOOD,” and then the fridge slowly closed.

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18. High Priced Hijinks

I worked security at night for a luxury condo. While on duty, I have had a number of incidents occur. Alarms have been triggered for no apparent reason, doors have slammed while no one has been around, and the elevator phone has rung by itself.  I also found unusual doors unlocked, and random orbs on the cameras.

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19. The Spirit Of Radio

We were on a night patrol close to this place up in the hills. It had a weird vibe, but we didn’t know why. During one particular patrol, one of our squads started reporting movement. When we arrived at their position, they all looked like they'd seen a ghost. The commanding officer of the squad was holding one end of the radio without it being connected. To this day everyone in that squad swears that they heard a girl's voice through that radio.

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20. There Is A Light

It was around New Year’s and I was working quite late at a military fortress. On the drive home, I realized I had forgotten my phone, so I turned around to go and get it. I parked and walked over the drawbridge and through the arch, which brought me into the main square from where my office was visible on the top floor.

I noticed that the light was still on in one of the end rooms, which was a storeroom. I had been the last one out and had locked up, so my first thought was that I had locked someone in. When I got up there, though, the lights were all off and nobody was about. I retrieved my phone quickly and left.

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21. Still At His Station

I had been sent to my first duty station. I was issued my room and spent three very disturbed days and nights in the barracks with weird stuff happening. My gear was not where I left it, locked drawers were opened, and the microwave turned on by itself. When my roommate showed up, I told him, “Watch your stuff. Someone's been messing with mine and I don't know who."

When the fourth night came around, my roommate and I secured our room and gear and went to bed. We had to be up at 5:30 AM, so it was an early night. We locked all our stuff and went to bed. I woke up around 1 AM because my blanket had fallen to the ground and I was cold.  This was weird because it was summertime in the south, so it’s always hot.

I hopped down to get my blanket and I noticed my armoire was open. So, I opened the lock, closed it, locked it, and got back to bed. I fell back asleep but woke up again at about 2:30 AM. All my stuff and my roommate’s stuff was thrown around the room. I woke up my roommate and he was angry that someone was messing with us and we couldn’t figure out who it was.

We cleaned up the mess, locked up our stuff, and went back to bed. I woke up a third time an hour later and we were not alone. I could hear my roommate snoring, so I knew it wasn’t him. I sat up and saw someone in the little kitchenette area with the fridge open looking in it. I was freezing again. I was about to say something as the soldier turned around.

My eyes had a moment to adjust to the bright light and then I started recognizing gear like the flashlight on his shoulder, his Alice pack with magazine holders and canteens, boots, and fatigues. This dude was combat-ready. Then I saw his face and froze in fear. Half his head and helmet were gone—blown off by the looks of it.

At that point, I was terrified. He closed the fridge, walked across the room keeping his bright green eyes on, opened the front door, and walked out. As he exited he turned back around and said to me, "Be safe." I didn't sleep the rest of the night. I didn't wake my roommate, I just sat up in bed for about two hours till I had to get ready.  Morning rolled around so everyone was outside the barracks in formation getting ready to start.

The acting First Sergeant said to me, "Hey, you good? Looks like you saw a ghost." He later pulled me to the side and told me to, "Speak freely, openly, and with all confidentiality and off the record: What is wrong?" I told him that if I told him what happened he would think I'm crazy. He assured me it was off the record and once again said, "Talk to me. You seriously look like you've seen a ghost."

I began to tell him my story and when I got to the part about the soldier’s head, the acting First Sergeant lost his temper and said, "Who put you up to this? This is NOT funny." He continued to yell at me for about a half-hour.  He finally said, "Look me in the eye and swear on everything that you love that you're not lying to me." I told him I was not lying. So told me to follow him, which I did.

We got to the command office, which I had never been in. He took me behind three locked doors and three rooms and when he opened the last door I saw it. It gave me chills. Plain as day there was a soldier's portrait behind the commander's desk. I froze and said, "That's him." He was a Corporal in the unit and he died in an IED attack that took off part of his head. I was the first soldier to be assigned that room since it belonged to the deceased corporal.

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22. Firehall Phantom

I got sent to another fire station for a month. Walking into that building, something felt wrong. One day I was there at night and as we were all sitting in the living room area, we all heard a distinct two-tone whistle, but none of us did it. Another day three of us were sitting in the office where there was a big metal door. We heard a few steps from the bay and the door opened about an inch. We all stopped talking at the same time. There was no one else at the station either time.

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23. The Tale Of Room 439

I was a security guard stationed at a hotel where there were break-ins and rooms being trashed. It was a relatively nice hotel in a pretty nice area, so the situation was kind of odd. My job was to patrol the halls, particularly the third and fourth floors where the incidents had been happening. The number of guests was limited, and they were only roomed on the first two floors.

Every single time I arrived, there would be a room light on. There was one guy who ran the overnight front desk and one custodian who left when I got there around 10 PM. Each one had assured me that absolutely no one went up to the third or fourth floors to clean or do anything. And, there hadn't been an incident since our company was stationed there.

When I would get there, it had become routine to go up to room 439 and turn the light off. Sometimes it would come back on its own and I'd have to shut it off again. These were flip switches, so they were being turned on intentionally and it wasn't an electrical issue. For about two weeks, that's all it was—just an odd occurrence.

That hallway always gave me a sick feeling, but I didn’t know why. That room sank my stomach every time I entered it. It was also the only room at the end of that hallway that was untouched. Six rooms had been broken into and trashed, but that one was spotless, and directly in the middle of the others.

Every time I checked it, something was slightly out of place. A drawer would be half-open, a picture crooked, a pillow off-center. It wouldn’t matter that I fixed it each time, another thing would always change. In my third week on the job, things got worse. I went to turn the light off, as always. Then after clearing the other floors, I went for my usual patrol outside.

On the sidewalk at the base of the building under where room 439 was, a rabbit hopped out from a bush directly in front of me. It looked up at me, looked up at 439, then hopped away. I took it as just a cool little experience until it began happening every single time I walked the lap around the hotel, which I did every hour.

I started to get the feeling that it was attempting to send me some kind of message, but I brushed it off. Later that week, I was walking the floor of 439 when my flashlight began to strobe. It got worse the closer I got to the room. Upon unlocking the door and crossing the barrier to the room, my flashlight shut off completely. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

I closed the door and went down to talk about it with the front desk clerk as we had discussed supernatural occurrences the previous few weeks after the light became a constant issue. He was determined to see this for himself. He locked the front door and followed me up to the room. Several steps down the hall my flashlight began to strobe and got worse as we got closer.

I unlocked the door and put my hand over the barrier into the room and the light shut instantly. He started freaking out and turned the light on in the room and wanted to look around. He told me he felt sick just being in the room and he got out of there. The night went on and around 4 AM, I went into that room one final time and said, "Look, I'm done coming in here.

“I don't know what kind of evil is in here but leave me alone and go back to where you came from." That was a mistake. About ten feet down the hall was the emergency staircase, which I always took down to the first floor. I was two steps down the stairs when I heard the door to room 439 open and slam, and loud footsteps stomp towards me.

As I turned, the stairwell door opened and three final footsteps thundered towards me, then stopped. All I saw was the stairwell door slowly closing as I stumbled down the next few steps in an absolute panic. I told the desk clerk what happened and for the final week of our contract, I didn't even go down that wing of the 4th floor.

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24.  Bunking With The Babadook

I was in training for the British Army. The rooms were split into sections with four beds. The rooms had fire lights, like in hotels. One night I woke up as I was lying on my side facing the door, and there was this person standing by the door. The figure looked like a man but had no facial features or clothes. He had eyes that were the same glow as when you see someone through a night vision lens. There was nothing else behind the door and I knew I wasn't asleep.

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25.  Pent-Up Presence

Part of my overnight security job post in college was checking in on an old penthouse that had been converted to an open office. I learned pretty early on to wait until one or two in the morning since alarms would trip on the balcony around 12:30 AM most nights. The door would be open and unlatched, even if I had locked and set the remaining alarms previously.

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26. Lockdown Lemure

I was a corrections officer at a county penitentiary. We had an inmate take his life in his lockdown cell who wasn’t found for a few hours. In the years I worked there, we had three inmate deaths in that same cell—two took their life and one by natural causes. I can’t say for certain there was something there, but doing the midnight headcount in that unit was always a little unnerving.

You get used to being watched by inmates, but that unit always felt different. Even when the unit was empty you would get that feeling that something was in there with you. New officers experienced it, veteran officers experienced it, even the maintenance guys felt something when they went in to work on the cell.

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27. I C U Didn’t Leave

I was doing security at a hospital when one day a nurse saw a guy on the camera who was on his deathbed. The guy kept saying, "I will not die in a hospital." Earlier that day, he had pushed his curtain aside and walked out of his room toward the elevator. A code was called and everyone immediately posted at their designated locations.

Within seconds there were people watching the elevators and stairs, and security started combing the area. As I reached the ICU floor I spoke with the head nurse, and she told me several of the nurses saw him leave. At that moment the monitors started going off. The guy never left. He went code blue and passed right then, yet there were three witnesses on the report who said he got up and left.

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28. It Was A Scene Out Of A Movie

I was an officer and had a night shift with one more patrol. An ambulance called us to assist with a self-harming heavy-set girl. We were all weightlifters and one guy was a strongman. The girl attacked us with a glass bottle. We had problems keeping her down. She was spitting at us, trying to scratch us, and cursing in a couple of different languages. At the hospital, they ran a drug test and she came clean. It was like The Exorcist.

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29. A Burning Presence

I got sent on a psych run for someone screaming in an abandoned house. We had to wait for the authorities to secure the scene. When we got there they told us there wasn't anyone to be found. My partner told me and the officer that he had gone there five years prior with his volunteer department for a house fire where an old lady got burnt up.

My partner then proceeded to tell the spirit that it’s okay now she can move on. The officer and I were weirded out, but we went on about our day. There are also many times when at our station when a lot of inexplicable things happen. Once it sounded as if someone was picking up our stretchers and slamming them about when there was no one in the truck at the time.

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30. The Mystery Of Mary’s Grave

We got a call from some teenagers in the "Mary's Grave," which was a typical haunted area near us. They said they were lost and confused, and so we figured it was drug-related. When we got there, the teens seemed completely sober and simply distraught. They had no memory of getting to that spot and were completely terrified.

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31. Who’s Crazy Now?

It was dead of night and there was a crazy guy by himself in one of the holding units. He was so nuts that he got a unit to himself. He kept hitting the call button to talk to the guards. Every time I answered, the inmate would be crying and pleading for us to move him to a different cell. He said that something wouldn’t leave him alone. Since the guy was not in his right mind and in there alone, we just told him to go to sleep and hung up on him each time. That was a terrible mistake.

Right after the last time he made the call on the two-way intercom and I hung up, the inmate was holding his knees, rocking back and forth in a corner on the camera. Out of curiosity, I held down the button to listen in. I heard the dude sobbing and ANOTHER voice talking at the same time. I let go of the button quickly and looked over at the other guard in the room with me. The other guard became sheet white and refused to say another thing about it.

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32. Soul Survivor

One night we got a call from a woman who said her neighbor made a pact with the devil. I went over and knocked on the door. The woman was all happy, and she had a place that had not been redecorated for 50 years. She invited me in, made some coffee, and asked how my day was. Naturally, at that point, I was wondering what the heck the call was about—but it soon became chillingly clear.

I realized I wasn’t the only person she was talking to. This woman thought her apartment was full of people. I thanked her for the coffee and she told me to come back any time. The whole time she was talking, I was writing down the names of the people she was talking to. When I got back to the station, I did some research. It turns out the woman was talking to family members, who were all deceased.

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33. Always On The Job

A local reporter would always show up at any major activity overheard on the scanner. Everybody on the force knew him. He was around at least once or twice a week at various activities. He was a bit of a joker himself and would mess with people by flicking them behind their ears. Everybody liked him. Unfortunately, he had lung cancer and passed pretty suddenly.

His wife buried him against his wishes, as he wanted to be cremated. For the next couple of weeks, after his funeral, people kept talking about seeing him at car wrecks, fires, all the same stuff he used to report on. There were about 20-30 reports like this from civilians and members of the force. There were sightings for about two or three months following his passing.

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34. The Neighbor Is Just A Phone Call Away

A few years ago, our elderly neighbor passed. They found her body five days later in the kitchen. One day, I was sitting in my house when, all of a sudden, eight cruisers came out of nowhere, sirens blaring, lights on. They parked at the empty house. I went outside to see what was up. An officer asked if I had seen anything strange in the past five minutes. I replied no and asked what was going on. He said that the department received a call from the house and when the operator picked up the line went dead. I stayed at a friend's house that night.

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35. Plagued By Ghosts

Once I worked in a call center very late at night. Around 8 PM you could hear all the doors in the main corridor slam shut, but the doors didn't open or close at all. About a month later, we found out that the entire building was on top of a medieval plague pit. They apparently had just built over it and left the corpses buried in the ground below.

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36. You Can Feel It In The Air Tonight

I was a paramedic for 15 years. Whenever I would walk into a room where someone had recently been murdered or taken their life by violent methods, there was always a feeling that was hard to describe. The air would be heavy, and thick with malice. You could feel that something was not right. It would be the only thing that made me feel out of the ordinary.

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37. Studio Spook

I patrolled the Universal Studios Hollywood lower lot. We used golf carts or Ford Explorers to patrol. There was a golf cart that had been non-operational for over six years because someone had wrecked it on the lot. The cart has been caught on camera driving itself around and zooming past Jaws Lake and the residential area at night.

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38. A Flicker Of Hope

When I was in college, I had a job working security. A motion detector alarm tripped in the theatre. I checked up on the cameras, but only the lobby had a camera. The lights were flickering but it seemed “intelligent,” meaning one light was flickering then suddenly another one was. I decided to go check it out. All the doors locked magnetically. The lights stopped flickering the second I walked into the room.

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39. I’ve Seen The Light

One night around 2-3 AM we heard over the radio, “Uh, any units seeing the light over the water to the south?” It was a marine air station based on the southern tip of Japan. We had no flights coming in or going out that night. Everyone knew there shouldn’t be a light flying over the water, so about three patrol cars met up at the airfield where there was a better view.

Sure enough, there was a light sitting out over the water blinking slowly on and off. Some guys tried to say it was a star, so we had traffic control cameras from dispatch zoom in on it. It would slowly move out of view. We sat there for an hour before it went away. We got back into the squad car. I took one last look and saw a small light dart behind some clouds in a movement that didn’t make sense. Months later I again saw a light, watched it drive into some clouds, and then disappear. That was around the time of the tsunami and Fukushima.

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40. Artist’s Apparition

One night I was working to guard a mansion. At 2:22 AM, a door access alarm went off from the gym room. According to usual protocol, I called the authorities to deal with it. Two officers came and we headed to the gym room. A short while later, the officers started yelling at me not to waste their time with prank calls. When I asked what was wrong, one of the officers said that an old lady told them she was in the house for a long time.

I didn’t understand what lady they were talking about since there was no one in that mansion. I told them the owners had left on a cruise for a month or so. They stopped and stared at each other in silence and headed inside. There was a painting of the old lady the officers saw in the entry hall. She was the current owner’s great-grandmother.

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41. Field Of Delusions

One afternoon, I was patrolling with a colleague when we were asked to check out reports of a fight on the rural outskirts of town. Sounds of an altercation had been heard coming from a field and locals were concerned. When we got to the field, we didn’t immediately see or hear anything. We gave the field a sweep and were on our way back to the car when, suddenly we heard shouting, screaming, and the sounds of an almighty fight completely surrounding us. The field was completely empty apart from my colleague.

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42. Return Offender

I was on shift when we got a call about an alarm going off in a nearby office. It was midnight, so we quickly got over there.  When we arrived at the building there were lights on in the second story. We tried all the doors and they were locked, as were the windows. We looked for any possible entry and everything was sealed up tight.

We called the building commander and they sent a guy to come and turn off the alarm and let us look around to make sure all was well. When he got there, his first statement to us was, "Alarm going off again? I'm sick of that ghost messing up my days off." Apparently, everyone who worked in that building claimed there was a ghost that liked to move stuff around and cause the alarm to go off.

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43. I Had The Bejesus Scared Out Of Me

One night, I had turned off all the lights and the TV, shut the windows, and headed for the hallway which was still lit. I saw just the Jesus part of our hanging crucifix laying on the floor face down. The blinds in the windows started going crazy even though the windows were shut.  I was shaken and decided not to go to bed until I could calm down, so I turned the TV back on.

There was only static and the volume was turned all the way up. I couldn’t get the TV to shut off, so in a panic, I called for help. The authorities came and after they assured me I was alone, I asked one of the officers to pick Jesus up off the floor and put him back. He did. They ended up sticking around while I waited for a friend to come and spend the night.

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44. A Demon’s Home Is His Castle

I was called to an old castle-like house on the outskirts of town. The man who called was telling me about his daughter who was about 10 years old and acting strange. She was talking in a deep voice, speaking in swear words, had a high-level vocabulary, and was acting all around creepy. I said, “I think you need an exorcist," and left immediately.

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45. Supermarket Run

I worked security for a grocery store when one day, as I was making my rounds, I heard a scream come from the produce room. I sprinted over there to find the employee white as a sheet and shaking. I asked him what was wrong and he said as he was walking past the back door, he saw a man standing there staring at him.  The back door led to an aisle where customers were not allowed.

I took off down the aisle, but there was no one there. I checked the cameras and didn't see anyone. He was certain of what he saw and asked me to hang in the back with him until the end of his shift, which I did. Not long after that night a whole lot of weird stuff started happening around the store. A  few people got so scared they switched departments or straight up quit.

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46. Evil Lies Within

I was on patrol with my supervisor when we received a call for a potential break-in at an old abandoned building. This was the third shift from midnight to 8 AM. That's when the crazy stuff happens. Upon entering the building, we received the call for weapons drawn. As we made our way into the building, I heard my supervisor making some noise.

I turned around and saw her take out a lighter and light it. Then, I saw her bring it up to her face, stick it under her tongue, and say something. Confused, I continued forward. We eventually searched the whole building, and nobody was there. We called it in and continued back on patrol. While on patrol the next night, we passed by the same abandoned building.

I remembered the lighter thing and asked her about it. Without saying a word, she whips the cruiser around and pulls into the parking lot of the abandoned building. We walked around the building and found a door that was chained shut, but with enough room to slip through. She went right through and I followed her.

We continued into the same building we searched the night before. Eventually, we made it to a large auditorium and we sat down. She explained to me that she is Wiccan and that she had a bad feeling when entering the building the previous night. Not the six sense feeling, but a different one she gets in the presence of something sinister, spiritually, so she needed to say a quick spell.

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47. Possible Possession

We drove out to the middle of nowhere for a call. It was a suspected overdose, but when we got there, it was a bunch of teenagers. They all swore there were no drugs, just drinks. We went to the patient who was a very, very large boy. He was just looking out with no emotion, no reaction to us, nothing. We checked his vitals and they were all textbook perfect.

Then, he came to, and there was a very heavy presence. The hair on my neck stood up. The boy got this weird look on his face and a scary smile but said nothing. So we got him into the ambulance. Once in the ambulance, we started a blood draw so they could do a drug screening. He went out again with no reaction to anything. Then, the night took a dark turn.

When he came back, he became violent so we restrained him. He broke the restraints so we immediately called law enforcement for backup. Then, he went back out. The whole time his vitals NEVER changed. Officers met us and we continued to the hospital. The boy was now handcuffed to the stretcher and he came to once more.

He smiled and JUMPED OUT THE BACK OF THE AMBULANCE.  At this point, we contacted our medical director and dispatch and decided to transfer care to the authorities. They took him to the hospital. His blood work came back completely normal. They had to transfer him to a larger department and I have no idea what happened after that, but I definitely suspect a possession.

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48. Open Wide

I was working security during the graveyard shift security at a hotel/casino. We got called to the top floor of the hotel because people from the floor below were calling in noise complaints. I had a trainer with me when we went up. Dispatch told us over the radio that there was nobody registered on that floor, so we figured it was just a few idiots being idiots. We were so wrong.

When we got up there, we found every single door on the entire floor wide open. Anyone who has been to these hotels knows that you can't just accidentally leave the doors open because they close by themselves. They weren't propped open or anything, just open. We asked dispatch if engineering was doing any work there or had anything going on during the day, and they said no.

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49. School’s Out And So Am I

This was when I was working as a cop on a service base. One night I was on patrol with my partner and we got called to respond to an alarm activation at the elementary school. So we went, secured the building, and called in that the building was all secure. About 15-20 minutes later, we got another alarm activation. We went back out and checked and found a maintenance door open that led into a boiler room.

We found nothing in there, so we closed it, locked up, and got out. In another 20 minutes, yet another alarm went off. This time when we responded, all the doors were still locked and we couldn’t get in. The maintenance door was also locked. We decided to watch to see if someone was coming and yanking the doors real hard to set the alarm off. Nothing was happening, and right as we were about to leave, another alarm activation went off as we were sitting there.

We informed the desk that we'd like the building manager on site to help us secure the interior and to let us in. The building custodian showed up and we started doing a walk-through, checking all the classrooms and checking all the maintenance rooms. That’s when we saw one of the maintenance doors open with the lights on in a room the size of a closet.

We walked down there and looked in. There was no one in it, and the door would lock when it closed. We looked inside and found a chilling sight: A single wet footprint from a child’s bare foot. No one had reported a missing child and the entire building was clear and still locked up. No one left, no one entered, and we had checked every inch of that place.

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50. Wrong Number

I was a dispatcher and received a call from a landline one night. When I answered it, there was only static on the other end. This happened two more times. Finally, I called a squad to go check out the address from the caller ID. When officers got there and walked into the house, they immediately saw that there was a body. The person had been deceased for five months. The craziest part about it was that there was no electricity or any other utility working. So there was no way the calls could have been made.

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