I Broke Up With My Ex And She LOST It

July 7, 2022 | Scott Mazza

I Broke Up With My Ex And She LOST It

One thing is for sure: Good reactions to a break-up are few and far between. It’s hard to keep your dignity when you’ve been dumped. We’ve all had moments where we maaaybe acted desperate or angry, but some unhinged exes take it to the next level. These Redditors came together to share their stories of brutal reactions to a break-up—and they’re so disturbing, they’re unforgettable.

1. Clear Cut Revenge

Here's what happened with my next-door folks. They split up and she won their home. But, she solely got the house and its tiny yard, not the land around it - that was his. To get back at her, he started selling off everything else.

First, he sold the woods around their house, turning her lush surroundings into a barren field. But oh no, that wasn't it! That was just the beginning of his revenge. He then sold the rich topsoil, and even the gravel beneath it. By the end, her house stood on a hill, looming over a land that looks like the moon's surface. This happened ages ago and it's still one ugly sight.

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2. She Made Her Bed, Now She Has To Lie In It

While I was at work, she took everything from my shower, even the toilet bowl scrubber! Frustrated, I decided to change the locks to stop her from nicking anything else.

That night, she calls, wanting to get into the apartment for her stuff. I refused unless I was present. When she threatened to get the authorities involved, I told her to go ahead. A couple of cops showed up at my job to get a gist of the situation. I showed them my lease which doesn't include her name, and they agreed to be there when she returned.

The next day, she wanted my $700 bed. Having my credit statement handy, I disproved her claim. She was insistent, but the cop said if she thinks it's fair, she should take me to court. She tried to argue more, and was told to take me to court again. Haven’t heard from her since.

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3. Interior Decoration As Revenge

So when I was a kid, there was this couple living opposite us. The wife was tight with my mom, and the husband helped my dad put in our pool. But it seems they had problems. When the wife went out of town for work, the husband ripped apart their kitchen - like completely demolished it. She came home and couldn't believe her eyes. They fight, and she peaces out to live with her mom.

They go to court, and she moves back into the house for a bit. But the husband's set to get the house. I was only about 13, so I don't remember all the details. But just before he was due to move back in, my folks helped her ship out all the furniture she'd bought pre-marriage. Everything except a mattress and a recliner.

That's all he had left when he returned. But wait, there's more. Once he moved back in and the divorce was final, he had another lady living with him. But he also had a boyfriend who was over a lot. One of the last times we all saw each other, it was a hot mess. It must've been midnight. Our neighbor, his boyfriend, and some random third person had a noisy, boozy spat.

We called the cops, and I'm not sure what went down inside the house after that. But all three of them got ushered out into a cop car after being tased.

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4. Party For One

In the late 90s, I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with her boss. We were all set for our Super Bowl party when she dumped me. She was off to the beach with her boss for the weekend, leaving me alone. So, I decided to shift the party.

I left her with just a TV, bed, a single glass, and one chair. Took all other stuff including the booze, which took me a lot of hockey bags, but we enjoyed it for weeks. Rumor has it, she threw a party. But all her guests had was just one bottle, a glass, one chair, and hardly anything else.

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5. She Was Cooking With Gas

We made a plan. She'd grab her things from our place after we split and I was gonna stay away. Came back that night and got a real shock - she left a couple gas valves wide open. Guess I dodged a bullet not lighting up a smoke. Thought about calling the cops, but how was I gonna prove it?

All I could think was, I was relieved she was gone. Didn't want any drama, didn't want to make a scene. We'd been through enough crap as it was. I let it slide, didn't feel like playing the crazy ex-boyfriend trying to convince a cop his former girl was trying to off him. Honestly, I'm just happy she's outta my life.

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6. The Houseguest

This chick used to sneak into my pad almost daily for a month while I was off busy at work. She'd take a shower, whip up some grub, kick back and surf channels, then bounce before I got back. One day, I got home early and found her planted on my couch flicking through channels, like it's no big deal. Nonchalantly said, "Didn't think you'd come back early."

Puzzled, I wondered how she got in. Then it hit me. We were an item once, and she had borrowed my keys. Turns out, she got a duplicate made on the sly. After some heated exchange, we ended up making peace. Yeah, hooking up with crazies can be wild. But that was the penultimate time, for real.

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7. T Minus U

It's kinda funny, but a tad crazy. My soon-to-be ex was still crashing in the guest room after we decided to call it quits, but hadn't made it official yet. She was there temporarily until she found a new pad. Her attitude was getting on my nerves and I asked her to move out with her stuff ASAP. One day, I came home strung out from an 18-hour workday at around 6:30 in the morning. I opened the door—and my jaw dropped.

The place was empty. Like, full-blown echo level. She'd cleared everything out, trust me. All that was left was a bare mattress in the bedroom. She never liked the mattress but had bought all the furniture, so she took it all. The funniest bit? We used to have our initials in wooden letters on the wall, and the only thing left on any wall was my lonely initial.

She'd yanked her "T" off the wall. I snapped a hilarious selfie next to it and sent it to her.

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8. Losing Two People With One Breakup

So here's the deal: my high school sweetheart and me - we had a thing. We shared our first together, stuck around for five years, and even lived under one roof for three years. Then, bam! She ditches me, and she didn't waste time either - four weeks later, she's already with my lifelong, best bud. Can you believe it? 

This guy, my so-called "best friend," was my pillar when she split. He'd chill with me, console me, playing Mister Nice Guy, while secretly dating her. We were thick as thieves, always hanging out, gaming, Skyping - even picked the same school to study the same stuff. Talk about a double-cross!

I was blindsided when she moved out, leaving me high and dry. The place was practically bare; she took almost everything we owned. It felt like a punch to the gut. And my friend? He ghosted me a few weeks later. Fast forward four years, haven't heard from them since.

It wasn't until a year later that another friend spilled the beans - they'd already been a thing even before she dumped me! Now, it might not sound as messed up as other stories, but trust me, it threw me off. Left me with trust issues and a serious loneliness that stuck like glue. The kicker? She stole my best friend. She could've had everything else, but she had to take him, too...

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9. Champagne For My Ex, Real Pain For Me

Just landed in a new spot and gave my mom a ring to let her know I was okay. She shares a curveball, my ex I haven't heard from in nearly half a decade just tried to get a hold of me. Feeling alone and curious, I decided to give her a call and boy, what a weird convo that was. She's getting married to another woman, and she didn't have the best of luck after we split.

We left on good vibes, but never planned to stay in touch. Fast forward three days, I'm leaving my apartment and guess who's waiting there, drenched in rain...yup, it's her. She had flown halfway across the country in the dead of night on some idea that we were soulmates or something. Weird part was her saying she was so upset about us not being together that she removed all of her...private area hair.

She got her soon-to-be wife along too, who was equally mad, encouraging my ex to have my kid. I tried to state calmly how crazy this all was...Then everything suddenly went pitch black. Woke up to sheer pandemonium, with my doorman taking control of the situation until help could arrive.

Turns out, I got whacked with a champagne bottle they brought for celebrations. Needless to say, there were a few restraining orders filed after that.

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10. The Virgin Birth

This girl was pretty hot, but totally nuts. She'd lie about even the smallest stuff - like what she had for breakfast or her 'project car'. I had enough, so I ended it. A few weeks go by and my youth pastor shows up to my school - a private Christian prep school - and pulls me out of class.

We sit down for a serious talk and I'm beyond confused. He asks me about the girl and our 'baby'. I burst out laughing. He's a pretty chill guy, but man, he absolutely lost it. He knew I wasn't a virgin and we talked about all sorts of stuff. When I told him we never went all the way, his rage moved from me to her.

Turns out, she started showing up at my church to 'seek God'. She told him she was pregnant and the whole drama that followed. So, my youth pastor did what he had to do - busted her lie and told her mom.

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11. A Moving Obstacle

So, when I was 19 and staying at my parent's place, guess what? My ex-girlfriend shows up outta the blue, begging for a do-over. I told her to beat it but she wouldn't budge. Got my 11-year-old bro, hopped in the car to split. But man, she went ballistic! Blocked the driveway with her own body, forcing me to drive on the yard.

Mad that I ditched her, she races to my mom's work to vent out! My mom shooed her away, but believe it or not, she came back to my house and wouldn't leave. I locked everything up, and she sat on the porch for a good three hours. Finally, my stepdad comes home, throws some gas money at her, and tells her to scram.

Total nutjob.

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12. The Neverending Story

First, dude had a meltdown and ended up in the hospital cause he was talking crazy. Had his mom blow up my voicemail, guilt tripping me to get back together. Dude was hitting like on all my old social media stuff until I blocked his butt. I had to swap my digits 'cause he couldn’t stop texting or calling, begging for another shot.

When I iced him out, he got nasty, started spitting threats. Buddy sent me 400 bucks worth of birthday presents, random as heck. Yesterday? Dude was all over Pinterest, making fake accounts and spamming me with 25 messages. Guy's totally lost it.

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13. Now That’s A Power Move

One day, my ex rings me up. She's got an issue with her electricity company - they won't open an account for her until she pays off our old bill, and she thinks that's my job. She's calling with her new boyfriend by her side, asking me to foot the bill for her new place. It's my chance to settle the score.

I play along, "Alright, bear with me... I'm looking over our old bills... Starting from April, you owe me half of what I paid cause you didn't contribute, same goes for May, and June...". I continue, but she stays silent. Wrapping it up, I tell her, "Looks like your debt to me rounds up to a grand”.

So I tell her, “You can either pay up, or find a way to sort your electricity bill yourself". She says okay, and that's the last I heard of it.

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14. Lie Like A Rug

I went out with this girl just before high school who was really struggling for about a year. She hurt herself and even tried to kill herself by drinking hydrogen peroxide and almost jumped off her roof. Her folks were really brutal, she claimed they literally pulled her hair and locked her up for hours. I got super worried and alerted child services.

They checked on her and that's when I learned the shocking truth. She confessed she'd been making up everything. It took me a bit to fully understand, and about a week after, I stopped talking to her. I was just filled with such anger and revulsion. But then she messages me on Facebook saying if I can't move past this, it's all on me.

The entire time, she'd been lying about her life to me and then had the nerve to blame me.

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15. Tick Tock

My buddy living in the US had a fiancé back in the UK. During a visit, he found out she cheated on him with his best friend and got kicked out of their shared house. In retaliation, he bought 100 alarm clocks with date settings.

When retrieving his things from the house, he planted alarms throughout the house - in vents, attic insulation above her bedroom, everywhere! To rub salt into the wound, he set most of them to ring on special dates like their anniversary, birthdays, etc.

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16. She Really Doesn’t Believe In Long-Distance

We were living together when I got a sweet job offer out in the West Coast. We were chillin' on the East Coast then, so I called her to chat about it. She reacted in a way that gave me the creeps. She swapped the locks, sold my things, fired off a mean letter to my mom, and even called my new job to try and sabotage me.

Undeterred, I packed up and moved for the job. She kept hassling my HR department and about three months later, she landed in the same area. Occasionally, I'd spot her car at my workplace. All of this came to a halt when I took legal action. To be exact, it didn't really stop till we had to go through heaps of legal stuff, and her lawyer finally heard my side of the story.

I had to wait around two years before getting a paycheck from her.

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17. Man’s Best Friend

Man, I really struggled with my ex trying to take my dog. I was in a situation where I couldn't keep him, so she had him for a few months. But can you believe she did nothing for him the whole time? Her folks were the ones feeding him and letting him run around in the yard with their dogs. I even gave her cash to take him to the vet for neutering and vaccinations, but she blew it all on partying.

Never saw that money again. But the minute I got my own place, I swooped in and got my dog back when she wasn't home. Her dad gave me the heads up on when she wouldn't be around. "You don't take a man's dog from him", he said. Real stand-up guy. He always had my back when she and I were still a thing. Solid as a rock.

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18. A Stab In The Dark

I got to know this girl online. We were from the same country and into the same music, so I figured, "Why not?" and hung out with her. She was cool, and, as much as kids can, we fell for each other and dated for about a year. She had a lot of personal stuff going on, though, and made some pretty heavy accusations against me.

Finally, she called it quits as she thought I'd cheat on her. Honestly, it felt like a relief, but it didn't stop there. She tried to win me back a few days later; tired of her drama, I told her off which, let's be honest, never a good move with someone unstable.

Then came a few calm days, barring some angry texts and guilt trips. Four days later, I was chilling at home after a half-day at school when I heard a knock; thinking it was a package, I went to answer it with no stress on my mind. Boy, was I wrong.

Next thing I knew, I was back against the door, blood staining my shirt. My ex had shown up brandishing a hockey stick - no joke. Luckily, I'd only cracked the door open a bit and my quick reaction saved me from a possibly critical neck injury.

Well, long story short, the cops showed up after a call, she was carted off for psychiatric evaluation and it left me pretty wary of people for a while.

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19. Someone Watches The Bachelorette Too Much

This dude I know showed up at my house all dressed up. Outta nowhere he pops the question, ring and all. Here's the twist - I was, and still am, seeing another guy, something he was aware of. We'd been done for a hot minute already. I think him learning that I had moved on screwed with his head. It was totally nuts, especially since my current guy just left like 15 min prior. Craziest. Day. Ever.

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20. A Rumor Campaign

The guy made around 100 mini posters and spread them across town, basically calling people trash and daring them to have an issue with it. He even gave out my home phone number and address. This led to loads of angry folks ringing us and turning up at our place for weeks. He even prank called the cops, causing a ruckus with false alarms, noise complaints, and fake underage drinking reports - all under my address.

The craziest part? This was in 8th grade! We "dated" for a short two months during my "rebellious" phase. Thankfully, we didn't go beyond kissing. The dude was, and probably still is, off his rocker.

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21. Grand Theft Auto: Florida

My ex tried to steal my truck. I usually clip the keys to my belt loop because I'm known to misplace them. I saw her go outside and stash her purse and stuff in the truck - like I couldn't see through the window. Then she started turning the house upside down. She said she was looking for "her" keys. Funny, her car wasn't around, she was dropped off.

I made sure to lock the truck remotely, and when she went out, I locked her out of the house too and reached out to her ride. She switched from anger to sobbing real quick when she figured out she was trapped on a hot Florida day.

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22. The Breakup Protection Program

I dated this guy three times before heading back to London for an au-pair job. After our third date, he shipped a traditional African wedding dress to my host family's place through his sister - who also sent a letter inviting me to visit her in Mali, hoping we'd get married. I was like, "No way!"

Instead of backing off, he had his friends and his brother call me, scolding me for breaking up with him. As if that wasn't enough, they insisted I couldn't end things because his parents had already bought plane tickets to visit before our "wedding", and attempted to make me cover the costs.

In response, I changed my mobile number and instructed my host family to inform anyone asking for me that I had returned home and hadn't left any address.

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23. What Could’ve Been

We dated for five years, and were even engaged for three. Imagine my shock when on my second day at a new job, I get a call from the city hospital informing me my "fiancé" was there. I asked for a break and dashed across town to find him in the psych ward. We'd broken up two months before because he was awful and unstable.

Wondering what led him there, I found out he'd tried to jump off a building, but security caught him. He said without me, he had no reason to live. I shut that down real quick, telling him we were done, but I'd still support him as a friend. I got in touch with his mom, who lived out of state, and told her she needed to come and get him.

Sadly, this place wasn't the best for him, despite his issues. The others there were practically not even people anymore. They'd only release him into the care of a loved one, and it wasn't gonna be me. I left him at that. Last time I saw him was just hours before his flight back home. He asked for a few "normal" hours.

We did everyday stuff like cooking dinner, chatting, and playing volleyball with our pals. Then his mom showed up to take him away. Looking back now, I realize the worst thing he'd done wasn't trying to control my feelings, but making me feel something just as he left.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so much better off without him, I barely recognize my old self. But saying goodbye messed me up for a while. My advice is never indulge in a final fling, it's better to deal with a sour ending than torture yourself with endless "what ifs" for months on end.

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24. Wednesday’s Child Is Full Of Woe

My pal's ex was a hot-shot lawyer and got to keep their little girl. He'd seriously mess with her using their kid, which was messed up. Like, he'd tell their toddler on a Wednesday that her mom would pick her up that same night. But really, it was only her turn on Thursdays and every other weekend.

Their kid would end up calling her, all upset and crying, because her mom hadn't come to get her. Man, the guy was a real whacko.

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25. Barking At The Moon

My ex was nuts, and probably still is. He was such a jerk, and I hate to admit it, but I put up with it. Then came a point when I had enough and dumped him. But then he started making uninvited visits, knocking at my door—all because I lived on the ground floor and was easy to reach.

At first, it seemed like he was begging me to take him back, right? But after a few visits, I noticed a bizarre pattern. He’d always turn up during a full moon. It became so predictable that I started to feel paranoid and kept my blinds shut. He even confronted me in public. It got so bad that had to get the cops involved.

I never shared the moon bit with them because I felt embarrassed. Plus, I didn't know his new address, which made it impossible for them to find him. So, I decided to move out to a different part of the city. Luckily, the move occurred during a no-moon phase. I could easily pack and move without having the fear of him showing up. I sorta wish I could’ve seen his reaction when he found my flat empty after I left.

Not long ago, I spoke about this with a friend who went through a similar stalking situation. We got to the moon subject and she was like, "Oh yeah, my ex did the same thing". So, it's definitely a thing!

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26. Flapping Her Gums

So, I used to work with my ex. After we split, she spread rumors that I cheated on her with this intern we cheekily called "Gums". But that was all nonsense. Still, for a while, everyone thought I was the bad guy. Then, I nearly lost my job when my new boss went bananas during a meeting.

At the time, I had no clue why. That's when I uncovered the crazy truth: my ex was seeing my boss! She filled his head with all kinds of fibs, and he decided to take it out on me in that meeting. Needless to say, I didn't stick around for long after that. Later, I got wind that they had a kid together.

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27. Timing Is Everything

We dated for seven years and planned to tie the knot after her kids wrapped up college. Out of nowhere, she dumped me. Fast forward three years, she's engaged to the guy she replaced me with. Saw a post about her celebrating her anniversary dinner recently. Thing is, the anniversary date was more than two weeks before she cut me off.

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28. Making A Scene

Five years back, I ended things with a girl after dating for half a year. Not a week later, I realized she wasn't done with me yet. Despite living miles away in a huge city, she kept tabs on me.

When she called one night, freaking out about my whereabouts, I had no choice but to deal with her. I looked outside to find her parked in front of my house at 2 a.m. After a massive blow-out, I told her to kick rocks.

Feeling relieved as she sped away, my comfort was brief. I didn't fully realize how insane she was. Quick as a flash, she turned her car around and gunned it towards me, forcing me to narrowly dodge her. She then crashed into my neighbor's car causing it to spin out.

I could hear her screams blending with the sounds of sirens approaching. Her car caught fire and I had to drag her out. The whole neighborhood woke up to the chaos. It's a memory that's seared into my mind.

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29. He Went Down The Rabbit Hole

I dumped this guy two months back. He turned up on my doorstep at 2 am and just hammered on the door till I let him in. He then stepped into my house and dumped this skinned rabbit into my freezer. It was gutted out, except for the head with ears intact. No clue where he got it, it was just in this shopping bag.

I couldn't really figure out what he'd left till he was gone because it was all wrapped up. I was trying to play it cool, but man, he's 6'3" and I'm just 5'5". Gotta tell ya, it was terrifying. Stone-cold sober, too. Did I mention he lives an hour and a half away, doesn't have any pals around here, and I've told him repeatedly to keep clear of my house?

Well, my guy roommate woke up and that made my ex dash off, swiping one of my roommate's books from the living room on his way out. I texted him about the rabbit thing. He said I was fussing over nothing and that he just brought the rabbit as a gift - apparently, people dig rabbit - and claimed he was just picking up "his book". By the way, I was a vegetarian then. Still can't stomach rabbit.

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30. Unpleasant Surprise

My high school girlfriend and I, who met when she was an exchange student, both ended up in college in Florida - me at Saint Leo and her at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. I used to drive five long hours to visit her every weekend.

One Wednesday, I took a surprise trip to see her. To cut a long story short, her roommate let slip that she’d been hanging out with a new guy. She was at the library that night, so I went to find her. There she was, holding hands with him. I was gutted.

She saw me and stood up, but I just turned around and left. I’d spent all my travel money so I was stuck til Thursday, sleeping cramped in my car, ignoring her 25 calls and countless texts, all deleted unread.

And the cherry on this sucky situation? On my sob-fest of a drive back, I cried my eyes out to "You Make Me Feel Like" by Cobra Starship.

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31. Tag Teamed

My ex and I split just before Christmas. New Year's hits, and I'm at a party. My phone's exploding with her calls but I'm not paying attention. My buddy clues me in, says she's hounding him too. Step outside to find 30 missed calls and 7 voicemails. Two from her, five from her mom.

Turns out a "friend" of hers has kicked the bucket. Never heard her talk about this friend. Her mom's messages are accusing me of being a cold jerk. I think to myself—fine, I'll bite, I'm no jerk. Convince a friend to give me a lift to my ex's. On the way, call a friend's mom and give her a heads-up.

We roll up and both my ex and her mom are outside. I've got my buddies with me. My ex is in tears. I offer to take a walk with her, let her vent. She rambles about her departed friend for two shakes, then pivots to us. Half an hour of us-talk. As we loop back, I let her know—I'm here for support, but not for a relationship reboot.

She loses it. Full-on meltdown. She screams so loud a neighbor pops out to check if everything's kosher. My ex starts frantically lying about being pregnant, but I've always played it safe. I call her bluff.

She flings her phone into the open road—an Olympic throw but no NFL scouts around. She's flailing on the floor. Her mother's hollering... at me. Time to jet, I decide, the scene's turning ugly. I jet back home, fill in my folks, and we change the house codes. And my car becomes a regular egg target for an entire month.

Minus maybe three or four days. But, little did I know, the saga continues. Fast forward to five years and there I am, driving along, when a familiar car pulls up ahead of me and nearly sends me swerving off the road. The car pulls ahead and stops at a red light. Pissed off, I pull up next to it, and guess who's drumming on the steering wheel. Her mother.

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32. Catphished

A while back, my ex ended things and later sent me a sketchy email. I didn't think twice about it. A few days pass, and boom, I'm mysteriously blocked from all my accounts - emails, Facebook, everything connected to that email. Worse, all my banking info was on there too. Next thing I know, she's drained my bank account and is littering my social media with vicious ramblings.

She even targeted my nephews who were just 14-15 years old then. And if that wasn't enough, she rang up my university and got me kicked from my course. Basically, she tried her darnedest to wreck my entire life.

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33. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again

When I was around 15, I dated a girl from a different school. Honestly, it was a nightmare because she was just really awful. I tried to break up with her a lot but she'd always threaten to hurt herself - she used to self-harm, so I was scared she might actually do it.

I stayed with her longer than I should have, just to avoid being responsible for something like that. But finally, I had enough and dumped her. She didn't take it well and started a rumor at her school that I got her pregnant. This rumor quickly spread to my school and then to my family. But nobody believed me when I told the truth: We'd never even been physical! I tried to explain, but people believed her over me.

I mean, she really sold it - even giving herself a fake baby bump. I confronted her in person but her friends covered for her too. It was madness. In the end, my parents believed me, but it was really scary to face them about being a teenage dad at just 15.

They thought I was trying to hide it because I didn't bring it up first. So, I ended up talking to this girl's mom and, surprisingly, it worked. Her mom must have done some damage control because suddenly folks stopped believing the lie.

I cut her out of my life completely after the rumor started, so I don't know what really went down after our chat. I just tried to put the whole mess behind me and luckily, it faded away. My homeroom teacher from school was a real help during this madness. He was super understanding and helped me navigate not just the pregnancy rumor crap, but also the whole self-harm threats.

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34. Make Up Your Mind

This guy kept showing up uninvited to sleepover. Sleepover meaning peeking through my ground-floor windows and breaking in to nap on my room's floor. I woke up to alien snoring, definitely not my cat. Oh, and he was engaged then. He denies it all next day.

There was this one day when he was waiting for me post work. We ended up fighting and I smashed his thumb in his Jeep's door. His bruised thumb was a nice touch in his engagement pics. On the eve of his wedding, he pleaded me to sleep with him so he could ditch his would-be wife, the "loser." Yeah, that didn't happen.

And, then comes the stalking part, hacking into my online accounts, this guy was hooked to me, dang!

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35. Broken Home

I was just about two hours from Christmas shopping for my kiddo - at Toys R Us, the nearest toy shop. Big moment for me as I was finally getting a grip on life after floundering in my early adulthood. My son was three, and this marked the first time I could afford to get him gifts, instead of depending on family while I scraped by.

Now, while I'm cheerfully shopping, she sends her dad over to our apartment. They go ahead and start moving most of my stuff into his trailer. Bear in mind, I was a broke 20-something. I'm clueless about all this until a neighbor gives me a heads up. But the worst was yet to come.

Just my luck, a blizzard rolls in - keeping me from rushing home until they had scooted off. I come home to see they even nicked the toilet paper from both bathrooms, and - yeah - the couple of hundred bucks I had stashed away for emergencies. It seems she'd used that cash to buy plane tickets for herself and my son, flying them 1,100 miles away to her mom's.

Oh, and apparently, she was expecting my second kid. I've yet to meet him, and I haven't seen my eldest in seven years.

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36. Talk About Losing Track Of Time

We were living together and decided to get a new car. The dealer trusted us, so I got the car, took the paperwork, and planned to grab her signature later. Excited, I bought some champagne for celebration.

The next day, I found her at her mom's place. What a shock – it turns out she's been seeing another guy behind my back! Angry and confused, I confronted her. But instead of answers, I got a cold shoulder. It was so bad, her mom asked me to leave. I left the car papers and champagne and sent the car back to the dealer.

Fast forward two years - I'd moved on. Suddenly, she showed up at my door, car papers and champagne in hand. Oddly, she acted like it was just yesterday we'd had a minor argument. She even said she was moving back in! I couldn't believe it. It was two years ago, not yesterday, and I wasn't in love with her anymore. She was shocked and insisted she'd only been with the other guy for a few days.

Finally, I called her mom to come get her, ending this crazy ordeal. Man, what a wild ride that was!

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37. Playing The Long Game

She created a dating profile using my pics and catfished a heap of gals - not the prettiest bunch, but they had good hearts. She promised them the world and a bunch of dates which, of course, I knew nothing about - that's why I no-showed. Now when I head back home, these mighty unhappy gals, who I kinda stood up, give me the stink eye.

Honestly, I can't help but be a tad impressed with her wicked game plan.

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38. A Blessing And A Curse

My ex-girlfriend tried out different religions like regular people try out jeans. She was a persistent thorn in my side with her demanding behaviour, either showing up with her muscle-man boyfriend or calling me about her "very religious" relationship.

She'd been sneakily visiting my place and taking stuff when I was away, which made me nervous. So, I plotted a devious plan. Early in our dating, we'd had a faux-religious ceremony, marking our unity. This involved a cheap pillar candle from a thrift store.

I carved fake "occult symbols" into this candle and burned it for a couple of hours. On my back porch, I left it on a plate next to a purely ornamental, blunt brass dagger. The following day, she rang me in a panic, while I acted clueless.

She rattled off about meddling with unknown forces, risks, and dangers. I played dumb and coy, pretending not to know what she was talking about. Afterwards, there was a blissful month of peace.

Then, she popped up one night, apologised, and asked for a heart-to-heart. We cleared the air and she gained some insights. She finally left me alone and moved on with her life.

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39. Ex And Ex Vs. Ex And Ex

Wow, where do I begin? I've been with my partner for a year and still had contact with my ex because we share the same friends. We kept things friendly until the start of this year when my ex realized that I wasn't just with my new partner to make him jealous.

He freaked out, making hateful posts about me on Facebook. Although he didn't mention me by name, it was pretty obvious who he was targeting. I only knew about this because our friends told me. At a party, he got wasted and cornered me. When my partner and a friend came to help, he got violent. After this, I decided to cut him off completely.

A week later, he sent me an email asking if I got the "gift" he sent. Turns out, it was sent to my parents' house. They hid it from me because it arrived during a holiday season, a time he often ruined. The gift included a bouquet of flowers, a necklace, a jewelry box, candy, and some other stuff. My parents didn’t want me involved with him, so they planned to return the gift. Predictably, he whined about it on Facebook.

He then brought up that my partner is still in touch with his ex. I knew this wasn't true but heard him out. Turns out, his and my partner’s exes had been chatting on Facebook.

His ex claimed my partner was still in love with her and continually texted and emailed her. I knew this was a lie. If it were true, she would've sent proof directly to me to try and break us up. I thanked him for the screenshots and stopped replying.

When I shared these with my partner, he got upset and confronted his ex. He even went as far as blocking her on all platforms and telling her not to contact him again. A week later, he received printouts of their entire Facebook conversation sent to his office.

This conversation was nasty. My ex accused me of draining him and leaving him after he lost his job, which was a lie. We broke up before he lost his job due to his own mistakes. His ex claimed that I was manipulative and planning to get pregnant to lock-in my partner.

And the worst accusation she made? She claimed I threatened her life, which is completely untrue. We were at a charity event together where she made this false claim in front of a large crowd. The two of them ganged up on me, slinging insults and spreading lies.

These events were painful and felt like a betrayal. My ex still pretended to care about me, yet he teamed up with someone determined to destroy my life. Thankfully, my partner and I overcame this. It was tough, but we're okay now. We just hope that this drama stops and we can finally find peace. Crazy people are unpredictable, though.

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40. A Breakup With Fallout

My ex really pulled a drama queen move, trying to withhold my Xbox 360 Elite. She insists on having cops present when I get it back, convincing herself of some imaginary threat. She's truly over the top. As if seeing her one more time isn't enough, now she wants police involvement? Over an Xbox? Are police running a daycare now?

I didn't want her nearby when I collected my Xbox, so I brought my brother-in-law. He cracked up as he left the station, encountering an officer holding a box full of my Xbox gear, equally amused at the absurdity. Truth is, I didn't really want the Xbox that bad. I just didn't want her merrily marching away my stuff.

It's such a bizarre scenario. Who makes you retrieve your Xbox from a police station? Definitely someone off their rocker.

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41. Fishing For Alimony

I was in the middle of getting divorced because my ex cheated on me. There's this weird rule that our divorce could become null if we hooked up. Meanwhile, my ex was still crashing at my place. I came back from work one day, and she started making moves on me.

It felt strange because she hadn't shown interest in ages. She took all her clothes off and tried to drag me into the bedroom. I had to think hard about what to do next.

Luckily, I decided to leave. The moment I opened the door, I was shocked. One of her friends was outside the door, holding a camera. They planned to film us secretly, claiming we got back together, just so she could demand alimony.

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42. What’s Worse Than Hate? Indifference

Man, the gnarliest breakup I ever went through? Dead silence. No joke, total silence, and that was the twisted part. We'd had a solid nine years, two of them hitched. One day, she drops the "I'm not in love with you anymore" bomb. Fast forward a week, find out she's with some other dude. Two ticks later on the clock of life, our world came crashing down and she bailed.

Imagine waking up every day, doing stuff for this other half of you, trying to build this kickass life together. Open-book sharing. Then, one day, zip, nada, nothing. She straight up ghosted me, had a no-talking, no-seeing, no-reaching-out-to-her-fam rule. It was like she vanished just like that. Later, I heard she was expecting with some other guy, not even a year since she took a hike.

Okay, so it's not some drama-packed saga, but to me? Way worse than any revenge tale.

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43. Thou Shalt Not Seek Vengeance

So, she added me to every church group's email and call list she could spot. For about two months, my phone was buzzing non-stop with calls from churches, all wanting donations and to mail me religious stuff. I had to deal a lot with those who had my address and did mail stuff over.

Fast forward few years, I was recalling this to a mate when he chuckled rather loudly. I didn't get why until he confessed. Turns out he was the ringmaster of this whole circus, and let me blame my ex for a good eight years.

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44. Switching Teams

So, this dude dumped me since he wanted to be straight. Then, like two days later, I ended up driving him to a con in Oklahoma from Nebraska. We had set this up ages ago, and I guess I figured we were still pals. First day we're there, he tells me he's dating a chick he just met. Three days later, dude pops the question.

Guess what she said? Yup, she said yes. They were only engaged for a hot minute before he dumped her for another girl. Her dad even bought them a house 'cause of the engagement!

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45. If I Can’t Have You…

For four years, I pampered this chick, but she hardly showed any love to me. She dumped me over some petty stuff. I tried for a year to get her back, but she simply thought I wasn't good enough. Finally, with some help from my mates and family, I moved on and found an amazing new girl. This made my ex lose it.

She started going bonkers, showing up at my place at 3 AM, calling non-stop, you name it. She got all pushy and mean, but I managed to make it clear I was done with her games. But the drama didn't end there. A week after she cried, "I'll never love again," she and my ex-best bud posted on Facebook that they're an item.

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46. The Other Man

Over some months, I got close with a lady and it was awesome. Fell in love and all. Got close with her kid too, and I started thinking about putting a ring on it. All of sudden, she ended it without a word. I was devastated and confused. Our relationship died out of nowhere. No texts, no calls, nothing.

But then, out of nowhere, she rings me and sets up a time to chat. She picks a spot we used to love. I was kinda excited. She told me to grab her from her place at a specific hour. But when I got there, the place was deserted. She'd moved out. I was just starting to feel less shattered, and she pulls this. That's when the big secret came out.

Turns out, she was hitched all along. She'd packed up and moved cross-country with her hubby. She just played me – she's no good.

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47. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

My ex reactivated several of our joint credit cards that had been paid off and closed before we split. She really screwed me over by maxing them out under my name, moving out of state, and ditching her car payments. Years later, these actions have sabotaged my credit, kind of ruining my chances of having decent credit for the next 7-10 years in the US.

I've been living abroad and divorced for eight years, and only just discovered these charges. I know it can all be sorted out, but the hassle of talking to different credit companies and debt collectors is a real headache.

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48. Fools Rush In

When I was 18, I bumped into this good-looking Lebanese doctor, 13 years older than me, at the college coffee shop. We had a lengthy chat about Middle Eastern affairs and his life in the US. At the end, he asked me to join him for breakfast the next day to continue our talk. I figured he was just being friendly and decided to meet up again.

However, things took a weird turn at breakfast. Suddenly, he was all gentlemanly, kissing my hand, and even brought up the idea of introducing me to his grandparents in Lebanon. He proposed to pay my bills and even tried giving me a diamond necklace.

I got the creeps and left immediately after breakfast. But that didn't stop him from calling me constantly, leaving me voicemails when I didn't answer. The calls went from excited lovey-dovey chatters to gloomy ramblings about me ruining his life. And it didn't stop there.

His friends started to call, offering unsolicited info about his sex drive and telling me I broke his heart — all this after just one "date." It was completely mind-boggling and honestly, pretty intimidating. I didn't dare to answer or ask them to stop. Thankfully, eventually, the calls began to fade. But man, was that a strange situation to be in...

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49. The Flat Food Diet

My friend had a crazy breakup. His ex beat him home and bolted herself in his room for days, refusing to talk to anyone. She only crept out at night for bathroom breaks. His super nice, Christian folks kept her fed by squishing things like bologna and pancakes under the door.

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50. Locked Out

My ex went overboard and became super clingy. She'd freak out when I hung out with my best friend, a girl. Of course, this played a part. Putting it simply, I called her out on behaving this way, and we ended up arguing. I asked for some time alone afterwards.

To get back at me, she asked my brother, who went to the same school, for his phone. She locked it and said she'd only give him the passcode when I spoke to her. I thought that was totally childish and unnecessary, and she shouldn't have dragged my family into it.

I eventually asked her for the passcode because the whole thing was just too ridiculous. She seemed guilty when she gave the passcode, so I bet she knew she crossed a line.

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