Bridezillas Gone Wild

May 19, 2021 | Scott Mazza

Bridezillas Gone Wild

A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest occasions imaginable. Well, these bridezillas proved that their control issues and short fuses had the power to destroy everything.

1. No Fake Friends

I'm not a wedding planner, but my friend is getting married soon. She planned this huge wedding with eight bridesmaids and groomsmen, and when she tried to arrange for the bridesmaids to get together and pick out dresses, two of them couldn't make it. Her reaction was excessive, to say the least.

She was so upset that they couldn't come on that particular day that she sent out a nasty text to all the bridesmaids and canceled the entire wedding. She now is having a destination wedding with just her fiancé and their family...

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2. Right In The Face

I was a bridesmaid for a family member’s wedding. We hired a super-talented makeup artist to come in and make her look really good for her big day. This makeup artist, who was the quietest, shortest lady I’ve ever met in my whole life, starts doing her makeup. Once she finished it looked REALLY GOOD.

I was just like “diddly dang, she’ll love this". BOY was I wrong. The bridezilla looked in the mirror and went absolutely BONKERS. She screeched, “It looks awful! YOU KNOW WHAT I WANTED!” She was crying, and her eye makeup was streaming down her face. We all rushed to calm her down.

This poor makeup artist looks like she’s about to pee. So the makeup artist fixes her up despite her outburst and does basically the same thing but adds a little more eyeliner. Suddenly the bridezilla LOVES IT.

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3. Ring Her Up

I used to be a "Bridal Consultant" at a retail store, which basically means I helped couples scan things onto their registry. This one couple came in to start a new registry, which quickly turned into only things the bride wanted. Her behavior seriously disturbed me.

Anything the groom wanted to put down on the registry was deemed as "childish, stupid, ugly, unpractical, never-going-to-be-used". I was cringing during the entire appointment. She also kept asking for my input or opinion on everything, and I felt so bad for this guy.

His bride-to-be seemed so selfish and entitled, and I couldn't believe the fact that he was soon to be married to this woman. The poor man just wanted a waffle maker, who doesn't want waffles?!

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4. When It Rains, It Pours

It was an outdoor ceremony at a golf course with an indoor reception at the clubhouse. About an hour before the ceremony, disaster strikes. The skies went dark and storm clouds began rolling in. I always tell my outdoor brides we need to call the wedding no later than 30 minutes in advance so we have time to move guests indoors, as well as any important items (flowers, decor, etc).

In this case, the bride had a beautiful indoor venue that could be used for both the ceremony and reception, which is why there was no tent. I suggested to the bride that she move her ceremony inside, but she said no. She wanted it outside. I showed her the clouds. "It's Seattle,” she said. "There are always clouds".

I thought to myself, well yes, but these are storm clouds and you have 200 people sitting outside on a golf course...She wouldn't budge. At the 20-minute mark before the ceremony, it started to get windy. Nothing big yet, but this was just another sign that wet weather was upon us. She still wouldn't reconsider.

Several guests were then seated outside; though many others hovered inside the reception area because it started to get cold out. I told her this and warned her what would happen if it rained during the ceremony. She still wanted it outside. When the ceremony began, everything immediately unraveled.

First, it started to sprinkle. Bridesmaids were getting wet as they walked down the aisle. Shoes were sinking into the grass. Guests were looking worried. The bride walked down the aisle just as big wind gusts came. The rain started to fall in earnest, and it was too gusty to use umbrellas. But it gets worse.

We weren't even five minutes into the ceremony when the heavens suddenly opened and it POURED. Guests started running inside. The ceremony was still happening for the bride, but the guests were bailing. Musicians grabbed their instruments and headed inside. The bridal party continued to stand there like nothing was happening, much like the band on the Titanic.

There were maybe 20 guests left. It was an open downpour, so anyone left behind was just soaked. The officiant was rushing at this point; though, there wasn't really anyone left to witness the vows. Before they got to the kiss, the lightning began. At that point, they finally bailed. The bride and bridal party spent the reception looking like drowned rats.

The bride was just ruined. Runny makeup, hair smushed. She had rashes on her skin from being wet all night. Wet lace and heavy ball gowns are also not easily worn wet. All the decor that was meant to be moved inside following the ceremony was ruined...Thousands of dollars on flowers and centerpieces went down the drain. Literally.

And in the end, hardly anyone witnessed the ceremony at all, and they didn't even get to finish. Bad bride.

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5. Comeuppance Bought And Paid For

My mom and I saw a great Bridezilla freak out while shopping for my wedding dress a few years back. We were in a small, local shop when another mother-daughter duo came in. The attendant who had been helping us went up to greet them.

The mother said they were here to pick up her daughter's dress—and this is where things take a messy turn. The attendant looks her name up on the computer, frowns, and says, "Ma'am, you never bought the dress".

"What are you talking about?" The attendant shows the lady the notes on her computer screen. "You said you wanted to think about it, and asked if we could hold the dress. We held it for two weeks, but when we didn't hear back from you, we assumed you didn't want it". "Well, we want it now".

"It's been over eight months," the attendant explained, "We sold the dress a long time ago. But I can order you another one, and have it expedited here in a few weeks".

And like a Mt St Helens of entitlement, the eruption began. "This is unacceptable!" The mother shrieked. "We have her alterations scheduled in two hours! The wedding is a week away! I can't believe you sold her dress!" The bride, meanwhile, is slumped against the desk and sobbing like someone kicked her dog.

My mom and I are just open-mouthed staring at this point. The attendant was trying to be diplomatic, but is clearly as baffled as we are. "Ma'am, we had no way to know you wanted it. You never called. You never put down a deposit. The dress isn't yours until you pay for it".

After some more screaming from the mother and wailing from the bride, they left. The shop attendant came back over to us and I asked her, "Does that kind of thing happen a lot?" The poor lady just deflated. "All the time". It baffles me to this day.

How do you schedule alterations on a dress that you never purchased? Why would you wait until a week before the wedding to pick up your dress? How do you make it to adulthood without knowing how basic buying and selling transactions work?

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6. Don’t Judge A Cake By Its Cover

I’m a baker here. I wasn't present for the freakout, but it was my fault so...A few months back, I had a bride who wanted a navy to white ombre cake made with white sponge. Now, dark, rich colors like that in white cake SUCK. They always taste terrible because they have so much gel coloring in them to get them just the right color.

However, you can do it OK if they're willing to have the dark layers be chocolate. Navy is especially easy, thanks to blue velvet. I tell her this when we're planning. "But I want white cake!" She says. I tell her I'll do all but the last few in white sponge. She agrees, and I make the darn thing and drop it off.

I come back to pick up the staging stuff the next day, and make an awful discovery. I find my whole freaking cake sitting there. Apparently, when they cut into the thing and fed it to each other, she freaked out over it being chocolate, and refused to let any of the cake be served.

Apparently, she forgot that she had agreed to have the bottom tier have two layers of blue velvet, so she threw a massive temper tantrum over “the cake being wrong". Oh, but she didn't stop there. Apparently, she kept talking about how I ruined her wedding, then locked herself in the bridal suite.

If she wouldn't have been a little psychopath and let the staff cut the cake like they should have, she would've seen that 90% of the cake was white sponge like she wanted.

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7. Worth Every Penny

I married a bridezilla and she ruined my life. After the wedding and vacation were over, I told her we needed to pay the debt we just accumulated—she wanted a huge wedding and she got it. We had a budget for the wedding and we should have had no debt at the end, but in the last few weeks before the wedding, she suddenly had to spend a ton of money on wedding stuff I had never even heard of before.

And when I say she spent a ton of money, I actually mean that it all came out of my pocket. So yeah, I wanted to start paying it off. She said she didn't have much on her credit card and I could easily pay it off in a couple of months if I just picked up some of her bills. I agreed... but that ended up being the worst decision of my life.

Three months later, she had her credit card paid off and she told me she wanted a divorce. You’d think we could get an annulment, but no. Annulment is very uncommon where we live. We looked into it, but we didn’t meet the criteria for one. Instead, we had to go to a quickie divorce lawyer who just puts paperwork together, and then we had to do everything else.

Maybe the worst thing about all this in retrospect? She comes from an upper-middle-class family and has a trust fund.


8. One Special Day

I'm a former clergyman. I used to be a deacon and I was fully empowered to officiate weddings; however, no one, in my experience, ever asked the deacon to do a wedding unless they are a family friend. So I was a little shocked and somewhat suspicious when this couple approached me. They wanted two things: for me to officiate, and to use our church.

Their wedding was only two weeks away and their first venue fell through. They said they just wanted to rent the church and that they would have a family friend officiate, but unless the family friend just so happened to be the clergy of the same denomination, the latter wasn't an option. As I asked more questions, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the couple.

Something was off, and after a bit of back and forth between us, they finally came out with the shocking truth. Apparently, the couple had broken up after the invites had been sent, but the bride was not going to be deprived of her "special day" for some technicality like not having a groom.

Deposits were already in place anyway, so they figured they'd throw the big wedding, have the reception, and then go their separate ways. I asked the groom why he would be participating in this farce. He told me that the father of the bride was willing to give the groom the honeymoon tickets and the hotel.

He basically got a free vacation to show up and look sincere. The reason why the first venue dropped them was that they didn't want to stage a fake wedding. Well, neither did we.

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9. Her Own Worst Enemy

I work as a wedding server. As soon as someone says “Bridezilla,” I think of this one story where the manager of our hotel had to shut down the wedding halfway through. This was the Bridezilla of all the Bridezillas I've ever seen. There were a lot of little things leading up that were casual Bridezilla—until the wedding took a dark turn.

At one point, she accused the wedding server staff of taking her veil...then the manager found it in her room and also showed her the card swipes to her room proving only she had been in the room that day. About 20 minutes later, she was screaming at some poor front desk employee accusing her of taking her wedding boots.

The manager intervened again, and after a long talk, the photographer told them he had a photo of the boots on the staircase of the church, and asked if she had worn them since...When she said no, she told our place it was our job to have picked them up and made sure she had them, even though the church was not related to our place at all.

THEN shortly after she started opening the wedding gifts frantically inside the ballroom and screaming at anyone and everyone, guests included, saying someone took her wedding certificate. After that, our manager gathered the wedding staff and told us to take off our uniform jackets, empty them in front of him, then to clock out and go home.

Which we all did. None of us took anything. We heard the next day that the maid of honor had the certificate and after we left the wedding was shut down completely.

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10. The Unhappy Hippy

I worked a wedding where the bride and groom were hippies, while the groom's father was the chief of the local authorities. They were all from the same little town. One side of the room was full of officers, and the other side was full of dread-locked, patchouli-wearing, barefooted hippies.

After dinner was over, the entire hippy crowd went outside and stood in a huge circle to get high while the officers looked on with utter disgust on their faces. It was epic—but then it got weird.

The bride was off her rocker but eventually came to her senses when she caught wind that someone was planning an after-party without her approval. She didn't like that one bit. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, "WHERE IS SHE?" over and over again while storming around.

When she found, the girl, a bridesmaid, she proceeded to freak out on her. It was in the middle of the dance floor, in front of 300 people. The bridesmaid started to cry and the bride completely lost her mind. All anyone could do was stare with their mouths hanging wide open in disbelief....the words that came out of that bride were some of the absolute worst.

Several people tried to step in, but the bride lashed out at everyone. It was the single most disgusting thing I'd ever seen. The girl ran off and the bride proceeded to pass out on a couch in the bathroom. Classy girl. When it's your "big day," for the love of God, please be of sound mind.

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11. Maid Of Dishonor

Management here at a bridal shop. You have no idea the sense of entitlement that walks into my store. I would consider us the Wal-Mart of weddings: We cater to everyone from poorer people to rich nobodies who think they’re somebody. I’ve seen it all. “These dresses are cheap,” to “These dresses are too expensive".

I’m a rational person and being part of management means I’m trusted to make important decisions and enforce policy. All sales are final, depending of course, but you have to have one great excuse to get a penny out of me.

The best (by best I mean craziest) excuse yet was a spouse who had her wedding coordinator go in to refund the items because she was in a psych ward. Why? Because she tried to hurt her sister…after the sister announced she was pregnant with the groom’s baby…at the bridal shower.

We refunded everyone but the sister, who was ironically the maid of honor.

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12. Some Like It Hot

I had this client book me two weeks before the actual wedding. I regret taking it to this day. She had no transportation to take her home at the end of the night. I asked her repeatedly what her plan was, and she told me she would just refrain from drinking and drive herself to her honeymoon spot. She never told me where that was, even though I kept asking.

Fast forward two weeks. A massive tornado just went through the area the day before her wedding, so there were power lines and trees blocking every entrance to the highway in the boonies of Maryland. I got up early to deal with the issues at the venue—there was no electricity on a 100-degree day, so that was a huge problem.

I got a call from her around 6 am saying she realized she now needed transportation. Fine, I decided I'd find it for her. "One last question, where is this mystery honeymoon spot?" I asked her. Turned out, it was hours away in West Virginia.

I called every Maryland-based limo company and begged them to find someone to drive into the Maryland countryside at 11 pm and then take them to West Virginia. Finally, someone relented and I called the bride to tell her the price. Complete. Meltdown.

"Well guess what, you requested that at the last minute, so you're going to pay whatever they want to charge you," I told her. The wedding itself was a complete circus. The bride hated her hair and makeup and made it very well known to me, even though she had personally booked the stylist.

As it was 100 degrees out, the original unshaded area was going to be terrible for the ceremony. I suggested we moved it somewhere cooler for her comfort, like underneath this beautiful centuries-old tree. She refused, but as guests arrived, they did nothing but complain.

I decided to say screw it and moved the ceremony to make everyone happy. It was a one-hour traditional Jewish ceremony and no way was I going to let people suffer in the sun. After the ceremony, I had to wait outside the bridal suite while the couple had a wedding ceremony...which is something I never want to witness again.

That ceremony went way over schedule, thus extending cocktail hour and shortening the reception. The bride freaked out that she lost out on dancing time and blamed it on me. At the end of the night during clean-up, the mother of the bride started throwing decor in her car rather than let my team do the load out.

As soon as she left, I noticed my emergency kit was nowhere to be found. I called her and she claimed she never saw it, even though it was next to the decor we had started to pile up. The next week, I got a call from the venue saying they saw a car throw a bag out of their window onto the steps of the venue before speeding away. A

las, it was my bag and I had to drive for over 90 minutes to go fetch it, even though the mother and bride lived super close to me and had my address. To top it all off, I got a heat stroke and my poor assistant had to drive us home at midnight.

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14. Sister Act

Not a wedding planner, but a wedding guest. It was my cousin's wedding and he was marrying this very awful girl whom no one, except his sister, liked. This girl hated everything about everyone and liked to be vocal about those things. So, halfway through the reception, I was super bored since I didn't want to be there. Honestly, I only went because my mother insisted.

The place was very awkward—no one was dancing and the bride was having a screaming contest with her dad outside. I noticed a woman who was very young sitting at the bride's family table, holding a baby and talking to some guy. I didn't notice her before since the baby was very quiet during the entire ceremony and they sat at the back.

I recognized that woman as the bride's 17-year-old sister who, by the way, was a teen mom. The guy, I later learned, was her boyfriend and baby daddy. At some point, the bride came back from outside, looked at her sister angrily, then marched her way to the groom's family…where she proceeded to complain about how her sister was stupid and irresponsible. Here’s where it got very embarrassing very fast.

She was talking so loudly that her sister, the guy, and everyone could hear her. The sister then started crying quietly while hugging the baby, who was now anxious. The guy, on the other hand, looked ready to attack the bride, and the bride's father seemed angry as well. Just when things couldn't get worst, The truth came out.

The bride started talking about how her sister was taking her thunder, making the day all about herself and her mistakes. The bride's father then went to talk to her, taking her out of the venue so she could "calm herself," but everyone could still hear her having a complete and total tantrum outside.

The sister and her partner later said their goodbyes to her family and friends, but she was still crying at that point. Later on, I learned that the bride was always jealous of her sister because she was "the baby and the favorite daughter". The bride and the sister are no longer on speaking terms.

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14. Shut It All Down

A local wedding shop that had been in operation for years in my area had to close down. This place was very well known and a lot of people I knew went there for wedding dresses, prom dresses, etc. In 2014, however, there were a few US cases of Ebola, if you remember. One of the ladies who came down with it was a nurse and caught it from a patient who had Ebola.

She, for some reason, got the OK to travel, then came to the area where I live and went to this particular bridal shop. When it was confirmed she had Ebola, the shop closed down for three weeks to be professionally cleaned and de-toxed. After the shop opened back up from the three-week shutdown, they were never able to recover.

Months later, they announced that they couldn't afford to stay open and were struggling. The stigma of the lady with Ebola being in the shop drove people away. Oh, and the lady with Ebola tried suing the bridal shop when they wouldn't refund her and her bridal party’s deposits when she canceled her orders. Just a total mess.

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15. This One Takes The Cake

I work at a bakery, and part of my job is to help pair couples with the correct designer for their cake. One bride wanted a cake large enough to feed 500 people. This multi-tiered cake was going to be filled with fresh berries and custard, covered with buttercream and fondant, and decorated with edible flowers and more fresh fruit.

She also wanted us to somehow defy the laws of physics and make it float. Apparently, she had seen a floating cake in an anime show—an animated cake—and decided nothing else was acceptable. When I told her we can't make floating cakes, she reacted in the worst possible way—she threw her coffee on the floor and cried, saying that we were ruining her wedding.

Her fiancé ushered her out of the building and I never saw either of them again.

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16. Money Can’t Buy Class

Strap in, folks. This is going to be a bumpy ride.  I work in a relatively high-end country club in the American South. We had a doozy last season. It was not only the bride who was crazy but the whole wedding party. The "Happy Couple" were not members of the club, but had convinced our coordinator to sign off on it.

However, this coordinator quit shortly after booking, and a new girl had to deal with the fallout. First off, they had been extremely rude to our new coordinator and managers throughout the whole planning process. They had a private coordinator as well, but she was pretty well useless. Ours didn't even know she existed until the rehearsal.

The bride had demanded all kinds of free stuff during the planning. Now, I have no problem doing a wine tasting to go with the food tasting. However, if you come back three times to try the same free samples, I'm not playing ball anymore. You're paying for it at that point. You and the five people with you. Fast forward to the rehearsal.

We have a regular dinner service going on in our dining room for our (rather exclusive) members. Renting the ballroom for a day does not entitle you to take over the entire clubhouse. The bridal party is drinking, yelling, cursing, and being generally ugly all over the grounds. Nothing was right, according to the private coordinator who had never seen the space before this.

Everything had to be moved. "What do you mean your covered terrace can't accommodate 250 people for the ceremony without an extra tent?" "I was told the dance floor would be by THOSE windows, not these". "We absolutely cannot let anyone into the ballroom until after the ceremony, so I don't care that the terrace is only accessible through it, make them all walk around the building through the wet grass".

This whole time, the bridal party is getting louder and drinking more. The little old ladies trying to eat poached salmon in peace are obviously annoyed. The Father of the bride has set up a provisional account to pay for the wedding, since we don't accept cash or cards, only accounts. The bridal party knows the account number, and we've been told to put everything on it by our managers, as long as the person ordering knows the number.

You can see where this is going. He didn't see it that night, but he argued every single drink when the bill came. Even the 18-year-old scotch that he alone was drinking. Okay, enough of the day before. On to the main event. For most of this day, I was on the periphery since I was working on the other end of the building. This is the end they weren't supposed to be on, except the bride and bridesmaids, since their dressing room was on that side.

I could still hear pretty much everything that was happening and saw way more than I should have. As guests arrived, they were directed around the outside, as per the request. The mother of the bride freaks out because OF COURSE, they didn't want HER side of the family to have to go that way. They need to be allowed to walk through the active dining room and around the other side where the golf course is.

At this point, the groom and groomsmen are getting positively sloshed in the men's locker room, which our members are still using as well. Bridesmaids have moved out of the ladies' locker room and are rampaging through the members' bar. And by that I mean that we caught them multiple times pouring drinks behind the bar while the bartenders were getting their bar ready in the ballroom.

They had the same move every time of, "Oh, gosh, how did this bottle get in my hand and why is it suddenly half empty? Haha, silly me!" The ceremony goes well enough, considering basically everyone standing up front could barely stand. You may be asking how we let it get to that point. Well, they had snuck in a lot of drinks. I mean, a lot...

Highlights of the reception: The bride is cursing. A lot. I don't think one sentence came out of her mouth without a variant of a swear word. During hors d'oeuvres, the maid of honor comes out of the locker room and informs me that it "needs attention". You know, the room where only they had been for the last three hours because they had scared off all the members already.

It shouldn't have been my job, but the attendant had gone home early due to an emergency, so I figured I would take a look. I was horrified at what I saw. I came right back out to get every manager I could find. I even cleared the coast so our chef could come look after he saw my reaction. It was, quite simply, disgusting.

The small wastebasket was overflowing because they had put a bunch of stuff on top of the nice big covered one and then forgot about it. Part of the overflow was a used tampon. There are separate baskets in the stalls for those. Dirty panties, about 10 empty champagne bottles, everything a normal person would put aside or throw away just sat wherever it had fallen.

I removed the trash (with gloves on) and didn't touch one thing that was personal. I should have thrown out a lot more. About 1.5 hours in, the bride asks the bartender what Black people drink, so she can get something to give to the band. When she is told we don't serve the band drinks due to liability, she flips out. More cursing.

How dare we not do exactly what she wants? Do we know how much she is paying for this? Not nearly as much as a lot of our members pay for theirs, I can tell you. Her new husband manages to somewhat calm her down eventually. By this point, all of the guests are so loud and obnoxious and not staying on their end of things that we call in extra security just to stand at all access points and wrangle them.

Remember all those "hidden” drinks? About two hours into the reception, the security guard nearest to the men's restroom hears an awful noise from inside. Goes to investigate and finds a broken urinal and an empty handle of Jack Daniels. Time for cake! This can't go wrong, can it? Oh, it does go wrong. Wifey smears cake on the lower half of Hubby's face.

Haha! So cute! Hubby puts a tiny dollop of icing on the end of Wifey's nose. "OH MY GAWD!! HOW DARE YOU DO THAT?! YOU'RE RUINING EVERYTHING!!" (Paraphrased. It went on waaay longer than that). She proceeds to go literally running through the entire clubhouse and most of the surrounding grounds screaming at the top of her lungs.

As it was a nice night, many of our members were enjoying the patio off the dining room. One member, in particular, had been listening to the hubbub and asked me the names of the couple. I had to laugh when I remembered that he's a prominent divorce lawyer. I, jokingly, asked if he wanted me to pass out his card. He, very seriously, said yes.

The party was shut down two hours early. Officers were informed of potential drunk drivers leaving the property. The bridal party was staying in rental houses on club grounds, so our security escorted them back. You'd think that would be the end. But, alas, no.

I did not witness the next day's meeting, but I gather it involved a lot of apologies from the groom and a lot more angry words for everyone from the bride. There were also debates about the bar bill from dear old dad, because they could not possibly have had three kegs in that short of a time. He was right, sorry for the mistake, we should have charged for the fourth tapped keg.

About a week later, we were informed of an investigation claiming that one of our staff had taken the bride's laptop. For maybe two weeks, we were randomly called by the local authorities with updates on the case. Then she found it in the trunk of her car, where it had been the entire time, because they used a club-owned laptop to play their slideshow. Which she had tried to walk out with.

I think that's the whole story. I probably blocked some stuff out. Except there’s one last twist. We think the original coordinator did this to us on purpose. She didn't leave under the best terms, and confirming the booking was one of the last things she did. She must have known it would go like this.

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17. Just Desserts

I once saw a full-grown groomzilla scream at a 17-year-old wedding store cashier and then proceeded to almost physically fight three managers over the price of 300 handmade chocolate bars. He had signed off on the price and they were in the middle of making them.

Despite the wedding not being that day, he also was freaking out that they weren't done the minute he walked in, even though they were scheduled to be done by closing time. It was 10 am in the freaking morning. He had been told to pick them up an hour before the end of the workday.

He wanted the people behind the glass to stop making the bars because he wasn't going to pay that price for “late” chocolate bars, but he also didn't want them to stop because they were supposed to be done by now. So he kept breaking away from the managers to yell, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" at the glass.

He thought the sample labels with their names on them were tacky too, even though he had signed off on them as well.

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18. Frame It Up

While the photographer was waiting for the extended family to gather for formal photos, he photographed couples and families already present. The bride bristled that he wasn't taking photos of her and that these were not the photos the bride had requested. This was after the photographer had already finished photos of the bride and groom in several locations.

Because the bride was upset, she didn't ask the photographer to take photos of her and her special friends during the following reception. So, when she finally saw the photos a few weeks later, she regretted that she had taken out her (unwarranted) anger, and she was missing dozens of photos she would have wanted. Karma’s a witch.

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19. The Marriage Contract

I was the wedding salesperson at a hotel that was going through a rough patch, so I really didn't have much of a choice when it came to clients. There was one bride in particular that drove me crazy. She had been a problem for a few months before I was hired, and I remember the Director of Sales told me that I was inheriting a handful.

I figured that no one could be THAT bad and laughed it off. Oh, I wish I’d listened. In our first meeting, she presented me with a detailed list of why my venue was a piece of garbage. Her fiancé spent the whole time looking defeated. In our second meeting, she brought the absolute worst reviews on Trip Advisor (printed off) of our hotel from as far back as 2003 and used these as a bargaining tool.

She hadn't signed the contract yet, so I was very ready to walk away from this at that point, but my bosses insisted we needed the revenue. After this, I started playing hardball and told her that another couple was interested in their date and that if she didn't sign within two days, I'd be selling it to them. This was a load of bull, mind you.

I hoped she would go away at this point, but she instead asked for the contract immediately. I, being forced to oblige, sent it but with extra clauses. First, she would pay the menu price for any food or beverage ordered. Second, we were allowed to terminate the contract for any reason with no penalty. She signed and obviously didn't read it.

During the tasting, she started coming down on me pretty hard because she didn't feel that the drinks were worth $6 a glass. I offered her Franzia as an alternative for $5.50 a glass but reminded her that I wouldn't negotiate menu prices, as per the contract. She finally went back and read the thing and asked me about the other additions.

I informed her that it was to protect me against "bridezillas". After that, she was far more agreeable.

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20. Stomping Down The Aisle

Last weekend, a bride strode into a gorgeous rented chapel four hours early while 30 people were praying. She was in her super short makeup robe. She then freaked out because one table was not set up at that moment. Her reaction? Epic—she picked up a chair in front of everyone and threw it at a trashcan. Yep. We were all staring, slack-jawed.

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21. Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer

As a wedding photographer, I've seen my fair share of crazies over the years. The worst situation I ever had was with a couple who started arguing right after the vows. Typically, you shoot the bridal parties in the morning, and if you're lucky enough, the men will get dressed on time and let you take a few snaps of them while they're all suited and booted.

On this particular day, the men were already hitting the sauce pretty hard and what happened next was truly triggering—they ended up at the church stinking of booze. I could tell the bride was angry as I was shooting the ceremony—she wouldn't look at her husband-to-be throughout the entire service. The groom, in all fairness, kept himself pretty well composed but was still stinking.

The poor guy was nervous. After the ceremony, before the bridal party gathered at the prearranged shooting location, the bride and groom had about 30 minutes of alone time in the limo to conduct a full-blown argument. When they pulled up to the location, I got them to roll the window down for a champagne toast through the window shot, and all I was getting were smiles through gritted teeth.

It was awful. I tried my best to ease the mood, but this bride was in no mood for any wisecracks or enjoyment. The moral of the story is, don't argue on your wedding day or you'll end up looking back at angry photos.

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22. The Polish Princess

I worked at a mom-and-pop bridal shop. We had a bride who was Polish, leading my boss to call her “the Polish princess”. She wasn't my bride, but they picked a very bad consultant for her. This was made worse by the fact that this girl wanted stuff added to her dress that wasn’t done by the manufacturer, so we had to do it all in-house.

To give you an example, she wanted lights all around the bottom half of a dress that we had already spliced with two different dresses. Side note: my boss loved anything that meant money. Anyway, we spent months fixing and refitting this dress because she not only lost 45 pounds from her first time being measured, she also got some serious work done on her chest.

Well, after finally fitting her into her gown, on the last week she decided the lights that took our poor 70-year-old seamstress two months to sew in looked tacky. She was crying and throwing herself at her mother in a tantrum, screaming in Polish. She then ripped the bottom of the dress and ultimately had to buy a dress from David's Bridal because my boss finally got smart and kicked her out.

Just a mess. She made our seamstress cry!!!!! The witch.

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23. Daddy Issues

The bridezilla in this story insisted on wearing the garter from her mother's wedding. I don't get the whole garter tradition but whatever, the bridezilla wanted to wear her mom's garter. But there was a big problem with that—her mom was married, then got divorced, then got remarried and had a daughter, who was the bridezilla.

The garter she wanted to wear was from the first marriage, not the marriage to her own dad, to whom her mom is still happily married. The father was extremely hurt and upset by this, not to mention confused. His protests were ignored. Also, the bride thought she was too good for her dad's side of the family, so they weren't invited under the pretense of it being too expensive.

She just ignored her dad when he repeatedly offered to pay for them to come. He pointed out that he was already paying for everything else, so it couldn't possibly be a money issue for her...poor guy.

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24. A Modern Romeo And Juliet

I work at a hotel that does a huge amount of wedding business, and we had an engagement shower, with the plan being that the couple would be having the wedding with us as well. This involved the bride-to-be and, to an extent, her mother. We knew there were going to be issues because neither the bride or groom ever smiled.

The bride was always complaining about how the groom was "wishy-washy" with picking a date, while he was always silent. The mother of the bride was your stereotypical Brooklyn Jewish Mother and had her hand in EVERYTHING to make sure things were perfect for her little princess. Well, the engagement party starts, and everyone except for the couple seem to be having a great time.

Then, halfway through the party, we suddenly heard the girl scream at her fiancé "WE WILL NEVER HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE IN MY HOUSE, SO YOU CAN GET OVER IT!!!!" And from there it devolved into a shouting match between the couple, who moved from the banquet room to the lobby so their "guests" couldn't hear the argument. (Didn't work. They heard everything).

Apparently, she was Jewish and he was Protestant and not once in their relationship had they discussed religion. They went at it on and off for two hours. She was screaming at the top of her lungs about how their (non-existent) children would be raised Jewish, and how his traditions didn't matter. Her mother was standing at her side, nodding in agreement, and interjecting occasionally with a "that's right" or "you tell him".

The groom was pleading for her to at least compromise to let him at least invite his pastor from his hometown for the wedding, and said that their (non-existent) children could possibly do things with his parents for Christmas, even if they didn't celebrate. The guests just kept partying, pretending nothing was happening, but you could see on all of their faces that they wanted to leave.

Only, well, they couldn't since they would have to pass by the couple to get to the only exit. Only after two hours and the argument eventually devolving into her INSISTING her children would never see a Christmas tree in their whole lives, the groom finally dejectedly said, "Well then maybe this isn't going to work".

She threw her ring at him and said, I swear to god, "THEN WHY DID YOU LET ME MAKE YOU PROPOSE?!?!?!?!?!?!" She then changed her mind, picked up the ring, and said, "Whatever. I'm keeping this". Then she stormed off. Her mother looked at her ex-potential-son-in-law, told him he was an idiot for letting her baby go, and went after her.

I've NEVER seen a banquet room clear out so fast. Within 15 minutes, everyone was gone and it was a ghost town. From the looks of it, everyone took their "gifts" with them, too. Worse still, it was the former bride's family who had hosted and were staying at the hotel, so we spent the next two days "commiserating" with them about how awful the groom was as they moved their daughter out of his apartment.

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25. Musical Chairs

I was setting up for a wedding of 200 guests. It was my job to put white chair covers on all the chairs and tie pink sashes around each one. A tedious and lengthy process. I was just about finished when my boss came in with the bride to check out the room. The bride took one look at the set-up and said, "What? I asked for black chair covers!"

I looked at her like, are you freaking kidding me? But my boss was all, "Oh I am so, so sorry, that is our mistake—we will get that fixed for you right away, don't you worry!” And guess who then has to untie every perfectly tied bow, take off every perfectly aligned chair cover, and replace them with black ones? Me.

I managed to just finish in time for the wedding to start. I then went back to my office and check the paperwork for her wedding. We had these breakdown sheets that basically list what is required for each wedding, and these went back and forth between the bride and the planner many times before everything was settled and agreed upon.

I looked through every single draft of this witch’s paperwork and NOT ONCE were black chair covers mentioned. Only white, in every draft. I checked my emails too to see if she had mentioned it there, nope. Nowhere in any of our records had she asked for black chair covers...yet she still complained to my boss that our screw-up with the chair covers had caused her so much stress she could barely enjoy the day.

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26. Too Much Of A Good Thing

Bridal consultant here! My most memorable appointment was a party that showed up completely sheets-to-the-wind HAMMERED. It wasn't unusual for bridal parties to have a little "tailgate" style party in our parking lot before coming into our store. Often they'd have mimosas or a shot or two to loosen up before the scary gown search.

This party, however, must have finished a full bottle between the five of them. They didn't appear too sloppy when we first got started, but about half an hour into the appointment it was pretty obvious that they were way too gone to be in the setting they were in. I had to prop the bride up with her nose in the corner of her fitting room to lace her corsets because she couldn't stand.

Each time we stepped out onto the stage, the bridesmaids would scream, Beatlemania style, until they were red in the face. Eventually, my manager came to me and said, very sternly, "Sell this girl and get. them. out of here". The appointment ended when she fell for a gown $700 over budget, her most tipsy bridesmaid swiped her own credit card to cover it, and then one of them sprayed a brown bodily fluid of some kind over our ENTIRE toilet.

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27. You’re The Problem

I had a bride that openly spoke complete trash about the groom’s family in front of his face. She would say that they were "crazy, unclassy, and annoying". Yet, on the day of the wedding, her family was actually the difficult one to deal with, while the groom’s family was absolutely lovely.

On top of all this, the bride yelled at all of the vendors all day, resulting in the videographers leaving after just one hour of shooting. The photographer cried in the bathroom, and the groom apologized to me for her behavior all night.

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28. If The Shoe Fits

My experience with a Bridezilla happened at my great aunt's house. She has a private lake and a lovely setup for a small, country-style outdoor wedding. The mother of the groom was a close friend of hers, so my aunt was happy to open up her home for the event. I got the feeling leading up to the wedding that the groom's family didn't care much for the bride, and after witnessing her throwing a temper tantrum over the placement of the food table because it started to rain, I kind of started to see why.

Listening to the way she talked to everyone around her appalled me. She was a complete spoiled brat, and really was lucky that everyone didn't just leave the wedding completely...I wouldn't have blamed them a bit. However, the worst was the fact that she decided that she wanted her bridesmaids to walk the muddy, wet grass.

See, she had them buy new boots to wear specifically with their dresses. Anyone who has ever bought cowboy boots knows that they are upwards of $100, and she picked out pink ones to match their pink dresses. All five of the bridesmaids had to buy these boots on top of whatever they had to pay for the dress. But she decides 10 minutes before the wedding starts that she doesn't want them to wear them.

Of course, everyone complies with her and pacifies her and the wedding goes well. Although it got pretty tense during the "speak now or forever hold your peace" part. Not surprised to hear that the marriage didn't make it to six months. She was the most selfish person I've ever met, and I'm convinced that she didn't want to get married at all, she just wanted all the attention on her.

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29. The Color Purple

I was a bridesmaid, not a wedding planner. The bride had a complete emotional breakdown because the purple monogrammed napkins she ordered were a little too blue-ish. That’s it, that was her complaint. She also spent the last half of her bachelorette party crying and complaining that not enough people were there. I wonder why…

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30. Daddy’s Little Girl

I worked as a banquet server at a ritzy, riverfront hotel. People come from all over to have expensive overpriced weddings. So needless to say, many of our brides were Bridezillas to some extreme. Our summer season is very expensive. Usually, our local brides only get married there in the off-season to save some of their cash.

One local bride that I will forever remember, however, went absolutely crazy. Before the wedding even started, one groomsman left because he couldn’t stand her demands. We were all in the ballroom setting up as we normally do. At this particular wedding, the bride had a wedding planner who set the centerpieces, which were a pretty general country theme.

The bride storms in, literally has a temper tantrum that they are not right because the candle was supposed to be on the left and not the right. We fix it no problem even though it was not us but her wedding planner who set them. Now, you’d think that would be all…but no. One of her bridesmaids lost her bouquet right before the ceremony.

Instead of troubleshooting, she completely berates and humiliates her bridesmaid. Then starts stomping her feet and saying, “Dadddddyyyyy” like a two-year-old. This was over and over again. To her, every little detail was wrong in some way, shape, or form. Needless to say, I was so glad I wasn’t responsible for the bride and groom’s table that day.

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31. Tie One On

I was hired to assist with makeup at a wedding. I was eight months pregnant and had to tie the mother’s sari. While I was tying it, the mother told me I was doing it wrong and wanted me to do it her way. I told her that she wouldn't be able to walk if I tied it the way she was requesting. She started to get frustrated, so I just gave in.

For what it’s worth, this woman didn't know how to tie a sari, since she apparently doesn't wear them. Minutes later, she came out and started screaming at the wedding planner, complaining that I didn't know how to tie a sari. She was in tears! The planner took her away, calmed her down, and tied her sari the way I did in the first place. But it wasn’t over.

I was left in the room with the bridesmaids and the bride. The bride turned to me and starts screaming, "You ruined my wedding day! How dare you make my mother cry. You are a horrible person and are ruining the most important day of my life". I couldn't help it…I started laughing and I couldn’t stop. It was so dramatic for no reason.

Nothing was ruined. It took 10 minutes to fix. Just as the wedding planner walked in, the bride started really tripping out and screaming at me, "Get out! Get out! I don't want to see your face, you ruined everything". Then she started to cry.

Honestly, I shouldn’t have done it but I laughed even harder and said, "You are in for a surprise if you think a poorly tied sari is the worst thing in the world". I then turned to the planner and told her to pay me so I could go home and put my feet up. The wedding planner called me the next week to help with another wedding...I said no.

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32. Picture Imperfect

As someone who has done a fair amount of wedding photography, one particular Bridezilla stands out for me. She abhorred the engagement photos and insisted that I must have used a warped lens or something that made her look fat. She readily admitted that her fiancé, who was standing right next to her in the photos, looked fine and normal, but there absolutely had to be lens distortion or something else that made her look significantly heavier than she really was.

That was awesome. I waived the fee for the engagement shoot and scheduled another at no cost to see if I could placate her. I recommended colors for her to wear that would “compliment her skin tone” and scheduled the second shoot for the golden hour where the light would be most complimentary, since she had insisted on the first shoot being at noon.

Two days after the second shoot, I delivered the photos and she was content enough to agree that I could be honored enough to be their wedding photographer. We (my assistant and I) get to the wedding location an hour early. We took literally hundreds of shots of pre-wedding preparations, all of the family shots that could be done with the family who actually showed up on time, and everything else that was agreed upon.

We shot the wedding as discussed. After the formal ceremony, we continued to shoot more casual shots, cake cutting, first dance, the reception, and everything else that was agreed upon. At that point, the dinner was being served. Again, as previously agreed upon, I wasn't going to shoot a bunch of people jamming food into their faces and it was time for a break anyway.

Her mother, who was actually the one paying me, invited myself and my assistant to discreetly grab a plate of food and sit at the back of the reception area and relax for a few minutes. The bridezilla came completely unglued at that point. She stood up and literally shrieked that “the photographer isn't here to eat, he's here to take photos and make me look good!"

The entire clubhouse went silent and all eyes turned to me. I set my fork down, glanced at the Bridezilla's mother, and then back at the entire ballroom and mumbled through an apology that wasn't warranted but somehow seemed necessary. Then I got my revenge. I proceeded to aim my camera directly at the fat witch while she chewed every last bite of her meal and jammed seemingly endless desserts into her maw.

Shortly thereafter, her mother and brand new regretful husband approached me and suggested that despite our contract to shoot through the duration of the reception, it might be better if I go ahead and call it a night. So I left. Very happily, I might add. The next day, as I was starting to do post-production edits on the photos, the psycho called me.

She screamed about how there was no way they were paying for the photos (that she hadn't even seen yet) and that she was going to call the local TV station to make sure I never got work again. "Ok," I said, "I understand you're upset. Please enjoy your honeymoon and we can discuss this later". And I guess I kind of hung up on her.

Half an hour later, her mother called me. She assured me that the bill would be paid in full and apologized profusely for how her daughter acted. I got paid in full. EVERYONE in the family was perfectly happy with the wedding photos except the Bridezilla. Her mother thanked me for my patience. Her husband thanked me for my tolerance.

And I thanked the powers-that-be that I'd never have to see or deal with the atrocious with again.

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33. No Entry

At my sister's wedding, part of the reception was held indoors, in an area that isn't wheelchair accessible. My disabled wife and I had to miss out on that part of it. We found out about it on the day, minutes before that part of the wedding was due to start. A little while after, we realized that there actually is a way to get into the area.

We would just need to go through an inside room that had been set up with tables for dinner. I found my sister and asked them to ask the staff to let us through. My blood still boils at her reply. My sister forbade us from going through the room, saying she didn't want anyone going into it until it was dinnertime. So my wife and I were left sitting alone outside while she and her friends had a chocolate fountain and open bar.

I came about THIS close to giving her a loud piece of my mind and bailing on the wedding.

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34. Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

I was the DJ for a wedding where the bride, who was from a very wealthy family, was not expected to live past childhood. Imagine, if you will, a girl who was raised having never heard the word "no". Her entire childhood was one big Make-a-Wish. She had a zest for life. She loved to dance, so much so that her parents were building her a giant lake house with a disco club; like a room just for dancing.

She was marrying a man several years her senior who she met at a dance class. He was just like a character out of a movie who charms older women and then takes their fortunes, except this was a much younger woman. The request list for the wedding reception was a lot of early 90s high-energy dance music. After dinner, and I've done this hundreds of times, dancing starts.

I decided to kick off dancing with the bride's favorite song, which was Technotronic’s “Pump up the Jam". Until this moment, I had nothing but pleasant interactions with this woman, who genuinely seemed to appreciate life for how precious it truly is. Before the beat could even drop, however, she was running over to me screaming, tearing into me for ruining her wedding.

It was a spectacle and the guests watched in horror as she berated me. Apparently, she wasn't ready to dance yet, and I was playing the song that she was most looking forward to dancing to on her wedding day. I was forced to stop the song cold and the only sound was her screaming as I fumbled to find some cocktail music to throw on until she was ready to dance.

At the end of the night, most brides come up and hug me and thank me for a wonderful night. I didn't get so much as an icy stare; it was as if I didn't even exist to her anymore. Her father came up and gave me a $400 gratuity. His words offered a simple apology, but you could tell they carried the weight of the monster he'd created.

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35. Baby Drama

This just happened to me last week. My best friend asked me to be her maid of honor, my daughter to be a flower girl, and my younger son to be the ring bearer. My friend has been emotionally all over the place and I really wanted her to have the perfect day. The closer it got to the wedding, though, the more irrational she became.

She was unpredictable and irrational, but I gave her 100% support and bit my tongue more than I ever had. Last Wednesday morning, we went to pick up her wedding dress. She was stressed out and really needed my support. We were just a couple blocks away from David's Bridal when my oldest son called me. He just got a text from his girlfriend that she had just given birth and was on her way to the hospital.

My son was in between classes and was jumping on a bus to get to the hospital. His girlfriend was 35 weeks pregnant and delivering breech alone at home. Nobody had any idea what happened or how the mom and baby were doing. I had just enough time to call my husband and let him know what just happened before we pulled into David's Bridal.

I was about half an hour away and had a job to do. We were getting her into her dress and it wasn't fitting so she was very upset. I was in shock and wasn't able to give her 100% of my attention and support this one time. We had an hour to waste while they let out the dress (for the second time) and I was just trying to figure out what was going on with the baby.

When we went back for the final dress fitting, I could not find the small hook that needs to be done up before I could lace up the back. I tried for a few minutes, but then she asked me to get someone else to do it. The attendant hooked it and got the lace started, then asked if I wanted to take over. I was overwhelmed and asked my friend if it was okay for the girl to finish so I could text my sisters.

My friend said that it was fine. If she told me that she was freaking out and really needed me, I would have waited to text them later. But she said it was fine and I didn't give it a second thought. Later on, when we got in the car to leave, I got a text from the girlfriend's stepmom, saying that they were transferring the baby to another hospital.

Right after I got the text, my sister called me to give her an update on everything I knew. I later found out that's what really set my friend off—not getting off the phone at that very moment. Apparently, I had the nerve to ask my sister how they were doing. I was still on the phone when she dropped me at my place half an hour later.

At that point, I could tell that she was upset. Nothing new. But about half an hour later, I got a text I wish I could unsee. It was her saying that she was upset with me because I knew how much she needed my support and I wasn't there for her. She said that I had been a horrible maid of honor and she didn't think that I would be able to support her on her wedding day, so she kicked me out three days before the wedding.

I was taken back by her selfishness and very hurt. Then I had to tell my younger kids that we were no longer a part of the wedding. She texted me the day after the wedding to say that we both said things in anger and hopefully we can move past it and be friends again. That was such a load of bull—I know that I deserve an honest apology from her and none of this "we both said things” stuff.

So I’m angry. At the same time, our friendship ended so suddenly and I feel like I have a big hole inside. Even though we are on bad terms, it is so hard not to text her pictures of the baby and let her know what's going on. It just sucks.

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36. When It Rains, It Pours

Photographer here. The couple opted for an outdoor wedding with no weather backup option and, lo and behold, it started pouring literally five minutes before the ceremony. The guests and groom ran for cover under the reception tent. After it didn't let up, the groom made a mad dash to the door of the RV the bride was getting ready in, because she nor any of the bridesmaids were answering their phones.

She made the poor guy stand outside in the pouring rain while she screamed and cussed that she was NOT getting married under the tent and everyone would just have to wait until it stopped raining. This was the middle of July, so even the rain was hot and sticky, and there were a lot of elderly family members with health issues in attendance sitting in 80-degree heat for over an hour.

The cake had also started melting. I honestly wasn't sure if the wedding was going to happen at one point, but it eventually stopped raining and the bride married her soaked groom and ate wedding cake soup.

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37. It Runs In The Family

It was my aunt’s wedding renewal. She ordered makeup artists, hairdressers, and even a team to set up the place where the party would be held. The hairdressers and makeup artists specifically hired to take care of her four sisters, four cousins, and her husband's three cousins. The only people who let the makeup artist and hairdresser fix them up hours before the renewal wedding were me, my mom, my little sister, and my aunt herself.

The other family members wanted to do it themselves for some reason. When we all arrived at the party, we were shocked. the other women who rejected the offer showed up with no makeup and bad hair. My aunt stressed out on the spot and blew up in their faces. My mom, the makeup artist, and even the hairdresser got mad at the ones who rejected their services.

There was a freaking hour left and these jerks weren't ready! The makeup and hairdresser would've been doing it without them having to pay because it was all coming from my aunt's pocket...but no, they wanted to "do it themselves". Although my aunt was a bridezilla about it, she had every right to be. A lot of my family members are kind of morons.

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38. Hey Mr. DJ

I’m a photographer. During more than a dozen years in this business, I've had almost nothing but fantastic clients, real sweethearts, and consider myself lucky. Almost. The exception was a New York bride who was so angry because it rained cats and dogs on her wedding day. I’m not sure if she understood I wasn't in charge of making the weather.

She had wanted to take golf carts to the beach with the wedding party to do fun photos there, but that clearly didn't happen. Her foul mood spoiled a bit of the wedding. Good thing everyone else still appeared to be having a good time regardless. She managed to stay (barely) polite to her vendors, but weeks later she unleashed on me.

I had delivered, among I don't know how many hundreds of photos, two shots of the DJ. She calculated that those photos, based on my fee, had cost her $14, and was almost comically displeased about that. She also flipped her wig because, she told me angrily, she'd observed me eating a few canapés during the reception—and at three dollars apiece, how did I not understand those were not intended for the hired help!

I offered to refund her $23 and inquired where she wanted me to send the check. At that point, she calmed down a bit, possibly realizing how ridiculous she was being, and then volunteered that maybe she was being a bit irrational at the moment...because she was pregnant. Of course, I offered my congratulations. She grudgingly told me to keep the check.

I did put a baby gift (a silver rattle) in the mail to her a few weeks later. I hope she and her husband and the baby lived happily ever after!

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39. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

It was my brother's wedding, and I was one of the bridesmaids for my sister-in-law. We were taking all those cutesy, typical pre-wedding photos between the bride, her bridesmaids, and her parents when we realized that only the bridesmaids’ transport had arrived. The car for her and her dad was stuck somewhere.

She called up to find out what was happening and proceeded to scream at the poor guy who was stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere. But it got even worse from there—her skin erupted in a red sort of rash that was visible on her chest and her arms, but she just kept screaming that she was not going to get married if she couldn't go in the car she paid for. Half an hour went by. No car for her.

We suggested she just come with us. We had a Volkswagen C2 wedding-decorated van and had plenty of space for her and her parents. Her response? "No, I can't turn up this late to my wedding. I'm not getting married!" Like, seriously. Luckily, after a tense 10 minutes, she got in our van, and we continued with the wedding day.

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40. It’s A Doggone Shame

I work for a wedding venue, and the couple wanted to bring their dogs for the ceremony. The day of the wedding, everyone working has a list of jobs to do to get ready for the big day. All of my fellow employees are setting up everything, so the couple's families can get ready and relax. We set out the chairs, decorations, flowers, tables, silverware, the dining room, the Arbor, EVERYTHING!!

The only thing they had to do was hold onto the dogs. Spoiler: They didn't. We finished everything on the inside in the morning, and we were almost done finishing everything outside, when we all hear a massive crash on the inside of our massive event room. It was the dogs. One had started with the wedding cake and accompanying artsy cupcakes.

The other moved into (on top of) the beverages tables where they broke around 80 flutes, 60 stemless glasses, and around 120ish glasses, along with four crystal punch bowls and all the accompanying liquids. And they did it all within a few seconds. Needless to say, the bride and groom’s "handler" was their 15-year-old nephew.

This boy, in his eternal wisdom, thought that he would let them run around a bit before the wedding. When the bride walked out of the changing rooms and down the hall to see the noise, she was not happy at the sight of the horrors that took place. She lost her mind, blaming us for everything, screaming, “Why did you let the dogs into the room?” etc etc.

She said she didn't care how, but to get this all ready before the reception or she would sue us for all we were worth. We took the "I don't care how" to heart. We called every business within a 10-mile radius and bought, borrowed, bartered, and did everything we could. All the glasses, all the wine, the drinks. I was in charge of driving the boss’s car to the nearest bakery and forcing the bakery to make a serviceable wedding cake with everything they had.

I was a little late on bringing the cake back, but everything else had been cleaned, reset, and back to its former glory before the wedding ceremony was over. After the night was over and the bride and groom left, we gave everything back we borrowed, boxed up what we bought, and started shelling out the favors. We tallied up all the damages the dogs had caused and what the wedding cost.

It was in the five-digit range. The couple was understandably angry at the bill, so they did indeed sue…they lost. And to my knowledge, they are still leaving 1-star reviews on every rating website out there for us.

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41. Get A Grip

My friend is usually easygoing, but she was terrible to me when she was getting married. She was marrying a man who is a friend of my husband—they met because they were both members of our wedding party. Anyway, I found out that I was pregnant with my first child just before she announced her wedding date.

My doctors told me before that I was unlikely to get pregnant, so it was a huge deal for me. No one knew. She asked my husband and me to be part of her wedding party, so we took her and her future husband to dinner to explain that it might not be the best idea as I would be very pregnant at the wedding.

She acted excited at first, then we went for dresses with the bridesmaids. At that point, she made a comment that she could never take back. She told me, half snidely and half-jokingly, that I should “get rid of it” so I wouldn't be pregnant at her wedding. Apparently, according to her, I could just have another one later.

I was sick as a dog and trying not to cry. Also, I am on the larger side and made sure I could order my dress two sizes bigger as it was not very accommodating to a pregnant body. I could. That’s when the consultant made fun of me for being fat. They were all going to dinner afterward, and I skipped out because I didn't want to be harassed anymore.

Then her bridal shower happened. It was a state over, where we were both from. First off, her maid of honor shook me down for money for the party. We never agreed to that in advance, but I gave in because I wanted to help. I also wanted to assist with the setup, but I got there a little late. I had been really sick all morning and had to drive an hour to get there.

My parents begged me to go home and rest, but I didn't listen. Instead, I spent half the party in the bathroom vomiting. I still got there early, but a lot of the work had been done, so I stayed and cleaned up after instead. Later, she got into a fight with me over this. At that point, I was done. I had found out there was something wrong with the pregnancy and was put on bed rest, and I told her I was done being treated like that.

I told her my baby was sick and I wasn't going to be putting myself under that kind of stress anymore. To be fair, that is when she felt awful, and I think she finally saw the bigger picture. But there was one more tragedy to go. See, I wasn't pregnant for her wedding. My daughter was born at 29 weeks because she was in distress.

We found out she had trisomy 18 and we only had six days with her. The wedding was eight weeks after she passed. We attended but opted out of being part of the wedding party. We left during the father-daughter dance because it was too painful, but at that point, people were more understanding, especially my friend. I wish it didn’t take that, though.

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42. Get A Room

I worked management at a resort in a popular tourist town. When weddings are booked at our venue with the event coordinator, we can hold a certain number of rooms for guests attending. A manager was always required to check in the bridal couple, and I had been given a heads up by the coordinator that this particular bride was a Bridezilla.

First, they wanted a room on the highest floor and closer to the beach. Thing is, they were already booked into the Honeymoon Suite, which was on the third floor with ocean views. Nope, she wanted higher and closer. Had an absolute meltdown at the front desk when I explained there was nothing higher...or closer. I mean, really.

A colleague of mine ran for the event coordinator when the bride started screaming at me and her husband-to-be. The husband was very apologetic and trying to calm her down. Eventually, she was placated and sent off with keys, but fewer than 30 minutes later she was back and demanding we empty the rooms next to and below her.

Honey, those rooms cost $640 a night and we are fully booked! I was lucky enough to not be working the night of the wedding, but I heard all about her screaming at the wait staff, kicking the band out for playing a song she didn’t like, and the screaming match she got into with her mother-in-law. What a peach! All counted up, the wedding was about $40,000 and she made everyone miserable.

The groom left our front desk staff a big tip to apologize for her behavior.

Bridezillas factsFlickr, Blake Thomas

43. I Get Hangry

I went to a friend’s wedding where the bridezilla was not on speaking terms with her soon-to-be mother-in-law. Apparently, the mother-in-law made some change to a steak sauce or something, and my friend freaked out. As she was screaming and yelling, she made her brother go and get her a Lunchable from the grocery store. She ate a Lunchable at the main table of the reception. That marriage lasted about a year.

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44. A Bull In A China Shop

Do Groomzillas count? I used to work as a bridal registry consultant for a big department store. I had several nightmare couples and family members, but I always think of this one guy. The bride was pleasant enough and very polite. She expressed great excitement when discussing the plans for the wedding, while the groom just seemed bored.

She was very excited to pick out fine china—and that’s when the groom snapped. He yelled at her and called her an idiot, then told her that there was no need for expensive things like that. He said they would never use them, while she insisted that she would find reasons to use them so they wouldn’t go to waste. She also said that her family insisted on her picking a pattern and they would all chip in to get the set.

She was nice enough and patient enough with this jerk that she even kept asking him what he liked. Well, the groom didn't like anything and kept yelling at her, telling her that she was "wasting his time" and that she was stupid. It was getting really uncomfortable at that point. I tried to intervene as much as I could, but this groom was complete scum.

Eventually, he stormed off and I tried to keep everything light-hearted and happy for the bride. I hope she didn't go through with that wedding.

Weirdest Rule FactsPxHere

45. Paint It Black

I was just at a wedding a few months ago, and the bridesmaids had to wear black shoes under our floor-length dresses. Right before we left the hotel to head to the church, one of the bridesmaid’s shoes broke. Like, the sole of the shoe separated completely from her toe and dangled. We were trying to find a sewing kit to see if we could rig it, but we had to go.

We grabbed what we could—as in, another pair of heels that were unfortunately tan—and went to the limo. We stuffed and stuff into the shoe to try to make it stay, but one wrong move and the pin would go straight through her toe. We looked at the bride to show her and confirm it was okay to wear the other, not-broken tan shoes. Her response was brutal.

"HECK. NO". She wanted her to wear the black ones. Are you kidding me??? The walk down that aisle was like 50 yards. The bridesmaid ended up switching shoes without telling the bride. I was walking in front of her, so I made sure to walk slow so she could take tiny steps and her shoes wouldn't show. I know what you're going to say. "Oh, she was probably just worried about the pictures!" Yeah, we were in none of the pictures once the ceremony ended.

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46. Don’t Bug Me

My brother and sister-in-law used to own a bakery, and wedding cakes were their primary moneymaker. If a couple had an outdoor wedding, we would always warn them that the cake needed a net around it to protect it from bugs. Most couples understood it and usually had a net around it, or else didn’t care. So anyway, this one bride wanted an extravagant wedding cake.

The middle section was a four-tier cake—two tiers on the bottom pillars with columns and two tiers on the top. Then she wanted four other sets of a four-tier cake that had stairs connecting the middle section. On the stairs were small dolls that were supposed to resemble the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Each cake was also a different flavor as well.

Oh but we’re not done yet. Then on the bottom, a waterfall. In short, this cake was ugly. The reception was also close to a creek, so that means lots of bugs. We strongly urged her to use a net around it. She declined. We also made her sign a waiver excluding us from any liability after the cake was dropped off. We have this wedding as our last drop-off as it was hot and we didn’t want the frosting to melt by sitting in the hot sun all day.

We also freeze the cakes a day or two before so by the time it’s ready to cut, the cake is de-thawed but the frosting is still intact. This is how it went downhill. We arrive to start assembling the cake and I noticed little tiny gnats already in the cake. We did a quick fix to eliminate the problem but alert the people there (again) that they needed something to protect the cake.

Again, by time it’s ready to serve, it will be covered in bugs. We show them the problem, but they didn’t seem to care. So whatever, she signed the waiver, we finished and left. Well, my sister-in-law gets a phone call around 8 pm that night with an angry bride. She wanted us to make and redecorate the exact cake and bring it to her within an hour.

There is no way in heck we would or could do that. Since I am better at customer service than my brother and his wife, she handed me the phone and I explained to the bride, “I feel your frustration in the matter, however, you were informed of the dangers of setting up a cake outside, in the country, with no protection".

I asked her if she had any more questions. She threw a big humph and hung up on me.

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47. Permanent Ink

My best friend got married two years ago to a bride who insisted that her maid of honor not get any tattoos leading up to the wedding or she would be removed from the wedding party. The reason? "Because she will ruin the wedding photos with her tattoos". See, the maid of honor wanted to get a quarter sleeve from her shoulder to mid-bicep.

She had been planning this tattoo for months, but the ultimatum was given. It was a very long engagement period; it was around 2+ years. I could understand the bride’s stance…if the woman didn't have several tattoos already herself. It made her look like a huge hypocrite to everyone else. This was just one of many awkward moments at that wedding.

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48. My Plate’s Full

I’m a restaurant manager. The wedding dinner was on a Sunday, so instead of the usual one manager on, we had the banquet coordinator come on for a few hours to make sure everyone was happy. They were a rich couple and we wanted more of their business. Their menu was $119 a person and they had $80 bottles of red on the table.

So guests start to arrive and obviously start ordering drinks. At this point, the bride and mother see this and approach the head server. They tell her that everyone except the head table are to get separate bills, and that they are not planning on paying for anything but what's at the head table. Server finds us, tells us what's happening, and the banquet manager heads over to figure out what's going on.

It seems that the bride and her mother decided that their guests should have to pay, but they didn't want to be the bad guys so they expected us to have to tell the guests. We tell the people who have already arrived. Half of them laugh, thinking it's a joke. Once we told them it really was the truth, they laughed and left. My job became to stay at the front and tell all the people arriving for the dinner that they are going to be responsible for their whole bill, and what the costs were.

The final guest count was 20 people, and we ended up threatening court action against the family since they signed the banquet sheet stating that they agreed on 60 dinners. So the best part of this all was that they paid for the full 60 dinners, plus gratuity, and only had 20 people actually there, all because they wanted to save some money.

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49. Runaway Bride

I’m not a wedding shop worker, but I do have a pretty incredible Bridezilla story. My sister and I were asked to be bridesmaids by a mutual acquaintance. We both thought it was odd that she asked both of us and not someone closer to her, but either way, we planned a wonderful weekend in a resort town three hours away for her bachelorette party with the other two bridesmaids, who were her friends.

She started the weekend pouty and on her phone for most of the time. All in all, she seemed totally ungrateful for the good time we were trying to give her. Things got better when we broke out the hard stuff in our hotel room later. Then we saw a band at a bar, and there were other bridal parties there. She was fine for a while, dancing and having fun, until one of the other bridal parties sat down near us and started getting more attention.

They were all young cute girls and the band was flirting with them, guys were asking the bride to dance...and all of a sudden my bride sat down and began furiously texting on her phone. We asked what was wrong, and she would only say that she wasn’t having fun anymore and wanted to go home. We were all like, “Okay, let’s call a cab and go back to the hotel".

And she was like, “No, I want to go HOME". Which was three hours away. We were all drinking, so no one could drive her home. She storms out of the bar and begins calling people who none of us know to come and pick up her in the middle of the night because her fiancé isn’t answering his phone. She steadfastly refuses to get a cab; she says she’s going to stand in the parking lot for hours until someone picks her up.

She even made us miss a bus that could have driven us to the hotel for free because she simply refused to move. That was what made me snap. I screamed at her. I’ve never in my adult life screamed at another adult like that. I told her that she was going to get in a car and go back to the hotel, because we weren’t going to leave her out here all alone and we certainly weren’t going to stand in a bar parking lot for hours while she waited for someone to pick her up.

And she finally relented. We got into a cab and got back to the hotel. Bride is still texting, not speaking to any of us now because I yelled at her. When we got to the hotel, she refused to come inside. She stood in that awkward space between the two double doors and refused to move again. Myself and one of her friends went up to the room to pack her stuff, while my sister and the other friend stayed downstairs to make sure she didn’t bolt on us or something.

She finally got a hold of her fiancé, who agreed to drive down and fetch her. My sister said that when Bridezilla finally decided to talk, she witched about how she was mad at US because “we hadn’t helped her enough". I was livid. We’d gone to wedding expos with her, helped her pick out her dress, picked out our dresses, and we’d planned an entire weekend for her bachelorette party.

We spent hundreds of dollars to make her happy, but that wasn’t good enough for her. And while I was up in the hotel room gathering her stuff with her other friend, I learned the whole truth. She’s been previously married, had multiple foreclosures and court dates because of unpaid debts, and had two children she no longer had custody of—all things I had no idea about even though I’d known her for years.

I’m not sure if her fiancé knew it either! When her fiancé did arrive, she didn’t even greet or thank him. She just blew right past him and sat in his car. Her behavior was like a petulant teenager, and this woman was in her late 30s. It was unbelievable. But in the end, my sister and I bonded with the other two bridesmaids over the tumultuous situation, and now we’re friends. And the wedding was astoundingly uneventful. So I guess I’m happy with that!

Bridezillas factsWikimedia Commons

50. Mother Knows Best

The bride, Sarah, was horrible to her mother Dora during her whole wedding process, though Dora took it like a champ. Sarah would have tantrums over her dress, force her mother to dye her hair the night before the wedding and have her pay for over half of the wedding. She became so difficult that she even caused tensions to build up between her and her suppliers, which Dora had to diffuse.

She did all this with the patience of a saint. After all, Sarah is her only daughter and the first of her kids to get married. Then, my wedding day came— I was to marry Sarah's brother. I wanted to elope but my husband wanted a wedding, so we compromised and had a small ceremony with only 10 people. Sadly, this also included Sarah.

Sarah showed up late and was being a total witch to my family and the other guests. After 20 minutes of her making a spectacle of herself, she then proceeded to loudly complain about how the professional photographer didn't know what she was doing. Dora finally had enough—she went right up to her and uttered one legendary sentence.

In front of all our guests and family, she said in a sweet voice, "You were a bridezilla at your wedding, do you also have to be a witch at your brother's wedding?" Sarah's face just dropped. She left shortly after the ceremony and did not sign our wedding book. I later found out she told my husband the day before our wedding not to marry me.

She got divorced shortly after my wedding due to her own doing. The thing is, she was miserable with that man and now is a lot nicer. I can genuinely say that I like her now. I think she was awful because she was not happy with her ex-husband. She projected her feelings onto us.

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51. A Free Ride

My brother was getting married and I was one of his groomsmen. It wasn't even his wife; it was her family that acted like complete jerks from start to finish. Normally, the bride's family throws her a bridal shower, but her family said "that's too expensive," so they did nothing. My mother offered the use of her house, paid for all of the food, and at the request of the bride, asked that only the ladies of each family attend the event.

The family of the bride showed up with a party tent that nobody had asked for, literally dropped it in the driveway with no idea or intention of setting it up, then left. I had the pleasure of figuring it out and setting up this clown-house-themed tent that nobody used since the event was held indoors.

Fast forward to the day of the shower. Every single member of the bride's family—men included—showed up after being told "ladies only, no men". Then the men were confused why they were corraled and told they weren't welcome to eat before the bride. Later, the bride's family tried to complain about how my mom "high-jacked the wedding" by stepping up when the bride's own family refused to contribute. Unfortunately, it gets even worse.

The wedding day and reception were no better. Again, not a single dime was contributed towards either the wedding or reception from her family, yet they were the first to line up at the bar. They also tried ordering an additional keg on my parent's tab. After the reception, my parents learned that a full keg had been tapped without their approval.

Regardless, they were sent the bill, although a refund was eventually issued. The refund for some reason was sent to the bride's mother, who again contributed nothing to the reception or the wedding. My parents asked the manager of the venue for confirmation that the refund had been issued and was shown a record.

The check had been cashed, but the bride's mother outright denied receiving any such check. To this day, despite literally taking money, freeloading thousands of dollars worth of food and booze, and contributing nothing, they still complain about how my mom "high-jacked the wedding". This all coming from girls who lived with their parents well into their late 20s.


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52. Going Incognito

We had a woman who wanted everything and wanted it cheap. We had one of our planners leave us suddenly, so this woman had to be transferred to another planner. This was so early in the planning stages that it really should not have mattered, but the bride thought the stress was enough that she should get everything for free or severely discounted.

Now, she and the original planner had preliminary pricing for certain items. One of the items, a small flower wall, suddenly changed to a 12' x 12' flower wall and she demanded we give it to her for free “for the stress". I am not a pushover and have no pity for those who try to manipulate me, so in the end, she rented our wall but had to send pre-made flowers herself, which we would staple.

She cut most of what we were supposed to provide, saying her family would do it instead. Fine with me, since I could tell this was someone we wanted minimal contact with. When the day finally came, we found out she was renting chairs from us for the ceremony. We were setting up the wall and a couple of other minor things.

The time limits in this space were very tight. It also turned out that the outdoor pavilion became a complete wind tunnel during the time she scheduled. She rented cheap stanchions, so the wind just knocked them all down. The wooden chairs were falling over. There was no way that flower board would stay up, and no amount of sandbagging was going to keep that giant wooden sail from crushing the bride during the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the family was trying to set up a paper runner and deco. I tried to get this all to work, putting the chairs along the runner to hold it down, but apparently, her dress was so big that the aisle was too narrow that way. So I sat the family down—they knew what was coming, but the bride is the bride and they all feared her reaction.

The family came to the decision that it was not going to work. Since I had to go prep the restaurant for the reception, I told them I would take their decor and make use of it there, along with the flower wall. I went to the restaurant with my crew, made this happen, and went home. I guess we were lucky that the bride was over an hour late.

The bride, shockingly, never called to complain about the wall not being at the ceremony or anything else. I assumed her family talked some sense into her. We did go above and beyond to make what we could work for her, but what she did next was appalling— she told the restaurant that all decor was donated to them…including all of our rental items.

Luckily, the restaurant didn't argue when we said the bride was mistaken and I sent my crew to collect what was ours. That flower wall was the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my career. I didn't have my crew wear our logo gear that day since I did not want the company associated with that event.

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53. Warning Signs

My cousin married a bridezilla. He comes from a very poor area but has become successful after moving out of his hometown. His wife, however, was already extremely wealthy; you even could say excessively. They married after a year of knowing each other, and boy was it a surprise to hear about their horrific wedding plans.

They spent $250K on the wedding, including catering by seven different restaurants. Their food was from different cultures and cooked in front of you, almost like a hibachi buffet style. They even had servers in tailed suits and white gloves serving Taco Bell after midnight. Basically, it was the most lavish wedding I’d ever been to, and she was OBSESSED with the details. Well… that ended up being a HUGE red flag.

Once they got married, she was spending more money than he could make. She was getting mad because he wasn’t making enough, while she wasn’t working at all. When they got divorced, she gave him a cruel ultimatum. He could either get his ring back or keep the dog. He kept the dog. Oh, and there was one more parting gift.

Her sister, a lawyer, helped her file a restraining order on him and they haven’t spoken since. They finished the divorce papers exactly one year and one day after their wedding. Once a bridezilla, always a bridezilla.


54. Dodged A Bullet

This one happened to a friend of mine. Jane was asked to be the matron of honor at the wedding of a close friend and former sorority sister. She happily accepted. A few months after, the bride received a string of texts from that friend, who informed her that Jane and her husband bought a new house. This made her absolutely furious.

Why? Well, the bride had settled on real estate for her career after half-hearted attempts to launch in several other professions. The bride informed Jane that she was VERY HURT she wasn't informed that they were in the market for a new house and that they didn't use her as their real estate agent. Clearly, their friendship wasn't as close as it once was and Jane had no loyalty to the bride...Oh, did I mention that the bride lives and works in a different city hundreds of miles away from Jane, so logistically, it would make zero sense to use her as their realtor?

The bride doesn't let that keep her from laying on the guilt trip, though. She informed Jane that given her hurt feelings, she has decided to demote her from matron of honor to just a bridesmaid. It was ridiculous and Jane knew that, but she still responded rather kindly, saying she was sorry if she upset her and that she would be honored to be a bridesmaid nonetheless.

Had that been the very end of it, it probably would've already been enough to cement her bridezilla status, but oh no, there's more. Another month went by with the only brief, surface-level contact between the two of them. Jane never got more than one- or two-word answers in response to her texts, and the bride wasn't initiating calls or messages.

Then, out of nowhere, she got a long text explaining that the bride and her groom-to-be decided to make their wedding party even, so they reduced it to five bridesmaids and five groomsmen. The bride had to make some really tough cuts and apparently agonized over it (her words), but ultimately she decided that Jane would no longer be a part of her wedding party.

Conveniently enough, Jane was the only person being cut. The way we saw it, after the “betrayal” of the real estate debacle, the bride expected a groveling apology and maybe even a promise to use her next time or refer friends to her. She didn't get any of that, so a month later, she dumped Jane from the wedding party altogether.

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55. Servant Of Honor

My best friend, who is normally very sweet and quiet, was super rude when she got married. First, she told me when I would be having her bridal shower. She set a date without consulting me in any way and decided on all the details—it would be at my house, I would be serving so-and-so types of foods, etc. I was in the middle of my honors year of my bachelor's degree in another city that was a 15-hour drive away.

Well, she set the date to be right in the middle of my exams. She also planned on making all sorts of DIY things for her wedding to save money, like an aisle runner, centerpieces, arch, veil, etc. I came into town the night before the wedding and she said to me, "I didn't have time to get anything made, so I need you to do it". I stayed up all night sewing and arranging flowers while she slept. But it gets worse.

It was in the middle of winter, and when we arrived at the hall, the floor hadn't been cleaned and it was covered with salt stains. There was nothing to clean it with but a bucket and a cloth. So after staying up working all night, I had to clean a floor on my hands and knees. I was exhausted, sore, and I hated every minute of her wedding. I didn't talk to her for months after that.


56. What Could Have Been

This is the story of when my ex-fiancée accosted my brother and a photographer because of my witch sister. A few things you need to know first: My parents are Mormon, so I had seen my ex-fiancée only a handful of times before the wedding. My ex was crazy. One small example of her bridezilla behavior was when she threw herself on the floor because I could not get her a ring that was three times the cost of the wedding.

Similarly, my sister is a crazy drama queen who loves attention. She was a bridesmaid at our cousin’s wedding and refused to smile in the pictures. She also “accidentally” knocked the bride over because she was angry at the attention our cousin was getting. On the day of the wedding, I was getting ready with my little brother Coda.

I was dreading getting married, but holding it together. My uncle came in and told me I needed to come outside as there was a problem. Turned out, my little sister had gone around and told literally everyone that Coda is gay. The only people who knew about this were my sister and me. Everyone was acting pretty cool about it…except my wife-to-be. What she did next was horrifying.

She made a beeline for my brother, pushed him, then screamed that he ruined her day. I explained that it was my sister who did it, but she was inconsolable. She kept yelling calling my brother names, who in turn got really upset. I was done with all the drama at that point, so I said sorry to everyone and left with my brother.

The best part was that her parents paid for the wedding, as per tradition. I paid for the ring and honeymoon and told her to keep the ring. For the honeymoon, I couldn't get a refund, so I just downgraded to a family suite. That night, my brother and I jumped on a plane to Ibiza for two weeks. Best two weeks of my life. We went out to crazy clubs and I met a lot of girls.

He met a lot of guys. We got to go surfing, deep-sea fishing, you name it. I got married a few years later, and my brother got married early this year. Neither of us invited our sister.

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57. Darned If You Do, Darned If You Don’t

As a musician in a band, I've had several moments toward the end of the night where the incredibly plastered bride comes up during every other song either requesting to sing or asking for a specific song that we don't know or have. Any special musical requests are always included in the contract in advance, and these moments are of course never agreed on in advance.

Usually, this leads to the bride throwing a huge tantrum if we don't do what she says OR it turns into a massive circus if we let her or a guest sit in and sing with us. The last time we did what a bridezilla asked, it was an absolute nightmare—her friend fell backward into the drum set in the middle of singing an off-key “Don't Stop Believing,” making a huge scene.

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58. I’m So Lonely

My mom used to volunteer as a wedding coordinator for my church. Most brides were fine, with the only complaint being that some had a little too much to drink. But there was this one bride who turned into a bridezilla. She had some of her best friends as her bridesmaids, but according to my mom, the bride turned into such a raging witch to them that the bridesmaids actually walked off before the wedding. None of them showed up on the big day.

Bridezillas and GroomzillasShutterstock

59. Bride’s Day, Bride’s Way

I attended the wedding of a family friend's daughter, so I didn't really know her. It was a night-time reception, with the ceremony immediately preceding. When we went into the reception, we were expecting a buffet or something to be set up, but there was nothing. Later, we found out that there was no food for the 120 guests.

Instead, there was a cheese spread, a fruit platter, and vegetables with dip. After an hour, people were really hungry and some people started to leave because they were expecting to be fed and didn't want to stay. When the bride found out, she absolutely lost it. She ran across the room in her dress and blocked the doors, screaming about how everyone was ruining her wedding.

She kept screaming, "Bride's day, bride's way!" It was such a scene that her father had to peel her off the door. I don't know where the husband was; probably cowering. After that, the people who didn't know her all left. I heard through the grapevine that she was inconsolable the entire night... She got trashed and threw up—hopefully on her dress, but I’m not sure.

Oh well, Bride's Day, bride's way!


60. A True Bridezilla

There was this huge wedding I was planning. I had two other guys from a different company helping me because it was that big. The groom wanted this huge Hawaiian-themed wedding with sand on the floor. Guests had to wear flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts. Meanwhile, the bride wanted a classic white wedding.

The groom said it was “too traditional". Long story short, the bride lost it. She went batty. Since our office was getting renovated, we had a few builders resting here and there, and she literally destroyed the place.

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61. Sister Act

My sister was a bridezilla. She announced her two-year engagement and asked me to be the maid of honor. I then got the opportunity to move across the country to pursue my career. It was 18 months before her wedding, and her reaction was chilling. Instead of congratulating me, she said, "You're going to leave me here to plan my wedding all by myself?"

It was as if I had signed away my right to have a life for the “honor” of being in her wedding. Oh, but that was just the first salvo. She made us all spend hundreds of dollars on specialized dresses, and even the bachelorette party had a dress code and a steep price tag. For 10 years before her engagement, I had consistently had blue, green, and purple hair, but knowing that she is conservative, I let the color grow out.

I had natural color but a short bob with an undercut and even that just wasn’t good enough. She went on about it constantly. In the lead-up, we talked every few days to discuss her wedding—despite the problems, it was the closest we'd ever been. Then, as soon as she was married, I got radio silence. She even forgot my birthday.

Needless to say, we don't speak anymore.


62. If The Shoe Fits

My cousin married a vapid idiot. The night before the wedding, this girl figured out that the flower girl had the same shoes as her in a much smaller size. She flipped her lid at 9 pm and made the mother of the flower girl buy different shoes for her before the ceremony. That's what happens when you buy your shoes from Payless. Not much of a selection in white.

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63. A Rollercoaster Of Emotions

My co-worker married a crazy bridezilla. Here’s just a taste of what happened leading up to, during, and after the wedding. The moment he proposed, she lost her desire to sleep with him. According to him, she also basically stopped acting like the woman he fell in love with and started acting like her real self. A week after he proposed, she quit her job.

According to her, her full-time job was now planning the wedding. The wedding was horrible, but I'm getting there. She then had a fight with his mother because she demanded that she pay for half the wedding while getting zero input on anything. Like, the groom’s family wasn’t even allowed to contribute to the guest list, which ended up being 95% of the bride's friends and family.

The bride, who was 30 years old, subsequently egged her future mother-in-law’s house. When the bride and groom had a spat about the egging, he went to work the next day. That's when he received a disturbing video. The video was of her screaming and sobbing as she buzzed her hair off in the bathroom. I worked with him, so he showed me the video.

I strongly urged him to have her assessed by a psychiatrist. In response, he made a stupid joke about how intimacy with a crazy girl is the best kind and I pitied him. There's no amount of patience in the world that would help me survive a relationship like that. Now we get to the juicy part: the wedding. It was in a pool "clubhouse" in summer, and it was much too small for the 150+ people they invited.

Someone forgot to turn the AC on until after the place was packed. A lifeguard showed up in a swimsuit to turn it on, but it did little given it was already sweltering. Two rows of chairs in the clubhouse were ribboned off with “reserved” signs on them, so no one sat in them. They were later occupied by the six bridesmaids, leaving about a dozen chairs open once the wedding started.

The one groomsman, who was the best man, stood by the groom and didn't sit, while elderly people were left standing as there was no way to get to the chairs once the ceremony started. The bride showed up 90 minutes late. She was unhappy with her hair and makeup, so she took it all off and did it herself. All the guests were standing for 1.5 hours just waiting for her.

The groom was literally standing at the altar sweating his butt off in a wool suit, and he was clearly not sure if she would show up. He looked like he felt sick. When the bride did show up, it somehow got worse. She burst into the clubhouse, marched down the aisle, and snapped at the officiant to "hurry up and get started". During the prayer while the religious groom had his head bowed, she turned to wave at everyone (I don't pray so I was looking up), then she told her mother to go get her some water.

She drank a bottle of water during the prayer and kept grinning and waving at people in attendance, paying zero attention to her groom in front of her. When the ceremony was over, tables were crammed into the clubhouse…and apparently only family and immediate friends of the bride had seats at the tables. The rest of us were to stand outside during the reception. I didn't see a dance, a speech, the cake cut, nothing.

The food was served outside where there were bugs everywhere. The bride made the groom get her food over and over. He meekly stood in line with the other 150 people, until people insisted he go sit and let them get food. Nope, she told him to do it, so he said he had to be the one to get it for her.

She never left her table to greet any of her guests. And when it was over, it went nuclear. Apparently, they had a massive fight as they were leaving the following day for the honeymoon, with the bride laying all the failures of the wedding she planned at his and his mom's feet. She threw his luggage out of the car and tried to drive to the airport by herself.

However, he had their tickets and jumped on the hood to stop her from driving off in his car. He then got fired about a month after the wedding because he kept showing up late and leaving early to deal with her personal crises. One year after the wedding, I got a thank-you note for my wedding gift, and it revealed the whole story.

It was signed by just the bride with a note that said, "As you may have heard, Ryan and I have had a bumpy start in our first year as a married couple, and we're separated now. Thanks for the lovely gift". They divorced a couple of months later.


64. A Ray Of Sunshine

The bride got trashed at their reception, then came back to the hotel late at night and cussed out her new husband loudly enough that I could hear it downstairs. Her words were haunting: "You will NEVER. Be. ACCEPTED. Into my life. JERK". The next morning, she was horribly hungover and rude to everyone. Fast forward a week later—she complained that the photographer "made her look fat in her pictures". No, you’re just fat.

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65. You Need More Than A Priest, People

As a minister, there’s only one ceremony I had to walk away from. I received a call from my sister-in-law that one of her friends was supposed to get married and the priest had passed the week before. They didn't want to change the date or move anything, so they asked if I knew anyone who could help out. I said, "Sure, when is the wedding?" It was supposed to be in an hour. Okay, no problem—I was on my way home from work where I had finished up an important meeting, so I was already reasonably well-dressed.

I called home to say I was going to be late. When I arrived, it went wrong almost immediately. The "happy couple" looked at me and asked if I had proper priest’s vestments. Um, no, I didn't, and if I did, I probably wouldn't be carrying them in my car. This is, after all, was an emergency. Still, the bride asked if I was able to go buy some and come back. I told her that I didn't even know where to buy garments like that.

The groom then told me that if I couldn't even try, then maybe I should leave. So I did. Oh, but it gets better. My sister-in-law told me they later cornered a priest at the church and told him he had to marry them, or they would sue the church for a breach of contract and that it was the moral thing to do. They divorced nine months later when her "surprise" baby was of a different ethnicity than he was. It didn't help that he had a side-piece as well.


66. It’s All About Me

The bride stormed out of the wedding rehearsal and drove home because her husband wanted to add a song she didn't like to the playlist for the dance. She also scheduled family photos for the day of the groom’s best friend’s wedding after he told her he was the best man, and then threw a giant tantrum about him putting family first.

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67. Telling On Yourself

I have to confess, I was a bridezilla. It was a small wedding, like 50 people, and it was going to be a casual celebration in a park. Everything was handmade or from the dollar store. I only ended up with a dress from a David's because the first little bohemian dress I ordered was more of a shirt, and my mom refused to let me wear it.

At the bridal shop, my mom told the lady not to tell me any prices, but I told her I would only consider dresses under $200. I tried on one dress and cried because I loved it so much. My mom bought it, and I later looked it up and saw it was $3,000. That changed everything. No more wedding at a park. Instead, we booked a small venue. We served pizza and pies still, and the groomsmen were still wearing polos and shorts.

The bridesmaids were in some Rue21 dresses I bought for them. That’s when it all unraveled. I only became a bridezilla on the day of. None of my family showed up, so my husband's side was full and mine was totally empty. Even our mutual friends sat on his side. I was already primed at that point, and then the wheels came completely off.

Our MC read the speech I wrote before we were even at the altar, and our camera lost battery so we didn't get the recording, I tripped going up to the altar, and I had herniated a disc a week before the wedding. I was miserable and in so much pain. I cried so hard afterward. It felt like it was terrible; like everything was ruined, and I took it out on everyone.

I did my best to hold it together as much as I could, but I was so relieved when it was over. If I could do it all over, I would change everything; especially how I acted. None of that excuses my snippy behavior or my crying constantly on the day. Being stressed and upset didn't give me the right to make others feel bad.


68. It’s All About Me

The bride's sister became pregnant six months before the wedding. The bride had a complete meltdown. She started accusing her sister of doing it on purpose to steal her thunder. She even threatened to kick the sister out of the wedding and nearly tore her own darn family apart. Christ, she was so incredibly selfish, it was mind-blowing.

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69. All About Me

My brother married a bridezilla. She yelled at my mother on the day of the wedding for asking her where she wanted certain decorations put at the reception site. For what it’s worth, there wasn’t a written plan, so my mom had nothing to go off of. She never thanked my parents for financially contributing to the wedding, either.

She also accused a bridesmaid of trying to upstage her by getting a spray tan before the wedding. My brother wanted me to be part of the wedding party, but she told him to his face that I was too pretty to be a part of it, and that all of her bridesmaids had to be less attractive than her. Oh, but she was just getting started. She yanked my sister-in-law’s jacket right off her back at the reception because one of her bridesmaids was cold.

The list goes on. Well, they got divorced about a year later because apparently her demanding attitude carried over into the marriage. Needless to say, the rest of my family had a little party when we heard about the divorce.


70. Can’t Buy Love

My best friend got engaged in February and she asked me to be her maid of honor. I agreed. She decided on a destination wedding, so I asked a bunch of questions; mainly if I could book the trip myself (it was $2,000 per person). She freaked out because everyone was complaining about the cost. In response, she "released" me from maid of honor duties.

We didn't speak for months until I got a random message on Facebook one day inviting me to the bridal shower. When I said no, she was shocked and offended.

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71. Sibling Rivalry

My sister was a bridezilla. She asked me to be her bridesmaid. The dresses were hundreds of dollars, and my mom ended up paying for them because she knew I couldn't afford them. 70 bucks in alterations later, the stupid dress finally fit. I lived in Edmonton at the time and my sister was in Abbotsford, BC, which is far away.

She demanded I fly down for her bachelorette party. Fine. 300-dollar for a flight there. I stayed with my mom until my sister kicked me out on the night before her wedding. Apparently, she wanted a "special night" with her TWO maids of honor and I was “just” a bridesmaid, so I couldn't be there. Whatever. During the bachelorette party, I was told I needed to bring drinks for myself and the bride. Fine.

I went to the store and she ran up 100 bucks on my card with what she wanted. Whatever, it's her wedding. She proceeded to drink none of it; then went to bed at the hotel early because she was angry for some reason. She then gave my bottles, all 100 bucks of it, to her husband for his bachelor party the next night. But that's not all—she also got angry that my gift for them wasn't off her registry.

I looked at the registry and there was nothing under 200 bucks. I mean, this witch even put a 900-dollar vacuum on there. When all was said and done, HER stupid wedding cost ME over a thousand dollars. She then didn't speak to me for years after, and even when she did reach out, she only wanted to tell me that she didn't actually want me as a bridesmaid and that I ruined her wedding.

She said she only asked me out of courtesy and that the spot was actually meant for her wedding planner, our cousin.  At this point, we don't keep in touch. Her wedding ruined our relationship.


72. There Is No Try

A friend of mine pitched a big fit because one of her bridesmaids couldn't make it to a dress fitting. That bridesmaid had just had a C-section and wound up getting an infection. She couldn't make the fitting because she was at the doctor's.

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73. Tux-e-Don’t

I spent four years of my life working in a formal menswear sales and rental chain, where the average wedding gown from the bridal shop started at $3k. My most memorable bridezilla was this woman who came in with her fiancé. Poor dude never said a word. She wanted a very specific color of shirt to match her "diamond white" gown.

She also wanted it in a mandarin collar, with a mid-range shawl collar and two-button jacket. 14 of them. Okay, pretty straightforward...but when you're renting shirts, particularly these shirts because they were newer so some were closer to white and some were VERY ivory, I can't guarantee that every shirt will even be the same color, let alone that exact shade of "diamond white".

I explained this. Twice. And she still signed off—but she emphasized the shirts WOULD all be the same color, and they WOULD be the right color. Okay, lady. I'll do my best. Cue six weeks later, the Thursday before the wedding. Bridezilla comes in with her poor fiancé. We pull out the tuxes. OF COURSE, the shirts are exactly as I warned her they would be.

There were several shades, and only one was her perfect color—and it wasn’t the groom's shirt. She lost her ever-loving mind. Crying, pounding on our glass countertop, WAILING at the top of her lungs. She got so agitated she shattered our front counter with her pounding.

We called the authorities and officers detained her. The groom took his and everyone else's tuxes and left. On Sunday, I happened to be accepting returns. The father of the groom came back with 14 unworn tuxes. He explained that the bride spent 24 hours behind bars after my spineless manager refused to press charges.

At the rehearsal dinner, the bride threw some insane temper tantrum, complete with throwing glassware, swearing, and finally punching the groom in the face. He decided not to proceed with the wedding. I will never forget that woman's crazy eyes or her insistence on the perfect colored shirts from a $90 rental. It was truly wild.


74. The Way To A Guest’s Heart Is Through Their Stomach

This bride wouldn't let anyone leave in the five hours between the wedding brunch and the evening reception. She also didn't order enough food for either buffet. Not a fun wedding, especially since all of her friends weren’t very well off and were already spending a lot of money to come to her wedding in the first place.

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75. Biggest Frenemy

My ex-best friend was a bridezilla. She always had a short fuse, but I put up with that side of her because I cared about her dearly. I met someone who I was engaged to for three years, and even before that, we’d been friends for four years. Before we got married, she used to stay over at our house all the time, and we all got along. Then she met a guy.

After being together for about four months, they got engaged. That's when everything changed.  She would talk to people in a really posh voice as though she was above everyone, and she even went out and bought a horse to appear like she had money. She asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, and of course, I said yes. I really wish I hadn’t now.

A couple of months after that, we met for coffee and I told her I was pregnant. I thought she’d be as happy as I was, as we’d been trying for a while. Nope! According, to her I got pregnant just to ruin her wedding and take the focus off of her. Um... ok. Once we got pregnant, we planned to finally tie the knot before the baby arrived. We decided to do this on our anniversary.

We envisioned a really small friends-and-family wedding. This was only three weeks after her wedding—not ideal, but we wanted it on our special day. When her wedding day arrived, she had it in a church. She’s not religious at all and he was a very vocal atheist. Still, she had an expensive wedding dress and booked out the most expensive hotel in our local city.

It was a huge affair. That’s fine, it was her special day. I was there for her through it all—I did everything a bridesmaid was meant to do even if I did have morning sickness. I kept a smile on my face holding her ridiculously long veil up for most of the day. Then my wedding day arrived, which was a very small registry office affair that was perfect for us. She sat there looking like she was chewing a lemon and didn’t smile once.

Afterward, she spoke with my mom who’d she’d known for years. My mom said, “You’re probably used to all this by now,” or something like that. She replied, “Yes, but mine was a lot grander". When she came to the reception, she accused my other best friend from childhood of playing footsie with her new husband under the table!

My friend was not like that at all, and she’d only caught his foot while crossing her legs. I let that one slide...but later on, when I finally had my baby, she did something that made my blood run cold. She visited for the first time in about six months and said, “Oh, it’s got red hair". She didn’t even refer to her by her name at all. That was all she had to say, so I cut her off at long last.

It was the best thing I ever did. I hadn’t noticed how awful she was until that moment. Now my husband and I live in the same little house we did before we got married. We did not have any debt at all from the wedding and we are still very happy six years after our wedding. She, however, got into loads of debt from her wedding. Her husband also lost his job for gross misconduct, and she had to sell her horse.

Now, six years later, I heard they’re living in her dad’s basement.


76. Analyze This

My worst bride I ever had was an Ivy League-educated shrink. She tried to play head games with absolutely everyone involved in the planning of the wedding and also frequently had fits. She and I butted heads because she wanted a carpet running straight from the bottom of the stairs to the doors of the chapel. I told her it wasn't possible, since they didn't line up.

She kept on asking me if I was sure, even after I showed her exactly what I meant. That’s when she narrowed her eyes and told me she thought I had a problem with the truth. She was very controlling with the groom as well. I remembered their names and looked them up on Facebook a while back. They're divorced and he appears to be happily remarried.

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77. Cutting It Close

I'm a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding. So a few weeks before the actual ceremony, I decided to knuckle-cut off all of my hair because the heat was unbearable. When my friend, the bride, saw it, she was really upset with me because she envisioned all of the bridesmaids with up-dos, which I never knew about in the first place.

Still, if I had asked for her permission to cut my hair, I would have been denied.


78. If The Shoe Fits

I’m not a bridal worker, but I stood up in a friend's wedding. Less than 48 hours before the wedding, the bride suddenly decided that the shoes that came with our tuxes weren't to her liking. She wanted me and the groom to go to various stores and get some “better” shoes for the big day. My friend, the groom-to-be, was totally stressed out with all the various loose ends he had to tie up before the wedding.

Including, apparently, trying to find different shoes. Fortunately, I was able to talk some sense into him. I told him first that there just wasn't enough time to go shoe shopping and second, there are only four basic types of dress shoes for guys: shiny or not shiny, with laces or without. Finally, I said that no one cares what kind of shoes the groom and groomsmen wear.

He came to his senses and was able to persuade his now-wife that new shoes were unnecessary.

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79. Better Without You

My ex was a bridezilla and our wedding was probably in the $20k plus range. She is very much a person who wants to appear like everything is going great. She wants to hear about your gossip, but she doesn't ever open up about herself. One day, all her secrets came tumbling out. She cheated on me after less than three years of marriage.

She seemed repentant and appeared to try. We had a couple of kids (that look just like me, thank goodness), but then she cheated on me again. I divorced her, which she is still furious about. I'm now happily married again to a woman who loves me and treats me well. Honestly, I didn't know love could feel this good or that I was worth this much.

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80. The Writing’s On The Wall

So, I do Henna tattoos. Usually, I work a booth at either a theme park or fair, and occasionally I work at this little shop in the downtown area of where I live. I’m finishing up my shift at a local theme park when the lady at the shop calls me in a complete panic. A bridal party has come in with no warning, and not only does the bride want the full traditional wedding henna done, but she wants henna on her bridesmaids as well.

A total of 20 people who need hands and feet done, and the bride who wants hands, feet, and her back done in henna. I get to the shop and there are now two of us who can do the designs the bride has asked for. The bride takes one look at me and says she won’t let me do the henna for her or any of her party. I’m white. I currently have rainbow hair done up in a pixie cut. I also tend to give people the impression that I am gay.

So, after hearing this witch of a bride spout off about how a white girl can’t possibly do henna right, I point to the pictures in the example book—because they were all done by me. Then I took my happy butt home, turned my phone off, and had a nice nap before going to my other job. I later found out that the bride ended up storming out of the shop when she found out there simply was no way to do it.

I still wonder if she found someone to do it. The best part was, a lot of her wedding party were white girls as well, so I guess it’s okay for them to wear it but not for a white girl to know how to apply it.

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81. A (Sad) Tale As Old As Time

My husband’s long-term, childhood friend married a bridezilla. She is Evangelical and religion is pretty much her life. Meanwhile, he was agnostic and a very big metal-head geek. They asked us to be part of their wedding entourage. My husband and I are both tattooed, and when we arrived at the wedding, we were his only friends present.

Everyone at that big wedding was from her church. The preacher kept saying to him that his old life was behind him now and his new life was just about to begin, yadda, yadda. But while he was giving his sermon, everyone kept looking at my husband and I like we were beasts. Worst day ever. She is that kind of person who wants to be an influencer. EVERYTHING is on her Instagram.

Their relationship seems perfect there, but he always seems so unhappy and so apathetic. When we actually talk to him, he always brings up how they are so different. She made him stop talking to us. Eventually, he got out of every friend group we had, and he stopped answering my husband, who is very sad he lost his friend. Even worse, I believe she is the one replying in the few weird messages he does get.

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82. Straight And Narrow

I’ve been DJing weddings for about 10 years. Most brides relax by the time I really get to work, and most of the time the groom is in charge of the music. So I don’t have too many stories—however, one bride was really, really into her wedding being symmetrical. She measured the entire room and wanted everything placed at the exact places she requested.

I had to measure the distance my table was from the wall and the other tables, I had to measure the distance my speakers were from each other and the dance floor. On the day, she was upset at me because I failed to inform her that I had lighting for the dance floor and she wished that she had time to determine where to place them.

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83. Get Out, Girl

I married a groomzilla. This guy had costume changes planned for the wedding and reception. He would yell at the wedding planner over menial things like serving fruit kabobs so that people would maybe get enough to eat. There was zero compromise—he made a lot of promises for things I had been wanting after the wedding and they never materialized, like a beach vacation and such.

Turns out, no compromise at the wedding meant no compromise anywhere else, so I left him after four years of marriage. Best decision ever!!!

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84. Photo Finish

Wedding band member here. I had a bride flip out at me and my bandmates because our instruments weren't white or salmon-colored to fit in with the decorations. She was saying we would ruin the photographs…even though I was playing during the reception and all the photos were already taken. A sunburst jazz bass, blue Stratocaster and a red drum set aren't going to ruin your pictures, darling.

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85. You Think You Know Someone

I had coordinated a bridezilla’s wedding. My cousin's six-month-old baby had passed a few days prior to the wedding. I called the bride and told her of my family situation, and I assured her that my assistant would be stepping in for me so that I could attend the funeral. Her reply made my blood run cold. She told me to send my assistant to the funeral and that I had better be at her wedding.

I told her I would be sending her a refund and that now no one at all would be coming to her wedding. The groom ended up leaving her after this whole thing went down.


86. A Cake Walk

I once worked in a bakery, and we had this bride freak out that her cake wasn't right, and she proceeded to smash it to bits with her fist. Well, she smashed the wrong cake. Like what the heck.  Anyways, the authorities allowed her to wash her hands before placing her in handcuffs. I felt bad for the future husband and the couple that ordered said cake. People are cray cray.

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87. Read The Room

I knew a woman who was a bridesmaid at a relative’s wedding. She was married and had been trying to get pregnant for a while. Finally, she and her husband got lucky and she conceived. The bridezilla got furious and kicked her out of the wedding because she would be pregnant in the pictures. But that's not even the most tragic part.

Three months later, sadly, the woman miscarried. The bride called her with a response along the lines of "Good riddance. Now you can be a part of the wedding again". Needless to say, she did not even attend it.


88. Music To My Ears

I was at the wedding of an ex-boyfriend several years ago and he had planned and practiced singing a Frank Sinatra song to his new wife. He went up and took the mic and, with the band backing him up, began singing the song. His new wife suddenly stomped across the dance floor and up on the stage, grabbed the mic from him, and said, "I HATE that song and I don't want to hear it". They were divorced about a year later.

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89. The Grandmother Of Tantrums

I had a friend who threw a temper tantrum complete with screaming and foot-stomping because her grandmother had the audacity to pass a few hours before her wedding. She said it would throw off the seating arrangements since there would be a big empty space. She is currently halfway through her second divorce.


90. Not My First Rodeo

I used to work at a jewelry store. This young guy, about college age, came in one day to look at engagement rings. He was very polite and asking good questions. You could tell he’d been considering this for some time. As I’m helping him and showing him some rings in his budget, she walks in. She’s wearing a t-shirt from the high school senior class from the previous year, and she comes over by him.

“Oh my God, were you seriously considering that ring??? Ugh. It’s so ugly. Besides, it looks just like my LAST engagement ring". How I wish I could have told him to dump her, run for the hills, and don’t look back.

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91. Just Walk Away

My brother's fiancé went off on my mom in front of my sister and me, all because he was 45 minutes late to the rehearsal due to his best man's car tire blowing out. "Where is your jerk of a son?!" she screamed. The dude should have never shown up for the wedding. Not only was she a bridezilla, but she was also a total utter sociopath. Soon enough, the disturbing truth came out.

She had completely fabricated her life. Her parents—who didn't show up for the wedding—called my mom to tell her the truth about it the day after the ceremony. She had a rap sheet a mile long. But my brother, who just wanted to believe that people can change, stuck it out for seven years. Don't ever, ever do that.


92. The Mask Comes Off

Not a wedding shop worker, but I was at the wedding when it happened. As the bride was walking up the aisle in her dress, she tripped over her gown. And instead of just getting up and moving on, she let loose an absolute huge tantrum and started screaming at everyone. And then it got worse. When her dad tried to console her, she just slugged her dad in the face.

Then she started just throwing stuff everywhere, screaming about this wreck of a day and screaming about hurting the tailor for making the dress too long. She just lost it and proceeded to rip up her own dress and run out of the church half-bare into the rain. I mean, I know the stress is high but oh my god, she lost her freaking mind.

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93. Joke’s On You

I was a bridesmaid in this winter-themed wedding. We all wore blue silk dresses with white fake fur capelets and MUFFS. At one point, we were getting ready for the ceremony and the bride said to me, “Hey, let me see your muff". I batted my eyelashes and joked, "I've waited so long to hear those words from you!" That didn’t go down how I wanted at all.

The look she shot me could have felled a moose. She started going off on me about how I was not taking things seriously enough and suggested that I should go hang out with the groomsmen instead if I was going to make lewd jokes. Yeah. Maybe I should have.


94. A Match Made In Heaven

I use to be a photographer’s assistant back in high school. I remember this one bride before the wedding kept yelling at my boss about me helping with photos as she didn’t want some “stupid kid” to ruin her wedding photos. She also kept calling her soon-to-be husband, berating him. I ended up getting sent to do the groom’s photos while my boss handled the bridezilla.

As soon as I walked into the room where the groom and his friends were getting ready, I almost puked because it smelled like a distillery. The guy was on the phone with the bridezilla on speaker while drinking and shaking his head. I could barely walk through the room with all the bottles on the floor and suitcases everywhere. Yeah, I don’t think they’re gonna make it.

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95. Total Eclipse Of The Heart

I ended a friendship with a bridezilla who desperately wanted me to attend her wedding. She had it scheduled for the weekend of the eclipse in 2017, which was something I had planned for literally a decade. She asked me what my plan was, and I told her that I would be flying to the Missouri/Kentucky area. She wanted me to fly to Idaho instead, which was where she lived.

I would have, but all flights, hotels, and rental cars in Idaho were completely booked out. I couldn’t get there even if I wanted to. In response, she said I didn’t care about her or her wedding and that I didn’t want to see her on her big day. She claimed I put the eclipse—something I had planned on seeing for 10 ten years—before her “Lenny,” who I had known for six months.

So I ended things really fast after that. But from what I see, she still posts photos of her wedding to this day. Like, every day she posts different wedding photos. It’s almost like she stopped living after her wedding.


96. A Whole Lot Of Baggage

My sister was a self-centered jerk during the six months before her wedding, with her coup de gras being the wedding day itself. I know it was all nerves so I don't harbor any grudges, but ugh, I wouldn't relive that day for any money in the world. My strongest memory is her holding a bag of her stuff and SCREAMING on the church steps:

"Why am I holding something? WILL SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I AM HOLDING SOMETHING ON MY FREAKING WEDDING DAY??? Someone better take this out of my hands immediately".


97. Missed Encounters

At a wedding of a college friend of my husband’s, we learned that the bride (his old friend) had been in love with him for over a decade. We learned this from the women at our table at the reception. We introduced ourselves while we waited for the bride and groom to arrive. They were horrified that we were there—and extremely worried.

My husband had NO idea that she had feelings for him. She bee-lined right for our table after the "introducing Mr & Mrs" thing—ignoring her family and leaving her husband standing alone. She clung to my husband and sobbed—lifting her head to glare at me. She had to be pulled off of him.

She repaired herself, then followed us as we tried to leave quietly—her parting shot was to stare at my chest and say, "Well I guess I know what I was missing all along!" Her new husband was in shock and my husband was horrified and embarrassed—he was completely clueless and would never have gone to the wedding if he'd know she was obsessed with him. It was bizarre.

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98. This One Takes The Cake

I worked as a wedding planner and coordinator, and one bride stands out to me because she was so inconsistent with all the vendors. She was a complete sweetheart to me during the planning phase and I never saw any of the crazy until the day of the wedding. It was honestly like a Jekyll/Hyde moment. She wanted a big wedding, around 300 people, and spent a lot of money on the venue and food and wanted the best for everything.

No complaints about paying for it either, never asked for discounts or anything like that. And since she wanted the best and seemed to have a really large budget, I referred her to a popular baker for the cake. I let her handle the logistics for the cake since I've worked with this baker before and never had any problems. I figured they would do the standard cake tasting, pick a design with the baker, and I would see a gorgeous masterpiece on the day of the wedding.

Well, that didn't really work out. For some reason, she didn't want to tell the baker that it was for a wedding. I'm guessing she read that you can save money by ordering a regular cake because some vendors will automatically add an extra charge if it's for a wedding. By the way, this is true to some extent, but the extra charge truly is there for a reason.

Whenever something is for a wedding, the vendor puts in much more care, stresses about the timing, execution, etc. way more than usual, and often times will go all out and use premium materials or add upgrades. Not all of us are just adding extra charges for no reason. Anyways, she decided she didn't want to pay for a wedding cake so she told the baker it was for a birthday party.

The baker asked how many people the cake would need to serve and she said "around 50". She also didn't want to pay the delivery fee, so she had her sister pick up the cake on the morning of the wedding and bring it to the event. At this point, it's important to mention one huge thing. We live in Texas and this is a summer wedding.

So by the time the cake got to the venue—about six hours after it was picked up from the bakery—it didn't look all that great anymore. Some of the decorations had melted, the cake got a little banged up in the car ride, there was icing on the inside of the box, and the entire cake was sagging on one side. It was also way too small for a wedding of her size.

I saw it and it looked like a complete disaster. But at this point, we're about an hour away from the start of the wedding and there's no possible way to fix this. The bride comes into the reception room with her makeup all done When she sees it, she unravels. Screaming, crying, throwing things, collapsing on the floor. Complete meltdown.

She threatens to cancel the whole wedding if we can't fix it. We try to calm her down as much as we can and grab the makeup artist before she leaves and ask if she can help fix the bride's makeup, which is a mess now. The bride sees herself in the mirror and has another meltdown because she ruined her hair and makeup and now wants to have the whole thing re-done.

After she gets everything done to perfection again, we're about an hour behind schedule. I let the guests come inside the reception room to wait because it seemed cruel to force everyone to sit outside in 100-degree heat, but when the bride saw that everyone was inside she had another meltdown. She spent the entire wedding sulking with a scowl on her face, and refused to take any pictures with people.

Her new husband kept coming over to hug her and try to cheer her up, and she would either yell at him or give him the silent treatment. Most of the guests left very early because the atmosphere felt so uncomfortable. So, pretty much a waste of the $200,000 budget for a lavish wedding, all because she wanted to save a couple hundred bucks on the cake.

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99. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

I’m a florist. We had a bride and her mother show up at 9 am. They wanted to order a bridal bouquet, a mother of the bride orchid corsage, a boutonniere for the groom, and six smaller ones for the groomsmen. But there was just one thing. The wedding was scheduled for noon. Yep, three hours from then, and they wanted them ready by the time they were done with their makeup appointment at the beauty parlor a few doors down.

The bride was flipping through the sample book and pointing out the style and flowers she wanted. Think garden roses with long sweeping trails of stephanotis and variegated ivy, all three of which would require at least a week's advanced order with our suppliers. She was absolutely gobsmacked that we didn't carry extremely expensive and highly perishable flowers at all times.

Same with the orchid for the mom's corsage. My boss told them that since they didn't place an order beforehand they would be limited to what we had in stock, and simple styles that could be assembled quickly. The bride and her mom kept pointing at the book and arguing that we should have those specific flowers in stock.

My boss eventually took the book off the desk and tossed it behind the counter. The bride vacillated between tears and petulant whining that we were going to ruin her big day. My boss, who had a bone-deep loathing for brides in general, told her she had ruined her own day by not ordering her flowers before her actual wedding day.

The mom tried chewing out my boss for her lack of customer service skills. My boss told her that she was welcome to go down the street to Vons and ask their flower department to make their order with whatever they had in stock. The mom said she'd do just that, and reassured the bride that she'd have her flowers done by the time her appointment was over.

Both women stormed out. I figured that was that, but I was so wrong. My boss told me and the other girl to start on six simple corsages. Meanwhile, she threw together a ribbon-wrapped bridal bouquet with some white roses that were nearly past their prime and some. Sure enough, 20 minutes later the mother slunk back in and meekly asked if we were still able to assemble what they needed.

We did. We also charged her a very large rush fee.

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100. Wedding Transference

I work in the industry and my friend is the wedding planner. He is a good-looking, straight male who has an amazing eye for design and detail. He can do everything from wedding dress design and execution to flowers, you name it. And his services are not cheap. He once had a bride who called him up a few days before her wedding.

She told him she couldn't go through with the wedding because she was in love with someone else. The conversation went something like this: Bride: "I can't marry him, I just don't love him anymore, I think I'm in love with someone else!" Him: "What do you mean you're in love with someone else!? Your wedding is in five days!"

Bride: "Well...I'm in love with you. You just GET me! I've never met anyone else like you!" Him: "...Do you know how much your parents are paying me to get you?!" She ended up getting married five days later as planned, and it was never mentioned again.

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101. My Way Or The Highway

I’m not a wedding planner, but I was going to be at a wedding as a bridesmaid. The bride-to-be took us—the maid of honor, another bridesmaid, and myself—out to pick out dresses. The bride's mother and the groom's mother also came at her insistence. We arrived at the dress shop only to find that the bride, her mom, and the groom's mom had already picked out the dress she wanted us to wear for the wedding.

Okay, that was fine in theory, but we had been under the impression that we'd get to pick our own dresses. Whatever, it was her wedding. When we tried the dresses on, however, we realized something disturbing—they didn't really look good on the two of us because we both had different frames and sizes. We came out, showing the bride and two moms, and the moms were in agreement that the dress they picked really didn't work. The bride’s response, on the other hand, was jaw-dropping.

The bride was very upset that we didn't magically look great in the same dress. She then started making snide, subtle comments about our appearances, implying that we'd need to lose weight to look good in them, and telling one of the other girls how she'd need a push-up bra to look "normal". The moms ignored the bride's attitude and flagged down an employee to help us find some alternatives.

We live in a small city, so the selection they had wasn't the best, but the employee found at least half a dozen other dresses that come in the color the bride wanted. We tried them all on, but because we vary so much in body type, most of them didn't look good on both of us. For example, the strapless ones looked bad on the busty girls, while the long dresses didn't fit right on the short ones, etc.

The bride continued to make comments about our bodies. Finally, the last dress we tried on was generic enough that it looked fine on all of us...except the bride didn't like it because it didn't make us look "sexy" enough. To make matters worse, the dress had pockets. She absolutely did not want her bridesmaids to have pockets.

At this point, every single one of us was happy with this choice except for her. She reluctantly agreed to let us pick that dress but she was very clearly not happy. So then we picked out shoes. The bride told us we will be wearing the same shoes as her but in a different color. Weird, but again, we didn't argue with her.

When we tried them on, though, there was a snag in her plans. I have very small feet (technically a 3 in kids, though some size 5 shoes will fit). The heels she wanted were sky high and strapless. When I put them on and tried to walk, my feet kept slipping out. They were also open-toed, so I couldn't really stuff the front as I'd done in the past.

To top it off, just standing in them to try them on, the front was absolutely ruining my feet. I told her this, and she watched me try to walk in them only to have them flop off. Her mom asked me if they came in a smaller size, but they were fancy shoes, so no, they obviously didn't make them for kids. The bride's solution?

"Once you start to wear them, your feet will swell and they'll fit then". She then walked off. The bride's mom assured me that we'd "figure something out" and bought all of our outfits as her condolences. I never got to know how that would have worked out, though, because the bride and groom simultaneously cheated on each other, and they called off the wedding.

The bride didn't even have the nerve to tell me herself; I had to hear it from the maid of honor. We are no longer friends, and it's sad to me that this wasn't even the reason why. I can't believe I let someone treat me, and other people she called friends, like that.

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