Kids Reveal Their Absolutely Bogus School Punishments

July 13, 2021 | Taylor Medeiros

Kids Reveal Their Absolutely Bogus School Punishments

Occasionally, ex-students reminisce of the good old days, recalling ridiculous things that happened to themselves and others at school. They tell the tales of being reprimanded by school administration over a toy car, using the restroom, scouring the Internet, and for being...beaten up? From getting in trouble for riding a back to school, to being framed for things the students didn’t do, these stories of detentions, suspensions, and expulsions are entirely shocking.

1. Case Of Mistaken Medicine

I'm currently in my 40s and this story still sticks with me. I had a classmate in the seventh grade who was expelled from our entire district because she was a Type One diabetic. A teacher walked in on her with her insulin in the washroom. The same teacher assumed it was drugs, wouldn't let the student take her insulin, and took the student down to the principal's office where she was immediately expelled.

Her parents were so horrified and disgusted they didn't even fight it. They just put her in private school.

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2. Make It Make Sense

In elementary school, I got in serious trouble because a girl two grades below me claimed I kicked her at the bus stop that morning. We rode different buses to school. Apparently, pointing out that fact turns one-day detention into one week.

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3. Good Intentions, Poor Results

My friend had an in-school suspension, but, for whatever reason, he was allowed to join the normal lunch populace. That wasn't common for suspended students. Anyway, ISS students were given a PB&J sandwich and some pretzels for lunch instead of the normal "hot" option. My friend just came to hang out at our lunch table while he was able to get out of the suspension office, and I had packed my lunch that day.

So, I offered him a cold slice of pizza for lunch since I had extra. The in-school suspension “teacher” saw me hand him the pizza and immediately gave me ISS as well. I had no idea that I was doing anything wrong.

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4. It Takes Two

Once, I got suspended because while I was waiting in line, a kid in front of me got chest bumped. After the two kids collided, the kid in front of me fell into me. Of course, I moved out of the way. The kid ended up hitting the ground. You may be wondering, what’s the reasoning behind my suspension? Apparently it takes two to start a fight...screw you Mr. Dickinson.

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5. The Early Days Of The Internet

I went to high school in the late 90s and we had just gotten Internet access. Of course, this was the early Internet, when any search could bring up illicit photos. happened to me. It was history class and we were in the computer lab doing research. What do you know? Illicit photos came up on my screen. I was sent to the office, but they wouldn't believe me that the search was accidental. I had never been in trouble before, but I was still suspended for the rest of the day.

Then when it happened to other students/teachers, they finally got filters on the computers. Unfortunately, my suspension was never expunged nor was I ever apologized to.

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6. Mistaking The Tormented For The Tormentor

I once called the middle school tormentor a “sexist pig” after he spent weeks tormenting the girls and hurling gender-specific insults at us. He was telling us that we weren’t allowed on the basketball court because “girls can’t play ball.” He was also the same boy who, after finding out my grandmother was Jewish, would whisper to me in class that he hoped the officers would come and slay my family in their sleep.

After calling him a sexist pig, he went crying to the principal that I was body-shaming him. His parents ended up threatening to sue the school because of it. Despite all of the girls and many boys detailing this kid's actual tormenting of me in the previous months as well as a retelling of the real situation, I was given four days of in-school suspension and he was given nothing.

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7. Playing Into The Double Standard

My high school was truly terrible, and this story definitely explains why. A guy and a girl got caught having intercourse in the locker room at school. Of course, the girl who was involved gets expelled. The guy that was involved, who also just so happened to be a star player on the men's basketball team, wrote a letter saying he was sorry. Thus, he was allowed to stay at the school. Double standard, much?

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8. Breaking Rules Before They Start

I grew up in an area with lots of gang brutality, so “gang” colors were banned at my middle school. On the day that administration called the assembly to announce the new dress code rules, the principal stated that shoelaces were to be included in the “no gang colors” rule. Some horrible teacher called out a kid, in the middle of the assembly, for wearing red shoelaces.

The principal agreed the student would be suspended, despite the fact that the new rule was being introduced at that moment. The auditorium was in a complete uproar over the decision. I don’t think the kid ever had to serve the suspension after the reaction from the rest of the students, but it was easily one of the stupidest things I witnessed at that school.

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9. Replacing Compassion with Cussing

I got suspended because I needed to get a paper signed by my parents. At the time, I only had my mom at home and she was in the hospital for a cancerous tumor and surgery. My teacher asked me where the permission form was. I said, “I don’t have it, there was no one at home to sign it.” The teacher didn’t care and started cussing me out and called me lazy. So, she decided to call my mom, who then declined the first two calls, but then promptly cussed out my teacher.

The teacher cusses at me again, which prompted me to call her a poor excuse of a teacher and stupid. So, I got suspended for being disrespectful. The administration eventually apologized to my mom and I for the whole thing, but it was pretty dumb. Thankfully, I spent the whole week at home playing games.

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10. He Didn’t Ask For This

At my school, an underaged girl sent explicit photos to her boyfriend. Then, her boyfriend proceeded to send the photos to his friends. His friends decided to spread the photos to schools all over our county. Of course, the picture got sent to me. I promptly deleted the picture, but I still got suspended for a day because the picture was sent to me.

I didn’t show the photo to anyone and deleted it when I got it. I didn’t even ask for the photo. Because it was sent to me at all, I was still punished.

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11. A Question Of Priorities

My best friend was expelled from school because none of the administration believed her diagnosed mental/physical health issues got in the way of her attending classes. The administration also didn’t seem to believe the fact that she was a second caregiver to her grandmother, so she had reasons not to be around school very much.

They "let her go" and promised they'd send her to a special school for her, but they just illegally wrote her off as still enrolled at the school. Then, they completely forgot about her. In reality, they didn't want to deal with her and saw her as a problem. I'm still mad on her behalf and dying for revenge six years later.

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12. A Violation They Didn’t Commit

In eighth grade, two kids put a tack on my science teacher's chair. She stood up and offered twenty bucks to the first person who exposed the culprit. The two guilty parties whispered to one another, then both said I did it. I went to the principal, they got cash. I was recommended for expulsion, actually. They even threatened me with assault charges. That teacher told my mom I was “worthless.” Screw Louisiana, and screw you Ms. Bernard.

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13. When Fight Wins Over Flight

Sometime in middle school, I was just this nerdy quiet kid. Of course, there were a few kids who really tormented me every day. They were bigger than me, and also lived on my street or the next street over. So they tormented me both at school and at home. Anyhow, one day in the playground at school they were pinning me down, throwing rocks at me.

I ended up throwing my math book at one of them out of frustration, but it landed in the mud. The other kids didn’t get in trouble, but I received three days of suspension for damaging school property...and they made my mom pay for a new one. Even after, the kids never stopped bugging me. One day, one of them spit on me in the bathroom and I spit on him back.

He then grabbed me by the throat and slammed my head into the wall. I went back to class with handprints around my neck. At least that time we both got a suspension. No wonder I have self-esteem issues.

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14. On The Local News

My school actually kicked a girl out for being a lesbian. You have to love private religious schools. She ended up going to our rival school and played for their basketball team. She definitely seemed much happier there. That story even made the local news...It was a big deal at the time.

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15. When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go

I have IBS and got suspended for taking too long to use the restroom...I had a doctor’s note and everything saying I could have longer time in the restroom if I needed it, but still got suspended by the prick of a vice principal.

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16. A Prank Ill-Received

A student once received an expulsion because he went on the school grounds at night, lowered the flag on the pole at the main entrance, and replaced it with a Jolly Roger pirate flag. As I once described, the student body and most of the faculty thought it was hilarious to see the pirate flag waving in the breeze as everyone arrived at school, but the superintendent thought otherwise and made "an example out of him."

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17. One Stays, One Goes

My brother, who is severely autistic and has ADHD, attended a school for children with special needs. He was expelled because he was sent by his teacher to their 'tuck shop' unsupervised. He picked up a stick off of the floor and started doing sword swings, because that's one of his special interests. A girl in the year above him stood a little too close and he accidentally hit her.

He immediately apologized. There was only one member of staff present, and they were busy with the other students at the tuck shop. The girl then proceeded to bite my brother several times and they were both sent home. The girl received no repercussions for attacking my brother, but my brother was expelled when the girl didn't even have a bruise.

The school claimed they were "no longer able to accommodate his needs," but me and my family all think that it was a case of entitled parents making a huge fuss so their child wouldn't get in trouble.

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18. An Unfortunate Coincidence

To be fair, I only ever got detention when I deserved it. I got suspended twice, once for fighting and once, which was completely ridiculous, for something I didn't even do. Essentially, the Head Master had bought a new car and drove it to school. It was a black BMW 3 Series. It was nice. I am a petrolhead, and like most boys in my school, I wanted to talk to him about it.

So, after I talked to him about it, I walked away to go to class. Fast forward two hours, I'm being hauled into his office, asking why I left a sign on his window calling him a dickhead. Apparently, because I was the last one seen near the car, and the handwriting was vaguely similar to mine, it must have been me.

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19. Perform Well Or Leave

A couple of people have been expelled for not being “promising” anymore at my school. Apparently, if your mental health gets bad enough, they will kick you out to keep you from making the school look really bad. My school costs a heck of a lot of money, but they just kick people out for being depressed and take their money.

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20. Harm Over Help

Once, a student was having a panic attack and one of the teachers grabbed them by the shoulders, shook them aggressively, then pushed them into a wall. There, the teacher continued to shake the student and hit them against the wall. The student was suspended but then ended up dropping out. It was the most infuriating thing I ever saw at that school. The teacher finished the year at our school before being relocated to a different school.

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21. Maybe He Likes You

When I was in the fifth grade, a boy slammed my head into the bus window. The school counselor asked me if I had considered that “maybe he liked me.” Then, they suspended both of us for three days, for some reason. My mom tried to confront the school and they basically ignored her. She’s disabled and didn’t know what else to do at the time, so nothing happened.

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22. When Safety Goes Overboard

I hate the car culture in US suburbs. A kid at my nephew’s school missed the bus, and his parents were already at work. So, he biked to school as fast as he could. When he arrived, they suspended him because the students are not allowed to bike to school. My sister has been trying to fight this policy because her kid could walk to school in under five minutes, but instead is stuck on the bus for 30. The school maintains it’s “too dangerous.” It’s absolutely infuriating.

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23. They Didn’t Get The Reference

When I was in high school, me and a couple of friends thought it would be funny to do a "prank" leading up to the day in 2012 when everyone thought the world was going to end. We decided to do a stupid Zelda reference from Majoras Mask. For those of you who haven't played the game, the basic premise of it is that you have three days to prevent the moon from crashing into the earth.

At the beginning of each day, a screen comes up that says "dawn of the first day, 72 hours remain" or “dawn of the second day, 48 hours remain" etc. So, the plan was to make posters that said these quotes on the three days leading up to 2012, when we were all “supposed to die.” We put them up the first day without any issues, but the second day, my friends and I got called into the principal's office.

When I went in, my stomach dropped. Not only was the principal sitting there, but there was also an officer for the town I lived in. Apparently, some kid had seen the signs and told their parents about it. Obviously, the parents didn't get the reference and thought these posters were a threat to shoot up the school. I tried to explain that it was not in fact a threat to the school but was actually just a stupid reference.

It didn't help that the shooting at Sandy Hook had just happened, so everyone was already pretty on edge. So, to ensure that my friends and I didn't act out the "plan," they decided just to suspend us all the next day. So basically, we got suspended for being big ol’ nerds.

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24. Definitely Playing Favourites

While I was eating my lunch, minding my own business back in Grade 11, some random girl I had never seen in my life kept calling me creepy. Obviously, I got mad and called her a curse word. The principal then decided to suspend me. When I told him that she started it and that I wasn't even doing anything, he said, "But she's a sweet girl! You were probably doing something wrong to her that made her call you creepy!" Screw you, principal!

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25. Pristine Image Over Pregnancy

When I started going to my high school, a girl got pregnant. Of course, the school told her she couldn't attend classes on campus as it would "damage their image as a Christian institution." They didn't expel her, and she had to pay for the rest of the semester, but she was banned from campus.

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26. Teacher’s Worried About The Wrong Thing

In grade one, some older kids at my school built this massive subsurface snow fort. Basically, it was in the pile of snow left behind by the plows. Along one of the tunnels that ran along the exterior, there were small holes you could look out of. They were just the right size that you could shove a snowball through, and watch it roll down the snowbank.

Well, one day, Mrs. Woods saw me doing this during recess, and accused me of throwing snowballs. I simply explained that I was just pushing them through the hole and they weren't ever airborne. However, apparently that constituted throwing them. I'd like to point out that this was at the school that had no rules against playing King of the Hill, which involved several kids standing on a hill and trying to push each other off.

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27. Suspended For Speaking Up

A girl in the school district where I work came forward saying that she saw a teacher and a student kissing outside of school. A couple of employees “investigated” and didn’t find anything suspicious. The girl was suspended for spreading gossip. As it turns out, the teacher had a full-blown relationship with this student who was in middle school.

He used to teach at the middle school, but followed her to the high school. She also wasn’t the only student he did this to.

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28. Tit For Tat

One cold winter morning, one of the teachers was yelling at a student for bringing his band instrument, a trombone, into the halls before school. He wasn't playing it or anything, he just had it out. I was in seventh grade at the time and the other kid was a few years older than me. I had no idea who he was, but I saw that the teacher was eating a sub sandwich at the same time she was yelling at this guy, and I thought, "Hah, gotcha!"

So I interrupted the conversation, "Mrs. X, we're not allowed to eat in the halls." If she was yelling at the other kid before, she was hollering at me now, dragging me into the principal's office so that they could both double team me, explaining that teachers are busy and under a lot of stress, so the rules don't apply to them. They then said that my behavior could not be tolerated, and I was let off "lightly" with three days of detention.

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29. Lost and Found

I got suspended for a week in seventh grade for bringing a knife to school. The back story is that a boxcutter was sitting on the floor of the bus I took to school, and the only reason they found out I had it was because I gave it to the bus driver and told her I found it. The driver called the school and said a kid had a knife on the bus. Fifteen minutes later, the assistant principal, an officer, and the school resource officer were all waiting to suspend me when the bus rolled up.

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30. Hair Length Rebellion

My hair was too long, and I was suspended until I got it cut. I would have been expelled if the haircut wasn't good enough. I went to a private school in Vermont. It was an interesting mix of students as the local kids all attended the school as well as spoiled rich kids from all over the world. It was a very rural farming community in northern Vermont, but we all had to wear a tie every day, could not wear jeans, and the boys had to have short hair.

Around 87-88' the big hair trend thing for guys was the mullet. All the local rednecks would try and get away with long hair in the back. They would even go so far as to tuck it underneath with a bobby pin during school hours. So, the school went and changed the hair rule to be "men's hair must be above the collar in the back."

Being rebellious teens, my friends and I would grow out the front of our hair and sides making sure the back was above the collar. Picture a kind of early skater punk look. We got away with it for a long time until my picture was in the local paper and the school apparently received several calls about my hair. Seriously! So, I was called into the Dean's office and told I was suspended until my hair was cut and I would be expelled if it wasn't good enough. I spent the entire day enjoying my time. I finally got my haircut at the end of the day and that was that.

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31. The Worst Commute To School

I was suspended for three days for being absent for a morning. On its own, fair enough. But, this was a school in Gibraltar, and I lived in Spain at the time. Yes, I took my passport to school with me every day. Gibraltar is connected to Spain by a tiny strip of land with a runway across it, so to get to Gibraltar, I had to walk across said runway.

This runway is also used by the RAF, so when they're using it, it gets closed. They were using it that morning to practice touch and gos with their Tornadoes. Stupid thing is, the school was right next to the runway, so Mr. Danino's windows would've been rattling while the exercises were going on. I got back home and told Mum the news.

She agreed that this was ridiculous, and she said she was off to the driving range for a bit and asked if I'd like to come. We get there, have a coke in the clubhouse, and get set up. Turned out to be a pretty great day.

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32. All That Over Some Gum

Once, I took out a pack of gum and took out a piece. My teacher saw me put it away and thought it was my phone. He came over to me and asked for my phone which was in my purse. I tell him no, and he takes it upon himself to start groping me and trying to search my pockets. I started screaming at the little, balding manlet and he called the office.

The assistant principal, who is universally hated, comes and asks for my phone, which I show is off in my bag. She takes my phone and I get five days of in-school suspension.

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33. Happiness Is Prohibited

When I was in school, I got suspended for laughing. I don't remember what I was laughing about as it was over 20 years ago in high school, but it was one of those moments where you can't stop laughing and trying to stop just makes you think about it and laugh more. I wasn't terribly loud or anything, but it made a couple other kids laugh and we all got sent out the door to “control ourselves.”

The moment I thought I was settled down and we got let back in, I started giggling again. So, the teacher suspended me stating that I was distracting the class by laughing. Given how messed up my home life was with a super abusive home, the suspension obviously didn't do me any favors, and I rarely had much to laugh about.

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34. The CCTV Trumps All

When I was in high school, some guys I was messing with pushed my head into a locker and I started bleeding. So, my friend went to get me a tissue. The next day, three of them got suspended, including the guy that got me the tissue. When I asked why, the administration said, "He jumped on you," and showed me CCTV footage.

The footage was literally of him giving me the tissue and putting his hand on my back. When I said he didn't jump on me, they said, "It was on CCTV. How could you have seen what he was doing?" Sometimes I think people running schools have no eyes or no brains.

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35. Life Or Detention

I got detention because I was having trouble breathing while at lunch and was in pain. I asked to get my asthma puffer from the classroom. I wasn't allowed, and was given detention for having an asthma puffer in my bag and not at the front office where all students' medication was supposed to go.

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36. Rules Don’t Apply To Everyone

My school had a gas station behind it, so half the school would go there to buy sodas, snacks and other drinks during break or lunch. Me and a friend got caught by the principal leaving the gas station, and were given a week suspension. Meanwhile, the other kids who left seconds before us, who happened to be on the football team, walked right on by without anything happening to them.

The principal cited it was against school policy to leave campus for any reason. Yet, when I pointed out the people who had literally just walked out right in front of us, he said, "I didn't see them." When I pointed them out, when they were literally about 50 feet away, he turned and said, "I don't see anyone there." Play football? Rules don't apply to you! Average student? Good luck.

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37. Fake Texts Create Real Trouble

In my sophomore year of high school, my stepmom faked some text between me and a friend of mine, saying that we had sold weed or something at school, despite us never having smoked before. She sent them to my principal. I got called down to the office and I was so confused. Of course, they didn’t even tell me what the problem was till after they checked my locker, which obviously had nothing in it.

They didn’t believe my explanation of the texts and despite not ever getting in trouble before and no other proof than the texts, both my friend and I got expelled. The school wanted me to return next year, but my stepmom didn’t want me to go back because she wanted a full-time housekeeper/babysitter for her kid so she could go out and drink. I ended up getting my GED and leaving as soon as I could. I really wish I got to experience high school though.

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38. Case Of Misplaced Blame

I’m not a student anymore, but I can say with confidence my own suspension is the worst I’ve ever heard of. Basically, we were having a field trip just a bit outside of town. When it was time to leave, people started gathering waiting for a headcount and to enter the bus, while others got picked up by their parents/friends/siblings.

My friend told me that he asked his brother to come pick us up and I was fine with it. So, I went to find the teacher and let her know that we were leaving. She said it was fine. My friend's brother picked us up and he went a little ways up so he could turn. As we were driving down the road and just before we passed the buses, one of the bus drivers decided it was time to leave.

Without looking at all, he starts reversing into the road. Our only option was either to drive into the bus, or Tokyo drift it to a halt. Thankfully, my friend's brother was a good driver, so he slammed the brakes and turned the car avoiding the bus. We came to a halt about a few feet away from other students waiting for the other buses to come into that clearing.

The teachers started shouting at us, and nobody acknowledged what the bus driver just did. The bus driver, seeing that his bus was fine, decided to leave without a care in the world only 5 seconds later. The teachers I waved goodbye to, along with the teacher I got permission to leave, started shouting that we were not allowed to leave on our own and that we almost harmed other students.

They knew it was not our fault whatsoever, but I still don't understand their reaction. They probably didn't want to be accused of something. Cut to the next day, my friend and I got a 7-day suspension from the school with the school student council asking for us to be expelled. The reason? My friend was gay, so their toxicity extended to me too since I was friends with him. So, they found an opportunity to “teach the gay a lesson.”

Thankfully, there was just one teacher who didn't go along with the others, who also saw the whole thing and understood that the bus driver was at fault. We didn’t get expelled and the principal ended up telling us that he was counting the weekend as days for our punishment. So, we basically got only five days of suspension.

As soon as the moron students who asked for our expulsion found out that we were not getting expelled, they could no longer make fun of us nor look us in the eyes because they knew they screwed up. Some who did look at us instantly understood that I was no longer messing around and they were about to get seriously beaten up if they were to do or say something else. So, they chickened up and stopped.

The whole situation was really unfair and I still hate some of those teachers who saw exactly what happened but didn't even try to stop the bus driver to chew him out.

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39. The Good Choice Of Online School

In my senior year, I just needed 1 more English credit to pass. I went to a small Christian school that was an absolute cult. I had a lot of issues with the school. I was finally able to take the credit online and be done with that school, since they wouldn't let me graduate early with them. One week into the online class, the principal guilt-tripped me into coming back. So, I did, and got suspended for missing a week of school even though I had been doing an online class. I walked out and never went back.

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40. Take It Off-Campus

Because of a previous altercation, there was a new transfer student at our school that took a liking to my girlfriend. He was extremely jealous and psychotic about it, and I found out after the fact that he was constantly harassing her about me and basically stalking her. I barely knew this guy, but he apparently hated me so much because he was in love with my girlfriend and was extremely jealous.

One day, I was walking down the hall with my friends and this guy caught me off guard and rammed his shoulder into me. I was confused, thinking that we bumped into each other by accident. I was so wrong. I apologized and started walking away. He began yelling, “Don’t turn your back on me,” and grabbed/spun me around and started cursing and insulting me.

I was still clueless and wondering what the heck was going on, and then he kicked me square in the chest really hard. At that point, I went after him but a teacher grabbed me. It was a teacher I was close with and he witnessed the whole encounter, so he told me he’d handle it and took the kid to the principal. Eventually, I got called down too and was warned not to retaliate/fight on school property or I’d be in big trouble.

I explained that I didn’t initiate anything and didn’t even know what was happening, but the principal was threatening to suspend me right then. The teacher I was close with stood up for me and got me off the hook. I asked what was going to happen to the other kid, and basically was told nothing and to mind my own business.

The rest of the day, I heard all sorts of rumors that the kid was trash-talking me really bad and wanted to meet me after school. So, at that point, I agreed...As long as it was not on school property at all. So, after school, we met up in an empty parking lot, off school property, and a fight ensued. There was quite a big crowd because word had gotten around. At any rate, I won the fight and he only got off a single punch.

The next day, I was called into the principal’s office and berated for disobeying his orders. I reminded him that he explicitly told me not to fight “on school property,” which I didn’t. This really, really, angered him. Thus, the principal suspended me for a week and warned me that any future issue could mean permanent expulsion.

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41. Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

In elementary school, I went to the bathroom to urinate. Other kids were there and when I entered the toilets, I found a shirt inside. Because I really wanted to pee and lacked some logic, I tried to flush the shirt. After multiple attempts, it didn't go away, so I changed cabins. Half an hour later, a teacher came and asked me why I put the shirt of this child in the toilets and was trying to flush it.

The culprit probably saw me going to the toilets and tried to frame me. I tried to defend myself. However, she didn't believe my story and told me to take off my own shirt, give it to the other poor child and said that she was going to ask my mother to clean the dirty shirt. When my brother got me home, my mother believed me and hurried to the school to clarify things. I still remember it vividly in my head.

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42. An Act Of Defiance

When I was in school, administration doubled down on dress code one year. That meant "absolutely no holes in clothes," among other stupid things. This one kid had a small hole around the calf of one leg of his pants. It was about the size of a small pencil. Administration was insisting that he either change into something else like gym shorts, or go home and change.

Instead, he did something so ingenious, I still think about it today. He grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off the pants to make them knee length shorts with no hole in them. Technically, he was adhering fully to the dress code at that point. The shorts were long enough and within the new dress code. He got sent home for the day regardless and had to serve three days in school suspension for the "defiance." It was absolutely ridiculous. That administration was an absolute joke.

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43. Worth The Suspension

Our superintendent had a two-syllable last name. On account of having to make up snow days or something like that, he pushed the school board to take away all of our three-day weekends and use them as make-up days. One of them was President's Day. The good patriotic citizen that I am, I could not let this injustice stand! Only a terrorist would make us go to school on President's Day!

Do you know those posters with Uncle Sam pointing a finger at the reader saying "I want YOU for the US Army" or whatever branch of the service it advertised? I drew one of those. But instead of Uncle Sam, I drew our superintendent and titled it "[superintendent's name] wants YOU to attend school on President's Day!"

Unbeknownst to me, during a trip to the loo, one of my friends had grabbed the poster and made a copy. He then made a few hundred more copies later. Then, these copies got posted around the school the next day. It was totally worth it. 8/10 would do again, 9/10 with rice.

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44. Showing Off The Undies

Once, I got suspended for three days in Kindergarten for standing up on the table and pulling down my pants to reveal my Pikachu underwear. My friends didn't believe I was wearing Pokemon-themed underwear, so of course, I had to prove myself. The principal thought it was hilarious, from what my mother told me, but was afraid if action wasn't taken, parents would start calling and claiming harassment. It was the best three days of swimming and playing Pokemon Blue ever.

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45. Curiosity Suspended The Cat

When I was in school and 14 years old, I picked up a small toy car I found on campus. As soon as I picked it up, a teacher ran over and accused me of throwing it. I only picked it up out of curiosity to see what it was, but she was adamant that I'd thrown it at someone and was about to again. The detention slip read "for throwing missiles at other students."

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46. Expectations Versus Reality

A student in another class than mine didn’t finish his homework on time because he was at his grandmother’s funeral. The teacher told him, "Math homework is more important than a funeral." The kid totally lost his mind. They ended up suspending him.

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47. He Took Matters Into His Own Hands

In eighth grade, my phone got taken away because my alarm went off during class. The Vice Principal came in and told me I could get my phone back at the end of the day in his office. After school, I went to his office to retrieve my phone. However, he wasn't there. I went to the main office three times to have him called down over the PA system, but he was absolutely nowhere to be found.

My bus arrived, so I walked into his office and grabbed my phone. The next day, I was called down to his office. There, he showed me footage of me going back and forth between the two offices. He then told me I was in trouble for taking back my phone. I wanted to scream. I argued back, asking where he was the previous day when he had said he would be in his office and that the phone was my property to retrieve.

My gosh, to sugarcoat my argument, I even said that I understood why during school the phone was taken away. The Vice Principal wasn't having any of it and told me I was suspended for taking an item from his office. He called my mom and told her none of the details of my suspension, just that I had taken something from his office.

When I got in the car to go home I told my mom exactly what happened, word for word, and she was horribly angry. She stormed into the office and demanded my suspension be lifted. The Vice Principal said there was nothing he could do. A year later, it was discovered he was having an affair with a teacher. Today, there is no doubt in my mind that when I was looking for my vice principal, he was getting steamy with the teacher.

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48. Who’s Really At Fault Here?

I was once suspended for “refusing to turn my phone off during a class,” and for “having it keep ringing.” I took my phone out of my bag during the ensuing argument with the teacher, dismantled it on the desk, took the battery and the sim card out, and then said, "It's not my phone ringing." I then looked down as some phone rang again. I looked over—and couldn't believe where the sound was coming from.

My teacher's bag was flashing and lighting up, so I said, "Mr. Southern, that's your phone ringing." His reply? "I don't have a phone." I replied, "I can see it through the mesh bit of your bag," to which he remarked, "Get out. You're suspended. Go tell the admin office and we'll discuss this next week when you're back." Alright buddy.

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49. All Over Some Cheetos

My school took baseball really seriously, and we worked out crazy hard. My metabolism was also through the roof, so I had to always eat some kind of food pre-lunch. I got a bag of Cheetos and brought them into my English class, which was non-honors/AP, so it was a complete blowoff. I was in public school in Texas, so non-honors/AP is mostly kids that just don't care, and the class was super rowdy.

I bumped myself down to this English class to stay eligible for the baseball team because I had completely forgotten to do a paper once, which would've made me ineligible for baseball. I came in, sat down, and started snacking before the class started. My teacher started the class and I stopped eating, but I snuck one at some point.

She caught me and told me to throw them away, but threw a huge fit about it and started yelling at me. I was obviously confused, but threw them away. I questioned her for getting so angry, so she wrote me up. When I saw the slip, I couldn't believe what she'd said. She wrote that I threw the bag at her and yelled back. I ended up with an in school suspension for a week.

The best part was that my stepdad used to teach at my school, so I knew everyone, including the in school suspension teacher who used to come to our Christmas parties. I basically just got a week's vacation.

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50. Deranged And Quite Strange

There was a deranged kid in middle school who stabbed me multiple times in the arms for no reason. I was standing in the chips/snacks line and he just walked up to me, stabbed me three times, and walked away. I stood there for a couple seconds trying to register what just happened. I had thought he gave me a dead arm, but then the blood started pouring down into a puddle on the ground.

I went to the office and he was called in. The vice-principal walks out of the room for a second and the kid yells at me "You told on me?!" with the devil in his eyes. I said, “ stabbed me dude.” We both got suspended. I was so angry. I was a straight-A student and small for my age. I still have no idea what the kid’s reasoning was, and why he chose me.

I’m still just completely baffled. I moved away after middle school, but from what I heard from friends who went to high school with him, he started pressing designer pills and would give them out to stupid kids to try out. Hopefully, he's incarcerated now, and I have a strong feeling he is.

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