People Share Wedding Moments That Had Them Thinking “Happily Ever After” or “I Give It A Year”

July 23, 2019 | Dylan Fleury

People Share Wedding Moments That Had Them Thinking “Happily Ever After” or “I Give It A Year”

Weddings can be beautiful ceremonies that are filled with moments that not only the couple will cherish and remember for the rest of their lives but also the people who were lucky enough to be in attendance. However, there are pros and cons to having a wedding—and not just the strain it puts on your bank account—as is evident by the wedding experiences shared on Reddit. For every tear-jerking moment, there’s also a cringe-worthy one. For every bride and groom who will clearly stand the test of time, there are others who are drawing up the divorce papers before the cake is even cut. Read about all of these and more down below, but brace for a bumpy road!

1. At Least They’re Honest

I walked by an outdoor wedding in which the bride walked in to "Maneater" and the groom walked in to "Gold Digger". Either the whole family has a great sense of humor or the marriage is doomed.

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2. You Snooze You Lose

My best friend's biological father, who took off when she was very young, threw a fit and made everyone from his family leave because my best friend did her father/daughter dance with her stepdad, who raised her in her father's absence.

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3. A Wedding at the Roxbury

The minister was doing his/her speech during the ceremony and asked, rhetorically, "What is love?" "Baby don't hurt me" was muttered by several groomsmen, who all started cracking up.

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4. Not Very Personal

The bride's two sisters recited the bridal shower speeches, word-for-word, from the movie Bridesmaids. Didn't change anything, and the majority of the attendees did not get it. That was the entirety of their toast. It was completely impersonal and so awkward to experience.

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5. Standing Room Only

My uncle is very cheap and he did not order any tables or chairs for the reception and none of us knew about it beforehand so everyone just kind of awkwardly stood around and ate the food, while some people sat on the floor.

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6. Now This Is a Story…

The maid of honor put on a jersey over her dress and a baseball cap—I think she hid it in a big purse—then started rapping about how proud and happy she was that the bride was getting married to a man that cared for her. It was really heartwarming and hilarious. I recorded it on my old phone, but sadly we couldn't get the video back. Someone next to me made a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reference, of course.

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7. Free Toilet Paper

My brother got married in the gazebo in his wife’s hometown center, in the middle of October. The night before, the local high school-ers toilet papered the trees surrounding the gazebo as a Halloween prank. In the middle of the ceremony, the flower girl loudly exclaimed: “LOOK AT ALL THE TOILET PAPER!” It was pretty awful for my sister-in-law and her mother but a great laugh for me.

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8. Once Is Enough

When my uncle got married, the best man dropped the ring. In the dead silence of the church, you could hear it “ting ting ting” as it bounced along the floor, followed by one of the groomsmen on stage whispering, “Jesus Christ” loud enough for everyone to hear. The pastor didn’t even bat an eye, just said, “The ring has already been blessed, thank you,” and carried on.

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9. Wrong Person to Say That to

My brother-in-law got married, and all the groomsmen were his fraternity brothers, and my wife and my new sister-in-law’s sisters were the bridesmaids. So the wedding goes well, I’m in the audience sitting with my kids while my wife is standing. They do pictures and a party bus to the reception. I’m sitting there with my parents in law and my kids, and all the intros are done.

The bridal party dances in and it’s all cute and fun and stuff. Finally, after dinner, the bridal party is up and around. Up until this point, I literally hadn’t been able to speak to my wife since we left in the morning, because between pictures and travel to the reception, she had been just way to busy. I’m also not an overbearing jealous type, she can have fun at her brother's wedding, I was fine on kid duty.

She had apparently been so busy she couldn’t even go to the bathroom, so she stopped for a second to say hi then ran off to the bathroom with the bridesmaids. The groomsmen, meanwhile, all kind of congregate with the groom as he starts saying his thank-yous and making his rounds. He comes by our table first to talk to his parents and start introducing groomsmen.

Now is where I should insert a small fact—the groom and his buddies are blitzed. As drunk as I’ve ever seen anyone. Apparently, they made very liberal use of the party bus’s bar. Back to the story—my brother-in-law is introducing all the groomsmen when he introduces the one who walked with my wife. The guy proceeds to say, “don’t worry, I’ll be gentle when I take her home tonight!”

His buddies laugh, while the groom and my in-laws stare at him like he is an idiot. Then my brother-in-law says, “Oh, and this is her husband and her two kids.” The color drained from his face as his bros laughed at him. He let out a kind of half-hearted “Just joking!” I literally didn’t see him the rest of the night. The next day, my brother-in-law apologized to my wife and me for him.

He told the dude she was married, but the other bridesmaids were all single. I guess he got confused or something and thought he was given the green light to try to hook up with the groom’s sister. After he realized what he’d said, he went back to the party bus and passed out. The bus was waiting to take just my brother-in-law and his new wife to their honeymoon suite, so they had to deal with the drunk, passed out groomsman before they left.

Otherwise, it was a really fun wedding, and the rest of the groomsmen were cool and promised not to let the dude live it down.

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10. Life-Saving Injury

Roller skate wedding—bride fell down and opened a gash on her head. They finished the ceremony and took her to the hospital. She ended up needing emergency surgery to drain the fluid build up in her head and she ended up having to relearn how to walk. The adverse effects were from the surgery that saved her life, not the accident itself.

Sometimes to save someone, you gotta mess some stuff up.

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11. Just for Laughs—Wedding Edition

I was at my "cousin's" wedding—not actually related, but she's my godmother's daughter. Her and her husband hired this performer for their reception. This woman was dressed up like a plant and was in what looked like a large cement planter outside. My mother and I decided to sit right next to where she was. Every so often she would change position but did so kind of slowly, almost like she was being moved by the wind in slow motion.

Now that in and of itself isn't really that cool. What was great though, was the fact that this woman dressed as a plant was manufacturing fun for herself. She would stay still and wait for people to stop in front of her and start a conversation. When she was sure they hadn't noticed her, she would start moving and scare the crap out of the people that were there. My mother and I got a good hour or so of amusement from that.

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12. Animals Are Welcome

My cousin had her wedding at a zoo because she was a vet tech. Her first date was at a zoo, as well as her engagement, so it just made sense. I was a bridesmaid so we got to be up close to the animals. The giraffes kept trying to eat the bouquets during the pictures, and they were nontoxic, so it was mostly just funny and cute.

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13. Marrying a Wannabe Stuntman

Watching the groom and his best men ride the bathtub that was used for the beer down a hill and not die. It was a hill for loading boats into a river. It was like a 150-foot ride and they ended up going scary fast. The bath broke into pieces but all five of the men were fine—somehow.

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14. Tell Us How You Really Feel

The bride and groom are at the altar, the minister is speaking, saying something to the effect of, "We are here in the presence of friends and family who are all here to give this union their blessing" to which the groom's mother stands up and says, "No, not everyone. I do not give this my blessing." It was both horrible and kind of hilarious.

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15. Soup Break

I was at a wedding where the family had a tradition that between the wedding and the reception, the couple would take a 15-minute break to share a large bowl of chicken soup. They ate at a table in the middle of the courtyard and no one was allowed to come near. Not only does it prevent the starving bride problem, but it emphasizes that they are accountable only to each other.

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16. My Best Friend’s Girl

At my wedding the registrar said the best man's name instead of mine during the “I do's” and my wife was too busy staring at me to notice. My mate, with pure class, started to stand up and walk up to take my place! I gave him the evil monkey stare and the whole room was laughing pretty hard. The registrar's face was bright red and she apologized for it.

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17. Do I Know You?

Just prior to my sister's wedding ceremony beginning, as everyone was getting in place and last minute things were being done in this big old Catholic Church, my father noticed a woman with a confused look at the back of the Church and approached her, asking if she needed anything. She informed him she was the BRIDE, then opened a beat-up suitcase she had which contained something resembling a wedding-type dress.

My father, suspecting she had some mental health issues, played along, suggesting that she may be in the wrong church. When that didn't work, he slipped off and called the police. In the meantime, the lady walked up to my soon to be brother-in-law and said "You aren't going to leave me this time." When the police pulled up to the church, the lady spotted them and made a quick exit.

Turns out she had a habit of pulling this stunt. My brother-in-law still occasionally reminds my sister that he had a choice on their wedding day, but still chose her.

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18. Welcome to the Family!

My friends’ wedding with acts committed entirely by the groom’s family. His dad yelled out what he thought were jokes during the vows, most of which centered around the idea that his son was worthless, lazy and ugly. He did this during the speeches too until his wife had to tell him to shut up. During the wedding breakfast, his cousin loudly critiqued all of the food and drink within earshot of the top table.

She concluded this by going outside to make a phone call to a friend, who she told that she would rather have ordered a pizza and eaten that at the table instead. His mother somehow missed the announcement about the cutting of the cake despite sitting six feet from the DJ when he announced it. His aunt then tracked him down and screamed at him in the middle of the dance floor because apparently, it was somehow his fault.

When he then removed himself to the pub next door for some peace, she stalked around the entire venue trying to find him so she could scream at him some more, insulting any guests she wasn’t related to as she went. The problems continued when his family discovered that the DJ had been asked not to take song requests from anyone except the bride and groom.

This was because his family had used song requests to cause arguments at the engagement party. At the wedding, they instead directed their anger at the DJ, who was called a number of unflattering things for refusing. Midway through the reception, his uncle decided to join in by calling each of the bridesmaids ugly as they passed by him.

My partner, the only person of color there, was assigned a racist nickname by several of the groom’s family during the reception, which they repeated loudly and often, whether he was in the room or not. During the first dance, the newly married couple invited everyone to join them on the dance floor for the last part of the song.

When my partner and I were spotted dancing together—the only gay men there—we received a few delightful homophobic slurs from several of the groom’s family, loud enough to be heard over the music. That side of the family then determined that they didn’t like the seating arrangements, so they moved a number of tables into one corner of the room so they could all sit together away from the rest of us.

They also agreed on a system amongst themselves where, whenever the bride or one of her guests stepped onto the dance floor, they would all leave it en-masse to sit nearby, staring angrily until they left. When they eventually decided they’d had enough, they announced to the room that they’d had a terrible time and were calling a minibus to pick them up early.

The hour they were gone was the only part of the day where anybody else could actually relax and have a good time, including the happy couple. So yeah—take your pick.

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19. That’s Our Thing

People throwing cupcakes at each other because the bride and groom had smashed a cupcake into each other’s face.

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20. Mixing up the Venue and Menu

The worst was when the groom totally passed out—heatstroke maybe, it was super hot—and bonked his head pretty darn good as he went down. He ended up having to go to the ER. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, and they got married at the hospital by the same priest. The reception was a bit toned down that night, but the show must go on.

Best was when the groom and groom both decided wedding food was trash while shopping for caterers. We had grills set up by the beach, and they paid people to just do burgers, grilled chicken, grilled pineapple, and other stuff all day. There was also an ice cream bar. To be honest, I appreciate a good grilled chicken sandwich much more than some nasty fish that's been in a warmer for four hours.

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21. So Much for Til Death Do Us Part

The worst thing involved the priest's homily at my uncle's wedding. He basically said marriage doesn't last forever and to not expect it to last too long. Exactly everything you wouldn't want to hear, especially from a priest. Best thing was at the same wedding. My uncle's friends rigged a cannon to go off at the end of the wedding.

It went off, scaring the hell out of everyone and leading to the police showing up with rifles.

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22. They Were Warned

A guest let their children play in the kitchen a couple of hours before the wedding despite repeatedly being told not to let their children in there—among other things, apparently they’d been misbehaving a lot. The kids destroyed the wedding cake. I believe they were related to the bride somehow, and that’s why they were there so early.

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23. Not an Ideal Start

My husband went out with his dad and soon to be father-in-law the night before the wedding, got totaled, and spent the wedding day unable to function. My dad had to help him get dressed the next morning because he couldn't manage otherwise! During the ceremony, I had to hold his hands to keep him from tipping over.

While we were on the way to the reception, at a fancy hotel downtown, we had to pull the limo over so my brand-spankin' new husband could pee on the highway because he hadn't gone before we left. Prior to peeing, he threw an absolutely mortifying tantrum in the limo and screamed at his cousin, my sister, his brother, and myself.

He then sat through the entire dinner with his head down and the mute button on. He said maybe three words the entire dinner. On top of all this, my stepbrother-in-law showed up high on horse tranquilizers and passed out in his bowl of fettuccine, making for a pretty unremarkable wedding day.

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24. A Wedding Fit for a Meme

Best and worst was at my wedding. We had a photo go viral the next day of us kissing—our SECOND kiss, mind you—with the officiant holding an “achievement unlocked—obtain a wife” sign. Our friend who took the picture put it on Reddit the next day and it exploded. We saw so many posts of people loving it, hating it, calling my wife fat, calling me a misogynist for “making her have that on the first kiss.”

Never mind the fact that it wasn’t the first kiss, but it wasn't even my idea to have it. My wife's a much more hardcore gamer than I have ever been and she's the one who had it made. She and I both shed a few tears in sadness, anger, frustration. and even laughed a bit at the time, and neither of us went near Reddit for years after.

That was—seven years ago? We're still very happily married, the sign is still over our TV, and we still see our image pop up on websites trying to claim it every couple of months. I don’t know if we were the first to do it but for sure we were the first to have it go viral.

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25. Context Is Important

After my sister's wedding, the photographer was taking various shots against the background of the hotel garden of the bride's family, groom's family, etc. Then, for some reason, the photographer gets my dad and the groom's dad to stand on either side of my sister and shake hands in front of her. At the time they just went along with it, but in every photo of that scene, the dads look like they've just sealed a great livestock deal, and my sister's grinning awkwardly like “WHAT THE HELL??!?!?”

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26. Too Many Stories to Share

Context—I work at a banquet hall, so on average, I may watch a little less than 100 weddings a year. Best—a little boy, about four years old, eagerly catching the garter during the garter toss, only to be told by whom I assumed was one of his relatives what it meant, resulting in the boy throwing the garter as far as he could and running away in terror.

Worst—Bridesmaid’s boyfriend gets drunk and starts a fight with her. He gets physical with her and rips her dress. The groom intervenes and gets in the dude's face for starting trouble at his wedding. Groom and boyfriend begin shoving and the groom's mother tries to break it up. Boyfriend shoves the groom's mother so the groom goes ballistic and starts beating up the boyfriend.

Boyfriend manages to get away but not before grabbing his girlfriend’s purse off her chair and makes a run for it. He steals her car, and gets pulled over by the cops about two miles down the road for driving on the wrong side. At this point, everyone at the reception was totally smashed and when the cops came they just sat everyone on the curb like they were teenagers because literally no one was sober enough to drive home.

They snuck in their own nips, which was proven by the police. The bride complained the next day that we cleaned up everything before the rented room time was up, even though at this time everyone was being benched by the police so no one was going back to the reception. They wanted a full refund, which was denied.

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27. Did I Do That?

I was at a large hotel and there was a good size wedding reception in the bar area. After a couple of drinks, I decided to use the restroom. I went into a stall and a bouquet of flowers was shoved into the toilet. I turned around to see a few guys that looked to be groomsmen and nicely dressed guests. I said that someone had shoved a bouquet in the toilet.

One of the men proclaimed in a stereotypical gay accent, “Oh no he didn’t!” I then saw the group storm out. I went ahead and used another stall and washed up. When I returned to the bar area there was a complete full on brawl happening. People were beating the hell out of each other, throwing stuff, screaming. I found my significant other at the time and we kind of stood by and watched.

It poured out to the parking area and then the police showed up. Several people were arrested and I saw the poor bride crying her eyes out. This was in the middle of Wisconsin. These people all looked very attractive, healthy, suburban, upper-middle-class families. It was very surprising as I saw them all celebrating together only an hour or so before.

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28. Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!

The officiant at a conservative Christian wedding said during his talk, “So, the wedding night. During my wedding night, there was something I wanted to do. But I was too nervous to ask for it so I didn’t say anything. But I encourage you two to do it. And that thing—is kneel. And pray together.” Best man lost it and luckily it broke the tension, but hands down the most awkward moment of my LIFE.

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29. A Sign Would’ve Been Nice

College friends of mine were both from pretty fancy families back east. She had been raised by her mom and stepdad, who sprang for the wedding and reception at their extra posh country club. Her dad and stepmom were also fancy people, but basically disinterested parties in the whole event UNTIL two days before the ceremony, when stepmom showed up to “preview” the location.

She was aghast—shocked!—about the condition of the wooden chairs the country club supplied for guests to sit on during the ceremony. So much so that she contacted the grounds department and demanded that the chairs be painted before the event. She offered to pay. Imagine the horror of all parties involved when the guests stood up after the ceremony finished with parallel horizontal stripes on their garments from the not-dry fresh paint.

The groundskeepers had painted the chairs the evening before the wedding. So not only did the jealous dad and stepmom pay for unnecessary chair painting, they paid for a ton of dry cleaning.

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30. Editor for Hire

Our videographer was about 45 minutes late to the ceremony—Catholic Mass, so it's usually about an hour—missed the vows and all the other usual "wedding stuff." He stayed late at the reception to make up for it. Thankfully he was at least good enough to call and say he would be late so we could get some friends and family to take video at the last minute.

But then we had to sue him to actually get our unedited video, over six months after it was supposed to be finished. Currently looking for someone to make something decent out of the combination of cell phone videos and professional stuff.

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31. Tragic Ending to a Wonderful Weekend

During a three-day wedding, the first night had a raging party. Everyone had just really good clean fun. Nobody was heinously drunk or dramatic, the food was awesome, the servers were hilarious, and the music was the perfect volume and style. Truly a once in a lifetime kind of party and everyone had an absolute blast from the 90-year-old grandpa to the one-year-old toddler.

Next day was the wedding. The bride and groom are coming separately to the church, but the groom is late. He's stuck in traffic, but he'll be there, he's all ready and tux-ed up so it's literally just up to him to slide into the church and get to the alter. He was nervous standing there because he’d been so late—45 minutes—because of the accident but whatever, he's there now.

Bride is stunning and doesn't care that things are delayed as nothing can ruin this day. They say their I dos and start to walk back down the aisle. Groom slams to the floor dead before he hits. Massive aneurysm took him out. Photographer has rapid shots of him going down. The traffic he hit on the way there was a result of the bride's grandparents in a car accident, also dead on impact.

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32. That Was Bound to Happen

I grew up going to Jewish weddings and tradition is to put the bride and groom on separate chairs, lift them into the air and sometimes they hold hands over a divider that separates men and women. Well, I went to one where the bride fell off the chair and she started crying. I always felt like it was a bad idea in the first place ever since I was little, thinking about what if this exact scenario played out.

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33. Quit Horsing Around!

My horseback riding instructor told me a story of a time somebody requested a horse for a traditional wedding—I forget what culture, but I think it was Native American. They put the horse in the aisle and these people surrounded the horse with firecrackers and sparklers in the small enclosed space! The horse then proceeded to freak out and bolt it out of that place while destroying anything and everything on his way out.

They never brought a horse to a wedding again.

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34. Perfect Timing

Went to a friend’s wedding years ago at a super nice venue on a cliff overlooking Lake Travis outside Austin. It was to be an outdoor wedding and just like clockwork, it starts pouring 10 minutes before it’s supposed to begin. They scramble and move the ceremony to under the back covered patio at the main building of the venue.

It’s very crowded, everyone is pretty wet, pissed, and the rain is super loud. It looks to be a total disaster. The makeshift altar happened to be directly in front of the view of the lake but it was so dark and rainy you couldn’t even see the lake. All of a sudden, like in a movie, the rain stops, the clouds pass and a huge rainbow appears directly behind the bride and groom over the lake.

You couldn’t have placed the rainbow any closer to the bride and groom and it really was something special, along with the free food and booze and hotel room.

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35. Must Be Allergy Season

I was best man at my best friend’s wedding. I'm not gonna lie, I cry at weddings, but I was gonna make an effort not to cry this time. Everything was going well, the bridesmaids and groomsmen took their places, as did the groom, and I'm standing next to my best friend, so happy for him. The song starts to play and his bride walks out and looks beautiful in her dress.

I smile and look back at my friend to see his shoulders kind of bouncing. Then I heard a few sniffles and a quiet cry come from him. My first thought was “don't you do this” but then it was too late and I shed a couple of tears and put my hand on his shoulder. It's a small thing but the fact that I got to share it with one of the best friends I've ever had makes it very special to me.

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36. We Booked a Zoo!

Attended a wedding where the venue had to be changed to the zoo at the last minute. I was unaware one could even have a zoo wedding but apparently, there's a pavilion for just such events. A member of the wedding party arrived early and decided to get a jump on the drinking, became drunk and passed out on the picnic tables outside the pavilion area across from the monkeys.

When I asked if anyone was aware there was a passed out person I was told, “ Oh yeah, no worries they do that a lot”. It never would have crossed my mind to get all messed up at the zoo, but now I've seen it.

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37. 90 in Age, 20 in Spirit

My buddy married a woman who was estranged from most of her family, save her 90-plus-year-old grandpa. They were so close and he was in poor health that the wedding was held in grandpa’s backyard, so he could be there. 36 hours before the wedding, he had a massive heart attack and was rushed to the ER. They were recommending hospice/palliative care and bride-to-be was going to call off the wedding.

Grandpa insisted it go on, even with him not being at his own house because people were flying from all over the country. All of this during intermittent bouts of consciousness. Fast forward to the wedding and this determined granddad “broke out” of the hospital. He just unhooked all his equipment/IV stuff and took a cab to his own house hours before the wedding.

The family that was invited was incredibly upset but knew how close he was to the bride and he ended up staying through the whole ceremony without issue. Slept in his bed and then returned to the hospital the next day. Think he also drank a few beers. Absolute legend of a man.

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38. Should’ve Done His Research

There was a couple that had been best friends forever—like, many years. They never put the boyfriend/girlfriend label on anything, but they were both in the military, lived together, and were an item long before they introduced each other as girlfriend and boyfriend. By the time they started "dating," they only really dated for about a year before they got married, even though they'd effectively been together for over a decade.

Their families knew each other and everyone who knew them knew they were going to eventually get married. It wasn't weird if you knew them. During their wedding, they were brought to the dance floor to play some kind of newlywed game while the DJ—who didn't know them—MC'd the event. He asked how long they dated, to which they said just under a year.

The DJ goes on this rant about how he can't believe people that only know each other for a short period of time and get married. He un-ironically asked them if they understood that they were getting MARRIED and that he seriously doubted that they'd known each other for long enough to make that kind of commitment. Yikes.

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39. Everything That Could Go Wrong Did

This is pretty tame compared to some of y'all experiences, but here it goes. My parents never got a real wedding due to them both being in the military and my mom being deployed to Desert Storm fairly last minute. They did a Justice of the Peace ceremony before she left for Saudi. For their 20th anniversary, they decided to have a small vow renewal ceremony on their favorite beach near where they first met with a couple of family members and close friends, and some amazing shenanigans went down.

While my mom was getting ready, the setting of her wedding ring came clean off, and we searched the hotel room for an hour to find the stone. We half-jokingly, half-superstitiously wondered if my dad was going to meet a horrible end that day. I was my mom's bridesmaid, but the day before the ceremony, I crashed my bicycle and got hella whiplash.

I couldn't move my neck at all, and kept it tilted in the most awkward position for the next day. We sent my dad out to get some aspirin, and he accidentally got the stuff laced with Nyquil—we didn't realize this until it was too late. I spent the first half of the ceremony wobbling and trying not to pass out, and it shows in some of the photos.

During the ENTIRE CEREMONY, some drunk idiot we've never seen before set up camp on the rocks right next to where we were. He was SUPER off-key singing all the lyrics to "Let's Get It On." The chaplain himself couldn't keep a straight face. My cousin was in charge of videotaping the ceremony on my mom's cheap digital camcorder, and she did a pretty good job for a 13-year-old kid.

However, on our way to the reception, a guy pulls up next to our car on his bike completely butt-naked, and my cousin couldn't resist snagging a shot of that. Turns out, she recorded over some of my dad's—would've been beautiful—vows. My mom now has a 10-second clip of a naked cyclist as part of her wedding video. This was probably my favorite story when we were reminiscing at their 30th anniversary last year.

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40. Party on, Matt

My ex-husband and I were at his cousin’s wedding. Another cousin of his—25, male—was a groomsman. He was an absolutely GIANT guy—6’4” tall, roughly 181 kg (400 lbs.)—and totally the life of the party. Picking kids up and throwing them in the air, holding the groom on his shoulders, dancing like a maniac, having a blast.

I went to the bathroom and came back to the reception to the music cut and everyone circled around the dance floor just—panicked. There was Matt. Completely purplish red and on the floor while a guest performed CPR and others were calling 9-1-1, taking his pulse, screaming. He passed away from a massive heart attack. Pronounced dead on the scene.

The reception ended right then and there, obviously. The bride and groom were supposed to leave for their honeymoon to Hawaii that same evening. They ended up not going and instead they stayed home to attend the funeral, where the groom was a pallbearer.

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41. As Close to a Miracle As It Gets

This is a story about my ex-in-laws family. I doubt they are on Reddit, but I would like to share this, as it is very touching. I've seen video footage of it as evidence and it's incredible. The father of the bride is Jack—he was a teacher all of his life and from the stories, a very intelligent and interesting man. When I first met him—after the wedding I shall mention—he had full onset Alzheimer's.

He could not communicate, had to be led around with a strap around his waist so he did not run away and at that first dinner, he kept eating the pats of butter with the wrappers on. He needed constant attention and monitoring and was oblivious to the world around him. I'd look him in the eye though and swear there was something going on in there.

To the story of his daughter's wedding—this was a couple of years before I met him but he was then still as unresponsive as I had known him. During the wedding, his daughter had insisted that no matter how, she wanted to dance with her dad. She'd chosen an old song that I think he would sing to her as a kid. The song started and she managed to coax him up to his feet and lead him around the dance floor a little, him staggering awkwardly.

Then, as everyone watched on, the most incredible thing happened. From out of nowhere, he started to smile. And then he looked at his daughter and started to sing the song. He had been completely mute for years and here, for this moment, he came back to life. Everyone was crying their eyes out as he swung her around the dance floor, smiling and singing like the dad she had loved from before.

The dance ended, and as quickly as his consciousness returned, it left again and he's not knowingly smiled or spoken since. But for that two or three minutes, when it mattered most to his daughter on her special day, daddy came back.

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42. A Maury Povich Wedding

I went to my husband's brother's wedding a few years ago. His ex came, uninvited. We thought this was a little weird but didn't think much of it as she sat down. She was carrying a baby. When the “any objections” was called, she stood up, and said that he had gotten her pregnant and this was his son. The groom looked ashamed.

He tried to deny it, but then she held up proof that it was his child. The wife ran out of the wedding, they broke up. You may be thinking, well, I mean he could've gotten her pregnant before his ex-fiancé and him were dating, right? Nope. He and his ex-fiancé had been dating for three years and engaged for one and a half.

The baby was only about two months old.

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