The Best "Christmas Is Ruined" Stories

December 19, 2022 | Mathew Burke

The Best "Christmas Is Ruined" Stories

The holidays are supposed to be a time of tremendous joy that we all look forward to every year—but what happens when they’re not? As much fun as they can be under ordinary circumstances, they can really suck when life gets in the way and spoils our ability to enjoy them. So what exactly does it take to ruin the most wonderful time of the year? These poor people know first hand.

1. Sudden Tragedy

Last Christmas Eve, my mom sadly left us at 71 years old. Then, on New Year's Eve, we also lost my dad to a heart attack at the age of 78. Needless to say, this really took a toll on the holiday season for me and my family. Just when we thought things couldn't get worse, our whole family ended up with horrible stomach problems from the meal that was catered at the church for the funeral. It might sound kind of funny now, but it wasn't at ALL in the moment…

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2. Not Exactly the Ideal Christmas Dinner

My Christmas took a nosedive this year when my mother-in-law attempted to give my oldest child a mango, despite the fact that they've had an allergy to it for the past 11 years. My oldest was straight-up shocked: "Why would you do that?! Grandma, I can't eat those!" 

But Grandma just shrugged it off with, "It'll be fine, it's Christmas!" Well, that's a hard no. Last time I checked, food allergies aren't known for taking a holiday break, you know...

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3. Farewell, My Feline Friend

Out of nowhere, my precious cat Nero left us on Christmas Eve. I had been his caretaker for nearly 15 years, and he held such a special place in my heart. Nero, I miss you always.

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4. There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

I'm based in Vancouver, a city where most of its residents aren't even originally from here. Just about everyone I know here, including my friends and my girlfriend, are from other places. This means they all head back to their respective homes when Christmas rolls around. 

So, for the past three years, I've spent the holiday season all by myself. That's what usually spoils my Christmas. It just feels too lonely.

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5. Dinner Reservations

Once, our house lost power on Christmas Eve. Despite our pleas to the utility company, they were unable to assist. The outage lasted all through Christmas, with no power to run our fridge. Our home-cooked holiday feast spoiled. Ultimately, we ended up eating our Christmas dinner at McDonald's.

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6. Showing Them All Who’s Boss

Who spoilt Christmas this year? Yep, that would be me! I was asked to join a cozy dinner by my boss and his big family. Even though I was so nervous I was shaking like a leaf, the evening was going quite well—until my disastrous mistake.

Just to paint the picture, my boss had recently promoted me to manager at his small-scale company with just five of us there. He found out that I was about to spend my Christmas solo and decided he couldn’t let that happen. So, he kindly asked me to join his family's celebration. He also insisted on driving me back home after the dinner.

Now, here's the twist. After living in a bustling city, I haven't had to step into a car for a very long time. So much so that this journey home was my first car ride in nearly a year. As soon as I got into my boss's fancy car, my stomach turned. Desperately needing some fresh air, I tried to roll down the window, but it was child locked, probably because of my boss's newborn baby.

Feeling cornered and reduced to a puddle of misery, there was a point where I knew I couldn't hold back. And then, the unthinkable happened. I vomited inside of my boss's car! After the floodgates opened, I felt mortified. I immediately offered to get it cleaned, while being red with embarrassment, and his response floored me. He simply said, "No worries, I’m more concerned about your wellbeing." Guess I really hit the jackpot with this boss!

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7. A Slight Change of Plans

If something could spoil Christmas, this was definitely it. My soon-to-be wife suddenly chose to call off our wedding, ending our relationship that had spanned over several years. This happened just a few days before the winter celebrations were about to start. 

She left me utterly heartbroken. It was simply so hard to find holiday cheer after experiencing a blow like that...

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8. Let’s All Wish Him a Speedy Recovery

On December 14 this year, I got the most devastating news ever. My brother had been struck by a vehicle and suffered severe, dreadful injuries. Despite the doctors' best efforts, he's still in the hospital, in a medically-induced coma. Needless to say, finding any joy in the holiday season this year has been incredibly tough for me.

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9. Not Quite Words of Love

Christmas was spoiled for me when my dad made a rude comment about my girlfriend during our holiday visit. When he said it, my jaw literally dropped. I We felt we had to leave after that, particularly since he wouldn't say sorry. He defended himself by saying, "That's what 'they're' called". Definitely not a pleasant Christmas dinner for anyone. Cheers, dad.

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10. Sounds Like You Have Some Nutty People in Your Family!

This year, my Christmas was completely ruined because everyone strangely overlooked my nut allergy and went ahead to use nuts in all our meals. Consequently, I had to spend Christmas in the ICU. Appreciate it, team family!

Ruined ChristmasPexels


11. Not Exactly Model Behavior

I gifted my boyfriend a model kit for Christmas, assuming he'd be over the moon. Turns out, I missed the mark. He labeled it as "cheap," suggesting that it might not even be worth his time to put together. Adding insult to injury, he reassured me not to let it deter me from getting him more gifts down the line. 

His reaction left me feeling like dirt, casting a shadow over my entire Christmas experience.

Ruined ChristmasPikist

12. Something Was Missing

What put a damper on my Christmas this year was my sister's absence. She recently moved overseas and couldn't get back in time for the holidays. I initially didn't think it would affect me, but I found myself missing her profoundly. We shared countless Christmas customs that are simply not the same without her, and I felt a missing sense of joy during this year's Christmas dinner.

While I'm grateful she's still alive and well, Christmas felt lonelier without her than I ever anticipated. It was not a terrible holiday, just that it lacked the familial completeness I'm used to during Christmas.

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13. Brotherly Love

What really spoiled Christmas for me this year was the argument my brother sparked with my sister about who was responsible for winning WWII. It was absolutely insane. He was definitely mistaken, and she wasn't about to let him off the hook. Things escalated to the point where he was shouting and calling her an idiot, which is when we decided to leave. 

And get this - my sister isn't just making things up. She holds a degree in political science and is even a world history teacher.

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14. It’s All About the Attitude

Last Christmas, post-lunch, my brother suffered a pretty severe migraine, so bad he had to throw up multiple times. Upon recovering enough to join us, he raised both of his arms and enthusiastically declared, "Hooray! This Christmas is a calorie-free affair for me!" 

Immediately after, he was promptly told to shut up and he returned to catching some shut-eye for the remainder of the day.

Ruined ChristmasUnsplash

15. A New Christmas Tradition

Working retail on Christmas morning really took the joy out of the holiday for me. The store was so crowded, making my shift quite tense. But, because it's so busy, the higher-ups will likely keep the store open next Christmas too. They might even decide to extend the opening hours that day in the future.

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16. Bugged

I woke up with a nasty stomach flu at 5:00 am on Christmas Day. I felt awful, but it was so much worse than I realized. I ended up getting sick eight times, which meant I had to miss out on going to my dad's and my grandparents' for dinner. I had been looking forward to this Christmas more than any before. Yet, in the end, I found myself alone, stuck in bed feeling queasy. Oh joy!

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17. To Save My Uncle, I Have to Become My Uncle

Our uncle recently left his kids due to his struggles with substance abuse. It's a tough situation, but my sister's reaction was just plain nuts. She started drinking heavily and mentioned wanting to use drugs with our uncle in a "safe setting", hoping it would help him reconnect with reality — whatever she meant by that.

She assured us she wouldn't "become an addict," and that she "just wants to understand his experience" so she can attempt to aid him. The past few hours have been emotionally draining as we've tried to convince her that this approach just won't work.

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18. Oh What a Terrible Morning

During this Christmas, my dear great aunt was unfortunately deported and oh boy, I got a darn cup lodged in my garbage disposal. What a terrible day it's been!

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19. Worried Sick

Christmas was ruined for me when a typhoon tore through my family's hometown in the Philippines. Due to the eight hour time difference, we spent all of Christmas Day checking our phones constantly for any updates. It was a total nightmare. After a stressful 36 hours with no word from them, everyone was incredibly exhausted and edge. 

Thankfully, it turns out everyone is safe and sound, although the damage is quite significant. I'll have to wait till their electricity is restored for the full story, but for now, I'm relieved and can breathe a little easier.

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20. Dinner and a Show

What messed up my Christmas this year? Well, it was chowing down on an immense plate of turkey and gravy, and topping it off with a HEFTY serving of broccoli casserole. I don't need to tell you that the two-hour drive back home after that was far from enjoyable...

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21. A Bad Year to Be a Gift

This year, our Christmas was kind of a disaster, thanks to two unfortunate events. To start, my inquisitive little five-year-old just couldn't resist the temptation and peeped at all his presents three days before Christmas. Then, just when I thought that was bad enough, something disgusting happened: Our pooch decided to relieve himself on our Christmas tree, the pretty tree skirt, and yep, over everyone's presents as well. Guess that's our version of having a Merry Christmas.

Ruined ChristmasUnsplash

22. My Way or the Highway

This year, my sister put a damper on our family's Christmas celebrations. She was going through a rough patch mentally and had adopted a "misery loves company" mindset that lasted the whole week. Made everyone miserable.

Ruined ChristmasPexels


23. Dropping Like Flies

Christmas got completely thrown off track this year because everyone in my family came down with the flu. And I'm not talking about your standard flu either. We're talking about the chaotic, race-to-the-bathroom-first kind of flu. Nobody was left untouched and it was a total disaster. 

One by one, my family members succumbed to the sickness until all our festive plans laid in ruins, like a pile of crumbled gingerbread cookies.

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24. If You Don’t Have Your Health, You Don’t Have Anything

The festive season took a serious downward turn this year—right about the time the flu hit and left me on the toilet for all of Christmas morning.

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25. Terrible Timing

This Christmas was really tough for me as my grandma was in the hospital. The worst part was, I wasn't able to visit her because I was stuck at work the whole time.

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26. But Tell Us What She Really Thinks!

This year, my Christmas was spoiled because my mom screamed at me, accusing me of being an inconsiderate, unpleasant, self-absorbed daughter. She's being so annoying and unreasonable, it took the joy out of the holiday for me.

Ruined ChristmasPexels

27. May He Rest in Peace

The reason Christmas was tough for me this year was because I lost my dad on December 22nd. We had his cremation on December 26th. I spent Christmas Day at the funeral home with his body, arranging the memorial service. I spent an hour alongside him on a bed, having a one-sided conversation, expressing to him how deeply I missed him and hoping beyond hope he would stir awake.

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28. I’ve Got a Secret

This Christmas really lost its charm for me when I discovered that my 19-year-old sister had secretly tied the knot with her boyfriend and hasn't broken the news to us. It seems she's keeping it under wraps till she comes to visit. To put it mildly, we're not the biggest fans of her boyfriend, or rather, husband, who we feel doesn't treat her as well as she should be treated. This Christmas might shape up to be quite the spectacle...

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29. Mother's Little Helper

It seems like every holiday season, my family falls into major disagreements. This year was the first time I lost my cool. I'm 32. Here's the shortest version possible: I'm half-Korean and half-white. My mom's Korean, my dad is white, and his family is the only side we have here in the US.

Over the years, I've noticed certain relatives from my father's side treat my mom poorly. She's never included in plans, and my brother and I often feel like outsiders. To be honest, I'm less concerned with how they treat me. Each year, we usually bite the bullet and get through the holiday season as it's just a couple of times a year.

Despite the way they treat her, my mom buys them gifts every year without expecting something in return. She never complains. My 80-year-old grandma on the white side of my family is truly the only tie keeping us connected to these relatives. I witnessed multiple times, just this Christmas, an aunt speak rudely to my mom, treat her like she doesn't understand English and belittle her over simple things like "Where should I sit?"

Seeing my mom shrink back in silence was too much. It was this aunt, more than anyone else, that pushed me to my limit. I lost my temper. They all froze when I exploded, demanding my mom be treated with respect and as an equal in her own home. I couldn't bear to see her talked down to over simple questions, especially when she's been fluent in English for over 35 years. I had enough of witnessing this year after year and promised it would not continue.

The outburst made my aunt so upset that she stormed out. As she left, I handed her the gift from my mom, saying, "For 30 years, I've seen my mom present you with a gift each year. She always treats you with equality and respect. I've never seen you do the same for her." She didn't respond, but to my surprise, she apologized to my mom before exiting.

Before departing, I apologized to everyone for my outburst, explaining my frustration. It was shocking to them, but they seemed to understand a bit more afterwards. Despite this, the incident caused tension and people left early. The constant family drama has led my grandma to consider not hosting Christmas in the future, which I feel guilty about. Still, I can't deny the pride I feel for defending my mom.

Upon leaving, my mom gave me one of her long, comforting hugs. All she did was ask if I wanted one of my favorite Korean dishes. It was her way of saying she was proud of me. It felt good. And with Grandma's 80th birthday coming up, I bet people will think twice about disrespecting my mom. Cheers and here's to a Happy New Year!

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30. Double Whammy

I had a less than ideal Christmas this year as I was by myself, with nothing but my feelings to keep me company. There wasn't even any tasty food to enjoy.

Ruined ChristmasPexels

31. He Should Probably Get That Checked Out...

What dampened my holiday spirit this year was discovering that one of my cousins is not in the best of health. I hadn't laid eyes on him for a little while, and during that time, he's developed a hernia, specifically in his groin area. Disturbingly, it has enlarged to the size of a soccer ball. Despite being just 27, he's become so unwell that he appears and sounds more like a person in their mid-40s. But that's not even the most upsetting part.

Unnervingly, he rejects the idea of seeking medical help for his condition. He's had a long history of dealing with depression and I'm concerned that he may be resigning himself to an untimely end.

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32. Spoiling the Party

What really put a damper on my festive spirit this year was discovering my family had a Christmas gathering... and I wasn't included.

In the days leading up to the 25th, I received a card from them about a charity event. I assumed it was their subtle hint that they weren't planning any family festivities this year. Shockingly, it turned out to be an indirect way of saying I wasn't on the guest list.

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33. It May Never Feel Right Again

My little boy left us during the summer. The holiday season, especially Christmas, just didn't seem the same this year.

Ruined ChristmasUnsplash

34. Time Doesn’t Heal All

A couple of months back, I made the tough call to exclude my difficult mother from my life. As luck would have it, the holidays rolled around and my grandmother along with some cousins thought I should catch the Christmas cheer and make amends with my mother. Their reason? "It's Christmas!" But I'm not one to forgive a person who hasn't shown any remorse. 

I'm not about to welcome people like that back into my life just because it's a festive period. Navigating through this situation was truly challenging for me. Undeniably, it put a damper on my Christmas celebrations this year.

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35. Turning on the Waterworks

This year's Christmas turned sour thanks to my grumpy grandma. She's always had a knack for unpleasantness, but this time, she crossed a line. Shockingly, she even brought my normally stoic mom to tears. Trust me, that's rare – my mom's a rock, always keeping her emotions in check. So, if she was weeping this badly, you can just imagine the level of drama we experienced at Christmas...

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36. O Come All Ye Unfaithful

I discovered my husband's infidelity during our Christmas at home 15 years ago, and those days were incredibly hard for me. The thought of celebrating the festive season was far from my thoughts that year. Luckily, just a year later, I was in a position to reflect and appreciate my current Christmas over the one from the previous year. Sending out a big heartfelt hug to anyone who's ever experienced something like this.

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37. Father Doesn’t Always Know Best

Growing up, almost every single Christmas was spoiled for me due to my father's struggle with drinking. Each festive season, he would come up with different lies to account for the lack of presents. The most common excuse was "I forgot them in my work truck". He'd bring up this line even after Christmas, in hopes that we would eventually let it slide. In truth, we'd stop asking, but we always remembered.

We'd often come across him on Christmas Day, half asleep in his car from the night's drinking spree. His temperament would also generally sour during holidays, turning violent. This probably underpins my long-standing disdain for Christmas.

Nonetheless, I now have a wonderful girlfriend and her loving family who include me in their Christmas celebrations each year. It's due to them that, for once, I am actually beginning to find joy in the holiday season.

Ruined ChristmasUnsplash

38. The Sound Of Silence

It's Christmas, and there's this strange, low humming sound that's permeating my home. The source seems to be outside our possessions. This can be attributed to our terraced house setup, as noises from any corner can easily carry through the entire row.

The sound is reminiscent of a fan working. It even strikes an E-note! But here's the kicker—I am the only one who seems to hear it within my house. When I plug my ears, the noise disappears, affirming that it's not a figment of my imagination. Sadly, we don't have earplugs at hand right now. And yes, the thought of this being a permanent sound is unsettling.

Let's trace back. This hum kicked off at noon on Christmas Day. My home, a build from the 1950s, comprises brick and cinder block on a minimal clay foundation. Our inside walls are cinder block, the lower floors made of cement and the upper ones from wood laid on heavy joists.

In the UK, HVAC systems in traditional, individual dwellings are uncommon. Given it's December, we definitely aren't running any air conditioners. While bathroom fans are ordinary, they wouldn't make this continuous hum, nor would they be unnoticeable outdoors.

To tackle stuffiness or smells, we resort to opening a window. Our boiler and the hot water circulating system aren't active overnight, and are hardly noticeable when running. We have two CO monitors, neither of which show deviant readings.

Our last maintenance checks for the boiler and gas intake occurred about eight months back. It's not an electrical issue nor a problem that originates within our house. However, due the terrace design, sounds from the loft or top floors of 5-8 units could be causing this. Our nightmare was far from over.

While the noise is constant, like a fridge compressor, it's definitely a different sound—deeper, louder. It isn't traffic; the closest main roads bear no resemblance to a US highway, and they're only perceptible when quiet.

Our windows and exterior doors are all recent installations. I do suffer from tinnitus, but this sound is a low hum. Plugging my ears actually gave me respite from it at 3 am. Although, a sound-detection app assures me this noise isn't a figment of my imagination. It is real, but what on earth is it?

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

39. The Invisible Child

I returned from military service eagerly awaiting a warm reunion with my family, only to face a pang of disappointment. It felt as if they had overlooked me. It's not that I was expecting gifts, nor did I particularly desire them. Yet, the absence of even a heartfelt card stung, especially as I sat there for an hour, witnessing them exchange gifts amongst themselves. I had carefully picked out presents for each one of them too. It was simply disheartening.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

40. Christmas Fighting For Her Life

My 28-year-old partner suddenly fell seriously ill on Christmas and is now in the ICU on a ventilator and dialysis, placed in a medically induced coma. She's battling not one, but two types of malaria, a rare occurrence. Her brave fight masked the severity of her condition until it reached an advanced stage.

There are encouraging signs though. Her lungs are holding on strongly, needing very little respiratory assistance. Her heart too continues to beat stalwartly. Preliminary indicators suggest that the ongoing treatments are effectively reducing the infection and inflammation. But let's be honest, she's very sick. She's truly fighting for her life.

At present, we're in the UK. Her family has flown in from the US, which is incredibly heartwarming. Such a robust bond exists between our families and this gathering has been a long time coming. Just a few months ago, we had begun calling Ghana home after I secured a job with UNICEF.

I highly doubt we'll be returning anytime soon. I might even have to relinquish my position unless a remote working arrangement can be worked out. We've already paid for a year's worth of housing. We've even purchased a car that's still with a Ghanaian mechanic.

It's quite disappointing because we were ecstatic about the life we'd begun to build and the planned travels around Ghana. But all that pales in comparison to her recovery; all I want is for her to pull through. The separation is profoundly painful, and it's fair to say Christmas didn't exactly exist for us this year.

My mom fixed a splendid Christmas feast, and even my grandma joined in on the somewhat low-key festivities. We managed to share a few smiles before tears overtook the joy. Gift exchanging didn't feature on the day's agenda. Come to think of it, I didn't even wrap my gift.

The sound of Christmas carols was sorely absent. The family reunion couldn't mask the concern weighing heavily on all of us. We remain ever anxious and are doing everything we can to stay strong for her.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

41. A Lonely Christmas

I'm employed at the fire station, and it just so happened that my team was on duty for Christmas this year. We planned to have a family feast right there at the station, welcoming all crew members and their loved ones for a grand holiday meal. This Christmas was a special one since it was my son's very first. I wasn't fortunate enough to get the day off, yet the thought of my wife bringing him over to the station for dinner was comforting. Sadly, things didn't go as planned.

My wife had dressed up, as had our little one, but then she misplaced her car keys. She spent roughly three hours trying to locate them, to no avail. There she was, recently having lost her father, stuck at home with our one-year-old son, unable to venture out, and with no familiar faces in our new town.

On the other hand, I found myself stuck at the fire station, helpless to do anything about our predicament. I watched as my colleagues arrived with their children and families, and it hit me hard. All I wished for was to be sharing this day with my family too...

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

42. Putting The “Ex” In X-Mas

My wife, to whom I've been married for seven years, took off with my car last Christmas. But the story behind it? Even more absurd. She wanted to take a trip with some other man. I was completely clueless…until she sent me a breakup text, that is. She didn't stop there, though. She unceremoniously discarded my mother's wedding ring and later became pregnant. Truly a gem of a person, indeed.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

43. Me-Ow

So, our family cat pretty much spoiled our Christmas celebration, but, actually, we were the ones who disappointed her. You see, my sister and I bought a TV for our parents as a Christmas present. The enormous gift got them wondering what might be inside, and I had to swiftly divert their attention away.

In the spur of the moment, I blurted out that it was a kitty play tower that needed to be put together. This plan turned on me spectacularly. Seriously, I wouldn't blame you if this sounds bananas, but I'm convinced the cat picked up what I said. She then looked on curiously as mom and dad unveiled their present, expressing her dismay with a solemn meow upon realizing it wasn't a feline playhouse.

She sulked as she observed us installing the TV and was clearly having a rough day.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

44. A Dog-Eat-Dog World

My sister's adopted pup launched at my English Setter inside my own home. I was not thrilled, but I did understand—they're both dogs, and sometimes these things just occur. The problem was, she refused to put her dog in a separate room, claiming it was all just playful behavior.

As I stood my ground with the "my home, my rules" principle, her dog attempted to attack mine once more. This essentially put an end to our evening. My sister ended up in tears and decided to leave. I let her know that she didn't have to go, but she couldn’t let her dog freely wander around my house any longer. Plus, he was no longer invited back.

She struggled to comprehend that I couldn't risk my dog feeling threatened in his own space and that due to her dog's aggressive tendencies, there was a risk that one of us could get bitten.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

45. Daddy Issues

Last Christmas was undoubtedly one I'd rather forget. My parents had been going through a separation and eventual divorce. My little sister and I celebrated the holiday with my dad, his girlfriend, and her relatives—and truthfully, it wasn't very merry.

We had to endure the day on an empty stomach, since my dad advised us not to eat too much to leave room for the Christmas feast. You can imagine how agonizing it was to watch them prepare the meal right in front of us.

To add to our discomfort, we hardly knew my dad's girlfriend's family. They'd only been dating for a year, so we just didn't have that familiar bond. It was awkward, to say the least.

Most of the day, it felt as if my little sister and I were invisible. There we were, perched on the couch, while my dad, his girlfriend, and her family mingled and laughed. They did give us some crackers and jam to stave off hunger, but that was it. My dad, the one family member we should've felt connected with, didn't really spend time with us.

All things considered, it was indeed the most challenging Christmas of my life.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

46. In-Law Trouble

This morning, following a fun session of unwrapping presents with my family, we paid a visit to my wife's parents' home. As I helped my mother-in-law prepare the festive meals, the time came for us to head on down the hill to grandma's house, and that's when I was struck with an unexpected feeling. Everyone was just starting to congregate at Grandma's, and I realized, I just didn't want to go.

I confess, Christmas is not my favorite holiday. I'm not a religious person. But there was more to my frustration than just that. The disappointment really set in as I reminisced about the gift exchange from the morning. I watched my wife receive gift cards totalling up to around $700, whereas I received...well, nothing. It kind of sucked the joy out of the day for me.

So, I chose to return home. My wife wasn't very pleased about it. At this point though, I'm kind of numb to it all.

Something Wasn’t Right factsShutterstock

47. The Bar Was Low, But He Managed To Fail Anyway

Despite being seven months pregnant, I single-handedly organized all the Christmas festivities. I took care of filling all the stockings, purchasing and beautifully wrapping each gift, and cooking not one, not two, but three festive meals.

Sadly though, my husband didn't get me any present. Not even a small treat or a simple card. I had filled his stocking with all of his favorite goodies. And there I was, just observing as my family happily unwrapped their gifts. I got absolutely nothing. His obliviousness shone through when he later asked me, "Don't you have anything to unwrap?"

A few months ago, I had deemed this situation possible. So, I had bought myself a coffee cup for him to gift me. Yes, the wrapping bag, and tissue too were bought by myself—all for him to conveniently place under the tree. But guess what? He misplaced the cup.

On asking about it after dinner, all he had to say was he had no idea where it was. And that was it. A rather, umm, unique Christmas for me maybe? Merry Christmas, as they say.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

48. Turning It Around

Recently, my folks and I needed a break. The past few years have dealt us some tough blows—between mourning my grandmother's loss, enduring three surgeries, and my health hitting rock bottom, we yearned for some respite. That's how we found ourselves embarking on a vacation that, unfortunately, got off to a horrific start with a nightmare of a hotel.

The place we'd originally picked was a complete letdown. Dreary and damp rooms, not a speck of clean, and the lack of food at their restaurant was the final straw. And if that wasn't bad enough, construction noise invaded our room day in and day out as work was happening on our floor.

To our frustration, every other hotel was fully booked for the Christmas season. However, we refused to settle, and eventually, we found an alternate hotel in the neighboring city. Sure, it cost a bit more, but the comfort and quality we've received is well worth the extra bucks.

We're in a plush suite with a stunning view of the rolling hills from our private balcony. The meals are deliciously fulfilling. Plus, we've managed to do a bit of sightseeing, including a calm lake close-by, and even attended a lovely Christmas morning mass at a local church. Now, despite the rough start, our vacation has taken a promising turn.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

49. Family Secret

I almost had a disastrous Christmas when I unexpectedly discovered my mom was intending to reveal her pregnancy with her new boyfriend—a prospect I find deeply unsettling.

My reservations stem from an incident a month back when, around midnight, I got a frantic call from my little sister, reduced to tears and unable to utter a word. It soon came out that a severe disagreement had kicked off between my mom and her boyfriend. My brother, in an attempt to intervene, got roped into a violent confrontation with the man.

The whole episode culminated in my brother reporting the situation to the police just as I pulled up in the driveway. The authorities promptly whisked him off to jail. I was aware of the fact that mom had been penning letters to him during his incarceration, hinting at reconciliation plans.

What caught me off guard, though, was the pregnancy. Though she hadn't looped me in on her secret, our cousin had been informed and subsequently clued me in.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

50. The Hero Dad We Need, Not The One We Want

Christmas really opened my eyes to the fact that my child has some spoiled tendencies. He was grumbling about each and every gift he unwrapped, right there on the spot. Despite giving him several chances to rein in his reactions, he just couldn't manage it. Yet, I had just the solution. I helped him gather all his gifts, and we took them over to our local Toys for Tots drop-off.

Not only did we bring them there, but I had him carry the bag in himself. Perhaps it seems harsh, but when someone gives a gift, it deserves gratitude—not complaints. Especially when there are children who have nothing at all. Not parents. Not clean clothes. Not even a warm home. And here he was, griping over not having the "correct" Transformer toy.

I much prefer the thought of his gifts going to kids who will truly value them. I hope it's a lesson that will stick with him.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

51. Don’t Stay Together For The Kid

During Christmas, my husband discovered the money I'd stashed away to potentially leave him. This incident occurred only after he'd had a outburst because I didn't immediately wipe our son's face, and I'd pleaded with him to avoid spoiling the special day with his usual behavior.

Stumbling upon the money lead to a dispute; he accused me of planning to separate him from his son—our son, whom he barely spends an hour with each day. Despite both of us working from home, he mostly sleeps throughout the day and pays little attention to our son when he is awake.

In his anger, he tossed away the watch I'd gifted him against the wall, belittling it as worthless junk. But it wasn't inexpensive. It broke from the impact, but I fixed it back and plan to pawn it later to recoup some of what I spent.

Aside from contributing to the majority of our rent, he does nothing. All the other expenses, including our child's clothing, toys and other needs, are taken care of by me. I'm the one who manages the house chores, wakes up at 5 am every day to look after our son, and essentially handles everything.

Yet, he dares to behave this way on Christmas day? He's got another think coming. I won't be tolerating his actions much longer.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

52. Bad Boy

My pooch had a bit of a tummy issue and relieved himself in my girlfriend's folks' home at the crack of dawn on Christmas day. Together, my girlfriend and I tried our best to tidy up without causing a ruckus and disturbing her parents. Our efforts, however, crashed and burned. They woke up nonetheless, and the little troublemaker hit us again, leaving messes in four other spots while we were still dealing with the first.

Moving on, my faithful pupper accidentally toppled the Christmas tree. It hasn't been the most peaceful day.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

53. Playing Favorites

During this Christmas, my kids let me know they didn't appreciate my presents. That wasn't all; they confessed they were mortified of me and couldn't wait to depart to their father's place. I'm scheduled for surgery this coming Tuesday and will not get to see them for a duration of three weeks. Understanding that they're just youthful, yet it still shattered my heart.

I purchased all items from their carefully composed Amazon wish lists for them. Nonetheless, their dad gave them a heads up that their grandma on their father's side had bought them an Oculus Rift and AirPods.

Usually, my kids are pretty fantastic and my ex-husband and I co-parent pretty amicably alongside my current husband. I don't believe there was an intention of meanness on his part when he revealed the upscale gifts, but it was a poor judgement call to do so. It essentially dealt a heavy blow to me.

Dark Secrets factsShutterstock

54. The Last Straw

I did all the Christmas gift wrapping for my husband and our son this year. It was quite a task, especially with the number of wrestling figures the little one got. I was the sole wrapper because my husband insists he's terrible at it. Besides that, I sorted out the kitchen just the day prior.

Among my chores were scrubbing dishes not once, but twice. I also prepared a sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner, not to mention handling all the after-dinner cleanup. I merely asked my husband to vacuum (having done all the rest), and not surprisingly, got grief all night (plus, he did a pretty poor job at it).

Fast forward to today, Christmas Day. I cooked up our traditional large breakfast feast. In between, I managed to wash the "big dishes" so it wouldn't pile up. I requested him to do his part, to take care of the dishes. His response was super irritating: "Let me enjoy my gifts for a bit". Alright, then.

Hours later, we left the house for dinner, leaving behind a sink full of dishes. We got back home relatively early but the dishes were still unwashed. His refusal to do the dishes, claiming he needed to relax because he has work tomorrow, infuriated me. This is especially vexing since he's been off work the entire previous week.

Looks like we're due for a serious talk tomorrow.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

55. When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

On Christmas Eve, my significant other's mom was busy running chores and wasn't up for cooking dinner. She suggested we all just order pizza from a nearby restaurant, instead of each of us preparing our own meals. We happily agreed and all seemed well, until... it just wasn't.

Come Christmas Day: My partner's mother seems fine, but my partner himself has been making frequent bathroom trips all day. We brushed it off with humor initially, but by mid-day, I too was struck with a turbulent tummy and had to rush to the restroom.

We didn't let this unfortunate incident spoil our Christmas day, but it certainly wasn't pleasant. There was no way of casually walking to the toilet, it was a race against time.

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

56. Hospitals Are Never Fun

About a month ago, my father was hospitalized, and we somewhat came to terms with the idea that he wouldn't be around for Christmas. But just last Thursday, he was finally moved to an in-patient rehab, which is quite homely and also not far from our house.

We paid him a visit again today, on Christmas. Even though we couldn't exactly bring the holiday spirit to him, we certainly tried our best. After getting back home, we received a call from a nurse within two hours. She told us that dad experienced "difficulty breathing" and the doctor suggested it was best for him to return to the hospital.

Ever since they took him back, I’ve been reaching out to the emergency room around every hour. After about five attempts, somebody finally responded, just to tell me to call back in an hour once they confirm that they can share information with me.

However, I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone since then. So, I’ve decided to go over to the ER tomorrow, show them my power of attorney, and find out exactly what's going on with dad. What a way to end Christmas!

Christmas Is RuinedShutterstock

57. You’re a Mean One, Mrs. Grinch

Christmas is essentially spoiled by my mom. Every year around this time, she might as well be the Grinch. She displays narcissistic tendencies, only focusing on her own emotions while my dad doesn't respond to it. As far as she's concerned, he behaves somewhat like a scaredy-cat.

Ruined ChristmasPikist

58. Bringing Down the House

My Christmas this year got a bit ruined when my cousins brought a mini bouncy castle, and then disaster struck. The whole thing burst. Ten kids, all younger than eight, were inside it, hollering at the top of their lungs. The instant it popped, the kids started crying and yelling so loud, I thought my ears would split. Trust me, kids in shock don't contribute to a cheerful holiday.

Ruined ChristmasFlickr

59. Home Is Where the Inheritance Is

What soured my Christmas this year? My dad and his brothers and sisters arguing over my beloved grandma's house after her passing. I miss her a lot and I'm really praying that my family would resolve this issue. Adding fuel to the fire, it turns out my dad and his siblings aren't even the ones getting the house. 

Then, the family lawyer just rang us and dropped a bombshell. Out of the blue, Grandma decided to leave the house And her remaining assets? They're to be split among me, my brother, and my two cousins. Despite studying pre-law, I'm honestly feeling unsure about my next steps. I just don't know what to do.

Ruined ChristmasPexels

60. She’ll Give You an I.O.U.

This year, my Christmas was upset when my cousin took $250 from me. Once found out, she said something that will forever stick with me: "I'm need money and you're just too pampered!" Shockingly, after a bout of tears and a stubborn refusal to return the money, she was allowed to hold onto half of MY money until her mom paid her.

And she didn't even get in trouble in the slightest—not even a talking to.

Ruined ChristmasUnsplash

61. An Awkward Time to Disappear

Christmas was a total mess this year, courtesy of my niece and nephew's other uncle. Christmas morning, we found his car ditched on the side of the road: his phone was left on the seat, the inside was covered in vomit, and the rear tire was flat. Can't begin to explain how worried the family was as we spent all day out looking for him.

Imagine our disbelief when we eventually found out the truth – he was perfectly safe, just being a total pain. He was picked up from a buddy's place and brought back home. This isn't the first time he's been thoughtless or reckless, but this was the first Christmas he pulled something like this. If I may add, he didn’t even have any gifts for his kids, under the guise of "someone took them out of his car". As if.

Ruined ChristmasPexels

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