Bachelor Party Nightmares

November 11, 2022 | Samantha Henman

Bachelor Party Nightmares

If there's one thing that you can count on to ruin a wedding before the couple even steps into the church, it's a bachelor or bachelorette party. Something about the combination of a big group, a heightened excitement level, and the possibility of naughty entertainment comes together to make a total recipe for disaster. From wandering eyes to unexpected catastrophes, these are stories of bachelor parties gone absolutely horribly wrong.

1. Privacy, Please

It was a bachelor party in Vegas. The bachelor hooks up with a girl, and gives her his cell phone number so they can continue the party that night. This backfired in the sharpest way imaginable. See, the bride-to-be is sitting at home with the iPad, getting all of the iMessages from the girl as they are coming in. She canceled the wedding that day.

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2. Training Wheels

At one bachelor party I witnessed, the groom’s buddies took him out and got him completely intoxicated the night before the wedding. Then, they thought it would be funny to put him in a sleeping berth on a train. The poor guy woke up the next morning 10 hours away from where the ceremony was supposed to be taking place. The wedding never happened, and his buddies are not buddies anymore.

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3. The Whole Truth

A friend of mine and her fiance decided to do a joint bachelor and bachelorette party, since they have a lot of shared mutual friends. She agreed to let it happen at a club, which I thought was odd since she is very socially conservative and even once voiced strong opposition to the film Magic Mike because it "objectified men."

I also think she only agreed with it to look "cool" to him and his friends, because they kept talking about how awesome it was that chill his wife-to-be was to go with them to a club. At the club, she was buying him and his friends dances and started drinking a lot more than she usually does. We could all tell that something was off about her that day. Still, we never expected how far off the deep end she'd go.

She has a lot of insecurities and anxiety and, at one point, her fiance makes a comment to a performer about her having "the best rack he's ever seen." This leads to my intoxicated friend climbing on stage and attempting to take her clothes off in front of the whole audience. By the time I got up and convinced a bouncer to get her down, she had made it down to just the bikini bottom.

I get her clothes back on and she is sobbing hysterically outside in between rounds of vomiting while I'm trying to console her. Her fiance and buddies stayed in the club because "she was ruining their vibe." They got married the next morning like nothing had ever happened, and celebrated their fifth very strained wedding anniversary three months ago…

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4. Dirty Dancing

Our group arrived in Vegas for some pre-scheduled debauchery and drinking at a racy club. The groom's best man decides to get a dance in the champagne room. He comes back and we head out to gamble and drink some more before retiring to the hotel room.

The next morning, while recovering from our collective hangovers, the best man's right eye was red and puffy like a souffle. The truth was even more disgusting than I imagined. He told us the stripper used his face as washboard during his time with her. She had crabs, which got into his eyebrow...and then his eye.

Needless to say, he didn't play the part of best man. We still haven't allowed him to live that down, and we won’t stop bugging him about it any time soon.

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5. Mergers And Acquisitions

I was at a bachelor party where the bachelorette party was happening at the same time, in the same town. We had all gone on a road trip together and just split up into two different bars for the parties. Towards the end of the night, after all the drinking and peelers, the two groups merged in their intoxicated partying well past the closing times of any bar or club. "Disaster" doesn't even cover it.

I slept with the maid of honor while the couple about to be married had a wild screaming match about strippers and some guy who had apparently talked to the bride-to-be. Allegedly, she had tried to invite him up to her hotel room. They did get married in the end, but the wedding drama was nuts and it’s now one of those marriages where you're wondering how long until it cracks.

They do not have a healthy relationship and now there are substances involved in their lives, too. I don't talk to either of them anymore. I’m still with the maid of honor, though. We bought a house last year. So that's cool!

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6. Pulling An All-Nighter

We went to Poland for my friend's bachelor party. First night, we go for food and walk into what we thought was just a regular bar. Nope, turns out it’s a...gentleman's club. No harm, no foul. I mean a bunch of dudes always wanna see adult content, so all good. We get the groom a dance, and he's gone for a while. Turns out the stripper wasn't letting him out of the booth, so we had to storm it and grab him before running out.

That’s already a decently interesting story, but that's not where it ends. The night was just getting started. We carry on into the night and eventually end up in another adult bar, on purpose this time. So all having a good time, eventually, the groom goes off to have some dances. He's gone for like an hour. We then spot him leaving with the stripper from the club, and they vanish for a while before they come back and duck back into the room.

At this point, it is something like 4:00 in the morning, and the bouncer throws the rest of us out. But not the groom. These guys wouldn't let us talk to him, wouldn't let us see him, wouldn't let us back into the club. It was clear that they were not interested in letting him leave. We stood out there for three hours arguing with the bar staff.

All the while, they were saying he wanted to stay. When we threatened to call the authorities, they finally "kicked him out." And we all went back to the hostel we were staying at. Remember when the groom and the stripper left the building? Turns out the only thing they did was come to the hostel to get his credit card. No intimate action of any kind.

He ended up spending eight and a half thousand pounds over the course of the evening. They had virtually force-fed him drink after drink and just kept swiping his credit card all night rather than using the chip and pin. But the best part of all? We called up his bank the next day and told them what had happened. Their response? "Oh, this happens a lot. We'll just cancel all those charges."

Best night of his life, for free.

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7. Never The Two Shall Meet

I’m a part-time wedding planner. The bachelor party and the bachelorette party were being held in the same hotel in New Orleans. I tried to get them to do separate venues but nooooo, the group discount would cover an extra day in Carmel. They begin at 8 pm and collide drunkenly at about 3 am. It was some kind of drunken fistfight that turned into an intimate experience...for the entire group.

Everyone was so ashamed the next morning they called it off. They made up six months later and got married. They picked something simple, like their backyard, this time.

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8. Gotta Bounce

We went to Montreal to St Catherine’s Street. Lots of racy joints. The groom and the best man, his younger brother, weren’t the most experienced in these clubs. They get a private dance with two dancers and are gone for a long time. I’m worried they lost track of time. Meanwhile, the other guys are doing their thing in the club.

I’m outside having a smoke and I see the two of them, shirt collars stretched out, hair disheveled, and it looks like they’re covered in lipstick. The real story was nearly unbelievable. It was blood. They got in a dispute over how much they owed the girls.

The bouncers showed up and just started beating on them. The best man had a boot print on his back, busted face, and he lost his two front teeth. The groom was similarly beat up, swollen eye, lip, etc. We spent the night in the ER where the best man got an emergency root canal.

We called authorities and to their credit they investigated. They took the bouncer’s shoes as evidence. He was eventually prosecuted. Local authorities paid for the guys to fly back a couple of times to testify. It didn’t ruin the trip though. We stayed away from those joints the rest of the weekend and the groom won some money at the casino.

The wedding was a few months later so everyone had time to heal. But there was one last twist. The best man sneezed a couple of days before the wedding and his front teeth flew out of his mouth.

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9. Burger Disaster

My buddy's bachelor party was set to be pretty tame. No clubs or casinos or anything like that. He just wanted to get these massive burgers from the local burger joint that was walking distance from his condo and play Mario Kart 64. So after we had all stuffed our faces from these ridiculous burgers, we sat down and divvied up the teams.

We decided that each person would drain one can per lap, then exchange controllers. Then chaos broke loose. Every single person ended up puking immediately. Once the toilet, sink, and kitchen sink were full, people were throwing up all over the place, running around looking for the least damaging spot to spew. It was obscene. And not fun!

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10. A Tale Of Two Cities

The groom was getting married at 1:30 in the afternoon on the day after his bachelor party. As expected, the groomsmen took him out for some heavy drinking the night before. We live in Chicago and that’s where the wedding was scheduled to take place. Yet the groom woke up the next morning in a hotel room to a 10:00 AM wake-up call, with a sincere wish that he enjoyed his stay at the Kansas City Holiday Inn.

The call was faked by a friend of ours, who thought it would be a hilarious prank to make him think he had ended up in a different city on the day of the wedding. The best man had prepared for the prank ahead of time by picking up phone books, stationary, those "local events and attractions" flyers, magazines, notepads, and a bunch of other items from a hotel in Kansas City.

He then substituted all those materials for the ones from the Chicago hotel that they dumped him at. Of course, he checked the desk, found the Kansas City phone book, and panic ensued.

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11. A Whole Lot Of Fuss

This happened several years ago. My ex was the best man in a wedding for his best friend. The night of the bachelor/bachelorette party, the men and women each had their own get-together, and then were supposed to meet up with each other later that night at a bar downtown. I was with the ladies and after our party, we got into the party bus and headed down.

The bride called the groom and told him to leave to meet us there. We waited and waited. Groom is a no-show. Bride demands that I call my then-boyfriend and find out where they were. Boyfriend reports that they made a pit-stop at strip joint, which the bride and groom apparently had an agreement they wouldn’t do. The bride obviously flips out.

She grabs my phone demands that my ex order everyone to leave the club. Ex tries to explain that it is not going to be easy to get 40 highly intoxicated men out of the club when they had already "started." Meanwhile, the groom is still ignoring bride's calls. The bride demands that we all leave. The bride and groom's sister get into a physical altercation and have to be pulled apart.

The bride is screaming that she is canceling the wedding. The ex and I hightailed it out of there as it had escalated into a two-family brawl. The next day, the groom calls my ex and asks if we want to come over to watch movies with him and the bride. They got married weeks later and are still married.

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12. The Unexpected Gift

This was the aftermath of my boss' best friend's bachelor party. They decided he'd sleep at our house (I'm a nanny and live with him and his kids) so that he wouldn't see his future wife before the wedding, which was the next day. The night of the bachelor party, they inform me that the groom's jerk frat bro brother-in-law is sleeping in the house too.

Whatever, it's not my house, so not my rules. Anyway, I hear them being so loud when they get home and go upstairs to tell them to shut up because there are three kids sleeping and it's 3:00 am. The brother-in-law and groom won't stop yelling at each other.

My boss tells me it's been like this all night, and when I ask why, he explains that the brother-in-law bought the groom a backpage “professional” if you know what I mean, and had her show up to the party because he thought the groom “deserved” it. The groom freaked out and told him off, and it completely ruined the night.

We manage to get them to shut up, and the groom goes to sleep in the guest room, the brother-in-law sleeps on the downstairs couch, and I go back to bed. Half an hour later someone opens my bedroom door, which I leave unlocked if the kids need something in the night. What happened next absolutely infuriated me.

It's the brother-in-law and his lady “guest”. When I ask him what in the world he thinks he's doing, he says he didn't realize that it was my room and then something like “I'm not going to waste my $700” and I tell him to get out. I was so creeped out that I locked my room and went and slept upstairs in one of the kids' rooms.

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13. Kicking And Screaming

I am a very large man. 6'6", 325 pounds. I’ve been a corn-fed construction worker my whole life. When my best friend proposed to his girl, it was TIME TO PARTY. We rented a bus and hit Baltimore like a hurricane. Bars, clubs, the whole thing. We're at a club at like 1:30 in the morning. I'm chilling at a table, having had a few drinks, enjoying a cigar. I then decide that I need to take a leak.

So, I get up and walk my giant self down the hallway to the bathroom. I finish my business, wash up, and walk out the bathroom door. Here's where it goes sideways. Just as I step out of the doorway and turn into the hallway, a stripper was hustling by to get to the dressing room. But not just any kind of stripper. A little person stripper.

By complete accident, my thigh happens to catch her SQUARE IN THE CHEST. She goes completely airborne and hits the wall. I AM MORTIFIED. I start apologizing profusely and I try to help her get back on her feet. The bouncer comes running over, because all he sees is my big self putting my hands on one of the girls.

She was super chill about it. She tells the bouncer it's all good. I offered to buy her dinner. She accepted. Her name was Michelle, and she had a great sense of humor about the whole thing. I never saw her again after that night. My homeboys have never let me live it down.

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14. For Better Or For Worse

A friend of mine had a bachelor party at the local peeler club a few days before the wedding. I was going to come later in the evening as I was flying in late for the bachelor party and wedding. Got a call right before takeoff. The news shook me to my core. The groom had fallen from the upstairs in the VIP section and had severed his spinal cord.

Even after a few months of rehab, he was fully paraplegic. Amazingly the wedding did happen, almost a year later. It puts things in perspective that she still stayed.

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15. Dude Dance

This was about 10 years ago. I was working at a club as a dancer when a bachelor group of about 10 came in, including the groom's best friend since high school, the best man. So they are doing the typical "bachelor party" thing, but are very polite and decent dudes...mostly just drinking and enjoying the risqué atmosphere and catching up.

The club was near the airport, and I'm pretty sure most of them had flown into town from around the country. All of them were telling us how the bride had implicitly stated "no clubs" like this when talking to the best man. The groom and his best man were telling a story to me and another girl hanging out with the group about how they did a talent show in high school together.

They had this whole dance routine choreographed to "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. They were so excited to relive it, and it was obvious that they hadn't been able to tell this tale to fresh ears in a while. Their faces were all lit up like kids on Christmas, and they kept jumping up and showing us parts of the dance.

They kept explaining how it was awesome because "they both remembered the whole routine after all this time" and they even ended with them both doing a jazz split at the same time. So eventually they get the idea that they want to perform it on the main stage together. They excitedly asked us if we thought they could get up there and do it.

Now, I thought it would be wild to see, so I went to ask the manager, who promptly said and liability issues. fair enough. I gave the news to the dudes, who had been talking with the rest of their group, and now everyone was very on board with this performance revival plan.

So when they hear the bad news, they start offering cash. As we all know, money talks, and it was a particularly slow evening...not many patrons to bear witness. So, I go back to the manager and explain they are willing to pay. "Fine," she says, "$200 to rent the stage for the one song, and they have to tip the DJ to play it".

$200 is pretty steep for a five-minute song, but you know, booze and dudes reminiscing...the guys are HAPPY to pay. It gets even better. Now, this is mid-summer and all the dudes are in cargo shorts and those Tommy Bahama leather sandals (the club wasn't big on a dress code aside from no hats).

So these two guys get all ready to take the stage, and the DJ puts the song on...These two nailed it. We all sat together watching in complete, genuine delight. I was laughing and clapping and cheering them on. We all were. It was just like they had so exuberantly told us it would be. You could tell they were just having the time of their lives up there.

And with the final moments of the song, came that jazz split. The jazz split that only the groom decided to go ahead with. I'm assuming the best man (they were all mid-30s) had second thoughts on his body's ability to not wrench itself in pain. We all watched in awe. Then we all looked on in horror.

Suddenly, the groom's face bounced off the stage like a basketball. My hands clapped over my mouth and everyone just froze for a second in disbelief. Then we all rushed the stage. The dude slipped on his sandal on the come down and knocked out his two front teeth. He had to be rushed to the ER. He was getting married the next day.

I still wonder to this day what ever happened to him and his group. And if they were able to explain themselves out of that one. Still...what a performance!

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16. His Lucky Day

My bachelor party was in Vegas. I had something like 20 friends from different groups (work, college, home town) come. We were there for four nights. First night, a bunch of us head over to the club. Me and my best man go back to the hotel at like 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. We grab a quick bite to eat, then head to bed. I wake up hungover at like 8:00 in the morning.

I go down to the casino to find a cup of coffee. Friend A sees me and goes, “Dude, you have to see this. Friend B is intoxicated out of his mind at a blackjack table. He's sitting at a corner seat and has over $3,000 of chips of all denominations in front of him. They aren't stacked nicely, they are in a massive pile taking up like a quarter of the table."

“I walk up and he grabs like $150 and puts it up to bet. He gets a 17, and hits. One other guy is playing at the table, and says to my friend, 'What are you doing???' Well, he gets a three and wins with 20. Friend B just looks at the other guy at the table and says screw you. Guy gets up and walks off.” I’m in shock trying to take this all in at once.

Friend A then says, “He's been doing this all night. He can't lose!” So I sit down at the table and watch this go on for like another hour. Friend B eventually gets up to go to the bathroom. He never comes back. We go to security to see if they know what happened to him. They said “Yeah, your friend passed out in the bathroom and we took him to his room.”

The casino wouldn't let us touch his chips. A third friend goes up to his room and brings him back down to the casino. We cash him out, and he goes back to bed. We didn't see him again for 36 hours. He slept from Friday morning until Saturday afternoon. He was then very pleasantly surprised to learn that he had won a bunch of money while completely out of his senses!

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17. The Show Must Go On

The bachelorette party is three days before the destination wedding. My sister (the bride) is taken by her friends for a dinner. I'm at the bachelor party with the groom, and we start getting weird messages. Garbled texts, and then we get a call from a local hospital. They’ve all got terrible stomach issues from the dinner. The groom goes "Yeah, this isn't happening boys" and we figure one more shot and we'll make our way to the hospital.

Never underestimate the determination of a bride and bridesmaids. The wedding was delayed by only a day, to the Sunday, and she walked down the aisle with enough gravol shoved up her bum and shot into her veins that I'm not sure she knew where she was, let alone that it was a wedding. The bridesmaids were all various shades of grey, green, and ill.

It was open bar, and to avoid spoiling the party, the husband and groomsmen stayed back and kept drinking. My sister was so tired that she and the bridesmaids took another dose of gravol and all went to sleep in their hotel room. My mother, who is a retired ICU nurse, went to take care of them.

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18. The Hazards Of High Heels

I was at my buddy’s bachelor party in Montreal. His thing was relatively tame. HOWEVER, as we’re walking from the club to the bar, we end up behind a bunch of college girls who came up from the States to drink. They’re all dressed in their club gear and completely hammered. I see one particularly wobbly young woman wearing incredibly high heels.

She takes a misstep and rolls her ankle so bad her shin touches the sidewalk. She straight up broke her leg but was so inebriated she just kept on trucking. I run up to one of the more sober-looking members of her group and am like “your friend just broke her leg”. It backfired very badly. Unfortunately, she and her friends think I’m trying to pick them up.

I’m like, “I’m married and 10 years older than you, but you should probably take care of your friend”. Meanwhile the injured woman’s leg is already swelling up.

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19. What Were You Thinking?

I didn’t witness it all go down, but was present for the “aftermath.” A friend of a friend was having a bachelor party. Myself and some other friends were at a regular old house party at the bride’s apartment. I was there because I was friends with her roommate. It was a tangled web of friendship, but ultimately I was only acquaintances with the bride and didn’t know the groom at all.

Nevertheless, my friend knew them both, which is how the groom met the bride in the first place. Suddenly, my friend who was at the bachelor party and all the other dudes showed up to the house party. Everyone except the groom himself. Some drama went on in another room and the bride and her roommate disappeared. Apparently, they had locked themselves in the bedroom (not what you’re thinking).

My friend tells me that apparently the groom thought the groomsmen would be cool with him trying to sleep with some random chick at the club they went to, but when they saw him with her hands in his pants, they literally just left him there and came to the house party. The best man (fiancé of the roommate who I was friends with) told the roommate, who told the bride. They broke up and she ended up marrying another friend of mine like six years later.

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20. Into The Woods

On the first night of what was supposed to be a crisp fall weekend of camping, cookouts, drinks, and whitewater canoeing, the groom's older brother and future brother-in-law got blackout intoxicated and started fighting. At first, it was just yelling and mindless trash talking, and the rest of us just blew it off. They had never really gotten along and we figured that, as with most intoxicated disputes between dudes, it would eventually calm down.

But instead, it escalated until the brother-in-law drew a .45 caliber pistol from his backpack, pointed it at the groom's brother's face, demanded the keys to the equipment van, climbed in, locked the van behind him, and immediately passed out, still clutching the dangerous object. At first, we were relieved. Sure, we were upset and in disbelief at what had just happened, but at least the situation was resolved and nobody was hurt.

Soon, our relief turned to horror. We realized that our sleeping bags, warm clothing, personal belongings (including car keys), and most of the food were still inside the locked van, underneath the groom's intoxicated, unconscious, armed, idiot of a future brother-in-law. Nobody was really thinking straight, but we at least agreed that we didn't want to break into the van for fear of startling him and getting shot.

We were able to keep the fire going, but what followed was still one very long, cold, hungry night in the woods. In the morning, we discovered that the future brother-in-law had capped off his private festivities by vomiting in the back of the van, all over our backpacks and sleeping bags. He also left the light on all night long, draining the van's battery.

When the groom found out about all this, he was so angry that he simply bailed on us and went home prematurely. The rest of us sat around freezing our behinds off in the morning fog while the brother-in-law cleaned all our gear. Once he was finished, we jump started the van, abandoned our plans, and got the heck out of the woods as fast as we possibly could.

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21. A Backup Plan

Not mine, but a friend of my wife. It was a destination wedding in South America; we live in the US. Because it was a destination wedding, they both had their bachelor and bachelorette down there. The bride-to-be went looking for the groom the night before the wedding. No one knew where he was...and we eventually found the dude locked in a bathroom with some local girl doing coke.

The bride was obviously angry but they went through with the wedding. But then the twist came in. Cut to a few years later, and we randomly went out to dinner with just me and my wife with the bride. Turns out she never mailed in the wedding certificate. All this time, they haven't been married. She said she had too many red flags to go through with it.

Dude has no idea they aren't really married, even though they have been married for years and have two kids together.

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22. Rekindling An Old Flame

I'm a musician, and I work on an infamous street for revelry and debauchery. One night, a bachelor party came in around the same time as a bachelorette party. The show I work with does special things like funny songs for special events, so I bring them both up at the same time to do something special. Then it got awkward. In the middle of this, on stage, they start making out.

And they Do. Not. Stop. I finish my routine as best I can and get them offstage. Later, as I'm looking around the audience, my eye catches on them again. They're in the back corner just going at it while their respective parties hang out up near the front of the stage. And they are really getting into it. Hands down pants and up skirts. At some point they disappear.

I take a break and head to the restroom. It's locked. I hear a woman yelling…some very encouraging…things from inside the stall. I sit in the lounge area outside the bathroom for about 10 minutes. The bachelor and bachelorette come out, looking a bit disheveled, but not too bad and not at all weirded out. They see me and immediately want to chat.

For some reason, people always want to get to know the musicians here. All their secrets came spilling out. There's curiously no guilt on them at all. I have to pee like a racehorse, but this is too good to pass up. Come to find out, they both are getting married to other people, but know each other from having lived in the same small town of about 5,000 all their lives. They ran into each other for the first time since high school graduation at our bar and old feelings emerged that neither had ever attempted to act on.

They don't stay long, and as they leave I hear the bachelor say, "I have my own room, let's go there." The rest of the party stays till the show is over, partying hard and having fun. Possibly the best bachelor/bachelorette parties I've had. Anywho, I wind up seeing the "bachelor" and "bachelorette" together at our bar and out in the street every night for four nights.

Always holding hands and/or getting frisky. They came back a little over a year later. They got married here in our town to each other instead of who they were engaged to that fateful night. Most of their respective bachelor/bachelorette showed up for the event. With this story, I always feel torn. Did I participate in the destruction of two relationships, or did I facilitate the meeting of two soulmates?

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23. Just The Tip

A cabin was rented in a state park the night before the wedding. The bride-to-be was also there with a few friends, as we were a very close knit group. We drank, smoked, the usual. Later in the evening, the groom-to-be was casually impaling the picnic table we were all sitting around with his Swiss Army tool. His future wife tells him to stop, that he's going to cut his finger off.

He says the sharpest parts are locked, nothing will happen. Of course, on the very next hit, what happens? The lock releases, it folds, and cuts his pinky off. The pinky was recovered and put on ice, the groom was rushed to ER. Miraculously, he doesn't bleed out, but at the altar the next day, we have to hold him up due to pain meds.

That very afternoon, he goes into surgery and has the pinky reattached. He ended up being a pilot in the service until he lost his life a few years ago. Turns out the lock on the tool was faulty, and if you squeezed it in the right way, it would release. The groom got a very nice settlement from the company. He regained most of the function of that pinky also.

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24. Not Caught In The Act

We got together for my friend's bachelor party. We all hated his wife-to-be but he said he was happy. We'd made it clear she wasn't good for him, but we still loved him, so what could we do? it's the evening of the bachelor party and we're chilling at our friend's house. Sitting around joking, freestyling, just being dumb.

We literally had nothing planned other than drinking and hanging out. Suddenly there was a huge bang on the door. My friend thought we got private dancers and was angry. My other friend who organized it said he didn't know who it was. We open the door and it's his freaking wife-to-be with her friends.

She was sure we had girls there and private dancers. Most of us were just watching TV. We got really mad at her and kicked her out, and she spent the rest of the night texting him as he chilled over in a corner while we watched TV. You'd never believe it, but they divorced a few years later.

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25. What’s That Smell?

I was invited to a bachelor party where they had planned to rent an RV and drive from Minnesota to the Kentucky Derby. They rent the RV and get on their way. Near the border of Iowa they pull over to get some food and use the restroom. One of the guys goes to find something in one of the bags and opens the lower storage compartment. What he sees makes him recoil.

There is a blackened foot sticking out and a horrible stench. They immediately realize it was a body and call the authorities. The entire crew spent the whole time being questioned by the authorities. Turns out the body was that of a young man who had been possibly mugged one night in the middle of winter.

He found this RV and decided to get in the storage compartment in an attempt to get warm. He had been missing for months. I believe it was in the paper and all over the news at the time.

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26. The Pacifist

Years ago I went to a bachelor party for a work colleague who I don't actually know that well, but he is a nice guy and his best man (who I only met a time or two at the bar) that invited me said he didn't have a lot of friends to come. I wasn't doing anything that night, so I said why not, I'll come.

I am American, but this was overseas in a place full of expats so we're all different nationalities. I soon regretted ever coming. The inebriated best man (English) picks a bar fight with a bunch of Irish guys that were in town on vacation or something. I nope out as soon as it starts because I a) am a huge wimp and b) don't want to end up locked up.

Anyway, the best I can piece together from what I heard is that a young male bar employee tried to get between them to break up the fight and got mildly beat up, but had some undiagnosed clotting disorder and didn't make it out of there alive. Witnesses were inconsistent with reports of who actually hit the poor guy.

The authorities got there pretty fast, this place is maybe 1,000 feet away from a station, so EVERYONE on both sides of the fight got locked up. I was in no way involved and haven't been in a fight since I was a teenager but I was a regular in that bar and didn't want someone to misremember that I was involved, so I returned to the USA as soon as I found out what happened to the guy.

I'm no longer in contact with anyone in that country but last I heard was a year after the event and all those guys were still locked up.

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27. Spilling The Beans

I didn’t witness this, but got the account from my ex-husband who was there. The bride-to-be didn’t want the groom to have the usual bachelor party because she didn’t want peelers, and because he gets wild when drinking. For example, he peed on my dog when he came over for a “chill” night of drinks at my house once.

So instead of going to a bar, they rented a cabin in the middle of nowhere for the party so that they couldn’t get peelers. The groom’s underage brothers joined. The groom himself was around 30 years old. At the party, they got completely intoxicated and started calling places for peelers. Everywhere was like no, we are not sending peelers last minute to the middle of nowhere.

The groom then went on a questionable part of the internet and ordered two women of the night to come by and dance for them. Two clearly substance-using girls show up. Awkward dancing ensues. Then, the groom went upstairs with them and the younger brothers went outside. My ex went outside to check on them and found them standing on a hill next to the house watching their older brother sleeping with these ladies.

At the wedding, the intoxicated best man’s speech included an announcement to the bride’s conservative family that the groom had just lost his job and that the bride was three months pregnant. They had been hiding both of these facts. It was a disaster from start to finish. They are still married with two kids. Not sure if she ever found out about any of what happened at the bachelor party. I haven’t seen either of them since the wedding.

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28. A Rough Part Of Town

I used to bartend at the local college club bar. You know the type. It was cheap and lousy and loud and dirty but pretended to be a classy establishment. All it really cared about was making all the money possible, so it would let in really questionable people. Nevertheless, it became the go-to bar for the riff-raff from one city over, because we would let them in and no one in their hometown would.

One week after I quit working there, a wedding party was in town and went out for drinks Friday night before the Saturday wedding. At the same time that this party is going on, the bar lets in a whole group of the gangsters, including a 20-year-old who is below the drinking age, with his face absolutely covered in tattoos. A fight breaks out when they start hitting on the bride.

The groom's brother intervenes and ends up with a sharp utensil in his neck. That was the doing of the 20-year-old with the face tats. He bled all over the bar kitchen while my friends who still worked there desperately tried to stop the bleeding with rags. From what I heard, they still had the wedding the next day because everything was paid for, but it was very somber. My friend quit on the spot after the ambulance had taken the guy away.

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29. From One Kind Of Bar To Another

Years ago, I went to a bachelor party for a work colleague who I didn't actually know that well. But he was a nice guy and his best man (who I had met a time or two at the bars) said he didn't have a lot of friends to come and I wasn't doing anything that night, so I thought what the heck and went. I am American, but this was overseas in a place full of expats, so we were all of different nationalities.

Anyway, the intoxicated English best man picks a bar fight with a bunch of Irish guys who were in town on vacation or something. I nope out as soon as it starts because I am a huge coward and also don't want to end up spending my time abroad behind bars. Thanks to that, I missed the horror show that followed. The best I can piece together from what I heard is that a young male bar employee tried to get between them to break up the fight and got mildly beat up, but had some undiagnosed clotting disorder and ended up losing his life as a result.

Witnesses were inconsistent with reports of who actually hit the poor guy. Officers got there pretty fast, as this place is maybe 1,000 feet away from a local station. Everyone on both sides of the fight was placed into custody. I was in no way involved and haven't been in a fight since I was a teenager, but I was a regular in that bar and didn't want someone to misremember and think that I was involved.

So I returned to the United States as soon as I found out that the guy had passed. I'm no longer in contact with anyone in that country, but last I heard was a year after the event and all those guys were still behind bars.

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30. Daddy’s Little Girl

This was my buddy's bachelor party. The bachelor got super inebriated and the father of the bride, who was super conservative, was shocked and did not know the well-mannered/polite young man marrying his daughter was, in his eyes, a "raging alcoholic.” In fact, the bachelor got so tipsy, he began to let some secrets slip about his relationship with the bride.

Again, the father of the bride was a bit old school in his thinking, and the bachelor let the following slip: That his daughter was basically living with him since Junior year of college and her apartment in college was just for show. That even though he is drinking a lot, his future wife can outdrink him 2-1. His future wife has a cute tattoo on her inner thigh and that all their friends had seen it when they went skinny dipping at the father’s lake house.

That we had a massive graduation party at his lake house when he and his wife were in Europe for two weeks. Finally, the bride is into some kinky stuff. That drew the line. The father of the bride declared there would not be a wedding, and asked where had he gone wrong raising his daughters. He has four daughters total and this was his oldest and who he considered his best behaved. They married anyway.

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31. The Bro Code Strikes Back

A dancer came to my buddy Jack's bachelor party and was playing around with condoms, but nothing truly untoward happened throughout the party. At the end of the night, Jack the groom-to-be was cleaning up a bit and put the condom wrapper in his pocket absentmindedly. The next day his fiancée Kristen was doing laundry and found the wrapper.

She freaked out thinking that he had cheated on her. Jack tried to reassure her and explain the situation. Kristen is a really cool lady and takes it pretty well and calms down...but she can't quite shake the feeling. So, Jack tells her to call me to confirm what happened. Kristen calls and asks, "So what happened last night?" Mind you, I'm totally in the dark about the situation, and Jack and I had never discussed what we are supposed to tell Kristen, so I totally downplay it to erase the dancer completely.

"Not much, the boys just had a few drinks and had some Havanas.” I hear YOU LYING PIECE OF—click.

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32. Lost In London

I was on the tube in London, on the way home from a day out. There was a bachelor party on the tube. They were normal guys, not the "lads lads lads'' type at all. They were all very very inebriated but good naturedly, not overly bothering other passengers, and even then, only the most truly grumpy Londoners got annoyed.

They got to their stop, all got up and staggered their way off. But this is where the problem started. They had mistaken another passenger disembarking as the groom-to-be, and only noticed as they were nearly off the platform (they were following said random guy), just as the doors closed.

The bachelor, meanwhile, was teetering on blackout at that point, but stayed with it enough to get off the train two stops later and wander out of the underground. It wasn't over yet, though. I realized when I looked up again that he had also left his phone on the seat.

Judging by their accents and snippets of overheard conversation, it was a trip to London, and no one was actually local. So they had lost the bachelor in the big city, none of them knew where he had gone and had no way to contact him. I wish I knew how it all turned out for them.

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33. A Somber Occasion

This was years ago, but an old friend of mine was set to get married to a really good guy. Now this guy, as kind of a man as he was, also was very troubled. One day, roughly a month or two before the wedding, she wakes up and finds he has taken his own life. So, that’s a big mess. Despite this, she decides she is still going to go on her bachelorette trip to Vegas, which has already been paid for.

She was just going to treat it like a celebration of his life and stuff. She was trying to be positive about it. Now, because I live close enough to Vegas, she invited me on this trip, and I hadn’t seen her in a while, so I agreed. Everyone arrives, has loads of fun drinking the first night, and then she inevitably remembers why she was on this trip in the first place.

Needless to say, the mood changed quickly and the rest of the long weekend was all of us dealing with all the feelings. She was comatose for the rest of the trip and the rest of us just treated it like a chance to hang out, but it was really tough. Just days and days of crying and talking, it was truly exhausting.

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34. Beth Case Scenario

I once hosted a bachelorette party that got very crazy. So one of my friends and ex-roommates from college was getting married. For the sake of the story, let’s call her “Beth.” We had drifted apart a little bit after college. No biggie, these things happen. So, as a result, I'm still in the wedding ceremony but I’m not the Maid of Honor.

Beth asks if I will do the bachelorette party because the Maid of Honor, Susan, was going through some stuff and her life was a little crazy at that time. I happily agree. I find a bar, call them up, and ask if it's cool to host there. I request a room because I'd like to bring in a male stripper. They say no problem and I pay a fee to reserve the room. Everything seemed like it would be nice and simple. If only I'd known what was coming...

As the party draws near, almost all of Beth's friends drop out from attending. We're literally down to just me, Beth, and Susan, which is pretty darn lame. So I mention to Beth that my sister-in-law and her cousin were in town that night and would love to see her. I asked if they could come. Since I was footing the bill for this whole thing, Beth didn't mind at all.

I also wrangled in another sister-in-law and a mutual friend. Just trying to get those numbers up! I realize that both my sister-in-law and cousin are underage. So I call the bar and see if that's a problem. They said it was fine. No worries. I feed everyone dinner. I made a cake, jello shots shaped like male parts, made up a bunch of games to do, all the typical things.

We get everyone in a car service and we get to the club. I realize once I get there that it's a 21 and up, but they never said squat to me. They check my ID and then just let everyone else in. Once there, I realize the VIP room that I reserved is just a section of floor with rope and some lame curtains at the corners. Totally open to the rest of the club.

And there are other parties also in the VIP "room" at the same time as us, including another bachelorette party. Not great. The stripper texts that he's here so I go to meet him at the door. I apologize and explain the situation. Dude's still game. Okay then. It was wild. The whole club is practically lined up at the ropes watching this dude go nuts on Beth.

The stripper says he'll pull any bills from wherever we hide them on Beth with his teeth. People descend on Beth and start stuffing bills everywhere—in her shirt, down her pants. Even people not in our group. I'm trying to push them back, but good golly! Beth's having a blast, so alrighty then. The stripper dude does a great job. He seriously put his all into his job.

Not my thing per se, but he shook his money maker to the best of his ability. The other bachelorette party asked to borrow him. Um no. When he's done, I walk the stripper dude out, thank him profusely, and give him a big tip for being such a good sport. He was like “your friends are fun.” As the night continues and everyone but me is drinking. That's when I found out the scandalous truth. Beth and Susan have been sleeping together while their husband and fiances watched!

For the last year! I had zero idea. I can only imagine what my face looked like when all this was revealed. Then, I realize that while the strip show was happening, men have been buying shots for my underage family members. So I gotta go drag them away from those guys. And they are all hammered. Really hammered and I'm completely responsible for this nightmare.

It's been a long enough night at this point, so I grab everyone and let them know that it's time to go. My girls are stumbling around. One puked in a bush, another is crying and contemplating texting her ex, etc. So I spend the rest of the night being a nursemaid. The next day, I scheduled a horseback ride for Beth. Thankfully, she wasn't too hungover!

I asked her if the night was okay for her and she said it was the best night ever. Beth and her now-husband got married the next week. It was the weirdest wedding that I've ever been to in my entire life. And they are still together 20 years later! I have no idea if Beth's still sleeping with Susan. Better not to ask, I say!

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35. A Rollercoaster Ride

On man, so I have a good story. The night before the wedding, the rehearsal dinner is at a distillery. Everyone gets hammered. I mean everyone, even the grandparents, all extremely intoxicated. The groom's dad was so gone that when he tries to give his speech to the couple to be, he cannot even talk, nor stand up. After the rehearsal dinner, the whole wedding party decides it is a good idea to go out drinking some more at some karaoke bar.

At the bar, the groom’s little sister, who was in high school at the time, randomly decides to get on stage to try her hand at karaoke. However, instead of singing a song, she just starts talking about how she wants to screw all the groomsmen. Promptly, her family rips her off stage and takes her home. Later in the night, everyone is having a great time, but then the bride tipsily tells the groom that she is not sure if she loves him anymore.

The groom becomes enraged, leaves the bar, attempting to walk (stumble) back to his hotel, which wasn't anywhere near the bar. The groom's brother runs after him trying to calm him down and the groom ends up getting into a huge fistfight with his brother/best man. The next day, the groom and best man look like they had both been hit by a truck.

For some reason, the wedding is still on. The groom's mother decides the only way to fix things is by trying to cover the wounds with makeup. So now you have the groom and best man looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost up on the altar, and then in walks the bride…still soused. They end up both saying "I do" but weeks later, as expected, they get divorced. Then the plot thickened SO much.

It ends up that before the wedding while the groom was on his bachelor party weekend, they met a bunch of girls who were going to the same place for a bachelorette party. The groom hooks up with one of the girls he meets. Long story short, now he is married to the girl who he cheated on his ex-fiancée/wife with, and has been for the past seven years.

It’s always funny to think back on how much of a circus that wedding was.

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36. Up A Creek

It was my bachelor party about eight years ago. We drank a lot and were out on the lake driving around two pontoon boats. We bottomed out on a sandbar. My friend, who ended up blowing three times the limit, insisted that I had broken the boat, which I hadn’t. I lifted the motor up and showed him it was fine.

There were a couple of lily pads wrapped around the fan. He was convinced this would break the engine and leave us stranded on the lake. I told him relentlessly that this was not the case and that I had been boating since I was a small boy. He belligerently told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and said he was going to fix it.

I told him we were fine and to not get out of the boat. As he was taking his shirt off to jump off the boat, I continued to tell him we were fine and he shouldn’t get out of the boat. He looked at me again and said he was sure I broke the boat. I reminded him it was turned off. It ended in total and disgusting catastrophe.

As he jumped off the boat the wet skin on his hand somehow caught on to a piece of metal and degloved the skin off of his pinky finger. He got out of the water screaming and his hand looked like the T-1000 from terminator. He was bleeding profusely and had to go to the hospital.

They didn’t have the ability to fix it at the hospital and he ended up having to have his finger surgically implanted into his side to regrow the skin. His hand was in his hip for two months...and it didn’t grow back. He ended up having to have his pinky finger amputated.

To this day he claims he gave up a finger for my marriage. I was the best man in his wedding and we’re still good friends, but all in all this more or less ruined my bachelor party.

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37. Guard Down

My husband was deployed to Afghanistan during our engagement, so I asked him if he wanted to have a combined bachelor/bachelorette party. I planned a combined party at club where I knew the owners so we could get the VIP treatment. A good friend of mine offered to chauffeur us and he insisted on being our "bodyguard".

Anyway, he was keeping people out of our velvet rope area and whatnot. I'm buying dances for my fiancé (now husband) and my brother (who was giving me away, since our dad was no longer around). I'm buying rounds for our guests. We were having a blast. Next thing you know, our bodyguard, who hasn't had a drink all night because he was also the driver, starts swaying.

The guys that he had kicked out of the velvet rope area got up and left really fast. It was really suspicious. We had to rush him to the ER. Turns out they found traces of  GHB in his system. To this day, I never found out if they were trying to get him or me because his Sprite was on the table next to my drink. He survived, and I got lucky.

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38. A Detour They All Regret Taking

I wasn’t there, but a mate of mine was Best Man for his best friend at this bachelor’s party that they called a “Bucks Party.” After much drinking, there was a race around the block, where the groom and a few others all took a shortcut through a couple of backyards. Apparently, as they jumped one of the fences, several of them plummeted into a pool that was under construction. When the dust settled, everyone just started screaming.

Tragically, the groom was fatally impaled on an exposed bar inside the pool. He didn’t live to attend his wedding. This was an event that changed everything for everyone who knew him and all his mates. After this terrible event, anyone in that social circle who had bachelor parties after this event were decidedly more low-key and uneventful.

My mate still gets really upset when it’s ever brought up in conversation or mentioned. This tragedy happened in the very early 1990s, when construction sites weren’t so regulated. Hence, the reinforced steel bars were out in the open in ways that pose a lot of serious risks. Thankfully, there are much stricter rules in place now and things have changed.

The guys were merely returning from a local pub crawl and had decided it would be a fun way to end the night with a foot race home. Knowing these blokes, any dissent would have been an instant disqualification and would have been laughed off.

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39. Saw It On Craigslist

I had my bachelor party like a month before my wedding. My friends and I are a bunch of nerds (we play League of Legends), but we decided to be cool and go out to some bars. We hit up the karaoke bar (nailed it), went to a local college bar (cheap drinks), and accidentally went to a gay bar (I had never felt like a raw piece of steak before then).

Anyways, one of my buds texts me and says, "Yo man, I'm sorry I can't make it, but what's the address"? Naively, I sent him the address. The boys and I go back to my friend's apartment, watch some tv, take some shots and chat about life. The doorbell rings. An extremely large man (6'6", 250 lbs at least) shows up and says, "Yo, this where the party at"? But that was just the beginning. 

Over the next two hours at least 10 random dudes show up at the door, "ready to smash". Finally, some guy curses at us for being "jerks for denying him the hot women that were posted on Craigslist”. Turns out my friend had posted my other friend's apartment as a house party with random pictures of some chick.

I guess it's kind of funny, but the dudes that show up "for a party" at 2:00 am are not like the nerds I play League with. They were a little scary.

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40. A Big Brawl

I went on a bachelor party trip to FloraBama. Think hillbillies and rednecks had a kid, and this is that kid’s town. We met up with another bachelor party that was there. Hung out, shared drinks, listened to music, etc. Pretty cool guys for being a bit younger than most of us, except that some of them brought their girlfriends. Okay, whatever...

For macho testosterone-filled reasons, our group kept discussing which group would win a fight, and who should fight who, etc. Never thinking it would actually happen. The last night, everyone was hanging out at the redneck bar and their groom was at the bar making out with two of his buddies' girlfriends. The buddies were the last to notice, so everyone was filming it and humiliating the two guys.

Screaming match ensues. Their party turns into two sides yelling at each other. A fight breaks out. The bouncers let it ride since it was 10 guys. Then, it went way too far, and the results were gruesome. The groom got his face bashed in. It was mangled to the point where there was absolutely no way he could get married in a week. Three other guys and one girl left in ambulances. She had her elbow snapped backward with an audible crunch, and it stayed that way for a long time.

One dude ended up in only his underwear with his cowboy boots on his hands like boxing gloves. This allowed him to cause a lot of damage to people's faces. Friendships were ruined, and a few people found themselves behind bars. Needless to say, we were still pretty sure we could have taken them in a fight.

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41. Someone’s Got An Axe To Grind

I worked at a few bars as an ax-throwing teacher. You see all types, but we get a ton of bachelor and bachelorette parties who swing through for the novelty. Here are some of the highlights of these parties that I have personally witnessed. One time, a bride found out that a bridesmaid had slept with the groom back in high school. I had to confiscate their axes.

Another time, two bridesmaids made out and the bride’s mother flipped the heck out. Had to confiscate the axes. Another time, I watched a best man take a sip from his ax and throw his drink. He was clearly out of it. The drink did not stick to the target and he was sad. Water was provided. Probably the one I felt the worst for was a groom who did not drink and was stuck putting up with his intoxicated friends. I paid for his sodas for the whole night.

They get even wilder. One groom got left behind after a disagreement about a club. He wouldn’t go due to being a decent human being. The staff came together with a few regulars and we threw him a party and bar hopped together after we closed. It was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in my life and he invited me to cookouts until I moved away.

One groom taught me how to body roll in exchange for me teaching him to throw axes. I did not ask him if he could body roll or how to do it. He just taught me completely unsolicited. Comes in surprisingly handy at parties. We had special axes at one bar that grooms and brides would get to throw. Massive fire axe. Cool as heck.

One groom wouldn’t throw it. He just wouldn’t. He just wanted to hold it. It was kinda funny and we put the blade cover on it and just let him use it like a tote. We couldn’t get it back from him until he passed out. I thought it was funny, but it mortified his friends. One bridesmaid almost hit the bride throwing when she wasn’t supposed to. I caught the ax at the cost of almost losing a finger.

That got me some major coolness points and a massive tip, but I did have to superglue my hand shut and go home early. Pretty sure the blood traumatized the bridesmaid. She definitely went into shock and my coworker had to calm her down. These are just a few of the many mishaps that I’ve witnessed over the years at various bachelor and bachelorette parties.

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42. It’s Not All Fun And Games

A buddy of mine was getting married. We went out for drinks, but his wife did not permit him to have an actual bachelor party. As we drank, he made a disturbing confession. She was mistreating him and masking it as intimate “play.” The wedding was two weeks away. Only, he hated the whole idea and only went along with it because he had low self-esteem.

She was really aggressive. She had come on to me the year before and I said no. She went so far as to wake me up by sitting on me without a stitch of clothing on the couch when I crashed once at their place. I was trashed and thought I was dreaming at first but came to my senses before anything terrible happened. I told him about it later, but he chalked it up as just her personality.

He didn't seem to care, even though I knew better. Anyway, we come home from the bar and sit in the living room and watch TV. He goes off to his fiancée for a bit. About 30 minutes later, I wake up to my buddy putting stuff in a backpack. He says he is going to go to a hotel, that he cannot stay here with her anymore. Says he will drop me at home.

That's when she comes out in full leather gear with another man following her. Starts yelling at him and doing some fairly familiar “dominant” commands. He isn't having any of it and leaves, while yelling at her for cheating and also leaving me there. Then she yells at me for not trying to stop him. I had the perfect response: "You're the one with handcuffs." And I walked home.

The wedding was canceled by him and she spent the next month saying stuff about how he was intolerant of her lifestyle. All I cared about was my buddy getting out of a horrible relationship. He is now married to one of the best women I know. So, a happy ending!

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43. Evacuation Notice

For my sister's bachelorette, we had rented a beach house for a five day vacation in North Carolina. On day four, the owner of the house showed up and barged into the house and screamed at all of us that we had to evacuate. None of us had been paying attention to the weather or news or anything, so there was a crucial thing we didn't know. 

The hurricane we were vaguely aware of was about a day out from hitting the coast. The woman thought we were ignoring the evacuation notice and told us that if we weren't out within the hour she was going to call the authorities. She was the one who was supposed to tell us considering she lived there (there being the town) and owned the house, so her aggression was really confusing.

We had to pack up and clean the whole house in about an hour and cut the trip short by about a day. I have no idea how we were supposed to know about the notice. There were still other people in the neighborhood lounging around their houses, and no preparation measures were being made by any of them for the potential storm.

It turned out that when the hurricane hit, it barely skirted the town and everything was fine.

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44. Somewhere In Kansas

My father-in-law was the best man for his best friend, and he planned the guy’s bachelor party the night before the wedding. The bride-to-be was not a nice lady, and he had a strong dislike for her. After failing to talk the guy out of marrying her, he was looking for a way to sabotage the wedding. He took the groom out bar hopping in Chicago and got him completely toasted.

He put him on a late-night train, telling him it would take him home. The groom woke up nine hours later somewhere in Kansas. All he had with him was his ID and enough cash for return fare. By then it was a few hours before the wedding and the bride was freaking out.

My father-in-law played dumb until the groom finally called, then he admitted to it. It took the groom pretty much the entire day to get home. My father-in-law was not invited to the rescheduled wedding a week later. The marriage lasted maybe a year. My father-in-law and the groom are still best friends, to this day, though.

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45. Leap Of Faith

The day before my brother got married we decided to have a really small bachelor party with just a few guys and go skydiving. We knew of a small place that had a small hangar outside of a small city and decided that this would be the place since we could do it for a small price.

It was me, my brother, my sister, and another friend that was coming from upstate, and we had an appointment at 5:00 pm for our jump. It was a disaster from the very beginning. Long story short, the other friend left hours ahead of time to make sure he would arrive on time, but had major car problems and then got stuck in traffic, making him about an hour late instead.

We were communicating during all of this and trying to decide whether we should wait or just go ahead and jump without him. Finally, we decided to ask the staff if there were any groups after us that we could trade appointments with so we could wait for our friend. Well as fate would have it there was a group of exactly four just after us.

So after the other party agreed to swap they just switched times with us and we had the later appointment. They were excited to be able to go sooner than they thought. My brother and I had gotten there early and we were having a great time watching the planes go up and the jumpers come down.

They would go up four at a time (two jumpers and two instructors jumping in tandem) and would land right in front of the hangar. It was fascinating for me to see how they would come in so fast, then just at the last minute they would pull up and land like a...bird..or a parachuter.

Anyway, the first two of the group we swapped came in just fine, and my brother and I went out to watch the other two jump before it was our turn to strap into the harnesses. I still can't believe what I witnessed. We saw them jump, and we saw one of them deploy their chute, but the other fell way further.

I remember thinking "Wow I hope I get an instructor that lets me fall that far..that looks way more fun". Eventually their chute deployed but as soon as it did, they started going into an uncontrolled spin. They were coming in hot and I was waiting for them to pull up like all they others had, but they never did.

I heard a scream, they slammed into the ground, and a cloud of dust shot up about six feet into the air. They were out in the weeds nowhere close to the landing pad. The weird thing is that there was no staff outside watching and my brother, my dad (who was there to watch us jump), and I were the only ones to see them hit.

I ran and told the staff what happened and then we ran out into the weeds to find them. They were broken, both unconscious, face down in the dirt. They had cuts and gashes, some big enough that I could see bone, but there wasn't a lot of blood anywhere. That's when I realized the sickening truth.

This was I assume because their hearts stopped so quickly. We wanted to start CPR but their bodies were so tangled in the harnesses that we had to get the seatbelt cutters from their packs and start cutting the straps apart so we could roll them over. We performed CPR on the jumper and the instructor until ambulances arrived but we learned later that it was too late.

This was the group that we had swapped. The four in that group were a mother and her three daughters. The mother didn’t make it. The father had bought them the tickets as a Christmas present a few months earlier. Needless to say we didn't end up jumping that day.

Anyway, the wedding the next morning was nice. We should probably just hire some private dancers next time. It definitely wasn’t the “tame” bachelor party we were hoping for.

Scars FactsMax Pixel

46. Bottles Up

I didn’t witness this directly, but I heard about it a few months later. This groom decided to have a bachelor party in Germany during Oktoberfest. The group flew out from California. From what I hear, it was mostly intoxicated partying. No peelers or shenanigans like that as far as I know. Except for one fatal mistake. Apparently, the groom threw a bottle when he was done with it, and it hit an officer of the law.

There are differing stories as to whether it was thrown toward the officer intentionally or just up in the air. Either way, he was charged with a pretty serious infraction for the incident. Apparently, they were extra tough on him, as they don't care much for foreign drinkers playing around in their country. The party left Germany with the groom behind bars. The best man stayed behind.

They played it off that they were just staying a bit longer. Weeks passed. Eventually, he came clean with the bride about where he was and why. Obviously, she was not happy. More weeks pass and he has to make excuses for a job interview with a major tech company as to why he is out of the country. More weeks pass and it becomes apparent that the wedding needs to be delayed, as he isn’t going to be out by the originally planned date.

Eventually, he is sent home and the wedding actually goes forward. As far as I know, they are still married.

Reality hit rich kids factsPixabay

47. Just Horsing Around

So recently, I was at a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was kind of a fragmented group of people around a common friend, so there was a lot of splitting off and going different places. The last night before the wedding, one group comes back from a club. At this point, it's been like four nights at this resort. I'm done.

I'm sitting on the couch watching the new Tom Clancy and Michael B. Jordan movie when the party guests in the other room suddenly come bursting in and yelling "Horse bit the stripper!!" Apparently, "Horse" was their nickname for one of the guests. He had just gotten hammered, spent a fortune on lap dances, and at some point, decided it was a good idea to bite a stripper.

Obviously, they all got tossed from the venue. And then, just out of spite, Horse decided to call his credit card company and dispute the charges for the drinks.

Cardi BUnsplash

48. Big Screen Premiere

This seems more common than I realized it was at the time, but at my friend’s bachelor party I found out that the best man was cheating with the groom's wife-to-be. This best man had spent time with the woman, helping them all plan the wedding when “one thing led to another.” And then they apparently kept sleeping together behind the groom's back.

The groom found out about it after coming home early and seeing them both all over each other at the living room window. But the thing is, he was an evil genius—and a psychopath. He hid that he knew for months and didn’t say anything, but set up hidden cameras in his house to record what they were getting up to. The groom then convinced his fiancé to have her hen party at the same time as he was having his bachelor party.

I got to the party in the back room of a nightclub with my brother, who was also a friend of the groom’s. Once we walked in, we immediately felt some tension from a few people, but we put it down to party nerves and the several huge bouncers that were serving drinks and watching the door. The moment that the groom and best man walked in, the best man was about to make some pre-party speech when the groom just went at him.

Then, several guests started joining in. It was like watching animals attack. The dude was destroyed. I've never seen such rage. The bouncers pulled everyone off the best man. Apparently, the groom had hired them to stop him and his friends from going too far. I only discovered these details weeks after. At the same time as this was happening, the groom’s sister was hosting the hen party at her house.

As soon as everyone arrived, the groom’s sister played the compilation tape of hidden camera footage. Apparently, the fiancée ran out of the house before the groom's sister could get her hands on her. I have no idea if the fiancé and best man stayed together. But to be fair, I’m not sure how much of them was left after this incident!

Awkward DatesShutterstock

49. With Friends Like These…

For some reason, a guy I know decided to have a co-ed bachelor party and invited all of his friends from college, from youth, etc. This took place in a large city, and a lot of us that knew each other from high school all went to the same big commuter school in the city and lived with our parents through college, so it was a really unique group. Lots of lifelong friends, and a bunch of new friends from college we brought into the fold.

So here's our groom: Mr. Perpetual Life of the Party. Charismatic, fun, likes to have a good time. Marrying a total buzzkill of a girl, but darned if she isn't crazy hot. Also very, VERY Catholic, and won't let the groom into her pants before the wedding. Groom has been angry about this for a while, which led to some accelerated wedding plans. Anyway, co-ed bachelor party.

It was a big beach house rental. Girls and guys, and it turns into a total debauch fest. About half of us had dated or fooled around with each other through high school or college, so people are sneaking off in various states to do various things—everything from smooching to full-on three-ways. It was messy. I had really only dated a couple of girls in the group, one of whom I couldn't find, and the other was already busy in a bedroom, so me and another loner girl got it on out of pity for each other.

We had just finished what turned out to be a remarkably good pity session when we heard the door to the next room close. These old beach houses had all been renovated a bunch to cram in as many bedrooms as possible, so the walls between were often thin. I couldn’t believe what I witnessed. It was the groom, talking with my sort-of ex that I hadn't been able to find earlier.

From what we could hear (everything) and what we learned later, it seemed that they'd been talking about the fact that the groom's bride-to-be was a real chilly person, and his lack of intimacy with her was really chafing. Well, you guessed it. They went hard, and the girl ended up getting REALLY loud. Like, pretty much everyone knew what was going on.

So. Three days later, everyone under the age of 40 at the wedding knows the groom schtupped this girl, but nobody says nothing. Four days into their honeymoon, the groom comes home early and calls me and some other folks. Turns out he and the girl had been texting about their adventure while he was on his honeymoon with his wife and included a choice bit about how his new wife was bad in the bedroom.

She saw the texts. Choice offered: Ditch every friend you have and stay married, or leave. Guess which one he picked? Spoiler alert they have like eight kids now.

Wedding ruinedShutterstock

50. Cheater’s Chat

All the attendees of the bachelor party were in a group chat. Some of the guys were being “less than faithful” to their significant others, and were bragging about it in the chat. Karma came for them in a brutal way. One dude left iMessage open on his iPad back at home, and his fiancée (not the groom, this guy was also engaged) was reading everything that was happening in Vegas.

Long story short, when he got home all his possessions were in the yard. His fiancée had also contacted another guy’s wife, and his stuff was also outside. Immediate break up for one couple, and divorce for the other. The bachelor (my friend) is a stand-up dude and kept his junk in his pants, so he’s married with two kids and doing great.

Breakup Experience BehemothShutterstock

51. Prank Gone Wrong

During a wedding in Belgium it's common that the friends play a trick on the house of the newlyweds, like fill the house full of balloons or something. Short summary: A good friend of the groom removed a cover that was covering a hole that led to the basement window near the front door of the house.

At night they came home from the wedding party, and neither the groom nor the bride expected this. The bride stumbled into the hole and fatally broke her neck. Hard to forgive such an incident and lifelong scar.

Screw This JobShutterstock

52. Dock Disaster

It was a bachelor party at a lake house. The house was right on the lake and had a dock that went right into the water. We were all drinking, having fun and running around being stupid. We decided we’d jump into the lake. The groom's brother ended up slipping on the dock and fell head first into the railing on the side.

It knocked him out and we all hurried up and ran to him. He had a gash on his forehead. We put him in the car and rushed him to the ER where he ended up getting stitches. But there was a twist. At the end he was mad that the party ended early because he didn’t get to see the private dancers.

Creepiest StoryWikimedia Commons

53. Reckless Driving

This happened to a family friend back in the 1970s or 80s. Back in the day, the bachelor party was the night before the wedding. Terrible idea, but that’s probably why we’ve mostly gone away from that. Anyway, the night before the wedding, the groomsmen decide to “abduct” the bride and bring her to a couple of local bars. All in good fun.

Well, they ended up getting into a terrible car accident. One of the groomsmen didn’t survive. The bride was in critical condition and nearly lost her life. The driver ended up doing time for it.

Glitch In The Matrix FactsShutterstock

54. I Bet You Didn’t See This One Coming!

I was at a bachelor party in Las Vegas. Nobody knew that the groom had a problem with gambling. First night we're there, we're all in the casino having drinks and playing cards. The groom gets up to "get a drink" and never comes back to the group. After hours of searching for him, we finally find him sitting on the bathroom floor of his hotel room crying his eyes out.

Apparently, he had just lost over $10,000 in a few hours playing blackjack. We were there for three more days and he pretty much didn't even leave his hotel room. He was terrified to go home and tell his fiancee that he had lost most of their savings. It was really unfortunate to see. What a terrible way to start a new phase of one’s life!

Bachelor Parties Gone Wrong FactsPxHere

55. Home Sweet Home

I stupidly offered to host a bachelor party for a friend at my house. Two peelers were hired. The best man became grabby with them and was acting like an intoxicated fool. I told him to stop and he slapped me, so we started to brawl. 90% of the people there knew him and didn't know me, so when the brawl broke out, everyone was defending him. You know, because "that's my bro!"

I ended up getting kicked out of my own house violently by the crowd, and they locked the door behind me. I went in through the basement and shut off the electricity. I then screamed for everyone to get out. It took about two hours and the authorities showing up to get everyone to finally leave. Let’s just say that when all was said and done, I didn't go to the wedding...

Bachelor Parties Gone Wrong FactsShutterstock

56. More Than Just Friends

This was my best friend’s bachelor party a few years ago. He had dated his fiancée for six or seven years at that point. She made a male friend at work that became a groomsman. I hated him, didn't trust him, and told my buddy that. The night of the party after huge amounts of drinking, my friend the groom breaks down crying, leaves, and walks home.

He didn't say anything to anyone, just left. Found out the next day that the bride-to-be had been banging that groomsman for months and they were trying to work through it. He couldn't get past it and canceled the wedding.

Wedding ruinedUnsplash

57. A Photo Finish

An ex-girlfriend was at a bachelorette party at a seedy male dancer's place. She came home from the party and said, "Well, the wedding is off." The bride was getting the usual treatment, sitting in a chair with the men gyrating around her, whipping stuff around, and then they got, uh, really frisky. When it ended, the bride kind of comes to her senses, looks around, and sees like 20 of her friends pointing cell phones at her recording and taking photos.

She starts freaking out. My girlfriend says she started screaming at everyone "you better delete that” and generally having a full rage meltdown. This tale of modern romance closes very shortly after, with the bride’s phone ringing in a call from her fiancé, who has already received photos from her “friends” of his bride-to-be getting it on with a male dancer in front of a crowd.

Wedding ruinedShutterstock

58. Let’s Call It Even

I had a buddy whose fiancée slept with a male dancer at her bachelorette party. He found out but wasn't totally irate about it. They had a pretty open relationship and flirted all the time with other people. Anyways, a couple days before their wedding…he got to drinking and slept with one of his fiancée’s friends. But the outcome was hugely surprising to all of us.

He told her what he did, and they both basically said "truce." They got married. Eight years later, they're happy with two kids. It's weird though, because the friend that he banged still hangs out with all of us...and no one really talks about it. True story man.

Wedding ruinedShutterstock

59. The Golfing Groom

We did a cabin in a local park and everything went great the first night. I set up a round of golf for a few of the guys including the groom the next day. It had been raining for a few days but it let up perfectly for the round. We got out there and the course was super hilly, and we were all too hungover from the night before to even drink on the course.

We’re coming down a hill into like the seventh hole and I heard a loud bang behind me. I turned around and the groom's cart had flipped and landed on his ankle. It snapped his fibula. He had like two or three surgeries and it got seriously infected. Luckily he’s fine now but he was on a scooter for the wedding and did his first dance on a peg leg.

Paranormal emergencyWikimedia.Commons

60. Not A Nice Guy

I took a buddy who was getting married out to the bar that a separate friend group haunts. His plan was to have a few pints at his place, but he seemed excited to go out instead. He proceeded to get blasted and hit on every girl in sight. I told him to calm down twice. He then groped a girl while I was in the bathroom and quickly left before he got himself beat.

I apologized profusely to everyone for bringing him around. He was normally a level-headed guy, but he just went off the deep end that night. The wedding the next day was so awkward. I was a groomsman and we dipped out early from the reception. I never talked to him again. His wife left him a year later. I still have an engraved pint glass with my name on it from the whole ordeal.

Nicest things strangers have done factsPixabay

61. A Familiar Face

I was at a bachelor party with a pair of peelers doing their show. We were 15 minutes in. The guys were all sitting around in a circle while the girls made their rounds and did individual lap dances. Anyway, one of the girls crawls across the floor and sticks her face in a guy's pants, going wild over his jeans. Then she looked up to make eye contact, and realized that the guy was her cousin…

She started crying and ran out of the room. She eventually agreed to come back after her cousin agreed to leave and not watch the rest of the show.

Hair-Raising Humiliation StoriesUnsplash

62. Wheelchair Wedding

We were at this bar and the smoking section was on the third floor, so we went up to have a smoke out on the balcony. When we stepped out we saw a bachelor party going on. The poor bachelor was so blasted at like 9:00 pm already. That's when I was witness to a horrific accident.

The dude was so smashed he fell backwards off the balcony and broke both legs. There is a photo of him now up in the bar at his wedding in a wheelchair with a not so happy wife.

Bizarre Neighbors FactsUnsplash

63. Born On A Train

I was at a friend of a friend's bachelor party where some of the guys went a bit overboard. They got the groom super blasted. When he passed out they undressed him. They left only his undies on and they put him on an overnight train with some cash for the trip back. The only problem was the wedding was the next day.

The bachelor's poor parents had to drive like six hours to go fetch him and bring him back in time for the wedding. Everyone who was at the bachelor party was not allowed into the church for the wedding. The bride's father chased us all away. Turns out it was the groom's own groomsmen that did it.

Supernatural ExperiencesUnsplash

64. Jumped

After a few drinks and a curry, we were on the way to the bar for drinks. Well, the future brother-in-law suddenly decided to jump on the future groom for a piggyback. Except his hands were in his pockets, so he lost balance, and fell face down on the ground. His glasses pretty much cut the top of his eyes open.

With his shirt now covered in blood, needless to say we could forget about going into any bar that night.

Unprofessional Doctors FactsShutterstock

65. The Princess And The Partiers

I threw my buddy a bachelor party on August 31, 1997. It was pretty standard: club, limo to NYC, hit Mcsorleys for a ton of rounds. We then went to a bar famous for its hot wings. We walked in, and saw that everyone was glued to the TV sets behind the bar. We didn't pay any attention to them.

We sat down, ordered tons of wings and pitchers and were partying up a storm. After about 45 minutes we realized we were the only group in the bar having any fun. I glanced over at one of the TVs, and my jaw dropped. Princess Diana was in a car accident and didn’t survive. That ruined the rest of the night…

Sarah Ferguson factsWikimedia Commons

66. Past Their Bedtime

I once tagged along with my cousin to a bachelor party in rural Nebraska. It was all pretty normal to begin with. We were on someone’s property having a big barbecue. There was a barn, drinks, yard games, and then “the girls” got there. These two obvious trashbags and one of their boyfriends. Of course, everyone knows everyone there.

They throw down this dirty mattress and the two girls just start going at it while everyone stood around and watched. It was the most repulsive, least attractive thing I’ve ever seen.

Eating Sins FactsShutterstock

67. Mixed Messages

A few years ago, I was stationed near Las Vegas. So, naturally, on long weekends we’d frequent the hotels and casinos. Well, this bridal party came up to the group of guys that I was there with and, after a couple drinks, they wanted to go to the hotel. The soon-to-be bride wanted a farewell with Friend B from my group. Well, the number two girl was not having it.

Things started small but escalated to a full-blown screaming match in the middle of the casino about how “you’re not going to do that to my brother,” etc. I have no idea if she got married in the end, but I know I got the heck out of that situation as fast as I possibly could.

Bachelor Parties Gone Wrong FactsShutterstock

68. Coin Toss

We had an ongoing rule through the bachelor weekend that if you were holding a pint and someone managed to toss a coin into it, you had to down it immediately. It was, I think, a Brazilian Real—whatever it was, it was a big old coin. It had a significant diameter and a good, sturdy thickness.

Anyway, one of the chaps ended up swallowing the coin along with the liquid. I'll never forget the look of realization on his face. And I can imagine the other look on his face a couple of days later.

Macho Moments Gone Wrong FactsMax Pixel

69. He’s A Fox

My brother-in-law was dressed as a fox for his bachelor party and the rest of us were country gentlemen. Tweed, flat caps, etc. It was a good theme to be honest. It was a boozy weekend, but nothing particularly crazy went down. Until, at about 3:00 am on the second night, before we were going to go home, the groom went for a dance in a fountain.

He slipped and smashed his head on the ground. Really bad. Some paramedics arrived and had to, of course, cut him out of his all-in-one hooded fox costume, by now covered in blood. He went to the hospital and had the wound glued up. We can laugh about it now as thankfully there was no long term damage. Apart from perhaps his pride when the blood-soaked half-shredded fox costume was brandished in the best man's speech.

Parents Lie FactsShutterstock

70. There’s Nothing Concealer Can’t Fix

A buddy of mine went old school and had his bachelor party the night before the wedding. Right around 1:00 am I get a call from my husband, who was a groomsman. "Babe, you need to come get us. Now". "Why"? "Eric got punched by a dancer". The groom had a large T-shaped bruise right above his eye where the girl's ring hit him.

The next day it was worse. Once again I got a call for aid from the husband 15 minutes before the ceremony. To date that was the best makeup I've ever done.

Whew! What a relief.Getty Images

71. Watch Your Stuff

My friend invited an absolutely awful girl to her hen party about seven years ago. Her reputation was that she was trash, but she showed up like a different person and was actually very nice the whole night. She was on her best behavior, buying rounds of drinks, showing a genuine interest in conversations, the whole works.

She even offered to look after the coats and bags while we got up to dance. Halfway through the first song, she showed her true colors. We all turned around to find her rifling through everyone’s belongings. She locked eyes with us while she had one hand full of bank notes and the other full of someone’s cigs. She wasn’t invited to the wedding.

Revenge too farShutterstock

72. A Moment Of Weakness

Neighbor's jealous harpy frenemies convinced her to cheat on the husband-to-be at the bachelorette party. Her friends were very far gone and SnapChatted evidence to him as "a joke." Obviously, he didn't take it that well and left her. Packed up all his things in their apartment and drove to his parents’ instead of getting married. The bride apparently didn't leave her room for about three weeks, totally distraught with how her relationship fell apart.

Wedding ruinedShutterstock

73. Boy’s Night

I was the best man for my younger brother, and I set up the bachelor party as was my role. It was in Miami, and I'm from a small town, so I did my best to find good recommendations on Google. I chose a salsa club, a very lively place based on the pictures, with hot women in scanty clothing but no actual dancers.

Saucy but tasteful, basically. Or so I thought. We get the entire group in the front door of the club, and on stage is a muscleboi in a speedo, gyrating intensely. Everyone turns to stare at me, "What did you do”?! Turns out the club's rotation of performers had a one in ten chance of muscleboi. We still had a good time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. factsShutterstock

74. Propellor Problems

I went to a bachelor party on a lake and one of the guys jumped off the backside of the boat while the propeller was moving. He got his legs sucked into the propellers and torn apart. They were able to save his legs but the guy had to relearn how to walk. It was a looong process. I don’t keep in touch with him but I found him on Facebook and he looks like he’s doing okay now.

HOA NightmaresShutterstock

75. From Bad To Worse

This group of guys brought a bachelor to Nashville for top golf and bar hopping. It was a bad mix of two friend groups. One guy says it's a “sausage fest” and “boring,” even though considering that both friend groups didn’t like each other everyone was still having a good time. The bachelor was dumb and said to invite a bunch of women. He ended up cheating on his fiancée and then told her the day after the wedding.

And now they are divorced.

Bachelor Parties Gone Wrong FactsUnsplash

76. More Money, More Problems

It’s my buddy’s bachelor party. His college friends disappear. He’s intoxicated and wants to go to a club. I agree and go to supervise. Sometime later, he’s spirited away to a private room. My attempts to locate him are stymied by complicit staff and bouncers. Two or three hours later, he’s brought out after he barfed everywhere. I drag him back to the hotel and dump him in bed.

I leave shortly thereafter. It’s bad news and not my scene. He calls me the next day. The club racked up $15k in charges on his credit card and he has no recollection of anything that had happened. His fiancée calls me asking what happened. I just tell her I’m not sure and that she should talk to the dude. They’ve been happily married now for several years. Fatherhood has calmed him down a bit.

Toxic parentsShutterstock

77. Take Two

I went to a friend's bachelor party at his house. It was for his second wedding, while still in his twenties. They hired a stripper. She did her strip show, and then she took my friend into his bedroom and disappeared for an hour during the party. Yeah, they got intimate. She came out of the room wearing his t-shirt. A couple of weeks later, he had the wedding.

I guess the bride found out about what had happened, because he got divorced a month later. Second divorce in his twenties for basically infidelity. Some people probably shouldn't get married.

Married People factsShutterstock

78. Work Hard, Pray Hard

This party didn’t go quite as wrong as some of these other ones, but more so just kinda sucked. We got together at the house of one of the groomsmen to pre-game and, not long into it, the homeowner and the groom decided they should take off to go pray. Not a euphemism, they were staunch Catholics and felt like going to a church. The rest of us hung out at the house and drank and played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” since we had nothing else to do.

I think we stayed around hoping that we would actually go party somewhere once the other two came back. Not the best night, but we made do.

Sir Walter Raleigh factsShutterstock

79. A Bad Time To Get Chewed Out

For my friend’s bachelor party, we took a trip on the Cherry Creek of the Upper Tuolumne River in California. The groom underinflated his boat and, when he hit the first big drop, it taco'd. He got launched forward, ate the spare paddle tied to the boat, and lost a significant portion of his front tooth. This was a week before the wedding. You can only imagine what those wedding photos looked like…

Marriages won't lastUnsplash

80. An Abrupt Ending

Not my story, but I heard about it. A groom was on his last hurrah and slept with a stripper at his bachelor party. He then got an STD and didn't know about it. Next thing he knows, his private area swelled up to the size of a grapefruit, leaving him unable to have children. His bride was looking forward to having kids, so she parted ways with him.

He pleaded his case to her, arguing that it was probably a temporary thing, but she didn’t buy it. And to make matters worse, his friend’s semi-famous cousin tweeted about the situation for the whole world to see and put the pieces together…

Dramatic Weddings FactsShutterstock

81. A Straw Man Argument

At one bachelor party that I attended, things got very wild very fast. A friend of the groom’s was talking smack to random strangers at the bar, and eventually, he picked on the wrong guy. So the groom intervened. A major fight ensued and the groom ended up getting his jaw broken in the process. He had to eat through a straw at his own wedding.

Bachelor Parties Gone WrongShutterstock

82. Lightweight

First night of the bachelor party, we had a casino night booked with a meal. Everyone started drinking at about 5:00 pm, and the meal was at 7:00 pm. By the time we were all grabbing drinks to sit down for food, we noticed the groom had disappeared. We spent 20 minutes walking around looking for him.

Eventually we decided that one of us should check the bathroom. Just to clarify, the groom was not a big drinker. What we saw made me want to both laugh and cry. It turns out he had passed out on the bathroom floor covered in his own sick after an hour and a half of drinking.

We called a taxi and he was in bed by 8:00 pm. Everyone else ended up going out without him. I remember tucking him into bed and him mumbling, "best night ever"! We still bug him about this night to this day.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsShutterstock

83. Money Problems

I had a friend hit $250k on a $5 slot machine at a Shreveport casino at his bachelor party two weeks before the ceremony. It actually destroyed his life. With his newfound wealth, he decided to ask his fiancée to sign a prenup. She refused. She had referred to it as "our money" from the first moment she heard the good news.

And so, he walked away. Everyone hated him for it. He was practically excommunicated from all our social circles. 10 years later and she's filed bankruptcy twice. In hindsight, he made the right decision.

Wolf of Wall StreetShutterstock

84. Change Of Plans

My friend lost his life on his bachelor weekend. He fell out of the cab at the end of the night and hit his head on the sidewalk. The authorities put him in a cell overnight. But they didn't know the horrible truth. It turned out he had fractured his skull. They let him out in the morning, but he went into a coma and perished a week later.

The wedding was supposed to be three weeks later. We ended up having his funeral then instead. I am completely broken up by it still.

Inappropriate funeralShutterstock

85. Toothless

The whole party got inebriated, and the best man (who was his brother) admitted to having slept with the bride. A massive bar fight followed, and the groom lost one of his front teeth. The wedding still happened, but he kept his mouth shut in all the pictures, the best man was nowhere to be seen, and instead the title was given to the groom's other brother.

Shocking Family SecretsPexels

86. Change Of Plans

It was a Las Vegas bachelorette. The bride-to-be meets a guy at a club who is a groomsman at another bachelor party. They exchange numbers and hang out several times the rest of the weekend. She texts him a lot and the groom finds the text messages. He calls off the wedding and the girl ends up moving to Colorado and marries the guy she met in Vegas. True story.

Wedding DramaPexels

87. The Diver

First night at the Airbnb, the groom-to-be dives head first into the pool and cracks his head open. He goes to the ER and gets 12 stitches in his skull. Fortunately he’s okay and is able to be released after a few hours. He tells the bride-to-be the next morning and we’re all in hot water for the rest of the trip.

Woke Up In A HospitalPexels

88. When Things Go Terribly Wrong

I wasn’t present for this, but a friend of mine from high school disappeared out of the back door of a club in Atlantic City during his bachelor party. He didn’t notify anyone else in the group before leaving. They eventually found his deceased body in a random hotel room the next morning. It was not even one of the rooms that he had booked for the party.

The mystery of what the heck happened was never solved. His family knows the results of the autopsy, but the rest of the story remains unknown. Did he leave with a dancer? Did he overdo on some kind of substance? We have no idea.

Signs From The Universe FactsPikist

89. A Bad Combo

​​For my wedding my best man and I hit up a local bar the night before. The plan was a low key night, some pints and some pizza, and then head back to my place for video games. The best man proceeds to get absolutely smashed on Jagermeister and Dr Pepper, and eats a pizza slathered in ghost pepper sauce.

He has to clog the bar sink with toilet paper to dunk his head in cold water, and then he pukes all over himself and passes out in my bathtub. We still made the wedding on time and I have some great blackmail pictures.

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90. One Small Step

This story took place at a friend’s bachelorette party. The bride was surprised with a dare that included climbing up a fire truck ladder. For some silly reason, she gave in to the peer pressure and attempted the dare. It did not go well. She slid down and broke both of her legs. She still kept the wedding date, but just had to endure the ceremony in a wheelchair.

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91. Be-fore And After

A friend of mine's mom got remarried to a much younger guy. We were 15 years old at the time, and the step-dad to be had just turned 21. For the bachelor party, they just had a night of drinking games and a BBQ. The groom got very intoxicated and eventually passed out. While he was out, his friends thought it would be funny to dye his hair down there bright orange.

Unfortunately for the groom, he was uncircumcised and some of that dye got into his skin. It got seriously infected. Instead of going to the doctor, he just tried to treat it himself. That did not go too well. The infection got much worse, and eventually became so bad that he ended up having to get circumcised just a few days before his wedding.

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92. Reality Show

A video emerged after the bachelorette party. The intoxicated bride was in a bathroom, throwing gang signs at the camera while some dude was hooking up with her. You hear him moan and she screams some very intense comments just before the video ends. The groom was sent the video. The wedding still happened.


93. Smooth With The Ladies

The groom at this bachelor party is not a party kind of guy, normally quiet and reserved. He doesn't want anything crazy, so we hit a bar or two. In the third bar, he suddenly changes. He becomes the world's most charismatic man. He charms his way around all the women in the place, and a couple of them return his interest.

The best man does his best to run interference but the groom is irresistible. Eventually, he heads home with a woman on his arm. Luckily, the Best Man has already sabotaged the groom by filling his bed with tortilla chips. We get back in time to call the lady a cab while the groom rages and curses. But he thanks us all later.

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94. Terrible Luck

My uncle had his bachelor party white water rafting. His best man was in remission from Stage Four cancer and was feeling well enough to join the party. Tragically, things took a harsh turn and he fell out of the raft. He never made it out of the water alive.

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95. That Escalated Quickly

At a friend’s bachelor party, the groom tried to sleep with me. When I refused and went home, he messaged me on Facebook and offered to move to my state to be with me. I had known him for a maximum of about five hours...

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96. A Bad Decision

A good friend of mine thought it would be fun to stick his head out of a party bus roof hatch on the highway en route to our other friend’s bachelor party. His head clipped an overpass and he lost his life instantly.

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97. One Moment Gone So Wrong

Best friend got inebriated, as did everyone, at the lake house during the bachelor party. One kid wanted to take the boat out in cold, cold water. No life vests. With three of them in the boat. At 1,000 feet from shore, they tipped the boat. Only one tried to swim to shore to get help. He was so cold by the time he got to shore that it took him an hour to reach the nearest house for help.

My friend stayed with the other guy holding onto the upside-down boat. The other guy had heavy clothes and boots and they couldn't get them off as it was dark and their fingers were numb. I don't know how long they managed to hold on waiting for help until they went under. The wedding party the next day became a search and rescue.

Many months later, they found the body. Sometimes I hate him for not swimming to save himself. Sometimes I admire him for trying to save his friend. I miss you so much watermelon.

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98. Here’s To New Experiences

A girl in my grade 11 class married her dad's best friend. I was the only person who went to the bachelorette besides her family, and I mostly went because I felt bad because she didn't really have friends and I wanted her to know I was there FOR HER, not anybody else, in case she ever needed help. The party was in her auntie’s garage.

Me and the bride-to-be were both 16. Also there were her two aunties, her mom, her grandma, and three of her mom's friends. Nine people in total, and the closest way I can describe the scene is if everyone there was related to Honey Boo Boo. It was also a dry party, because of the underage bride.

We're playing dumb bridal games, and then it took a turn for the worse. They pull her chair into the middle of this garage floor, and music comes on. A racy male dancer comes in and everyone starts hollering except the bride and myself. We lock eyes and are both...utterly...horrified.

I know that she's still a virgin, and heck, so am I. Both very innocent kids. This sad awkward male dancer is also blatantly horrified at the scene in the garage. He's doing everything he can to avoid the clearly underage bride, including grinding up on grandma. I'm freaking out because I know that if my parents find out about this, there will be heck to pay.

Plus, it's the most sad awkward cringe you've ever not wanted to be a part of. Grandma AND mom are stuffing $2 bills down his undies and grabbing him all over. They try to drag him over to the bride and he's resisting with all his might. The song ends, and the guy stops dancing and has to beg for his pants back from Aunty #1.

They then refuse to pay him because he wouldn't give the bride a dance, and he and Aunty #2 have it out, outside the garage door, where we can all hear them yelling. To this day, my parents don't know that the first time I saw a man's junk was at Penny's bachelorette in grade 11. And here, I thought I'd repressed that memory until now, yikes.

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99. Calling Collect

I went to one of my cousin's buddy’s bachelor party. It was a fun pub crawl trying different drinks. He had a large suite rented for the night. We all sat around telling stories. He linked his phone to the TV. He was in the middle of showing us pics and vids from his last fishing trip when, all of a sudden, he gets a FaceTime call from his fiancée.

He answers it but the picture is pretty dark. You hear moaning. Then, suddenly, everything came into focus and we saw...everything. Four guys are going to town on her. Not sure if she called or accidentally hit her phone. But he freaks out, which I don’t blame him for. She made him promise no peelers. He is angrily screaming, but she isn’t responding. I don’t know if she was ignoring him or if her phone was muted.

He took a while to turn it off. We finally got him to shut it off. He demanded his keys. It was going down at his house. We all disperse. My cousin and the guy’s close friends went to his house. He started tossing her things out. They didn’t get married. I don’t know why she did it. No idea if it was a last night of freedom kind of thing or if she had planned it to get out of the wedding.

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100. Family Matters

This happened about 10 years ago. It was my friend's bachelor party. We’d organized for a topless waitress through a party company to attend for two hours and serve drinks. She arrives late and can only stay for one hour, but to make up for it she agrees to take off all her clothes for the hour.

She walks out of one of the bedrooms after taking her clothes off and gives the groom a big hug. From the back of the room a guy goes “What in the world”?! That's when we made the most shocking discovery. It’s the best man's sister. No clothes, in front of all his friends.

She runs off crying and we just all stand there for like 10 seconds in silence before we laugh our butts off. She lives about an hour away and apparently told the family she worked in hospitality, but nothing more specific.

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101. How Does This Even Happen??

At one bachelor party I attended, the bride snuck in to see the groom after the party—and discovered the most horrifying sight imaginable. He was being breastfed by his mother. She was in her sixties and he was late twenties. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen. The bride immediately called off the wedding and didn’t keep it a secret as to why. I, for one, was relieved, as I didn’t want to attend the wedding in the first place.

I honestly wish I was joking.

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