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Bachelor Parties Gone Wrong

Bachelor parties are the best opportunities to go all out, let loose, and get wild. They often generate amazing stories that are retold for years to come. Sometimes those stories are hilarious, but other times they can be tragic. These Redditors did not hold back as they shared stories of bachelor parties that took a hard left turn.

1. Dirty Dancing

Our crew touched down in Vegas, all set for some pre-planned debauchery and drinking at a gentleman's club. The best man for the groom-to-be chose a solo dance in the champagne room. Once that was done, we took off for another round of betting and boozing before heading back to our hotel suite.

Morning came and our hungover faces stared back at each other. The best man's right eye was an alarming red and swollen. It looked like an inflated souffle. The truth behind it was even more gut-churning than I'd thought. He confessed that his face had made contact with the dancer's nether regions and somehow, he ended up with crabs.

Needless to say, his best man duties were off the table. We still give him a hard time about it and don't plan on letting him forget it anytime soon.

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2. Gotta Bounce

We took a trip to St Catherine’s Street in Montreal, an area known for its lively nightlife. The groom and his younger brother, the best man, weren't exactly experts with this sort of entertainment. They got involved in a private dance with a couple of dancers, and they were gone for quite a while. I was anxious they were losing track of time. As for the rest of us, we were having our own fun in the club.

I went out for a smoke and was stunned to see them emerge, their shirts out of shape, their hair tousled, and what looked like lipstick smeared all over them. The real story was unbelievable. it was blood! They'd run into a disagreement with the dancers over how much they owed.

The club’s bouncers turned up and just went to town on them. The best man had a boot print on his back, his face messed up, and his two front teeth were missing. The groom wasn't faring any better—he was bruised and swollen. We spent the rest of the night in the emergency room, where the best man had to undergo a root canal surgery.

We reported the incident to the local authorities who promptly got involved. They even took the bouncer’s shoes as evidence for their investigation, which ultimately led to his prosecution. The authorities even arranged for the groom and best man to fly back a few times in order to testify. This event didn't dampen our spirits. We hung around different spots for the rest of the weekend, and the groom even had a lucky run at the casino.

The wedding was still a few months away, so there was ample time for everyone to recover. But, there was a surprise waiting. A few days before the wedding, the best man sneezed, and his recently repaired front teeth just popped out. 

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3. The Unexpected Gift

When my boss threw his best friend a bachelor party, I ended up seeing the wild aftermath, since they chose to let him crash at our place. Why? I'm the nanny for my boss's children and they didn't want the groom to see his future bride before the wedding, which was scheduled for the following day. On top of that, they also let me know that the groom's loud, obnoxious brother-in-law, a fraternity guy, would be staying with us too.

Even though it's not my actual house, I just follow whatever rules they set. When they all arrive home late and create a rucket, I have to go calm them down—because it's already 3 in the morning and three young kids are trying to sleep. The bachelor and his brother-in-law are constantly at each other’s throats.

When I ask my boss the reason, he tells me about the uninvited "professional," the brother-in-law had hired for the groom as a surprise, thinking he would enjoy it. The groom, however, blatantly rejected the gesture, leading to their big argument and practically ruining the night.

Eventually, we all manage to calm down. The groom retires to the guest room, the brother-in-law sprawls himself out on the couch downstairs, and I head back to my room. About half an hour later, my bedroom door swings open. I usually leave it unlocked in case the kids need something. What happened next was utterly infuriating.

It's the brother-in-law and his hired "professional". When I demand an explanation, he claims he didn't realize it was my room and adds something along the lines of "I'm not going to waste my $700". I order him out at once. I felt so uncomfortable that I decided to lock my door and spent the rest of the night in one of the kids' rooms upstairs.

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4. Change Of Plans

My friend died during his bachelor party weekend. He took a tumble from the taxi at the close of the night, hitting his head on the pavement. Unaware of the serious situation, the authorities held him in a cell overnight. But they didn't know the horrifying truth. He'd shattered his skull. In the morning, they released him, but he slipped into a coma and tragically succumbed a week afterward.

His wedding was meant to be three weeks from then. Instead, we found ourselves attending his funeral at that time. I'm still deeply heartbroken by it.

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5. Burger Blow Out

My friend's bachelor party was all planned out to be really low-key. No night clubs or gambling in sight. He simply wanted to enjoy these giant burgers from the local spot just steps away from his apartment, and top it off with a round of Mario Kart 64. After feasting on these whopping burgers, we huddled together and split into teams.

The rule of the game was, each player had to finish a beer per lap before swapping controllers. But then, everything went haywire. Without exception, everybody started vomiting instantly. When the toilet, bathroom sink, and kitchen sink were all occupied, folks ended up being sick pretty much everywhere, frantically looking for the least messy place to hurl. It was pretty gross. 

The verdict? Food poisoning. Not fun!

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6. Dude Dance

This all happened roughly a decade ago when I was a dancer at a club. One night, a lively bachelor party of around ten guys, arrived, including the groom and his best friend from high school, the best man. They were there for a classic bachelor night out, but all remained respectful and fun. They mainly focused on catching up, having a few drinks and soaking in the ambience.

Our club was conveniently located near the airport, so I suspect most of the guys had flown in from different parts of the country. They mentioned how the bride had explicitly forbidden them from visiting such places. As the night progressed, the groom and his best man shared a nostalgic story with me and another girl.

They recounted an unforgettable dance routine from their high school talent show, set to "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. It was a joy to watch their excitement as they relived the moment and showed us snippets of the routine. The most impressive part? They still remembered every move, all the way down to the final jazz split.

Feeling the vibe, they proposed performing their dance on our main stage. Curious, I approached the manager who initially denied permission due to insurance and liability concerns. But, when the guys offered cash to turn the situation around (as it was a slow night), the manager agreed to a fee of $200 for the song's duration and a tip for the DJ.

Although pricey, the guys were more than willing to pay for their moment of glory. Now, bare in mind, they were all comfortably dressed in cargo shorts and Tommy Bahama leather sandals (we didn't have a strict dress code, apart from no hats).

With the stage set, the duo executed their routine with precision, leaving us all in awe, cheerfully clapping and laughing. They were having a blast, just like they'd promised. The routine ended with their infamous jazz split, but only the groom attempted it, presumably because the best man reconsidered due to age-related limitations.

Suddenly, the atmosphere shifted. The groom, attempting the split, slipped on his sandal, bouncing his face off the stage. He knocked out his two front teeth and had to be rushed to the emergency room. He was supposed to get married the next day.

I often wonder how they explained the groom's condition and what eventually happened to their group. Regardless, that was one unforgettable performance!

Comedy Films factsThe Hangover (2009), Warner Bros.

7. The Hazards Of High Heels

I was at a friend's bachelor party in Montreal. It was a pretty laid-back affair. BUT, while walking from the club to a bar, we ended up trailing behind a group of college girls who had travelled from the US for some drinks. They were all decked out in their party attire and were clearly intoxicated. Among them, one young lady was incredibly unstable in her towering high heels.

She made a wrong step and twisted her ankle so severely her shin hit the pavement. She'd clearly fractured her leg but was so inebriated she kept on moving. I quickly approached one of the less intoxicated girls in her group and said, "Your friend just broke her leg". It backfired. Unfortunately, they thought I was hitting on them.

I responded, "I'm married and a decade older than you, but your friend needs immediate medical attention". Meanwhile, as we argued, the injured girl's leg was steadily swelling up.

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8. Coin Toss

We set a rule during our bachelor party weekend that if someone managed to flip a coin into your beer, you needed to finish it right away. If memory serves, the coin was a Brazilian Real—quite a large piece, both wide and thick.

But then, one of the guys accidentally swallowed the coin along with his drink. The look of comprehension that crossed his face was unforgettable. I can only guess at his expression a few days later when the coin reappeared.

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9. He’s A Fox

At his bachelor party, my brother-in-law was decked out as a fox while the rest of us sported country gentlemen attire: tweed, flat caps and the like. Honestly, it was a fun theme. We had a pretty tipsy weekend, but nothing too wild happened. Until around 3:00 am on the second night, just before we planned to head home, the groom-to-be decided to take a romp in a fountain.

Sadly, he slipped and hit his head hard on the ground. Real hard. Paramedics arrived and had to cut him out of his blood-soaked, one-piece fox costume. He was rushed to the hospital where his wound was glued up. Luckily, there was no lasting harm. Now we can chuckle about it, especially when his half-torn, bloody fox costume was humorously waved around during the best man's speech. Apart from a possible bruise to his pride, all ended well.

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10. There’s Nothing Concealer Can’t Fix

A good friend of mine decided on a classic move and celebrated his bachelor party the night before his wedding. At about 1:00 in the morning, I received a call from my husband, who was part of the wedding party. "Honey, you need to come pick us up. Immediately". "Why"? "Eric was hit by a dancer". The groom had a large, T-shaped bruise just above his eye as a result of the dancer’s ring.

The next day, the mark was even worse. Once more, I received a distressed call from my husband, just 15 minutes before the ceremony. To this very day, that remains the best makeup job I've ever pulled off.

Whew! What a relief.Getty Images


11. Watch Your Stuff

My friend invited a real piece of work to her bachelorette party about seven years back. This person was known for being problematic, but surprisingly, she turned up and conducted herself really well all through the night. She was at her best, treating us to rounds of drinks and genuinely engaging in our conversations.

She even volunteered to guard our jackets and purses while we hit the dance floor. But right in the middle of our first dance number, she showed her true colors. As we turned back, we found her going through all our stuff. She froze, making eye contact, one hand full of cash and the other clutching someone's pack of smokes. Needless to say, she didn't make the wedding guest list.

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12. Toothless

Everyone at the party had a bit too much to drink, and the best man—who was also the groom's brother—confessed that he had been with the bride. This sparked off a huge brawl in the bar and the groom ended up losing one of his front teeth. Despite all this, the wedding still took place. 

Although the groom didn't show his teeth in any of the photos, and the original best man was absent from sight. Instead, the role was passed on to the groom's other brother.

Shocking Family SecretsPexels

13. The Big Loser

The bachelor party took place in Las Vegas. This turned out to be a huge mistake. We didn't know it, but the groom had a gambling issue. On the first night there, we were enjoying our time, having drinks and playing some poker at the casino. The groom excused himself to "grab a drink," but never rejoined our group.

After a lengthy search, we finally located him in his hotel room's bathroom, in tears. He had gambled away over $10,000 in a matter of hours on blackjack. The rest of our three-day stay saw him largely secluded in his hotel room, dreading the moment he would have to tell his fiancee that he had blown a good chunk of their savings.

Creepy experiencesPikist

14. Just The Tip

On the eve of the wedding, we cozied up in a cabin we'd rented, nestled in a State Park. The soon-to-be bride was present, too, along with a small bunch of our close friends. We spent the night chatting, drinking, and relaxing.

Late into the night, however, the soon-to-be groom started playfully stabbing the picnic table with his Swiss Army knife, a move that caught all of our attention. His future wife, concerned, told him to cool it—warning him that he might cut off his finger.

Despite his confidence that the sharpest parts were safely locked in place, the worst happened. On his next jab, the lock gave way, the blade folded, and it severed his pinky. We quickly found his pinky and iced it, then rushed him to the emergency room. Thankfully, he didn't bleed out. But the next day, still woozy from painkillers at the altar, we had to support him.

By the afternoon, he was back in surgery having his pinky reattached. He eventually became a pilot and kept most of his pinky's function. It turns out the tool's locking mechanism was defective, releasing when squeezed in a certain manner. After receiving a generous settlement from the tool company, he regained most of the function in his pinky.

Amazing Coincidences factsPixabay

15. Into The Woods

On the first night of an anticipated autumn weekend full of camping, barbecue, and canoeing, the groom's elder brother and future brother-in-law had too much to drink and began arguing. Initially, it was just inebriated bickering and we brushed it off, knowing their history of not getting along. We hoped the argument would soon dissolve, but instead, it quickly escalated.

The future brother-in-law, in his haze, pulled out a handgun from his backpack. He pointed it at the face of the groom's brother, demanding the keys to the equipment van. He then climbed into the van, locked it from the inside, and promptly fell asleep, with it still in his hand.

Our initial reaction was relief. Although we were shocked and upset about the incident, we were glad that no one was injured. But soon, our relief turned into horror. We realized all our belongings—our sleeping bags, warm clothes, personal items (including our own car keys), and the majority of our food—were locked in the van, with the groom's passed-out future brother-in-law.

Confusion prevailed, but one thing was certain—we didn't want to risk the chance of the gun going off by trying to break into the van. We managed to keep a fire burning, but still spent a cold, hungry night outdoors. To add insult to injury, come sunrise, we found out that the brother-in-law had vomited over our backpacks and sleeping bags, and left the dome light on, draining the van's battery.

Understandably, the groom was furious and decided to call it quits, heading home. The rest of us huddled in the morning fog, freezing, while the apologetic brother-in-law cleaned our gear. Once he was done, we jump-started the van, canceled the rest of our plans, and left the woods behind.

Middle Of Nowhere FactsPixabay

16. Change Of Plans

This is about a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. The bride-to-be bumps into a man at a club who's part of a different bachelor crew. They trade contact information and spend more time together throughout the weekend. The bride-to-be texts him a lot and the groom-to-be discovers these messages. Consequently, he cancels the wedding. The girl eventually relocates to Colorado and marries the guy she met in Vegas. Believe it or not, this is a real story.

Wedding DramaPexels


17. Boy’s Night

I acted as the best man for my younger brother, part of which involved planning his bachelor party. The place: Miami. Coming from a small town myself, I enlisted the help of Google for some local recommendations. My choice was a salsa club that seemed lively based on the pictures, filled with attractive women in revealing attire, albeit without any professional dancers.

It looked like a balance of risqué and respectable. Or so I thought. That was until we walked in the club, and we were greeted by a muscular guy in a Speedo, dancing passionately on stage. The entire group turned to me with the bewildered question, "What have you gotten us into"?!

Apparently, this club had this muscular dancer on rotation as one out of every ten performances. Despite the unexpected twist, we still had an fun night.

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18. Not Caught In The Act

We gathered for my friend's bachelor party. None of us were great fans of his soon-to-be wife, but he claimed he was content. We'd voiced our concerns about her not being right for him, yet our affection for him remained strong. What could we really do? As the night rolled around, we were just kicking back at our friend's place, cracking jokes, freestyling, and acting silly.

Aside from sipping drinks and lounging, we didn't have much on the agenda. Out of the blue, there was a thunderous knock at the door. My friend assumed we had ordered dancers and he was furious. Our other friend, who was the party planner, was clueless about who it could be. When we flung open the door, there stood his soon-to-be wife with her girl friends.

She was convinced we had women and dancers in the house. However, most of us were merely glued to the TV. We were really ticked off at her interference and showed her the door. She continued to hound him with texts for the rest of the night as he sat back in a secluded spot, just chillin' while we were engrossed in the TV. And would you believe it? They ended up divorcing a few years later.

The Kids of Helicopter ParentsUnsplash, engin akyurt

19. The Impaler

After some heavy celebrating, the soon-to-be groom and a few of his friends decided to have a sprint around the block. They made it adventurous by taking a detour through some backyards. Unluckily, while hopping over a fence, several of them fell into an under-construction pool and tragically, the groom-to-be was fatally wounded by the jutting rebar.

This incident significantly impacted everyone who knew him and his friends. Since this horrible event, all the future bachelor parties have become noticeably quiet and drama-free. My friend still gets quite emotional whenever this topic comes up.

Home owner's horrorShutterstock

20. What’s That Smell?

I got an invite to a bachelor party where the plan was to hire an RV and road trip from Minnesota to the Kentucky Derby. So they rented the RV and hit the road. When they were close to Iowa's border, they pulled over for a snack break and bathroom stop. One of the guys goes to search for something in the bags and opens the storage compartment underneath the RV. What he found was shocking. 

He sees a charred foot sticking out and a terrible smell hits them. It strikes them that it's a body, so they quickly call the authorities. Everyone in the group ends up spending hours answering their questions. It turns out, the body was a young man who, they suspect, was robbed and left out in the cold one winter night.

The poor guy found the RV and climbed into the storage compartment to get warm. He had been missing for some time. I remember reading about it in the paper and seeing it all over the news back then.

Banksy factsPixabay

21. Cheater’s Chat

Everyone attending the bachelor party was in a group chat. Some guys were being unfaithful to their partners, and bragging about it in the chat. Karma didn't let them off the hook that easily. One guy left iMessage open on his iPad back home. His soon-to-be wife (not the groom's, he was engaged too) was getting real-time updates of the Vegas happenings.

Cutting to the chase, he returned home to find all his stuff in the yard. His fiancee hadn't stopped there either. She had reached out to another guy's wife, and his belongings were also out on the lawn. One relationship ended abruptly, and another ended in divorce. The bachelor, a good friend of mine, stayed true to his partner. He's now happily married with two kids and living a great life.

Breakup Experience BehemothShutterstock

22. The Pacifist

Some time back, I attended a colleague's bachelor party. Funny thing, I didn't really know him that well, but he was a decent fella and his best man had invited me, saying there weren't many friends coming. Besides, I had no other plans that night, so I thought, why not?

Being an American overseas in a place teeming with expats from all over, everything was quite diverse. However, I quickly wished I hadn't accepted the invitation. All it took was the overly tipsy best man, an English guy, to ignite a bar brawl with a group of Irish guys on holiday or something. I quickly extricated myself from the fight because I'm not really a confrontational person, plus, I didn't fancy ending up behind bars.

From what I gathered, a young bar worker tried to intervene and stop the scuffle but got hit in the process. Tragically, he had an undiscovered clotting disorder and didn’t make it. Eyewitnesses though, couldn't agree on who actually struck the poor guy.

The repercussions were swift. The bar wasn't far from a police station, so the authorities were there in no time, arresting all the involved parties. I, who had nothing to do with the fight, started worrying that people might erroneously recall my involvement because I was a regular at that bar. I immediately flew back to USA when I learned about the unfortunate outcome.

I've since lost contact with everyone from that country, but the last update I got, about a year after the incident, those guys were still behind bars.

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23. Prank Gone Wrong

In Belgium, wedding traditions usually involve friends pranking the newlyweds at their home—perhaps by filling it up with balloons or something similar. Here's what happened to a couple I know. 

A good friend of the groom removed a cover that was covering a hole that led to the basement window near the front door of the house.

At night they came home from the wedding party, and neither the groom nor the bride expected the hole. The bride stumbled into the hole and fatally broke her neck. Hard to forgive such an incident and lifelong scar.

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24. Dock Disaster

We were celebrating a bachelor party at a lakeside cabin. This place was nestled right next to the lake, complete with a dock extending into the water. We were all just letting loose, enjoying drinks and acting a bit silly. We decided it would be fun to leap into the lake. The brother of our soon-to-be-wed friend took an unfortunate slip on the dock, smacking his head on the side railing.

He was instantly knocked out cold, prompting us all to spring into action and rush over to him. He had a nasty cut on his forehead. Without wasting any time, we quickly got him into a car and sped off to the ER. He ended up needing stitches. However, there was an unexpected turn of events by the end. He was actually upset because the party had to end prematurely, causing him to miss out on the dancers we'd hired.

Creepiest StoryWikimedia Commons

25. The Golfing Groom

We booked a cabin in a local park, and the first night went off without a hitch. The next day, I'd arranged a golf game for some of the guys, including the groom-to-be. Despite the rain over the past few days, the weather cleared up nicely for our game. When we got there, we realized the course was extremely hilly. We were all still hungover from the night before, so none of us were in any shape to drink while playing.

As we were making our way down a hill towards the seventh hole, I heard a loud crash behind me. Turning around, I saw that the groom's golf cart had flipped over and landed on his foot. It had broken his fibula. After that, he had to go through two or three surgeries and deal with a serious infection. He's all good now, thankfully. But he had to use a scooter during his wedding, and for his first dance, he had to hop onto a peg leg.

Paranormal emergencyWikimedia.Commons

26. Not A Nice Guy

I took a friend, who was soon to be married, to the bar where a separate group of my friends usually hang out. His initial plan was to knock back a few brews at his place, but he seemed psyched to head out instead. He then got pretty smashed and started flirting with every single lady in the vicinity. I urged him to cool off twice. Then, while I was in the bathroom, he inappropriately touched a girl and made a quick exit before he triggered a sudden brawl.

I apologized sincerely to everyone for his behaviour. Normally, he's a pretty sensible guy, but that night, he just lost control. The next day's wedding was extremely uncomfortable. I was one of his groomsmen and we left the reception quite early. After that, I never really spoke to him again. His wife left him a year post the incident. To this day, I have a pint glass engraved with my name, a dreadful reminder of the whole episode.

Nicest things strangers have done factsPixabay

27. Propellor Problems

I once attended a bachelor party on a lake when something unexpected happened. One of the guys decided to leap off the rear of the boat while the propeller was still in motion. Unfortunately, his legs got pulled into the spinning blades, causing some serious damage. 

Thankfully, they managed to salvage his legs, but he had to go through a substantial amount of physiotherapy to regain his ability to walk. The recovery journey was quite lengthy. Although we've lost touch, I recently found him on Facebook and, by all appearances, he seems to be doing well now.

HOA NightmaresShutterstock

28. Wheelchair Wedding

We were hanging out in a bar where the smoking area was situated on the third floor. We climbed up for a quick puff on the balcony, where we stumbled upon a bachelor party in full swing. The groom-to-be was extremely inebriated by 9 pm, which isn't a good start. That’s when I saw something terrible happen.

The guy was so intoxicated that he tumbled off the balcony and ended up breaking both of his legs. You can now see a picture of him at the bar from his wedding day, sitting in a wheelchair with a less than thrilled bride by his side.

Bizarre Neighbors FactsUnsplash

29. Born On A Train

I was at a friend's bachelor party where a few guys took things too far. They got the groom extremely inebriated. When he fell asleep, they stripped him down to his underwear and put him on a train scheduled for an overnight trip, leaving him with some cash for his return journey. The problem was, the wedding was due to happen the next day.

The unhappy fate fell on the groom's parents who had to undertake a six-hour drive to retrieve him in time for the wedding. All the attendees of the bachelor party were barred from entering the church for the wedding ceremony. We were ushered away by the bride's father. To top it all off, the pranksters turned out to be the groom's own groomsmen.

Supernatural ExperiencesUnsplash

30. On A Heater

My bachelor celebration was held in Las Vegas with around 20 friends from different parts of my life (work, university, my old neighborhood). We spent four nights in Vegas. We began with a visit to a gentlemen's club on the first night. My best man and I eventually returned to the hotel around 1:00 or 2:00 am. After a quick snack, I hit the sack. I woke up later that morning with a headache around 8:00 am.

I headed down to the casino to grab a cup of joe when Friend One spots me and exclaims, "Dude, you've got to see this". Friend Two was utterly inebriated, still at a blackjack table. He has a jumbled pile of chips worth over $3,000 strewn across a quarter of the table, right in front of him.

I approach and watch as he bets $150. With a 17 in hand, he decides to play another card. Another player at the table questions his bold move, only for Friend Two to draw a three, win with a 20, and tell the startled guy off. The guy then storms away.

According to Friend One, Friend Two has been on this winning streak all night. So I sit down and watch the spectacle unfold for another hour or so. When Friend Two finally leaves for a restroom break, things start going south. He doesn't come back. We approach security to inquire and they inform us that Friend Two passed out in the restroom and they escorted him back to his room.

The casino refused to let us cash his chips, so we were left with no option but to find him. Another friend headed up to his room, guided him back to the casino to cashed out, and helped him return to bed. Following which, Friend Two was absent for about a day and a half, sleeping from Friday morning till Saturday afternoon.

But a scratchPexels

31. Jumped

After we enjoyed some drinks and curry, we were heading to the bar for more fun. Suddenly, the soon-to-be brother-in-law decided to hop onto the groom-to-be for a playful piggyback ride. But, with his hands in his pockets, he lost his balance, and ended up face-first on the ground. His glasses nearly sliced the upper part of his eyes.

Now, with his shirt all bloodied up, it was pretty clear that we wouldn't be stepping into any bar that night.

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32. Lost In London

I was riding the tube in London, returning from a fun day out. There was a bachelor party sharing the ride. They seemed like typical guys, not the hardcore "party boys" type. They were massively tipsy but pleasant, not really disturbing the other passengers. Only the most chronically irritable Londoners were bothered.

They reached their stop, and clumsily piled out of the train. But then the trouble began. They had mistaken a random passenger for the soon-to-be married man. They only realized their error when they were almost off the platform (they were following this unsuspecting man), right as the doors were closing.

Meanwhile, the real bachelor, teetering on the edge of blackout, managed to exit the train two stops later and stagger out of the underground. But there was more. I noticed, when I looked up again, that he had left his phone behind on the seat.

Based on their accents and snippets of their conversation that I caught, this was a London trip and none of them were locals. So there they were, having misplaced the bachelor in the enormous city, clueless about where he might be and with no means to touch base with him. I can't help but wonder what became of them all.

Online Classes factsPixnio

33. A Somber Occasion

A few years back, an old friend of mine was engaged to a wonderful guy who, despite his admirable character, struggled deeply with personal issues. Tragically, he took his own life just a month or two before their wedding. It was a harrowing experience. Still, she decided to continue with the bachelorette party planned in Vegas, already fully paid for.

Instead of canceling, she chose to view the trip as a celebration of his life, a reflection of her determined positivity. Given my proximity to Vegas, she kindly extended an invitation my way. I hadn't seen her for quite some time, so I accepted. On arrival, we spent the first night immersing ourselves in laughter and levity. But then, reality hit home hard and reminded her of the true reason for the trip.

As you can imagine, the ambiance shifted dramatically. The rest of the extended weekend was all about us processing our emotions. She spent much of the trip in an almost catatonic state, while the rest of us used the venture as an opportunity to spend time together. But it was challenging, to say the least. The tireless cycle of tears and heart-to-heart conversations was mentally draining.

Vegas factsWikimedia Commons

34. The Princess And The Partiers

On August 31, 1997, I organized a bachelor party for my friend. The plan was pretty basic: a club, a limo ride to NYC, and then McSorleys for multiple rounds. From there, we headed to a bar known for its amazing hot wings. Upon entering, we noticed everyone's eyes were fixated on the TVs behind the bar, but we didn't think much of it.

We settled down, ordered a heap of wings and pitchers of beer, and started to enjoy ourselves. However, after about 45 minutes, we noticed we were the only ones in the bar who seemed to be having a good time. Out of curiosity, I glanced at one of the TVs, and my heart sank. Princess Diana had been in a car accident and did not make it. That news put a damper on the remaining hours of our night...

Sarah Ferguson factsWikimedia Commons

35. Everybody Wins

So during the final night of my bachelor party, my best friend made it to the celebration. He was in the service at the time and only managed to get to Vegas that night. He rang me up, asking if he could bring a friend. I replied sure, bring them over. Around 8 pm, he and this friend—a new face to me—showed up.

The night's plan was set: to enjoy bottle service at the club within our hotel. This particular club was trendy back then. My friend and his friend get dressed in smart suits and reveal they're headed to do some gambling at 10, following which we'd hit the club by midnight. I agreed to the plan enthusiastically.

In a twist of luck, this new guy I've known for merely a couple of hours pockets a win of $2,500 while playing craps for the same duration. As we queue for the club, he name-drops his casino host to the bouncer and instantly, we're ushered into the club, being treated to a spacious table next to the main stage.

The winner took no time to place all his winnings on the table, ordering bottles, drinks, and whatnot for everyone. He basically footed the bill for all our fun that night. The whole experience was just incredible.

Weirdest Rich People FactsFlickr

36. The Diver

On our first night at the Airbnb, the soon-to-be groom took a daring dive into the pool and ended up bumping his head quite badly. He had to rush to the hospital and ended up with 12 stitches in his head. Thankfully, he was alright and they let him out after a few hours. The next morning, he tells his future bride and needless to say, the rest of our trip was a bit tense.

Woke Up In A HospitalPexels

37. Up A Creek

About eight years back, I was having my bachelor party. We were on a boating trip over a lake, having lots of fun and drinks. We were in two pontoon boats when we suddenly ran aground at a sandbar. Despite being quite inebriated, my friend was sure I'd wrecked the boat. But I hadn't. I raised the motor to show it was perfectly okay, except for a few lily pads tangled around the fan blades.

My friend feared that this would cause engine failure, stranding us in the lake. I tried to explain calmly that it wasn't a big deal and that I'd grown up around boats. But he was adamant I had no clue about what I was talking about. He was set on fixing it himself.

I kept assuring him we were okay and tried to stop him from exiting the boat. But as he was undressing to dive in, I kept repeating, "We're all good, no need to jump off". But he kept insisting that he was certain I'd broken the boat. I reassured him that the boat was just turned off.

Despite my warnings, disaster struck.

As he jumped, his wet hand slipped on some metal part of the boat, severely injuring his pinky finger. It was awful; the skin was ripped off just like in the Terminator movie. He was in extreme pain, bleeding heavily, and we immediately rushed him to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the hospital couldn't fix it, so he had to wait and get surgery elsewhere. They had to implant his calloused finger into his hip to facilitate skin growth. Weird, right? For two long months, his hand was practically joined with his hip, yet it didn't work. In the end, he had to get his pinky finger amputated.

Now, he jokingly claims he sacrificed his pinky for my marriage. We are still good friends; I was even his best man. However, this incident definitely put a damper on my bachelor party.

Dark Secrets UnleashedUnsplash, National Cancer Institute

38. Guard Down

My fiancé was stationed in Afghanistan when we got engaged, so I suggested we have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. I arranged the party at a nightclub where I knew the owners, guaranteeing us VIP service. A close friend of mine volunteered to be both our driver and our "bouncer".

He's manning our VIP area, keeping strangers away. I'm treating my fiancé (now husband) and my brother (who was walking me down the aisle, as our dad was no longer with us) to dances. I'm also buying rounds for our companions. Everyone was having a great time. Suddenly, our sober driver/bouncer, who hadn't had a drop to drink, began to sway.

A group of guys that he'd earlier ousted from our private area left quite hastily. It felt odd. We ended up rushing him to the hospital. Tests showed he'd been dosed with GHB. Even now, I don't know if the intended target was him or me, as his soda was next to my glass. Thankfully, he recovered.

Dodge bulletShutterstock

39. A Bad Combo

Before my wedding, my best man and I decided to chill out at a nearby bar. We wanted a relaxed night, enjoying a few drinks and some pizza, followed by a video game night at my place. However, my best man started to overdo it with the mix of Jagermeister and Dr Pepper, and topped it off with a pizza loaded with ghost pepper sauce.

In an attempt to cool down, he stuffed the bar's sink with toilet paper to soak his head in cold water. Unfortunately, he wound up getting sick all over himself and later, he fell asleep in my bathtub. Regardless, we still got to the wedding on time and now I have some unexpectedly hilarious photos for future teasing.

Ex-Employers’ Hidden SecretsPexels

40. Smooth With The Ladies

The groom at this bachelor party isn't usually the life of the party, more of a shy and low-key kind of guy. He's not into wild stuff, so we just hit a couple of bars. But at the third bar, he suddenly transforms! He turns into the most charming man on Earth. He's captivating all the women around, and some are actually reciprocating his attention.

The best man does everything he can to keep things from going overboard, but the groom is just too enchanting. In the end, he's leaving with a woman on his arm. Thankfully, the best man had already played a prank on the groom by filling his bed with tortilla chips. We arrive back just in time to get the lady a taxi while the groom is fuming and swearing. Later on, he thanks us all for our intervention.

Adorable crushShutterstock

41. Lightweight

The bachelor party kicked off on the first night with casino games and dinner planned. We all started tossing back drinks around 5 PM and planned to eat around 7 PM As we were all grabbing another round before sitting down to our meal, we realized that the groom was missing. After spending 20 minutes searching, we decided it was time to peek into the bathroom.

Now, we should note, the groom isn't much of a drinker. It was both amusing and concerning when we discovered him unconscious on the bathroom floor, covered in his own vomit after just an hour and a half of drinking.

We hailed a cab, and by 8 PM, he was tucked into bed. The rest of us continued the party without him. I still remember tucking him in as he mumbled, "best night ever"! We love to tease him about this memorable night even today.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsShutterstock

42. Saw It On Craigslist

About a month before my wedding, I had my bachelor party. My friends and I are all big-time geeks (we're into League of Legends), but we decided to step out of our comfort zone and hit some bars. We rocked a karaoke bar, enjoyed cheap drinks at a local college bar, and even unknowingly stumbled into a gay bar (a unique experience, to say the least).

At some point, one of my friends couldn't make it but asked for the address. Innocently, I sent it to him. After bar-hopping, the group of us headed back to my friend's apartment to hang out, watch TV, have some shots, and just talk. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and this gigantic guy (he's like 6'6" tall and easily 250 lbs) shows up asking if this was where the party was. But that was just the start.

Over the next couple of hours, around 10 unknown guys turned up at the door, all "ready to party". Finally, one guy criticized us for apparently depriving him of the attractive women he was promised on Craigslist. As it turned out, my absent friend had listed my other friend's apartment as the location for a wild house party and posted random photos of a woman.

Looking back, it's sort of funny, but the kind of guys who show up for a party at 2 in the morning are nothing like my fellow League gaming friends. They were actually a little intimidating.

Wedding Objections factsShutterstock

43. Dune Disaster

I got an invite to my brother-in-law's bachelor 'bash'. The plan for the day was this: Cruising beachside on ATVs, indulging in food and drinks, and watching football all day—just a typical guys' day. Now, let's jump ahead to the first five minutes of ATV riding. The groom's brother, guess what, rolls his ATV down a sand dune. The vehicle rolls right over his chest! He ends up with a heap of cracked ribs and a punctured lung. That was a wrap for the day.

Burning Man FactsWikipedia

44. Evacuation Notice

For my sister's bachelorette party, we snagged a beach house in North Carolina for a five-day getaway. By the fourth day, we were caught off guard when the house owner stormed in, yelling at us to evacuate. We hadn't been following the weather or the news. We were blissfully unaware—missing a crucial piece of information.

The hurricane we had only been vaguely aware of was now around a day away from the coast. The owner thought we were indifferent to the evacuation warning. She threatened to involve the authorities if we weren't out within the hour. It was confusing because she lived in the local area and owned the house, so we expected her to inform us.

We found ourselves rushing to tidy up and pack the house within an hour and, much to our frustration, shortening our trip by a day. It was perplexing how we were supposed to know about the notice. Others in the neighborhood still seemed relaxed, hanging out near their homes, showing no signs of preparing for the potential storm.

Ironically, when the hurricane finally did hit, it merely grazed the town and everything turned out to be fine.

Almost loose a lifeWikimedia.Commons

45. Somewhere In Kansas

My father-in-law was his best friend's best man, and he was in charge of organizing the bachelor party the night before the wedding. He didn't particularly care for the bride-to-be and tried unsuccessfully to persuade his friend not to marry her. With that plan failed, he hatched a scheme to disrupt the wedding. They spent the night bar hopping in Chicago until his friend was thoroughly inebriated.

Setting his scheme in motion, he placed his friend on a late-night train, mischievously assuring him it would take him home. Instead, the groom woke up nine hours later in the middle of Kansas. All he had was his ID and just enough cash for a return ticket. By that time, only a few hours remained before the wedding, and the bride was in a full-blown panic.

My father-in-law feigned ignorance until the groom called him, at which point he confessed to his prank. It took most of the day for the groom to get back home. As a result of his prank, my father-in-law wasn't invited to the rescheduled wedding that took place a week later. The marriage itself only lasted about a year. Despite everything, my father-in-law and the groom managed to maintain their best friendship to this very day.

Take One For The Team StoriesShutterstock

46. Fights And Face Tats

I used to bartend at a university town bar—one of those places that wins no awards for class or cleanliness but still poses as upscale. It focused more on profit and wouldn't hesitate to admit shady clientele. As a result, it became the favorite spot for street gangs from the next town, since we'd serve them while bars in their area wouldn't.

A week after I quit, a wedding party came in from out of town. They hit the bar on a Friday night, partying before the big day on Saturday. Among the crowd that night was a 20-year-old, tattoo-covered youngster; not legally eligible to drink.

Trouble boiled over when he began flirting with the soon-to-be bride. The groom's brother stepped in and ended up with a gnarly neck wound, inflicted by the tattooed 20-year-old. The poor guy ended up bleeding out in the worn-out bar kitchen while my former colleagues frantically tried to staunch the wound with whatever raggedy bar towels they could find.

Despite the grisly event, I was told the wedding went on as scheduled the next day. It was a sobering, somber affair, given the circumstances. One of my friends just couldn't handle what had happened and quit on the spot once the ambulance had carted away the body.

Medical Nightmares factsShutterstock

47. Leap Of Faith

The day before my brother's wedding, we decided to have a low-key bachelor party with just a few friends and try skydiving. There was a modest skydiving operation outside a nearby town that offered an affordable experience.

Our motley crew consisted of me, my brother, my sister, and a friend who was coming in all the way from upstate. We locked in a skydiving slot for 5:00 pm. However, what started off as a great day quickly turned disastrous.

Our friend left his house with plenty of time, only to be hit with car troubles, and to top it off, traffic. Despite his best efforts, he was running an hour late. During his ordeal, we were in constant touch, unsure if we should go on with the jump without him. A bright idea struck us—to ask the staff if we could exchange our time slot with a later group. As luck would have it, a group of four was scheduled right after us.

The group happily agreed to the swap. They were thrilled to be jumping earlier, while we could wait for our delayed friend. My brother and I, having arrived well in advance, were amazed as we watched flights take off and parachutists land, all right outside the hangar. Watching them zoom in fast, and then gradually descend for a gentle landing was mesmerizing.

As the first two from the newly scheduled group made their jump successfully, we stepped out to watch the rest before our turn came. What followed was shocking. We saw a parachuter dive further than usual before deploying their chute. Instead of a controlled descent, they span wildly, hurtling towards the ground without slowing down.

A sickening thud, a scream, a puff of dirt—they had crash landed far from the designated spot. Strangely, none of the staff was outside. My dad (who had accompanied us for moral support), my brother, and I were the only witnesses of this horrifying incident. Frantically, we alerted the staff and rushed to the fallen duo.

What we found was a distressing sight—they lay unconscious, severely injured, surrounded by a tangle of straps and cuts deep enough to expose the bone. We scrambled to cut the straps and start CPR, but their injuries were too severe. We later learned that they didn't survive the accident.

Tragically enough, this was the group who swapped slots with us. The victims included a mother and her three daughters, for whom the skydiving experience was a Christmas gift from the father. It was the mother and one of the daughters who didn't make it. Understandably, we canceled our jump that day.

Despite the shocking incident, the wedding the next morning was a beautiful event. It was a stark reminder that life goes on no matter what. For the record, we're thinking of sticking to a private party for the next bachelor event. This unexpected tragedy was certainly more than we'd bargained for.

Scars FactsMax Pixel

48. Family Matters

This incident took place almost a decade ago, during my friend's bachelor party. We had hired a semi-nude waitress from a party service to serve drinks for two hours. Nevertheless, she showed up late and could only stay an hour. To compensate, she agreed to work completely nude for the hour.

Emerging from a bedroom, totally undressed, she warmly embraces the groom-to-be. We were in for a shocking surprise. There was a surprised outburst from a guy at the back of the room: "What on earth"?! We're all taken aback upon realizing that she's actually the best man's sister, without a stitch of clothing on, stranding in front of all his friends.

She dashes away in tears, and we're all left speechless for a solid 10 seconds before breaking into uncontrollable laughter. As it turns out, she lives an hour away and vaguely told her family that she was employed in the hospitality industry, without going into detail.

Adult Temper TantrumsShutterstock

49. Here’s To New Experiences

A girl from my junior year of high school married her dad's best friend. I was the only one outside her family to attend her bachelorette party, mainly going because I felt sympathy for her lack of friends. Also, I wanted to show my support for her, just in case she needed it. The celebration took place in her aunt's garage.

We were both 16 at the time. In attendance were her two aunts, her mom, her grandma, plus three of her mom's friends. We had a group of nine in total. Due to the bride’s young age, it was a no-drinking event.

We were playing typical bridal games. Things were normal until all of a sudden it took an awkward turn. Her chair was brought to the center of the garage floor, music started playing, and then a male dancer made an appearance. Everyone began cheering—aside from the bride and yours truly. As we exchanged glances, our mutual shock was palpable.

I was aware that she was still a virgin, and so was I. Just regular innocent teenagers. The poor dancer, clearly embarrassed, did everything he could to steer clear of the obviously underage bride, even to the extent of dancing provocatively on the grandma. I panicked, realizing that if my parents discovered this, there would be serious repercussions.

In addition to that, the entire scene was shamefully awkward and cringe-worthy. I could hardly believe it when the grandma and mom started slipping $2 bills into his underwear and getting handsy. Despite their attempts, the dancer resisted being pulled towards the bride. When the song finished, he literally had to beg to retrieve his trousers from Aunt #1. Then things got worse. 

They declined to pay him since he didn't dance with the bride, leading to a heated dispute between him and Aunt #2 just outside the garage, audible to all of us. It remains a secret to this day that my first encounter with the male body was involuntary—during Penny's bachelorette party back in junior year. 

Wedding Guests Refused To Hold Their Peace factsShutterstock

50. Money Problems

My friend won a quarter million dollars on a $5 slot machine during his bachelor party in Shreveport, just a fortnight before his wedding. This luck, however, ended up turning his life upside down. With this sudden fortune, he thought it would be prudent to ask his soon-to-be wife for a prenuptial agreement. She rejected the idea outright, insisting that the windfall was "our money" from the moment she learned about it.

In response, he decided to call off the wedding. Everyone hated him for it. he was practically shunned from all our friend groups. Fast forward 10 years and his ex-fiancée has declared bankruptcy twice. Looking back, it's quite clear he made the wise choice.

Wolf of Wall StreetShutterstock

Sources: Reddit,

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