July 28, 2023 | Allison Robertson

Awful Wedding Guests

Most weddings come with drama. In fact, some weddings can really bring out the worst in people. Whether it be friends or family, there’s usually always that one guest that makes it a memorable event—and not in a good way, either.

1. Oh No She Didn’t

My step-grandmother wore her wedding dress to my mom's wedding. Self-explanatory.

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2. Thunder Thieves

At my friend’s wedding one of her friends ended up proposing to his girlfriend. The best way to take attention from the bride and groom and put it onto yourself.

It ruined the bride’s day.

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3. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I don't know whether it's better or worse than some others I have heard, but I was at a wedding where the bride's family was trying to get one of the other daughter's boyfriends to propose.

Things like making “jokes” in the wedding speeches about the next wedding wink-wink, making a human wall so that their daughter could catch the bouquet, trying to get them to dance before the first dance had concluded, and stuff like that.

It was obvious both the bride and the boyfriend were mortified that her family thought this was acceptable.

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4. She’ll Take Care Of You After The Wedding

Literally five minutes before our wedding ceremony started, my aunt came up to me (the bride) and she told me the most shocking news—my grandfather had cancer and only had a few months to live.

I had not known but seeing him that morning I saw that he was not well. My parents and sister had (unnecessarily) kept it from me before the wedding.

Auntie Dearest just waltzed up to me and said: “If I were you I would not be so happy, did you not know that your grandfather is dying”?

I cannot remember but apparently, I replied: “Well, let me get married first and then we'll take care of this”.

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5. Just A Quick Taste

My coworker, who was more than a little tipsy, and stupid, swiped his finger through our wedding cake for a taste before we even cut it.

I was furious.

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6. His Own Mother

The stupidly tipsy mother of the groom ACTUALLY STOOD UP when the preacher said "Speak now" if anyone disagreed with the marriage.

The father dragged her out with her kicking and screaming, literally kicking and screaming at him, while she messed up her words. She yelled and screamed all the way out the door until more family members got her subdued and took her home.

She was angry because her son was marrying a Lao girl.

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7. The Angry Ex

At my brother's wedding, his bride's ex-husband showed up uninvited, tipsy, and several of us had to physically remove him quickly from the church since it was obvious, he came to ruin the ceremony.

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8. Hey, Sis, TMI

The maid of honor (who is also the sister of the bride) spent 20 minutes talking about how nerdy the groom was, how she and all her friends couldn't believe when they started dating, and how she'd go home with a new guy every week. She was underage and clearly tipsy at a dry wedding.

We were all speechless, thinking she had just ruined everything—and then the best man stepped in. He managed to salvage the situation by delivering literally the best best man's speech I've ever heard.

The best man was the bride's brother, who had been friends with the groom for a long time and he mentioned how the he had noticed that the groom always respected every woman he dated. The best man had known that his sister had always fancied the groom, so when they started dating he had no qualms about whether his friend would be good to his sister.

There were some appropriate jokes, the kind brothers would share, and some anecdotes, but it was mostly about how the groom had always been the best man's brother and now they were truly brothers, and he invited us to toast (with iced tea or lemonade or an Arnie Palmer) their union.

It was a good speech, but it was made even better by the train wreck of a speech that had come before.

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9. Cringe Worthy

I went to a wedding where the maid of honor was a childhood friend of the groom. The speech was all about her own relationship with the groom, all the stuff they did together, how she was the one he confided in when he became serious about his relationship with the bride.

It was so cringey. It was a thinly veiled declaration of "I should be the bride". That marriage did not last long.

Woman holding a speech at wedding on a microphone.Mario Schafer , Pexels

10. This Is So Sad

A wedding planner told me this story.

Apparently, right before the wedding, the planner found the maid of honor passed out with prescription bottles all over. She had tried to end herself right before the ceremony. They had to call an ambulance and get her out of there. The bride’s family, and the planner handled this all without the bride knowing.

The bride later asked the planner where her maid of honor went and they told her that she went home sick. The bride found out the day after her wedding what really happened.

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11. Two For One

I photographed a wedding back in 2015, wherein during his speech at the reception, the best man inadvertently revealed to the 200+ guests that the bride was pregnant.

Up until that point, only a very select few people knew. The look of pure rage and embarrassment she gave him was staggering.

At another wedding I was a guest at, during the reception, one of the bridesmaids (my wife, actually) drank so much that she bum-rushed the very-full men's room to see what was happening, and to take a pee (in one of the commodes, I presume).

She had to be helped out of the men's room.

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12. Monster-In-Law

It was well known that the mother-in-law wasn't a fan of the bride. On the wedding day, she turned up late in a pale peach gown that may as well have been white and looked exactly like a wedding gown. She was up and about at the church until the wedding March started to play at which time, she hopped up out of the back and walked quickly up the aisle basically in front of the bride to take her seat at the front.

But she didn't stop there—she started making this horrendous crying sound as soon as the wedding vows started and didn't stop until the pastor presented the couple as husband and wife.

She promptly ran to the front and used her elbow to move the bride before throwing herself into the arms of the groom.

At the photo shoot afterwards she kept trying to exclude the bride from the pictures and posed with no less than 10 photos of just her and her son. So, every pose he did with his bride, his mom tried to recreate.

I wasn't invited to the reception but heard she gave a doozy of a wedding speech about how she couldn't believe the bride was taking her only baby and implied quite strongly that the son only married her because she was pregnant. Bear in mind they were together for five years.

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13. Sir, You’re Overreacting

I was a bridesmaid for my college BFF's wedding. She was engaged to a guy whose parents had always been Catholic, but suddenly got SUPER SERIOUS about it a few years prior. This included having a "real" wedding in a Catholic church (after they'd been married 25 years already) because their original wedding had been at City Hall.

These parents were initially thrilled about the engagement until the bride and groom said they would be having the wedding at a campground, not in a Catholic church.

The parents put a lot of pressure on the couple to change their minds, but they didn't budge. The father eventually said he would not be attending and refused to let the groom's younger brother be ringbearer.

The mom, however, said she would go, even if she didn't agree with it. When we got to the campground, all arrangements were made with the idea that the groom's mother would be there, including who would walk her to her seat, where she'd sit at the reception, etc.

There's no cell reception at this campground, and the only phone line is at the camp office. About an hour before the wedding, the phone rang endlessly until one of the groomsmen was able to reach it, and heard the groom's dad say "Put [the groom] on the phone".

The groom answered, and his father said, "Your mother will not be attending your wedding because this is an abomination”. —and he hung up.

I was with the bride when she found out about this. She was bawling angry, rage-filled tears until about ten minutes before the wedding was supposed to start.

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14. Take Her Down, Sir

The mother-in-law tried to hijack the photographer to take the pictures she wanted. I warned the photographer she would do this and he had my permission and the bride's permission to verbally take her down if need be. He did...brutally.

I tipped him...well.

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15. This Is Intense

My wife's and my wedding didn't have too much drama. No kids allowed. It was stated explicitly on the invitation. We wanted everyone to have a good time and to leave the kids at home. All of our friends knew, understood, and appreciated the opportunity to cut loose.

Everyone except the wife of one of my wife's friends from high school: "We want to bring little what's her name. She's quiet".

We responded with, “Nope. No kids".

"Are you sure? We've never been to Atlanta and we'd love to bring her with us", they asked.

Again, we said, "Nope. No kids. No exceptions".

Well, guess who brought their kid with them to Atlanta? One of my wife's other friends tipped us off because they were in the same hotel. So, we got a hold of them and told them she couldn't come.

They insisted, "But we bought a really cute dress and we don't have a sitter".

We told her, "She can wear it in the hotel room while you send your husband to the wedding".

To his credit, her friend had tried over and over again to convince his wife to leave the kid at home with his mom, but she thought she could force the issue. Instead, she got to buy a dress to hang out in a hotel room with her daughter.

Woman braiding a kid hair.Pavel Danilyuk, Pexels

16. When Girls Let Loose At Weddings

Not too outrageous but at one of my best friend’s weddings, his super tipsy coworker tried to sleep with literally everyone there. She tried to make out with a bunch of his married friends, male and female.

Her behavior was appalling—she grinded on the 80-year-old grandmother in a wheelchair, and pulled random family members into grindy dances. It was really awkward and everyone rejected her advances.

Oh, and did I mention she had her husband there too? He just sat in a chair drinking, watching like he'd seen it a million times. He seemed like a really decent guy too, I felt bad for him.

The worst guest at my wedding was just a tipsy girlfriend of a friend doing stripper moves in a short dress without underwear. But that was possibly the most popular event at the wedding so, no harm was done.

Group of people and bride are dancing at wedding party.Владимир Васильев , Pexels

17. Called It!

This was a friend of my wife's wedding.

My first clue that there would be shenanigans was the bar for the reception. It was an outdoor wedding, so the couple had rented a tent, in one corner of which the bar was placed. Above the bar was a sizeable, neon, bud light sign. Now, this wouldn't strike me as funny if the wedding was at a club or something that generally has a dedicated bar, but it is a bit humorous that somebody willfully said the wedding needed a neon sign in a tent and actively ran an extension cord to run it. But I digress...

During the reception, I observed one individual who was very tipsy and trying to dance with every woman there. The redneck vibe of the whole scene got to me, and I leaned over to my wife and whispered "I bet you $5 a fight breaks out". She hushed me and scowled, that I would make such a suggestion at a joyous occasion.

10 minutes later, the tipsy guy must've hit on the wrong woman, cause the next thing you know, some guy had picked up a metal folding chair, and railed the tipsy into next Tuesday, WWE style.

I looked over to my wife, smiled, and said, "Called it".

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18. Three Strikes—We’re Out

So, this wasn't a rude guest, it was a rude bride and groom. They had a five o’clock reception with no food. None. Not even a cheese platter. They didn't warn us so we didn't know to eat before going. The reception was in a very rural location so we couldn't run anywhere to grab a bite.

We had to write our address on a thank you note envelope. Which I've seen before. But we were also directed to write our own thank you notes!

Finally, around nine o’clock I told my husband we had to leave because I'm starving… but they wouldn't let us leave until we helped fold tables and chairs.

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19. Who Hired This Guy?

The minister, during a garden ceremony, was the awful guest, in my opinion. He decided he should do a sermon on marriage, with a heavy-handed emphasis on how women should "submit" to their husbands. I was minding the music in the back, and it was all I could do to keep from heaving a speaker at him.

Then he got all wound up in his own bull, forgot about the bride and groom standing in front of him, and decided that now was the time to issue an altar call for all those who wanted to come up right now and receive Jesus into their lives.

The only one who responded was the lady who owned the venue. She marched right up the aisle and spoke to him in an angry whisper that everyone could hear, "NO altar call! Finish the ceremony! No more sermons"!

You’ve got to love the minister's reaction. He got all butt-hurt and pouty, finished up the ceremony in a monotone, signed the license, and huffed off.

Bride and groom at wedding ceremony.Juliana Navajas Robb , Pexels

20. Oh, No!

My 19-year-old cousin, who was several drinks deep, took the camcorder being used to make the wedding video and he decided to ruin his life forever—he took it into the bathroom and proceeded to please himself on camera…no one knew until we all (the WHOLE family) sat down to watch it a few weeks later.

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21. She Should Have Stayed Home

I've seen a few terrible guests before, one at my wedding included, but the worst was a woman at my cousin’s (the bride’s) wedding just this year.

The woman was a plus one that came with one of the groom’s family. Not in a relationship with them, just a friend, and as far as I know didn't know the happy couple very well.

It started in the church, she cried quite loudly to the point people were turning to look at her. After the actual ceremony, we were informed that she was widowed early last year. Fair enough, though I did wonder why she'd put herself in such a highly emotional situation for people she barely knew, but each to their own.

Then came the dinner, rather tipsy from the pre-dinner cocktails whilst the wedding party did their photos, she stood up to make her speech. The wedding itself was a fairly relaxed affair, so although a little odd no one stopped her. She tearfully wished the bride and groom all the best because "you never know when you can be ripped apart from the one you love".

The first dance for the bride and groom was cut short as the song reminded the widow of her dearly departed. The father/daughter dance also caused a scene because her daughter would never be able to do that with her father.

Generally, it just brought the whole mood crashing down, and it felt like we were all walking on eggshells.

She took the attention from the couple’s big day and got a ton of sympathy from all the guests. I felt for her, losing her husband had to have been awful, but she essentially ruined someone's wedding, and no one was going to be the jerk to call her out on it.

Woman is crying and holding a tissue.Karolina Grabowska , Pexels

22. Talk About Trashy

There was this girl I worked with who was marrying her high school sweetheart. They didn't have much money to spend on the wedding, so the bride told me it was going to be pretty bare-bones. I told her it was no big deal. After all, my parents got married on a $500 credit card and here they are, 35 years later, still together.

So, my girlfriend at the time and I arrived just as the reception was starting. Allow me to set the scene: just inside the door, a 40-something woman is belting out, "You Give Love a Bad Name" on the karaoke machine, there are two trays of cold cuts from the grocery store, probably a dozen cases of Bud Light, and a stack of cups, so the people who don't want Bud Light can go get some water from the drinking fountain in the hall. Guess where the bulk of the budget went.

So about thirty minutes later, the girlfriend and I went out to her car to roast a bone. On our way back, Bon Jovi chick is outside having a smoke. She stopped my girlfriend to ask about her earrings and where she got them.

"I got them at this cool piercing shop by the beach where they make all of their jewelry", she replied.

"Do they just do earrings or other stuff? Because I just got these pierced and I'd love to find some cool studs to put in", she said, as she yanked her dress down and popped out her giant fake chest to show off her piercings.

Then a crowd formed for the viewing of the jugs. There were probably eight or nine women who came over to ask all sorts of questions, and here I am, the lone guy, standing there looking at a Girls Gone Wild video happening in real-time.

Then she said, "I got something else pierced too, but you'll have to follow me to the ladies’ room to see that one. I ain't about to hike my dress up in the parking lot".

Then my girlfriend and close to a dozen white trash girls trotted after this woman to the ladies’ room.

Photo talking and pointing directions with other woman outside.freepik, Freepik

23. Ouch!

As the bride and groom departed at a friend's wedding, I heard another guest say, "Well that was a lot of money to spend for an inevitable divorce".

What a horrible thing to say.

Groom in dark suit and sunglasses walking in with a bride in white dress.Wayne Fotografias , Pexels

24. Watch It, Granny!

My wife's grandmother managed to insult every member of my immediate family (and several other guests) before the wedding even started. I refuse to speak to her to this day. It was my wedding, by the way. And the worst part is, this wasn't a one-time thing; she managed to do it individually person by person, without much effort on her part. A specialized snowflake, that woman is.

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25. Oh, No.

My dad got super tipsy at my sister’s wedding and ended up relieving himself in a potted plant in front of 1000 guests.

An elderly man is holding a glass of wine and making a toast.Misho chachanidze , Pexels

26. A Story To Tell Later

My sister’s wedding immediately comes to mind, when you ask about awful wedding guests.

Our youngest brother, who was 18 at the time, was drinking at the open bar. No big deal—the venue owner just asked that he didn’t take any drinks outside.

My brother did just that. He got trashed in the parking lot and the venue owner threatened to call the authorities after warning him, more than once.

I guess he figured if he couldn't continue drinking, he'd invite his dealer friend to the reception and get high instead!

The authorities were eventually called, so he and his dealer friend take all the food they can manage to carry from the buffet table and flee.

At least it wasn't a boring night.

Man is holding a bottle cap in his hand standing at side with man drinking from a bottle.nikitabuida , Freepik

27. Um, Are You In The Wrong Place?

My sister’s wedding was a really small potluck wedding. My sister and her husband decided to get married a little earlier than they wanted to for insurance reasons, I think. Even so, they did their best to make it as nice as they possibly could.

Her husband comes from a very big southern family, he has eight siblings, and they’re admittedly not the classiest people.

So, while my sister, her husband, and most of the guests put to wear nice clothes, the wedding just clearly wasn’t a big deal to one of his sisters and she showed up in a pajama shirt and fuzzy pajama pants.

It hurt my sister’s feelings.

Woman wearing wedding dress is looking shocked.Lena S ,Shutterstock

28. Back Off Lady

My stepmom was the rudest guest at my wedding.

This woman, in the months leading up to the wedding, tried to insist on inviting people at the last minute and also tried to get me to cancel the wedding in the town we lived in to move it five hours away to my hometown, even though no family lived there anymore.

And then, the weekend of the wedding, she argued with me because we skipped favors and she didn’t like my centerpieces. Then she tried to dictate what the photographer did.

I finally gave up and told her to stop or risk getting booted by the authorities that the venue insisted we hire.

Bride looking angry, pointing at camera.Ljupco Smokovski , Shutterstock

29. That’s An Awkward Surprise

I was invited as a plus one to a wedding where the bride and groom were both in polygamous relationships—except no one knew of this until the wedding.

When it came to speeches, they each invited another partner upstage.

The bride's partner talked about how they met and gave examples of how she was a great person. He also talked about how he was friends with the groom and he was great too.

Then the groom's partner got up. She talked about how they met at a party, fell in love, and that their relationship was really special. Not one word about the bride.

The groom was just sitting in his chair giggling and beaming at partner #2. He got up and went to hug/kiss her on stage.

Some people were staring in surprise and at one particular table (his side of the family) they were cringing in embarrassment.

Woman is talking to the microphone ,standing next to a bride and groom outside.AS project , Shutterstock

30. Firm Believer

At my wedding, my uncle kept demanding that God doesn't recognize my marriage because it wasn't done in a Catholic church and that my husband and I will never last because he'll probably cheat on me in a few years when things "inevitably become stale".

I tried telling him I don't believe in the same things as him and wasn't concerned, so he got louder instead and I had to just walk away.

This gave my surrounding cousins a good laugh though, he does stuff like this a lot.

Time over

Elderly man is sitting at dining table in restaurant.Анна Хазова , Pexels

31. Since We’re Already Gathered

Instead of giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner, my Mither-in-law got up to announce that she was getting married that following Wednesday. She wore her winter-white micro-mini skirt wedding suit to the ceremony the next day.

This was a quiet, Methodist-church wedding in the upper South. My husband’s childhood best friend showed up with his girlfriend stoned out of their gourds. That same best friend’s mother was also there, and she stood at the buffet table and ate more than half of the groom’s cake.

I’ve been told it was amazing, perhaps the best chocolate cake ever, but we didn’t get any of it.

Woman is holding a piece of chocolate cake in her hand and smiling.freepik , Freepik

32. Too Much Responsibility

My father-in-law was probably the worst wedding guest. As Best Man, he carried my ring in his pocket. He went outside to smoke his pipe before the ceremony and was fiddling with the ring when his heart dropped—it slipped out of his hands and into the grass. It was nighttime, so it was dark out.

The wedding was delayed as everyone got flashlights to help look for it. No one told me what was going on. They couldn't find it, so my mother-in-law let my husband borrow her anniversary band, which was fancy and had diamonds in it.

When the time came, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a fancier ring than we had chosen. I thought it was a surprise for me, but then my mother-in-law approached me and she took me aback with her stern words—she told me there was NO way I was keeping it.

A few minutes later someone out in the yard actually FOUND MY RING!

But then, during the reception, this father-in-law of mine also vomited on my wedding gown.

An elderly man with sunglasses and tobacco pipe sitting outside.code. mnml , Pexels

33. OMG, The Nerve

This happened at my sister’s wedding. An aunt brought a piñata in the shape of a woman so the groom could have something to “pop” that night since my sister wasn’t a virgin (she had a child from her 1st marriage).

My cousin and I took care of it, and it never made its way into the reception, thank goodness.

Woman is looking shocked, at purple background.lookstudio, Freepik

34. Not Cool

I guess this is a common one, but once during my brother’s wedding, I invited a friend and a plus one because she was married. This chick was on the phone with me for 20 minutes begging me to invite her mother as well, who wanted to see a different type of wedding (they are from a different culture).

I relented only because one of my other friends canceled.

Well, guess what, none of them showed up. My family was on the hook for paying for all of their plates, and they weren’t even there. Ex-friend I should say.

Then, the same thing at my wedding. A family of five replied to the RSVP stating, no, they could not come. Then a week before the wedding, they contacted us to say sorry, but they want to come now.

Ok, despite our protests my mom says it’s ok (she was paying for their plates) and we scramble to make room and place the additional food orders last minute.

They didn’t come, nor did they call.

Close up photo of empty table at wedding ceremony.Rene Asmussen , Pexels

35. Good Thing He Didn’t Do It

When I was 16, I sat next to my uncle at my other uncle’s wedding. He kept offering me more and more money to object.

I didn’t do it, but at 16, $500 to make a fool of yourself at a wedding is very tempting.

Young black girl is talking with a black man at party.Samuel Peter , Pexels

36. All Eyes On Me

My sister was the maid of honor at my wedding, and my husband had a best man. They were both to give a speech. My dad wanted to give a speech too, so I said okay and he was scheduled after the other two.

My attention-seeking dad cut my sister's speech short by taking the microphone from her and doing his speech before the best man. One of the points in his speech was something about how he was supposed to do the first speech. That wasn't too bad, but then he kept talking.

Another point was how my husband and I didn't know each other that long (15 months) and basically that we were rushing.

I was so hurt and embarrassed. It took a lot of strength to not tear up and run out of the room. I just tried to forget about it after it was said and done because I didn't want him to ruin my wedding day.

I feel like I should also add that when he walked me down the aisle, he didn't want to sit down after handing me off to my husband. I was not paying attention to him because he was standing behind me, but my mom (his ex-wife) was in the front row, and she had to tell him to sit down.

Attention-seekers will do anything to get eyes on them.

Elder man is talking with a newlyweds at party and making a toast.Ground Picture , Shutterstock

37. Too Many Witnesses

At my friend’s wedding, the bride’s mother spent her whole 10-minute speech listing all of the terrible things that had happened that year (losses in the family, unfortunate diagnoses and health issues, damage to property due to natural disasters) and then, every once in a while, would say something like, “…so it’s nice to have had this wedding to look forward to”, before diving right back into it.

My friends still haven’t shown anyone the part of the wedding video with the speeches because it was filmed from the head table and you can hear the bride on the video saying, “Oh my God. I’m going to end her. Right now. I’m going do it, she must be stopped”, and her new husband told her, “You can’t end her right now, honey, there’ll be too many witnesses”.

Bride is laughing at wedding reception seating next to groom looking surprised.Steve Ikeguchi , Shutterstock

38. The Trashy Plus One

I met a friend's boyfriend for the first time at a wedding. We carpooled since it was out in the middle of nowhere. He started by insisting she buys him new jeans at Costco so he could wear his "good boots". This wedding was in August in a barn. Most of the men were wearing nice shorts and button-up shirts, so this guy was sweating his butt off.

During the service, we were standing at the back because of limited seating. He started saying things like "Don't do it", "marriage is bull", and "Let's get to the libations". It was loud enough that rows of people were glaring back at us. By this point, we were distancing ourselves as much as possible from him.

After the ceremony, we thankfully found out they couldn't hear him up front. But then the reception got started. He threw some tantrum about being tired from working all day and went to rest in his truck. I think he was too hot and refused to admit he overdressed. He ended up sleeping in his truck with the engine running and the air conditioner blasting. So, we enjoyed the rest of the evening in peace. My friend would go check on him sporadically but that was it. It was a really fun reception.

On the way home, he said other really rude stuff. I decided to stay away from that guy. Within a few months, he'd been so awful that the entire friend group made it clear he was unwelcome.

My friend chose him. He was banned from multiple bars for drinking way too much, and picking fights with random people over made-up stuff. He alienated my friend from all of us.

Last I heard, they were still together. He cheated on her, and she ruined her small business because she would day drink with him and lost all of her clients.

Man is sleeping in front car seat .freepik , Freepik

39. Wannabe Photographer

My wife’s aunt ignored our signs and announcements to not take photos during the ceremony and leave it to our paid, professional, photographers. That awful aunt stood in the main aisle taking photos of my wife and her father walking down the aisle, ruining our photographer’s photos of the procession.

Six months later, when I finally got the photos she took, they were low-resolution and out of focus. I spent upwards of 10 hours in Photoshop trying to composite one, single, decent, photo but ended up losing hope.

And of course, I paid a ridiculous amount to a professional photographer who missed all the shots that she was in the way for.

She also drank way too much at the wedding and wouldn’t stop harassing my already-married Uncle. Years later and I still don’t like that lady.

A woman is taking a photo at wedding reception.Leah Kelley , Pexels

40. The Outsider

I was a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding. The groom grew up in the same town as the bride and I but was slightly older so none of us ever met in school.

One of the groom's best friends turned out to be a neighbor boy that harassed both me and my sister for years.

I first heard second-hand that he pitched a fit about not being a groomsman. But there was a valid reason for this—he hadn't been picked because he was going through (or had just gotten) divorced from his wife and mother of his two children. After all, he was cheating with any piece of tail he could get his hands on.

Next, I found out that not only was he dating a woman in her very early 20s (we are all in our 30s at this point) but that she is his son’s babysitter.

This young woman then inserted herself into all sorts of social functions with us and he told everyone that he was going to marry her and give her a baby soon. It was painfully obvious to everyone except those two that we were all in a very different phase of life than her.

So, at this wedding, the MC calls for all the unmarried ladies to come trot out onto the dance floor for the bouquet toss. I hauled myself away from my martini and cheesecake to join them and jumped around to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce.

The bride (my best friend) threw the bouquet and tried to aim it toward me and her sister just to give our partners a friendly nudge.

The flowers whirl toward me and hit the floor. I went to pick them up and thenon- groomsman'ss barely old enough date is there also holding onto the bouquet. Cue the death stares from both sides.

We were standing there, both holding these flowers. Everyone was staring at us and whispering, “Why won't she let go”? I was also staring at her. She grabbed onto the bouquet after I had already picked it up. Like c'mon, that's not how this works lady.

The stalemate ends as she ripped the flowers out of my hands and almost hit me in the face with them. She yelled, “I caught the bouquet”!

The face on the non-groomsman fell. She went back over to him and announced loudly that they would be the next to get married and then asked if he liked this venue.

His friends were all sort of snickering at him on the side.

There's a video of all this somewhere. Somebody told him to take his girlfriend home before she named their babies.

They broke up three months later.

Two girls are running to catch bridal bouquet.Josh Withers , Pexels

41. She Meant Well

My husband comes from a very small town in Ohio. A very religious, homeschooled, small town. He invited a whole family that he had grown up with to our wedding. The rudest guest was the mother, who, at only two feet away, leaned into me confidentially and then yelled super loudly, "I love your people"!

I looked very weakly around her and kind of mumbled, "My dad"? To which she yelled even louder, because clearly, I was hearing impaired, "The Jews, I love the JEWS". I didn't ask for clarification, I just turned around and walked away.

My sweet mother-in-law (not being sarcastic, she's a dear) had forewarned her friends that they better be nice to me, since I was a Jew and all.

The officiant, a longtime friend of the family, had canceled only a few weeks before the wedding saying he didn't feel comfortable marrying us with our mixed backgrounds, so my mother-in-law was probably trying to prevent anything else from happening.

Anyways, my family still leans towards each other and yells "I love the JEWS" when we get together, so I guess it's not all bad.

Woman is talking and hugging the bride in white dress at wedding ceremony.IVASHstudio , Shutterstock

42. Thank Goodness She Failed

This person was not a guest, but my crazy estranged mother forbid the rest of my family, who I was trying to reconnect with, from coming.

I was using the wedding as a restarting point with my brothers and their families. I walked away from the whole family for my mental health as a teen, but as an adult wanted to try and reconnect with the people I wanted in my life.

So, my mother found out about it from one of my nephews. She asked him why she couldn't see him the weekend of the wedding because his mom and dad wouldn't tell her. Being only seven years old, and not knowing any better that his grandma is a loon, he said he was, “Going to Uncle Ben's wedding”.

My mother dropped him off at my brother's and then forbade them from going. She said it's me or him. She called the rest of my brothers and said the same thing.

The best thing about it is that they all showed up. They took the harassment from my mother for weeks, the guilt trips, and the threats. They protected me by making sure she didn't know where the wedding was despite her best efforts, and had a plan in place if she did, knowing what would happen if she showed.

I like my new family, built of people I chose to have in my life, both blood and otherwise. So, I guess I can thank her for that at least.

Woman is yelling and looking upset to camera.Tima Miroshnichenko , Pexels

43. Now Is Not A Good Time

I saw this happen at a friend's wedding: the groom's father answered a phone call during the ceremony.

That happened at the civil ceremony in the town hall. The mayor himself was officiating and was doing the formal part where he had to read some articles of the civil code related to marriage. Anyone who has attended a wedding here knows that at this stage, it is just a matter of minutes before the officiant will ask THE question to the bride and the groom.

Then, we could hear a phone ringing (with a very loud and annoying tune). Guests chuckled and looked around, and it turned out it was the phone of the groom's father.

He was sitting in the first line of seats, so he was very close to the bride and the groom, and everyone could see him. The guy then actually answered his phone! And he talked so loudly that everyone could hear him: "Hey, hello. What's up? Nah, not a good time to talk, but tell me..."

And he stood up and walked out of the room!

The mayor was kind and sensitive enough to then just make a couple of jokes and lose some time for a few minutes until the father came back, and then he moved on to the part where he asks the bride and the groom the much-awaited question.

The bride is an old friend of my wife, and she had complained multiple times that her future in-laws were real jerks and that she hated them secretly, but made her best to be civil with them.

Either way, it wasn’t cool, and you could tell the bride and groom were a bit embarrassed by it.

Man is answering the phone outside.Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

44. Sweethearts Only Please

My husband and I had a sweetheart table at our wedding, which I appreciated because it allowed us to have time together during the hectic schedule of a wedding. When we finally got a chance to sit with each other after making our rounds and taking more photos, we were served dessert and were enjoying each other’s company.

A few people from one family thought it was appropriate to grab seats and pull them up to our sweetheart's table. Slowly that entire family started pulling more chairs to our table and completely blocked me out.

To make matters worse, they also thought it was a great idea to drag a guest who got way too tipsy at the open bar for us to babysit for the night.

I got up and sat with friends while my husband stayed at the table (it was his side of the family so he felt obligated to stay in the conversation).

It bummed me out.

Happy, newly wed couple are seating with guests at their wedding meal and smiling.DGLimages , Shutterstock

45. Heck Yes, Grandma!

My grandfather was that awful guest at my wedding, unfortunately.

Less than 30 minutes into the reception, he decided that he was ready to leave. To "hurry my gram along", he went and sat in the car. And she LET HIM.

She didn't decide to leave until over three hours later! My gram didn't normally have this shiny of a spine. But I was not only the oldest grandkid, I was also the first to get married, so she wasn't letting him ruin it for her (or me)!

My gram is easily one of my favorite people on this planet, so I choose to remember her shiny spine more than my grandfather's on that day.

Elder man is seating in the front seat of the car.Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

46. Please Sit Back Down, Sir

My husband’s uncle was that annoying guest at our wedding.

About two weeks before the wedding, we asked our wedding party, parents, and siblings if anyone wanted to give a speech. We ended up with a total of five speeches and a toast from my dad. My dad was supposed to go at the end to give the toast, and then we would go back to partying.

My husband’s uncle must have figured it was an open mic for anyone to give a speech and stepped up behind my dad. I tried to get my coordinator’s attention to ask him to go sit back down but to no avail. He gave a 10-minute sermon. Yeah, a sermon. Now, I’m a practicing Catholic, and I had some elements of religion in the ceremony, but I made a conscious decision not to make people feel like my beliefs were being shoved down their throats.

The fact that he got up and gave a speech all about Jesus without even asking still gets me all worked up.

Black man is talking on the microphone.EA GRAPHER , Pexels

47. Yikes, That Awkwardly Worked Out

I invited my cousin and her husband to my wedding. I had spent a lot of time planning, with a seating chart, and a strict budget.

When she arrived at the wedding, I couldn't believe my eyes. She showed up with her husband, her mother-in-law, both of her husband’s brothes, and one of their girlfriends. Six people!

The only reason it turned out okay was because, unfortunately, a hurricane came through two days before our wedding and several guests weren't able to make it.

Imagine it didn’t work out that way though. She hasn't gotten any more thoughtful.

Family and guests congratulating bride and groom with presents and flowers.Bogdan Sonjachnyj , Shutterstock

48. Save The Fish

My brother-in-law was the awful guest.

His actions from that night are still burned into my brain—he got belligerently tipsy and kept tossing empty glasses into the little koi pond at the venue. My nephew, who was seven at the time, was in hysterics, worried about the fish.

Man looking drunk and holding a bottle and glass of wine.benzoix ,Freepik

49. He Was His Ride Or Die

It was my buddy's wedding day. He and his groomsmen are taking a bit of liquid courage outside the church right before the ceremony, and an officer comes into view. One of the groomsmen, perhaps pregaming too much, flips off and starts mouthing off to the officer. This did not end well for him.

The officer busts him for being tipsy in public, having open containers, etc. He takes the offending groomsman to the station (mind you, not the rest of the guys drinking on the sidewalk, just the one who felt like taking it to the next level).

The ceremony kept getting delayed and delayed—an hour and a half, so that the groom can bail out his pal, just to have him there for the ceremony.

Man is wearing handcuffs and looking shocked.kues , Freepik

50. Oh, How The Tables Turn

This was not a bad thing, but very memorable.

My brother got married in a Catholic church. He had five groomsmen.

The priest HATED when a phone went off, and he would embarrass the person if it happened during mass.

Anyway, a phone goes off. He glares at all the groomsmen. They are furiously checking pockets. The groom is checking, the congregation is all checking, all in a panic.

Then the priest reaches under his robe and pulls out his phone, and promptly shuts it off.

The place went crazy.

Priest is looking at his phone, looking down.Strong Pictures , Shutterstock

Sources: Reddit,

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