Relationship-Ruining Fights

November 2, 2023 | Scott Mazza

Relationship-Ruining Fights

Everyone gets into fights with their loved ones; it's a fact of life. Usually, once the dust has settled, you can forgive and forget—but not these people. These insane fights ended entire relationships—and yet we can't look away.

1. The Wrong Kind Of Love

I think it all started around age six. My folks tended to have a lot of "friends" over. I didn't get they were polyamorous. Once, I ran inside after getting hurt while playing, and I saw my parents kissing some guy I didn't know. They explained they had other adults they loved and said it was totally normal. As a kid, I just accepted it. But it was harder than it seemed.

They stopped hiding it, and their partners were always around, even joining us on days out. I recall my 10th birthday, three of their partners were invited, one was a total stranger. My parents just hung out with them and ignored my party. They never did anything explicit after that, but there were kisses, hugs, and flirting that should be between parents, not with extra people.

There were times I got home from school, and some random adult would be in the house, some shocked my folks had a kid. I disliked it, but I figured it was an adult thing that all kids hated, since my parents said it was normal. Eventually, they had fewer partners and seemed to stop.

I pushed it out of my mind. But about a year ago, I started therapy for different reasons. Naturally, my childhood came up and brought back feelings I didn't realize I had. As good as my parents were, I didn't feel close to them and I was still resentful because I felt like I had to compete for their attention with strangers.

I recently visited them, and they told me they'll be in a documentary about polyamorous families and wanted me on camera to say polyamory doesn't mess up kids. All the resentment came back, and I blew up.

I said I can't say anything positive about it. They were stunned (I'd never talked about it before) and asked why. So, I let it all out. I said I felt ignored, and family time often had strangers butting in. It got heated, and I yelled that they messed me up and their priority should've been their child over their partners.

My mom cried, and my dad asked me to leave. I left feeling shaken and guilty, 'cause I'd never made my mom cry before. Later, my dad texted, apologizing and asking for a calm chat about it. Even though I tried, I haven't been able to answer yet. The argument brought up lots of emotions.

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2. Jealous, Much?

I'm 16 and have been with my girl for two years. Around the same time we got together, I also got hooked on baking. I bake heaps, she loves sweet stuff, so it works. She enjoys the new stuff I try baking and honestly, I enjoy baking way more than eating it. She, on the other hand, loves the eating part more.

Just recently, she surprised me with a scrapbook. She's been keeping track, it turns out I had baked her 100 different treats! Each page had a pic of every dessert I baked, snaps of me in baking mode, her munching away... all dated and with a note about each dessert. She’s been at this for the last two years!

She also included a long letter, telling me how proud she is of my baking obsession, saying thanks for feeding her sweet tooth, and letting me know just how much she loves me. It was honestly the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me—I shed a few happy tears. I thought my mom and sister would find it sweet too, but nah—they were ticked off I've been baking so much for my girlfriend and not for them.

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3. Facing Up To It

I had a pretty rough accident this month that left my face kinda messed up. It's all scarred up now, from an inch above my hairline, right down my cheek—no hair will grow where the scar is. It's the deepest on my cheek, actually leaves a dent. Gutted as I am about my face, I guess I'm just glad it's not worse. My buddies keep trying to cheer me up, telling me now I look like a sexy pirate or something.

But truthfully, it's a downer. Suddenly, I'm "that girl with the scar" and people's pitying looks can make me feel worse. I had this family thing I needed to fly down for this week, a plan I'd made before all this. I really didn't want all the fuss or sympathy.

My skin doc gave me the green light to stop bandaging it up and start using some cream and Vaseline to keep it clean and moist instead. It does look pretty raw and red, especially with the Vaseline slick over it.

Easiest part of my trip was supposed to be the flight. Stuck in my earbuds and fell asleep before take-off. Worst idea ever. Woke up to some four-year-old kid screaming next to me. I missed some of it and couldn't figure out why he was flipping out.

His dad was suddenly into my face saying, "Can you cover that up"? I told him my skin doc advised against it. He snapped back, "That thing is scary for my kid". I shot straight back, "This. IS. my face. Nothing I can do about it".

He tried to backpedal with a "just until it's healed," and I reminded him, "it's not going away. How about teaching your kid some kindness and respect instead of commenting on how a young woman's face looks". He ended up getting a seat change after that.

Honestly, that whole scene shook me up a bit. Threw on my sunglasses and had a little cry.

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4. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I always remind my girls that if they're ever stuck, they can call me. Anytime, no judging. I tell them I was once their age and know mistakes happen—it's part of being human.

Last weekend, my 17-year-old step-daughter called. She'd sneaked out to a party, got too inebriated and was now scared. There were strangers there and she was close to passing out. I got there in a nick of time, she was so out of it she couldn't walk.

I carried her to the car and let her know, while I wasn't pleased about the sneaking out part, I was happy she'd chosen the safe route by calling me. I've kept this from my wife because I don't want to break the trust with my step-daughter. I just hope I'm doing the right thing.

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5. Give An Inch, Take A Mile

My sis is a hot mess. She needed a place, and since I've got room, I let her crash at mine. She's jobless and broke. I made it clear she's got a few months to sort herself out then she's gotta bounce. To give her some pocket change, I toss her about $100 each week for housework. The last time I paid her, she claimed I owed her more, which threw me off.

She argued that she did extra stuff for me. When I asked her to explain, she said she'd been taking my dog out for afternoon strolls. I already walk my dog every morning and night, but she drags him along on her afternoon outings. According to her, dog walkers charge $25 per walk, so five walks added up to $125 on top of my $100. Adding to that, she compiled a scrapbook of my personal letters and documents, which she believes is worth $75 based on Etsy prices.

I was quick to tell her that I never asked her to do those things. She fired back saying that those tasks were part of maintaining the house, and I was shortchanging her. That's when I kicked her out. It's not about the dough—I'm well off. It was more the nerve of her demands that got under my skin.

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6. Doing The Right Thing

So, my pal Aysha and I are teenagers. She's Muslim and sports a hijab to school, often getting weird looks and remarks. One time, this girl Megan dared Aysha to take off her hijab, saying she'd look prettier without it—totally mean-spirited. But the worst was yet to come. 

Then Megan tried to rip it off. I stopped it and we reported to the headmaster. Instead of facing penalties, Megan cooked up this tale about it messing with her place in some swanky soccer club she played with. Fast forward a bit and she's making TikToks, laughing about our incident.

I was mad as hell on Aysha's behalf. She's a quiet girl and didn't want to kill the vibe, so she asked me to write to the soccer club. I did, and they ditched Megan right away, informing other clubs about what she'd done.

Now, all her buddies are giving me grief, saying I can't take a joke. My folks think I should've kept my nose out. But I know I did the right thing.

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7. The Cheese Stands Alone

I can't have dairy, so I don't use cheese in my tacos. My boyfriend, who's not even Mexican, teases me about it, claiming I'm "disrespecting" the culture. I'm not keen on upsetting my stomach to make my tacos seem authentic to him. This issue escalated last night over dinner.

I left the table for a restroom break and returned to find my taco messed with. A closer look showed cheese hidden under the other fillings. Mad at him for this mean prank, I told him off and left him with the cleanup duty before heading to bed. He's been grumbling because it resulted in him doing the dishes, which is usually my job.

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8. Speaking In Tongues

So, last week this new girl, Cathy, joined my office. She's super forward and loud, right off the bat. One day while having coffee in the break room, just me, a couple coworkers, and Cathy, we somehow got onto the topic of travel.

One coworker said she's not planning a vacay because it'd likely get cancelled. Cathy chimes in, all bummed because she loves "exotic" trips to Europe, which is really her hobby. Kinda laughed when she said "exotic"; Europe is cool, but I would have thought Bahamas or so. Cathy jokes about how she's afraid she'll start losing her languages if she can't travel.

I was curious, so I asked what languages she speaks. Cathy said she's fluent in three European languages including French and Dutch. She thrilled about how people in Europe are always surprised she's not local. That was exciting for me because, back at home, no one speaks Dutch.

See, I'm from Belgium and we have three main languages: Dutch and French, which I speak fluently, and German. In Belgium, it's normal to be comfortable in at least two out of the three languages, and learn English too.

So, I tell Cathy, "Oh leuk, dan hebben we iets gemeenschappelijk" which is Dutch for, "that's fun, we have something in common"! This didn't go down well. Cathy gave me this weird look and asked if that was supposed to be Dutch. I said yes. She laughed, tried to say I have a terrible accent and must not be good at it.

Nah, I don't have an accent. I speak Dutch even better than English. I let Cathy know that I've been speaking Dutch since I was a kid. She seemed annoyed, asking about other languages I speak and where I’m from. So, I told her I also speak French and I'm from Belgium, and offered to chat in French.

I was probably rubbing it in a bit at this point, thinking she probably lied about the French too. She exploded, said "whatever" and stormed off which was awkward. My other coworkers just shrugged, saying she shouldn't have lied. But Cathy comes back later accusing me of being "superior" about my European background.

I tried explaining how was I supposed to know she was lying. She accused me of being immature. Later, one coworker told me Cathy had gone around calling me a "little witch who enjoys harassing newbies". I don't think I was a jerk, but I'm not looking for a blow up either—should I just apologize to avoid a scene?

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9. Party Foul

Just to clarify, my younger bro, Connor, is 19, I'm 26, and my ex-fiancé, Hunter, is 28. My parents kicked Connor out at 16 when they discovered he's gay. On Connor's birthday, he hosted a party. He invited Hunter and me to join in, and despite being a bit older, we decided to take part in the games and drinks.

We played Never Have I Ever, and someone said, "Never Have I Ever cheated before". Note: Hunter's anti-cheating stance is hardcore because his ex-fiancé cheated on him. And here's the thing—as a silly 17-year-old, I made the mistake of cheating on my high school boyfriend. It was a one-time thing, and I've been regretting it ever since.

Knowing my history, Connor called me out during the game when I didn't drink for the cheat question. This caused Hunter to leave right then and there. I tried explaining that it was a dumb mistake from my teenage years but he wasn't having any of it.

I'm crushed. I don't know yet how I'll move on. I kicked Connor out because I can't even face him—he turned my life upside down. He apologized and begged to stay, saying he didn't mean to ruin my relationship.

I feel betrayed after all I've done for him. Is it too much to ask for some understanding?

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10. Getting Catty

My wife has been grumbling about our cats for a while, insisting they're disturbing her sleep. She claimed she kept having to get up to deal with them and even threatened to leave me if we kept them. As the cats didn't bother me and I didn't notice any of the stuff she was mentioning, I started questioning things.

One night she said she'd been up several times helping the cats, but I knew it wasn't true because I'd been awake the whole time and hadn't seen a thing. To double-check, I stayed up again, pretending to sleep, and tracked every cat noise or movement. The cats were mostly quiet, yet she still claimed she'd been woken up numerous times.

I finally confronted her, annoyed at her clear dishonesty and puzzled why she was trying to manipulate me into ditching my cats. Her response surprised me. She couldn’t even answer, just walked out.

Hours later, she finally argued I was the unfair one, saying I was treating her like a child by pretending to sleep and creating "evidence". Still, it was her blatant threats to leave that stirred me into this detective mode.

Later, we found ourselves at the hospital for "family therapy". Here, she finally unveiled her reason: one of the cats had ruined a story she'd been working on by stepping on her laptop. She was so angry at them, she wanted them gone no matter what, even if it involved lying to me. Her explanation that she wanted me to choose her over them struck me as pretty messed up.

On hearing this, I knew I'd probably seek a divorce. Her scary, manipulative behaviour over an incident like this was a red flag. She got angry when I voiced this, accusing me of betrayal for choosing my cats over her.

At the end of the day, at least my cats don't give me ultimatums. I'm worried about leaving them with her and don't want them harmed. So, it may have been for the cats, but looks like I'm heading for divorce. Not how I'd pictured things ending, but life isn't always smooth sailing.

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11. A Time And A Place

Chillin' on a plane next to my girlfriend, I was kinda bored and started looking at the map in the airline magazine. We got to chatting and it turns out, she didn't know where Florida was. Crazy, right? She'd graduated private high school and was almost done with college! But that was just the start.

We kept talking and turns out, she couldn't point out AUSTRALIA either. I was totally shocked and blurted out, "Are you serious"? She got upset, said I was being mean by making her feel dumb. I did feel kinda bad, but I also thought my shock might be a good wake-up call. Maybe it's time she brushed up on some basic geography...

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12. A Face In The Crowd

So, my last name's Doe. It never really bothered me, except for some silly nicknames like "Dodo" or "D'Oh" from my buddies. No big deal, really. But get this, my wife's preggo, about six months in, and she's got this idea to name our future kiddo after her grandpa, John, who passed on last year from cancer.

Her grandpa was a cool guy and they were super close, but I'm flat out nixing that plan. Doesn't matter if it's his first or middle name. I mean, c'mon, "John Doe"? Seriously? It's like setting him up for gags and headaches, especially when he's all grown up and job hunting. No one's gonna believe that's his actual name. My wife's kinda angry, thinks I'm overdoing it and being a bit of a jerk about it, just 'cause the name's a homage to her grandpa.

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13. A Real Spoiled Brat

Me and the missus have been hitched for 18 years and have a 16-year-old daughter. Her boyfriend is a little shy, amazed that she even wants to date him. He’s nice, just not too confident.

My wife usually is boss-level in terms of being independent and on the same page as me, especially when it comes to feminism and equality. We've tried to teach our daughter to be the same way. But, ever since our daughter started dating this guy, my wife is suddenly acting differently. She’s been giving advice that makes me raise an eyebrow.

She’s been saying stuff like, "Oh, it's cute when boys pay for everything"! or "If he really likes you, he'll pay". I had to counter that by telling our daughter, “Both sides should contribute equally in a relationship". When I explained the difference between being asked out for dinner and asking to have dinner together, I thought she got it.

But things changed. Our daughter's started expecting her boyfriend to pay for everything, even getting him to buy her gift cards. What sits badly with me is when she uses my wife's words like, “If you really liked me you’d pay for it". When I confronted my wife, she blew off my concerns and said it’s just a girl’s rite of passage. I argued that relationships are not personal ATMs and she got mad, calling me a jerk.

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14. Read The Room

Four weeks after having my baby, we threw a "meet Charlotte, our adorable new daughter" party. Among the guests were my cousin Alice and her parents. The first thing to know about Alice is she likes fancy stuff and spends big on clothes, only designer gear.

Even though Alice is a banker living with mom and dad, she has outfits worth a mint. When it was her turn to hold Charlotte, everything was cool until Charlotte threw up on Alice. Alice freaked out, handed the baby back and took off to cry in the car for the rest of the party.

I tried to apologize, but Alice was having none of it. My mom gave her an oversized shirt to wear which just made her more upset and embarrassed. Today, mom told me Alice's mother called wanting me to pay for the ruined blouse, a whopping $1,800!

I said no way. We all know babies are messy sometimes. She chose to wear an expensive blouse around the baby and it didn't work out. I feel bad, but it's not my fault.

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15. Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

My wife and I, both 42, are tackling marriage issues after life got complicated post-kids. We have a six-year-old and four-year-old twins, including one with suspected ADHD who's quite the handful. This parenting journey has stirred up stuff between us and driven a wedge. And yeah, I am a bit bitter that our last round for a baby ended up being twins.

The counselor asked if I'd choose to have kids again if given a chance. I spilled my deepest secret. I admitted, "Frankly, no". It's not that I don't love my kids, I do. But given a time machine back to when I was fresh outta grad school at 24, I'd skip the dad chapter. It hasn't been as fulfilling as people hype it to be and the trade-offs just don’t feel worth it to me.

Life was simpler and way happier pre-kids. Now, I am this guy who drags himself through the day, stuck in a job I fairly dislike, just so I can support my family while quietly wishing for a different life. The wife misconstrued my feelings, got super mad, and even dropped the truth to our six-year-old, telling them that "daddy wishes you were never born". That got me fuming.

No way should a kid ever hear that. Yes, I'd prefer a life without kids, but I still adore mine and would do anything to protect their feelings. I never would, nor ever will speak such truth in front of my kids. That confession was meant for a therapy session, a place I thought was secure to discuss personal feelings. What was supposed to fix our disarray has only amplified it. Our marriage seems beyond repair at this point and I foresee her using this against me in the courtroom, aiming for sole custody, grabbing everything and feeding lies to our kids whom I do love and want to stay their dad.

She just won't get it that you can love your kids but also can regret your choice to be a parent.

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16. The Cold, Hard Truth

My folks' marriage got really rocky before my dad passed on. He was having an affair with a married colleague and even got her pregnant. His plan was to ditch mom, duck out of the country, and head to Canada to start fresh with his mistress. They had even chosen a house. My dad was living with this woman when a heart attack struck him.

There were no divorce papers or official separation. They were getting their affairs in order for a court battle but on record, they appeared as a happy couple. My siblings and I are all grown now, the youngest, 19, is in college. I work for a tech company and am back in my hometown helping mom with dad's estate.

Things got bitter when mom decided to engrave "In loving memory of John Doe, son, husband, father, and adulterer" on his tombstone, which ticked off my dad's family and his pregnant girlfriend. They're asking me to fix it. But honestly, I don't see a problem. That's who he was. He was all those things. Plus, since the plot is under mom's name, my hands are tied.

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17. Testing The Waters

Living alone with my 17-year-old son while my wife's out of town taking care of her sick mom, we've gotten pretty close. Last Saturday, he shared he'd be attending his first high school party with some drinking, and he was a tad nervous. We're not in the U.S., we're in Canada where the drinking age is 19. Still, teenage drinking is not unusual here.

Figuring safety first, I suggested we do a "practice run" together. My plan was that if he heads into the party not knowing his limits, things could go wrong. So, we thought it'd be better if he learns his capacity at home with me. We relaxed, had some beers, called it quits at six—he was buzzing but alright.

The next day, we had a chat and agreed six drinks were a bit too many, so he knows now to stick to less during the party. Honestly, I felt good about the outcome because his initial drinking experience happened safely at home. But when I shared this with my wife to be honest, she was pretty mad, saying I'd been reckless and thoughtless.

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18. The Ultimate Helicopter Mom

So I'm a hiring manager at this tech firm and some time back we were recruiting for summer interns. This 19-year-old lad applied for a job, right between his first and second year in college. We had this Zoom interview and not long into it, his mum pops up in the frame, introducing herself and harping about her kid's work ethic.

It was a bit weird but I politely hinted that I wanted to hear from her son. That's when things got even weirder. But she didn't take the hint, kept hijacking the interview, answering questions meant for her son. I asked the chap some technical stuff which he seemed to ace then decided to wrap up the interview earlier than planned.

Fast forward to a month later when I get an email from the mum asking about her son's application status and why he hadn't heard back yet. Couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for the lad. Reminded me of how my own mum used to take charge when I was a teen. Luckily, it was just day camp jobs and not professional jobs.

Anyway, I felt like this guy's chances were being ruined because his mum wasn’t letting him make applications on his own. So, I emailed her back, stating that I couldn't share application info with anyone other than the applicant himself. We also promised to reach out to the lad, letting him know that we wouldn’t be extending an offer.

After we sent that, I got a phone call that made me regret everything. I get a call from his mum demanding explanations. I told her that I couldn't disclose interview performance details with her. If her son wanted feedback, he was welcome to reach out. But what I could tell her was that her constant interruptions during the interview automatically disqualified her son. We were looking for someone independent and self-driven.

I even offered her some adviceif it's not the applicant who's answering the questions or following up, most hiring managers I know would toss such resumes into the 'do not hire' pile. An applicant needs to demonstrate their skills and motivation themselves. She didn’t take it well, swore at me till I had to hang up.

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19. Zero-Sum Game

I'm the main earner in our home. I have fancy degrees for a super-specific industry that pays very well—think the ballpark of 200k—with the chance of hitting the big time of 600 million. The pandemic hasn't affected my company much, so most of us still have our jobs. My husband's qualifications and work history are pretty general. He quit his last job just before the world went sideways, aiming for something better, and I was all for it.

He put a lot of hours into job applications and finally scored an interview with X company. His dream job, basically. It pays about 65k a year. One huge problem, though. This could undo everything for my job. My company and X company aren't exactly best buddies.

My business is like Fight Club—the first rule is you don't talk about it. If my clients found out my husband was working for the competition, my reputation is toast. Can't deny it sounds dramatic, but it's the truth. Picture me as an A-lister's private-eye, and him working for TMZ.

If he got his paws on my work stuff, he could use it to climb the career ladder, while mine would be on fire. My clients and company wouldn't trust a guy they’ve never met, even if I do. To make things worse, I’m a one-trick pony due to my specialized background. I asked my husband not to go ahead with this job since it could cost me my income.

No way could we survive here on 65k a year. And he doesn't have to work for this company. Even in this 'up the creek' job market, he can get a job just about anywhere. Me, I’m stuck. His reaction wasn't great, accused me of being money-hungry. I offered to support him in a job search or further education, but this gig is a no-go. It got ugly.

He went behind my back, got the offer, and wants to take the job. He thinks his career needs to come first, I'm not being a Mrs. Right, and I'm left feeling betrayed. I warned my bosses about this. I dropped the email as soon as I knew about the interview—better they hear it from me than finding out elsewhere.

I gave him a choice—refuse the offer, while I watch, or take it and pack his bags. I’d cover the hotel for the first two weeks while we sort the court stuff—my company said they’ve got my back. It's pretty gut-wrenching. I still love him. I acted fast to limit the damage, but I'm hurting inside.

He thinks I’m ruthless and cold as ice. Sure, I was looking out for my own career, but it seemed like the only way at that moment.

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20. It’s Me Or You

So, I've got a three-year-old cat, Raven. My girlfriend, who's not a fan of Raven, moved in with me recently. I didn't sweat it too much, till one day I got back home and Raven was gone. This fella never ventures out, but that day, he was lost for hours till my buddy returned him, finding him two blocks away from my place.

When I grilled my girlfriend about how Raven ended up outside, she confessed to booting him out. I blew my top, told her she’d crossed a line, and since she felt okay throwing Raven out, it was her turn to go. She started crying about potentially ending up homeless, but I didn’t budge. I told her she needed to leave by month's end. My friends think I'm being too tough, but she risked Raven's safety and I can't risk her pulling another stunt.

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21. My Super Sucky 17

I'm still in disbelief. My stepbrother and I are both 17 and licensed to drive. Just five days ago, I found out that my dad and stepmom gifted him a used car. I, on the other hand, got a $600 Best Buy gift card. Sure, it's a sizeable sum, but seriously? Isn't this just totally unfair?

This was the last straw. I'm so frustrated, I've packed up and moved into my mom's place, at least for now. My dad seems sorry and says he's searching for a car for me, but it'll take some time. I replied by stating I'll decide whether or not to meet him after he finally treats me fairly. I've shut myself from his further calls and messages.

My stepbrother decided to step in, telling me to relax, and that I could borrow his car. He urged me not to spoil the Christmas cheer. So, I basically told him to take his new Civic for a ride and back off.

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22. Karma Comes For Us All

I was stuck in a crazy long line at Starbucks drive-thru, probably for about 20 mins. Suddenly, this woman in a Merc tries to sneak in front of me and a bunch of others. I honked like mad and tried to stop her, but she just shoved right in and even had the nerve to flip me off. Little did she know, she picked the wrong person to mess with.

See, I'm not the kind to let someone pull a stunt like that and get away with it. So, I waited, and the second she tried to order, I honked again. She shot me a nasty look and flipped me off, but I was ready with a middle finger of my own. Every time she tried to order anything, I honked, sometimes for a whole 3 seconds.

When she finally left, we got to order and got on with our day. It just drives me nuts when people are that rude—there was no way I could have just let that slide.

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23. That’s Not My Name

I've been at my job for 8 years, and I'm pretty tight with management and colleagues. But about five months ago, a new guy, Ted, joined us on a trial basis. I'm not his boss, but I've been here longer. When he was introduced to me, he kept calling me 'Jack' instead of 'John'. No amount of corrections did the job, he just didn't care. I warned him I'd ignore him if he didn't get my name right.

His reaction? "Okay, Jackie boy,". So, I chose to ignore him as he wasn't my direct workmate. A while later, after a business trip, Ted tried to rope me into picking him up after returning a rental car. He even sent me emails (still calling me Jack) demanding I give him a ride, throwing in the odd threat too.

I decided "screw him", signed out, and went home. Next day, he ambushed me at my desk, yelling because he had to take a cab in the rain. His boss came over, and I showed him the emails. His supervisor admitted it was nasty of Ted to threaten me, but also pointed out I was kind of harsh for leaving him stranded. He then revealed that Ted was let go because of the threats. Some colleagues think I'm the bad guy for ignoring Ted and contributing to his firing.

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24. That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man

My lil sis started seeing this guy who's super blunt a while back. He often fires off rude comments about me and the fam which bugs me. She just says he's a straight-shooter and we need to get used to it. I went to our folks' house for her birthday bash recently.

My hubby couldn't come because he was all tied up. At dinner after the party, her boyfriend blurted out that he found it odd that we didn't have kids despite being hitched for six years. I was floored but just told him we had infertility problems. Things got worse when he asked who was infertile. I didn't want to say, but my sis spilled that it was me.

He looked at me a bit too long and suggested that not having kids right now might be a blessing. Said something silly about ladies over 30 (which I am) "cooking up" subpar babies thanks to their "advanced" age. I set him straight about keeping out of my business but he said he was just being 'honest'.

I shot back, saying: "Believe me, if I wanted a jerk's opinion, I'd have let one rip"! Everyone cracked up except for my sis and her boyfriend. They seemed stunned. After a bit, he left and she went after him. She texted me to say I was being mean, disrespected her boyfriend, and ruined her birthday by turning him into a laughing stock. Instead of replying, I got this demand for an official apology. Even mom thought I was in the wrong and should've kept my mouth shut given his personality.

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25. Everybody’s Got A Story

A few nights back, I held a low-key game night with a few close chums. Out of nowhere, one pal said she's bringing a work buddy, Matt. All good. Our game of choice? A card game where you revealed bits about yourself. Questions ranged from casual stuff like 'fav color?' to deep personal quirks.

Everyone was having a blast. Then I drew the toughie: "What's the toughest thing you've gone through"? Now, I lost my sis in high school, which was gut-wrenching. But, I didn't want to kill the vibe, so I mentioned the challenge of moving to an unfamiliar college state.

Out of the blue, Matt pipes up with the stupidest response. "Man, if that's your toughest gig, you've had a cushy life". His tone? Super stuck-up, getting under my skin.

Irked, I said back, "Well, in truth, my biggest hurdle was seeing my sis die and then burying her at 17. Didn't want to buzzkill, though". Everyone zipped their lips . Matt half apologized and game night wrapped up soon after.

Later, my friend who tagged Matt along messaged me saying I was a jerk for embarrassing him. Yeah, I felt guilty about my outburst and ending game night early, but on the other hand, I was just standing up for myself.

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26. Going Too Far

I've got two kids, a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. My lad built an epic castle in Minecraft he loved to show off. His routine's been off since school closed. He's supposed to wake at 7 a.m. but he's been sleeping till 9 or 10 for the last month.

Even though I set his alarm, he just sleeps through it. I let him because learning to get up on his own is important. Couple weeks back, I warned him there'd be consequences if he kept oversleeping. At first, he got back on track.

But he slipped up again in the past week. Yesterday, I gave him a final warning. Today, he slept till 11. So, I stuck to my warning and wiped his favorite Minecraft world off the computer. I also grounded him from using the computer for a month. When I broke the news, he lost it.

He said he worked a year on that world and he was gutted about losing it forever. He spent all day crying and wouldn't eat anything.

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27. No Laughing Matter

A few weeks back, I decided to trick my friends by pretending I only ate apple-related foods, calling myself an "Appletarian". I made them think this was a new health fad I'd found online. They thought I was kidding at first, but boy, did I keep up the act!

Wherever I was with them, I only ate apples or had apple juice/cider. Whole apples, diced, as sauce, inside a pie, baked, even candy apples minus the chocolate—you name it! After a week, they actually thought I'd converted to Appletarianism and that's when things got real.

My friends started warning me about only eating apples and got pretty worked up about it. Some were even mad. But I wanted to see the joke through until the end. After three weeks, they staged an intervention thinking it was for my good. They were super worried and gathered tons of info for me.

I couldn't hold back my laughter. When they were puzzled, I revealed I'd been messing with them all along and had real food when they weren't around. I took out some beef jerky as proof and bit into it. I expected them to laugh it off but they were actually peeved. My girlfriend dumped me cause I continued the act on our date night, insisting on only apples and she felt I'd "embarrassed her for a dumb joke".

I personally thought the joke was a hit but, did I cross a line?

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28. You Aren’t What You Eat

I'm vegan, have been for a decade, and I've abstained from meat since I was about four. That's when I learnt the source of meat, and boy, there were tears! Everyone close to me knows this. So, I couldn't believe it when I was pranked at a party four nights ago. After drinking a fair bit, my mates tricked me into eating chicken nuggets. They convinced me they were "sunfed", a plant-based chicken substitute, so I chowed down. They tasted weird, but I blamed it on the booze.

Next day, my sister tipped me off to check out my friend’s Snapchat story. The video showed them packaging actual chicken nuggets, serving me, and even the conversation where I asked if it was vegan. They later mimicked my reaction to eating meat (crying and yelling "the CHICKENS!"!!). Mad as heck, I got back at them the only way I knew how. 

I reported them to the authorities for food tampering, so now three of my ex-pals face charges. They think I've blown their "harmless" prank out of proportion. But I see it as them exploiting my vulnerability, messing with my food, and publicly mocking me. They, however, just see it as a prank.

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29. Oh, Baby

Ever since we had our kid, my wife started to talk like a baby herself. It's like she's adopted the whole baby language thing, cooing and making bizarre noises even while chatting to grown-ups. Her "Bo-dee-bo-dee-chooop" and "Awowo-fwatata" sometimes drive me nuts, especially when we're out in public.

I've kindly asked her to stop, but she brushes it off, apparently clueless to the odd stares she's getting. Just to clarify, she's not on the spectrum, just a seriously nutty new mom. We had a rare day off recently when my parents stepped in to babysit. This gave us a chance to enjoy a night out.

We went to dinner and unfortunately, she was at it again. She spoke to the waiter in her baby voice, saying stuff like "Yippy thanks ya-ha-ha-hah. Owoyoyaya by the way can you give us an extra plate for this"? Seeing the waiter's surprised face, I couldn't contain my frustration. I told her, "I'm off duty today. I certainly don't need another nonsensical chatterbox to deal with right now".

Then I just walked out, leaving her behind in the restaurant which was probably not the best move, but I guess my patience ran out.

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30. You Reap What You Sow

My stepsis and I never clicked. Her mom drafted my dad to team marriage when we were just kids, but their blending of lines always meant I was the bad guy to her mom. My dad? He'd just nod along.

Around 15, I packed on pounds. My girl ditched me (shout out to high school love), grades slipped, and I threw the towel in on baseball. I fed my stress and hit 162 pounds. So, stepsis caught an attitude and called me “chubster”. It hurt, dude.

I tried griping to stepmom, but I got: “She's just a kid. Relax". So I escaped to my room and sank my teeth into chips. Hit 22, saw 270 on the scale, and knew I was on the edge.

Boom, New Year’s resolution: lose weight. Junk food? Not for me. Gym time? Check! Weird thing is, stepsis starts to gain while still heckling me about my size. But guess who's laughing now. I lost 120 lbs in a year.

Christmas dinner was like my victory lap, getting praised left and right for looking better. Stepsis gets jealous and tries to nitpick my new look. So I snapped. I called her out, turned her words back on her, and she ran away crying. Stepmom starts yelling at me, but I shot back about a decade’s worth of body shaming from them.

Then came the text storm. Said I’m not welcome unless I apologize. Well, you can guess my reply—Not happening.

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31. The Man Can’t Help It

So here's the story: I am overweight, I'll admit it. Eating is kinda my thing, even if it's at the cost of my health. I'm the lovable, tubby guy among my good-looking friends, and I've come to terms with it.

One night, a buddy hosted a UFC party and invited me. There was a six-foot party sub and I made my famous wings. But the crowd devoured my wings before I even got to taste one. And soon, I was hungry. The crowd had moved on to chips and pretzels and the sandwich was being neglected. So I seized the opportunity, grabbed half of what was left, and ate it. Then, I finished off the remaining half and then the trouble started.

As I was finishing it off, the host's girlfriend, noticing the missing sandwich, was fuming. She called me selfish for eating so much. I tried to explain that I'd waited and thought people were done with it. But she brushed off my argument by saying that I had brought the wings to share, not to consume myself. After offering to order pizza or get Subways as a replacement, she declined, mentioning the sandwich was from a local shop her friends owned.

My apology didn't do much; the night was awkward after that. The next morning, I woke up to disapproving texts from my twin sisters—who are close to the host's girlfriend, saying I'd embarrassed myself and everyone was upset. Trying to explain my point of view to them hasn't yielded any response yet.

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32. The Truth Comes Out

My ex-girlfriend and I split after five years when I proposed, and she turned me down. We chatted the next day, and she came out as gay, admitting she'd been forcing herself to be with guys. Post breakup, my phone blew up with messages from pals linking me to a Facebook post.

The post was about me supposedly cheating — which I didn't do. Yes, I hooked up with someone right after we ended things, but that wasn't why we separated. Anyway, this attack on my character got me real mad, so I revealed her real reason for breaking up: she's gay.

At first, folks didn't buy my story... until she lost it and accused me of outing her. Suddenly, people saw through her lies. I know I might've acted like a jerk, but part of me felt she had it coming.

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33. Getaway Car

My sis wrecked her car six months ago by ignoring sound advice from a mechanic. I offered her my car, while I cycled to work. She didn't even fix her own car, despite claiming to be saving up for it. She completely took advantage of me, using my car whenever she wanted, not filling it up or listening to my rules.

Lately, my work requires me to leave early in the morning and cycling six miles at 3 am doesn't appeal to me. I gave her a month's notice to make other plans because I needed my car back. But yesterday morning, she flat-out stole my car at 2:30 am! I called her and demanded it back—she simply hung up. This time I didn't hold back. 

I lost my cool and reported the car stolen. The authorities found her in half an hour and my parents had to bail her out. Now she's facing charges and everyone's mad at me. They feel I went overboard, but honestly, I feel it's fair.

My folks are worried she might lose her job if found guilty, but hey, it's her own doing.

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34. Throw Out The Whole Man

My hubby John and I are both from completely different parts of the U.S. He's a southern boy, I'm a northeastern girl. While John grew up celebrating Christian holidays, he never really went to church. By some weird twist of fate, right before it all went down, John's folks, and his BFF Dan with his wife, chose to move closer to us.

Last weekend was the first time in forever that all three of us couples could hang out. We had a pretty chill picnic in our backyard. John took a couple more minutes to join us, settling our little one in a play pen nearby. Dan and my father-in-law immediately started to busk him jokingly for being “whipped”. They mocked him for doing what they saw as "my" parenting duties when he was supposed to be hanging out with the guys.

I tried to laugh it off. But then things turned sour. They started taking digs at me for not serving John food before myself. They even went as far as boasting about their own "perfect" family setups where the men work outdoors, and the women cover the indoor chores.

What's crazy to me is that both Dan and my father-in-law live in rented condos with no outdoor work to speak of, and their wives have always had full-time jobs, just like me. That day just went downhill from the start, and it sucked when John took off with Dan and my father-in-law for a walk, leaving me to clean up and watch our kid alone.

When John came back hours later, I was expecting an apology. But no, he flipped the script and got angry at me for making him look bad in front of his friend and dad. He plays the "traditional roles" card and accuses me of pushing my "northern ways" onto him and his family.

He confesses that he's been stewing in resentment because I expect him to share equally in house chores and childcare. In his world view, men get to do the "fun" parenting stuff, yard work and car maintenance, while women get stuck with all the other house chores and the hands-on child caring. I was shocked, but I told him outright that I believe these aspects of southern culture are completely messed up.

Having lived eight years in the south, I saw the limitations of their famed "southern hospitality". It's only for those who fit their mold—everyone else gets the cold shoulder. Sure, not everyone follows the pattern, but it's a noticeable part of their culture.

John was furious and insisted his culture was just as good as others around the world. I’m being unfair, he says, because I would be more accommodating if his traditions were from a different religion or country.

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35. Playing Dress Up

I'm a teen, and my mom is a bit of an Instagram influencer. She's had a mommy blog since I was little, and my sister and I were regular features. I hate it because all that info about us is out there and can come up in job hunts, dating, anything. So, I came up with a plan.

I found a website where I ordered some custom hoodies. They're plastered with phrases like "no photos," "I don't want to be photographed," and "respect my privacy". I know it might sound weird, but they actually look cool.

I got one for me and one for my kid sister, who's also tired of the constant photos. The idea is that mom can't really photograph us wearing these hoodies without conveying our message. Mom was ticked off when they arrived, and even more so whenever I wear mine. She said she just wants to keep a record of our younger years, and would ask permission before posting any pics.

But I know she doesn't always stick to that. She often talks me into letting her post photos by reminding me that her Instagram is part of her income. Alternatively, she posts photos without asking, saying it’s fine coz my face isn't visible.

I'm like "No, you didn't THINK. If you did, you would've remembered what I've continuously said—no new photos of me or mentions of me online, and remove all old photos or mentions of me". And it's frustrating that my mom is upset with me for wanting to wear my new hoodie all the time.

She's mad that I insist on wearing it everywhere, thinking it's not suitable for all occasions.

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36. Run Girl, Run

So, my hubby Jake and I have been together for five years, married for three. Recently, we started trying to have a kid as it felt like the natural next step. And yay, three weeks ago, the test was positive. We were overjoyed and shared the news with our families, who are now planning a big baby shower.

Unfortunately, things got tense two nights ago. We were about to go to bed and Jake, in his typical "I'll chill while you check the lights" philosophy, asked me to do the usual light check. I did not feel great so I asked if he could do it for a change. His response nearly sent me over the edge. He said: “Nope, that's your job” but I held it together and did it anyway.

When I came back, Jake hit me with this long conversation about holding onto my daily chores while being pregnant. Basically, he said "Being pregnant doesn't mean you're on vacation. You've still got to cook, clean, do the chores because that's just practice for being a mom".

His tone wasn't loud, but it felt belittling. I was taken aback since this was a new side of Jake. He went on for about half an hour before I jumped in and asked, "And where are you in all this"? Jake pushed back immediately, saying he was working hard to support the family we're building.

Just to clarify, I am currently not working as my pay wasn't substantial. I am now a full-time college student. Jake closed his monologue saying whatever my physical or mental state, a mother is supposed to cope, and his help would only prevent me from learning to do that. That's when I lost it and snapped back.

I blurted, "I wish I had known how you really felt before we decided to have this baby". The fallout was immediate. Jake left for his mom's place and hasn't been home since. His family blamed me for hurting him and asked me to apologize right away to bring him back.

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37. Daddy’s Little Girl

So, I'm a dad of a 25 year-old gal I absolutely adore. We get along pretty great, but there's this one hitch: she was diagnosed as a sociopath. From a young age, she was acting up, doing things most would find creepy. The real wake-up call came after a major scrap with her younger sis. That's when I knew we needed help.

Fast forward through years of school filled with fibs, mischief, and enough issues to fill a catalog. Add tons of therapy and support, and slowly, we got a handle on things. When she hit 18, she got an official ASPD diagnosis. Didn't surprise me, I'd guessed it for years. Thankfully, with help, she's done a turn-around and life's been pretty prosperous since then.

She's not doing too bad: holds a job, got a degree, and has a bunch of loyal friends—especially the dudes. Yeah, she's a magnet for guys. She's got game, using "The Rules" as her playbook. Right now, she's got a boyfriend, going strong for about a year and a half. I'm pretty tight with him too.

We hang out often 'cause we live nearby. He's a real good guy—smart, funny, genuine. Here's the rub: I'm pretty sure my daughter doesn't love him. We've had heart-to-hearts about her lacking emotions towards anyone, even family, since she knew what she was dealing with. She played up her emotions at her best friend's funeral but admitted to me later that she didn't really feel anything. She says she's never felt guilty either.

Now, she digs her boyfriend's company and all, but I highly doubt she actually loves him. And here's the kicker: the dude might pop the question soon, and he has zero clues about her condition. She's set on never telling him, fearing he'll bail.

I've told her straight up, he's gotta know before they tie the knot. If not, I'm dropping the truth. She taunts me saying, "Bet you won't". But I would. This guy's stand-up, and I can't in good conscience let him walk blind into a marriage.

Let's be clear, I'm not trying to screw over my daughter's future. Maybe he's smitten enough that it'll be okay. It's his call, he just deserves all the info. One day, it's gonna hit him, something's up with her. Can't keep something like this under wraps forever.

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38. Acting Out

Look, I've got a bit of a tricky situation here. My 16-year-old son, Leo, and my 12-year-old stepson, Derek, don't really see eye-to-eye. Derek lost his big bro, Connor, in a nasty motorbike accident before I even met him. That was rough on him, and he's not over it. I've done my bit, going through old pics and videos of Connor to understand Derek better, and we've gotten really tight. But Leo? He's on a different wavelength. They're chalk and cheese, and Leo's got this blunt attitude that can be harsh sometimes—especially when it comes to anything about Connor.

A couple days ago, Derek planned to hang out with Leo and his mates. Derek chose to wear one of Connor's old hoodies, and Leo shot him down, calling it ugly. Derek stood his ground, so Leo backed off. I should've seen the warning signs then.

When Derek came back home, he was in tears. Turns out, Leo and his buddies had sliced up Connor's hoodie while Derek wasn't around. Leo blamed his mates, saying they thought the hoodie was embarrassingly old-fashioned, like it somehow justified it. When I got onto him about it, Leo just shrugged it off, saying it might even do Derek some good to let go a bit.

That's why I decided to pull the plug on his birthday bash and ban his mates from coming over. Leo kicked off, claiming he's got a right to a birthday. Even my ex weighed in, criticising me and offering to throw Leo’s party herself. I said no—Leo's on a timeout, no matter where it is. She blew up, worried that Leo might resent me. But I stick by it—Leo was out of line, and he’s got to learn that there's consequences.

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39. Welcome To The Family

I'm 24, recovering from addiction for the last 6 months. Hit rock bottom until my big sis helped me out multiple times. She's my bestie, but was always hurt seeing me like this. Her fiancé only knew me as the "junkie brother". He's not my number one fan for sure, given the pain I caused my sis.

Despite that, I got invited to their wedding. Brother-in-law checks in guests at the reception and decides to frisk me to make sure I didn't bring "stuff”. I jerk back, like who wouldn't, and tell him hands off. He says to "chill out" and that's his new rule. I call him out for being absurd, try to move past him, but he blocks me and threatens to kick me out if necessary. I say his tough guy act is just making him look dumb, even louder at this point.

Some folks step in, split us up, and told him to "let it go". He agreed but warned it'd be their fault when things escalated. I just found a seat after the whole debacle. Post reception, my fam said I was the jerk for not allowing the pat down, making it seem like I had "something to hide”.

I don't believe he had any right to do that, in public no less. My reaction wasn’t overblown. If anything, he was the bigger jerk for stirring up trouble to appear macho. My sis stayed unbiased on this issue.

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40. Joke’s On You

I'm 31 and have an identical twin brother. For a long time, I've felt like my wife's family doesn't notice or care about me during Christmas Eve, even though they always want me there. Despite my wife saying they like me and enjoy my company, I've always felt left out.

So, I made a deal with my wife. Let's swap me with my twin bro, Steve, for a night and see if anyone catches on. I didn't give Steve any hints, he went in blind. We were both in on it, and I even gave him a 20. I was proven right. As I thought, he wasn't involved in anything all night.

No one could tell he wasn't me. Afterward, Steve said he felt left out too, and he understood how I felt. So on Christmas day, I invited Steve in. He's usually with our parents each year 'cause he's single. They know him, but they didn't know about the swap. That's when I let the cat outta the bag, revealing that last night “I” was actually Steve. I told them how bummed I was that no one noticed and why I stopped trying to connect—because no one involves me in anything.

My wife wasn't too happy with me. She thought we were gonna keep this prank between us. But I felt her family needed to learn how they've been treating me. Steve was cool with it, just to set that straight.

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41. It’s Not About You

This is a bit long, so sit tight, okay? Let me lay it out for you. I have an older sister, she's 30 and I'm 22. Ten years back, she suffered a miscarriage, which was tough on all of us, especially her. We don't exactly know why it happened, but fortunately, it was a one-time tragedy and she has gone on to have three healthy kids, twins included.

Here's the real story. My sister and I, we aren't best friends, far from it. As a kid, I guess she felt I stole her spotlight 'cause mom had to share her attention now. And she thought mom left her dad for mine. This jealousy seemed to stick, and safe to say, she wasn't my guardian angel growing up. Oh, and she doesn't like it when mom and I do things without her or mom pays more mind to me.

Whenever she feels left out, she cries a miscarriage flare-up to mom, who always comes running. This even happened during a recent Paris trip I planned for mom's birthday and when I had a health crisis of my own. Suddenly, she needed mom right when she planned to visit me... and she never did. Funny thing, she only brings up this old hurt when mom's around me more.

Fast forward to me being sick. Like, stuck in the bathroom, can't eat type of sick. I'm guessing norovirus. It lasted a week and mom was checking on me every day after work. On the last day, feeling like I could eat again, mom offered to make soup. She's halfway through making it when bam! Sister calls, upset about the miscarriage.

She tells me to make the rest of the soup, 'cause she's going to her. Without confronting mom, I finished the soup and texted my sister, telling her not to use the miscarriage to grab attention when she feels left out. That didn't go over too well, she told my mom and her dad, and now I'm everyone's favorite villain.

Look, I get it that she may still be dealing with the trauma, it just feels odd that it shows up only when I'm on the scene and she isn't.

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42. Make Yourself At Home

Erica and I have been together for two years, engaged for the last four months. After popping the question, Erica moved into my place. I handle the mortgage while she takes care of utilities, food, and home stuff. The plan was to add Erica's name to the house after our wedding.

One of Erica's high school buddies, Leah, is always around. I've got nothing against Leah, but she treats my place like it's hers. For example, she brings her weird boyfriend over all the time and talks to me like I'm a guest in my own home. I once found some of my tools missing and when I checked the surveillance footage, there's Leah and her guy, taking my stuff. Erica said they were just borrowing, but it took ages for them to return them. Only, then she went from sketchy to stupid.

Then Leah helped herself to my wine collection. I was working late one night when I heard bottles clinking and found Leah behind the bar. When I asked her what she was doing, she said Erica had said it was okay. I told her it wasn't and kicked her out. Erica didn't recall telling Leah she could take a bottle, but also didn't deny it.

When my golf clubs went missing next and the footage showed Leah taking them, that was it for me. Erica had given Leah the garage code to grab some clothes, not to borrow my expensive clubs. I threatened to call the authorities, but Erica talked me down. Leah said her boyfriend needed the clubs for a work thing, but they came back four days later, all dirty.

I told Erica that if I caught Leah in our home again, I was calling the authorities. Erica was mad, saying I was being unfair to her best friend. I suggested she go to Leah's place if she wants to see her, but Erica didn't like the idea because Leah's place is crappy and her boyfriend is always around. Erica's been giving me the silent treatment and calling me a jerk, but I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.

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43. The House That I Built

I'm a solo mum in my 50s with one kid, Camila. About 30 years ago, I struck gold by buying a house in SF Bay for about $230K. Now, it's worth roughly $1M, thanks to the tech boom. My kid, who'd lived there until moving out last year, is probably gonna get this house. I mean, who else would?

Just to paint this picture clearer: Most of my neighbors are tech whizzes. My neighbor and I, we're kinda the odd ones out in this posh neighborhood, since we're not techies. Camila, she's a hairstylist.

Now, I've got this guy, Steven, in my life, been together for two years. He's got two sweet young kids I love and I'm super pumped about raising them. Steven and I, we're not loaded or anything. So, merging our finances seemed fine, except for the part about the house. I had to insist on this prenup because I wanted Camila to definitely get it.

Steven wasn't too stoked about this. He thought splitting the million three ways would still be a good enough head start for all the kids. But that's not the point. I paid for most of this house and I want Camila to live her best life here in SF. If she can't have it completely, she'll probably have to move out.

When I chatted with Camila, she was on board with the idea. She kinda thought she'd be the one to get the house eventually anyway. So, yeah, that's how it is.

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44. Out With The Old

My sis and I don't always see eye-to-eye. I mainly shrug things off to avoid drama. We each have a kid who are around the same age; her son is 13 and mine just turned 11. For my kid's birthday, I got him the game console he's been wanting, he was over the moon.

My sister's kind of a mess with money. I often have to help her out with bills and stuff for her kid. Her son typically doesn't get great Christmas presents, so I went big this year and bought him the same console for Christmas. It was ready and wrapped under our tree. They visited us recently.

My son wanted to play video games with his cousin. I allowed them, just reminded to play nice. In about half an hour, my kid comes to me crying. When we get to the stairs, I gasped I followed him to find the new console smashed. My heart sank.

Turns out, his cousin chucked it down the stairs, laughing and calling it a “stupid baby toy”. I confronted my sister about it, emphasizing how pricey it was and that her son must face consequences. I demanded she pay for the damage.

She basically laughed it off, blaming me for leaving them alone and even called me a bad parent. She nonchalantly said, my boy will get over it and it was no big deal. Watching my kid trying to fix his broken toy crushed me. Good thing, I had a fitting response ready.

I grabbed the second console—my nephew's Christmas gift, unwrapped it and gave it to my son. My sister questioned why I was fussed about the smashed one if I had a spare. That's when I revealed the new console was meant for her kid and since they didn't think it was a big deal, they won't miss it. I asked them to leave.

My nephew, realizing he just lost his gift, started crying. But my stand was firm. Upset, my sister threatened to cut all ties. I just slammed the door. Rest of the family has been buzzing my phone calling me the bad guy and accusing me of spoiling my nephew's Christmas. But, a 13-year-old knows better. I made things right in the only way I could.

People suggest I buy another console for him, but I can't afford that.

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45. Do I Know You?

So, I used to be pretty chunky, but I've spent the last year or so making big changes in my life and lost nearly 100 lbs. I live away from my family and I'm not big on social media, so they didn't really know about my weight loss. I did tell 'em I was being healthier, but didn't go into detail. Every time I tried losing weight before, it just didn't work and I didn't want folks chipping in about it.

My sis got engaged last year, which is awesome. However, due to stuff going on, her wedding got delayed a bit. It's next week now, and since I haven't seen everyone in ages, I decided to show up a couple weeks early to help out and catch up. Well, when I came to see my family my sister freaked out upon seeing me.

Turns out, she's gained some weight. Not a bunch, and I think she still looks fab. I guess this is the first time I've ever been thinner than her though. I've always been known as the "bigger sister". She kinda blamed me for trying to take her spotlight and my folks are backing her up. I'm really not sure if I'm in the wrong here since most of my family are on her side.

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46. Table For One

So my buddies asked me to be part of their wedding party, right? Cool. Except I was the only one there who couldn't bring a plus 1. They said it was because my dude and I weren't "serious enough," even though we'd been together a year. They apparently didn't want "some random guy" in their wedding pics. Yet, there was no beef between my boyfriend and them.

Getting to the ceremony, I see every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a date, even folks who've been dating less time than me and my guy. I did my part at the ceremony, but I was seething inside.

The reception had even more peeps, and guess what? All had a date. They shoved me at a table as the only singleton among couples. When asked, I truthfully said my boyfriend wasn't invited and I didn't know why.

Now here's the kicker—I was introduced to this dude, Dean, who was crushing on me big time. Despite my clear disinterest, he kept coming at me. I was mean as hell to him, had to let out some steam. After this drama, I ate, picked up my purse and shot straight to my boyfriend's, missing most of the reception. Now the couple is all, "why did you leave so early"? and I'm just sitting on that one.

Wedding disastersUnsplash

47. Sticks And Stones

I'm dealing with a workmate who's always making a big deal about my weight. I'm a 5'9", 115lb woman and yeah, I'm skinny. But she's on the bigger side and always has to comment on how thin I am. Instead of my name, she calls me "slim," and I've heard her call me a "toothpick". Her words usually hint that I should gain some weight or eat more.

Thing is, I've only been there for eight days. Despite me nicely telling her to stop, she doesn't. One time, she even argued, saying she could say whatever she wanted. Today, when she greeted with, "Morning, slim," I retaliated by calling her "chunky". It made her cry, and the rest of the crew blames me. They think it's different when she teases me about being skinny because it's supposed to be a compliment.

I've made it clear, if she calls me slim, I'll call her chunky. But, because of this, I'm suddenly the bad guy.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsShutterstock

48. Old Enough To Know Better?

I've got three kiddos: a 15-year-old daughter, a 12-year-old daughter, and a seven-year-old son. My eldest is a hugger, which is cool cause I am too. Not too long ago, my in-laws were visiting and we were all chilling out, watching a kids' movie. My oldest wasn't too into it, started to get drowsy, and cuddled up to me for a snooze.

When the movie finished, the kids were off to bed while we adults stayed up a little longer chatting. Sure, there were a few drinks going around (I was stone-cold sober, by the way), and out of the blue, my father-in-law made a shocking criticism. He said it was not cool for me to still cuddle with my oldest. I didn't get why he was saying this at all, it got me off guard. I was planning on ignoring it, blaming it on the booze.

But then, my wife and mother-in-law agreed with him. It hit me hard because I gel well with my in-laws and have more of a bond with them than my own folks. And of course, I care heaps about my wife too. But I got annoyed and told them off, then marched off to bed. I've never spoken to them like that, but it just felt right then.

Now they all want me to apologize for being harsh to them.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsShutterstock

49. Say What Now?

When I was 4, my dad tied the knot with my step-sis’s mom. We've pretty much grown up together as a family. We shared a super close bond. However, at 14, she got sick with cancer, but she beat it after two years. Expectably, our parents got over-cautious during that phase.

On their request, I did a lot: I sacked my hobbies for work (the dough was needed for her medical bills) and I shuttled her around for her check-ups. I even gave up my high school volleyball team (which I was not too happy about) and arranged all fun activities around her. Fast forward to college, I met Ben. We moved in post-graduation and things got romantic.

But then, things got ugly, as I found him in bed with my sis. We broke up, Ben moved out and there were a lot of tears. So, my sis initially apologized but backed off later. But then, she dropped a bombshell saying she and Ben were serious now. After I skipped the restaurant bill, she paid up and went tattling to our parents. My folks then called me, expressing their disappointment for not backing my sis's relationship with Ben. They used her past health issue as an excuse for her behavior, which I didn’t buy.

To my shock, they warned of breaking contact with me if I didn’t bless my sis and Ben's relationship. They labeled me as a green-eyed monster despite my attempts to explain my side. Let me be clear: I'm not bitter. I don't want to be with a two-timer like Ben. What bothers me is my sis chose Ben over me, knowing it would hurt me. Now with none of my family talking to me, I'm even being bombarded with mean messages from my relatives, calling me out as self-centered.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsPexels

50. No Pictures, Please

My pals are actors, but small-time ones. They've appeared in some TV shows, but not where they'd get noticed. They don't have fan clubs or many social media followers—barely 1,500 between them.

So, I shared a party pic on Instagram where everyone's just chill. Yesterday, these two friends got all weird in our group chat, demanding that I remove the photo because they don't want people finding out they're together.

They looked fine in the photo and, honestly, they weren't doing anything different from anyone else. Their reason? They don't want to become tabloid gossip. I laughed and told them they're barely even on IMDb, let alone famous enough for the tabloids.

Boy, did they get mad, called me names and all. Now they won’t stop texting me to take the photo down, even threatened to report it, but no success yet.

Honestly, I'm tired of their drama and don't want to be friends anymore. But I refuse to remove the photo, just because...why should I?

Fights That Ended Friendships factsShutterstock

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