July 31, 2020 | Mathew Burke

Cancelled And Renewed TV Shows For 2020

The new seasons of TV are just around the corner, so it's time to figure which of our favorite shows are coming back—and which ones didn't make the cut.

Every year, both the big TV networks and the streaming giants have to decide which shows they want to keep running, and which need to go, but this year is even crazier than usual. With lockdowns affecting basically every single production, the line between renewed and canceled is tighter than ever. Eventually, all these companies need to make the big decision, and the information is finally coming out.

Rather than scan the internet trying to find what you need to know about all your favorite shows, we've collected everything you need right here: All the renewals and cancellations for the upcoming season.


Cancelled Renewed ShowsModern Family, ABC

20/20 - Season 43
A Million Little Things - Season 3
American Housewife - Season 5
American Idol - Season 4 (On ABC)
The Bachelor - Season 25
Black-ish - Season 7
The Conners - Season 3
Dancing With the Stars - Season 29
For Life - Season 2
The Goldbergs - Season 8
The Good Doctor - Season 4
Grey's Anatomy - Season 17
Mixed-ish - Season 2
The Rookie - Season 3
Shark Tank - Season 12
Station 19 - Season 4
Stumptown - Season 2
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - Season 2

The Baker and the Beauty - One Season
Bless This Mess - Two Seasons
Emergence - One Season
Kids Say the Darndest Things - One Season
Modern Family - Eleven Seasons
Reef Break - One Season
Schooled - Two Seasons
Single Parents - Two Seasons


Cancelled Renewed ShowsEvil, CBS

All Rise - Season 2
The Amazing Race - Season 33
Blood & Treasure - Season 2
Bob Hearts Abishola - Season 2
Bull - Season 4
Evil - Season 2
FBI - Season 3
FBI: Most Wanted - Season 2
MacGyver - Season 5
Magnum P.I. - Season 3
Mom - Season 8
NCIS - Season 18
NCIS: Los Angeles - Season 12
NCIS: New Orleans - Season 7
The Neighborhood - Season 3
SEAL Team - Season 4
Survivor - through Cycle 42
S.W.A.T. - Season 4
Undercover Boss - Season 10
The Unicorn - Season 2
Young Sheldon - Season 4

Broke - One Season
Carol's Second Act - One Season
God Friended Me - Two Seasons
Man With a Plan - Four Seasons
Tommy - One Season

The CW

Cancelled Renewed ShowsNancy Drew, The CW

All American - Season 3
Batwoman - Season 2
Black Lightning - Season 3
Burden of Truth - Season 4
Charmed - Season 4
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Season 6
DC's Stargirl - Season 2
Dynasty - Season 4
The Flash - Season 7
In the Dark - Season 2
Legacies - Season 3
Nancy Drew - Season 2
Riverdale - Season 5
Roswell, New Mexico - Season 3
Supergirl - Season 6

Katy Keene - One Season


Cancelled Renewed Shows9-1-1: Lone Star, Fox

9-1-1 - Season 4
9-1-1: Lone Star - Season 2
Bless the Harts - Season 2
Bob's Burgers - Season 11
Family Guy - Season 19
Duncanville - Season 2
Hell's Kitchen - Season 20
Last Man Standing - Season 9
Lego Masters - Season 2
The Masked Singer - Season 4
Mental Samurai - Season 2
The Moodys - Season 2
Prodigal Son - Season 2
The Resident - Season 4
The Simpsons - Season 32
So You Think You Can Dance - Season 17

Almost Family - One Season
BH90210 - One Season
Deputy - One Season
Flirty Dancing - One Season
Outmatched - One Season


Cancelled Renewed ShowsBrooklyn Nine Nine, NBC

The Blacklist - Season 8
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 8
Chicago Fire - Season 11
Chicago Med - Season 8
Chicago P.D. - Season 10
Good Girls - Season 4
Law & Order: SVU - Season 24
Making It - Season 3
Manifest - Season 3
New Amsterdam - Season 5
Superstore - Season 6
This Is Us - Season 6
The Voice - Season 19
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Season 2

Bluff City Law - One Season
Council of Dads - One Season
The InBetween - One Season
Indebted - One Season
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector - One Season
Perfect Harmony - One Season
Sunnyside - One Season


Cancelled Renewed ShowsThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Netflix

The Circle - Season 2 and 3
Elite - Season 4
Gentefied - Season 2
Love is Blind - Season 2 and 3
Never Have I Ever - Season 2
Queen Sono - Season 2
Raising Dion - Season 2
Valeria - Season 2
You - Season 3

AJ and the Queen - One season
Anne With an E - Three seasons
Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show - One Season
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Four seasons
Dear White People - Four seasons
Fuller House - Five seasons
Grace and Frankie - Seven seasons
Insatiable - Two seasons
Lucifer - Six Seasons
Next in Fashion - One season
October Faction - One season
Soundtrack - One season
Spinning Out - One season
Turn Up Charlie - One season
V Wars - One season

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