10 Memorable Facts About The Coolest Lines in History

May 7, 2018 | Reid Kerr-Keller

10 Memorable Facts About The Coolest Lines in History

"I never said half the things you see I said online"
- Abraham Lincoln

Quotations are a funny thing. We absolutely love to share them, especially when they're attributed to the people we admire or trust. The words of presidents, warriors, kings, and authors may live for centuries after they pass away.

And yet often, it can be difficult to separate truth from fiction. When a person achieves a certain degree of fame, the platform they wield becomes immensely valuable. Perhaps that's what leads some unscrupulous characters to misattribute words to those who never said them. If you can make it sound like Barack Obama (or, indeed, Lincoln) supports your argument, the points you're making tend to take on a new hue of credibility.

The lines in this video, though, are entirely verified. So if you're looking to become just a little more quotable, do yourself a favor and memorize what these great people said. And if you manage to remember what the story is behind each one, you won't only sound good—you'll be a history buff too.

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