Facts to Make You Sound Like the Smartest Person in the Room

August 19, 2017 | Alex Smith

Facts to Make You Sound Like the Smartest Person in the Room

Going to a party with people you don’t know can be intimidating sometimes. Awkward conversations and small talk may fall short of “what do you do for a living?” One of the ways to break the ice is to give a fun fact. Not only will it be entertaining, but you’ll seem like a real trivia buff.

Smartest Person Facts

43. Don’t Mess With Abe

Abraham Lincoln grew up chopping wood, building cabins, and hauling stones. This made him incredibly strong, as well as tall. One story claims that during an argument, Lincoln picked up a man by the neck and tossed him aside easily, as if he was a rag doll.

Assassinations factsPexels

42. Live Long and Prosper

In 1999, Leonard Nimoy, who is most known for his role of Spock on Star Trek, hosted a video about surviving the upcoming Y2K disaster….It never actually happened.

Star Trek factsGetty Images

41. Stereotypes

In US grocery stores, candy is the most commonly stolen item. Over in Europe, shoplifters skip the cheap sweets and go straight for the expensive gourmet cheese.

Chocolate FactsShutterstock

40. You’re Getting Sleepy...

Yawning is contagious. This isn’t just with humans. If you yawn around a dog or monkey, they’ll start yawning, too. (Your cat might also yawn.)

Don't get us wrong though: the question of why we yawn is still a fascinating mystery.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomPixabay


39. I’ll Drink to That

In the United States, North Dakota drinks more beer than any other state. This is shocking, considering that Las Vegas is literally an entire city devoted to partying in the state of Nevada, and they are only #7 on the list.

Forbidden Family Secrets factsPixabay

38. Why Sweat When You Can Sit

On the Titanic, the boat was complete with a large gymnasium so the passengers could exercise. One of the machines was an electronic horse, for the English ladies who practiced the art of dressage and missed their ponies at home. Believe it or not, horseback riding is actually supposed to help tone your abs, back, buttocks, and thighs.

Miles Davis factsPixabay

37. The Color of Nothing

Blind people don’t see the world in black. It’s a grayish color called “eigengrau”. You can experience this same sensation by sitting in a totally dark room. Your optic nerve isn’t receiving any light, and after about 20 minutes, the black will begin to lighten to a grayish-black, which is “eigengrau”.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomShutterstock

36. Work With What You’ve Got

George Washington owned a whiskey distillery, which means he knew how to make liquor, but he was also into making cheap hooch if he really needed to. During the French and Indian War, he wrote a recipe for “small beer” that only had three ingredients.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomPicryl

35. No Expiration Date

During Bill Clinton’s presidency, he put a Twinkie in a time capsule that will be opened in 2100.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomShutterstock


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34. What’s in Here?

The McRib has over 70 ingredients.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomFlickr


33. Cheaper Than Extras

In Star Wars Episode 3, every single Storm Trooper was made with CGI.

Rain Drops Falling On Street.Getty Images

32. The “Better” Fast Food

If you’re concerned about eating meat coming from animals that were pumped with antibiotics, the only fast food places you can safely go are Panera Bread, Chipotle, and Chic-Fil-A. Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s have a “C” rating, while pretty much everywhere else got an “F”.

Air Travel FactsWikimedia Commons

31. It’s SO FLUFFY

In Scotland, the national animal is a unicorn. In Celtic mythology, the unicorn is a symbol of peace, healing, and and joy.

Facts to Make You Sound Like the Smartest Personflickr

30. Crack One Open

The first beer cans came out in 1933. They were made by the American Krueger brewery in Newark, New Jersey.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomWikimedia Commons

29. Ladies Only

The Amazon Molly Fish is a species that is entirely female. If you’re wondering how that’s even possible, here’s how it works. A Molly Fish will lay her eggs, and then trick a male fish--any male fish--into fertilizing them. Instead of the sperm impregnating the eggs, it just turns them into hormones that are needed to produce clones of Mom.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomPixabay

28. Potato Sacks

Kate Spade is a wildly successful brand that sells designer handbags. When they first started the company, the founder, Kate Spade, couldn’t afford materials, so she used brown burlap, which is one of the cheapest fabrics you can buy. Her designs were so good that people still wanted to buy them.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomWikimedia Commons


27. Little Red Envelopes

In 2014, Netflix decided to stop paying for marketing to advertise their DVD rental option. Subscribers still paid for it, and they made $6 million that year on DVD rentals alone.

House of Cards factsFlickr, freestocks

26. Slow Poke

Since sloths move so slowly and live in hot, humid climates, moss and plants will sometimes start growing from their hair.

Animals FactsShutterstock

25. Never-Ending Bunnies

For years, Brooklyn, New York was plagued with bunny rabbits who just kept on breeding. They were nicknamed “conies”, which is how Coney Island got its name. Today, it’s best known for housing the closest amusement park beach to New York City.

Toxic Partners factsPixabay

24. Fake Flavors

Ever notice how banana-flavored candy never really tastes like a natural banana? That’s because there are multiple varieties of banana. The “Gros Michel” banana used to be super popular in the 1950’s for its extra-sweet flavor, but it was almost wiped out. It still exists in Hawaii, and banana farmers agree it tastes like the artificial candy flavor.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomWikimedia Commons

23. I Can’t Sleep Without a Drink, Doc.

During prohibition in the 1920’s, people were prescribed “medical alcohol” by doctors, just like modern-day medical marijuana.

Nurses Ghost Stories FactsShutterstock

22. Global Hot Spot

New York City has embassies and consulates for 125 different countries, and the United Nations has their own embassy location in the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomFlickr



The directors of Despicable Me wrote their own language for the Minions, called “Minionese”. If you listen closely, the language contains real words from multiple languages.

Cheats Codes for Life factsPixabay

20. Hand-Eye Coordination

Surgeons who play video games for at least 3 hours a week are actually better at their jobs, and make fewer mistakes when performing surgery.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomShutterstock

19. The Virtual World

The largest online battle was on Eve Online, an MMORPG. Over 4,000 players all joined together to play at the same time.

Elon Musk FactsPixnio

18. Politics We Can All Agree On

There is a small town in Alaska where the mayor is a cat named Stubbs. He has been voted back into office multiple times.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomWikimedia Commons

17. Scars Tell a Story

If someone is struck by lightning and survives, it leaves a scar that looks like a lightening bolt. People call it a “lightning tree” or a “lightning flower”. It’s like nature’s tattoo that proves you’re a survivor.

Lightning and storms.Getty Images

16. Sour Water

Most people realize that dumping garbage into the ocean is bad. But even without garbage, humanity is still damaging the ocean. With all of the extra carbon dioxide on the planet caused by pollution, it’s actually causing the pH level of ocean water to become more acidic. In recent years, the pH levels of the ocean have spiked by a whopping 30% higher than they used to be. A lot of marine life is extremely sensitive to the water’s pH, and it’s killing off a lot of fish.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomPixabay

15. Too Much of a Good Thing

If a human ate a polar bear liver, they would die. This is because it has such a high concentration of Vitamin A that it would give someone an overdose.

Global Warming FactsMax Pixel

14. Aarrg, Matey!

Students at MIT can become “certified pirates” if they complete the following physical education classes: Sailing, Pistol Marksmanship, Archery, and Fencing.

Wedding Objections factsPixabay

13. Pass the Butter

In the early 1900’s, lobsters were looked down on as the “cockroaches of the sea.” There was a stigma that only poor people ate lobster. Ironically enough, they are now considered to be a very luxurious food.

Studio photos of Lobster Chowder.Getty Images

12. Patriotism

During World War II, Walt Disney was commissioned by the US Government to create a number of Anti-Nazi cartoons. Most of them starred Donald Duck.

Molly Brown factsShutterstock

11. Bunny Girl

Matt Groening was the artist who created The Simpsons. He has published books in the past with rabbit characters. When he first created The Simpsons, he gave Marge really tall hair, because the joke was that she was trying to hide tall rabbit ears. As the show progressed, that idea went away, and Marge has been seen with her hair down multiple times. However, the Simpsons video game includes clips of Marge ripping off a wig, revealing the rabbit ears.

FOX's 'The Simpsons' - Season Twenty-SevenGetty Images

10. Not-So-Starving Artist

Salvador Dali would get free meals and drinks by sketching his art on the bill. He would offer to give away his work in exchange, because he knew they could resell it for much more than what his bill was worth.


Salvador Dali QuizShutterstock

9. Tiny Terror

People are terrified of sharks, when they should really be scared of jellyfish. There is one species of jellyfish called “Irukandji” that is so tiny that it’s the size of a pinky fingernail, but it’s venom is so powerful that it can make someone feel the worst pain of their life and even kill them.

Oceans factsWikimedia Commons

8. Below The Surface

The tallest mountain in the world is Mauna Kea in Hawaii, but it doesn’t usually get credit, because much of it is underneath the ocean.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomPixabay

7. Keep The Dream Alive

In Finland, near the Arctic Circle, there is an elaborate little town called Santa’s Village. For parents who want to spend the money to keep their children’s dream alive, they can fly them to the real “North Pole” during Christmas time to meet Santa.

Facts to Make You Smartest Person in the RoomShutterstock

6. Big is Beautiful

Blue whales are the largest animal in existence. They're even bigger than any of the dinosaurs. Their hearts can weigh 440 pounds, and their tongues alone can weight as much as an elephant.

People Love Fun FactsPixabay

5. Rock and Roll

Spiked dog collars were invented by the Ancient Greeks to protect their pets from wolves who would try to attack them and bite their necks.

Ancient Greece factsWikimedia Commons

4. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

During World War I, the Russians and Germans were fighting one another in a battle. Suddenly, they all started getting attacked by wolves that had been starving in the Russian forests, because the soldiers had eaten all of their prey. The men on both sides had to stop fighting each other in order to defend themselves from the crazed pack of wild animals.

Beringian wolvesWikimedia Commons

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

In 2013, a man named Darryl See had been taking a walk on the train tracks, listening to music and looking at his phone. A train was coming towards him, blaring its horn over and over, but he didn’t hear it, because the music was so loud. It hit him going 110 MPH, and he was thrown off the tracks. Somehow, he survived.

walk on the train tracksPixabay

2. The Cinderella Rule

In South Korea, there is a serious issue with internet addiction and cyber bullying. Because of this, they actually had to set up a system that connects users with their age at internet cafes, and with online games. Anyone under the age of 16 is forced to get off the Internet by Midnight, and cannot log in again until after 6AM.

Cyber BullyingGetty Images

1.   Syndrome K

During World War II, doctors in Nazi-occupied Italy got together to figure out a way to save the Jews that were supposed to be sent to the concentration camps. They made up a highly contagious disease called “Syndrome K” and warned the Nazi guards that if they attempt to transport the Jewish people from the hospital, they would get sick, too. They were only able to save anyone who was currently in the hospital at the time, so they saved the lives of about two dozen people.

House M.D factsShutterstock

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