Facts You May Know If You're A 90s Kid

April 5, 2018 | Alexa Terpanjian

Facts You May Know If You're A 90s Kid

"We were on a break!"—Ross Gellar

Every decade is host to a treasure chest of moments. Moments of fondness or regret, where thoughts of “OMG, did I really wear that?” or “I can’t believe that was actually a thing!” become all too real, either plaguing us or making us reminiscent. The 90s are no different—they had some seriously strange and wacky moments. This was just before technology soared, pop culture went global, and the world shrunk enough to fit into your pocket. So enjoy these 40 like, totally awesome facts you may know if you’re a 90s kid, a time where the Spice Girls and Bill Clinton, OJ Simpson and Furbies were just a few of the many things on everyone's minds.

90s kid Facts

40. Jurassic Bark

The sounds of the super scary t-rex from Jurassic Park (1993) that had everyone on the edge of their seats, was voiced by... a Jack Russell Terrier! Sound designer Gary Rydstrom was inspired by his own dog, who would play and aggressively shake his rope toy, much like what the t-rex does to the lawyer in the film. Rydstrom made the connection that the t-rex is rather doglike, and tried recording his dog’s barks and slowing them down, and it actually worked!

Jurassic Park FactsPxfuel

39. He Makes A Good Point

While Full House was a feel-good family sitcom, Seinfeld writer Larry David wanted to move away from the sentimental warm and fuzzies when writing the famous “show about nothing.” He made a “no hugging, no learning” rule for all Seinfeld scripts.

Seinfeld FactsGetty Images

38. Experimental Drink

Orbitz, the floating lava-lamp soft drink, made its debut in 1997 and was discontinued shortly thereafter. Although stunning to look at, the major consensus was that it tasted gross and it wasn’t bubbly. However, the rare few that did in fact like this other worldly beverage are now paying up to $30 for a single, unopened bottle, while whole cases can fetch beyond $100!

90s kid FactsWikimedia Commons

37. Best Christmas Gift EVER

The Tamagotchi craze saw kids becoming best friends with their pocket sized, virtual pets before inevitably killing them from neglect. For the word Tamagotchi itself, Bandai created a portmanteau by combining the Japanese words for egg and friend.

Worst Thing Done on a Date FactsShutterstock

36. It Was For The Best

The Spice Girls asked Tony Blair (just before becoming Prime Minister of the UK the following year) to be in the music video for their 1996 debut smash hit "Wannabe." He declined the offer.. his loss I guess.

Spice Girls FactsGetty Images

35. Mmmbeer

The Hanson brothers, most famous for their luscious locks and their 1996 hit song "Mmmbop," have a craft beer company, (obviously) called Mmmhops. Their small beer business is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and their lager is a “full-bodied delicious pale ale with a unique toasted malt signature and refreshing hoppy finish.” I just hope they wear hairnets.

90s kid FactsShutterstock

34. Farting Furbies

The Hasbro designers who brought Furby to life thought the talkative toy was too girly, and were fearful that boys may not be into it as much. That’s when they had the idea to make it more “boyish” and gave Furbies the ability to burp and fart. Classic!

Truckers Stories FactsPixabay

33. Modern Antique Roadshow

Special edition Furbies with slight defects and discrepancies like a misprinted label have been known to sell for up to $500 on eBay.

90s kid FactsShutterstock

32. People Really Wanted To Know

When the OJ Simpson trial was hot and heavy in 1995, a ginormous amount of Americans tuned in to watch the final verdict on October 3, 1995—about 95 million of them! And in the middle of a workday no less.

O.J. Simpson Trial FactsShutterstock

31. That’s A Lot Of Eyeballs

Fewer people watched the Super Bowl (90 million) than the OJ verdict that year. To put it into perspective, the season 7 finale of what is probably today's biggest show, Game of Thrones, garnered only 16.5 million viewers.

O.J. Simpson Trial FactsFlickr

30. Oh Yes He Did

Bill Clinton’s approval ratings skyrocketed in 1998 during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and they remained high even during his impeachment processing. Even with his and her name across newspapers all over America, the historic scandal managed to improve how the country viewed him.

1990s FactsNeedpix

29. A Slapping Good Time

Slap bracelets, every kid had one! But it wasn't all fun and games—the nine-inch metal pieces wrapped in vibrantly colored and patterned fabric were eventually banned due to their cheap manufacturing and potential to hurt someone if the metal sliced through. 

90s kid FactsGetty Images

28. A Little Bit Ironic

And, slap bracelets were first invented by a teacher! A high school shop teacher was playing with steel ribbons one day and saw the potential to make the product.

90s kid FactsShutterstock

27. Y2 What?

Remember that massive technical glitch that never happened on January 1, 2000? Yeah, Y2K, that’s the one the United States spent $100 billion preparing for with a Senate “Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem.” Guess it's better to be safe than sorry.

1990s FactsShutterstock

26. The Un-Jennifer

The infamous haircut from Friends donned by Jennifer Aniston, known as “the Rachel,” made waves across the Western world. Women were flocking to salons to get their hair done like hers. But actually, Aniston despised it, calling it, “…the ugliest haircut [she'd] ever seen!”

NBC's Annual Winter Press Tour All-Star Reception.Getty Images

25. A Total Game Changer

Napster changed the way we listen to music today. From its start 1999 to 2001, it garnered 26.4 million pirates…erm, users!

90s kid factsWikipedia

24. Times Have Changed

Oh, floppy disks, we hardly knew ye. The colorful plastic squares were how you loaded your favorite game in computers class or how you saved your essay. These bad boys held a whopping 1.44 MB of data, compared to a modern USB flash drive of today that holds 32 GB, or 32,000 MB….

Strangest Punishments FactsPexels

23. Running For Pay Phones

It’s hard to remember a time before mobile devices (the classic Zack Morris portable brick phone, anybody?) however, in 1994, pagers were the precursor to today's smartphone—an estimated 61 million people were using the devices at one point. 

Petty Revenges factsShutterstock

22. A Trend That Hasn’t Died

Tight choker necklaces were the thing to wear in the 90s (actually, come to think of it, they’re making a come back in 2018, too) but the history behind the choker is an interesting one. During the time of the French Revolution, women wore red ribbons around their necks to pay tribute to the souls executed in the town square. Alternatively, in the 1800s, it was also a way to mark and identify prostitutes, as seen in Manet's landmark 1863 painting Olympia.

90s kid FactsShutterstock

21. That’s One Way To Waste A Bunch Of Time

Remember that iconic dial-up sound from modems? Shockingly, about 3% of the American population is still very familiar with that screech, as they are still forced to use dial-up today—which means it takes almost 5 minutes to load one page on Pinterest.

90s kid FactsShutterstock

20. You Don’t Say!

Youree Dell Harris, the dressed up, mystical shaman from Jamaica also known as Miss Cleo, was slapped with a $5 million fine from the FTC for making deceptive claims.

Settle out of Court.Getty Images

19. One Helluva Entrepreneur

However, in her three years of working, it’s estimated that Miss Cleo and her psychic service billed $1 billion through 900 numbers and credit cards, and collected about half of it. Also, despite the lawsuits, many customers were still satisfied with her service! Those pre-Internet days sure were something else.

Aleister Crowley factsShutterstock

18. A Great Place To Start

In the third episode of the eighth season of Beverly Hills, 90210, called "Forgive and Forget," a little band by the name of Kara’s Flowers makes an appearance, playing in a scene at a bar. Today, they are better known as Maroon 5.

Adam Levine quizGetty Images

17. Elmo Changed Everything

In October 1996, in a time before the Internet and Ellen Degeneres, Tyco owed the overnight success of their wildly popular Tickle Me Elmo to Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie introduced it on her daytime talk show, and exposure caused a feeding frenzy. This pitch was the start of the holiday talk show tradition of showing off the season’s “Must-Have-Toys” that we are all too familiar with today.

1990s FactsFlickr

16. A Voice No One Can Forget

Anytime you’ve ever heard, “You’ve got mail,” “Welcome,” “You’ve got voicemail,” “Goodbye” and other such greetings, you can think of Elwood Edwards, the man who was hired by America Online to voice their greetings. Specifically, “You’ve got mail” was recorded using a cassette player in his living room. How hi-tech!

90s kid FactsShutterstock

15. Almost A Beanie Blunder

Beanie Babies first came out in 1993, and they weren’t very successful. No one liked them all that much until a group of neighbors outside of Chicago found out that they all collected them, and began to trade the stuffed toys. The neighbors attributed specific values to specific ones based on their rarity, so one rare Kiwi the Toucan was worth two of Tabasco the Bull. Eventually, this spread like wildfire and the craze was on.

Retail Moments FactsFlickr, Housing Works Thrift Shops

14. A Creative Solution

*NSYNC, one of the two boy bands that defined the 90s, was a name that Justin Timberlake’s mom came up with, simply by combining the last letter of each band member’s name.

45th Annual Grammy Awards - Show.Getty Images

13. True Story

The other boy band synonymous with the 90s, the Backstreet Boys, was named after a flea market in their hometown of Orlando, Florida called the Backstreet Market. I always thought it was because they were a bunch of tough guys from the back streets. Seriously, I did.

Backstreet Boys factsGetty Images

12. Everything Happens For A Reason

eBay was founded in 1995, and was originally known as AuctionWeb (doesn't quite have the same ring, does it…). AuctionWeb was a part of the Echo Bay Technology Group—founder Pierre Omidyar’s consulting firm. Omidyar tried to register the site as echobay.com, but it was taken by a gold mining company, so he shortened it to eBay.com, his second choice.

Australia FactsPixabay

11. Polly In Everyone’s Pocket 

Polly Pocket, the miniature hand-held dollhouse loved by little girls everywhere in the 90s, was designed by Chris Wiggs for his daughter Kate in 1983. He fashioned a small house for a tiny doll using a powder compact. In England, the concept was licensed by Blue Bird Toys. It was in the early 90s when Mattel had a distribution arrangement with BlueBird Toys that Polly Pocket hit it big in North America.

90s kid FactsShutterstock

10...Ok, But Where Is She?

Fictional character Carmen Sandiego, of the long-running children’s edutainment series, has a middle name. It’s Isabela.

90s kid FactsWikimedia Commons

9. Kissing Cousins

In the music video for Britney Spears’ first smash hit, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" (1998), her love interest is...her cousin, Chad Spears, an Abercrombie & Fitch model.

Britney Spears FactsGetty Images

8. Still In Everyone’s Head

The Hamster Dance (the annoying jingle that has earwormed its way into everyone’s being) is the creation of Deidre La Carte, an art student who simply wanted to drive more traffic to her website—and boy did she ever. It’s actually still in existence: http://www.hamsterdance.org/hamsterdance/.

Sailor Moon FactsShutterstock

7. Just Wouldn’t Be The Same

The show that helped define the early 90s, Saved By the Bell, started as a pilot about a teacher in Indianapolis called Good Morning, Miss Bliss.

90s kid FactsGetty Images

6. No One Forgot This Scene

In the famous episode of Saved By The Bell (season two, episode nine) where Jessie is addicted to caffeine pills (remember the “I’m soooo excited…. I’m SCARED…” freak out?), producers originally wanted her to be addicted to speed. They switched over to caffeine pills after NBC claimed it would be too gruesome for a kid’s show.

90s kid FactsSaved by the Bell (1989-1993), NBC

5. The Man Knows How To Tell A Story

Goosebumps writer R.L. Stine, who freaked every child out with his spooky, suspense-filled, off the wall stories, wrote the novelizations for Spaceballs and Ghostbusters 2.

90s kid FactsWikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore

4. Slow Motion On The Bay

Baywatch’s famous slow-motion footage of scantily clad lifeguards running towards danger has become a trademark of the 90s classic. Co-creator Michael Berk had a eureka moment when he had seen his producing partner’s footage of athletes at the Summer Olympic Games shot at slower frame rates. It was later claimed, according to David Hasselhoff, that these shots helped “pad” episodes that were running short without having to blow more money on filming more footage. Honestly? That's a really good idea.

90s kid FactsWikimedia Commons

3. That’s A Big One

Quite possibly one of the best children’s movies (and the first feature film produced by Pixar), Toy Story (1995) was originally supposed to have Billy Crystal as the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Crystal turned it down, and the role went to Tim Allen. Crystal claims his only regret throughout his entire acting career is having turned down that role.

Classic Films FactsGetty Images

2. What A Recovery!

1993 was the year Lorena Bobbitt, a Virginia woman, cut off the penis of her abusive husband with a knife while he was sleeping, drove away with it, and tossed it out of her car window into a field. John Wayne Bobbitt was able to have it reattached (how the heck did they find it?!) after a 10-hour operation. What’s more, he later starred in several pornographic film, and actually won awards for them. I can only assume they used some kind of Frankenstein angle?

History's Greatest Revenges factsGetty Images

1. Retro Dough

Once upon a time in the '90s, McDonald’s served pizza—McPizza, of course. It was discontinued because it took so long to make, but if you still have a hankering and you’re up for a road trip, you can grab a slice at the only two remaining locations that still serve it: one in Pomeroy, Ohio and one in Spencer, Virginia.

90s kid FactsWikimedia Commons

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