Wild West

Outlaw Facts

Gunslingin’ Facts about Outlaws

“An outlaw can be defined as somebody who lives outside the law, beyond the law, and not necessarily against it". – Hunter S. Thompson
July 15, 2024 Miles Brucker
Butch Cassidy Facts

Wild Facts About Butch Cassidy, The Gentleman Outlaw

We all know Butch Cassidy from the classic movie, but this larger than life outlaw lived a life that was far to remarkable to fit it all on screen.
July 11, 2024 Kyle Climans
George Hearst Facts

Evil Facts About George Hearst, The Real-Life Villain Of Deadwood

The infamous George Hearst was one of the most powerful men in the Old West—yet few people know this ruthless tycoon's dark history.
July 9, 2024 Brendan Da Costa

Mysterious Facts About Josephine Earp, The Mendacious Wild West Woman

Josephine Earp worked hard to craft the narrative of her life, but official documents have revealed the dark secrets that she tried to hide.
July 3, 2024 Brendan Da Costa
Bass Reeves Facts

Rowdy Facts About Bass Reeves, The Real-Life Django Unchained

Bass Reeves escaped slavery and became a feared US Marshal in the Old West. If he isn't more well known today, maybe that's because of his tragic end.
May 13, 2024 Luke B.

Dastardly Facts About Doc Holliday, The Wild West Gentleman

John Henry “Doc” Holliday was the dentist-turned-outlaw who gambled and gunned his way across the Wild West. But there was one enemy he couldn’t outrun.
May 2, 2024 Brendan Da Costa

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