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Lovely Facts About Love

We all wish we understood love just a little bit better. That's why Factinate put together this list of incredible facts about the science of love & romance
April 10, 2024 Carl Wyndham
couple selfie on the beach

Marriage Pacts People Actually Made

Finding true love can be difficult, so these romantically-challenged souls decided to secure their futures by making shocking, real-life marriage pacts.
March 18, 2024 Sammy Tran
Missed Romantic Plays

How Did These People Miss Such Ridiculously Obvious Romantic Plays?

Flirting is hard. Sometimes emotions make us tongue-tied, but other times, you can be as obvious as possible and still strike out.
November 7, 2023 Scott Mazza
Eloise and Abelard

Scandalous Facts About Héloïse And Abélard, The Real Romeo and Juliet

Before there was Romeo and Juliet, there was Heloise and Abelard—but their forbidden romance was more disturbing than anything in Shakespeare.
September 8, 2023 Christine Tran
Mettheone Internal

How I Knew I Met "The One"

From random encounters to moments borrowed from romantic comedies, these heartwarming moments are as diverse as the souls who experienced them.
August 21, 2023 Nur Karageldi

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