American Revolution

Snackable Facts About John Montagu, Fourth Earl Of Sandwich

Who knew that John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who allegedly invented the iconic snack, had such a dark and disturbing history?
November 8, 2023 Rachel Seigel
Benedict Arnold Facts

Villainous Facts About Benedict Arnold, The Man Who Tried To Sell America

Everyone knows that Benedict Arnold betrayed his countrymen during the Revolutionary War, but his chilling history is even darker than most people realize.
October 26, 2023 Kyle Climans
Culper Ring

Agent 355: The Female Spy Who Saved America

You’ve probably never heard of Agent 355—and maybe that’s because this historical spy was so good at her very dangerous job.
September 5, 2023 Dancy Mason
Boston Tea Party Facts

Rebellious Facts About The Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party Facts. The Boston Tea Party is a major event in American history, but few people know about whole story of the now-famous revolt.
July 15, 2020 Miles Brucker

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