What wildlife figure was one of Irwin’s idols?
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Although Irwin had many idols, according to his widow Terri, he was particularly fond of Sir David Attenborough, who is famous for narrating many wildlife specials.
What was Irwin’s catchphrase?
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Irwin was well-known for his boisterous personality, and often yelled “Crikey!” on his show The Crocodile Hunter.
In 2001, Irwin saved his best friend Wes’s life. What animal did Irwin save Wes from?
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Wes was in a crocodile enclosure when the croc bit his thigh. Irwin quickly stepped in and subdued the creature, saving his friend’s life.
Irwin had his own custom crocodile enclosure built at the Australia Zoo. What was it called?
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The zoo’s Crocoseum was Irwin’s brainchild and his legacy. The enclosure puts on numerous fantastic crocodile shows.
In 2002, Irwin founded the “Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation.” What was its name eventually changed to?
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Irwin’s Conservation Foundation now goes under the name of “The Wildlife Warriors.”
Irwin discovered a new type of species of animal, calling it Elseya Irwini. What kind of animal was it?
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The Elseya Irwini is a species of turtle that Irwin himself discovered while on his travels. He named it after his family members, who were incredibly important to him.
What kind of animal scared Irwin the most?
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Believe it or not, even though he spent his days wrangling crocodiles, Irwin once confessed that he was the most scared of parrots.
What kind of animal killed Steve Irwin?
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In September 2006, Irwin was shooting the documentary Ocean’s Deadliest and encountered a stingray. Quite suddenly and with seemingly little provocation, the animal became agitated and killed the crocodile hunter.
Where was Steve Irwin’s memorial service held?
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The memorial for Irwin was held at the Crocoseum in his beloved Australia Zoo.
What tribute was given to Irwin at his memorial?
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At Irwin’s memorial, zoo staff spelled out his famous catchphrase “Crikey” in flowers to pay tribute to the conservationist.
True or False: Irwin’s grave is accessible to the public.
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Irwin’s grave on the Australia Zoo grounds is private, and cannot be accessed by the public. Rest in peace, Steve.
What was the name of the TV show that made Steve Irwin Famous?
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Starting in 1996, Irwin starred in The Crocodile Hunter. The show became a huge hit in both Australia and the United States, rocketing Irwin to fame.
What are the names of Irwin’s parents?
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Bob and Lyn were Steve Irwin’s parents. Bob is still alive, and carries on his son’s legacy.
When was Irwin born?
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Irwin was born on February 22, 1962. He and his mother Lyn shared the same birthday.
Where was Steve Irwin from?
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Irwin was born near Melbourne, Australia, and grew up in the state of Queensland in Australia.
True or False: Irwin’s parents were also involved in wildlife conservation.
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Both of Irwin’s parents were concerned with the livelihood of animals. His father Bob was a wildlife expert who was interested in herpetology, or the study of reptiles. His mother Lyn was a wildlife rehabilitator.
What was one of Irwin’s first jobs?
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Irwin helped out at his parents’ zoo cleaning the animal habitats and feeding the creatures. It was probably here that he got his deep love of wildlife conservation.
What is the name of Irwin’s wife?
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Terri Irwin was born Terri Raines, and hailed from Eugene, Oregon. She and Steve met in 1991 at his zoo, and almost immediately fell in love. They were still married when he died.
What did Terri and Steve do on their honeymoon?
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The crocodile-hunting footage from Terri and Steve’s honeymoon would become the first episode of The Crocodile Hunter. Now that’s dedication!
What was the name of Irwin’s favorite crocodile?
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Yes, Steve had a favorite crocodile. She was a saltwater croc named Bindi.
How many children did Terri and Steve Irwin have?
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During the course of their long, happy marriage, Terri and Steve had two children together.
True or False: Steve and his wife Terri didn’t wear wedding rings.
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Because they were worried any jewelry would harm the animals they were trying to help, Terri and Steve never wore wedding bands.
What was the name of Irwin’s only feature film?
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In 2002, Irwin made his only feature film, Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course. It won the Young Artist Award for Best Feature Family Film: Comedy.
What is the name of Irwin’s daughter?
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Irwin named his daughter “Bindi Sue” after his favorite crocodile, Bindi, and his dog, who was named Sui. Irwin truly loved his animals like they were his family, and wanted to honor his little girl with their names.
What is the name of Irwin’s son?
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Robert Irwin is named after Steve’s own father, Bob. He and Bindi Sue are following in their father’s footsteps, and they star in shows that focus on wildlife conservation.
True or False: Irwin was wrestling crocodiles by the age of nine.
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Under the supervision of his expert father, Irwin was indeed wrestling crocodiles by the tender age of nine. Later, during his volunteer work for Queensland's East Coast Crocodile Management program, he captured over 100 crocodiles.
What was the name of the last episode of The Crocodile Hunter?
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“Steve’s Last Adventure” was a three-hour long special that featured many of Irwin’s adventures over the years.
What Eddie Murphy film did Irwin make an appearance in?
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Irwin had a cameo appearance in Dr. Dolittle 2, playing his enthusiastic, animal-loving self. He truly shines on screen.
What was the name of Irwin’s zoo?
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Irwin took over management of his parents’ zoo in 1991, and named it the “Australia Zoo” in 1998, just after he gained international fame.
What was Irwin’s signature outfit?
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True to his wildlife roots, Irwin’s trademark ensemble was a khaki outfit. Perfect for the Australian outback!

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Steve Irwin was one of the world’s most visible and dedicated animal conservationists, and brought his extensive knowledge of wildlife to our screens in his many television shows. Tragically, while he was filming the documentary Ocean’s Deadliest in 2006, Irwin was pierced by a stingray and died. Though he is gone, his courage and love for the Earth’s creatures is not forgotten. How much do you know about Steve Irwin?

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