What state is most associated with Stephen King?
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Gotta start with an easy one! King has become inextricably linked to his home state, as many of his most famous works are set there.
Why did King have to repeat the first grade?
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King was never a great student, but I’d say he eventually learned to read and write pretty darn well.
What did a young King find in his attic which inspired him to become a horror writer?
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Discovering Lovecraft’s The Thing from the Tomb in a box of his father’s old belongings was the first step on King’s path to becoming a horror icon.
What was King’s first published novel?
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That first novel would go on to become one of King’s most popular books.
Carrie was almost never finished—who convinced King to complete it?
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King grew so frustrated while writing Carrie that he threw his entire manuscript in the trash at one point. His wife Tabitha found it in the trashcan and pulled it out. She convinced King to keep at it, and the horror classic was saved.
What’s significant about King’s story “The Glass Floor”?
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King started submitting his stories to publications when he was 16. He had countless submissions rejected before “The Glass Floor” was finally accepted, when he was 19.
After leaving Maine when he was very young, why did King’s family return to the state?
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King lived in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Connecticut as a young boy before the family moved back to his home state.
What excuse did King’s father give before he left the family forever?
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After his father, Donald, “went out for cigarettes” when King was just two years old, King never saw him again.
Which of the following is one of King’s pen names?
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I guess if you write as much as King, you’ve got to mix it up every now and again.
What’s the name of King’s popular memoir?
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Roger Ebert once wrote that On Writing was the most insightful book for aspiring writers since The Elements of Style.
How long did it take King to write his book The Running Man?
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King has always been an extremely fast writer, but his blistering pace on The Running Man is nothing short of remarkable.
What kind of music does King listen to while he’s writing?
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King is a huge fan of rock music. Two of his favorite bands are AC/DC and The Ramones.
Which baseball team is King a lifelong fan of?
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It should be no surprise that a New Englander like King roots for the Sox. He even appeared as himself, as a Red Sox fan, in the movie Fever Pitch.
Stephen King donated money to build the Mansfield Baseball Stadium in his hometown of Bangor, Maine. What’s the stadium’s nickname?
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There’s nothing particularly spooky about the field, but when you’ve got a nickname that good, it sticks.
What famous author did King play poker with in the 80s?
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Martin and King became friends after bumping into each other so frequently at Science Fiction conventions.
Which film adaptation of one of his stories does King famously hate?
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Despite the fact that The Shining is considered a classic of cinema, King absolutely hated it. When asked about the film’s massive following, he simply replied: “I don’t get it.”
What is King’s net worth?
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King has luxury cars, a private jet, and a waterfront vacation home in Florida. Not too shabby, Steve.
How does King frequently travel from event to event while on book tours?
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King is still uncomfortable flying, and he’s an avid motorcyclist, so this one seems like a no brainer.
Which of the following books was on the New York Times Best Sellers List in 1995?
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These three books by King, along with a fourth called The Bachman Books, were all simultaneously on the Best Sellers list, the most ever by a single author.
What terrifying event happened to King in 1999?
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Not long after the collision, King actually purchased the van that hit him. It was rumored that he bought it so that he could personally smash it to pieces, but in reality, his lawyers made the purchase so that the van wouldn’t wind up on eBay.
Which novel by King’s son was adapted into a film in 2013?
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King’s son Joe wanted to become a horror writer, but he wanted to earn it on his own merits, so he publishes his books under the pen name Joe Hill.
How many books are in King’s personal library?
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King claims to have read every single one of them.
King is in a musical supergroup consisting of all published writers. What is it called?
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The group's members also include Amy Tan, Mitch Albom, and Barbara Kingsolver.
How much does King charge aspiring filmmakers for the rights to his short stories?
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King has a list of these stories, which he calls “Dollar Babies,” on his website, which he offers up to any film students that might want to adapt them.
What horrifying event did King witness when he was a young child?
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King doesn't actually have any memory of the event—he only knows what his mother told him about it.
King and his wife own a radio station called Zone Radio. What kind of music does it play?
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King’s love of rock music led him to buy the radio station, so what other kind of music would it play?
What was the name of the column that King wrote for the University of Maine’s student newspaper?
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I’d have gone with Dear Stevie, but that’s just me…
What does King say is the most important thing for aspiring writers to do?
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In his words: “There's no way around these two things that I'm aware of, no shortcut.” So get crackin’!
Which of King’s novels is his favorite?
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As he put in a 1987 interview, “In a way it is my favorite story, mostly because of what it says about small towns. They are kind of a dying organism right now. The story seems sort of down home to me. I have a special cold spot in my heart for it!"
What does King say is the best word processor in the world?
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I guess you could call him old-fashioned.

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Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of the last 100 years. He’s written dozens of novels and hundreds of short stories, many of which have become popular movies or TV shows. Very few writers can claim to be as popular as Stephen King, but how much do you really know about the Master of Horror? If you’re a true fan of the macabre, then you’ll have no trouble with our quiz on this twisted mastermind.

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