How long is the Navy SEAL BUD/S training course?
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One of the first hurdles you’ll have to pass in order to become a Navy SEAL is the ridiculous 6-month BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) boot camp. Truly: good luck with that!
How many SEAL Teams are officially recognized?
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There are a total of eight separate SEAL teams employed by the government. They are divided into two groups: Group 1 consists of the even-numbered teams, and Group 2 is made up of the odd-numbered teams. There are also Teams 6 and 9, but these teams don’t officially exist to the government.
What is NOT a part of the grueling physical screening test for the Navy SEALs?
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The infamous physical screening test for SEALs includes a 500-yard swim, 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 10 consecutive pull-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. Oof.
What is the harrowing 128-hour training week on the third week of Navy SEAL training called?
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During “Hell Week,” SEAL trainees have to survive 5 1/2 full days of training with only 4 hours of sleep during the entire process. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
Why did actor Jim Carrey once contact the Navy SEALs?
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When he was making The Grinch, Jim Carrey had to withstand long hours in the makeup chair, and contacted the Navy SEALs to understand how best to psychologically and physically prepare himself for the difficult task.
What percentage of SEAL trainees drop out before completing the program?
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Roughly 75% of SEAL trainees drop out before ever earning the right to call themselves an operative. This is one tough program.
True or False: Navy SEALs are only used for marine deployments.
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Although SEALs are often seen as most skilled while in the water, they have also worked in urban, desert, and even jungle locations with ease and skill.
What is NOT another elite Special Force with the American military?
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The Green Berets, Delta Force, and the Night Stalkers are all elite Special Forces inside the US military. The Mossad are the Israeli secret service.
Which of these astronauts is a former SEAL?
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Bill Shepherd was a Navy SEAL who then became an astronaut. All of that focus and patience must really come in handy in the vacuum of space.
Which former Navy SEAL was also a contestant on the reality show Survivor?
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Rudy Boesch was actually one of the very first Navy SEALs, and his wilderness instincts were put to good use in the reality show Survivor—though he didn’t end up winning.
What is the nickname for the trident that the SEALs wear on their uniform?
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The gold trident that Navy SEALs wear is often called a “Budweiser” because of the “Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S)” course the Navy runs—but it’s also strikingly similar to the Anheuser-Busch logo, who make Budweiser.
True or False: Women aren’t allowed to become Navy SEALs.
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Before 2015, women were barred from becoming Navy SEALs, but they are currently allowed to join. In 2017, a woman entered training camp, but dropped out after one week.
What is the Navy SEAL dog of choice?
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The Belgian Malinois is a trusty, loyal, and intelligent shepherd, making it a perfect companion for Navy SEAL operations.
Why was Navy SEAL Chris Kyle called “The Devil”?
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Chris Kyle was a Navy SEAL sniper who had 150 confirmed kills. Iraqi insurgents gave him the nickname “The Devil” for his prowess.
What is NOT a nickname for the Navy SEALs?
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The Navy SEALs are also called “The Frogmen,” “The Teams,” and “The Men With Green Faces.” “Leathernecks” is a term used to describe Marines.
Where were some of the first Navy SEALs deployed?
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Some of the first missions the government gave to Navy SEALs were reconnaissance operations in Cuba.
What does “SEAL” stand for?
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Like we said, Navy SEALs don’t just deal with water. In fact, their very name stands for “Sea, Air, and Land.”
What year were the Navy SEALs officially founded?
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Although they had several different precursors, the Navy SEALs were officially founded in January, 1962.
True or False: Navy SEALs can trace their origins to WWII.
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The SEALs can indeed trace their roots all the way back to the Operational Swimmers in World War II, although these swimmers couldn’t rightly be called Navy SEALs.
What is the Navy SEAL motto?
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Fittingly, the Navy SEAL motto is “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday,” which is pretty much a guarantee when you’re staring down Hell Week training.
What was NOT the name of a Navy SEAL operation?
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The Navy SEALs have never been involved in an “Operation Red, White, and Blue” (well, that we know of).
What’s special about Navy SEAL operative Richard Marcinko?
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Richard Marcinko was so hardcore, he founded his own SEAL team: none other than SEAL Team 6.
True or False: Navy SEALs often use AK-47s.
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The AK-47 is an extremely reliable rifle, and it is the Navy SEAL weapon of choice in many situations.
After bin Laden’s capture, a company wanted to trademark “SEAL Team 6.” What company was it?
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Right after the successful raid on Osama bin Laden, Disney wanted to trademark “SEAL Team 6.” Luckily, they were unsuccessful.
What percentage of US Navy personnel is made up of SEAL operatives?
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It’s incredibly difficult to become a Navy SEAL, so it should come as no surprise that Navy SEALs actually only make up 1% of the US Navy.
Where can Navy SEALs be found training in San Diego?
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If you’re in San Diego, you can often catch the SEALs training on many of the local beaches. Maybe you can even see how you measure up!
True or False: Psychological training ISN’T a part of Navy SEAL training.
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Psychological training is very much a part of becoming a Navy SEAL. You have to be able to mentally deal with harrowing situations without showing any fear.
What President’s speech jump-started the Navy SEAL program?
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In 1962, John F. Kennedy gave a speech to Congress supporting further military funding, helping to found the SEALs. He created the Navy SEALs in 1962.
During the Vietnam War, what was the kill ratio of SEAL Teams 1 and 2?
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In the Vietnam War, SEAL Teams 1 and 2 came out with a kill ratio of 200:1. This, if you didn’t know, is almost unbelievably good.
What is the highest possible rank in the Navy?
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The highest possible rank in the US Navy is a Fleet Admiral. The highest-ranking Navy SEAL was four-star Admiral Eric T. Olson, though Olson is now retired.

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