How did Genghis die?
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Like so much about the Khan’s life, his death is a mystery. He died in August 1227, but there are many theories as to what actually killed him.
What were elite Mongol warriors called?
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The Darkhad and their families were the only people allowed into Ikh Khorig, the area holy to the Khan.
What was NOT one of Genghis’ cultural innovations for Mongolia?
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In his reign over the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan managed to create Mongolian taxation, adopt the Uyghur script as the official written language of Mongolia, and he even created the first international postal service. Is there anything he Khant do?
Who did the Khan assign as the successor to his empire?
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Genghis got along the best with his son Ogedei, and named him as his official successor in the event of his death.
When it came to promoting his soldiers, what system did Genghis prefer?
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Genghis Khan believed in being rewarded for hard work, and operated on a meritocracy over a nepotistic system. Many of his highest-ranking officers and generals had earned their way to those positions, instead of simply being born to a particular family.
What was NOT a nation or power that Genghis Khan fought with?
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Genghis Khan fought a lot of people during his lifetime, but he never took on Japan.
What does the name “Genghis Khan” mean?
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Though there are some different translations, “Khan” means “ruler,” and “Genghis” is often thought to mean “wide-spreading,” making Genghis Khan “ruler of all.”
About how old was Genghis when he died?
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When he died under mysterious circumstances in 1227, Genghis Khan was about 65 years old. Not a bad age for a Mongol warlord!
How many children did Genghis have?
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The Khan believed a man's legacy was measured in the children he left behind, and he is known as “the most successful biological father of all time.”
What religion did Genghis Khan study?
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True to his tolerance of the religions of the people he conquered, Genghis Khan was interested in learning more about a mix of different religions.
How many people did Genghis Khan and his army kill?
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Genghis Khan's armies killed an estimated 40 million people. In fact, his armies killed so many people that he cooled the planet and reduced the carbon footprint of human beings. That’s…a lot of people.
True or False: After the death of Genghis Khan, Mongolia became the largest contiguous empire in history.
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When Genghis’ descendants carried on his mission to expand Mongolia, it became the largest contiguous empire in history. In history. Truly remarkable!
Genghis Khan Grew up in which modern day country?
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Genghis was born in the Khentii Mountains in modern day Mongolia.
When was Genghis Khan born?
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There’s no way to tell exactly when he was born, but most historians believe Genghis came into this world around 1162.
The Mongol Empire was originally a bunch of _____________?
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When Genghis Khan came onto the scene, Mongolia was made up of a bunch of disorganized nomads who didn’t think outside of their own infighting. Genghis’ legacy was to unify these groups and to begin expanding the newly formed Mongol Empire.
What was the name of Genghis Khan’s mother?
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Hoelun raised Genghis along with his brothers in the harsh Mongolian environment.
What does the title “Khan” mean?
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You’re the Khan of the castle. Khan means “ruler,” and Genghis earned the title when he unified the nomad tribes into the Mongolian Empire. Not too shabby an accomplishment, if you ask me.
According to legend, Genghis was born holding what in his hand, which foretold his emergence as a great and powerful leader?
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Strange as it sounds, Genghis was allegedly born clenching a blood clot in his tiny baby fist. If that’s not a sign of a bloody ruler, what is?
What was the Mongols' preferred form of transportation in battle?
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The Mongols not only loved riding horses into battle, they were also really, really good at it. They dominated the battlefield with their steeds, and Mongol children started learning to ride horses from an extremely young age.
What was Genghis Khan’s real first name?
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Temujin became Genghis as he rose to power. Temujin comes from “temur,” meaning “of iron,” and the suffix “jin” means “agency.”
Why did Genghis’ tribe abandon his family?
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After his father’s death, Genghis went to the tribe to become its chief, but the tribe refused and abandoned the family instead. Talk about getting the cold shoulder.
How did Genghis’ father Yesugei die?
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Yesugei got a pretty rough deal. He was offered food from a rival clan, which was actually poisoned, leaving the young Genghis fatherless and without protection. Genghis had to grow up fast.
When Genghis was 10 years old, what crime did he commit?
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After his father's death, Genghis' family lived in poverty, and Genghis' half-brother Begter was beginning to eye up Genghis' mother as a potential wife. Basically, Begter was looking for ways to flex his power as the oldest boy in the family. This didn't sit well with Genghis, and he ended up murdering Begter on a hunting excursion.
Why are there no images of Genghis Khan from when he was alive?
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For one reason or another, Genghis Khan forbid anyone from drawing anything in his likeness, which means that every depiction we have of him can’t be fully trusted. One source even claims that Genghis had red hair and green eyes!
Where is Genghis Khan buried?
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Genghis Khan was incredibly secretive about where he was to be buried—some even say his loyal men executed all possible witnesses to his funeral. Historians are still looking for his tomb to this day.
True or False: Genghis Khan was tolerant of many religions.
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Even though the Mongol Empire was known for its bloody battle tactics, they were actually quite accommodating when it came to religion, letting many of their subjects practice various faiths.
Shah Jahan, who is a descendant of Genghis Khan, is famous for building what landmark?
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Genghis Khan has nearly 16 million descendants. One of these was Shah Jahan, who built the beautiful Taj Mahal in India for his late, beloved wife.
What was the name of Genghis’ first wife?
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Genghis had actually been betrothed to Borte since the tender age of nine. Now that's loyalty.
How many Empresses did Genghis have?
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Though Genghis Khan took many wives throughout his life, his only Empress was his first wife Borte.
Which trick was NOT used by Genghis Khan to win battles?
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Genghis Khan was a master tactician, often employing clever tricks to defeat his enemy. Some examples include false retreats to bait enemies into ambushes, and tying sticks to horses' tails to kick up dust storms. The Mongols would also tie dummies atop horses to make it look like a soldier was riding into battle. But we don’t have any evidence for the Mongols playing dead!

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Just the name “Genghis Khan” could strike fear into the hearts of the brave, and leave the weak in a quivering puddle on the floor. Centuries have passed since the great ruler perished, yet his bloody reputation lives on. He unified the disparate, violent nomad tribes into the mighty Mongol Empire, employed cunning battle tactics to stay on top, and even managed to introduce many cultural innovations to Mongolia. Genghis Khan truly was one of history’s most brilliant—and fearsome—warriors. But how much do you know about him?

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