Which member of the royal family famously died in a car crash?
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Princess Diana died in a Paris car crash in 1997. Her driver, Henri Paul, died as well, along with her companion, Dodi Fayed. The subsequent funeral was among the most-watched television events of the decade.
What royal house does the Queen Elizabeth II belong to?
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The House of Windsor was founded in 1917.
Who is currently first-in-line for the British crown?
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Prince Charles, as the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth, is currently first-in-line for the throne of England.
Which member of the Royal family made headlines around the world for his "party boy" antics during the mid-2000s?
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Prince Harry is a changed man. While in his youth he seemed only to make the papers for his latest drunken shenanigans, today you're much more likely to hear about his charity work.
True or False: Prince William and Kate once went through a break-up.
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It's hard to believe given their picture-perfect marriage, but it's true!
Which member of the royal family served as a mechanic during World War II?
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During WWII, Queen Elizabeth served as a member of the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service. She helped to service and maintain vehicles for the Armed Forces.
True or False: At the time of her death, Princess Diana was under surveillance by American intelligence.
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True. In 1998, representatives of the American National Security Agency admitted they had been keeping a file on Princess Diana at the time of her death... due to her apparently suspicious social circle.
Who was the last British monarch to voluntarily give up the throne?
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Edward VIII served as King for just under a year. The reason why he gave up the throne so quickly? He wanted to marry Wallis Simpson, a famous American socialite... and a two-time divorcee. Politicians and British subjects were outraged at this sort of behavior from a British monarch. In order to avoid a crisis, and so that he could continue with the marriage, Edward VIII abdicated.
Who said this: "Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? I don't think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time."
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That's a quote from Prince Harry, describing his apparent disinterest in ever becoming King.
What breed of dog did Queen Elizabeth II famously keep as a pet for many years?
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Queen Elizabeth II’s very last pure Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Willow, passed away in 2018—and the Queen admitted the heartbreaking reason she can no longer keep her beloved Corgis as pets. Elizabeth revealed that she just couldn’t bear to leave any of her Corgis by their lonesome after her death, so she had to stop breeding them. She has owned over 30 Corgis in her life, and still owns two dachsund/Corgi mixes named Vulcan and Candy.
What church does the royal family belong to?
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The ruling family of England recognizes the Church of England... a tradition which began with King Henry VIII, who famously left the Catholic Church in order to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon.
Prince William first met Kate Middleton in college. What university did they attend?
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The University of Saint Andrews is a British public university in Scotland.
How should a British subject address the Queen of England?
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British subjects are expected to address the ruling monarch as "Your Majesty".
True or False: Prince William served for several years as a soldier on the front lines for the British Armed Forces.
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False. Although William did begin a military career, and made known his desire to serve on active duty, his future role as a member of the royal family was considered too important to allow him to see active combat duty. Instead he was allowed to serve as a search-and-rescue pilot with the Royal Navy.
Which recent member of the royal family got a tattoo?
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Sometimes referred to as "the Uncle of Europe", King Edward VII was a well-liked King. He was also, apparently, pretty down-to-earth. He received his first tattoo while on a trip to Jerusalem in 1862... and would go on to receive a few more during his life.
The British royal family has familial connections to which of these countries (more than the others)?
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The British royal family are members of the House of Windsor... which until 1917 was known as the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. As descendants of Prince Albert (husband to Queen Victoria) who was born in what would today be Germany, members of the royal family today have an abundance of familial connections to Germans. Hence the reason for the name change in 1917, when the First Word War was making connections between British and Germany royalty very unpopular with the public.
As a very young girl, Elizabeth II's nickname among close family members was...
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Her nickname, Lilibet, has a pretty adorable explanation: it's how she herself pronounced her name for the first few years of her life.
William and Kate's children are named...
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Louis, George, and Charlotte make up the newest generation of British royalty.
Prince William is the Duke of what?
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The Duke of Cambridge
True or False: After Princess Diana's death, the Union Jack was flown at half-mast outside Buckingham Palace.
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True! Before her death, flying the flag at half-mast for such an event was unheard of. But authorities changed their minds in respect of Diana's overwhelming support among the British people.
About how many Christmas cards is Elizabeth II said to have sent to her subjects during her reign?
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Queen Elizabeth is said to have sent 45,000 Christmas cards during her reign. It's her Christmas tradition.
How many rooms are there in Buckingham Palace?
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Which of these countries is Queen Elizabeth NOT the monarch of?
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Queen Elizabeth is the monarch of 16 separate nations... but Sweden is not one of them.

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