One film from that era which was much more well-received was Erin Brockovich, based on a true story. What was the subject of the cover-up that Erin investigated on behalf of her boss’s clients in that film?
Question image
In the film, Roberts-as-Brockovich discovers that a company called Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has been contaminating the groundwater with hexavalent chromium, causing sickness among local residents in the town of Hinkley.
In a 2003 film, Roberts appeared as an art history professor opposite actors Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Julia Stiles, who played her students. What was this film called?
Question image
That would be Mona Lisa Smile, a beloved classic among precocious art history students everywhere.
Roberts and husband Daniel Moder have three children—a pair of twins born in 2004, and a younger son, born in 2007. Which of the following is NOT the name of one of their children?
Question image
oberts and Moder’s kids are Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry, making the correct answer George. Before she gave birth to Henry in 2007, Roberts considering naming him George, but realized that fans might think they’d named the baby after frequent collaborator George Clooney.
Speaking of Clooney, in which 2001 comedy-caper film did Julia and he appear in together?
Question image
Roberts appeared as Clooney’s character Danny Ocean’s ex-wife in Ocean’s Eleven, a remake of the 1960 Rat Pack-starring movie of the same name.
On and off throughout the ‘90s, Roberts garnered the nickname/unofficial title of “America’s Sweetheart”—making her casting in the film America’s Sweethearts all the more ironic, as she played the ‘ugly duckling’ sister of a movie starlet. Who played the starlet opposite Roberts in the film?
Question image
In the film, Roberts played the character of Kiki, the formerly overweight sister to and employee of the glamorous and high maintenance Gwen, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones.
After a brief hiatus in the late 2000s, Roberts returned in a starring role as the lead in an adaptation of a best-selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert. What was the name of the film?
Question image
Although all of the above were bestselling books made into films, only Eat Pray Love starred Roberts. She played the book’s author, Elizabeth Gilbert, as she goes on a journey of self-discovery following a divorce.
In 2017, Roberts appeared in another adaptation of a best-selling book, this one based on a 2012 young adult novel by R.J. Palacio. What was the name of the book and movie?
Question image
Roberts appeared as the mother of the main character, played by Jacob Tremblay, in Wonder.
In 2018, for the first time, Roberts appeared as a lead character on a TV series. She’d done guest spots and before, but this was her first recurring role, playing Heidi Bergman in the series Homecoming. What is Homecoming based on?
Question image
Homecoming is actually based on a podcast of the same name created by Gimlet Media. In the podcast version, Catherine Keener played the Heidi Bergman character.
Roberts is actually a producer of a series of TV movies aimed at kids. The movies are based on a popular series of books and accompanying brand of toy doll, famous for including characters from different eras. What are the toys called?
Question image
Roberts has produced three TV movies and one feature film based on books from the American Girl series, popular with children for the accompanying toy dolls that go with each volume. The films came out between 2004 and 2007.
Julia and her brother Eric aren’t the only ones with the acting bug in their family. Julia’s niece is an actor as well, known for appearing in films like Nancy Drew and We’re the Millers and the TV show American Horror Story. What’s her name?
Question image
Emma Roberts is niece to Julia and daughter to Eric Roberts. Her first appearance onscreen was in the film Blow when she was just 10 years old.
n late 2018, Roberts appeared as the mother of a recovering addict in which Oscar-baity film?
Question image
Ben Is Back stars Lucas Hedges as Ben, a young man in rehab who reunites with his family for Christmas, with Roberts appearing as his mother Holly.
Roberts appeared as her character Tess Ocean in the sequel to Ocean’s Eleven, titled, you guessed it, Ocean’s Twelve. In the film, Tess impersonates a movie star in order to get close to a Faberge egg that Danny Ocean must steal. What movie star does she impersonate?
Question image
The plot of Ocean’s Twelve was a touch zanier than the first film in the series, and in the sequel, Julia Roberts plays Tess Ocean pretending to be Julia Roberts. Bruce Willis also appears as himself. I told you it was zany!
Which famous body part does Julia Roberts have insured for $30 million?
Question image
What would Julia Roberts be without her trademark smile? Her iconic grin is insured for a incredible amount, but she’s far from the first celebrity to make sure her trademark is properly valued—after all, Mariah Carey insured her legs and vocal chords, and Jennifer Lopez insured her butt.
One of Roberts’ breakout roles was as diabetic young bride Shelby Eatenton, in a jam-packed all-star cast that also included Sally Field (as her character’s mother), Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, and Daryl Hannah. What was the tearjerker called?
Question image
Roberts’ acting in Steel Magnolias garnered her an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress and a Golden Globe win in the same category.
In 1990, Julia Roberts appeared in Pretty Woman, which was a runaway hit. What was the name of her “hooker with the heart of gold” character?
Question image
Roberts played Vivian Ward in the Garry Marshall-helmed rom-com. For her work, she earned yet another Oscar nod, this time for Best Actress, and a Golden Globe win for the same category.
What was the name of the actor who played Edward Lewis, Vivian’s love interest in Pretty Woman?
Question image
By the time he came to star opposite Roberts, Richard Gere was already known for leading roles in American Gigolo and An Officer and a Gentleman. After Pretty Woman was released, he was also nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Actor category.
Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were later reunited in leading roles for a 1999 romantic comedy. What was the name of that film?
Question image
Roberts played the titular Runaway Bride, Maggie Carpenter, who came to be known for having left three successive fiances at the altar, and Gere played a writer who pens an article about her. The film was a huge box office hit.
In her own romantic life, Roberts actually had a reputation as a kind of runaway bride herself. In 1991, she left her famous fiancé (a bit of a Lost Boy himself) just three days before their planned wedding, causing a huge scandal. Who was the fiancé in question?
Question image
When Roberts broke off her engagement to Kiefer Sutherland just three days before their wedding, the tabloids went wild—especially when they discovered that she’d left him for his best friend, Jason Patric. Time heals all wounds, though, and Sutherland recently admitted that he thought Roberts made the right decision.
Just a year before their failed engagement, Roberts had actually been engaged to another famous actor, who had played opposite her in Steel Magnolias. Who was that star?
Question image
Dylan McDermott played Jackson Latcherie, Roberts’ character’s love interest in Steel Magnolias. The two began dating during the making of the film and were engaged soon after. She then became involved with a then-married Kiefer Sutherland while making Flatliners and soon enough, McDermott was out of the picture.
As one of the biggest stars of the ‘90s, Roberts was relentlessly pursued by the tabloids over the subject of her love life. When she finally “settled down” and got married in 1993, people were shocked—they didn’t even know she and her husband were dating! What was the name of the country singer she eloped with?
Question image
Roberts eloped with Lyle Lovett in June 1993. Their marriage lasted just a few years, and they divorced in 1995, citing career demands as the cause behind the split.
In a 2012 SNL skit, Bill Hader hosts a game show where the players are asked to tell the difference between Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney, with hilarious results. Roberts would know the difference, having co-starred with both. She appeared with McDermott in Steel Magnolias, but what movie did she appear in with Dermot Mulroney?
Question image
In My Best Friend’s Wedding, Roberts and Mulroney co-starred as childhood friends that make a deal to marry each other if they’re single by the age of 28. As the day approaches, Mulroney announces his engagement to another woman, and Roberts character realizes she loves him and vows to stop the wedding.
Which relative newcomer played Mulroney’s naïve young fiancée, making an excellent comedic foil for Roberts’ scheming character Julianne?
Question image
Roberts’ character Julianne might have gotten in a number of potshots at Cameron Diaz’s character Kimmy, but—spoiler alert—it’s Kimmy who gets her man in the end. And as for the rest of us? We all got to watch Diaz butcher “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” in the infamous karaoke bar scene.
Roberts’ parents ran a children’s acting school, and the performing arts bug runs in the family. Roberts’ brother is also an actor, known for his roles in Runaway Train and The Dark Knight. What is his name?
Question image
That would be Eric Roberts. The siblings were estranged for most of the ‘90s, following Julia taking Eric’s ex-girlfriend’s side in the custody battle over their daughter. They reconciled in 2004 after the birth of Julia’s twins.
What is the name of the 1991 thriller Roberts starred in, playing an abused wife who escapes her violent husband, only to come face to face with him again?
Question image
What is the name of the 1991 thriller Roberts starred in, playing an abused wife who escapes her violent husband, only to come face to face with him again?
Roberts capped off her early career run of hit films with the whimsical 1991 favorite Hook, playing Tinkerbell opposite Robin Williams’ Peter Pan. Which screen legend played the titular role?
Question image
It was nearly impossible to recognize him under all the makeup, but Dustin Hoffman was the one playing Captain Hook, alongside Bob Hoskins as Smee.
After a two-year hiatus from playing major roles on screen, Roberts returned to appear in a Hollywood adaptation of a John Grisham bestseller (a popular genre during the ‘90s). What was the name of the film? Hint: her co-star was Denzel Washington.
Question image
Her return to screen was in The Pelican Brief. And if you’re wondering why an obvious wrong answer like Christmas With the Kranks appears above, it’s not as off-the-wall as you think: all of the answers given are John Grisham adaptations. Even Christmas With the Kranks. It was based on his 2001 novel Skipping Christmas.
Which of these Julia Roberts films is NOT based on a true story?
Question image
Hint: it’s the one without a real person’s name in the title. I think we all remember the real story (and woman) behind Erin Brockovich. Charlie Wilson’s War was based on a real US Congressman, while Michael Collins was the powerful story of one of Ireland’s true patriots. As for Something to Talk About, it was a perfectly middle-of-the-road fictional rom-com.
After her divorce from Lyle Lovett, Roberts was in a serious relationship with Benjamin Bratt from 1998 to 2001. At that point, he was best known as a regular on a beloved legal drama, and in 1999, Roberts made a guest appearance on an episode. What show was it?
Question image
Roberts appeared on Law & Order as a party planner who has relations with the victim-of-the-week right before his death. For her role, she was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series that year the Primetime Emmy Awards.
While still dating Bratt, Roberts met a cameraman on the set of the 2001 film The Mexican. Soon after, she began dating him. Soon after that, they wed, and they’ve been together ever since. What is his name?
Question image
Roberts and Danny Moder have been married since 2002 after meeting on the set of The Mexican. Moder was actually married when they met, and rumors flew that Roberts offered his estranged wife $10,000 to get a quickie divorce.
Which ‘90s favorite leading man, known for his own tumultuous private life, was Roberts’ co-star in The Mexican?
Question image
Brad Pitt played Roberts’ beleaguered boyfriend in the 2001 film, which was not-so well received by critics.

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