Where was Anne Frank born?
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Anne was born in 1929 in the German city. Her family moved to the Netherlands as Hitler rose to power.
What did Anne’s friends say she excelled at in school?
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It was clear from a young age that Anne had a particular talent for writing, as anyone who’s read her diary would know.
Which of the following facts is true about The Diary of Anne Frank?
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Since it was first published, The Diary of Anne Frank, also known as The Secret Annex, has reached people all over the world.
What happened on July 6, 1942?
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After trying in vain to leave the Netherlands, the Franks went underground the day after Anne’s sister Margot received a letter demanding that she report to a German work camp.
Where was the secret entrance to the Frank’s hiding place?
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Anne Frank, her family, and four others hid in their secret home behind the bookcase for two years.
What did Anne give her neighbor for safe keeping when she went into hiding?
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Anne was afraid of what would happen to her favorite possessions, so she gave them to her friend in the hope she could reclaim them after the War ended.
What gift did Anne receive on her final birthday before going into hiding?
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On the day she received the diary, Anne wrote “I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.”
To whom did Anne write in her diary?
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The diary was covered in white and red checkered cloth, and with it she confided in Kitty her deepest hopes and fears.
How did Otto Frank try to throw the Nazis off his family’s trail?
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Otto did everything he could to make it seem like his family had left the country, but sadly, it did not save them.
What did Anne call her diary?
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When she heard that the exiled Dutch Minister of Education was looking for diaries from the War, she began rewriting her diary in the hopes she could submit it, though sadly she was never able to do so.
In what year was the Frank family discovered?
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German authorities finally found Anne, her family and their friends on August 4, 1944. Two of the people helping to keep them safe were also arrested.
What amazing discovery did two of the Franks’ helpers find after the Annex was discovered and ransacked?
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The person who found Anne’s diary kept it in the hopes he could return it to her, but sadly, she would never return home again.
Who was the only member of the Frank family to survive the Holocaust?
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Otto Frank was the sole survivor of the eight people who hid in the Annex. When he made it back to the Netherlands, one of the helpers from their time in hiding passed Anne’s diary along to him. It was a long time before he could bring himself to read it.
Which of the following people expressed their enormous admiration for Anne Frank?
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Anne Frank’s diary touched countless people, both great and ordinary.
What became of the house where the Frank family hid?
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Though the Annex building was going to be destroyed, a group of people banded together to save it. Today, it is one of the three most visited museums in Amsterdam.
What magazine called Anne Frank one of the Most Important People of the Century?
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The writer of the piece, Roger Rosenblatt, said “she was an extraordinarily good writer, for any age, and the quality of her work seemed a direct result of a ruthlessly honest disposition.”
Who is believed to have betrayed the Frank family?
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Despite there being many theories as to how the Franks were discovered after so long in hiding, to this day no one truly knows the truth.
Why was Otto Frank forced to frequently sue people during his later years?
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Holocaust deniers and historical revisionists have tried to claim that the Secret Annex was a fake, written by Otto himself, and this brought Otto to the courts several times in his life. Eventually, a thorough examination of the diary proved that it was authentic, though sadly that did not stop those who still sought to spread lies about the German extermination of the Jewish people.
Why did Otto Frank edit certain parts of his daughter’s diary?
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Though Otto initially had these sections removed, the diary would eventually be published in its complete, unedited form.
What does the Anne Frank House say may have been the reason the Secret Annex was discovered?
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In 2016, the Anne Frank House conducted research that indicated the Annex may have been discovered due to simple bad luck—German authorities may just have been investigating unrelated illegal activities in the building, though it is still impossible to say for sure.
What did the tree that Anne described in her diary come to be known as?
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Anne could see the ancient horse-chestnut tree from the Annex where she and her family hid.
Which Game of Thrones actress portrayed Anne in a 2009 miniseries?
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The BBC miniseries The Diary of Anne Frank consisted of five episodes and was released to acclaim. Fellow Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen, who played Ser Jorah Mormont, played Otto Frank.

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Although she was just a teenager when she wrote it, Anne Frank’s remarkable diary from her time hiding from German authorities during World War II has touched people all over the world. Anne’s powerful and intimate passages remain a symbol of hope and perseverance to this day. We can all learn from her example—but how much do you know about her tragically short, but incomparably inspiring life? There's always more for all of us to learn about this amazing young woman.

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