What’s the name of the author that we have to thank for Game of Thrones?
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Of course, it’s our old friend, George R. R. Martin. Don’t be fooled that we’re taking it easy on you now—just like the show, we’re starting out easy before completely crushing your dreams.
Game of Thrones is based on a series of books—what is the series called?
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While the first book is called Game of Thrones and subsequent titles included A Clash of Kings and The Winds of Winter, the series itself is called A Song of Ice and Fire. Which, the longer we go on, seems to be some kind of spoiler!
What are the names of the two main continents where the majority of action takes place in Game of Thrones?
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Westeros is home to the North, King’s Landing, the Vale, the Iron Islands, and all those other places we know and love. Less seen but still incredibly important is Essos, just to the East of Westeros across the Narrow Sea, which includes the Free Cities, Meereen, and Valyria.
George R. R. Martin never intended for the A Song of Ice and Fire series to be adapted to television, but after a popular series of books was finally adapted into a film franchise, he was approached by producers who were insistent on making a TV show with him. What was the series of books turned film franchise that influenced the adaptation of Martin’s work?
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Although all of the above titles were successful book series that became blockbuster movie franchises, it was the success of The Lord of the Rings movies that was the catalyst for the creation of a TV series based on A Song of Ice and Fire.
What kind of animal does Bran begin to dream about in season 1?
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Bran’s first dream about the three-eyed raven occurs after he awakes from his coma, prompting his quest beyond the Wall and ultimately leading him to take up the position of the Green-Eyed Raven.
What is the name of the home of the Starks?
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The Starks live at Winterfell, their ancestral home, considered to be the capital of the North. That is, of course, until they all scatter like ashes shortly after Ned is called to King’s Landing and everything goes to heck in a handbasket.
Who does Bran catch “in the act” in season 1, leading to him to be thrown out of a window?
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Ahh, season 1. Back when all the Starks were together at Winterfell. It was all going so well, until Bran caught Queen Cersei and her twin brother Jaime in flagrante, leading to Jaime pushing the boy out of a tower window. Even though Bran eventually awoke from his coma, it was basically all downhill for the Starks from that moment.
What family did Robert Baratheon take the throne from?
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Before he was King, Robert Baratheon was betrothed to Lyanna Stark (Ned’s sister). When she was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen, the Starks protested, and two of them were ordered killed by Rhaegar’s father, the Mad King, Aerys II. Those deaths sparked outrage and an event known as Robert’s Rebellion. Robert claimed the throne after killing Prince Rhaegar.
Who killed the Mad King Aerys?
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Jaime Lannister participated in the sack of King’s Landing and was ultimately the one who killed the Mad King, cementing his and the Lannister’s place in King Robert’s court. However, it didn’t stop him from sleeping with his King’s wife/his twin sister. Yikes. Loyalty only goes so far in Westeros.
True or false: Game of Thrones has won more Primetime Emmys than any other scripted series.
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Since its debut, Game of Thrones has won 47 Primetime Emmys, besting previous record holder Frasier. Sorry, Dr. Crane!
Which of these men were not one of the prospective kings during the War of the Five Kings?
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While there was a Greyjoy involved in the War of the Five Kings, it was Baelon who was fighting for the Iron Throne, not Theon. I don’t remember exactly what Theon was doing at the time, but he was probably running away from something.
What are some of the most powerful swords in the Game of Thrones universe made from?
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While Valyria no longer exists as it once did, there are a few remnants of the powerful steel it once produced, which can be reused or melted down to create new weapons. Martin apparently based Valyrian steel on another real-life metal, Indian Damascus steel, which is also no longer made.
What is the name of Joffrey’s younger brother?
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Sweet young Tommen, we barely knew him. Joffrey’s young brother was much nicer than his predecessor, but his youth and naivete left him open to manipulation by multiple figures, including his eventual wife, Margaery Tyrell. After witnessing the explosion at the Sept of the Baelor, he jumps to his death.
What color was the fire when the Sept of Baelor exploded?
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The Great Sept of Baelor was destroyed by wildfire, which is naturally neon green. Wildfire is a flammable liquid that’s highly volatile, and interestingly, as it ages, it only gets more powerful.
What was the largest battle in the War of the Five Kings?
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The Battle of Blackwater was by far the largest battle in the War of the Five Kings, and wildfire played a key part—Cersei was the first to plan to use it against Stannis Baratheon’s forces, but it was Tyrion who eventually unleashed it, ultimately winning that battle.
What was Catelyn Stark’s maiden name?
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Catelyn was born to House Tully, the daughter of Hoster and Minisa Tully. She grew up in Riverrun with her siblings Lysa (who would go on to marry Jon Arryn) and Edmure. She would’ve ultimately been a Stark even if she didn’t marry Eddard—she was first engaged to his brother, Brandon, before he was murdered by the Mad King.
What’s the name of the Stark child with the least screentime?
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Poor Rickon. Much like Tommen, he was overshadowed by both his siblings and all the action going on around him. First, his siblings thought he was dead for part of the series. Then, he was betrayed, he was kidnapped, and his direwolf was killed. We won’t get into the gritty details, but let’s just say that I’m not inviting Ramsay Bolton to my next picnic. His idea of an outdoor party game is way too out there—can’t we just play badminton?
What does “Valar morghulis” mean?
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In the High Valyrian language, Valar morghulis means all men must die. It’s an old saying, customarily replied with “valar dohaeris,” which means all men must serve. Cheery!
What was the name of Daenarys Targaryen’s husband?
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She might not have been into Khal Drogo at first, but hey—her brother was getting really creepy for a second and she needed to get away from him. They eventually found love with each other, until Drogo was punished by a witch whose home he had invaded.
What is the name for the group of humans that live beyond the wall?
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The group that lives beyond the wall are generally referred to as wildlings, although that word is actually a derogatory term used against them. They refer to themselves as Free Folk, as they do not kneel for anyone except the leaders they choose to follow.
What is the name for the group of terrifying creatures approaching from the North who seem to be immune to most weapons?
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If it seems like the White Walkers have been an impending threat for just about forever—just like winter—it’s because they have been. One of the first thing that happens in the first episode of the show involves an alleged deserter of the Night’s Watch who sees them and returns to spread the word. They’re characterized by their glowing blue eyes and gaunt appearance.
What is the name of the king of the White Walkers?
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The Night King was the first White Walker, transformed from one of the First Men after being stabbed by dragonglass. He’s roughly 12,000 years old, but made his first appearance on Game of Thrones in season 4, in one of Bran’s visions.
What is the name of Sansa Stark’s direwolf?
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Sansa’s direwolf was appropriately named Lady. The actor who plays Sansa, Sophie Turner, and the dog who played her direwolf had such a strong bond while filming the show that Turner ended up adopting the dog, named Zunni. I’m not crying, you’re crying.
Which of these names has never been on Arya’s kill list?
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Despite their fraught relationship, Arya never added her sister Sansa to the list. While Arya’s kill list is still about a mile long, time has taken many names off the list for her. Actor Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, says that fans often approach her and ask her to recite the list, adding their own names.
What is the name of the actor who plays Cersei Lannister?
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Lena Headey has played Cersei Lannister since the show premiered in 2011. She’s appeared in 61 of the series’ 67 episodes—more than any other character. In that time, she’s acted alongside most of the main characters—except for, of course, Bronn. It’s rumored that Headey and the actor who plays Bronn, Jerome Flynn, refuse to appear together, as they were once in a relationship, long before the show began filming.
What is the name of the gruesome skin disease on Game of Thrones that causes human skin to become stone-like?
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The contagious disease is known as greyscale. All it takes is one touch to transmit the disease, or, as in the case of Shireen Baratheon, an infected doll.
What’s the name of Arya Stark’s sword?
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Arya’s sword is named Needle—it was gifted to her by Jon Snow, who had it made by Mikken, the blacksmith of Winterfell. As Arya says, “Cersei can keep her sewing needles—I’ve got a Needle of my own.”
In the North, illegitimate children are given the surname Snow (like Jon). What name are illegitimate children in Dorne?
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Dornish illegitimate children are given the surname Sand, which makes sense when you consider their natural surroundings. The most remarkable Sands that we’ve come across include Oberyn Martell’s lover Ellaria and their four children.
What is the name of Jon Snow’s mother?
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Sorry for the spoilers, It took us seven whole seasons to find out that Jon Snow is the son of Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen—although I suppose many figured it out before that. Will Jon himself ever figure it out? Only time will tell.
Who was Jon Snow’s first lover?
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While the love between Jon Snow and the wildling Ygritte met a tragic end, they found a happy ending in real life. The actors who play the respective characters, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, wed in the summer of 2018 in Scotland. Their nuptials were attended by co-stars Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, and Sophie Turner. Of course, Emilia Clarke was also there, showing that Dany was more than happy to watch her onscreen nephew-lover wed another.

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You may live beyond the Wall, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what’s going on in the Seven Kingdoms. In fact, you’d even be smart enough to ask “Hey, if it’s called the Seven Kingdoms, how come there’s actually nine of them?” Either way, you’ve more than proved your Game of Thrones fandom. Now hurry up and get behind the Wall before the White Walkers show up.

Born of a Great House

Wow, you really know your stuff. For better or for worse, you must be a Stark or a Targaryen (or a Lannister, an Arryn, or a Greyjoy). With such a deep knowledge of the goings-on of Westeros and Essos, you have to have been born to a family with deep roots in the Seven Kingdoms. At the very least, with all those brains, you’ve got to be a Maester. Tell ‘em all we say hi the next time you’re deep in the stacks with the other Knights of the Mind.

King on the Iron Throne

Forget being a Maester or another noble. You know so much about the Seven Kingdoms, what’s beyond the Wall, and the history of Westeros and Essos, that there’s only one person you could be: the King on the Iron Throne. How does it feel up there? Uncomfortable? It looks uncomfortable. Either way, you’ve been crowned King of the Andals and the First Men—sorry Dany, sorry Jon. You know, they say when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die, and friend, you definitely won. All hail!

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a decade since Game of Thrones premiered on HBO. Since then, there’s been plenty of ups and downs—actually, let’s face it, it’s mostly been downs. Either way, we just can’t quit this blockbuster show, even though they’ve killed at least half of our favorite characters over the past 7 seasons. Almost as heartbreaking as the events on screen are the long downtimes between seasons, which seem to get longer and longer as the years go by. So, in the meantime, we offer this humble (yet tough) quiz all about everyone’s favorite epic fantasy TV show. Just remember: when you play this Game of Thrones quiz, you win or you die.

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