True or false: Emma Stone is her real name
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False—she took the name Emma Stone when she joined the Screen Actors Guild in 2004.
What is Stone’s real first name?
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The star we know as Emma Stone was born Emily Jean Stone. When she came to Hollywood, there was already an Emily Stone in the SAG, and she briefly considered the name Riley Stone before settling on Emma Stone.
What is Stone’s real hair color?
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She may have become a star with fiery red hair, but Stone’s natural hair color is blonde.
What was Stone’s character’s name in Superbad?
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Superbad was Stone’s first film, and what a memorable one it was! She played Jules, the party host and love interest of Jonah Hill’s character.
Before Superbad, Stone competed in a short-lived talent competition reality show…and won! What was the name of the show?
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Stone won the role of Laurie Partridge in In Search of the New Partridge Family, and went on to film a pilot for The New Partridge Family, which sadly was never picked up or aired
How did Stone famously convince her parents to let her move to Hollywood and pursue her dream of acting?
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Stone’s PowerPoint presentation to her parents was titled “Project Hollywood,” and surprisingly for anyone who ever begged for a puppy and didn’t get one, it worked. Stone and her mother moved to Los Angeles together in January 2004.
Stone auditioned for a role a prime-time drama which came out in 2006 and went on to become a huge hit. She described not getting the part as her “rock bottom.” What was the hit show?
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Stone auditioned for the role of Claire Bennet in Heroes, which eventually went to Hayden Panettiere.
Which of the following late-2000s comedies did Emma Stone NOT appear in?
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Between Superbad and her next breakout role, Stone appeared in supporting roles in The Rocker, The House Bunny, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, but she (regrettably) did NOT appear in Pineapple Express.
Stone made another huge splash in Zombieland, playing one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Each character is named after a place that relates to them—what was her character’s name?
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Stone’s character went by the name Wichita, but eventually revealed that her real name is Krista.
Stone’s first real starring role was in the film Easy A, loosely based on which piece of classic literature?
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The script for Easy A was partially inspired by The Scarlet Letter, which was, of course, at least partially inspired by the author Nathaniel Hawthorne’s life in Salem, MA, where he was born and grew up roughly a century after the infamous witch trials. The title Easy A refers to the letter A that Hester Prynne has to wear after giving birth to a baby out of wedlock in The Scarlet Letter.
Who played Stone’s character’s bully in Easy A?
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Amanda Bynes played Marianne Bryant in Easy A, religious daughter of a pastor who simultaneously bullied Stone’s character while also trying to help her “reform.” It was her last movie role before her much-publicized breakdown.
What was the name of the first film where Stone appeared opposite perennial co-star Ryan Gosling?
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Gosling and Stone shared the screen with Steve Carell and Julianne Moore in 2011’s Crazy, Stupid, Love, a couple years before they met again in Gangster Squad and La La Land.
Of course, Gosling was Stone’s characters (eventual) love interest in Crazy, Stupid, Love, but what crooner played her lawyer boyfriend Richard, who offers Stone’s character a job instead of a marriage proposal?
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Josh Groban played Richard, marking just one of the times the singer has crossed over to comedy: he’s also appeared in two episodes of The Office and and an episode each of Parks and Recreation and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
After a few roles in comedies where she was generally cast as a sarcastic love interest, Stone wanted to expand to roles in dramatic films. One of the first was a 2011 film where she appeared opposite Viola Davis. What was it called?
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That film was The Help. She won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress for the performance.
What was Stone’s character in The Help’s nickname?
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Although her character’s full name was Eugenia Phelan, her nickname was “Skeeter.”
What famous actress, known for her candid humor, is one of Stone’s close friends?
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Stone and Jennifer Lawrence first became friends through Woody Harrelson, who they’d both worked with on Zombieland and The Hunger Games, respectively.
Although by 2012, Stone had starred in a number of hit films, her first true summer blockbuster was The Amazing Spider-Man. Which famous Parker paramour did she play?
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Although more may remember Mary Jane as Peter Parker’s most iconic love interest, his first love was Gwen Stacy, who was played by Stone in the 2012 film. She appeared again in the 2014 sequel.
What critically-panned and pretty much universally-hated film did Stone appear in in 2013?
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Movie 43 was a strange Hollywood experiment that seemed to go wrong in every way. Stone appeared in the segment “Veronica,” directed by Griffin Dunne, playing Kieran Culkin’s character’s ex.
For what film did Emma Stone win an Oscar for Best Actress?
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While Stone was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Birdman, she won Best Actress for La La Land. And then, if you really think about it, she kind of won again—the envelope for Best Picture did technically say “Emma Stone” that year, at least at first!
Which of Stone’s co-stars was she romantically involved with from roughly 2010-2015?
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Stone and Andrew Garfield met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man and began dating soon after before breaking up sometime in 2015.
Which of Stone’s early career movies will be getting a sequel in 2019?
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Nearly 10 years after the first film came out, Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock will all reunite in 2019 for Zombieland: Double Tap.
In 2018, Stone appeared in director Yorgos Lanthimos’ period comedy-drama The Favourite, playing a relative to one of the queen’s ladies-in-waiting. Who plays her cousin?
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Rachel Weisz plays Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, in the film, cousin to Stone’s Abigail Masham.
What historical Queen is portrayed in The Favourite?
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In the film, Stone’s character tries to curry favor with Queen Anne, portrayed by Olivia Colman.
What famous tennis player did Stone portray in 2017’s Battle of the Sexes?
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Based on a true story, Stone played Billie Jean King in the film, about the historic match between King and Bobby Riggs, played by Steve Carell.
Since her breakout role in Superbad, Stone has rarely appeared on television, except for a few gigs hosting Saturday Night Live—but she recaently ppeared in a Netflix original series. What was it called?
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Stone appeared in Maniac, based on a Norwegian TV series of the same name.
Which of Stone’s former co-stars also starred in Maniac?
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Jonah Hill plays Owen Milgran in Maniac, who meets Stone’s character Annie Landsberg during a pharmaceutical trial.
What teen show is Stone a huge fan of, even getting to appear in one episode after she became famous?
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Stone appeared on a 2012 episode of iCarly, one of her favorite shows, as Heather/
What 2016 comedy did Stone make an uncredited cameo in?
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Stone appeared in Popstar as Claudia Cantrell, lending her vocals to the track “Turn Up the Beef.”
What classic show did Stone appear on from 2014-2015 on Broadway?
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Stone made her Broadway debut in a revival of the musical Cabaret which was performed at Studio 54 (now a theater) from 2014-2015. She played Sally Bowles.
Stone claims to have almost died filming a sex scene for which movie?
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Stone suffered an asthma attack while filming a sex scene for Easy A. Actually, since her character doesn’t really have sex in Easy A, it was kind of a fake sex scene. A fake of a fake. But we digress…

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It may seem like Emma Stone has been a leading lady in Hollywood forever, but it’s really only been just a decade since she made her debut in 2007’s Superbad. In the time since, she’s truly made her mark, and has balanced a career full of roles in beloved rom-coms like Crazy, Stupid, Love with more Oscar-bait fare like Birdman and The Favourite—and who could forget La La Land? You may be a superfan of the feisty star, but how much do you really know about Emma Stone? Take this quiz and see how you measure up.

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