How was each episode named?
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With the exception of the final two episodes (respectively named “The Last One” parts one and two), each episode title began with “The One With…” leading to such memorable titles as “The One Where No One’s Ready” and “The One With The Embryos.”
What was the name of the fiancé that Rachel ran out on in the first episode?
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On the first episode of Friends, Rachel runs into Central Perk in her wedding gown, having just left her fiancé Barry (played by Mitchell Whitfield) at the altar. Rachel explains to Monica that just as she was about to walk up the aisle, she realized how much Barry looks like Mr. Potato Head and that she couldn’t go through with it.
What was the name of Ross’ pet white-headed capuchin monkey?
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In the first season of the show, Ross kept a monkey named Marcel as a pet. It was apparently very hard to wrangle the monkey who played Marcel, and he was eventually written off the show. He’s last seen in season 2, where Ross gets to say his final goodbye as Marcel, now a Hollywood star, is filming a movie in New York City with Jean-Claude Van Damme.
What artist did Courteney Cox appear in a music video for before portraying Monica in Friends?
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Before Friends, Cox was famous for her memorable appearance in Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video in 1984. Her dancing in the video apparently was one of the inspiration for Carlton’s signature dance on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
What was the fake name that Phoebe gives out to people?
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Although Regina Phalange was probably Phoebe’s most memorable alter ego, she also went by Princess Consuela Bananahammock and Valerie at different points.
What famous long-running soap opera did Joey get a role on?
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In the second season of Friends, struggling actor Joey gets a role on the beloved soap opera Days of Our Lives. While Friends ran for ten years and 236 episodes, that’s really nothing compared to Days, which premiered in 1965, and has been running for over 13,000 episodes.
What was the name of Joey’s character on Days of Our Lives?
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Dr. Drake Ramoray was the name of the fictional neurosurgeon that Joey played on Days of Our Lives until he was killed off. And brought back. And finally killed off once more on Joey.
What was the name of the fictional café where the friends hung out?
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Knowing that the correct answer to this question is Central Perk is pretty ‘central’ trivia to any Friends fan, but did you recognize which sitcoms featured the other answers? That would be Frasier, How I Met Your Mother, and Seinfeld. Although Central Perk wasn’t a real New York café, it has spawned two imitators in Beijing and Liverpool, as well as a number of pop-up cafés in cities all over the world.
What was the name that Chandler’s TV Guide subscription was addressed to?
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In “The One With The Embryos,” Joey and Chandler face off against Rachel and Monica in a quiz created by Ross in order to decide who gets to live in which apartment, which is where we learn that Chandler’s TV Guide subscription is addressed to Miss Chanandler Bong.
What sitcom was Lisa Kudrow already appearing in when Friends debuted, leading the writers to create a crossover with her other character, Ursula?
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Mad About You debuted two years before Friends, and on that show, Kudrow played the role of absent-minded waitress Ursula, who eventually was written into Friends as Phoebe’s twin sister. Mad About You aired its last episode in 1999, which included flash forward 22 years into the future that revealed that Ursula had become the Governor of New York (despite her previous career starring in adult films).
What was the name of Joey and Chandler’s pet duck?
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Semi-trick question: the Duck didn’t really have a name beyond “The Duck!” The chick was briefly nicknamed Yasmine, and at one point, Chandler called the duck Dick, but generally, the duck’s name was the Duck. Didn’t anyone on this show ever consider just getting a dog?
What famous talk show host turned down the role of Phoebe?
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Her eponymous sitcom Ellen debuted the same year as Friends and was a big hit as well, but Ellen DeGeneres’s star really took off when her talk show debuted in 2003. Safe to say, she didn’t miss out on much by refusing the part of Phoebe!
Which cast member’s real-life spouse memorably guest starred on season 8’s Thanksgiving episode, “The One With The Rumor?”
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Brad Pitt, then Jennifer Aniston’s husband, appeared as Will, a high school friend that Monica invited to Thanksgiving dinner. As the evening unfolds, his barely disguised hatred for Rachel Green becomes clear, leading to the revelation that in high school, he and Ross had started a rumor that she was a hermaphrodite.
What was the show called before producers settled on the title Friends?
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During the development of what came to be Friends, all of the above titled were tossed around as possibilities. Just before the show aired, it was called Six of One. By the time it debuted on September 22, 1994, it was simply called Friends.
What was the name of Monica’s much-older boyfriend, played by Tom Selleck?
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Monica began dating her parents’ friend Richard, played by Tom Selleck, in season 2. They broke up when she realized that he didn’t want to have any more kids. Selleck is known for his roles as Thomas Magnum in Magnum P.I. and Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods.
When Ross can’t find a Santa costume, what does he dress up as to entertain his son Ben at Christmas in season 7?
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When Ross can’t get an actual Christmas costume to impress Ben, he invents Santa’s Tex-Mex friend, the Holiday Armadillo, who helps Ben learn about Hanukkah—until Ben is distracted by Joey, dressed as Santa.
What did Joey and Chandler have in the kitchen instead of a kitchen table
Question image
When their kitchen table broke, they agreed to replace it with a foosball table and eat over the sink. Later, when the Chick and the Duck got stuck in the table, they broke it to free them, but replaced it afterward.
Which actress played Rachel’s spoiled sister Jill?
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Reese Witherspoon appeared in season 6 as Jill, who tried to break away from her privileged upbringing the same way that Rachel did.
What ex-boyfriend pops back up around the time that Chandler plans to propose to Monica?
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Richard finally agrees to give Monica everything she wants (marriage and children, namely) but then realizes how happy Chandler makes her and backs off.
What was wrong with Fun Bobby, ultimately leading to his and Monica’s break up?
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It turns out that Fun Bobby was only fun for one reason. Monica has trouble enjoying herself with “Ridiculously Dull Bobby” so she begins to drink heavily to get through her time with him, before he accuses her of having a drinking problem.
What is Joey and Chandler’s favorite show?
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The guys never miss an episode of Baywatch, setting an egg timer so that they’re in their chairs just in time for the opening credits—for anyone who remembers Baywatch, the most important part.
Which cast member went through addiction issues during the run of the series?
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Matthew Perry went to rehab in 1997 and in 2001 for his substance abuse issues. While he tried to make sure his problems didn’t interfere with work, it eventually became clear that he’d need help to get his life back on track.
What toy was stuck to the back of Joey and Chandler’s apartment door?
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The Magna Doodle on the back of Joey and Chandler’s door always had a different message scrawled on it. Many eagle-eyed fans speculated that the messages held secret meanings that they attempted to decode, but according to a crew member who was responsible for the doodles, they were written at random, with no secret meanings.
Joey and Chandler had a Magna Doodle on the back of their apartment door, but what did Monica and Rachel have on the back of theirs?
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The empty frame on the back of Monica and Rachel’s apartment door originally had a mirror in it, but it broke early in production. Crew liked the look of the empty frame, so they left it there.
Which star lost a bet he made on set of a movie he appeared in with Matthew Perry, leading to repercussions when he later appeared on Friends?
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Matthew Perry made The Whole Nine Yards with Bruce Willis in 1999, and he bet him that the movie would debut at #1. Willis disagreed, but Perry was correct, and so when Willis appeared as a guest star in season 6, he donated his salary from the appearance to charity. What a class act!
How many seasons did Friends run for?
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The first episode of Friends debuted in September 1994, and the final episode aired in May 2004. That’s 236 episodes in total over the course of 10 seasons.
Which actress was actually pregnant at the same time as her character?
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When Lisa Kudrow became pregnant in 1998, writers decided to write her pregnancy into the show, and she became a surrogate for her brother and his wife—making her the only cast member whose character was simultaneously pregnant. When Courteney Cox became pregnant with her daughter Coco in 2004, it had already been established that Monica and Chandler wouldn’t be able to conceive, so the pregnancy was not included in the show.
When they do the infamous “Apartment Quiz,” what does Rachel say that Chandler’s job is?
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Rachel guesses “transpondster,” ultimately leading to the girls losing their apartment to the Joey and Chandler.
. Which famous clothing designer did Rachel work for for most of the series?
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Rachel got her dream job at Ralph Lauren in season 5 and stayed there until season 10. The designer eventually appeared as himself in the episode “The One With Ross’s Teeth.”
What city does Rachel get a job in towards the end of the final season?
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After losing her job at Ralph Lauren, Rachel is unemployed until she reconnects with Mark, her coworker from Bloomingdale’s. He gets her a job offer from Louis Vuitton in Paris.

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