August 16, 2018 | Delaney Caulfield

People Share the Most Deeply Terrifying Experience of Their Entire Life

We’ve all experienced scary things in our lives. Whether it was a moment of fear where our heart caught in our throat because of something unexpected, or the shock we get from seeing an unknown face in our window. Fear reaches for us deep down and doesn’t let go. We learn to fear when we’re young; as a kid we're taught not to talk to strangers, aware that there are people out there who could take us. As an adult this fear can evolve into distrust and paranoia. Often these terrifying experiences leave their mark on us.

These Redditors share their own terrifying experiences. The ones that keep them up at night. The memories revisited in times of confusion and uncertainty.

Most Deeply Terrifying Experience FactsPhiladelphia Magazine

33. Gut Instinct

I was playing with my friend at a playground near my house. It was around dusk and we had been there for about an hour, when we both stopped and immediately sprinted back to my house without saying a word to each other. Turns out we had both had the same dark, terrible feeling in our gut and knew we had to get out of there.

The next morning we went back and found a cat head in the playground, just the skull and fur, nothing else, no brain or eyes or anything. We think it might have been a mountain lion as they are prevalent in our area.

It's hard to explain that awful gut feeling, but I've never been so scared without being in any noticeable danger in my life.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience FactsNightmares Fear Factory

32. Demon Doll

This is pretty silly actually. When I was a kid, I had a Barbie that came with a little baby. This baby unsettled me for some reason, something about its face was spooky. One day, I stopped playing and started to walk out of my bedroom, but something compelled me to go back to turn the baby's face away from me first.

I went to the bathroom, came back, and the baby's face had somehow turned back to its original position, facing me. Understandably, I had an absolute fit. I cried to my mom and she told me that she had gone in my room and moved the doll, but later admitted that she lied to stop my hysterics.

We hid the blasted thing, but it would reemerge every couple of years. I think it's funny now, but I still wonder.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsyoutube

31. The Moo Heard Around the Farm

7-8 years old me visited my grandparents in the countryside. According to my grandmother, she woke up in the middle of the night to her cows' abnormal mooing, went outside to check and saw me walking into the fish pond.

I did not wake up upon entering the water, she barely pulled me out of the water before I fell into the deep part of the pond.

I was shaking uncontrollably, she had to carry me inside, it took half an hour to wake me up. When asked what happened, apparently half conscious me answered "I was following the pony."


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factshaley from china

30. Friendship Beyond the Boundaries of Human Existence

When I was in high school, to earn extra money, I went and cleaned my dad's boss' office building on the weekends. Most of the time it was just me in there. Occasionally, someone would be in there working. It was never full though.

Usually, if anyone was there, it was this one dude. I still don't know what he did there, but his office was WAY in the back of the building, almost in what I would call a closet.

This was a construction company, and they had this big office with a giant table in it where they could spread out blueprints and go over them together. This guy's office was in a closet behind this office. I worked there for years, and as I did, I kinda got to know this guy. I eventually bought myself a Jeep Wrangler when I turned 16, and he was a Jeep guy himself, so we would always BS about Jeep stuff. Honestly a really cool dude.

The one thing that always stuck out to me about this guy, is he had this "tic"... Nothing weird, but noticeable. When he was standing and talking to you, he always stood with his left side facing you, with his left hand in his pocket and he would jingle his change in his pocket...

Well, the guy eventually died in the office one day. Not while I was there, during the work week. I remember my dad telling me about it and offering to let me go to the funeral, which I did.

A few weeks later, I'm in there cleaning. I'm not in the blueprint room, but in a room across the hall and I hear the front door open. They had a sensor on the door that made a loud "DING" noise when someone opened it. So, I heard "DING!" and could hear footsteps walking in. So, I'm sitting at this desk, dusting all this person's knick-knacks and I hear that guy's voice say "Hey, Gibby, how's the Jeep running?"

I'm kinda shocked and just staring at this person in the doorway, left side facing me, and jingling change in his pocket. I'm pretty much frozen in the chair just staring at him, and he kinda laughs a little. It seemed like he was about to walk away, and I kinda shuddered a second once everything registered in my brain. So, I blinked and when I looked back at the door, he was gone. I walked around the entire office and no one was there.

From that day on, any time I went into his office, I said out loud "Hey, <name>. Wish you could see what I've done with the Jeep" or something else like that. Always felt like he was in there still.

Dad has since retired from work, and I don't get to go up to that office anymore. But, on the off chance I do, I like to walk in that office (it's their gym now) and say hello.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsfine art america

29. Creepy Peeper

Working on a school report late at night in my ground-level bedroom. Glance up and stare at my reflection in the glass of the window. Realize it's not my reflection. That someone is actually staring in at me, watching me from outside the house. Shudder. Still gives me chills.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factspinterest

28. Party Crashers

Back in 1984, the year I graduated high school, I took a job working the overnight shift at a convenience store in my hometown in rural Ohio. The town was/is a tiny place, less than 2,000 people, three stop lights (and, if you're standing at any of them, you can always see the other two/lol), and the place that hired me had only begun staying open overnights a few weeks earlier. So, most nights, I would only see a handful of customers. Other nights, less.

About two months in, I was sitting behind the counter around three in the morning, reading a newspaper, when a giant Cadillac came tearing into the parking lot and screeched to a halt. The driver slammed the car into park and, to my horror, all four doors popped open and out of each of them emerged men in ski masks.

In an instant, they had whipped open the door of the store and entered. Three of the four fanned out and began to sweep through the store, the fourth staying by the counter.

Get this, nobody spoke. They moved in silence. After just a couple of seconds, one of the men pointed to the dummy security camera hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the store (and, when I say "dummy," I mean DUMMY. It was fluorescent orange with six, count 'em, SIX lenses pointing in all directions. It could not have possibly looked faker), shook his head, and then all four of them shot back out the front door, dove back into the Cadillac, and tore out of the parking lot. How I didn't absolutely shit my pants, I will never know.

So, I stand behind the counter for a couple of minutes, shaking while feeling tears of terror and relief running down my cheeks, and then walk outside. Standing in the fresh air, with the town back to being so quiet I could hear the stoplight up the street clicking through its cycle, I seriously began to wonder if I'd hallucinated the entire thing.

The juxtaposition of the explosion of activity and terror, immediately followed by a return to almost dead quiet, finally gave me the giggles and I was soon doubled over laughing at the incongruity of the moment.

Finally, I stood up straight, stretched my arms and said out loud "Well, if you're up there, thank you, God" and turned to walk back into the store. At that very moment, the same car came tearing back past the store, shot through the stoplight, and disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

Mind you, all of this was in the service of earning $3.35 an hour/lol.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factstext shorthand

27. That Took a Turn

I was at a party in high school. Nothing big, three girls, four guys, and our host’s stepbrother and stepbrother’s girlfriend. Wasn't really a "party" per se, we were just snacking and watching a movie.

Anyway, one moment the stepbrother gets up and walks to his room. Our host follows out of the room then comes back saying we need to leave.

Apparently, the stepbrother grabbed his gun and told our host that if we didn't leave he was going to kill us all.

It was literally insane. He seemed like a regular dude, and I don't think anyone detected anything wrong. It was scary to see a total 180 like that. Also, the fact that he was unstable and was armed.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factssantofabiano blog

26. Just a Day in the Life of a Woman

I live in an apartment with six of my girlfriends. One day, all of my roommates went to a concert except for me and one other. We went to pick them up, got home around 11 pm, and ordered pizza. About 20 mins after ordering I hear a knock at the door, and I assume it’s the pizza being delivered.

Instead, it’s this random man I’ve never seen before, telling me that he watched us get out of the car and would like to come in to talk to us as we are all beautiful.

Keep in mind it is 11:30 at night on a SUNDAY. He started to angle his body closer to the door, so then my roommate’s boyfriend came to the door where he was visibly shocked, uncomfortable, and started to fidget. After telling him to screw off, we realized he followed us home from the concert.

Being a woman can suck sometimes.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsmedium

25. Possession by Medication

Visual hallucinations brought on by the wrong combo of psych meds gave me by far the scariest and most unsettling experiences of my life. The unsettling part was losing my reading comprehension skills. I'd read a comment on the discussion board I was frequenting at the time and it could say something as benign as, "I had a lovely breakfast have a great day" and I'd read it as "you're a failure. You should die."

So I'd write this angry response ripping the person a new one and then I'd get these sometimes apologetic sometimes "what is wrong with you?" responses in my inbox and I'd be totally confused.

The scariest was looking in the mirror and realizing I looked evil. I wouldn't say demonic...but the way I was smiling and my eyes. I looked so evil it was terrifying. Kind of like something else had control of my face and I was seeing me, but not me? I know it probably doesn't make sense but it scared me so much.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factswired

24. A Loss Felt Deeply

Most unsettling, causing me to not sleep until I pass out from exhaustion? Watching the love of my life blow her brains out in front of me. I remember the texture, the taste of the mist in the air, the smell, everything.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsdaily telegraph

23. Connection to the Other Side

Not me but my relative.

Moved into a new house, daughter started acting strange. Let's call that daughter Susie. When Susie played by herself, she would talk, claiming that she's playing with a girl but there was no girl. She also described the girl as tall and long haired. Her parents told her not to talk to that "girl." Days later, Susie tells her parents that the "girl" kept pestering her when she ignored "her."

The family decided to move out the house shortly after. The most unsettling part was that the "girl" wanted to follow Susie to the new house so they could play together. But everything was normal after they moved.

Fast forward a few years later when her uncle died, we had to put his urn in those cabinets at the cemetery. Guess who saw her uncle standing there while the urn was placed? No one saw it except Susie.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsknow your meme

22. A Hellhound Stalketh

I moved into a new place in a new county.

After a night at the pub, I got the feeling I was being followed. Turned around— a huge black dog with red eyes was glaring at me. I ran home, locked the doors.

Then I started getting nightmares about the thing hunting me down. And every time I was out at night, it was getting closer and closer...

I put it down to the stress of moving.

Well, until a friend of mine stayed the night to ease my mind. I found her awake at 3 am looking out the window, dog outside, she was pale as a sheet. She just whispered, "That's a hellhound."

In the morning, she ran out of my house, came back a few hours later with this awful smelling powder, and hung it up in pouches around the room, with an extra pouch for me to carry.

Never seen the dog again. Never had a nightmare about it since.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsmagickal menagerie

21. Blood-Curdling Scream in the Dead of Night

Coming back home from my deployment, I stayed at my parents’ house for a few weeks while my late grandmother, who was suffering from severe dementia, stayed in the room adjacent to mine. it was around 2 am when I'm awoken by a blood curdling shriek that lasted for what felt like an eternity, but must've actually been about 30 seconds in just one breath.

It turns out she was sleepwalking, tried to enter my room and slammed herself into the baby gate we had for my puppy. I honestly don't know what was more terrifying, hearing that shriek suddenly in the dead of night, or flicking on the dim ceiling lights and seeing her stare at me, face was decrepit, mouth agape and her eyes wide as can be.

It makes my blood run cold every time I think about it.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsodyssey

20. Kill It! Kill It!

When my mom was a kid, she had this horrible stuffed clown with a plastic face.  One day we (my brothers and I) brought it home from my grandparents’ house. Not sure why. We hated the thing. It was obviously creepy.

Once it was home, it would move from where we put it. You would leave it on the chair, leave the room, come back it would be on the bed.

We decided to take it and put it in a box and put weights on top of the box. We came back and it had moved the weights off the box and was sitting in the chair. This was in the basement, so no one would have been able to get to it without going down the stairs, which is the way we exited and entered.

We then left the room again with it on the chair. Came back and it was outside the house, staring into the basement window. There is no way it could have got out the window (didn't open) or pass us on the stairs.

We then gave it a book and a pen and left the room. It wrote on the front of the book (it was a kids book about Houdini, I'll never forget it) the name "Mike Stapher" in almost movie style scratchy scrawls writing.

Most horrifying thing I've ever encountered.

We told my parents and they destroyed it.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsdeviantart

19. A Parent’s Nightmare

Walking home from my friend's house late at night. Some guy followed me for blocks, what creeped me out the most was all his windows on his station wagon were covered in foil.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsimgur

18. Bravery From Within

My stepdad got piss drunk. Pulled a gun and shot up the house. He was pointing it at my mom threatening her and I just go in front him, he pushed me and I just kept backing him up calmly talking to him keeping the gun pointing somewhere else, the sight on the gun scratched my belly and I didn't notice it till later.

Usually, under stress, I freak out. I can't handle driving in Indianapolis without screaming and beating my steering wheel. I don't know how I remained so composed. It was unsettling for me because I don't know where that came from, at that moment I don't know what I was doing I was just doing it.

No one was hurt and he just spent the night in jail, he's been going through some serious addiction issues. He lost his dad and a twin brother back to back and he's losing his mom.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factspinterest

17. That Feeling of Being Followed

When I was growing up, my dad had a private investigator follow us around, we found out about it from a friend of the family, as the PI approached my friends’ mom. He had trailed me to their house a few times and one day after I left he went and had a chat, paid them to not say anything, but they did anyway.

We later found out he had approached like 6 or 7 other friends’ parents about the same set of questions. After we found out, we had another 9 years of being followed, constantly looking over our shoulder for a gold Chevy with blacked out windows, every time we'd spot it, there he was with his camera.

There was nothing we could do, as he had broken no laws. Going to the mall? There he was... Going to a friends’ birthday party? There he was...

Found out about it in 1991, stopped caring about it in 2000. (FYI, got back in touch with my dad when I was 29, in 2009, and have seen a selection of the pictures that were returned to him, so at least my mother and I know it had been actually happening all those years.)


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factslocal investigator

16. Spaceships in the Sky

This happened when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. My brother, who's one year my senior, suggested we go out to play since it wasn't as cold as the day before. It was fall I believe, partially because it was only five or six in the afternoon and it was already pitch black outside.

Anyways, we're running around in the dark, playing some game where we're ninjas and we have to hide beside a parked car in my driveway. Staying in character, my brother and I peer over the car to where we can see over the fence that separates our driveway from my neighbor's and a clearing in the sky where there weren't trees to obstruct our view. And that's when we see it.

The only way I can describe it is that it looked similar to the spacecraft NASA uses to launch astronauts into space, except it was silver. Not only that, but it emitted this blue tint around its entire body like it was glowing or something. I was so awestruck by this mysterious sight that I didn't take my eyes off of it for a second.

The spacecraft itself stayed perfectly still in the sky, and for a moment I thought my mind was playing tricks on me until it moved from one end of the clearing to the other in a millisecond. When it moved, it left behind the same color blue trail in the sky from where it had previously been, and the light from the trail shined bright at first until it slowly started to dull down. It moved faster than anything I had ever seen, and after it moved, it stayed perfectly still in the sky again.

My brother and I stood there, not saying a word. It wasn't until this overwhelming fear struck me, and with shaking fingers, I grabbed on to my brother's sleeve and told him we should go inside. To this day I still don't know what that was.

I've looked into military planes and spacecraft, but I've never seen a single one that looks anything like what I saw that day. My brother still remembers, and despite the fact that we rarely bring it up, I know we're both still fascinated by what we saw that day.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsfrench driver

15. Nothing Scarier Than Other People

Scary in the moment, scarier after.

Was hanging out in a park drinking with some friends and these random three guys come by and start chatting with us. Mainly me (only guy).

I offer them my alcohol as I don't want it. We chat more. They start walking away and I'm in mid-conversation with a guy, so I walk with them a bit and the guy turns to me and says "What are you gonna do?" before I knew it, they had met up with other guys behind me and there are six guys around me, punching and pushing. I get knocked in my face pretty good and go down. They continue kicking and walk away.

I get up furious and break an empty bottle and they start yelling things, while the girls realize what just happened and surround me and bring me to the closest guy’s house.

They come back with 20+ people, girls, guys, and we had already called the cops. Cops catch about 5, 2 of the main guys I was talking to. Turns out they had knives on them. Scary/lucky enough nothing worse happened to me except a black eye and a few cuts.

A year later one of the guys goes to prison for murder. Sent a chill down my spine that I almost got in a fight, rather than a beat down, with a murderer.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsthe pinsta

14. Stalked by a Mountain Lion

As a child, my dad was a drunk. One night my dad and I were alone camping in a yurt and went 4-wheeling at midnight. He was wasted. It was a jacked up old Ford Ranger, a pretty light truck. When my dad hit the edge of the cliff on our way back, it was teetering on edge. My dad told me to get out, I was maybe 5-6 years old.

The truck was stuck so we walked back to camp, it was about 2 miles away. Halfway there my feet got tired so my dad put me on his shoulders, looking behind him. I stared into the green eyes of a giant mountain lion following us. The increase in stature scared him off, and I watched him book it up the mountain. Haunts me to this day.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsnps

13. You Never Know a Person

I am an American engineer. I sometimes do field work and sometimes that involves traveling to poor countries.

Guy I worked with, local electrician. Was friendly. Spoke fluent English. Would always show me pictures of his daughter.

We hit the bar last night I am there sitting in the back of a bar in Mexico. He tells me why he immigrated and about being an enforcer for the cartels and protection rackets in Haiti. Explaining why he could never go back.

I am listening to him confess and thinking the whole time about the number of ways he could have killed me and made it look like an accident the past ten days.

It really has changed the way I trust people when I am in the field now.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factslets draw people

12. Clear the House, Clear the Mind

My wife and I bought a house in 2011 that had been vacant for 13 years prior. We renovated right away and then moved in. Our 1-year old daughter began acting as though she was terrified of someone or something my wife and I could not see or hear. More concerned for my daughter's safety than my own insecurities about whether or not ghosts are real, I pursued that option so as to rule it out.

Long story short, a medium cleared the house out of the kindness of his heart. He didn't want anything but we made him dinner. Sure enough my young daughter's behavior shifted that night. And a 1-year old just doesn't have the ability to comprehend what he was doing. I barely comprehended it. Kids are wide open and really just respond to the stimulus in their environment. My life hasn't been the same since that experience.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsyoutube

11. Death Is Traumatic

November 8, 2007, I watched as a drowning victim was pulled from a local lake. He was an older guy, maybe 60, dressed in biking gear. A pair of runners and I discovered him floating about ten feet from the biking/walking path, and while the woman ran to get help—cell phone signal was poor—the male went down into the lake to pull the guy out.

Another couple stopped and while the man helped the first guy, his female partner gagged. I was almost in shock. I just couldn't believe this was happening. When they tried to give him CPR till the paramedics arrived, I could tell the old man was already dead. Blood was coming from his nose and his gaze was fixed and clouded over.

We had to give statements to the police as the rescue team worked in vain to bring the victim back. They put these quick warming things on him and took him away. Every time I return to the lake, I always think of that man and his watery death.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsmirror

10. That Can’t Be Hygienic

I worked in a private club at the top of a big hotel. I came in one day and our linens had just been delivered. And all of our linen bags reeked of gasoline. Everyone thought it was strange. It was kind of a slow night and I was working on the bar side. It has really long hallways.

All night long I kept seeing flashes of a man out of the corner of my eye. When I was bringing dishes back to the kitchen it felt like someone was walking behind me. I thought I was just being paranoid, there were rumors of it being haunted and it wasn't the first time I saw something weird.

After we closed I was setting up the bar for the next day’s lunch and my coworker came over to talk to me. He mentioned that he kept seeing a man out of the corner of his eye and felt like someone was standing behind him most of the night. I hadn't said anything to anyone about it until he brought it up.

It freaked us both out so we worked together the rest of the night. Turns out that over the weekend the linen company we used had a truck flip and catch on fire and the driver got ejected and died. They brought us the bags and linens from his truck without having rewashed them first. We found out the next day why the linen bags smelled.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Facts

9. Just a Casual Cartel Buying Candy

My dad used to work at an Oxxo when I was like 9. It's a gas station in Mexico. He worked night shifts and the stores stayed open 24/7. Night time in Mexico is when it gets bad and when everybody goes inside and it is when all the cartels and Marines come out, and if they run into each other there's a shootout that's for sure going to happen.

Well, one night at about 2 AM 3 trucks pulled up and everybody got off, about 14 men in body armor, Gloves, boots, black cargo pants, leaving all of their doors open blasting narcocorridos (like songs made for drug lords). It was the Zeta cartel. I remember being scared and our dad told us to just stay quiet.

I thought they were gonna take my brother since they would kidnap young guys and send them to work with them. And thought my dad was gonna have a gun pointed at him since he was the one behind the register.

Some of the men waited outside with their m-16s and about 6 walked in with no noticeable weapons and bought a bunch of chips, bread, beer, drinks, sodas, candy. I remember expecting for them to walk out with all of the stuff without paying but they paid for it all and let my dad keep the change.

My brother and I then helped them put the bags in their trucks for some reason, and when we did we set them on top of their grenades, all types of rifles and pistols. Then they just got back in and drove off.

Oh and there was a guard that worked there at some point and my bro and I were cool with him, and sometimes we would chill outside and the guard would mess with the payphones that were against the store’s wall and pretend to flirt with the operator lady. Well, one day he did that while some cartel members were there and they thought he was calling the people above him to tell them that the cartel was there, so they snatched him up and we never heard of him again.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factspri

8. Scary Violent Drunk

A friend of mine from high school and I were dating two sisters from another school we had met at a summer camp. They were driving to us to go on a date to see a musical in town. We had planned to meet at a local sandwich place to eat first.

I had driven both me and my friend there to save gas and we were waiting in the parking lot. The restaurant was in a strip mall that also included a popular sports bar. While we were waiting, a man walked out of the bar incredibly intoxicated. It was pretty clear that he was on something other than just alcohol. He stumbled around the parking lot and walked up to our car.

This guy pressed his face up against my driver's side window and started mumbling with a threatening look on his face. I couldn't hear a word he said, but we locked the doors so he couldn't get in. He then proceeded to do this...weird frustrated stumbling around the parking lot, lifting up his shirt and ranting. He went back and forth between my window and stumbling like this several times.

After a couple of minutes of this, my girlfriend called to ask for directions on where to go (this was before phone GPS). I'm giving her directions on where to meet us. All of a sudden, the guy points at the hood ornament on my car, freaks out, then rushes at the windshield and bashes a crater into the glass with his bare goddamn hand. I yelled into the phone and hung up, which scared my girlfriend.

The guy's girlfriend drives up beside us, grabs the guy, and pushes him into their car before driving off. My friend got the license plates. Our girlfriends show up and we're a little dazed by it all. We call the police, they take our statement as well as some witnesses from inside the bar.

Apparently, the guy had been kicked out for being too intoxicated and also having run out of money to pay for drinks. I had to call my mom because it was her car and we had no way of getting home after that. Luckily she was also in town to see the musical as well.

A week or so later the police contact us about the incident. Apparently, no charges would be pressed and they had to stop their investigation. The guy was a Native American living on a reservation, which is beyond the jurisdiction of police to investigate.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsyoutube

7. Stranger Danger

Late but: When I was a kid, I lived in Uganda, Africa and there were a bunch of homeless people in the city (Kampala). At about 5 or 6 years old I would follow my mom out of the house whenever she would get ready to head to work at a research facility.

(For context: in Uganda, there are these little spots where guys on motorcycles gather as motorcycle taxis.) My mother gets on a motorcycle taxi and leaves me there. This wasn't so bad as I lived just a short 3-5 minute walk away. This particular time, as I walked home a homeless looking dirty dude starts following me and I get scared and I start to jog home and he speeds up and I break into a sprint.

As soon as I started sprinting so did he and he chased me all the way back. My aunt was on the balcony of our house and saw me and yelled "run" at me (or so I remember) and she sprints around back and opens the back door and I sprinted around the house and into the door.

There were a bunch of doors to other buildings back there and he never saw the one I got into. What I can say for sure is that I probably have never run so fast in my life and that the people in the apartment complex put together money for 2 guard dogs on the premises. Never knew why the dude chased me.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsruyandagor

6. Bloody Madness

Used to work in a psych unit...walked in on a guy who was writing bible quotes all over the wall in his own blood. He turned and looked at me with a feral, inhuman look I'll never forget that sent shivers up my spine... I saw true madness that day.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsjust destiny mag

5. The Ghosts in the Corner

One I've mentioned before in a different thread.

I was laying in bed trying to get my daughter to go to sleep and she was refusing to.

As I was getting more annoyed with her I asked: "Why won't you go to sleep?" Her response was "Because those two people are watching us" and pointed to the corner of the room where no one was standing (we were alone in the house).

Immediately picked her up and spent the night asleep downstairs.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factstodays parent

4. Mystical Orb of Amber Light...Ron Weasley Is That You?

Let me preface by saying I have only told this story to three or four people my entire life, and none of them believed me. I am aware I will sound crazy, but I swear to you this 100% happened to me when I was about 13 years old. Yes, I am sure I was not dreaming. No, we did not have a gas leak.

When I was about 13 years old, I was having trouble sleeping (it was probably 1 am or thereabouts). I was restless, tossing and turning, the whole bit. Well, I had almost given up and was just staring blankly at the wall next to my bedroom door, when the door begins to open, slowly.

Now, we had a cat at this time so the door not being properly closed and then pushed open by a feline friend would not have been outside of the norm, so at this point, I’m still calm. But then I take a look into the opening gap between the door and the frame.

Through the gap is a man in a black coat of some kind, with a white mask over his face, who is humming very soft and low. I immediately gasp (trying not to scream) and pull the covers over my face. My heart is racing and I’m listening for anything—any little movement. I don’t hear anything but I begin to hear that humming again and through my blanket make out a soft, amber light.

I decide this change may signal more immediate danger, so I summon all my courage and pull the covers down off my face— he’s gone. I look around the room and the man is no longer there. From outside, however, I see that same amber light. I walk, slowly, tensely over to the window and peer out.

Hanging in the air, at the same level as my second-floor bedroom window is a little orb of amber light which, although featureless, makes a bounce-like motion that I (and I understand this sounds crazy) took to mean as it acknowledging me. It then moved through the air toward the tree line in back of our house and disappeared.

I still wonder what it is I saw.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factswallpaper better

3. Watch Out for Unsavory Types

My husband and I moved away so he could finish his degree at a more reputable university. His uncle happens to live in the same town as the school. We would hang out with his uncle and grill out, watch movies and play his really nice instruments. Really nice guy overall and someone two broke college-aged kids could lean on if needed in a town where we knew no one.

His uncle's friend started coming to some of our little shindigs. All was well with his uncle's friend, except for a few flirtatious comments, which I just shrugged off. He was about 20 years older than me, I was a girl in my early 20s, I thought maybe it was his personality.

I was working in property management and the friend told me he was looking for a new apartment. Seeing a business opportunity and a chance to help a family friend, I gave him my business card.

About a week later, his uncle's friend comes into my office. I was happy to see him, assuming he was looking for an apartment. Nope. He proceeds to hand me a three page typed letter which is folded and tells me "This is probably the last time you will ever see me." He turned around and left. No explanation, so I read the letter.

The letter basically declared his love for me and stated his intentions to "win me over." It said something along the lines of him beating my husband in karate. Also, he went on about how the men in my husband's family are basically damaged and it wouldn't work between my husband and I. He said it was a warning. It was a deranged rambling from a man I encountered maybe four times in my life.

Startled at my desk, I told my manager who I was pretty close with so he was aware of the situation. That afternoon my husband and I went to the police station to put the letter 'on file.' Luckily I've never encountered that guy again, but now I think twice about handing out my business cards.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsthe spruce

2. Sisterly Torture

My cousin was staying at our house for a weekend. My sister was good friends with her and they were set to sleep in the basement together. Me, being the younger sister, desperately wanted to stay down there with them. I fell asleep and had the most terrifying and realistic nightmare of my life. They went into the bathroom and came out as monsters who told me I had to fall asleep or they were going to eat me.

For YEARS I thought I had actually had that nightmare and it still scared me to think about. Last year my sister admitted to actually doing that and I found out it wasn't a nightmare but they tortured me like that for real!


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsnoprisonswr

1. Mysterious Figures in the Dark

I've told this before and it always gets buried. We were driving in the mountains in Colorado with some friends on our way to a ski lodge in Telluride. On the way to our hotel, we were driving up and down these winding roads deep in the mountains which seemed like forever.

It was pitch black outside and around 3 AM and we had to at least be 45-ish minutes from the nearest town, and it was cold, like see your own breath below 10 degrees freezing cold. As we were driving along, my friends and I all see four figures walking on the road coming towards us.

We all get weird feelings inside but I did especially, and the hair on my neck stood up. Something didn't seem right. We were way too far away from a town and it was wayyy too cold for hitchhikers or hikers of any sort. We get closer and closer and as we got right next to these "people" we slow down and we realized that they had NO Faces!

Four people walking in the dead of the night wearing black hoods cape-like gowns and they literally had no faces. And by no faces I mean like no eyes, mouth, ears, just blank white pale faces. I'm familiar with ski masks and these weren't ski masks. They had hoods on, like something from Scream almost.

My friends and I all freaked out speeding away, and my toughest manliest friend of us all was crying, mind you he was in his late 20s. It was the most afraid I've ever been and it still scares me thinking about and typing out. No idea what they were or anything. Demons maybe? It will forever be a mystery. We didn't sleep well the next few nights/months.


Most Deeply Terrifying Experience Factsemaze

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